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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 7, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live report ahead where kidnapped suspect phillip garrido surprised almost everyone today. japan shaken again. updates from there and we'll tell you if there are any tsunami worries. >> reporter: we're outside the federal courthouse in san francisco where closing arguments in the barry bonds perjury trial began a few hours ago. good afternoon.
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topping our news an unexpected twist in the kidnapping trial of phillip garrido. during a hearing this morning the convicted sex offender did not plead guilty as expected to the kidnap and rape of jaycee dugard. we're live from outside the courthouse in placerville to explain what did happen. ken. >> reporter: well, what happened in that courtroom this morning here at the county courthouse took just about ten minutes and it was a stunner. phillip garrido did not enter a guilty plea as expected. and his attorney said that was never the plan. phillip garrido sat one row behind his wife nancy, her not guilty plea was expected. but his was not. her attorney said phillip garrido would plead guilty today. that angered phillip garrido's public defender. >> who does that? who says those kinds of things? he never should have done that. that was the wrong thing for him to do. >> reporter: she says there was no deal for her client to enter
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a plea. now she's raising questions about selection of the grand jury. arguments which will be heard next month. the garridos are accused in the 19-year-old kidnapping of then 11-year-old jaycee dugard allegedly helped captive at the antioch's home for 18 years. during which time phillip fathered jaycee's two children. auger 1st trial date for both defendants something nancy's attorney wants to avoid with a plea deal. >> yes, disappointed about that. she does not want jaycee to go through all this stuff. and has consistently said that. but if there's an issue, we have to go to trial to find it. >> reporter: in one sense going to trial only delays the inevitable for phillip garrido. he will spend the rest of his life in prison. that's based on a parole hold out of nevada. the possibility now remains that jaycee dugard will have to testify at trial.
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in placerville, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, ken. a powerful aftershock hit japan just a few hours ago. the 7.1 quake's open center was about 30 miles underwater off the coast of the preif he can tour north of tokyo. the quake shook buildings as far away as tokyo for about one minute. but most japanese were in bed since it struck at 11:30 p.m. in japan. that was about 7:30 this morning our time. a u.s. gs official told ktvu this morning that aftershocks of this size are not unusual after a quake like the one that struck three weeks ago. >> it doesn't indicate that there will be another larger earthquake at all. this is actually to be expected with an aftershock series after a magnitude 9 earthquake. >> there was a tsunami warning for the japanese coastline but that was lifted. experts said there is no threat of a tsunami for hawaii or the west coast. crews of the nuclear power plant retreated to a quake
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resis substantiate shelter for a short amount of time after this aftershock. it appears it caused no new problems however at the damaged complex. not long before the aftershock in japan another strong earthquake hit mexico's central and southern regions. it was a magnitude 6.5 quake and was centered about 375 miles southeast of mexico city. they felt it in the capitol where buildings were swaying and as far south as the border with guatemala. there are reports of minor damage to an elementary school but no reports of injuries. and a tsunami warning was not issued for this quake either. a santa clara county jury this morning found two former college baseball players not liable in an alleged gang rape at a house party four years ago. the civil trial stems from allegations that a group of baseball players raped a then 17-year-old girl at a party. she was seeking $7.5 million in damages. the jury found that there was
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no negligence on the part of the two defendants and said that the men will not have to pay damages. the defendants claim that the sex was consensual. another six men have either settled with the plaintiff or had the lawsuit dismissed. the barry bonds perjury trial is in its final stages. this morning the prosecution presented its closing arguments and now it's the defense's turn. jade hernandez joins us live from outside the courthouse to explain how the prosecution try today place the blame for this entire trial squarely on the home run king. jade. >> reporter: that's right. you're right. the defense's turn is up. the prosecution wrapped up less than an hour ago. and the prosecution made sure that the jury understood one thing. if barry bonds had told the truth, they wouldn't even be in the courtroom today. we're live in san francisco this afternoon. i want to rewind for you barry bonds arrived at the federal courthouse just as he has for the past eleven days. it didn't take long before the prosecution began closing
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arguments in barry bonds' perjury trial. bonds' defense wrapped up yesterday without calling one witness to the stand. for an hour and a half assistant u.s. district attorney explained how barry bonds has distorted justice. bonds explained he had a secret he didn't want anyone to know about. the prosecution stated bonds came before a grand jury investigating laboratories trying to protect that secret. it didn't matter. he was given immunity and a promise no charges would be brought against him. he still lied. from there the prosecution detailed their direct evidence. one example of that a friend of bonds' kathy hoskins who under oath said she saw bonds' long time trainer inject bonds. trainer said it was something for the road. something you can't catch or detect. the prosecution left the jury with this. would bonds who relies on his body for his livelihood allow greg anderson unknowingly dose him without knowing what he injected bonds' body with?
