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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  April 14, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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how a san jose man who died before the age of 30 affected the lives of dozens of young people. some students in the east bay are not making the grade when it comes to math and science. learn what's being done to change that. fallout came this morning to recent incidents due to air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job. this story ahead on news at
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noon. good afternoon. we begin with the sudden death of a popular young switch coach at fremont high school. craig has spoke within family and friends this morning. he joins us now from the coach's house in san jose. >> reporter: joe martinez lived that the house in east san jose with his sister. on monday, he felt shortness of breath and a payne in his leg before falling down. he was conscious when he called his mother and then called 911. >> they said it was two large blood clots that came up from his legs to his lungs. >> reporter: by the time emts put him on a gurney, 28-year- old joe martinez was losing consciousness. >> i couldn't believe it. i thought he's going to be okay. he appeared to be okay. >> i just keep breaking down every class period. i couldn't tell you what i've done in any class this week.
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you can't concentrate after something like this. >> reporter: martinez coached the girl's water polo team and the boys and girls swim teams. signs about martinez hang on the fences around the pool. martinez was a mentor, friend, and even a demanding coach. >> i would love to hear him yell at me. i owe him like 60 pushups right now. >> reporter: this facebook page started by a good friend and fellow coach has more than 600 hits. in addition to coaching high school, martinez also ran programs for two club teams. that following a career in high school and junior college as a water polo player himself. for ten years, martinez positively influenced young lives before joe died young himself. >> he brought kids up from, you know, little guys all the way up through high school into college. >> reporter: martinez's reputation is growing. his dad says days before he
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died, joe was hired as director of the aquatic club here. reporting live in san jose, craig debro. >> all right. thank you, craig. oakland school district says hundreds of pink slip teachers will keep their jobs afterall. more than 500 preliminary layoff notices were sent out last month, but the district tells the oakland tribune that final layoff notices will not go to any elementary school teachers. however, counselors along with middle and high school teachers are still waiting to learn if they all have jobs next school year. there is some disappointing news about school test scores in the east bay. new at noon, a large group of organizations called the gateway partnership is trying to turn things around. >> reporter: well, if you look at this chart, these are the
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milestones that educators say that students should be hitting with regards to math and science, starting with birth going all the way through college and hitting their career. unfortunately, they say they are not meeting them. right now, gateway partnership is presenting these findings. the group found that test scores in math from 3rd grade through middle school slipped in the east bay last year. they determined race, gender, and socioeconomic background played a role, especially when it came to algebra. >> maybe part of it is that since we have been so successful in the -- our success has become one of those elements that we didn't look close at. >> reporter: these officials say california schools need to bolster their math, science, and engineer programs so students can compete in the high-tech work force when they
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complete college. the group does offer summer programs for schools falling behind in algebra. by closing the educational gap in california, these educators say the nation's gross domestic product would have risen upward of $2 trillion. >> all right. thank you, tara. accused serial killer is due back in court in two weeks to enter a plea. yesterday, the 77-year-old reno photographer made his first appearance in a courtroom. at one point, he looked up, spotted a camera, and covered his face. he's accused of killing four women in northern california dating back to the 1970s. his arrest has drawn national attention because his alleged victims, their names all begin with the same initial. today, lawyers on both sides of the barry bonds' case are already planning their next move. yesterday, a jury in san francisco convicted baseball's home run leader of obstruction
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of justice. but it deadlocked on the three perjury charges. prosecutors say they will decide quickly whether or not to seek a retrial on those charges, and the defense is already planning an appeal. we were hard pressed to find anyone on the giants willing to talk about the bonds' trial verdict. we went to at&t park during last night's giants, dodgers game just hours after the jury's decision. manager bruce bochy said they're focusing on this year's season and not the bonds' case. you can get more coverage on the bonds' verdict any time by going to our website, you can hear comments from attorneys and the jurors. on capitol hill today, the house is set to vote on a spending bill that averted a government shutdown last week. it is the beginning of a budget battle that will soon shift to the 2012 spending plan. looming over it all, the skyrocketing federal deficit. this morning at the white house, president obama repeated the theme from his deficit
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speech yesterday, that wealthy americans should be required to pay higher taxes. >> we can't exempt anybody from these efforts that it's not appropriate for us to ask for sacrifices from everybody except for the 2% of americans who are doing best. >> republicans call that view shortsighted, saying wealthy americans are the ones who create jobs. the official who oversees the nation's air traffic system has submitted his resignation. the departure comes amid a scandal involving several sleeping air traffic controllers. the most recent situation happened at the reno-tahoe airport. the federal aviation administration is meeting privately today with members of a mouse committee to begin a top-to-bottom review. ray lahood has already ordered 27 airports to be staffed with a second controller during overnight shifts. sfo's brand new terminal
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two is now open for business. we were there for the opening celebrations this morning. one passenger told us she is very excited to be one of the first to fly out of the new terminal. >> i think it's beautiful. i'm really excited. i'm excited to be one of the first people flying out. i couldn't believe it. i turned on the news this morning and saw it was opening today. i can't believe we're here. it's really exciting. >> it took three years to remodel the terminal. it includes computer workstations with power outlets, restaurants, and a farmer's market. it will be home to american airlines and virgin atlantic. ahead, the search for a new leader at bart's begins. firefighters keeping an eye on a burning building in the north bay. things are about to change in the bay area weather. mark says you may like it. he'll explain ahead. plus, the people who are swimming in dangerous waters off the san francisco coast and who could benefit from their
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day-long ordeal.
