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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 5, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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just spoke to a richmond captain about allegations. two officers are on paid believe about their moonlighting. i'll tell you why the captain could not go any further with me. a frightening shooting in the east bay. stray bullets go into a child's bedroom. and more information on the giants' fan targeted outside of the stadium. and new information over the radiation crisis in japan. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori cam b it's tuesday,
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april -- tori campbell. it's tuesday, april 5th. there's word that richmond police recruited teenagers to patrol the city's most dangerous housing complexes. kraig debro is live where he just spoke with the police captain. what did you learn? >> reporter: good morning, tori. i spoke with mark gaggen and he could only confirm that these officers are on paid leave over allegations of misconduct and that the richmond police and one other law enforcement agency are investigating these investigations. this is a complicated story that came out in "the chronicle." now, the paper says the fbi is investigating the actions of two richmond police officers. ray thomas and danny harris say are being told out that they are part of a lawsuit that several african-americans brought against the chief years
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ago claiming discrimination. and the explorers are telling the paper they are disappointed. the explorers sergio rios and torres, thought the jobs would be great opportunities for them to get work and experience for them to achieve their goals becoming police officers. rios said he gave one of the accused officers $500 for a gun, a gun he was too young to buy himself at the time. once armed the sterry says both -- the story says both officers moonlighted at the security company and were forced to work at one of the most dangerous complexes in the city. when they complained, the officers tried to set them up, they said. they tried to use decoys,
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attractive decoys, to lure them in. the paper says the woman hired to set up rios claimed they actually worked for butler. now, butler is the head of a contra costa county private drug task -- rather, private security firm, along with the head of the contra costa county drug task force. they are both faces charges that they stole drugs from the evidence locker. i told they is was a complicated -- i told you this was a complicated story. more on this later. back to you. >> thank you, kraig. a former east bay drug agent has been named in a mule tie-million dollar civil lawsuit. norman wielsh, the former commander of the contra costa county narcotics force team, is accused of stealing drugs. the lawsuit accuses him and other officers of conducting
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improper raid and property seen use. - - seenures -- seizures. it was a close call for one child last night. this happened on sycamore drive. police say a gunman was firing shots outside of a home but at least three stray bullets crashed through the calls of a billion loy's little boy's bedroom. his mother. >> i didn't -- [ininaudible] >> no now, no one in that home was -- now, no one was in that home at the time of the shooting. the giants and officers are
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offering $50,000 for information leading to the arrest of the two men who beat up 42-year-old brian stow last week outside of dodger stadium. several others are coming forward to help raise money for his recovery. the san jose sharks donated caps and pucks tomorrow. a facebook page set up by a giants' fan in his honor has now received 8400 followers. it's called "our -- our prayer i are with brian -- brian stow." now here is a list of events instonner of -- in honor of stow. today the pizza my heart donate rain is going to pledge today and they have eight locations.
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tomorrow, stow's employer, american medical response will hold a barbecue fund-raiser and that starts at noon. new this morning, there was a 3.9 earthquake on the central coast this morning. it happened just before 5:00 a.m. the quake was centered in the pacific ocean about 2 miles south of salinas. residents-- 42 miles south of salinas residents felt it. now, all of this comes as local seismologists are urging an earthquake, early-morning system along the case. they are meeting to discuss their recommendations. they say their technology is mature enough to create a system just like -- just like demands. they say a complete facility coo be ready to -- could be
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ready in five years. the huge snowpack is expected to melt and create spectacular waterfalls in yosemite falls. accord everything to the paper, the falls will likely be the park's main attraction but there are plenty of -- plenty of other parks that will benefit from the melting snow. we have new video showing a muni light rail door wide open as it speeds along 234 an underground tunnel -- in an underground tunnel. you can see this, the passenger took this, and it happened between van ness and church. we're still waiting to hear from muni. but we doe not driver is being disciplined. apparently there was some warning that he had and still
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let the train proceed. let's check in with sal. i know you are watching everything especially the tacoma. >> that's right. it's getting -- gets bussier now. westbound coming into san francisco, finally getting a little bit of a backup here. only in the middle lanes. once you get on the bridge, it looks okay. if you're driving in marin county, southbound 101 looks pretty good getting to the 580 interchange. this morning's drive in s an jose, we're getting some more slow traffic here on 280 near 17 but that's about all for the san jose commute. it look -- looks pretty good. westbound 580 coming in over the altamont pass, we do have some stop-and-go traffic before you make it into livermore. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. very happy tuesday. did you enjoy monday? it's gonna be cooler.
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temperatures rocketed up to the upper 70s and low 80s. we have a few high clouds. it will be mostly sunny, then turning partly cloudy, especially in the north bay as that system inches closer. it's also glitching us a westerly -- giving us a westerly breeze. temperatures came way up, today they will start to come down after a very warm monday. the high is getting knocked down from a very strong front from gulf of mexico. yesterday was warm. today will be okay. much cooler on wednesday and then in the 50s for highs on thursday. 45 to 53. hayward, mountain view, 53. fairfield, 52. sanfrancisco, 526789 san mateo our target forecast, sunny, turning mostly sunny, maybe some partly cloudies late as that system starts to get closer. southwest 16 at fairfield, calm
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at oakland. sfo is now up to 16 out of the west and that's all the sea breeze. none of that was in place yesterday. the low dropping down, doesn't look like much but it's going to give us a mostly sunny day. cool and breezy. once it starts to arrive wednesday and thursday. we go into the 50s, this is not a big rain producer, but it will be a showery producer and also exem try -- extremely cool. it's a cold low more than a rain system. if we came over water, we might have more to talk about. about .10 to .3 should cover it. if there's any available left, it could get to 2300 feet. 60s and 70s today. 70s for some. but 70s to mid-60s. tomorrow, we'll really cool it off but 62 pacifica to 72 woodside. five-day, dealer even more so on wednesday. then we head for a big cooldown
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on thursday and friday. 7:10. in japan today, the government set its first aid aches standards for fish after reports that radioactive contamination in the sea water near that damaged nuclear plant now measures several million times above the legal limit. tokyo electric power says sample taken near see water near one of the knee actors contains 7,000 times the legal lime its -- limit. this was on saturday. experts say radiation dissipates quickly. but it's unclear what effects it will have on the water. and in the bay area, advocates for safe food and water say they are concerned about the radiation from japan showing up here. jade hernandez will have a live report coming up at 7:30 with the results of radio act -- radioactivity testing on bay area rain watter. the faa is expected to
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issue an emergency issue today regarding boeing planes. now, this order would apply to boeing 737s, the same jet model where the five-foot hole ruptured on friday. the emergency inspections will search for tiny cracks. most of the planes that need inspections are registered to foreign carriers. now, southwest says the new faa order probably won't cause them any delays. southwest cancelled hundred of flights over the lax -- over the last few days. operations should be back to normal today. 7:12. in 90 minutes, testimony will resume in the barry bonds's
