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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the santa cruz mountains where know is expected and he has the latest on the cool conditions there. robert. >> reporter: julie, it is not snowing right now but it has been raining pretty hard here in the santa cruz mountains. as you heard bill mention. by tomorrow it could be snowing here. we saw snowing in the bay mountain tops. we're going to show you beautiful scenes. and a lot of people we talked to are preparing to see some of that snow up close. it did snow in santa clara county today but you had to go up mount hall hamilton. people who were in the valley, wanted to see snowfalling so close to home. >> we've been here 25 years and it's never snowed in fremont. i'm waiting to see whether it actually happens. >> reporter: many people headed to stores such as orchard supply to get ready for the snow. although many people wanted to
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protect their plants, orchard says don't forget your pipes. >> we have had experiences here where the pipes have burst. it's incredibly inconvenient, it can be very dangerous if you have water spilling out and the water freezes, you fall and it hurts. >> reporter: people generally start to flock up mount hamilton road. state highway 130 to play in the snow. but starting tomorrow morning you're going to get a cold reception. >> for the first time we're going to have to start enforcing vehicle parking on mount hamilton. and actually vehicles will be cited. we don't want to have to do that but it's become a public safety issue. >> reporter: and that's a concern up in the santa cruz mountains as well. because when it has snowed here in the past, the crowds came in droves. live at the summit, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. some people are crossing their fingers that snowfalls in san francisco. but snow and ice could create serious problems in the city.
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ktvu's david stevenson is live in twin peaks now where they've already taken steps to prepare for the potential snow and ice. >> reporter: it's raining right here on twin peaks where i'm standing. but down below, officials are getting ready for icy cold temperatures and snow for the weekend. where i'm standing, crews are in the ready in case snow or ice makes roads slick and dangerous. the city's department of public works also has 6-tons of coarse sand standing by to add sand to city streets. today crews met to prepare for icy or snowy weather. >> these are our main departments that you usually think of. police department, fire department, public works, public health. public utilities commission. a lot of different key agencies that normally have a role in emergency response. >> reporter: the office of homeless policy told us that
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shelter beds are available to the homeless without a reservation needed. we've learned that as many as 100 extra beds may be activated to help folks on the street escape the cold in the city. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. officials in san jose and oakland airports tell ktvu news airlines are prepared to deice airports during ice storms. although they do not expect that to be necessary. they expect the sun will melt any ice that might build up on wings of air crafts. many say now it's the time to protect your plants, especially citrus from the cold. >> cover up a lot of your plants that are frost sensitive. >> reporter: pg & e line men told us that there have been no problems so far today but crews
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will be on call through the night. storm watch coverage continues online at we'll have live radar to follow the weather where you live and a special ski section for those heading to the slopes. a livermore woman pleaded no contest today to having sex with two teenage boys who were reportedly just 13 years old at the time. 42-year-old christine hubs faces five years in prison. she's charged with four felony counts including unlawful sex with a minor. once released she'll be on parol for up to ten years and must register as a sex offender for the rest of her life. a judge denied a request from yuseff bay to move a trial. both men face murder charges in connection with the 2007
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shooting death of the oakland journalist. developing news now in nevado where investigators have been digging up the body buried in the backyard of a home. a team including fbi agents were expected to remove the body in the last 30 minutes but there's been a last minute change. investigators now say they'll be doing that in the morning instead. mike mibach has been live. why the change? >> reporter: safety for the crews. right now we're at the front of the house, and the investigation of the backyard is right through the gates. investigators do have a visual of the body. you can see the tents are up over the hole in the backyard. now just 20 minutes ago. nevado police said for the safety of the crew. that hole needs to be shored up even more before the teams can go down into it and lift up the body. this slow delicate process taking place in the backyard, it is just one part of this
