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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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welcome to a brand new day. it's tuesday april 12. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm maureen naylor in today for pam cook. first look of weather and traffic. for that we turn to rosemary orozco rosemary who is in for steve paulson. a nice pleasant spring-like forecast for you. in the afternoon winds a little breezy between 10 and 15 miles per hour. along the coast to 20. highs this afternoon upper 50s. low and mid even upper 60s in some cases. this morning with the clearing skies we're waking up colder. we'll take a look at current conditions before you get out the door coming up. good morning. right now traffic on the upper deck of the bay bridge looks good if you're driving into san francisco. it's nice and there are no problems reported according to california highway patrol san mateo bridge traffic looks good as well over to 101. it's 5:00. back to the desk. sal, thank you. we're going to begin with overnight news coming from concord. that's where a homicide investigation is underway after a body is found inside of a
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home. ktvu's jade hernandez live in concord now to tell us what the neighbors are saying. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. when we arrived this morning concord police had pulled crime tape around the home in question. this home is located along bedford between belmont and lexington road in concord. we know at the top of this hour this might be a homicide related to a domestic dispute. police are not looking for any suspects this morning, but they did identify a body found inside of a home along the 2300 block of bedford road. after being called to the house last night around 8:30. someone at the home called dispatch for help. concord police at this point won't say how the victim died, whether the victim was man or woman or name or age of the victim. concord police have indicated this is a homicide investigation. more information is expected to be released this afternoon by the department. the department is asking anyone with any information in this case to call the department. we spoke to neighbors this morning as dave mentioned who did not feel comfortable going on camera but told us off
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camera an extended family lived inside the home where the homicide took place. this is the second homicide within two days here in concord. they are unrelated according to the department. several police vehicles are out here right now. and we can tell you that this investigation is not over yet. we'll continue to keep an eye out on the situation and we'll update you. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:01. more details come today about a nevada man suspected of four murders around northern california including in marin. 77-year-old is in the marin county jail booked on suspicion of four counts of murder. he was arrested yesterday after being released from another county jail where he'd been held on unrelated charges. investigators haven't given us many details but they say the homicides occurred in 1977, 1978, 1993 and 1994. at least one of the killings was in marin and it involved a female victim. a news conference is scheduled for 11:00 this morning.
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time is 5:02. this morning homicide detectives in san francisco are investigating the killing of a 16-year-old boy. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us that four teenage boys are already in custody. >> reporter: and, maureen, san francisco police are looking for a fifth teenager who they believe may be somehow involved in this murder. 16-year-old andy's body was found in a home in the 2100 block of casa da avenue in san francisco. police went to the home early sunday morning. the medical examiner determined his death was suspicious. although at this point police won't say what may have led to the murder. they don't have a motive to tell us about and they don't know exactly how he died. police did arrest a 15-year-old boy yesterday on suspicion of murder, attempted arson and conspiracy. the arson charges are because police also found evidence of an incendiary fluid or gasoline being poured near the scene of the murder. another 15-year-old, 17 and 18- year-old boy were also arrested in connection with the death.
