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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 18, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: a big mess in brentwood. police are trying to corden off the area as milk spilled in the street. and what doctors are saying now about brian stow. dangerous chemicals force the evacuation of an apartment house on the peninsula. the tragic incident we signed this overnight hazmat scare. >> i hope you'll take a break from either friending or defending each other. >> the president just released a message about what he wants
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you -- wants you to do on facebook this week. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." >> i'm dave clark. >> it's monday, april 18th. >> we're continuing to follow a developing story happening right now in the east bay. a milk truck tripped over on its side in brentwood on brentwood boulevard near spruce. allie rasmus is live. is this traffic affecting traffic? >> reporter: well, some of the streets are closed down. from second to central, they are diverting traffic. brentwood police say it will be another couple of hours before this accident scene is cleaned up. this is the reason why. you can see in the back of the taker, it says idea food
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grade." well -- it says "food grade." that was carrying the milk. police say when he lost control, the truck spilled onto the side and spilled the milk on the street. they've cleaned up a little bit. you can see it's kind of mixed in with some of the hud -- mud. let's show it to you again. now, if we show you on the other side of this tanker trunk you can see some sandbags off in the distance. on the other side of that, there is a reservoir of sorts. they are trying to keep some of this milk from going into this storm sewer system, and that's the stuff that they are worried about that they are gonna have to clean up. brentwood police say they have notified the department of fish and game to oversee some of
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this milk. coordinating that cleanup will take a while. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. we're following overnight from san mateo county. earlier, the hazmat team allowed dozens of residents of an apartment building to go back into their homes. hours earlier the building on regent street was evacuated after police got calls about dangerous chemicals spreading through the contact. investigators found out that an unidentified young man used those chemicals to take his own life. >> the young man did this on his own. >> firefighters and police officers, and paramedics were affected initially. they became dizzy. they were checked out at a nearby hospital and then released.
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there was a medical setback for brian stow over the weekend. he suffered some seizures. last week, the doctors stopped giving him the medication that kept him in a coma hoping he would wake up. he started too have sedurings -- to have seizures. a 16-year-old girl survived after falling or jumping from the golden gate bring. bring-- golden gate bridge. the coast guard said she was conscious and alert when she was rescued. the incident is under investigation. it's getting more difficult for people to climb the golden gate main cables. the first of the new security
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gates have been installed. 7:04. well, president obama will be coming here to the bay area wednesday and thursday and in a new youtube video that just came out this morning. the president invited everyone to participate in the town hall meeting. i. >> i just wanted to take a minute to invite ut you to -- invite you to a meeting that will be live streamed and i will be answering questions from folks across the consistent. >> the president will be raising money for his democratic party. he will appear at a dinner wednesday night where donors will spend about $5,000 a plate. he will -- $35,000 a plate. he will ahere at the masonic auditorium -- appear at the
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masonic auditorium. san francisco's fairmont hotel will not convert to condominiums. the plan to turn the lower portion of the hotel into condos was voted down. the deal for the condos was led by an investment group that included a saudi prince and the as's managing partner, lou wolfe. vallejo wants to build a park on a 15-acre strip of land along glen cove. but activists say the land contains an active burial ground and should not be desecrateed. technology is draining our
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brains, that's according to "the chronicle." the constant tweets, and the smartphones could affect long- term memory and mental performance. scientists suggest shutting off your known at night and cutting down -- your phone at night and cutting down on how often you check your updates. 7:07. we want to check in with sal now. >> for a lot us of us, this computer stuff is necessary for the john. let's go out and take a look at what we have. westbound bay bridge has become much more than it was. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge and there is a short delay at the toll plaza. san mateo bridge, the same thing goes, the traffic on the nimitz freeway driving from
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hayward to fremont has been good. 580 is not doing well. 580 in the livermore valley. we had an earlier crash. 5 0 is going to be slow. if you drive from the altamont pass trying to get to livermore, traffic will be slow and continuing out to dublin because of a crash and because of a cup of stalled vehicles -- of a couple of stalled vehicles. let's go to rosemary. giving you a live look from emeryville to the bay -- to the bay, we have the clouds and a few scattered showers falling but not a whole lot. take a look at the peninsula. the north bay has received light rain from time to time this morning. off to the east for pittsburg, antioch and clayton seeing a
