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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 22, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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until just years ago. realtor rob gwin is a real estate agent, his brother ward and wife live in a hard hit part of the city and they have not been heard of since. rob called another brother for more updates. >> until the actual body has been identified by the family. >> reporter: another family member reported on the neighborhood. >> it was like a roller coaster, we really don't know much more than that. >> reporter: this afternoon at sfo, we talked to passengers arriving on the first new zealand flight since the quake. >> my friend works right near the cathedral. so we're pretty worried. >> reporter: as we told you that century old church cathedral collapsed near the
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quake. just moments ago, i got a voice mail from rod gwen. rod and trish gwen were seen in their home. they have no water, no power and will have to camp outside, but they are safe and unhurt. a slight bit of relief within this great disaster. rob roth, ktvu news. you will find more coverage on our website and you will find steps you can take to prepare for an earthquake. a tragic ending to a sailing trip. two people, two of them from california were shot the just moments before navy officers stormed on to the ship. rob roth spoke to family members of the victims. >> reporter: tonight one of the
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victims is described by a bay area relative as experienced and careful. her aunt phyllis mckay did not take any unnecessary risks. >> my aunt is very careful. if this is something that was going to scare her, she would not do it. i think she prepared ahead to not be in this situation. this is not something she wanted to happen. >> reporter: gene and scott adams and phyllis and jean mckay were shot to death. >> our family is big, our family is close and we love her and we are devastated. >> reporter: it is unclear why the four sailors broke off from an armada of yachts last week.
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>> why they were in that area we don't know. but she was not half hazardly out in the ocean just doing losely traveling around. >> reporter: why the pirates killed the four hostages is still under investigation. one reason might be for a 150 year sentence that a pirate received last week. the number of pirates are becoming more violent. >> it's making the pirates a bit more desperate. >> reporter: of the 19 pirates involved four were killed the other 15 are in u.s. custody awaiting prosecution. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the u.s. state department today condemned the killings of the four americans on that hijacked yacht. the state department says
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countries need to work together to make waters safer. a department spokesman called the killings a deplorable act. he says the hijacking underscores the need of security in pirate known waters. in total four pirates were killed. two by special forces two others were found dead. 15 pirates are now in custody. turning now to breaking news happening in hayward. we've learned that tennison high school there in hayward is in a state of lock down because of police activity. at this point we don't know why the school is on lock down, it's been just after 5:00 we expect most of the students to be out of class right now. we understand the school is on lock down. it's located on whitman street that's just west of mission
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boulevard that's the street that runs west of hayward. we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. so far this week we have been showing you snow on bay area mountain tops, but we may be in for more snow. it's clear and beautiful in the city but the national weather service is telling us it could snow in san francisco later on this week. it hasn't happened in more than 30 years now. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin to explain, bill. >> reporter: we could see snow toward the end of the week in many bay area locations, even san francisco. i want to show you what happens when a mid-latitude storm moves in. what we have is a system coming right off the canadian land mass. it never has a chance to warm up over the water. it's an arctic system and it's
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going to infiltrate the area with the coolest air we've seen in years. low snow levels, we could see snow on the peaks but down to sea level in places like danville and san ramon. san francisco, twin peaks rises to nearly 1,000 feet. so it wouldn't be hard to get a little bit of snow on twin peaks forever you would have snow in san francisco. we're going to watch this weather system, it is going to impact your weather weekend. i have the computer models set up and ready to go. we'll talk about that, we'll look into the weekend as well, see you back here. >> to keep track of this weather situation at any time just go to our website, and click on the weather tab. and the city is looking at a challenge, how to pay millions of the dollars in pensions for workers who retired years ago. one option being considered is to borrow more money to cover
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the payments. tom vacar has the story, he says it's like kicking the can down the road. >> reporter: critical decisions are moving into the squarely do or die. among it's many financial problems, the city of oakland has thousands of retired police and firefighters that have a sweet deal. they get an increase in benefits every time current officers get an increase. everyone if they retired 25 years ago they get 68% of what current officers and firefighters get. to make those payments, the city long ago sold bonds so it would not have to pay those pensions out of current funds. the first bonds come due and many more bonds will follow. some say sell more bonds. de la fuente says it's far too