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investigation, reporters entered the home, search warrant in hand at 2:00 in the afternoon looking for clues into the disappearance of dale smith. at the same time an fbi forensic team located the body. a marin county search and rescue team was then called in to assist in the evacuation. >> they've had to make it larger for the team to get in there. which requires shoring. we brought in the search and rescue team to assist us with some of the specialized equipment in order to remove the remains from the hole. it's be the coroner who will identify the body. neighbors say while evelyn smith has been home they have not seen her husband dale since the summer. >> he just never showed up again. it was just a little bit weird. >> reporter: as the investigators were gathering evidence. neighbor rebecca smith told us off camera, quote i asked
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evelyn where was dale. she said fishing. she then began talking about him in the past sense saying he always used to support the veterans. attorney shupolock says she represents smith. >> was she living in the house? >> yes. >> with him in the backyard? or with whatever body in the backyard? >> she was living in the house. >> reporter: randy shupolock told me on the phone just a few moments ago her client is in the bay area. police are calling smith a person of interest in this investigation. mike mibach. police tonight are looking for a man suspected of robbing a credit union today in concord. news chopper 2 was above the scene as police surrounded the business. it happened at metro one credit union on willow pass road. concord police searched for the robber but he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. police describe the man as
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latino wearing a black beanie, black jacket and tan pants. from her hospital bed, a north bay mother is talking about the accident that left her seriously injured and claimed the life of her 2-year- old daughter. it is a story you will see only on 2. ktvu's rob roth joins us with her important message to drivers, rob. >> reporter: julie, we're on schneider lane and that is the crosswalk where 2-year-old kelly murray was walking with her mother when she was struck and killed by a teenage driver. when we were here in december, those traffic warning cones were not there. today's cally's mother who was seriously injured spoke to us exclusively about her tragedy. >> my body is feeling strong, and my heart more hurt. >> reporter: almost three months after the accident on december 1st, lynn murray is still in a rehabilitation hospital, recovering from two shattered legs, a broken pelvis and she has 14 screws in her
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arm. she doesn't remember being struck by the car that took the life of her daughter about two blocks from her home. >> i always make sure there's no car. and we crossed the street, but i didn't see the car. >> reporter: as police reported, the injuries are the fault of donnaway, a teenager who has reported texting while driving. murray has a long way to recovery. on monday she walked her first steps since the accident. >> the physical aspect of it is something that will heal. the emotional aspect is
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something that we'll never get over. >> i miss my daughter. >> reporter: community members are holding a special day for kelly on sunday to raise awareness about the dangers of driving while distracted. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. in a rare move, governor jerry brown addressed two legislative committees this morning in sacramento defending his budget proposal. the governor tried to sell the lawmakers on his proposal in june. it will allow voters to decide on a tax increase extension. he asked republicans to offer their proposals. >> we need to have a plan, we need a solution. for those who say they don't want to vote. well then, why are you here. and if you're going to be here, give me some ideas. >> reporter: the governor spoke to legislators for about an
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hour, the state is facing a $26.6 billion budget deficit. also in sacramento, people who support adult day health care programs delivered stacks of petitions to the governor and lawmakers. supporters wheeled in five foot high stacks of petitions with more than 110,000 signatures. adhc serves 7,000 patients throughout california. pedal problems create more problems for toyota. the new recall issued just today. also ahead -- today nummi learned they could pay thousands of dollars in fines. we'll tell you why that agency felt blind sided by the accusations.
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california regulators decided to open an investigation into pg & e's recordkeeping. the probe was prompted by a federal report. the report found the utility kept inadequate records prior to the september blast. the cpuc said its investigation will determine whether pg & e broke any laws or rules. the agency also agreed to beef up pipeline safety. and nummi is coming under scrutiny for their safety. >> reporter: the cpuc announced they were entering a penalty phase, considering fines for what they call safety violations that have not been dealt with on a timely manner.