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few light scattereds. we'll -- light scattered showers. we could get more in the way of scattered showers. over the last six hours, you can see northern california seeing a pretty big doze but it leegy -- really begins to fizzle out. if this is your drive, expect this over the passes. 52 degrees in santa rosa as well as san francisco. 5 in hayward. 56 san jose, right about where we were yesterday. maybe a tad warmer with all of the clouds out there. you're going to feel that out as you -- feel that as you get outside. for the afternoon, relatively cool. a light jacket, definitely something to consider. the showers will be spotty in nature. we'll about partly cloudy for most of the day and then partly cloudy tonight. tomorrow will be dry. we have another system
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approaching the coast by wednesday. showers are expected to return by the afternoon. a few sprinkles remaining -- returning on thursday. take a look at the temperatures, we'll cool as we move through wednesday, thursday, friday. and then in time for the weekend, continue with this unsettled pattern and models are suggesting the possibility of maybe a little bit of light rain in time for the easter weekend -- easter weekend. it's a morning we remember the worst natural disaster in bay area history 105 years ago, the great quake and fire. tara moriarty is live downtown. >> reporter: good morning. the crowd is at lefty o'doul's for a survivor's practice. they were here at the corner of market and kearney, the same
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spot that survivors met at 105 years ago. >> 3, 2, 1. [ sirens ] >> reporter: sirens rang out just like they did in april of 1906. the crowd then headed mark the annual guilding of the fire hydrant. the same hydrant use to prevent the mission from going up in flames. >> i do, as a matter of fact and i think about that when i look at our houses. >> reporter: 3,000 people died in the '06 quake.
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a geological expert says there's a 66% chance of another one striking today. the earthquake and tsunami in japan are reminders of that. one man is a viewiver, he's 106 -- survivor of the quake. he's 106. two women are viewivers as well, but they could not -- survivors as well but they could not make it. 7:12. some americans will do anything to get out of paying their taxes. we have the irs's new list of the worst tax scams. and why one congressman is blaming the -- blaming the lack of u.s. jobs on this, the ipad.
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taking a look at the numbers on wall street. right now the dow is down 226, at 12,115. nasdaq also down 54. s&p is down 21. 7:15. today is the deadline to file your taxes. because of a washington, d.c.- observed holiday, the usual april 15th deadline was extended now. you have until midnight tonight to electronically file and some bay area post offices are planning to be open late for
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last-minute filers. at 7:15 -- as you prepare to sign off on our your taxes, the irs is issuing a warning about tax scams. agents will be looking for people hiding income and offshore accounts, filing a phony return on somebody else's name and refusing to file a return on a frivolous excuse like it isn't required you the constitution. >> coming up at 7:06789 we'll tell you about the recent change at the post office that may cause problems for last- minute filers who are failing in their taxes. the work schedules of air traffic chromers are being changed effective this week to keep them from following asleep on the job. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the details about the new rules. allison? >> reporter: dave, the changes are immediate and they are intended to make us all feel a lot safer about flying after
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seven reported incidents already this year of air traffic controllers falling asleep on the jobs and in some cases, pilots having to land without their guidance. for now, the controllers will have nine hours off, instead of eight, and there will be more faa managers cover egg the early-morning and late-morning hours. managers says air -- say air traffic controllers need more childrenning -- training. >> they are professionals but even those people need training. we think it's important to revery -- to revisit that. >> reporter: there are also huge questions about why these changes were not made sooner. the national transportation safety board issued recommendations to reduce
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controller fatigue years ago. back to you. >> thank you, allison. a california air national guard plane made an emergency landing. look underneath it. one land is down. you can see -- 130 military planes circling before safely landing the -- landing at the colorado springs airport. it landed safely. the five crew on board were not hurt. congressman jesse jackson, junior is blaming the ipad for killing american jobs. >> why do you need to go to borders anymore, why do you need to go to barnes & noble? download your newspaper, magazine. >> he also aidlessed the conversation plan to replace textbooks with a hand-hold device. this of you, -- this is in sharp contrast from last month
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when jackson praised the ipod saying it will revolutionize the country. president obama still believes new york city should have been the location to hold the trials of the accused september 11th accusers. president obama says the attack of khalid sheik mohammad and four others could have been handled as part of the regular
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criminal justice system. but after loud protesting by new york city residents and members of residents, they will face tribunals at guantanamo bay prisons. construction at the new world trade center in new york city has been delayed again. that's because a group of investors has delayed a bond sale for construction. they are concerned about the structure of the deal. fierce fighting continues between the two side in misra testimony a, even with the support of nato, rebel forces have been unable to hold the dance of back -- dash of back- and-forthfighting. six people are dead after being hit by a runaway crane in
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japan. it happened while the children were walking to their elementary school going to north tokyo. the 26-year-old crane driver has been arrested. a witness said he was leaping on the steering wheel with his face down when the -- leaning on the steering wheel with his face down when the accident happened. coming up, we'll show you what the new volkswagen beatle is gonna look like.
