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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 3, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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thank you very much. thank you very much. good luck to you. top 13. let's go. congratulations. come on over here. this is your final group. 13. a curveball at the end. next week, they take the stage and the competition truly begins. the music producers are going to turn these contestants into true recording artists. thank you so much for your participation in voting this week. steven, jennifer, randy, thank you very much. great night tonight. don't forget my buddy randy hosting the naacp image awards tomorrow night right here on fox. no pressure. no pressure. we're with you live. thank you very much.
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above all, a special thanks to you for voting and keeping this show on top. we'll see you next wednesday at 8:00, 7:00 central. take a look at these faces. your local news is next. good night, america. developing news tonight at uc berkeley where eight protesters just ended their daring protest high atop a building on campus. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the protesters with perched for hours. within the last 30 minutes they came down. ktvu news has been following
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developments since these incidents began. jana katsuyama is here to show us the latest developments that happened. >> reporter: thins changed very quickly in the last hour. the steps are empty but they still have the metal barricades. some police officers have been coming out of the building now after a very long stand off that lasted about 7.5 hours. take a look at this video that we took just about 30 minutes ago. when the students that were on the ledge were finally led out. it was a moment where the students were cheering, they were raising their hands in victory. so let me tell you they were up there for about 7.5 hours and it was the end of a very long day. it was about 2:00 p.m. when protesters swarmed the steps of wheeler. students said they were protesting tuition fee hikes, budget cut, lay offs and the
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university's disciplinary action against protesters. they lowered a red banner over the entrance. >> i think people are getting pretty desperate for fighting for their education and i feel we need to support them. at first police stayed at the parameter. and the chancellor send a message, saying wheeler hall was shut down. >> i think it's a huge waste of time. like people have classes in here right now and it's kind of ironic that they are trying to defend public education by ruining everybody's public education. >> reporter: police in riot gear moved in and set up barricades that caused protesters to shout even louder. >> last year they were talking about it, back then i didn't really complain, i knew the state was in debt. but now they're talking about even more tuition increases and when does it ever end? now just 30 minutes ago when those protesters came out, one told me that they were able to get the school to agree to a
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town hall style meeting. but she said they needed to take those measures. we said we need to escalade the situation so they would take us more seriously which they did. we're not criminals here, we're concerned students and we deserve for the leaders of this campus to take us seriously. >> reporter: no one hurt, those eight students came down safely and they hope to just move forward from here. reporting live from uc berkeley, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. and we posted a slide show of images from today's protest. you will find it on the home page just look for the slide shows tab. three weeks of round the clock protest inside wisconsin's capital building are now a thing of the past. this evening a judge ruled all protesters and their signs should be removed from the capital immediately after some haggling with police officers, the protesters complied and
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left. the protesters are -- for many state employee unions. that governor is republican scott walker and he says if 14 democratic state senators who left the state don't return and improve millions of the dollars in budget cuts by tomorrow, they'll be forced to send out lay off notices to 1,500 workers. democrats are trying to keep the budget from getting passed. but without a vote state workers could begin losing their jobs as of april 1st. stocks surged after the government reported a decline in weekly jobless claims. the dow industrial climbed 195 points while the nasdaq gained 50. lloyd lacuesta is live in san jose and he discovered when it comes to jobs every bit helps. fresh and easy is a grocery store that just opened last
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night in san jose. while it gives shoppers a new choice, it also brings jobs to the area. >> we're doing recruiting and going through the interview process, and all that to get people into our stores. >> reporter: this store symbolizing that new jobs are opening up again. google says it is hiring 6,000 people this year. more and more job fairs are being held. there is some hiring. signs of hiring, it's just a good sign that employers are willing to speak to people again. >> reporter: another indicator that the federal government is that the number of people applying for un unemployment is now at its highest level. weekly unemployment claims are averaging below 400,000. nationwide unemployment stand at 900%. which a new number for february
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due tomorrow. in california, the number is 12.3%, and in silican valley it is 10.7%. still high but there is optimism that things may be turning around. there's construction going on out there. i just have to get more construction sites and i'll get a job. >> i don't know where the drops are. we're all hoping to get more and more drops come here and start out. one downside to this is that in the south bay this month, 14,000 unemployed lost their benefits this month. their eligibility ran out before they could find a job. live in san jose, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. bart riders may provide one way to gauge the health of the economy, coming up at 10:30, what we found when b.a.r.t. crunched numbers. the bay area is home to have the richest counties in california. the franchise tax report that marin county has the highest