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high gas price are having an unintended but positive effect on ridership on the capital quarter line. it says in march, ridership was
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up 11% reaching just over 148,000. that set a record for the third month in a row. capital quarter officials say an increase in bridge tolls and an improving economy were also factors in the increase. b.a.r.t. begins its search today for a new general manager. dorothy dugger resigned yesterday after negotiating a severance package worth nearly $1 million. a few months ago, a few board members voted to fire her, but that vote was found to be illegal. she was under fire for her handling of b.a.r.t. after the shooting of oscar grant. the rally in july started peacefully but quickly turned violent with protesters vandalizing downtown stores.
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a 33-year-old oakland man and a 23-year-old man were among the deaths that night. they now a v to pay $25,000 each to the owner of a jewelry store. for the next few days, drivers will see traffic disruptions in hercuels. they're working on extending the h.o.v. lane. tomorrow, the eastbound i-80 willow ramp will be closed. the changes are in effect from 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. there's a new police description of the man who broke into a graduate housing apartment at stanford university and sexually assaulted a sleeping woman. investigators say he is a dark skinned man, about 30 years old, 5'6" with a chubby build, wavy black hair, and a rounded nose. that attack occurred saturday night. police believe the attacker got
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into the apartment through an unlocked door. in vallejo at this hour, demolition crews are standing by to tear down an old car dealership that went up in flames. the fire broke out about 24 hours ago at the vacant dealership. the structure was used as a homeless encampment, but the fire department says it's no longer safe to occupy. they must first coordinate with the bay area air quality management district. state fish and game officials must also sign off because there might be migratory birds and bats in and around the building. authorities want to tear it down as soon as possible so homeless people don't try to move back in. >> those buildings, they're structurally unsound. some of the structural metal beams have been removed. there's extensive fire damage in there. there's a lot of garbage, human waste. we have to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. >> homeless people who have
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been squatting in the building remain camped across the street. as for the cause of the fire, investigators believe someone looking for scrap metal sparked the fire with a small torch. japan's emperor got a first- hand look at the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami during his first visit to that area today. he and his wife comforted survivors at two shelters. and there's a new development at fukushima daiichi plant. radiation levels around the plant have dropped enough for authorities to begin searching for bodies in surrounding areas. police are wearing protective suits as they dig through debris. we're up to 1,000 bodies that are believed to be buried. secretary of state hillary clinton is in germany today to assess the progress of the military effort in libya. clinton reasewerred nato that the u.s. will do its part to ensure the success of the international military dam
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pain. she also said the world must increase its support for the libyan opposition. nato's secretary said the organization will continue its libyan campaign as long as necessary. nato continued its air strikes this morning. rebels today also begged nato for more air strikes in the areas where they're battling libyan troops saying they face a massacre from government militia. santa clara county residents could soon see their water bills go up. an almost 60% rate hike is being proposed by the water district. the water district is proposing a 9.4% increase next year. there would be additional increases every year until 2016. the vote on the rate hike is scheduled at the end of the month. and water rating also be going up in san francisco. the san francisco public utilities commission is proposing an increase of at least 47% on water bills.