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expensive and it's time to bite the bullet. >> it's time to start making a payment, 15, $20 million a year to start reducing the funding best in liability. secondly, uncap the benefits. >> reporter: other wise oakland will crumble under this financial burden. >> we have to make some very, very tough decisions. we have to make it now. >> reporter: and of course capping the benefits of current retirees would require a charter amendment. that would be voted on by the people of oakland. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu news. 10 oakland police officers that were laid off back in july are now back to work. it'll be at least a week before they are actually out on patrol. mayor quan promised to retire 10 of the 80 officers that were let go by the city. the money to pay for the
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rehired officers will come from grants. and district leaders are set to discuss school closures. rally organizers say they want to use the meeting as an opportunity to draw attention to stalled contract talks. the workers are from several unions representing teachers aids, office staff and others. we're going to keep an eye on this rally. we have a crew there, we will bring you the latest coming up at 6:00. and the standards in home -- analysts expect continued decline for at least the next six months. the report did show that the bay area faired better than other parts of the country with prices falling more gradually. there's evidence that the rest of the economy may be
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making a slow but steady recovery. today the conference board said it's consumer confidence index rose this month to its highest point in three years. the findings suggest that consumers are feeling more positive about their income process and the direction of the economy. wal-mart today announced it's seventh straight quarterly decline. the world's largest retailer reports that u.s. sales fell during the fourth quarter which includes the crucial christmas shopping period. on wall street, stocks fell sharply today on worries of escalating problems in oil rich libya. the dow industrials had its worse day in three months. the dow dropped 178 points today and closed at 12,213. the nasdaq was dun by 78 points at the close resting at 2,756. okay land police officer say they have one man in custody now in connection with a string of robberies over the
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past month -- oakland police officers say they have one man in custody now in connection with a string of robberies over the past month. police told ktvu that surveillance pictures plus witness reports of a white suv is what led to the arrest. but they warn that the investigation is still ongoing and that shoppers should always be alert, especially when walking alone at night. two people escaped serious injury today after a fiery crash that caused a massive back up on the dunbarton bridge. we showed you the back up this morning. just after 11:00 a.m., a sedan stalled, two women managed to get out of the car before big rig trucks slam into the a car. the truck driver also jumped from his cab. >> we're extremely lucky and fortunate that no one was hurt. that was due to the quick thinking of passengers in the vehicle. they were able to walk out of
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the car and make it to the pedestrian walk. >> the truck drivers from stockton was checked out at a local hospital for neck pain. he says he will fight to his last drop of blood. more defiance from libya's leader as that country is in turmoil. what a professor of mid-eastern studies suggest. >> maria: come next. it's going to be cold tomorrow morning. we're going to have details of a very cool start tomorrow morning. and we'll look at that very cold system headed our way.
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violence clashes continue in cities across libya. there are reports of protesters being shot and killed by security forces. the unrest of libya began last tuesday and spread east ward to
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the capital city of tripoli. >> in tripoli today, leader gadaffi says he is ready to fight to his last drop of blood if that's what it takes. and rita williams here today with gadahfi's message. >> reporter: and it was a stronghold by gadahfi's. this is what proceeded gadahfi's speech today. a small group showing support. he blamed the west out to destroy him. >> and we are not scared of any cats or any rats or any cowards. we are going to stand strong. >> reporter: and he made it clear after 42 years he's ready to be a martyr, to die rather
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than to leave. one expert says they need to follow his words. >> i think the movement in libya is so fierce it has to conclude within a week or so. >> reporter: if that happens and gadahfi is gone, what is going to come next? >> covered with an islamic principals. now unice and others say
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they expect more dominoes to fall in the arab world before this regional revolution is over. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. great britain is sending a warship to the coast of libya for possible health and evacuating british citizens. the moves follow accusations by some of those stuck in libya that the british government had been too slow to act compared to other countries which had already sent planes to evacuate their citizens. more information now on that breaking news that we're following for you happening in hayward. tennison high school in hayward is in a state of lock down because of police activity. our news chopper two just arrived on the scene here. you can see there are a lot of people milling around outside the school it looks like and we do know that there are several police officers on the scene as well. at this point we don't know exactly why the school is in lock down, but again we were talking about the fact that