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median income for joint filers with 108,000 filers in 2009. san mateo county was second at $95,000. followed by santa clara county as $94,000. contra costa was fourth highest in california with a median income of almost $86,000. a new judge has been named to hear legal challenges to california's ban on same-sex marriage should the case return to u.s. district court. the federal course new chief judge james ware replaces judge von walker. judge walker retired from the court last month and returned to private practice. you will recall he declared proposition eighth unconstitutional last friday. ktvu has obtained exclusive video of another san francisco police bust and it named some of the same officers named in a
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misconduct probe. it's a story you will see only on two. >> ktvu today obtained this new year's eve surveillance video in which san francisco plain clothes police officers kick in the door at a hotel and arrest a man for possession of crack cocaine. >> it appears that they altered the facts in the report in order to appear as if they lawfully sized the item. >> reporter: the public defenders office claim that officers illegally searched the room. two of the officers involved are under investigation for perjury and misconduct in two similar cases. it is the -- this those videos six plain clothes police officers enter two south of market apartments without consent and cover up a camera lens prior to entering one room. >> the officers involved in
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this particular case have been given an administrative assignment of nonpublic conduct assignment during the investigation. >> reporter: the man who was police chief at the time of the incident, district attorney gascon will lead the investigation. >> i do believe it's a conflict of interest. however i have spoken to the district attorney and he's assured me that he will conduct an independent invest kpwaeugs. legal analysts told us this afternoon that more narcotics cases are likely to be challenged or dismissed in court because they involved the officers seen on these surveillance tapes. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. we have new information tonight about the raids by federal agents at two bay area card clubs. the raids took place yesterday in artichoke joes. 14 people were arrested and one more is still at large. most of the people arrested did not work at those clubs but
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according to the inindictment they relied on four club employees for help. both card clubs remain closed for now. there's some very concrete things that we can be doing right now to creating jobs and to be promoting growth in the city. promoting small business would be high on her agenda as mayor as would helping the middle class. she was considered a moderate. now she's joining a crowded field of candidates. the south bay's valley transportation authority gave the go ahead tonight to provide financial support for caltrain and help it reduce it's budget
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deficit. caltrans own board of directors. the exact amount is still to be determined but is expected to involve millions of the dollars. caltrain depends on money from transit agencies since it doesn't have its own allocated source of money. a beautiful day around the bay, how fog will affect the morning commute and when rain will return. pg & e vows to make changes in the name of safety. but first late word of an accident within the last hour involving an oakland police cruiser.
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within about the last hour and a half, an oakland police officer and a woman were injured when their cars collided. the police officer was responding to a report of shots fired when she collided with another driver on 40th street. both were taken to highland hospital. other police officers tracked down a suspect and took him into custody. today we learned there's been another frightening attack on a worker at napa state hospital. we told you about the dangerous conditions this past sunday in a special report. hospital officials would not release information about this latest attack but employees told ktvu news that a patient ripped off the clothes of a female employee and tried to rape her on tuesday night. it happened while two members of the nursing staff were checking the patients blood pressure in his room. that patient jesus fernandez
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tovar is now in napa county jail facing felonies. it took five staff members to contain him and get him off of this woman while she continued to attempt to rape her. we are told, tovar wasn't considered a particularly dangerous patient. this is at least the third attack on a worker in recent months. in one of those attacks a nurse was strangled to death. the national transportation safety board wrapped up three days of hearings today into the deadly san bruno pipeline explosions last september. while the ntsb reports what it heard, carol han learned pg & e is already planning to make changes. >> all pg & e customers living within 2,000 feet of one of its pipelines can expect a safety letter, and in populated areas, pg & e will also begin
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installing valves. >> pg & e is the new pg & e and i think it can become the gold standard for this country. that all other operators should follow. >> reporter: the changes came after the company got slammed at an nstb hearing for failing to let the city. this afternoon, the head of the agency called the news fitting. a hearing that got heated today when employees at the gas industry could be part of a bigger problem involving old faulty pipes. >> i'm seeing the -- what happened in san bruno as an anomaly. >> it's not an anomaly, it's similar to a disaster. >> i called pg & e to ask them when their customers could get those safety letters and when those safety valves will get installed. the company is actively working on this but he gave me no time
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line. carol han, ktvu channel 2 news. newly released documents offered new criticism of pg & e involving the san bruno pipeline. the new report says the gerth welds that hold pipes together were quote grotesquely at odds with standards. a man is being accused of a vicious road rage attack. this man william mosey beat a driver with a hammer yesterday afternoon. police say mosen got out of his car at the intersection of santa teresa boulevard and attacked another driver because he was angry. san anselpo police are investigating an attack on a jogger. a man wearing a mask snuck up on a 32-year-old jogger last