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now according to initial police reports the home where the body was found wasn't his home. it was the home of one of the suspects. back out here live we're at the san francisco bayview police substation. we tried to get information from officers here but they are not able to give us anymore information until the public information officers get in. that won't happen until a little later on this morning. meanwhile he was a student at thurgood marshal academic high school here in san francisco. later on this morning we'll be heading to the school to try to get more information there. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:04. we're following a tense situation in san francisco. right now police are getting ready to move in on a group of homeless rights protesters. demonstrators have taken over a vacant building to draw attention to san francisco's housing crisis. police plan to make arrests within the next few hours. one squatter told us he's ready to go to jail. >> we will take on district attorney if he decides to prosecute people for just
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trying to seek shelter. >> police entered the building last night but determined it was not safe to make arrests at that time. the latest plan calls for police to move in a few hours from now, about 9:00 this morning, and we will continue to follow this story all morning long. your time now 5:04. the giants and dodgers play again tonight at at&t park continuing their three game series. the first pitch 7:05. and security will again be very tight. last night san francisco police were everywhere all around the stadium at the first game in the series. it was a response to the attack last month in los angeles against giants fan bryan stow outside dodgers stadium. they dedicated last night's game to stow. and fans contributed to a relief fund set up for the paramedic and his family. >> baseball is america's
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pastime. something like this occurring at a baseball game upsets everybody. it shouldn't happen there. these aren't fans, these are criminals. >> we learned fans contributed $50,000 last night for bryan stow's medical fund. now the dodgers held their own fundraiser for bryan stow bringing in $61,000. people turned out to dodgers stadium in the parking lot yesterday donating money to stow's medical fund. that is the same area where the giants fan suffered that very serious injury last month. the two men who attacked stow are still on the loose this morning. meantime bryan stow's doctors say he has shown no improvement but more tests will be done. it is five after 5:00. congress still has to pass a spending plan that overted a government shut down. now details have been revealed democrats say it cuts too much, republicans say not enough. coming up at 5:15 we'll have a live report from washington d.c. on the biggest cuts of federal agencies in u.s. history. this morning chp is following a new lead in a deadly hit-and-run accident. officers are still looking for the driver of a 2009 toyota corolla who killed a pedestrian
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crossing 280 in daily city early sunday morning. investigators also looking for the car's registered owner 78- year-old george of south san francisco. officers don't think he was responsible for the deadly crash, but he may be able to lead them to the hit-and-run driver. time now 5:06. muni is reviewing security tapes. it's investigating annoys dent that could cost a bus driver his job. today's examiner reports it happened saturday on the 24 line in san francisco. several passengers called to complain after watching the driver scream at a couple who was trying to board the bus with their child in a stroller. they say the driver ordered the family to get off his bus. muni hasn't yet identified that bus driver who'd only been working for the company only about six months. time is 5:07. turn now to sal for a check of how the traffic is at this 5:00 hour. picking up any much? picking up any much. >> did that make sense at 5:07 in the morning. >> i feel the same way.
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having a little trouble speaking right now but traffic is cooperating with us. >> thanks, sal. >> you know i like to give you a bad time because i know you can take it. good morning everyone. traffic is moving along pretty well. see if i can get through without messing up. i don't think so. westbound 80 -- see westbound 8 driving out to the macarthur maze that traffic looks good. no major problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge traffic looks good. off to a nice start in the south bay as we look at a nice picture. i doubt it's going to stay this way. if you want to get on the road early and take advantage of the nice clean start we have now is the time to do it. here's someone who never makes a mistake. hi rosemary. oh, i fall off the truck quite often. thanks a lot, sal. good morning to you. starting with on shore breeze and low clouds in some areas. patchy in nature. partly cloudy skies san francisco as well as oakland. could be a little breezier in the evening hours. but for now we're looking at fairly calm conditions as we start our morning.
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as we move through the afternoon -- not sure why that won't move for me but we're going to see temperatures improve over yesterday and mostly sunny skies. satellite view watch that system move through yesterday bringing plenty of cloud cover but we cleared overnight. because of it we're chillier this morning. temperatures starting low 40z. mid-40s in some cases. hayward with 50. mostly cloudy conditions. but for today we have plenty of sunshine in store. a lot like spring as you walk out the door. so we've got temperatures looking pretty good for today. not going to last too long. we have a new system gulf of alaska come our way. slight chance of showers wednesday primarily north bay areas but we are going to turn partly mostly cloudy. we're going to be cooler and breezy once again. so your afternoon highs looking like this for today 66 expected in and around vallejo. 66 concord. low 60s berkeley, oakland. 62 san raphael. cool spot on this map pacifica looking at 59 for the second half of the afternoon.
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64 mountain view. mid-60s san jose and morgan hill right about 65. temperatures seasonal slightly cool for this time of year but no reason to worry. the weekend looking pretty fabulous. we are in between systems today. that slight chance for rain moving back in tomorrow. tomorrow looks to be the coolest day. 62 in the afternoon. and then we dry and our temperatures warm into the weekend. 68 expected by friday. low 70s for the weekend. mostly sunny skies on saturday and 71 for you. time is 5:10. in japan they've raised the crisis level at the damaged nuclear plant from a5 to a7, the highest level on an international scale. japanese nuclear regulators say they've raised the rating following new assessments of leaks from the plant. the new rating puts the crisis in japan on the same level as the 1986 chernobyl disaster. leaking radiation has contaminated air, tap water, vegetables, milk and sea water.