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it's just past 5:00 now and school tends to get out at about threeish. so there is something definitely happening there. the school is located on whitman street just west of mission boulevard. looks like cars are still able to get around there on whitman, but we're trying to find out exactly why police have been called out to the scene and the school is on lock down. as soon as we get that information for you, we will bring it to you. a spectacular day out here in the bay area. but sounds like things are going to get a little colder tonight. >> a little cold tonight, we'll see some freezing temperature, some frost maybe a little fog. but then that real cool mass gets in here on thursday into saturday. the winds are coming into the west. that's a different direction than we've seen. it's actually warmer direction, at the golden state bridge the winds are west. the temperature in the water the about 51. so these westerly winds are
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going to continue tomorrow. that will keep things on the milder side. we have lots of 50s. temperatures as we go into this evening as frank mentioned, it's going to get real cold. freezing in santa rosa and throughout wine country up in the alexandria valley. 29, 28 in some of those real winter sheltered areas. this will field cold to you as you head out on your wednesday morning. tomorrow looks like another pretty darn good day. with plenty of sunshine then the clouds start to pick up. you will start to see more clouds and that's when things start to change. partly cloudy in the afternoon, then we get into the extended pattern which takes us into thursday, friday and saturday with very, very cold weather. very unusual weather, and perhaps snow as we mentioned earlier down to sea level. this cold air is coming straight off the canadian land mass which you don't -- they
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usually come out of the pacific which are warmer. this is coming out of the pacific land mass which is colder. we should be seeing snow on some of the bay area peaks even in the hills and sea level low locations around the area. we're going to have the computer models coming up later. the three russians, an italian and a chinese have been simulating a trip to mars. the college is studying the effects on a team's stress after being cooked up with the same people for a long time. on sunday, trevor bayne became the youngest racer ever to win the daytona 500. his big victory came just one
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day after his 20th birthday. in just about 15 minutes,bayne is expected to appear at the ghirardelli ice cream shop. an 11-year-old boy put in handcuffs and taken to jail because of whathe drew in class. tonight the new threat from the governor in wisconsin. a new move to clean up one of the grittiest neighbors in san francisco. what residents and store owners there are pleading for in hopes of keeping the stink off the streets. new at 6:00 -- >> one in 11 cars in this south bay neighborhood have a good chance of being stolen. find out the two bay area neighborhoods that top the nation for car thefts. also, from the mayor to the sheriff. we're learning about candidates who might not expect running for the top jobs in one bay area city. and, we explore the simple
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changes that could save transit agencies $100 million a year. without slashing service or raising fairs. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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just 20 minutes ago the polls closed in chicago where voters are choosing a new mayor. this is the first competitive mayoral race in decades and the first time in 60 years that the incumbent mayor was not on the ballot. president obama's former chief of staff rahm emanuel led four other candidates. >> rahm has certainly gotten a lot of media attention. i think chico has had a lot of experience in chicago. between those two candidates i think we have a close race. >> reporter: one of the six has to get 50% of the vote or a run off election will be he'll. chicago is still serving as a safe haven for about a dozen
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wisconsin lawmakers who are hiding out from their state's budget battle. today a veteran of the civil rights movement joined the fight. the reverend jesse jackson linked on to school teachers and firefighters and marched down the street. today some democratic legislators debated the issue long distance with republicans. >> and the local unions and the state unions and the teachers have agreed to give governor walker every single penny he's asked for to balance his budget. so he should take this offer so he can come back to madison today and vote on it. >> i think if the fellow democrats would come back, they would see the average person in wisconsin is quite livid. they elected their governors
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to work in wisconsin not hide out in chicago. under the current union contract it could take months for the 1,500 workers to actually lose their jobs. the labor protest in wisconsin has spread now to other states. union workers in las vegas rallied in solidarity with those workers in wisconsin. they say the wisconsin union battle threatens -- in lansing michigan, union workers cheered their counter parts. residents in san francisco in tenderloin are pleading for more public restrooms. they say more of those
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facilities will give the homeless -- the young hit and run victim was dragged at 2,000 feet. a week ago no one knew if she would make another birthday. but today the family got to mark the special occasion. that story coming up. lap it's been called california's katrina. why critics say we're flirting with disaster. tonight on the 10:00 news.