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before closing arguments u.s. district judge instructed the jury of eight women and four men on deliberation rules. if the jury receives the case today, they can choose to deliberate tomorrow. the defense indicated yesterday their closing arguments would take two to three hours. keep in mind that the prosecution is still allowed time for rebuttal afterwards. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. thank you, jade. you can learn more about the barry bonds trial around the clock by going to you'll find the latest developments as well as background on the case. san francisco police are investigating a shooting this morning in the city's bay view district. officers say it happened as a group of teenagers got off a muni bus around 8:00 a.m. investigators say one of the teenagers getting off the bus shot an 18-year-old man on the street nearby. it's not clear if the victim had also been riding on the bus. >> we pulled the video to identify who was involve and had get that to the authorities
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as soon as possible. >> witnesses describe the shooter as being between 13 and 15 years old. paramedics took the victim to san francisco general hospital. there is no word on his condition. the assailants were last seen running toward third street. with a government shutdown less than 33 hours away, the house has just passed a gop backed bill to keep the government running for another week with an additional $12 billion in cuts. but the senate and the president will not support this bill. meanwhile this morning senate majority leader harry reed indicated a shutdown appears unavoidable but he's going to continue to work to get things done. democrats blame house speaker john boehner saying he was unwilling to go against conservative tea party members for his part. boehner blamed the white house and democrats in the senate saying they had not offered anything new in the way of spending cuts. the two sides will meet again later this afternoon to try to reach a compromise. now here's a recap of some of
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the consequence ifs an agreement on a spending plan is not reached by midnight tomorrow. military personnel would not get paid. national parks would be closed including pack razz. federal tax checks would not be issued. the small business administration will stop making loans. and federal home loan guarantees would be put on hold. and later why some bay area students are worried that a government shutdown will impact their upcoming field trip. they're story a little bit later. also ahead, why authorities in southern california are looking at a hole in the roof of a home right now. in fact they determined a few answers just minutes ago. an east bay home is destroyed by a fire. we'll tell you why that was not the only danger. after light showers this morning, is there more on the way? meteorologist steve paulson says that is not the biggest weather story. also. >> reporter: already disciplined a driver for texting while driving, why it now says it wants the ultimate
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discipline against the driver.
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pg&e said within the past hour it has restored power to all but six of the customers in south san francisco who lost power when a truck hit a power pole around 5:40 this morning. that was at little field and
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east grand avenues. originally more than 200 customers lost electricity. the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries. police in the southern california city of santa monica now say an explosion this morning near a jewish school and prayer house was an accident. not a bomb. sources at the scene said the explosion might have started in a pipe under a walkway or in a device use today break up concrete. 100 people were evacuated from a four block area as the bomb squad investigated the initial report of the explosion. the explosion also sent some kind of object flying onto a house next door damaging the roof. there are no reports of any injuries. berkeley firefighters are looking for the cause of a fire after a tough battle to put it out. the fire erupted around 1:00 this morning at a duplex in the 1500 block of dwight way. and the four sleeping residents escaped. but when firefighters arrived, they had to deal with a downed power line and two gas meters that exploded. fire investigators believe the fire started in the front part
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of the house. >> work very methodically for the exterior or into the interior. then from there put our minds together and just look at some of the indicators and patterns and take it from there. >> firefighters say they called pg&e about the exploded gas meters but it took an hour and a half for someone to get out there. fire crews say they were able to locate the gas valve under some debris and turn it off. in san francisco an overnight fire injured one firefighter and displaced a dozen residents. it was first reported shortly after 8:00 last night on mission street near valencia. because of strong winds, the fire spread to three next door buildings and it took 100 firefighters two hours to get it under control. one firefighter fell about five feet from a ladder and is being treated for a back injury. some of the residents are being allowed back in. the cause is under investigation but does not appear suspicious. the damage is estimated at $1 million.