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perjury trial. judge is thinking about entering in tape, into evidence. the tape could prove once and for all whether or not bonds ever talked about -- ting ever talked about bonds's alleged truck use. tear-- drug use. tara moriarty will have more live. averting a shutdown. who the president is calling to the white house today to try toy avoid a government shut down at the end of this week. chilling delivery. the bloody item sent to a member of congress who recently held hearing about the radicalization of muslims. and what an able-bodied man tried to sneak into the u.s. from mexico using that
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tara moriarty i'll say good morning. 7:15. there it is. is coming -- fog is coming back in a big way. low to mid-60s today, at best, and mostly sunny but cooler, much cooler as we head toward the end of the week. all right, steve. 7:16. you're looking at live pictures in washington right now in washington. now, a hearing has just started about the military tribunal's plan for five suspects in the september 11th attack. among those who will be testifying is the father of todd beamer. he graduated from los altos
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high school. he is considered one of the heroes of the plane which crashed into a pennsylvania field, killing everyone on board. and khalid sheik muhammed and four other suspects will have to face military tribunals. eric holder blocked them going to civilian court in new york. he said it's time to move on, out of consideration for the victims of 9/11 and their families. a gory package addressed new york congressman peter king has been intercepted. the package contained a bloody pig's foot. it never made it to him. mail is sent to law -- mail sent to lawmakers is screened. it contained "anti-semitic ramblings" it also referenced hearings that king held on
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radicalization in the muslim community. it is 7:17. tensions are high ahead of a meeting a the white house between president obama and congressional leaders. as ktvu's alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, if they don't strike a budget deal, the government shuts down at midnight on friday. alison? >> reporter: tori, president obama has been largely on the sidelines during the budget fight but now with three days to go before a government shutdown. he's jumping in. the president has summoned key individuals too the white house -- to the white house. yesterday, tee party republicans in the house balked because they want deeper spending cuts. harry reid call theirs plan appalling. >> they stomp their feet and call "compromise" a dirty work and insist this would hurt
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america rather than help it. >> reporter: the house is considering another bill that would fund the government for one more week and fund the military for the rest of the year. it calls for $12 billion in cuts but there is a lot of mess imism about that budget here -- pessimism about that budget here as well. so right now congress in the white house are preparing for a shut down. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. hiding marijuana inside of a wheelchair did not cool a drug-sniffing dog at the mexican border. a 19-year-old man in a wheelchair snuck five pounds of pot underneath the wheelchair. they say he was an able-bodied u.s. person hosing as disabled. he became very nervous as cops got close. they booked him into the san diego county jail. two men are tried. they tried to cross the word --
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are dead. they tried to cross the border at tijuana. baja, california, authorities say two men were waiting in their truck after two men were shooting -- in their truck, when two men started to shoot at them. investigators are trying to determine if that shooting was drug-related. governor browns -- brown, when ensigned the bill that the measure would not take effect until the state figures out a way to pay the county for the extra responsibility. today, the senate will tinker with the new health reform law with the repeal on part of -- on one part of it.
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the legislation will roll back a tax reporting requirement that's being called a paperwork nightmare. both republicans and democrat resident expected to support the -- democrats are expected to support the bill. democrats say the bill is a minor adjustment to improve the law. today, sonoma county supervisors will add the first all-electric vehicles to the county's fleet of cars. board members will formally welcome a new niece at the county center. sonoma county has used hybrid vehicles since 2002 and have racked up more than 6 million miles of use. the county plans to have an all- electric fleet eventually. officials -- officials may push back the start time at the school and follow the lead of
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palo alto and adopt the 8:15 start time last year. supporters are signing studies saying teenagers immediate need more sleep. they say traffic will be a big issue when school officials talk about possible schedule changes at a meeting tomorrow. a new team is on top of college basketball this morning. >> and the huskies are the top dog in 2011! [ cheers ] >> the university of connecticut beat the butler bulldogs, 53-41. they are now on top. kemba walker had 16 points. that defense was tough. it held butler to a final four record low, 18.8 shooting percentage. but the win also gave that man right there, coach jim calhoun, his third championship. something three other coaches have only done. tori, i know you were watching.
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i wasps i couldn't believe lou low -- how low the score was at half -- i was. i couldn't believe how low the score was at halftime. in libya, the latest offer on moammar gadhafi on what he's willing to do and what he's not willing to do and the rebels responding to a proposal for one of -- for one of gadhafi's sons to take over. highway 24, traffic looks pretty good getting up to the tunnel. we'll tell you more -- more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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a spokesman for moammar gadhafi says he will not step down but is willing to discuss changes in the way libya is governed. the spokesman says the constitution could be changed and even elections can be held. but he insists that gadhafi should leave the changes. meanwhile, nato says only a third of his weapons have been
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destroyed and rebels have been given a boost. we're now hearing reports that the u.s. is helping to meditate a deal for the president of yemen to leave office. yesterday, tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators took to the streets in several cities in yemen. as we reported yesterday, security forces opened fire on the protesters, killing 14 and injuring hundred more. 7:26. let's get you to where you need to know this morning. sal, what's happening out there? >> we have a new accident near bird avenue. it's a noninjury crash. let's take a look at some of the commutes here. 237 northbound looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. no major problems there. this is a look now at interstate 880 in oakland and that traffic is moving along okay getting up to downtown oakland. of course, we always watch the
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bay bridge. >> it's filled in a little bit. no problems on the span itself. let's go to steve. mostly sunny, but the fog has come back on marin coast. it looks like the snee ma coast is all right. santacruz coast is all right. in between we have a west wind. you can see, there's that westerly breeze right here in jack london square. west at 16, fairfield at 16 that's a big difference compared -- compared to yesterday. the system is going to pick up the fog and the sea breeze. temperatures, a little cooler towards the north bay. they are more in line closer to the front. there is the west 16 at sfo and then fairfield, southwest, 16. everything is being push ped south by a very strong cold low, not a big rainer. it will be a much colder system as they head towards later. cooler with fog on the coast and breezy conditions. that's out of the west. so upper 50s, low to mid-60s.
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upper 60s, low to mid-70s inland. this will be it for 70s and then 6 as and 70s too -- 60s and 70s out to the santa clara valley. much cooler on wednesday, then a big cold snap for this time of year comes in on thursday and friday. what concerns me is not rain but it will be the cold lows especially on friday and saturday morning we'll deal with that as we get closer to it. more severe weather is moving across the country. strong winds in tennessee toppled trees in kentucky. dozens of trees uprooted and in georgia, downed power lines, knocked out power to thousands of customers and then residents are being warned that heavy thunderstorms are being moved in today. those could produce tornadoes and then all the way up into the northeast. very strong severe system moving across the country now
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into the southeast and also the northeast. is. >> all right, steve. thank you. 7:28. still ahead -- a police sketch leads to a very quick arrest to the bay area sexual assault case. there's some concern over radiation fallout from japan. we'll show you why key information may be held.