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people go there to get better. but some workers at an east bay hospital say they fear for their own well being while on the job. and we'll get to that in a moment. first though we have an update
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on the breaking news we've been telling you about. we have just learned new information on that situation near tennison high school in hayward which is right now in lock down. we just learned that a call came in that shots had been fired outside of tennison high school. the shots were fired off campus not on campus according to our information. nine shots in all were reported, a car was then seen driving off with several people running from the scene. there are some after school programs going on in tennison high school. the school right now is in lock down. the school officials are waiting for word from police that the situation is all clear before taking the school off of lock down. we are continuing to try to get more information. you see the live pictures here from news chopper two of the area that has been quardoned off. as we get more information we'll bring it to you. today we learned that children's hospital oakland is being fined after safety
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concerns raised by its own employees. sal castaneda there live now to show us what the employees and patients have to say. >> reporter: this could be a tough neighborhood especially at night and they feel the hospital isn't doing enough to keep them safe. today cal osha announced it will be fining city hospital more than $10,000 for work force safety violations. the >> when we went out to pick up the victim, we were kept outside longer than we should have been and harm could have come to the patient because of
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that. >> reporter: or to you, right. >> or to me. >> reporter: hospital officials say since the incident in october, they have implemented a policy specifically for people who are dropped off outside. >> the policy that sends out a security team to assess the scene. if they deem it as safe, then they'll come back and they'll dispatch a medical team in consult with a physician in charge. >> reporter: the hospital officials say that safety concerned is being overblown by the california nurses association, they are in the middle of a contentious contract negotiation with the hospital. the hospital says they plan to appeal today's citation. live in oakland, sal castaneda. grief counselors were on hand today at los lobos high school to help students deal with the drowning death of two of their classmates. it was the first school day since the two died on saturday. a former student who's
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girlfriends still attends the school says he knew both of the victims. >> it's early of course it's going to be empty. but it still feels a lot different without them two around. >> students say everyone on campus is feeling the loss, everyone if they didn't personally know the boy -- even if they didn't personally know the boys. there's a candlelight vigil planned for tomorrow. the victim of a horrific hit and run crime two weeks ago when she was dragged down the street for more than a mile. the teenagers survived and is recovering enough to celebrate her birthday. robert handa now from the hospital with the latest. >> reporter: gasia, there is a family party going on right now inside regional medical center here in san jose and that is as good a progress report you can get in this case. the young victim is recovering with plenty to think about on this birthday. this is a family picture taken
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earlier today inside the room of now 19-year-old erica luna. her mother says she likes this picture because her daughter is resting with birthday balloons almost up for today's celebration. erica was the victim of a hit and run on february 6th. police say she was dragged about 2,000 feet underneath a gray or silver suv or mini van. she had to undergo four operations and hours of teem. but her mother says as you see from another picture taken today, erica is in less pain, sleeping well and expressing thanks for what the family calls gratifying community support. >> she's not happy of course to be here but you know she's happy to be alive. she's very thankful to god that she made it this far and i know she's going to pull through. she's very strong, she's young, she's full of life and she wants to live. so she's happy about that. >> reporter: police released this sketch of the driver last week but still need more leads. >> we're still actively working
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the case, we haven'tsoeverred it at this point. all-- we haven't solved it at this point although we have had some leads come in. >> reporter: erica's family says they are focused on the situation, but are more concerned about erica's progress. >> i believe she's going to walk again. >> reporter: the family is still collecting donations for erica and along with silican valley crime stoppers is offering about a $6,000 reward in this case. life in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. as we first mentioned earlier, union employees with the mount diablo unified school district are holding a meeting at this hour. you can see protesters representing several unions have gathered outside of gardens elementary school. what they are hoping to do is bring attention to stalled contract talks. district officials are meeting at the school tonight to
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discuss possible school closures, we are keeping a close eye on this rally and we'll bring you the very latest on the situation on our 6:00 newscast. an 11-year-old boy is facing criminal charges in part because he did what a therapist told him to do. the boy is from colorado and is reported that he has add. his therapist told him to draw stick figures in class if he gets upset. while in school, the boy drew an imagine of himself with a gun pointed at four other figures saying, teachers must die. police later came to his home, handcuffed him and booked him into jail. >> it doesn't seem there's any victim to this. he was doing what he thought he should. he's only 11, he's not posing a serious threat to anybody. i mean that just is bizarre to me that they would respond this way. >> the boy is charged with interfering with staff and students at an educational facility.