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night on the 400 block of greenfield avenue. it is a residential area, the attacker hit the woman with a rock and then it got especially scary. >> pulled out what might be a pocket knife and gave small larceny rations to her face and neck. >> reporter: police tell us that fortunately she suffered only five superficial superficial lacerations. it is a story we have been following for two years, tiburon has planned to install two cameras to take pictures of problem spots. the cameras might not be the only thing responsible for a drop in crime. >> reporter: by checking the digital photographs from these surveillance cameras, police say they were able to arrest a man suspected of stealing a car
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on tuesday. the cameras were installed at tiburon's two entry points and police credit the cameras for helping crack two theft cases. the publicity surrounding the cameras may also be helping deter crime in tiburon. in the two years the city reported installing the cameras, crime declined. >> those that hear the news know we have a camera system. they probably don't know the specifics but they're like everybody else. >> it's a great idea. and it helps really protect the citizens of tiburon. >> if you're invading people's property, you need to let them know. >> in september of 2009, 75-
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year-old joan rosenthal was -- perhaps cameras would have helped. >> i think that we you know had a good chance of having surfaced some leads. the cameras cost about $150,000 and like them or not the police chief says they are here to stay. in tiburon, rob roth, ktvu channel two news. cameras seem to be everywhere. coming up in about 15 minutes, the video tape beating by los angeles police officers 20 years ago. and how it changed everything. and check it out, some coastal fog. this was this evening just before sunset. that looks like summertime. we have valley fog showing up in the north bay valleys. tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, fog starting out in the morning but then by afternoon mostly sunny. some temperatures tomorrow could go into the upper 60s. as we head into the weekend, we have more rain in the forecast.
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a very nice day tomorrow, ends up at 65 degrees at 3:00 in san jose. when we come back at 10:45, we have the latest computer model with a chance of rain for part of the bay area weekend. i've been talking about it. when we come back we'll load it up and find out what the best day of the weekend will be. the race is on to buy a spot in the centennial beta breakers run this may. more than 41,000 people have signed up for the 50,000 spaces reserved for runners and walkers. they attribute the popularity of the race to its 100th anniversary. the remaining 9,000 spots are expected to be sold out by the end of march. no lock out but for how long? where the nfl and its players union stand tonight in its deal and how it could impact football. the number of people riding b.a.r.t. may be an indication of how
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well the department is doing. find out what we've learned.
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leaders of the san jose firefighters union agree to take a big pay cut. 10% of their total compensation to help san jose with its budget deficit. major reed acknowledged this will be tough to do. >> this is a big sacrifice. we know it'll be difficult for the members to continue to do their work while taking a pay cut. no firefighters will be laid off as part of the deal. they expect to tell the city council the results on monday. san jose has called on all of its unions to take pay cuts or face lay offs. five state employee unions are asking a superior court judge to end furlough days for
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their members. the union includes workers ranging from guards to jailers. they've been meeting since last week trying to gain a deal. and if there is no agreement it's possible the season could be cancelled. and as mike mibach found out that is a prospect that worries local businesses. >> welcome to ricky's. >> a san leandro hot spot for football fans filled with tvs small and big. >> football season is just it. it's harvest time for us. >> reporter: the captain of this team ricky ricardo. he says the cancellation of an nfl season should strip him of about 60% of his business. and he knows it's all in the
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hands of the nfl. >> it's big business and we have to realize that's what it is, it's not a backyard game. >> reporter: the biggest sticking game low to split $9 billion in annual revenue. >> they make a lot of money and a lot of times they forget how much it is that they actually take it for granted. >> reporter: today all is quiet in both the raider and 49ers camp. jim harbaugh said this week, we haven't given our players any kind of play book, things we can control now looking at free agents and preparing for the draft. it could mean no offseason work outs, no mini camps, no signing of draft picks and the longer the impasse, no regular season. the coliseum and nfl stadiums across the country. some football fanatics say it's always about the money and not the fans. >> it's probably the last thing on their minds. they're going to get as much as they can from the consumer. >> reporter: raider head coach hugh jackson recently said he
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is planning for offseason work outs here at the raider facility until someone says he can't. in alameda, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. we are learning a little bit tonight about what may be discussed at tomorrows negotiations. what's on the table coming up later in sports. san jose's ice hockey team is no longer on ice. there's suspension has been lifted and the team's focus is entirely now on preparing for the national championship team. we first reported this story a month ago when the team's games were abruptly postponed because of hazing and drinking allegations. carry on to save on baggage fees. why the federal government says it ends up costing us all. this bullet hole has a story to tell. how an 84-year-old woman defended herself and her property.