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good morning to you. welcome back. the operator in japan of that nuclear power plant says radiation measuring 7,000 times the legal limit has leaked out in the last couple of days. and the japanese government is apologizing for dumping that into the sea. but the government says it had no choice. they needed to free up storage place or even more highly contaminated water. closer to home, some say they are really worried that the u.s. government is not telling us the full story about radiation levels here. jade hernandez is live with full details on that story. >> reporter: good morning. we're live in alameda near homes much like yours and mine. but later this morning, the
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focus will be on the grass in this neighborhood. one man has quite an interest in it. it's this man. he will be taking samples from an mead yard to his uc berkeley lab for testing. we spoke to professor vetter when the contamination made it out. he did independent tests and they were to gauge what students could find. they weren't the only ones monitoring. environmental protection agency tested rain water in certain parts of japan and found it contained iodine in drinking water be46% -- by water by 46 times. the epa may be testing, they say, but it's not releasing enough data about the japanese nuclear meltdown. they want the epa to be more
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transparent. >> that lack of transparency is only making the concern worse because people are wondering why their own government isn't being more forth coming. >> reporter: and concerns extend to rain water, even here in the bay area. the group "food and water watch" is asking president obama to act quickly to protect food and water from radioactive con tame -- contamination. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. also today in downtown san francisco, more than 40 businesses are raising money. the fund-raiser is being hosted by the japanese restaurant association as the -- at the hotel niko. there will be food, beer, wine, sake. all proceeds go to the japanese red cross. the event by against at 6:00 p.m. tickets are $150. 7:34. barry bonds is due back in court mr. in about 30 minutes everyone the judge is now considering whether to allow a
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secretly recorded audiotape in his perjury trial. tara moriarty is outside the courthouse with that and the situation on the sick jury -- the sick juror. >> reporter: well, the jury was dismissed yesterday because of a sick juror. the second revelation made was regarding this secret audiotape. bonds arrived here at the courthouse, looking relaxed and confident. within a half hour, the pros kooks announced this unexpected piece of evidence. if admitted it could be a blow to the defense. it's a secretly recorded conversation a steve hosskins had with dr. arthur ting. ting testified last week that he never talked with hosskins about the steroids.
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this made hosskins look like he's lying. >> if the tape is good for the prosecution, the prosecution will say, we didn't have any motivation to hide the tape? it's good. why would we hide it? if the tape is powerful for defense, i think the people might question the government's motives some more. >> reporter: the tape had been missing for six, seven years, but apparently hosskins found it sunday. he said the audio was on site. the judge says this leads her to believe that this is mostly irrelevant. apparently, the audio does need to be enhanced because it's difficult to here. our legal anna siss think it will be heard. we'll find out in about an hour. back to you. >> thank you, tara. you can get updates on the bonds's trial by going to click on the bonds's try tab and you can tune in at work to watch the news streaming live
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for latest on this morning's proceedings. let's check in with sal. what's happening out there sal? >> we have a little bit of breaking news in san francisco at 24th and judah there is an accident involving a muni vehicle and a car. the fire department is on the way. although i did hear from the fire department, they don't think anyone is trapped inside the vehicle. 280 northbound, we had an earlier accident at bird street. this-- i think it's bird exit here. it's on shoulder. traffic is still pretty heavy. there are no major problems by the way on the westbound bay bridge. it's backed up for about a 15, 20-minute delay with no major delays. westbound 580, we have stop-and- go traffic coming in through livermore. we also have a new accident in hayward, northbound 880 near tenny -- tennyson is the -- tennyson in the right lane.
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let's go to neve. we had upper 70s, a couple of 80s. fog has come back. yeah. coastal fog, too. it wasn't there about three hours ago. but it's there now on the marin coast, also san francisco, san mateo still felder -- still filtering in towards the coastline. our system, though is also giving us a few high clouds and a westerly breeze. so the warm monday and the highs instead of last week where it stuck around and got stronger and stronger. that will not be the case. yesterday was the warmest day by a wide margin. we'll have a cooler tuesday then a significantly wednesday into thursday. strong cold low dropping down from the gulf of alaska and it's making a b-line towards you -- towards you and me. the wind picking up is helping to keep some of these temperatures up. but the wind yesterday which
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was north-northwest has turned westerly. i will show you that in a second. a high, 68 degrees. temperatures will be coming down and that wind especially along the coast, it's westerly at sfo. oakland says calm. fairfield, southwest 16 in vacaville, southwest 6. that's a delta breeze. fairfield, northeast at 7. let's turn that completely around in advance of the system. the main one is the low coming out of the north. that's what's moving everything from the south. so colder thursday and really -- i'm really concerned about the lows more than any rain. it will be very cool. it will be very cool for any time of year. but in april, it will be very cool with the snow levels down to 500 feet. cooler highs, coastal fog and more of a westerly breeze. so upper 50sings, low 60s if you are -- 50s, low 60s, if you
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are stuck in the fog. >> the five-day has a cooler pattern. much colder thursday into friday. not so much the rain, but look at the lows. the weekend looks sunny and warmer. a large crowd is expected tonight at a public meeting on pipeline safety. it's being held in san bruno, less than two miles from the deadly september explosion. the california public utilities commission is taking comments from the community as they look into what new rules could be
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created. a direction statement from -- a dramatic statement from toyota. also, we're learning more details about the southwest plane that developed a hole in the fuselage and prompted dozens of inspections.
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stocks reached positive territory, despite oil prices near 30-month highs. oil at $108 a barrel. also new developments in europe's debt crisis. rye now, the dow is currently up -- right now, the dow is
7:44 am
currently up -- currently up 15, 12,415. the fcc is considering a broad anti-trust investigation into google. last month, google had more than 65% of all searches despite a gradual loss of market share. sources inside the fcc say their investigation will wait until the justice department decides if it will challenge the investigation of itt software. overnight, a toyota executive said the company are have to shut down all its -- said the low pressure will have to shut down because there's a problem getting the parts -- getting the parts in this country. toyota gets 15% of the parts used from u.s. and japanese suppliers that were damaged by the earthquake and tsunami last month. the shutdown would affect 25,000 north american workers.