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officers say the child is on probation and charges may be dropped at the endsover his probationary period. and your car may stall unless it has the necessary equipment. also water worries, especially one south bay city, which one and the moves to cut toxins in all of california's drinking water. and more airlines are raising ticket prices. what they say is to blame. ougog t bk.
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atst fwa. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte, wi cseuidesi hise a de. yr arho, ke sp rwdte,
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state senator leland yee introduced legislation to protect consumers from accidents. latched air bags were either improperly replaced or not replaced. some dealers and repair shops even stuffed air bag compartments with paper. according to a recent study, approximately 74 million americans are drinking tap water that is likely
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contaminated with chromium six. >> it is unacceptable that in the state of california we have families who are forced to wonder whether every glass of water they drink or their child drinks may contribute to an early demise. >> a nationwide study found that san jose or river side were among the cities with the highest levels of chromium six. and more airlines are raising fares. last week, delta airlines raised fares on so called high end tickets by up to $120 per round trip. the move comes as airlines say they are worried about the prospect of higher jet fuel prices due to the violence in the middle east and north africa. mixing a common medical tool could one day be
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identified if a child is likely to develop autism. doctors used an electro sesolograhm on newborn babies. doctors say that identified by 99% which children were likely to have autism. a woman sued a pennsylvania company saying her daughter suffered side effects from a vaccine she received as a baby. the threat of a federal government shut down is real. what that could mean for us here in the bay area when it comes to getting even the simple things done. and you have the computer model up and ready to go. it shows snow showers in the bay area as we move through the
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week. there's some live pictures of mount diablo. we'll have the forecast and the latest computer model. new at 6:00. >> one in 11 cars in this south bay area neighborhood is at risk of being stolen. and we're learning about candidates you pay not expect to run for high ranking positions. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at6:00.
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they can infiltrate your accounts, i can become you. . just 10 days remain until the federal government could shut down because of gridlock in washington, d.c. negotiations on a budget has stalled. congress is home on a 10 day recess and the odds of a shut down are increasing by the hour. ktvu's scott mcfarland looked into what the local impact of a shut down would be. >> reporter: not just here but
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federal workers could be sent home without a paycheck. you could find it harder to get a social security check. last time the congress shut down, ralph smith and his wife a nasa employee were both furloughed. speaking to us by skype, smith says. >> it gets your attention there's no question about it. >> reporter: congress has till march march 4 to approve a budget but neither side is ruling down a shut down. congress is home right now on a 10 day break. so we worked the phones to learn who would be impacted. investigators handling outbreaks and emergency stockpiles would stay home. but thousands of clerical and administrative staffers could be sent home nationwide. delaying the approvals of passports and visas, and the
5:47 pm
training of federal agents too. but what to do with workers processing your social security check is the biggest question. the agency warned last week furloughs may soon be needed. >> there are plenty of people who are not going to be able to do their job who are in the private-sector because the federal government is also checked out. >> the u.s. postal service late today told us your mail won't be disrupted in part because it's not taxpayers funding but you, when you buy a stamp and pay for mailing. and the one way bay area transit agencies could save and how it would benefit riders. julie haener is in the newsroom with some of the other stories we're working on. >> also at 6:00, if you live in this south bay neighborhood there's a one in 11 chance your car will be stolen. where it is and why the risk is so great there. also ahead tonight. growing this sweet crop is turning bitter. the chemical farmers are using that some say can make you sick
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and who's being asked to stop them. moving straight to the top. the two political progressives that could lead a resurgence to power, all coming up at 6:00. at this point there's a three dog limit for visitors at state parks, but many people have been ignoring that rule. so fines of up to $100 will be given to violators. >> i think some people might be over reacting to it. i think it's perfectly fine. >> officials say the limit is based on the belief that no person can effectively control and supervise more than three dogs at one time. animal control officers in monterey county say 150 roosters seized during a raid on a cock fighting ring will likely be killed. deputies broke up the ring earlier this week at a home in