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at least nine people were killed in baghdad bywide bombers. the twin car bomb explosions happened shortly after 8:00
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local time, just outside the green zone. among the dead are five iraqi soldiers and a parliamentary worker. iraqi officials say the suicide boppers were targeting motorcades for two senior government officials. there's word a bodyguard for one of those officials was among those killed. a san francisco cabdriver is outraged after he spent this past weekend in jail. 46-year-old troy nickelson was locked up from friday to monday after an early-morning drawl with a passengers -- with the passenger. the passenger suffered more serious injuries and was hospitalized but nickelson says the passenger was the one would started the fight over the route that he took aned fight spilled into the street. he's consulting his attorney. well, volkswagen is giving us a first look at the sporty, new volkswagen beatle. they just unveiled it in new
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york. it has yes of a design, it has a different roof. they are hoping to triple their sales over next few years. they are hoping this volkswagen beetle will attract new buyers, especially men. >> interesting. let's check in with sal. i know you know a lot about cars. does that look like the male version of the -- >> it is not my taste but it looks more modern, that's for sure. my wife would look at it. traffic is moving along 237 as you cross 880. s this morning's commute is gonna be -- also, this morning's commute is gonna be light. this is a look at the toll plaza. drive up there will be light. sometimes it's backed up to the overcrossing. you can see it is just not, not
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anyway. hello, rosemary. good morning, we have gray skies outside, low, mid, high level clouds. 53 in oakland. you can see here a little bit of sprinkle activity going on the we're not seeing a lot. in fact, some of this not even its hitting the ground. the south bay -- it's hitting the ground. the south bay is dry at most -- at the moment. we'll continue with the scatters today. our temperatures are gonna be cooler and we could be breezy along the coast as well as the hills. a few spotty showers the second half of the day, 61 oakland, 62 redwood city. the soggy pattern will continue for the week ahead.
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another system very similar arrives on wednesday. cools us back in time for thursday. low 60s on friday, where they are dry mainly. and the possibility of a few sprinkles for the easter weekend. 750-67-8926. breaking news from a hayward hotel -- all right. thank you, rosemary. breaking news from a hayward hotel. he was shot at a san francisco market. this is the tax deadline day. you may be in for a surprise when you mail in your forms.
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breaking news happening right now in hayward. alameda county sheriff deputies are in the middle of a standoff with a man suspected of a carjacking. it's a happening at the budget inn on foothill boulevard near miramar avenue. we've been told the suspect carjacked somebody else before getting in the chase with the police. deputies say he ran into the budget inn and that's where he is right now. kraig debro is on the way.