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tonight there will be a panel discussion on the japanese nuclear crisis here in the bay area in berkeley. it features three scientists from the lawrence berkeley national laboratory. it begins at 7:00 at the david brower center on hallston way. time now 5:10. on capitol hill some democrats and republicans say they're not going to vote for that spending plan that prevented the government shutdown. we'll bring you a live report from washington on what's being cut and what's being spared. it's your last chance for free health care in oakland. when doors are opening to the public today. good morning. right now northbound 280 off to a very nice start getting up into the west valley. tell you more about some areas that are beginning to get a little bit crowded.
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welcome back. your time is 5:13. overnight we learned details of the budget deal that overted a government shutdown. it appears few government agencies and services are being spared. ktvu's allison burn asks live in our washington d.c. newsroom with the break down. allison. >> reporter: that's right. we have the list here and the cuts go on and on and on. totalling nearly $40 billion. it is the biggest reduction for federal agencies in history. let's take a look here at our break down at some of the winners and losers. this one could have a big impact locally as the deal cuts
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$3 billion for high speed rail projects. millions for first responders. and millions for the wick program that provides food subsidies for low income women and children. president obama was able to save his race to the top contest for education and money for head start programs is going up. the centers for medicaid and medicare get more money to implement health reform. and the pentagon budget goes up by about $5 billion. we're going to take a closer look at more of the winners and losers and what this budget deal means for veterans during my next update in about an hour. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. it's a quarter after 5:00. oakland city leaders are mulling over spending cuts as the city faces an even bigger budget shortfall than initially thought. according to the oakland tribune damage estimate now $58 million up from $56 million.
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80% of discretionary spending will reportedly have to be cut. parking enforcement jobs, street sweeping services and senior center hours are all on the line. next month the city council will decide whether to put a partial tax measure before voters. time now 5:15. in other news two american troops killed in afghanistan by friendly fire from a drone aircraft. they were apparently mistaken for insurgents. this may be the first case of u.s. troops killed by a drone. well, in libya new concerns the battle between supporters of moammar gadafi and the rebels who want to kick him out is at a stalemate. about a third of the government troops ground armor has been destroyed by u.s. and nato air strikes. however both sides remain in their fixed positions unable to advance. now the rebels turned down a cease fire proposal by african mediators. they say it didn't insist that moammar gadafi give up power. in new york police have found more remains they believe are the work of a serial killer
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who remains at large. investigators have now located a knife and possibly a tenth body. dozens of officers are now scouring a remote part of long island near where the original eight victims were found. all of the victims have been female. police began searching the area after a 24-year-old prostitute disappeared after she agreed to meet a client she met on craigslist at a long island beach. our time now 5:16. let's get you to where you need to go. sal, how are we looking out there? doing pretty well, dave and maureen, so far we're looking at traffic moving well on many of these highways including 680 southbound son ole grade south to the san jose area no major problems this morning if you are on 580 getting through livermore. also looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge and westbound 92 looks good. dumbarton bridge the same over the peninsula. and if you're driving on the east shore freeway let's say from vallejo to berkeley that traffic is easy at 5:17 let's
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go to rosemary. good morning to you. mostly clear and cooler this morning. santa rosa by four degrees sitting at 40 at the moment. oakland 48. notably cooler in redwood city by 6 degrees at this time. 42 as you head out the door. san jose checking in at 45. hayward not too bad 50 degrees but also waking up with gray skies. a picture from up above. and you can see that system that brought us the clouds now off to the east. and we are looking at mostly clear skies this morning. few patchy clouds out there. we have an on shore breeze blowing not too strong but it's there. and this is the low that continues to, well, bring the energy our way. so we're not going to be completely dry by tomorrow we're looking at possibility of scattered showers in the forecast once again. but it looks to be fairly weak. a little bit more organized than what we saw yesterday. upper 40s, low 50s through the 9:00 hour. so still a cool morning. but by the noontime we begin to catch up. looking at 56 degrees closer to the coast low 60s inland and then for the afternoon mostly sunny skies. a little breezy at times. 59 for areas like pacifica, 60
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expected san francisco. and upper 60s in areas around santa rosa. if you're going to see the giants at&t this evening 7:15 it will be 51 degrees, mostly clear skies and we have the breeze with us. bring along a jacket. it's going to be a little chilly out there. and as we work our way towards the weekend we're looking at some pretty good weather. take a look at this you're extended forecast. another blip on the screen there for wednesday. just a slight chance for a few showers there. we'll cool a bit. we'll be breezy. but by thursday we begin a nice mild warm up into the weekend. friday 68 degrees expected. and your weekend outlook not bad at all. 71 degrees on saturday. low 70s mostly sunny skies on sunday. time is 5:19. everything you need to learn about business you can learn from the beatles. that's according to two authors who wrote a book using the english rock band as the ultimate case study on becoming a multimillion dollar
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franchise. come together the business wisdom of the beatles parallels the beatles rise to fame with lessons lessons on business strategy, taxes and revenue. next planning a book about the rolling stones. show you recap from monday's closing numbers. dow up one slightly. that is dan o dark down slightly along with s&p 500. stock futures pinning to a lower open after japan upgraded nuclear crisis to the highest level also basal koa what's first quarter revenue growth was disappointing yesterday. and, again, the futures for the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 all down today. some airports are hoping to cash in on the biggest plane ever. the new boeing 747 8 has a wingspan eleven feet wider and a body 18 feet longer than the current model. the supersized plane is now attracting cargo companies which would bring more business to airports than passenger planes. now smaller airports are asking the f.a.a. for special approval to receive the plane and the extra revenue. time now 5:20.