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that's because it says people are using less water and that has meant lost revenue. san francisco water users are already scheduled to see a 12% rate increase starting in july. the public utilities commission is scheduled to vote on this latest proposal next month. the clouds are beginning to lift across parts of the bay area. here's a live look outside in oakland where we have hazy sunshine. today, we begin our warming trend. in fact, the temperatures over the next two to three days will rebound nicely. we still have some clouds to talk about. right now you can see where the clouds are concentrated. as we head into the afternoon hours, we should have more of a sun-cloud mix. here's the overall forecast for today. we are expecting scattered clouds. tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy. once again, we start out with
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clouds in the morning, becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon. into the weekend, still partly cloudy. as far as current numbers, they're beginning to recover. we have some 50s to report in santa rosa. san francisco, 56. hayward a the 57. high pressure isn't building in, but we have the cloud and showers up to the north. over the next few days, showers are likely, at least light. mainly to the north of the region. a few high clouds will continue to sneak into the bay area. as a result, we're going to hold on to a few high clouds. temperatures warming up over the the next few days. as far as our cloud and rainfall forecast model, we'll put this into motion. you'll notice into friday morning, there's one weak system that could generate a few showers up in mendecino county. by the afternoon hours, skies becoming partly cloudy. once again, another system moves in saturday morning, maybe a better bet of producing
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a few sprinkles in parts of the north bay. only a slight chance. you'll see the main impacts here in the reg. essentially a few high clouds. no major storms. this afternoon, 3:00, upper 50s to the upper 60s. a sun-cloud mix. by 7:00, partly cloudy skies, 53-58. by 10:00 tonight, temperatures dropping back down into the upper 40s. that's after a nice afternoon. you can seep the 60s showing up. still a few scattered clouds out there. san francisco right around 60. san jose tops out at 66. livermore around 63. the winds will pick up. it's that time of year. here is a look ahead. we'll have high clouds for your friday and still some overcast to start out your saturday morning with a slight chance of a sprinkle in the north bay. look like a quiet forecast.
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partly sunny skies sunday. even looking into next week, we have the chance of a few light showers but nothing too major. no strong storms showing up in the long range. >> that's kind of normal for this time of year, isn't it? >> yeah, as far as the cloud cover and off-and-on showers. you get both the elements. this has been so far pretty normal. >> thank you, mark. two hikers and their dogs in napa county are safe today after a dramatic rescue. the chp says the hikers became lost yesterday while hiking just northwest of the lake. fortunately, they app cell phone and were able to call for help. the helicopter landed on a hillside, and the man, woman, and two dogs were plucked to safety. no injuries were reported. a global watchdog organization says a number of pirate attacks at sea has hit a record high in the first part of this year. the international maritime bureau says there have been 142
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attacks so far, 97 have been off the coast of somalia. seven people have been killed in the attacks, including a couple from southern california. right now, six brave swimmers are in the pacific ocean off the san francisco coast. they are swimming the 30 miles to the golden gate bridge. these are in chilly waters often infested with great white sharks. they're not using wet suits. they're expected to finish at 7:00 tonight. their swim will raise money for charity, including the wounded warrior project. just two hours ago a big boat show got underway in oakland. there's a special treat for sailing fans. they get a chance to see the oldest trophy in international sports. the america's cup trophy will be on display throughout the show at jack lemon square. >> it will be on display during
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the day. in the evening, it will move into the waterfront hotel for an evening presentation and reception with some of the key figures from the america's cup organizing committees. >> sailing fans will also learn more about the race, which will be held in the san francisco bay in 2013. sailing show began at 10:00 a.m. this morning and runs until late sunday afternoon. still ahead, another step backward for the nation's jobless rate.
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taking a live look at board on wall street. stocks have turned around. the dow in positive territory. dow's top two percentage gainer, coca-cola and kraft. goldman sachs falling. there was also the concern over the unexpected rise in jobless claims. more on that in a moment. right now, the dow up 25. nasdaq down slightly. well, the labor department says new unemployment claims took an unexpected jump last week. they rose to a seasonally adjusted 400,000. fewer than 400,000 is considered to be steady growth. one reason for the increase might be that new claims tend to rise in the first week of a
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new calendar quarter. the sony corporation is now considering a complete two-week shutdown in japan this summer. the drastic move is designed to save electricity during the peak power periods, especially during the hot summer months. the quake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis have will be caused a huge electricity shortage. well, it's not the real thing, but it's pretty close. a replica of the white house is now up for sale in virginia. the structure is one-fifth the size of the real white house and has many of the features of the original one. the asking price is just under $5 million. the house has been on the market for about a week. the owner says he's already heard from a few possible buyers. plans to convert a vallejo park is drawing opposition from a local native american group. the proposal calls for adding a new, ping lot to the glen cove
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waterfront park sometime late they are year. according to local activists, the site is also the resting place of many native americans. some graves date back 3500 years, and they want the development to stop. coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, nonnative. that's what some plants in san francisco are being called. what's being done about them at 5:00. and the san jose sharks start they playoffs today. they face off with the l.a. kings. why so much attention tonight is being food security. all that and more at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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