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we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. you can also get updates at, where we're streaming live right now. police in santa cruz are looking for two men who they say tried to kidnap a 16-year- old girl. this happened near barry and grant streets last thursday afternoon. police say the suspects were parked in a rust-colored 1980s sedan, one of them yelled for the girl to get in the car. when she refused, the other one got out of the car and started walking towards her the youngly day -- lady -- her. the young lady ran away. police say moore shot a 22- year-old oakland man several times late knight in the parking lot of the chili's restaurant at bayfair ma. that victim is in critical condition. police say moore shot the man because he was angry he was wis
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-- he was with his ex- girlfriend. police later arrested both of then at moore's apartment in oakland. this morning police are searching for the gunman in a deadly shooting inside a san jose home. it happened early yesterday morning on capitol avenue. investigators say a woman called -- called police saying a gunman burst into her home and shot her present. the 25-year-old man was later pronounced dead on the scene. this was the 14th homicide of the year. police say michael walton was asked to leave a party yesterday morning because ears say he was too drunk. witnesses say he got angry, pulled out a gun and started
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shooting. on thursday, dawn wilson and her dog, shadow, were attacked by two other dogs at the park. wilson suffered bites on her hands and face. her dog had to be put down. one of the other dogs was a tan pit bull. if the dogs are found, they could be euthanized. michael staffford says february shook -- the february shooting at fled's -- february shooting at fred's market, the situation quickly escalate. it ended with the man shooting staffford in the back. wazwall has pled not guilty.
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north carolina's governor says she's never seen anything like the destruction caused by a storm system that killed athlete 45 people across six state -- at least 45 people across six states. >> i saw the twister coming. i said to my wife,ly the bathroom. as soon as we did 245 -- as soon as we did that, boom!
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according to "the san jose paper paper" pg&e must turn over records. the california public utilities launched an investigation after the san bruno explosion. pg&e is working to provide maps containing detailed pipeline investigation. mats released after the san bruno explosion only gave the location a pipelines of the pipes and valves. pg&e is reportedly in the pro selves digitizing pipeline maps that will include detailed information. as we've been telling you all morning, today is the
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deadline to file your texas -- taxes. if you do plan on mailing your return be prepared to pay more. the post office says bigger envelopes containing more than four pieces of paper will cost an extra 20 cents for each additional ounce. a new parking pilot program launches in san francisco this week. six districts, 6 parking meters and 19 municipal garages will be start of -- will be part of a stu kid. sensors will track in realtime where park something available. the data is uploaded to sign and smartphone applications.
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the toll plaza is backed up -- it's backed up for a little bit of a delay. i would say that's a five- minute delay here at the toll plaza. it's much better than it normally is. and rosemary has been telling you about some wet roads and it looks like they've dried off a little bit. that's helping us for the morning commute here. there is a little bit of a backup building now as we're getting into the peak of the commute -- westbound 580. they are having a bad morning here. we had an earlier crash. it wasn't a major crash but it did cause big traffic delays.
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here's rosemary. >> just a few scattered showers hitting the ground. some of this not even hitting. it's doing what we call a verga we've got light winds coming in from west san francisco, a -- the temperatures are lower than yesterday. a would be a good idea for kids hitting the school. maybe pick up a few scattered showers around antioch, pittsburg. our temperatures will be anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler over the course of the afternoon. yesterday, we continue to watch that little best of -- that little bit of ridge that was
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left here. you can see it's been squashed. not a lot of pink over our area, meaning not a lot of energy with the system. we have moisture up above. your forecast here will be doing down to 6,000 feet in the afternoon. but the rest of us, a lot of clouds and perhaps a few light scattered showers in the forecast. the north bay going to get the better shot of this. mostly cloudy skies still around sunset. forecast highs for today, a little bit below average. 63 pleasanton, 63, san jose. and 3 connected in -- expect -- 63 expected in san francisco. your exand tended forecast, we've got partly cloudy skies. a slightly warmer day for tomorrow but then the rain is
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back on wednesday, leaving a few scattered showers in time for thursday. partly cloudy skies even the wint -- possibility of a few showers on easter sunday and temperatures will be below average as we. the death -- of a former bearable prayer -- player is under investigation. >> police say he shot and hit his head saturday night. he recent slip graduated from the university with the economics degree. some bay area athletes are being closely monitored by new technology. the university of san francisco basketball team has invested over $so,000 in heart monitor equipment. each player wears a strap.
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>> what we're doing is for the benefit. we're trying to prolong the longevity of their careers. keep them healthy and safe. >> according to a study by the university of about 15 teams in the nation are kurtly -- currently using this software. more states are joining the club, paying $4 for gas. plus why saudi arabia has no plans to boost oil production in an effort to bring those prices down. we'll go live to one down in north carolina that's been devastated by one of the torandoes to hit the southeast and claim dozens of lives.