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the commission of safety says the commission has a number of penalties. they also criticize in general nummi's -- >> one the condition of the tracks at the church and debose street interchange are severely deteriorated. we've asked for corrective action plans. we've not received those corrective action plans, we think it's time for nummi to move forward. >> but less than an hour ago at a hastily arranged press conference here at mta headquarters, the director appeared disturbed about the allegations and showed us documentation of how nummi has
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been communicating with the cpuc. he was especially disturbed that nummi has provided a clear plan on how to fix the tracks. and nummi says that's what they're doing and has kept cpu staff informed every step of the way. >> i would like for you to give my folks an opportunity to sit down and deal with these issues. >> reporter: all those mr. ford and other high level managers at the press conference said they were blind sided, they say they are willing to do whatever it takes to work with the puc and fix the safety problems. they also tell us they desperately want to avoid any fines. you know that they have financial problems already. sal castaneda. toyota has issued another maasive recall to address pedal problems. the action involved 2 million
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vehicles in the united states including toyota highlanders and lexus gs sedan. the problem stems from gas pedals that could get stuck under acceleration pedals. environmentists are sounding off on a controversial plan to use bleach to wipe out the bad smells from san francisco sewers. environmentists argue the chemical threatens fish and wildlife in the bay. and say they want a more ecologically sound solution. well, in the coming days we're going to get a little bit of everything. this is the kind of weather that can often be dangerous. >> saturday morning, sunday morning with record low temperatures possible, folks who are outdoors and tough positions could have issues
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with the very cold mid-20s in some locations. here's what we have. the cold air is just getting here. we have light showers outside. lets go to live storm tracker two. i want to enter the roadways, the radars are picking up showers. working it's way south. so what i'm really trying to illustrate here with this radar depiction is this cold air is working it's way down. it's not quite here yet but in the next 12, 24 hours that cold air is going to fill in most of the area. that's when you get snow in some bay area hills. the overnight lows tonight, cool, but those aren't freezing temperatures. when we come back tomorrow night and show you saturday morning's temperatures. we're going to be forecasting 25, 26 degrees for santa rosa. it is going to be cool and cold once that cold air gets here. so the rain picks up tonight. it's kind of not that heavy because it's a cold storm. this thing is not about rain it's about cold. the showers move through. we see snow levels down about
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1,000 feet. a winter weather advisory for the hills. then the story i think is that cold air fills in behind, that's saturday morning. and that's when you could see sea level snow. you could. let me stress that. if the moisture is gone it's going to be hard to get that snow. that's the timing, you have to have the moisture connected up with that arctic air mass. computer model tonight, rain, snow. 6:00a.m. tomorrow morning, still snowing. you have a winter storm warning in the mountains. here comes the cold air. because remember you don't get much moisture. here we are 12:00 friday. here we are friday evening. i think friday night this is snow now in mount hamilton, santa cruz mountains. that's the record cold air. that cold air comes in. it loses a lot of its moisture. best chance for any sea level snow, friday night late into
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saturday morning. your forecast highs tomorrow, cooler. your five day forecast an unusual one it is like i said i think this thing is going to be all about the cold. i think saturday, sunday morning record cold. temperatures and snowy on bay area peaks. >> thanks, bill. >> sure. pleasantton based safeway today said it is back in the black with an earnings report that topped wall street estimates. the grocery chain earned almost $200 million. a year erldlier -t it lost $1.6 billion. safe -- a year earlier it lost $1.6 billion. stocks plunged then recovered in afternoon trading. on word that the crisis in libya may not affect oil supplies as much as feared. the dow lost 37 points while the nasdaq gained almost 15. so who says you can't come home again. giants new shortstop who's returning to his bay area roots.
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adam: we need a good night's sleep. kim: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over the top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built.
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i'm feeling sleepy already. nighty night. a golden state warriors star today helped hundreds of low income family in the bay
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area. monte ellis helped pass out boxes of food and care items in west oakland. ellis founded a group that helps families in need. he says it reminds him of the challenges he faced growing up. >> for me being in that position once in my life, just to give back and put a smile on anybody's face. >> reporter: today's give away was in partnership with the organization called feed the children. mike ibanez joins us now. it's hard to tell what the weather is like here with the pictures coming in from arizona. >> they're loving out out there. miguel tejada, great former star with the a east s, now with the giants. he's been gone after the 03 season he spent time with baltimore, houston, san diego, back in the bay area.
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looks very fit at age 36. well after his huge years with the a's. >> i run a lot. i'm learning from those years in oakland. i was a good player, i was young. i still learning at that time. and now how do i get to everything, to be prepared for playing games. now you can see the results. i'm 36 years old and i'm still playing. >> they hope he's playing very well. former golden state warrior baron davis traded. more like exiled to cleveland after 2.5, mostly unproductive seasons with the l.a. clippers. they unload his huge salary and sometimes expanding waste line. exchanged for mo williams and jemario moon. are now headed for the clippers. and the raiders, boy despite the labor problems the nfl is having, they're moving on as if business as usual. as they use their franchise tag
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to keep cameron whimbley under contract. also signing john henderson and corner back stanford ralt. plenty of more sports. we're going to hear from brandon belt tonight at 10:00. that's the sporting life for now. >> mark, thank you. the bay area's largest city has a new police chief tonight. san jose swore in chris moore as chief about an hour ago. coming up on tv 36, we asked the new chief about one of the biggest problems he needs to address. what he said about the challenge in 30 minutes on tv 36. that is our report for tonight. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. have a good evening everyone. >> good night.
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