5:49 pm
watsonville. they found 150 live roosters and 16 dead fighting roosters as well as equipment used to carry out if illegal activity. one man was arrested, seven spectators were cited and released. the bust comes as state lawmakers consider two new bills designed to crack down on cock fighting. national weather service employees warn today that proposed budget cuts could cripple their forecasting ability. the house has voted to slash funds for the weather service by almost 30% and if the senate approves that cut, the agency is prepared to lay off workers across the country. forecasters say that could wreak havoc during the hurricane season. the weather service also may reduce it's use of weather balloons from twice to once a day. the employees organization says that will limit the data needed for up to date forecasts. here in the bay area, we are gearing up for another very cold night. let's go to to our chief
5:50 pm
meteorologist bill martin. >> that's disturning, those weather balloons we sent those up twice and i don't even think that's enough. and winds are 24 hours a mile. the winds are out of the northwest. you may have noticed the winds in different directions today. it's more of a summertime pattern. we saw the temperatures go up to the middle 60s. tomorrow morning is going to be just the same. especially in the inland north bay valleys and spots like santa rosa up toward heelsburg. boy temperatures will be easily around freezing. you will see frost up toward oxidental. the rest of us too mid-30s, low 30s. it's a chilly one when you wake up. tomorrow breezy at times, that northwest wind is really going to get going. this is all in advance of
5:51 pm
what's happening. instead of like i said upper 50s, low 60s. what i have here is the latest computer model. it's a long range model it's going to show us rain and snow. the snow and the rain, the pink and the blue are the freezing levels in the snow. rain is starting to move in. snow showing up north up around -- sonoma county. you start to see the snow regions forecast regions drop down. here's snow on mount hamilton thursday night. you see the mountains, you definitely have a winter storm warning going on here. we have snow on friday morning, or at least the forecast for it. most likely that means skyline boulevard and highway 17. and the real story, the model is not going out that far is going to be saturday morning. where snow levels could easily reach snow level. we'll watch for it. it is unusual. this much arctic air this far south. forecast highs tomorrow. it's got a ways to go.
5:52 pm
this is a long range forecast. when we get to together we'll dial it up tighter for you. certainly snow on bay area peaks down to sea level we will see. we will get much needed rain and snow. >> back again, thank you bill. >> sure. what's wrong with the picture of a pregnant woman? well, up next that's a question that facebook users are asking tonight and you will see why in a moment.
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facebook has pulled a photo of a pregnant woman from the social networking site. the mother to be hired a professional photographer to take some pregnancy shots. she used one of those pictures as her profile picture. facebook says it yanked the photo because its terms of use are on nudity. the move angered some women who say the photo was meant to be a celebration of a pregnant body. 50 san jose workers who were fired by a san francisco chain are suing for wages. a hispanic labor group says it tried to organize the employees into a union but that the workers were too tightened. >> it was harassment, psychological abuse from
5:56 pm
managers. intimidation, some of these people were threatened that they would be deported so they were really, really scared. >> reporter: the union organizers also accused the market of failing to keep proper financial records. stay with us, ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next.
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developing news from hayward, gunshots outside a high school we have new information from the scene. searching for survivors, how victims of the new zealand earthquake are reaching out for help. and the bay area family that just received news about their loved ones. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin with new information that we are receiving from hayward. a look down at tennison high school is now over. but police continue to investigate shotting fired in the area. these are some of the video we showed live from news chopper 2 during our 5:00 newscast not
5:59 pm
taken long ago. nine shots were reported and a car was seen driving off along with several people running from the scene. officials at tennison high school told ktvu their shots were fired off campus -- the shots were fired off campus and not on campus and that the lock down was called because of after school programs going on. >> are you in the classroom? she's in the classroom. >> reporter: many survivors who are trapped among the rubble have been using cell phones and texting to make contact with loved ones and rescue crews. the death toll now is at least 75 with some 300 people still missing. ktvu's john fowler is live now in oakland where in the last hour a local family received word about their loved ones fate in christ church, john. >> reporter: here in the bay area we have experience but those in christ church have had
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