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stocks taking a big hit. the main reason, s&p 500 cut its outlook object u.s. sovereign debt saying there's a one in three chance it will downrate the debt in the next few years. and builder outlook false ahead of the season and citi's income falls 32% as underwriting falls of the dow is down 212. oil is just a tick below $107 a barrel. speaking of oil, the national average for a gallon of gas is up to $3..83. in san francisco, triple say
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reports it's $4.25. we have more company in the group of states with an average above $4. besides california, hawaii, new york, illinois, alaska and connecticut are in that group. the saab oil minister has no plans to boost oil production in an of you art to bring those prices down for us at the pump. he said the global market is oversupplied. saudi arabia is considered the head of the opec. in the southeast, an epic storm system has killed more than 40 people across six states and caused a tremendous amount of damage. our reporter is live from north carolina's bertie county and i know it's one of the hardest- hit areas. katherine, good morning. what's going on there today? >> reporter: good morning to you. yes. 11 confirmed fatalities in this
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small county. bertie county north carolina that accounts for more than the fatalities in the entire state. yeah, power outages, schools are city close. but residents are trying to pick up the pieces today their broken lives. >> reporter: there are -- there are now more than 40 people reported dead. the storms destroyed trees, uprooted trees, tossed cars and trucks and killed people across six different states fromom to -- from oklahoma to virginia. north carolina was particularly hard hit, at least 22 people were killed there. yesterday, the governor toured the damaged counties. >> i've seen a lot of damage over the years. but this is the most catastrophic i've seen. the destruction is massive. i've been in six counties.
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we'll do more tomorrow. we have 23 counties. >> reporter: cleanup crews will have their work cut out for them today as they help the displaced and restore power to hundred of thousands of people estimates will continue as officials are trying to put a financial number that we see in bertie county but in the other six states affected by the storm. back to you now. it is 7:47. in san francisco a coalition of city-employed unions is offering a pension and healthcare proposal that would save the city millions of dollars. the plan would raise the retirement age for new hires, increase employee retirement and healthcare contributions and place a cap on pension payoffs. it's similar to one ed lee
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introduced a year ago. today a dismantling project begins at a bay area landmark. the project will begin at the south end and move north. the walls contain pcb. they are set to review potential contracts this week. other contaminated material was removed from inside the billing last week. 7:48. today is tax day some companies are offering perks to help you get through it. cinnabon is offering customers two free cinnabon bites. p.f. chang cain's is giving customers a 15% discount. participating office depot store will allow you to make any copies of tax documents for flee. and if you need to work off the stress today, ballies is
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offering free workouts. the irs reports 3.8 million people filed returns using tax i.d. numbers last year. that number is expected to be even higher next year. and several post offices will have extended hours tonight to help out any last- minute tax filers. we've got a list of them on our channel 2 website. just go to, scroll down to the right now section. 7:49. is a -- a 6-year-old steals his mother's minivan and crashes into several mailboxes. and you -- and you think you can tell the difference between a cheap glass of wine and an expensive one? we'll tell you the results of a study.