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bay area gas prices jumped 4-cents today. in oakland we found prices creeping toward $4 a gallon for regular unleaded and they have already topped $4 a gallon when it comes to mid-grade and premium. the price right now is an average of $3.83 in oakland. that is 34-cents more than just last week and 43-cents more than one month ago. now those soaring gas prices has some drivers changing their commutes and taking b.a.r.t. instead. andria lee with the latest on gas, and mass transit. >> it's 5:30 and there's still people waiting for trains here.
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passengers told us trains are getting more crowded and it's one sign the economy may be recovering. >> reporter: we wanted to know if b.a.r.t. ridership is increasing. as the committee improved, but we've discovered that more passengers are riding trains last month. >> in the evening it's packed. >> when did you start noticing the increase? >> probably four or five months ago. >> b.a.r.t. attribute it is increase in part to more people finding jobs and taking trains to work. >> i took b.a.r.t. the first day i took this job. and i just -- it's easy. it's really convenient. >> reporter: 30% of b.a.r.t.'s revenues come from sales tax. since last july, b.a.r.t. says it's been 10% higher than expected. meaning people are spending. >> everything is trending up towards but slowly.
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it's not like it's shooting up towards so don't everybody go out and catch a chickens before they hatch. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. says another factor is the rising cost of gasoline. >> i try to drive as little as possible. given that prices have been increasing. >> it's easy to just jump on b.a.r.t. and go. >> reporter: reporting live at oakland's lake merit b.a.r.t. station, amber lee. more details now on how many passengers b.a.r.t. carries. b.a.r.t. reports carrying 364 passengers on an average weekday. that's almost 10% higher than the start of last year win it was 318,000. the all time high that amber mentioned was 379,000 in september of 2008.
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the marin county coroner confirmed the body found was that of dale smith. the coroner has not determined how smith died. neighbored had reported him missing. now police are trying to determine if his wife 55-year- old evelyn smith had anything to do with his burial. and allegedly committed those crimes after a judge released him from jail. before his arrest last week, 20- year-old cory barnett was out of jail for a street robbery. we reported on a string of robberies. in libya, it appears the anti government forces and those loyal to leader gadhafi appear to be locked tonight. how long they can hold off the libyan military is the question. they are a rag tag group made
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up of some former soldiers along with many volunteers who have little experience with fighting or using weapons. in tenisia a refugee crisis is growing in a town near the libyan border. 20 to 30,000 migrant workers are now trying to find their way home. they came from all around the world. the town does not have enough food, shelter or toilet. president obama today authorized american planes to get people out. a transportation security administration is dealing with an embarrassing situation. three box cutters fell out of a man's carry on bag. carry on luggage may be the way to avoid airline baggage fees. but the head of the national
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security, napolitano says the extra screening is costing taxpayers. napolitano says increasing security fees would help but that appears unlikely. in the high tech world we live in, it's no surprise to see pictures and events being recorded on video. ken pritchett reports, that event proved to be a catalyst. >> the police beating of rodney king might have gone unreported if not for one man with a home video camera. >> though the camera made all the difference in the world. and in fact, if that had not happened i don't think much of what has happened over the last 20 years would have happened. civil rights attorney john burress says he has seen
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repeated exposure because of video. when the king video was video taped, video cameras were relatively rare, now they're common: and frank jordan says that's good for police. >> i know many officers who are relieved when they see some of the videos that came out of nowhere to show what actually happened. >> reporter: and how video cameras are much more a part of police work. san jose and oakland police have even tested cameras worn by officers. it is often said that cameras are everywhere but when you look at the numbers it's staggering, take cell phone, many ordinary cell phones have cameras but they are standard on cell phones. but half the u.s. population will have a smart phone by the end of this year. it's a message the officers to beware that anyone out there now is an instant reporter, a photographer, camera man. a message with its roots in a nine minute video shot two
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decades ago. i'll be back in about 10 minutes with the latest computer model and this one does show some rain for part of the weekend. i'll have the details. and why apple is offering some refunds to apple owners.