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a richmond woman is facing felony charges this morning after police chase sent five people including a police officer to the hospital. police say taylor was driving yesterday when she hit four cars during a high speed chase in pin ole. it started after police spotted taylor's car which was linked to a robbery. the chase ended after the police car was hit. police say none of the injuries are critical. we have some new developments this noontime in the case of a muni driver suspended for texting while driving a bus. ktvu's kraig debro says it could now cost that woman her job. >> reporter: muni now says it wants to fire the driver seen texting in this videotape made on a cell phone. last february a passenger videotaped the driver on a 24 bus. >> all of our lives are in her hands. so at any time we could wreck and all die. >> absolutely against our rules and regulations. and any time something like this happens we try to take
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immediate action. >> reporter: muni already suspended the driver for three days without pay. today they said the suspension was based on the admission by the driver that she was texting, but she had pulled over first. muni says the cell phone video contradicts the driver's story and calls for further action. >> kind of scary because it's like one person in charge of so many people. and if they get into an accident then we're all like. >> reporter: this morning some muni bus riders were shocked over the bus driver'sin fraction but we found one rider who stood up for the nine year veteran. >> we think she's a wonderful lady. >> reporter: you know who she is? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: what do you think about what she did? >> i think it's probably a wake up call for muni. >> reporter: what about her she's wonderful but texting while driving. >> a lot of people do it. >> reporter: it may be moot at this point but they will also investigate the allegation that the man who made the videotape that he'd never be allowed back on the bus. i spoke with several muni drivers this morning none would support another driver caught texting behind the wheel but
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say passengers let their anger cap stories about drivers who aren't true. the man who took the videotape said the driver threatened him. if he got any of that on his cell phone, he didn't share it with us. in san francisco, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. google is giving back by donating millions of dollars to support science. the company is donated $12 million that will be divided between seven museums around the world. the california academy of sciences and the exploratory yum in san francisco will receive $2 million each. google's chief technology advocate posted on his blog that museums helped influence many of google's workers to become engineers. well, we had some early morning rain. i mean most of it was gone by about 8:00 in the morning. about a tenth of an inch in parts of the peninsula. then we had sunshine. but no doubt about it a bite to
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the air. cool air moved in. system raced down to southern california. now we're waiting for the cold unstable air to develop. and it's on its way. but most of it is offshore. however, clouds are beginning to pop up in napa county, sonoma county and also east bay as we start to get a little afternoon heating here. and this cold core low begins to drop in. that will set the stage for possible showers and also thundershowers. you can see the flow just going right down out of the northwest. see how it just hugs the coast and then goes in right around the santa cruz coastline and monterey. so they are getting rain. but in the last few frames up into sonoma county there's a line forming right there. little wards solan no county and also towards mt. diablo. we're only here at 12:15 the days are longer now. i think by 3:00 or 4:00 or 5:00 we could have some thunderstorm activity developing. if you've been outside you know even though it's been sunny it's been a cool breezy to windy day. upper 40s. san francisco 49. mountain view 55. also at fairfield. but 53 hayward. 53 oakland. very cool. you get a good look at that low
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which is now just going right over cape and as that dives over us this afternoon that's going to set the stage for what could be an afternoon of thunderstorms. mainly out to the valley and off the coast. but still right in line for but get a good look at that cold air and temperatures today will continue to feel colder and colder. tonight we'll have some really cold readings. the source of that's coming right down where you'd expect it. right out of the gulf of alaska. so for this time if you get it in december, january, february, it's like okay. but when you get it in april this is a pretty big system. pretty cold. highs in the 50s. upper 40s in the hills. possible thunderstorms with hail later on today. and if we do have any cloud cover left or any precipitation left it could fall in the form of snow down to 2500 or 3,000 feet. that would be late tonight or tomorrow morning. maybe a dusting. but more likely just a lot of cold air moving in. sierra had some decent snow this morning. a decent window there for some snow. but five to 15 inches. weather advisory until 5:00. scattered snow showers up there right now. so our forecast it's colder, it's windy. mostly sunny.