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but no layoffs are expected. today a suspected stalker is due in a courtroom -- due in court after a stalking incident following a falling out he had with one member at a -- he had with one member at a gym. police arrested him at an apple story in palo alto yesterday. 7:45. we have breaking news, just coming into us right now we're getting word of a mechanical problem with a southwest airlines jet that took off from oakland airport. this is a live picture from newschopper2. now, we don't know exactly what's going on. but we'll give you an update on this as soon as we get more information. also, just moments ago, we learned some newing about about those inspections of southwest airlines jets. ktvu's pam cook joins us live. she's in our studio now with
7:46 am
the details. pam? >> well, we just got word that southwest says cracks were found in five of its older jets during these current inspections that are ongoing. there's also new information about the specific southwest plane that prompted the inspections. there are reports that the plane, it's roof -- its roof, that ripped -- that ripped over -- open, had a busy life, taking off and touching down many times and it's possible the crack could have developed over time. and" the walt journal "says southwest planes spend 11.73% in the air. now, southwest airlines says the new faa order issued this morning will not cause them any additional delays because by the time the order has been
7:47 am
issued they will have already investigated their fleet. southwest did have to cancel hundred flights across the country, but the airline says this morning that operations should be back to normal today. we just spoke with passengers at oakland airport this morning about their concern. >> i'm nervous. this is my first time ever catching a plane. it happens to be southwest. i mean, yeah, it's definitely a concern, yeah. bone nobody wants to put their family at risk -- nobody wants to put their family at risk, especially if we're not sure if they have investigated the planes today. we still have to go. we-- we gotta fly. >> now, southwest airlines says it has inspected all of the planes in question, the boeing 737s, and that they did find five cracks in five of the older planes during those
7:48 am
inspections. it's an ongoing story. we'll continue to update it. now, southwest apparently does not think this is a good time to raise carriers. they did not go along with a ticket price increase with other airlines. that's promming other carriers to reverse new price hikes. they tried to boost fares by $10 last week to cover fuel costs but have reversed that increase. one anna sis says they like to increase fares for long weekends and may do so easter weekend. the plane that was forced to make an emergency landing on the way to new orleans are talking. what were you thinking when you saw that copilot coming out? >> something's wrong. there was funny noises and we didn't know why. >> now, there was smoke in the
7:49 am
cabin and this plane turned right around and landed at nay liens airport. passengers finally arrived last night at san francisco. the entire investigation is underway. the remains of bodies have been found in new jersey. remains of four women who worked as prostitutes were found in december. last week, a fifth body was found and then three more bodies. police stamed searching the area -- started searching the area after a 24-year-old prostitute fail toad meet a client that -- famed to meet a client that she met on craigslist. phillip garrido is expected to plead guilty. that's according to the wife of nancy garrido. he also says nancy garrido will likely stand trial unless she get as deal that allows her to avoid a life sentence. the garridos are accused of
7:50 am
kidnapping dugard in 1991 from near her south lake tahoe home when she was 11. they've each been charged with 18 coups -- counts. officers found the man's body last night who is accused of shooting a police officer. it appears the gunman, 53-year- old sergio salazar, took his own life. the first officer on the scene was wounded while responding to domestic violence call. the lapd s.w.a.t. team arrived after an exchange of gunfire. we're hearing reports of position shuffling within the works within the obama administration. now, according to npr, general david petraeus, the top u.s. military commander in afghanistan, could be named the next head of the cia. mr.petraeus is expected to leave his current post in afghanistan this fall. also, leen pin net ta has been
7:51 am
mention -- lee on panetta has been mentioned to take over for robert gates, who will also step down by the end of the year. back here at home, 32 million in budget cuts could soon be coming to san francisco state. the school will have a faculty vote on a plan that would dissolve two colleges to help save money on office staff. this comes after a deal was failed to be reached for the june special election that would ask voters to extend temporary taxes. the faculty vote could come at the end of the month. preparations are underway for a weekend fund-raiser to help out the victims of recent flash floods. the flooding happening in capitola on march 25th and march 26th. several businesses and a mobile home park were damaged. now an all-day fund-raiser festival is being planned for this saturday. all proceeds go to the relief
7:52 am
fund set up by the capitola chamber of commerce. an unbelievable story. it one you have to see. it happened at a parking garage. the condition of a driver, her car fell six stories from the garage. assurances in egypt. what military leaders are saying about the next step in the government transition.
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these are live pictures of our breaking news from newschopper2. this is the plane in question. the pilot discovered a possible problem with a flap -- we know those are pretty important for flying -- so he deseeded to -- decided to head back to the airport. as you can see, the plane did land safely.
7:55 am
we don't know the situation with the passengers, whether they are still on the plane or not. we don't know where the plane was headed. but another problem with the southwest plane that took off from oakland and came back. as we get more information. we'll bring it to you. military rulers in egypt say their country will not be ruled by another leader like lee i -- like their current leader in 7:53. in australia, woman miraculously survived after her car plunged six stories from the top of a car parking lot. when you see it video, it's hard to believe. emergency crews came to her rescue, look at that, after her
7:56 am
car got stuck between her car and the building. the woman suffered deep cuts to her head and sob spine injuries. but amazingly -- and some spine injuries. but amazingly, doctors expect her to make a full recovery. a building in the bayview district is getting special recognition from the federal government. the national park service approved the bayview operahouse for the national register of historic places. the operahouse is now the first monument in san francisco. in addition to being a performance venue, it's one of four venues with summer programs for children and rental spaces for groups. we want to check in with sal and see what's happening on the road. muni problems. what's going on on 101? >> first of all, we'll talk about 24th and judah. they are clearing up an accident involving a muni and a car. but the accident is not severe
7:57 am
as first thought. but there's still medics on the scene. @let's fake a look at northbound 101 san francisco, that looks -- let's take a look at northbound 101 san francisco. that looks okay. the toll plaza has a 15, 10 minute delay. let's go to steve. there's coastal fog that's come back. you can see it off in the distance, also san mateo coast. still mostly sunny, a couplele -- a couple of high clouds out there, this is the leading edge of a cooldown today. west 16 at sfo, southwest 16 at fairfield. that's a sea breeze, my friends. that's an onshore wind in vadians of a cold low dropping down from the gulf of alaska to be here on thursday. mostly sunny, cooler, breezy, 50s, 60s, cooler to the coast and around the bay. showers, windy and colder with 50s for highs as we head towards thursday. today there's sunshine out there. maybe partly cloudy later on.
7:58 am
but cooler. some of that fog is there. that wind is westerly. 59 to 75, looking like a summertime pattern. santarosa, 71, san jose, at 72. so we're still a little bit above average on temperatures inland but not by tomorrow. everyone will start to cool down as the system gets cooler. very critical minimums for friday and saturday morning near freezing -- freezing in wind-protected areas for a couple of hours. [inaudible] >> all right. thank you, steve. the fbi's investigating some disturbing allegations that involves a bay area police department, allegedly recruiting teenagers to go into dangerous areas. also -- a frightening overnight shooting. it happened in the east bay, stray bullets blast into the bedroom of a child. growing support for the giants' fan who was the target of a vicious attack outside of dodger stadium.