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opponents of gang injunctions at lake mary in oakland. it's part of a week of action against the injunction. organizers say not only are tay speaking out against the gang imjunctions but also against violence in oak ran. injunctions are not the answer
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to making city streets safer -- they say injunks are not the answer to making city streets safer. in a statement, anthem tells us health care costs are rising faster than premiums. working class families, a lot of them are middle class families with a 40% increase in the blue cross anthem they are going to lose their health insurance. a spokeswoman for the state's department told our robert handa today an independent study concluded a 7% increase is warranted. a man from livermore is facing federal wire fraud. steven kobiashi worked as a financial adviser at the walnut creek branch. and that he made unauthorized wire transfers into his own bank accounts. the exact amounts of the transfers weren't revealed but they were more than $10,000 possibly much more than that. in news of the world tonight, in germany a high security detail escorted a man
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to court today who is suspected of killing two u.s. airmen. police say the suspect contest to deliberately targeting the u.s. military at the frank ford airport yesterday. two other american airmen were injured. one critically, investigators say it appears the man recently turned to extremist islamic. davis is accused of killing two men -- a u.n. agency said food prices are at their highest level in 20 years and could go higher. the rapid increase in food was one of the reasons for the
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recent protest in teni six a and egypt. apple is offering refunds to people who recently bought the first generation i pad, yet apple ceo steve jobs introduced the new and improvemented version. today apple said it would give $100 to anyone who bought the earlier i pad in the last week. a touch of hollywood came to san jose tonight for the film festival. james olmos was on hand for his new film america. the story tells the story of a woman who flees puerto rico to start her new life in america. cinequest began a week ago. and she has a real story to tell. the granny who took action when an intruder entered her home. and even more rain in the
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five day forecast, she's back in about five minutes. -- and even more rain in the five day forecast, chief meteorologist bill martin back in about five minutes.
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only on 2, a bay area grandmother calls 911 after grabbing a gun and scaring off an intruding that was in her home. when someone broke into her home she fired off a .38. debra villalon talked to the woman. >> reporter: very sharp, very independent and before making that 911 call she had already taken action. >> i was in my bed, that's when i heard a noise.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: the noise woke her just before midnight. and seeing her hall light on, and knowing it shouldn't be, this senior took the revolver. >> when he saw me, he ran and i shot. >> reporter: identity secret for their own safety but proud. >> my mom has, you know has the will to live. and she loves life. she wants to be here. >> my mind told me, get them going. >> you didn't hesitate to fire it either? >> no, no. >> reporter: she inherented the gun more than 20 years ago and never fired it before. the bullet went into the wall. but she says she would have been fine if she had hit the intruder. police agree. >> anybody has the right to you know keep their home and themselves safe and so she did what was necessary. >> reporter: the back door had
10:47 pm
been kicked in by the suspect who escaped the same way and was not caught. now a new security door has been installed. and another will go on the front door, the same door she met police at that night. her gun still in hand. >> i didn't know i wasn't supposed to go out with the gun. so he said, never come out with a gun. >> and where is that gun now? back in her drawer she says ready if needed. reporting live in richmond, debra villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. livermore police are looking for a burglar who took off with the couples beloved pet dog. zoe was taken during a robbery on monday. the thief also made off with electronics, jewelry and other items. in los angeles, police didn'ts are trying to -- police
10:48 pm
detectives are trying to figure out a burglary. you can see the two people smashing cases and emptying trays of jewelry into their bags. police say they dug a tunnel to gain access into the l.a. store. the company is recalling 52,000 2009 and 2010 maas tka six cars that might have spider infestation. mazda has found 30 cases in which spiders have spun webs in the car's ventilation system. that can cause a build up of pressure and create crashes in the fuel line. mazda dealers will inspect the car and if they find spider webs a webs. an alameda superior court
10:49 pm
judge today -- the state 21 county district attorneys and the city attorneys in san diego and los angeles all filed that lawsuit. and a little cooler out there right now. a little bit of fog in the inland bay valleys just to point out overnight lows are going to be cooler. so we'll look forward to a cool night with some patchy coastal and valley fog in the morning. these were the highs from today. they were warm, highs tomorrow, about the same. look at morgan hill at 68 degrees. it's going to be a beautiful spring like day. it's going to feel like spring tomorrow. the allergies will be out there too. these are the overnight lows, no rain coming tonight or tomorrow or the next day. but we do have showers and rain in the forecast, saturday night into sunday. patchy fog, get some valley fog and you'll have a little bit of coastal fog.