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well, today is the last day to get that free medical care in oakland. four day event provided free medical, dental and vision care to anyone willing to wait in line. in just one hour doctors will start seeing patients at the oakland coliseum in this program. the free clinic was organized by the nonprofit group remote area medical. all of the medical professionals are volunteering their time and supplies are donated. >> and hugely popular. >> it really is. time is 20 after 5:00. a battle brewing at the berlin zoo. the controversial plan for the remains of the polar bear and how it sparked protest. also jerry brown spending his 100th day as governor right here in the bay area. what he plans on doing and the hard task some say is still ahead. good morning. right now traffic is moving along pretty nicely on 237 heading up to sunny vale. more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning to you. mild and dry for the afternoon. 62 expected hayward. 63 in san mateo. we're looking at unsettled weather for wednesday. your time is 5:24. some people are calling for a berlin zoo to abandon plans to stuff and display the body of the beloved polar bear. the bear died suddenly last month at the age of 4. he became a household name after
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his mother rejected him at birth and zoo care givers raised him. the zoo plans to have him stuff and had put on display at the natural museum of history. last week dozens of people protested at the zoo calling for him to be buried instead. today city leaders in san francisco will consider a controversial proposal design today protect pets and other animals. it would allow people to track animal abusers online just the same as sex offenders. pet owners would be able to find out where convicted animal abuser live and learn the specifics of their crimes. critics have raised privacy concerns. our time now 5:25. well, today marks governor jerry brown's 100th day in office. he'll spend part of the day right here in the bay area. now the governor will be in millepedes where he'll sign legislation for power companies to get one-third of their energy from renewable resources. he's already signed 13 bills in hopes of reducing california's
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deficit, but the experts say the governor still has a lot of work to do. >> the real test is his ability to convince both parties that the state's fiscal situation requires significant reform in how we tax people and how we spend and what we spend on. >> now the governor's still trying to get temporary taxes extended possibly through a september special election. time is 5:25. mitt romney may be joining the 2012 presidential race. republican announced to supportest he's formed an exploratory committee, first step towards running. in message on facebook and twitter he said america's best days are still ahead. he also added president obama has failed to provide that leadership. romney also ran in 2008 but lost the republican nomination to john mccain. about nine million people now call themselves lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.