7:59 am
8:00 am
breaking news. a southwest jet has returned to the airport. where it was heading and why it turned around. near may be some delays
8:01 am
atth and judah. the fbi -- there may be some delays atth and jude dah. and the fbi investigating police officers allegedly recrewing teenagers and giving them guns. and the reward being offered in the beating of a giants' fan. the second hour of "mornings on 2" starts now. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, april 5th. well, breaking news right now. we're focusing on oakland international airport. this is a story we've been following the last 15 minutes we're keeping an eye on a mechanical problem with a southwest airlines jet. it actually took off a short time ago heading to denver. now, newschopper2 is flying over the area right now looking down. the pilot of that plane discovered a possible problem
8:02 am
with the flap on the airline, on the plane, while flying over the sierra. he decided to turn his plane around. he headed back here to the bay area. emergency crews were on stand by on the runway but the plane was able to run safely. we're happy to tell you. we'll give you an update on the story as soon as we get more information. but again, these are live pictures at oakland international airport. now, emergency inspections will soon take place on older boeing aircraft. the faa is expected to hand down an order today requiring all inspections, it would require to all boeing 737s, that's the jet where a five- foot hole ruptured during a s an francisco-bound southwest flight on friday. the emergency inspections will search for tiny cracks, related to weak metal on the fuselage. southwest says the new faa order will not cause them any
8:03 am
delays. they've alreadimented those -- already done those inspections. but southwest operations are back to normal today. stay with us here on ktvu "mornings on 2." coming up in the next half hour, we'll go live to los angeles for more on the federal investigation now underway after that emergency landing. antioch police are searching for suspects in a terrifying overnight shooting that was a close call for one child. it happened on sycamore drive. police say a gunman fired shots outside a home, but at least three stray bullets crashed through the walls of a little boy's bedroom next door. child's mother described the frightening ordeal. she did not want to show her face. >> i'm very thankful that he was having dinner and i didn't take him in the room when the gunshots went through. >> no one inside the woman's home was hurt but her next-door neighbor was critically injured
8:04 am
in the gunfire. there was a 3.9 earthquake on the central coast this morning. it happened just before 5:00 a.m. the quake was centered in the pacific ocean about 42 miles south of salinas. people in monterey and santa cruz accounts -- counties -- santa cruz counties did report feeling the earthquake. this comes as local seismologists are urging an earthquake early-morning system along coast. they are meeting at uc berkeley today to give their recommendations. they say a system is now sophisticated enough to create is system like the one in japan. they say a simple system could soon be up and running, and a more complete one could be ready within five years. well, baseball rivals have teamed up to try to help out a south bay paramedic who remains in a medically-induced coma. the giants and dodgers offering a joint reward of $50,000 for
8:05 am
information leading to the arrest of those two men who beat up 42-year-old brian stow raft week outside dodger stadium. it was a brutal beating. several ears are also coming forward too help raise money for stow's recover i -- recovery. stow is also getting a huge show of support online. 8400 people now "like" the page that's been set up for the father of two in his honor. it's called "our prayers are with brian stow." the organizer of the page says it's a way to show support for stow and his family during the recovery of his. you can also log onto the page and find out how to co nate -- how to donate to the recovery fund. today, the pizza my heart restaurant chain is pledging 30% of their proceeds today to
8:06 am
the fund. they have eight south bay locations. also tomorrow brian stow's employer, american med sal response, will be holding a barbecue fund-raiser at noon on los plume as avenue -- loss plumas avenue. a huge snow pack is expected to melt and that will probably be the yosemite park's major attraction. there are plenty of others that will benefit from all that melting snow. 8:06. union nils are expected to respond today -- officials are expected to respond today after new video came out showing a potentially dangerous situation. look at this. you can see passengers standing right next do an -- right next to an open door on that
8:07 am
speeding train. this video was shot by a passenger and he posted it on youtube. he seas this happened on the -- he says this happened on the evening commute on the l-line. we do know the driver of this train is being disciplined. >> all right. 8:06 is the time. really amazing video. >> yes. >> very scary. let's check in again with sal castanedo. there was an earlier problem with muni but that's taken care of you, you said. >> well, with a minor injuries accident, tori. 24th and jude dah -- judah. it's unclear whether that's having an effect on the judah trains driving by there. we're hearing words of delays from muni into downtown san francisco on the underground. be aware of that. we'll try to fight out -- we'll try to find out more information as we get it. let's take a look at westbound bay bridge. traffic is moving along okay coming into san francisco with the small -- well, moderate delay at the tacoma -- toll
8:08 am
plaza. it's about a ten-minute wait. we're looking at northbound 101 san francisco. that traffic is moving along okay. if you are driving on 237, we have stop-and-go traffic there. also on 880, it's backing up toward the mission boulevard exit. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you're welcome, steve. fog, yeah, coastal fog has decided to come back. it wasn't there a while ago. it's kind of flirting toward the marin coast. it's rather solid an then -- and then pulls off again on the santa rosa line. temperatures will be school -- will be cooler. it will be cooler and breezy. that breeze is out of the west. tomorrow the wind micks up and the -- tomorrow wind picks up and it's turning much cooler, 50s for the highs with kind of a rainy, raw day. yesterday, the high in all its glory gave us temperatures above average. that's getting knocked out in a
8:09 am
big way because a strong system is getting closer and closer. so a cooler tuesday. a colder thursday will take us into friday as well. so, i mean last week it was just the opposite, temperatures went up and we had record highs. they peeked out on monday and will continue to go down on friday. 40 the and 50s. concord is in there, also mountain view, san jose, 55, fairfield. west-southwest 17. oakland west 13. that's oakland airport. sfo west at 18. there's your sea breeze. right into the delta. the front that's coming -- the front coming in is very weak. the system that's dropping down is moisture-starved. there won't be a lot of rain with it. it will be a showery rain power. but maybe .10 to .3. so not much in the way of rain. any time of year will be cool. but for april it's gonna be
8:10 am
noticably cooler as we see temperatures drop down to 20 degrees. thursday's cold low is dropping straight down out of the gulf of alaska it's going out of -- over land. it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. by the time it arrives, it will give is temperatures in the 50s and if there's any moisture rest over -- left over, a snow level. that's cold! some coastal fog out there. that wind is out of the west. a few mid-70s especially out towards antioch and brentwood. i think a decent sea breeze will kick from. a lot of low 70s, mid-70sen ott peninsula. but 50s, 60s and 70s along the coast in the city and also on the peninsula in menlo park. santa clara valley, one more day of mild temperatures. then tomorrow, everyone cools down and then cloudy to mostly cloudy and then rainy and morning showers on friday. a very cool day. saturday morning will be cold
8:11 am
with lows in the 30s. it will be warmer on the weekend. this morning a status hearing will be held in the trial of a san francisco merchant accused of shooting two san francisco rivals. the defendant is accused of killing the two individuals on january 30th. the two victims owned a store together on fisherman's wharf. police say he shot the two 20 avoid competition in the selling of hand bags. we'll tell you about two bay area schools that are contenders for hosting a presidential debate.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
good morning. we have some fog. yes, fog has come back to the parts of the san mateo coast, also in san francisco, some higher clouds above it. mostly sunny for a while. but cooler today. highs 50s, 60s and low 70s. 8:14. right now in washington, d.c. a hearing is underway about the military tribunal's plan for five suspects in the september 11th attacks. among those testifying is the father of united flight 93 passenger todd beamer. beamer graduated from los gatos high school and is considered one of the heroes of flight 93.