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high pressure is back in, so friday, for many which is a get away, folks getting out of town. it's going to be outstanding just a great day. saturday looks great. some where around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, the clouds increase over head. the winds pick up and by saturday night. it's raining. looks like mainly an overnight event. sunday they'll be dry periods in the afternoon. but basically by sunday afternoon i think you will see some cooler temperatures just a few sprinkles. here is the computer model for saturday. here's your saturday night. so just about sunset the clouds are increasing and sprinkles in santa rosa. overnight there's your rain. sunday morning there's your scattered showers. snow in the mountains you might get a snow advisory out of this one. then there's the rest of your day on sunday. then you see it continues on in
10:51 pm
the mountains. in the 60s in some places, very nice out there. highs for specific cities where you live, mid-60s out there in brentwood and concord. 57 in concord and -- san jose pardon me. 66 in los cados. there's your five day forecast. you see there's the fog, and saturday the rain is the story. all right, thank you, bill. okay. hundreds of people in the east bay are in the dark tonight. the outages affecting 1,600 homes. the power went out at 7:45 tonight when a car hit a pole, initially 2,300 homes were blacked out. pg & e says the power should be restored by about 1:00 a.m. nasa today extended the final mission of the space shuttle discovery, adding a day
10:52 pm
to make it 13 days. president obama called the station today and congratulated the crew. nasa's oldest shuttle discovery is scheduled to land back on earth next wednesday. they are the hottest team in the bay area, and they won again tonight. sports is next.
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mark is here with sports, how about those san jose sharks. >> man they are rolling right now. what is it six in a row. >> i think so. >> he's a big hockey fan. you know the only worry for the sharks right now is seems like it's the one they have this time every year. really the only thing this franchise cares about and they are skating into the offseason in style. we're tied at one. joe pevelpi and see the replay, the second goal of the game, 22nd of the season. third quarter, sharks insurance. marlow on the break. and losens the puck over the head. joey mcdonald and you will see that one again, beautifully done and the sharks beat one of the top teams in the nhl. matt cain is always able. elbow inflammation in a pitchers arm never welcomed the
10:56 pm
right hander did undergo an mri. he will probably miss his next start as well down in the cactus league for the giants. aside from cain not a care in the sky. buster posey take a look at where this wall went. way above the center field. and the giants the third win in the last four. in phoenix, the a's center fielder coco crisp goes from dui to rbi. the a's to the second run second. still in the second inning it's josh willingham in his first  year with the a's. a shot that will leave the yard, three runs worth. you know i'm hearing about the labor problems and professional sports. you have to point here, a point
10:57 pm
here and a lot of ball in between. but we have to hope that there's no work stoppage. the two sides were able to agree to a 24 hour extension. they're hoping to be able to extend that deadline even further which would lead one to believe progress some way somehow is being made. it took robert gallery quite some time to develop into a reliability offensive line men. hard work with him and patient with him. but after five years in oak land, the two sides are not even close to an agreement. the raiders are freeing 2.5 million, thanks for the mel memories robert, now hit the road. this guy has turned into the punch line that just keeps on giving. and he left behind a house in oakland that he's now $225,000
10:58 pm
in the rears in payments. and he's off in the south of the country some where. that's the sporting life for a thursday night. >> that's going to do it for us. the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. good night.
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the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.


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