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that's according to a recently released study by ucla. this translates to 3.5% of the adult population. a study looked at information collected from nine surveys done over the last seven years. then it averaged results from five of those surveys to estimate the sexual orientation results. time is 5:26. san francisco police are looking for a fifth suspect in the shocking homicide case. the victim and the four suspects in custody are all too young to vote. it is puffing season here at the marine mammal center there are more than 60 pups here for treatment. we're going to tell you what puppy season is. it might not be what you think. also why some legal experts predict the verdict in the barry bonds trial could come down as soon as today. good morning. highway 4 so far so good driving toward concord. we'll tell you more about what area is getting busier right now.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news brand new day tuesday april 12. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm maureen naylor in for pam cook today. we want to get over to rosemary in for steven. saw the moon coming in this morning it was gorgeous but then a few clouds out there too. just a few clouds out there. partly cloudy skies. mostly clear for today. we are colder this morning because of the clearing skies. sunny a little breezy in the afternoon. our temperatures will be warmer
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than yesterday. and by tonight partly cloudy skies returning. those high clouds again -- ahead of the next chance for some rain. we'll take a look at your forecast what you can expect for today and the rest of the week coming up. right now traffic on 80 looks good although it's getting more crowded and we're already beginning to see some stop and go traffic here along the corridor driving from vallejo to berkeley. also the morning commute is going to be okay on interstate 880. it's 5:30. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. this morning homicide detectives in san francisco are investigating the killing of a 16-year-old boy. ktvu's allie rasmus joins us live and tells us that four teenage suspects are already in custody. allie. >> reporter: in san francisco police are looking for a fifth teenager who they say suspect may be also involved in this murder. the 16-year-old's body was found in the home here in san francisco. police went to the home early sunday morning. a medical examiner determined that the boy's death was
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suspicious although at this point police won't tell us what led to the murder. they haven't informed us of any motive or exactly how the young man died. police did arrest a 15-year-old boy on suspicion of murder, attempted arson and conspiracy. the arson charges they say are because police found evidence of gasoline or some other incendiary liquid being poured near the scene of the murder. another 15-year-old boy, 17- year-old and 18-year-old were also arrested in connection with the death. now according to initial police reports, the home where the body was found wasn't his home but the home of one of the suspects'. back out here live we're in front of the san francisco police bayview police station. we went inside a little earlier. officer there is said they couldn't tell me anymore details or information on this case until the public information gone in. we left a message for them also and we should be hearing back from them a little later on this morning. meanwhile he was a sophomore at thurgood marshal academic high school here in san francisco.
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later this morning we'll go by the school to see if we can get more information there. time is 5:32. happening right now in concord police are in the middle of a homicide investigation after finding a body inside a home. here's a live picture from bedford road where the coroner just arrived on the scene. now stay with ktvu, the channel 2 morning news here, you can see they have the area roped off and police still on the scene. coming up at 6:00 we're going to go back to jade hernandez for more on the investigation and what she's learning out there. time now 5:32. oakland police are telling ktvu a man who was shot overnight while sitting in a car has died. police were called to golf links road about 7:30 last night by a man who told them his friend had been shot. the unidentified victim was rushed to highland hospital. that's where he died. police aren't giving us any details right now but our camera crews found evidence of dozens of shots around that car. in a separate incident an oakland man shot by two men who
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broke into his house. this happened about 9:30 last night on parker avenue. the victim was able to crawl to a neighbor's home and the neighbor called police. the victim was shot in the chest. we don't know at this point his condition. in just a couple hours jurors will resume deliberations in barry bonds' perjury trial. some legal experts say the verdict could come by the end of this day. that's using the legal rule of thumb that there's a day of deliberations for every week of a trial. now this is day three of deliberations in the three week trial. however, those same experts say you can never predict what a jury would do. >> this was a two and a half week trial you would expect two and a half days at least three days of deliberations. if they're going to take each count seriously and go through the evidence related to each count separately and the elements, that could take a week. >> now yesterday the jury listened again to the testimony of barry bonds' personal
5:35 am
shopper and childhood friend right there. she testified she saw barry bonds receive an injection from his former trainer, greg anderson. barry bonds is accused of lying under oath when he told a grand jury he never knowingly used steroids. now, we have a special section on the barry bonds trial. it includes court documents and complete details on the steroid scandal. you can find all of that information by going to our channel 2 website at just click on the bonds trial tab. your time is 5:34. the chauncey bailey murder trial continues in oakland this morning. the jury has now heard recordings of several jailhouse phone calls made by bailey's confessed killer. prosecutors say the phone calls help prove that he shot bailey on orders from yusuf bey the 4th. bey is the former leader of the now defunct your black muslim bakery and accused of ordering bailey's death because of the story the journalist was writing about the bailey.