8:15 am
he was heard on an open phone line saying "let's roll" before the plane crashed. the obama administration has decided that khalid sheik muhammed and four other suspects in the 9/11 attacks will have to face military tribunal trials at guantanamo bay. eric holder blamed this from going forward in the u.s. but he says it's time to move on for the victims and their families. a gory package addressed to congressman peter king has been intercepted. the package contained a bloody pig's foot. it never made it to the congressman because it was screened for security risk. there was a note inside the package that contained "anti- smell testic ramblings" and referenced hearings that kings
8:16 am
held on the muslim-american community. 8:15. new at this hour, president obama is behind closed doors meeting with key members of congress trying to prevent a government shut down. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the very latest. allison? >> reporter: dave, they are trying to strike a last-minute deal before the government runs out of money on friday night. but house republicans are so pessimistic about it, that this morning they are circulating this pamphlet to hill staffers about what to expect in a government shut do you. now, this is a look at the white house this morning on a rainy morning here in d.c. inside, president obama and top democrats and republicans are talking about the fate of the federal government. millions of jobs, trillions of dollars are on the line. mouse house republicans are proposing another temporary budget to avert a shutdown but the white house is cool to the idea. here's what we heard from eric
8:17 am
canter about 45 minutes ago. >>the the white house has independent catted now that they -- has indicated now that they are already reejecting that notion raising the risk for the shut down. we in the house have consistently said we don't want 0 shut down. we just want to cut spending. >> reporter: now that temporary delay would fund the military for the rest of the fiscal year. reporting from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. thank you, ailry -- alison. republicans are unveiling their proposal for the 2012 budget. the gop budget plan calls for slashing the budget deficit by about 5 trillium over the -- $5 trillion over the coming decade. two bay area schools are contenders to host the presidential or vice
8:18 am
presidential debate for the upcoming 2012 election. st. mary's college in morago and dominican university in san rafael both applied to the commission ton presidential debates. now, the commission determines the locations for the three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate as well as two alternate sites during the election years. 8:17. hiding marijuana inside a wheelchair did not fool a drug- sniffing dog at the border. u.s. authorities say a 19-year- old man in a wheelchair had five pound of pot stuffed under the -- five pounds of pot stuffed under the seat. they say he posed as a disabled personned a became nervous when he was approached. he was arrested and booked into the san diego county jail. there's new word that the protective ozone level over the arctic region has reached an
8:19 am
unprecedented low. the meteorological association says it's suffering a 40% loss this spring instead of the normal 30%. the u.n. weather association blames the ozone loss on a buildup of harmful chemicals and an especially cold winter. well, the officials at gunn high school in palo alto may push back the start time of the school day. right now the first bell rings at 7:55. but some are saying the school should follow the lead of palo alto which switched to an 8 almost a.m. start time last -- 8:00 a.m. start time last year. traffic near the school will be a big issue, they say, when school leaders discuss the changing of the schedules at a meeting tomorrow. well, federal prosecutors have launched an investigation into smartphones and privacy concerns. "the wall street journal" says they are investigating whether those anally cakes are vie slating a -- those applications
8:20 am
are violating a privacy law. this investigation came to light yesterday because of a regulatory filing by the oakland-based pandora. 8:19. we want to check in, once again, with sal -- tomby we'll go to sal in a little bit. first, muni is spending some big money on pr. find out why the timing of this move is cre itsing a -- creating a controversy. and the latest offer from moammar gadhafi on what he's willing to do and what he's not willing to do and a response to the rebels of to the idea that one of moammar gadhafi's sons may take over.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
welcome back. a spokesperson for moammar gadhafi says he will not step down. but he's willing to talk about changing the way lane ya is governed. the-- libya is governed. he says the constitution could be changed, elections might be held but insists that moammar gadhafi should leave the changes. nato says almost a third of mr. gadhafi's heavy weapons have been destroyed now. and rebels got a boost by an air strike against a convoy of eight government vehicles that was moving towards rebel positions. plus -- new reports today
8:24 am
that the u.s. is helping to negotiate a deal for the president of yemen to resign. now, yesterday -- look at these pictures -- tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators hit the streets again of several cities in yemen, reportedly security forces opened fire on the protesters killing 14 of them and injuring hundreds more. 8:23. now we can go to sal and check on the traffic situation. >> tori and dave, the video we were 0 run -- we were running on the youtube, the stuck- opened door. this was scott wiener on the train. he was there when the -- i just got an e-mail on that. we'll have more on that coming up. westbound traffic is still backed up at the bay bridge, backed up to about the middle of the parking lot. sanmateo bridge and golden gate bridge looks good. right now, traffic on the
8:25 am
richmond bridge is moving out of marin county. coming up in my next report, i will show you some of the freeways. let's go to steve. sal, mostly sunny. cooler for the -- the wind has turned noticably out of west in advance the system but it's already bringing in higher clouds. a very strong cold low will be here wednesday night. a temperature trend will be down over the next couple of days. even though this won't be bad. it will be cooler tomorrow. 40s and 50s. but a lot of 50s, low to mid. 53 at oakland. there's your west wind, your delta breeze your -- your sea breeze, yesterday, we had the north easterly breeze. that's a north wid. mostly sunny, cooler, breezy.
8:26 am
that system will slide south giving us folks in the north bay later on. but the -- partly cloudy skies in the north bay later on. but there will be cooler highs today. we'll have 50s, 60s and 70s. 59 pacifica, vallejo 68. sanmateo, 68, oakland 66. cooler even more so tomorrow as we get out of those 70s. the big change will be thursday into friday. this will not -- this will not have a lot of rain with it. by friday, the giants' opener will be fine. there won't be any rain. it will be cool and breezy friday night. saturday morning looks to be very cold in wind-protected areas. dave? >> thank you, steve. 8:26. muni is spending $100,000 for a public relations specialist. this new contract comes at a time when muni is already dealing with a $26 million defcy. however a spokesperson for muni
8:27 am
says they need a consultant to help manage what could become a very con -- very contentious labor talks. our time is now 8:26. in just moments, the barry bonds's perjury trial will resume. there's barry bonds right there. he just arrived at the san francisco courthouse a couple of minutes ago, after a long weekend for the jury. >> reporter: samples are being taken for radiation testing right from this alameda neighborhood. coming up meet the professor who wants to educate, not scare. and the chances that you might have a close encounter with a mountain lion.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
just minutes ago, bud arrived for his trial. a judge is considering whether or not to let an audiotape in. tara moriarty is live with another information on that and the sick juror. tara? >> reporter: well, the testimony has just resumed literally about a minute ago. we're waiting to hear if that juror, the one sick yesterday, has come back today. so if that juror has come back today, we're okay. if not, we're down to one alternate and that's very alarming to all of the attorneys involved in this case. they really want to wrap up this trial. the other shocker we learned about was this secret audiotape. about 20 minutes ago, bonds
8:31 am
entered the courthouse. he did not appear as chipper as add. he was also annoyed he had to go through security twice. now, the prosecution announced this evidence yesterday. if admitted it could be a blow to the defense. it's reportedly a conversation that hosskins had with dr. ting. ting testified that he never spoke with hosskins about bonds using steroids. >> if the government is anxious to play it, it will be good good for hoss -- it will be good for the prosecution. >> reporter: the judge has said that much of the preliminary transcript is leading her to believe that it's mostly irrelevant or inned a missable.