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we'll go partly to mostly cloudy here in the afternoon. and that's when we might pick up some more showers and or thundershowers. so it's a dramatic change from last week and early this week where we had lots of sunshine and 70s. that is not the case today. we will start to see temperatures on friday be windy and cold in the morning. and then saturday morning, tori, looks very cold but after that we warm up thankfully because april doesn't take long. >> exactly. >> but critical minimums tomorrow morning and also saturday. >> all right. like you said this is pretty unusual for this time of year. >> very unusual for april but we'll rebound fast. >> thank you, steve. middle school students heading to washington d.c. tomorrow night despite a possible government shutdown. it's an annual event for eighth graders at davidson middle school. and there's some concern they won't be able to visit the white house or the capitol building. but the program director told ktvu this morning they have a jam packed itinerary and there will be plenty of other things to do. you might not think of the nba when you think of saving the environment, but professional basketball hopes to change that with promotions
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that include a bart ticket give away. the warriors are joining the rest of the league this week with an emphasis ongoing green. sau is one of the players for the warriors he'll be at the bart stations this afternoon handing out bart tickets worth $10 to $50. >> got to give back. got to build awareness for what the earth needs. taking care of the environment. >> and if the warrior players look particularly happy today, it's because they beat the two time defending nba champed lakers last night at oracle arena. they are favorites at a bay area park. coming up soon why you may see more of them. and a check on retail numbers and why people are heading back into stores during this tough economic time.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street. numbers have been down all morning despite good economic news. but the latest aftershock in japan is shaking things up a little bit. also oil above $110 a barrel. right now the dow is currently down 30. and the nasdaq down 2. s&p 500 is down 3. now the good news that came out includes the latest unemployment report. it's better than expected as the number of people filing for first time unemployment benefits dropped to 382,000. that's 10,000 fewer than the week before. and continuing claims fell by
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9,000 which drop it to 3.72 million, the lowest level since october 2008. and march retail sales are also better than analysts forecast. a wide range of stores including cost co and the parent company of victoria's secret reported double digit growth last month. most experts predicted sales would be down because of rising gas prices and easter coming in late april this year. that holiday happened in march last year. even stores like target that reported decline in sales say the drop was not as bad as expected. it's the 18th consecutive month that retail sales have grown. new research shows those cravings you get for caffeine could be something you inherited. the study by the national cancer institute noticed two genes more active in people who consumedth most caffeine. both are associated with the break down of caffeine in the liver. more than 90% of u.s. adults drink caffeinated beverages like coffee and soda. a disney cruise ship will
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be making several stops in the bay area later this year. the disney wonder will include san francisco on its itinerary of its seven day cruises from california to mexico. the trips all take place in september and october and fares start at $770 per person. the wonder can carry 2400 passengers. and san francisco businesses are hoping they'll leave a lot of their travel dollars here. and san francisco's herd of bison could double in size. they're descended from a 1984 gift to the city by senator diane feinstein's husband. now he's offering the city another $50,000 to upgrade their paddock near speckles lake. but he wants the herd to grow. assemblywoman has worked a grant that could buy seven more bison for the expanded space. coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, remember those color coded terror alerts? now homeland security is unveiling a new system. and a terror warning could be just a tweet away.
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plus giants back in san francisco for their home opener tomorrow. how the ballpark, city and businesses are rolling out the red carpet for the world series champions and their fans. those stories and more coming up in our next newscast ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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