5:36 am
sentencing day for the bar owner convicted of killing his girlfriend. he faces a possible life sentence when he goes before a judge this afternoon. two months ago a jury found him guilty of strangling his girlfriend then setting fire to their palo alto home in 2009. prosecutors say the couple had a long history of domestic violence. time now 5:35. uc berkeley police still out there searching for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman on campus. now here's a sketch the police have released. now, look at it. the man is described as a white man in his 20s about 5'7" with short brown hair and a thin build. he was wearing denim overalls, green sweatshirt and a dark tight fitting cap with a small brim. the attack allegedly happened early friday morning in the grove area of campus. police say they're not sure this assault is linked to another incident that happened about an hour earlier right near the life sciences building. time is 5:36. people in fruit vale neighborhood where a popular
5:37 am
community leader was gunned down say more police are needed. last night in oakland mourners held a vigil for the victim outside the restaurant where he was shot and killed last friday. police call it a robbery attempt. the suspects are described as two men. and police say they were driving either a 2000 gray buick regal or pontiac with 20- inch rims. the family is hoping for justice. [ foreign language ] >> he fed a lot of people. he may even fed the people who did this to him. >> a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction has grown now to more than $32,000. your time now 5:37. this is a very special morning. puppying season is underway. and bay area beach visitors you're being reminded to keep your distance. kraig debro in sales heat right now where dozens of rescued seal pups are being cared for. >> reporter: that's right.
5:38 am
good morning, dave. it's pupping season. they have about 63 marine mammals both elephant seals and sea lions rehabbing here. jim with the marine mammal center. what exactly is pupping season? i first heard it i thought pupping, mating, but that's not it. >> no. these are the young elephant seals and harbor seals that have just been born. they're weaning on california beaches up and down the coast. right now we're asking the public to help us out. if you see a young animal that looks like it's ill or in danger or harmed, give us a call. don't try to rescue it yourself. many times these animals are waiting for mom ultimately. >> reporter: you've had people actually pick them up and take them home and put them in bathtubs is that right? >> yeah. it's really good intentioned people. what we really recommend the best thing to help these animals is give us a call. we'll come out and do the rescue. >> reporter: real quickly what happened to their mom?
5:39 am
did the mom abandon them? get eaten by a predator? how do you know if that's the case? >> that's a great question. many times something happened mom gets spooked by humans or something happens for that mom. so the best thing to do is we'll go out to look at the animal, the pup, and maybe we might even put it on watch for 24 hours. >> reporter: if you take a look at the pups you see the ridges in there. there's a reason for that. the pups are not getting all the nourishment i guess they should be getting and they normally get. we're going to talk a little about that later on in the morning news. reporting live from sausalito channel 2 morning news. i don't know if some of those liked being on camera. let's get right to sal for a check on traffic which should be picking up a bit right now. yeah, it is. we have a new crash reported southbound 680. we have it on the map here. southbound 680 an overturned pickup truck and it's blocking two lanes this crash. they've sent the police and
5:40 am
fire department, the traffic is going to be impacted although it says that everyone is out of the vehicle so that may mean that the injuries are not as serious but we still have a couple of lanes blocked southbound 680 right near personnel. watch for some slow traffic to be developing there soon. let's go out to some live pictures. northbound 880 is looking okay getting up to the coliseum with no major problems. and this morning's drive at the bay bridge toll plaza looks okay coming in to san francisco. 5:39. let's go to rosemary. good morning to you. getting outside perhaps consider a jacket. we're cooler this morning under mostly clear skies. just a few patches of low clouds out there is what we're seeing. we have a gentle breeze blowing in from the west 9 miles per hour in san francisco, 8 in oakland. again, a cool start to the day. 47 right now in areas around san jose. how about livermore this morning? 43 degrees. some of us anywhere from four to six degrees chillier than just yesterday.
5:41 am
oakland 49. 48 in san francisco. and right now areas right around santa rosa checking in about 41. last i checked napa now about 38 degrees. satellite view for you here we are with mostly clear skies. that will be the call for today. plenty of sunshine to the north of us that parent low that continues to bring us unsettled weather will do that once again for tomorrow. but for today we are going to have plenty of sunshine. roll you through the next couple days because as you notice no problems for your tuesday. early wednesday morning clouds return and by 10:00 or 11:00 the front will roll through. not bringing a lot of rain. maybe a tenth of an inch even less than that. north bay will get the best chance once again. for today warmer than yesterday. widespread 60s across the region. 63 expected in fremont. 65 morgan hill. your extended forecast, mostly sunny and mild today. a little soggy tomorrow. a little bit cooler thursday, friday we are dry and mild. and then we're even above normal for this time of year
5:42 am
for the weekend. mostly sunny skies and sitting in the low 70s. all right. time now 5:41. this morning an emergency drill starts in a southern california nuclear plant. very notable difference with this year's event. toyota has some bad news for car dealers. why they say this summer could be a slow one. good morning. if you're driving on highway 4 driving to concord it looks good. there is a new problem though in the east bay. we'll run that down for you.