8:32 am
apparently the audio needs to be enhanced. our legal analyst that we spoke said he thinks it will be allowed. hopefully we'll be finding out momentarily if it will be allowed in as evidence. back to you. >> thank you. you can get updates on the bonds's trial any time by going to just click on the "bonds's trial" tab and you can watch the latest streaming live this noon. the operator of the damaged outlook plant says radiation measuring several million times the legal limit has leaked into the pacific ocean. the government is apologizing for dumping 3 million gallons of radioactive water in the sea. but they said they had no choice, they needed to free up space for even more
8:33 am
contaminated watter. back here in the bay area, a scientist plans to test lefts here. jade hernandez is in alameda now. you spoke to the scientist a short time ago, right, jade? >> that's right. we just it -- we just did. we're live in alameda where this uc professor is taking tests. he's also testing the grass. professor vetter showed us this morning how he collects samples to collect his data. what he's found in the past couple of weeks and what he expects to find in his samples is radiation from the japanese nuclear meltdown which has moved across the pacific and touched the bay area. he's already found trace amounts of iodine and teleruim in the air. before the japanese disaster, there were no amounts found here in the grass. the data he's -- he's collected are not harmful but the
8:34 am
radiation can be seen and detected. >> as i pointed out before, we have a delay of three, four days. whatever happens over there, a day or two later we'll see here. apparently if they see something there, we expect to see -- expect to see something here. but as soon as it stops, then we should see a decline. >> reporter: now, is the environmental protection agency doing enough to release information from their findings?" food and water watch ," that group, says no. >> what's more concerning is the epa is not being more forth coming about the results they've been finding. what es -- what's their plan to deal with this if there is a problem. we don't know if there is a problem. but if there is, what's the plan to keep us safe? >> reporter: the professor will be taking back samples to his lab this morning. the group, "food and water
8:35 am
watch" is asking president obama to act quickly protect food and water from radioactive contamination. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. also today in san francisco, more than 40 restaurants and other businesses are joining together, to raise money for the victims of the sake in tsunami and -- of the quake in tsunami. it's being raised today at the niko. all proceeds go to the japanese red cross. tickets are $150. it is 8:35. a trip to the sierra ended tragically for a fairfax woman. authorities say 64-year-old kathleen mcaftertry was killed in a snowmobiling accident on sunday. she apparently became pinned underneath the snowmobile after it overturned near gold lake. the highway patrol is now investigating the crash. an 18-year-old is now under arrest for a sexual assault in a san francisco park.
8:36 am
police arrested xavier neal yesterday. she say she grabbed a woman a from behind as she was jogging in the park. police say he forced -- forbesed her in a grassy area and sexually assaulted her. city offices in palo alto will continue to get free internet service at least for now. the provider that threatened to pull the plug on the high-tech connection has agreed to keep palo alto hook up until a new deal is reached. this all stems from the city's plans to build a cell tower on chaning avenue. that decision angered the owner of the non-profit company that's been providing palo alto with free internet service for years. well, mountain lions are in the news. dangerous encounters with mountain lions and residents are reportedly down. it's been seven years since
8:37 am
someone was killed by one, that's according to "the contra costa times." last summer, berkeley police a shot and killed a mountain lion actually roaming the streets. biologists say mountain lion and the population could be dropping which could lead to fewer encounters, which is okay with me. >> except for that guy, he looks a little cute. let's check in with sal. it's okay, the commute? >> yes. you can always reach me on twitter. don't ever tweet while you're in the car. we had a couple of tweets about how 280, both northbound and southbound, really very heavy -- very slow. southbound on the left, 280 northbound on the right. not doing very well at all. this morning's commute has been affected in marin county. a new crash, southbound 101 just before central san rafael -- it's on the hill.
8:38 am
you are season -- you will see some stop-and-go traffic in the area. you can see traffic's busy. there is a backup at the bridge westbound. that traffic will be slow coming into san francisco. sanfrancisco, if you take the n- judah there's shuttle service up to 22nd because of an earlier muni crash at 24th. 8:37. let's go back to steve. sal, mostly sunny, although fog, coastal fog is finally -- has finally arrived. not widespread but it's there. sanfrancisco, san mateo coast and then patchy elsewhere. it's mainly a mostly sunny morning here. some higher clouds up above. it's up in mendocino county. but we've received more of a westerly breeze. not that north-northeast is what we had yesterday. temperatures-- temperatures on a warm monday, a couple of low 80s. it will be cooler on thursday. it will be cold into friday
8:39 am
morning. had some mid-40s to a lot of upper mid-50s. temperatures will come down, 5, 10 degrees for many especially by the coast today. there's why, a west 18 at sfo, west 10 at oakland. west-southwest fairfield, so the ocean breeze, the delta breeze has definitely established itself in add vance of the system coming out of the gulf of alaska. this will actually dig over land so it doesn't have much rain with it. we'll get some rainy showery weather on thursday. but the big news is the cold air coming in. as it does, that will settle in and the highs will be in the mid-50s. and if there's any available moisture left over, we could have light snow down to 2500 feet. not a lot of rain with this system. but there will be a lot of cold air. today it will be mostly sunny, at least for the morning hours.
8:40 am
50s, 60s and 70s. we'll have a lot of low 70s for some. still some mid-70s. 67 berkeley. 68 san leandro, low 70s from fremont to san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, 74. santacruz said they were 82 but only 70 today. it will be sunny but more of a westerly breeze. 59 daly city. os for some but low 70s for many on the peninsula, then tomorrow everyone cools down, especially inland. tolder-- colder kind of rainy on thursday and then windy and then very cool friday morning. it will be out of here. the giants' home opener will be dry. it won't be very warm. saturday morning could secret cal minimums down to freezing for about an hour or two and then sunny and warmer. the remains of a pleasanton soldier killed in afghanistan, are coming home today. flags in pleasanton will fly at half-staff for three days in memory of the army specialist. the 23 yesterday medic died
8:41 am
last week -- 23-year-old medic died last when. lance corporal harry lu was killed sunday during an operation in the helmman province. he graduated from santa clara high school. the people who knew him are struggling with the news of his death. the defense department says his death is under investigation. twenty minutes before 9:00. even though there's still no guarantee, the 4ers are moving, the city council is expected to approve plan about the change in name. if a deal does come through, construction on a new 9ers stadium in santa clara could begin in 201. 8:41. giants are hoping for their second win of this young season tonight in san diego.
8:42 am
madison bumgardner will get the start in that game, which is the' padres' home ohm her. the giants' opener is on friday against st. louis. now, "train" will perform the star-spangled banner. the game begins at 1:45 e we'll have live coverage of the home -- 1:45. we'll have live coverage of the home opener right here on "mornings on 2". are older modeled planes a damager in the sky? coming up, we'll go live to los angeles for more on the safety inspections starting today. and
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
it is 8:45. this morning, new allegations of police misconduct in richmond. two police officers are accused of supplying guns to young men and sending them into dangerous neighborhoods. kraig debro just talked to one of the young men at the center of the case. what does he have to say? >> reporter: well, good morning, tori. first of all, he confirmed details first made public in "the chronicle" these
8:46 am
allegations are very serious. in fact, the two officers at the center of this investigation are on paid leave. after agreeing to speak to us, sergio rios changed his mind out of fear of retaliation. but he said he only spoke "the chronic $"after they provided him information about the case. rios says he and long time friend ordinary torres were both explorers for the police. an explorer is a person who gains experience volunteering with the police and then will later become a police officer. the two young men soured on their outside jobs because of the pay and the dangerous neighborhoods they were sent to work. [audio breaking up ] >> reporter: richmond police have confirmed that the officers are now on paid leave
8:47 am
leave, pedestrianing the outcome of the investigation -- 8:46. we'll get back to ktvu's kraig debro in just a couple of minutes. right now we'll bring you up to date on some of the -- on some of the other top stories. a southwest airlines jet is safely back at oakland airport. now, there's the plane there. a short time ago the pilot found a possible problem with the wing flap while flying over the sierra. he decided to turn the plane around. he headed back here to the bay area. luckily no one was hurt. barry bonds is back in court for another day of his perjury trial. here he is arriving this morning. the judge is now considering whether to allow a secretly- recorded audiotape to be add mitted as evidence. this morning, police in antioch are searching for suspects after a terrifying overnight shooting. it was a close call for a child. police say a gunman fired shots outside a house, but at least three stray bullets smashed through the walls of a will
8:48 am
little boy's bedroom next -- next door. the faa is going to order inspections for an older- modeled boeing aircraft this is all in response to the incident on friday. anita vogel is live from los angeles. now, are federal investigators concerned about other planes having sylmar problems? >> reporter: well, they came out yesterday, tori, the ntsb, and what they said they weren't terribly concerned that passengers right now are in any imminent danger of similar problems if they are flying today or in coming days. however, the faa is announcing a emergency order -- an emergency older for several investigations for the same kind of cracks that plagued that southwest flight 812. if will require electronic
8:49 am
technology in the 300, 400 and 500 series, planes that had more than 30,000 take-offs and lands. the order covers -- landings. the order covers 80 here in the u.s. most planes are covered here in the u.s. >> there's a long way to go. a lot to be done. we'll continue gathering facts and evaluating all data related to this accident. >> reporter: interesting to note, the 737 which has been around since the 1960s is the most popular and bidely used jet -- and widely used jet in the world. tori? >> what about southwest? it's already inspected and grounded a number of its planes. so what's the status there? >> reporter: right. so as of yesterday, southwest had grounded nearly 80 planes. 79 planes. they've inspected a lot of them already. we know they've inspected 64 planes and returned those to service. they found three with similar
8:50 am
cracks, just like on flight 812. those are being repaired. a lot of people are asking how will this impact southwest business, a very popular airline? a southwest spokesperson tells fox news at this point, it's really hard to tell. but we might get some idea on april 21st. that's when they have their regular investor call. and we know a lot of people will be tuned into that. >> thank you. i'm sure they will be. 8:49. southwest airlines says it are not raise fares right now. it looks like some of the other airlines are paying attention. southwest didn't go along with the ticket price hike that other major airlines moved ahead with and that's prompts some of the other carriers competing with southwest to consider rear vess -- reversing those hikes. they tried to raise $10 last week to cover fuel costs but they since increased that increase. one expert says southwest likes to raise fares over long weekends and they may do that
8:51 am
during easter. we're also hearing reports of some position shuffling in the works within the obama administration. according to npr, general david petraeus, the top u.s. military commander in afghanistan, may be named the next cia director. petraeus is expected to leave his current job in afghanistan this fall. the current cia chief, leon panetta, is being mentioned to take over for defense secretary, robert gates, who says he will also step down at the end of this year. today, investigators will go back to a remote part of new york's long island. that's where the remains of eight bodies have been found. now, police think they may be the victims of a serial killer. the remains of four women who worked as prostitutes were found in december. last week, a fifth body was found. then yesterday, three more bodies were found. police started searching this area after a 24-year-old prostitute disappeared. she had agreed to meet someone
8:52 am
that she met on craigslist at a nearby beach. vallejo police were able too -- able to arrest a prowling suspect after the 39- year-old man ran to his mom's house. police say they when they were called to a home just after midnight, the suspect jumped to his car and drove off, leave leading them on a five-minute dais chase but the suspect abandoned his car and ran into what turned out to be his mother's house. police followed him inside and arrested him. let's go right now to sal. there's breaking news. what happened, sal? >> yeah. we do have a crash on the golden gate bridge. i got a call from the viewer. you can't see it here. apparently it's farther north on the bridge, involving a golden gate transit bus, according to the chp, and another vehicle. this is northbound 101 just south of the toll plaza, so that would be -- i guess it would be doyle drive. if it's northbound, south of the toll plaza. i was just about to call the person who called me to get a
8:53 am
better location. northbound 101 just after the toll plaza, so that would be off the bridge -- i think they might be moving the camera here. we'll local ul note -- we'll let you know. >> thank you, sal. 8:52 on the road to recovery. we'll have an update on a man who was hurt by a newspaper rigged with explosives. plus, the reason this year's record snowfall may not be all good news.
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we have an update on jose sanchez zarko, he'ses the 85- year-old -- he's the 85-year- old man seriously injured after opening up a newspaper with explosives in it last week. his family says he's undergoing surgery to his arms and leg. they are still looking for the person who planted that explosives. record snowfall put the snowpack at 175% above normal. the san joaquin river is most at risk because reservoirs are already above average. some rivers may start to well in mode to late -- to well in mid to late may. a sick juror in the barry bonds has showed up. they've not talked about the
8:57 am
tape yet. the worker from the ucla olympic lab is on the stand. and today's ticket 2s-day winner will get tickets to the san francisco zoo and tickets to see sesame street live. the winner will meet the characters on april 9th and 10th and he they will take home a family six pack to see the show eleven when the show comes to the bay area at june. to enter, go to scroll down to the "right now" tab and put in the secret password, three letters, "zoy" she's the female muppet girl with the wild imagination and the barrettes in her hair. i know you are watchening the golden gate bridge and everything else, sal. >> yes this -- i want to show you the traffic on the golden gate bridge. is coming to a standstill. we have reports that it's backed up all the way to marin
8:58 am
city. it's northbound 101 just before the toll plaza. fire department on the way. there's a bus in the van. the chp is thinking about issuing a sig-alert. let's go to steve. mostly sunny. it will be cooler. temperatures, 60s and 70s. tomorrow we start to really kick in the cooling trend and then especially thursday, cold, rainy, the giants' home opener will be very nice but it won't be low. >> that's amazing. >> yes. i know. >> thank you. thanks, everyone, for watching. hope you have a great day. bye now.
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