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good morning to you. a chill in the air this morning. sitting at 46-degrees in concord. chilly start in napa. 36 at this hour. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of
5:45 am
the top stories we're following for you right now at 5:44. we expect to find out more today about this man suspected of four killings around northern california including in marin. 77-year-old joseph naso has been booked into the marin county jail. now authorities have called a news conference for 11:00 this morning to give us more information. right now police are preparing to move in on a group of homeless rights protesters. they've taken over this vacant building in san francisco. they're drawing attention to san francisco's housing crisis. the police may start arresting the demonstrators in the next couple hours. and security expected to be tight again tonight at at&t park. the giants and dodgers continue their three game series. this is all in response to the attack last month against giants fan bryan stow outside of dodgers stadium. last night san francisco police were everywhere at the ballpark. time is 5:45.
5:46 am
japan's nuclear safety agency has raised the severity rating of the crisis at the damaged nuclear plant from a5 to a7 the highest on the international scale. the new 7 rating puts the crisis in japan on the same level of the 1986 chernobyl disaster. leaking radiation has contaminated the air, tap water, vegetables, milk and sea water there. the safety of one of california's nuclear power plants is being questioned this morning. pg&e wants to do more safety studies at diablo canyon. sits within two miles of two faults. asking federal regulators to delay in issuing an extension until they do comprehensive tests of quake risk assessments. time now 5:46. southern california emergency workers will take part today in an emergency drill at the nuclear power plant. the drill is something they've done every two years, but this year plant officials say
5:47 am
there's a lot more interest from the public because of the nuclear disaster in japan of course. sirens will blare as 300 emergency workers from los angeles to san diego simulate how they would respond during a radiation leak. >> we've worked hard at it. we have a plan. we work the plan. i think we're ready to swing into action. >> now the drill starts this morning. it would last through thursday. workers will test emergency shut down procedures. the plant has never had a radiation leak in its 42 year history. in northern california the last sunken ship is out of the water and clean up operations in crescent city are starting to wind down. the coast guard's been cleaning up damage to the crescent city harbor since the tsunami hit last month. the surge of water caused almost $20 million damage. you're looking at video. this was taken after the waves hit. time is 5:47. authorities believe they have caught up with the man behind an explosion outside a santa
5:48 am
monica synagogue. the f.b.i. says they arrested a man thought to be ron near cleveland. they say someone who came in contact with him called police. authorities believe he boarded a new york bound greyhound bus thursday. the same day police say he planted a homemade explosive outside the synagogue. no one was hurt in the blast. all right. time now 5:47. check in with sal to see what's happening on the roads now. sal. right now we have a pretty good look, dave and maureen, right now at what we have going with the commute. the biggest problem would be 680 southbound at burn el avenue. an accident involving an overturned car. traffic slowing a little bit but the person inside the car has been safely removed from the car. not sure if the injuries are major or minor, but they don't seem as bad as they could have been. southbound 680 is slow. also this morning's commute looks okay on highway 4 coming up to the grade. it's already stop and go in antioch on westbound highway 4. and this morning if you are driving to the toll plaza still
5:49 am
easy. 5:48. let's go to rosemary. a good looking day in store for you. high pressure in place for today. mostly sunny skies. slightly warmer. little breezy in the afternoon. maybe a jacket. and that will do you some good. that will be about it. we have scattered showers in the forecast by tomorrow though. don't take today for granted. little cooler and breezier for your wednesday. good news is by the weekend we're shaping up nicely. through the 9:00 hour today upper 40s, low 50s. a chilly start this morning. we showed you those temperatures just a moment ago. we are even looking at 30s and upper 30s in areas around napa and santa rosa. 56 for the coast by lunchtime noontime number looking at 62. and for the afternoon mid to upper 60s in many areas like san jose, morgan hill. 59 closer to the coast. 60 expected around san francisco. take a widespread view here. 66 for concord this afternoon. 63 fremont. 65 san jose. 63 degrees for redwood city. giants playing tonight 7:15. are you headed out there?
5:50 am
bring along that jacket. 51 mostly clear skies but we will have a breeze 15 miles per hour. we're going to turn partly cloudy by the evening hours. and then tomorrow morning we'll be partly to mostly cloudy. out ahead of the next weak system rolling our way. so those clouds and system going to drop back our temperatures to low 60s. but we're all good in time for the weekend. are you seeing these numbers? pretty fabulous there. mostly sunny skies, 71 for your saturday. >> looking great. thank you, rosemary. u.s. business schools are losing their grip on the competition for international students. according to the wall street journal, applications for the fall semester from international students are down 4% from last year. business school deans say the decrease is due to high quality competitors in europe, asia and australia. toyota has a warning for u.s. car dealers this morning. the car company says its supply of new vehicles could be significantly impacted during the summer. they're also outlining supply issues and further protection cuts. toyota says the shortage is
5:51 am
caused by the march 11 earthquake and tsunami in japan that shut down suppliers and slowed output. expected to drop the prize of the kindle e reader. tomorrow the company is scheduled to announce the new kindle will cost $114. this is $25 less than the current lowest price kindle. the company says the trade-off will be more on screen ads. time now 5:50. they were close enough to touch the collision of two planes. why this was scary even though they were on the ground. plus they may not have a job. but some bay area people are saying hire me in a new way.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back. time is 5:53. the f.a.a. has launched an investigation after the wing of one jet clipped the tail of another. it happened at new york's jfk airport yesterday. delta airline says the tail of a plane that just landed was struck by a large air france plane as it was taxiing to runway for takeoff. time now 5:54. two southern california police officers who claim they were ordered to write a certain number of traffic tickets every day, now they're going to share a $2 million award. the los angeles jury decided that the two l.a.p.d. officers were unfairly punished after they complained about ticket quotas. now it's against the law for
5:55 am
california police departments to set quotas. the l.a.p.d. argued it never sets specific numbers for writing tickets. they only set broad goals. also this morning police in vallejo searching for a gunman who wounded another young man during an apparent gunfight. this happened early yesterday afternoon at sacramento and parrot street. the unidentified victim is in a vallejo hospital recovering. police say he's not cooperating with investigators. time is 5:54. some job seekers making a very public effort for their next paycheck. 18 members of an east bayonetworking group each paid $150 to appear on a billboard at four east bay bart stations. the billboards feature their faces along with the website we all need some were hesitant about appearing on such a public message. >> am i going to stand in line at the grocery store and people thinking that's the girl that's unemployed hanging around at bart. i thought why not i'm doing
5:56 am
everything else trying to get a job. >> the billboards have been up for almost two months and will be removed in a week. members say they've generated a lot of interest and few job interviews but so far no job offers. bay area dog owners rally to protest proposed new federal rules. [ indiscernible ] >> this is what happened yesterday. more than 100 people with their dogs right outside san francisco's city hall. the golden gate national recreation area is proposing a plan that would severely limit or even ban altogether off leash areas in chris city field, fort funston and other popular dog walking spots. today the full board of supervisors will consider a resolution opposing leash restrictions in the golden gate national recreation area. time is 5:56. let's turn to sal. he's been monitoring problems in the east bay 60 still having problems? that's right. 680 southbound there's an accident.
5:57 am
we're going to run that down for you. nothing is really changed, but we're trying to get new information. we'll have it for you this next time around. but it's still there in the fast lane. this is a look at 280, 880 at the area from. the traffic is going to be okay as you get up to highway 17. of course we just mentioned that accident southbound 680 but after the crash traffic does move well into the south bay. and it's not all that bad because it's early. this is a look at the westbound bay bridge. same thing goes. the next hour things begin to change. but right now we're off to a nice start. 5:57. let's go back to dave and maureen. all right, sal. a mystery in concord this morning. it's now a homicide investigation. what's happening now after a body was found inside a concord home. we're live on the scene with the latest. and a frightening new description this morning from the japan nuclear disaster and just how bad it really is. a live look at the estuary.
5:58 am
plenty of sunshine. off to a colder start this morning. current conditions coming up.
5:59 am
good morning. i'm jade hernandez. new details about a concord homicide investigation. more on that coming up. also this morning police are accusing this man of four murd


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