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japan a nuclear safety agency sent two robots into reactor buildings of the damaged nuclear plant to test radiation levels. the robots recorded high levels of radiation inside the building but the agency says not too high for humans to work in. the levels indicate that workers trying to restore the plant systems will be able to stay in the reactor buildings for short periods of time. 7:52. ticket scalpers are reportedly making a profit off the popularity of yosemite national park. park officials tell the "sacramento bee" that permits and campsites are being told by scalpers online. yosemite officials say avoid the ticket scalpers, just check the park's recreation center
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for cancellations. a 6-year-old stole his mother's minivan and crashed into a truck head on. he was not hurt. he said he was hungry. he went to get some food yesterday morning. on his drive he crashed into several mailboxes and crashed into the truck. the woman driving the truck suffered mineor injuries. again, the 6-year-old boy was not hurt. 7:53. the wine industry is pouncing on a british sigh doll gist who is saying this morning that people can't tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine. psychologist did a blind tate test at a science festival. her than 500 people were studied. the study showed only half of them could tell the difference. he says that's about the same as guessing. but british wine experts say his survey was flawed in large mart because the wine was served in thimble-sized glasses. the boston marathon is
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underway. yesterday, the runners load the up on pasta and salad in preparation for the race. nearly 27,000 people from 90 countries are running the marathon. the temperatures there are in the upper 40s. a marin county runner is running all the way across the country. he's been running from california to new york city. he ran in february. sew far we've -- he's ran more than 2100 miles. he's in indiana trying to encourage kids to get active. >> you can track his progress online. we've posted a link to under web links. >> great sorry -- great story to follow. we're following sal. i want to know what's happening on the roads now. good morning, dave and torpry. things are a little bit lighter than usual. some people have spring break this week and others will have
7:55 am
it next week. let's take a look at the bay bridge. it looks like some people have some time off. westbound, there's some some delay at the toll plaza. 237 looks a little -- looks a little more crossing. if you are driving on the nimitz freeway southbound, traffic there is busy in hayward as you approach 92 and heading down to freemont it will be -- fremont it will be okay. we have pretty good-looking traffic on the peninsula except for highway 92. heading down the hill from interstate 80. let's go to rosemary. >> good morning to you. while we're watching plenty it -- plenty of cover, it's been hard to find rain out there. we even got a little bit of a
7:56 am
bright sky. take a look at storm track. for the last few years we've watched showers move from northern california all the the way down to the peninsula. for the most part we've not seeing a whole lot. san leandro, some of this may be hitting the ground -- ground. we continue to see showers for the afternoon. san rafael may be sighing light rain as well. and off toot east, concord, clayton, mostly cloudy skies. our temperatures within about a few degrees of what we -- of what we saw yesterday. let me stop the radar here. right now it's sitting in the mid-50s right along concord. san francisco, oakland, 54. the winds have been generally right around -- generally light
7:57 am
around the area. and westerly in san francisco. so far today, plenty of cloud cover on and off showers. the temperatures will be cooler by 5 to 10 degrees or -- or so. our snooze just arrived -- our news crew just arrived at this hotel. >> reporter: an unusual accident in the bay as crews try to pick up spilled milk -- milk. also, information on an overnight hazmat scare on the peninsula.
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's monday, april 18th. an east bay road remains partially closed right now after a tankser truck carrying 6,000 gallons of milk tipped over on its side. it happened earlier this morning in brentwood on brentwood boulevard near spruce. allie rasmus joins us live where cleanup efforts are still
8:00 am
underway. it looks like a lot of activity out there. >> reporter: it is. one lane of brentwood boulevard between second and central is still cut down to traffic. one lane is -- one lane is going. this is all because of an accident that happened around 5:00 this morning. a tanker truck flipped over on the side. the tanker truck is now gone. you can still see some of the mess it left behind when the accident happened. you are looking at a giant puddle of milk there. this is the parking lot right where the truck flipped over the when the truck flipped over the milk started to spill out. now, when this happened. it happened around 5:00 this morning. the driver wasn't injured. no other vehicles were involved in the accident. but when we talked to the driver, he explained he's not sure exactly what happened. he just says he lost control of the truck as he was trying to navigate a curve in the road.
8:01 am
>> i don't know what happened. i had the brakes on. i don't know if the milk shifted. the next thing i knew i was on my side. >> >> reporter: and now the focus is on cleaning up the mess. you can see the milk in the gutter. they put sand on the spill. milk is not a hazardous equipment but the way they explained it, the milk gets in the stream, if it does, it can affect wildlife. the cleanup is gone continue, police say for at least the next hour. there is still an active seen out -- one lane of traffic westbound on brentwood boulevard is still shut counsel -- is still shut down. 8:01. we have new information on overnight news from redwood
8:02 am
city. it involves the young person at the center of the dense ent -- of the incident. early morning, the county hazmat team announced dozens of residents back in their homes. hours earlier it was evacuated after emergency officials received calls about chemicals spreading flew the dah dah -- spreading through the complex. >> the young man did it on his own. >> we just learned that young man is actually a 15-year-old boy. several paramedics, firefighters and police became dizzy at the scene the they were checked out at a nearby hospital and released. a medical setback for injured giants' fan brian stow. last week the doctors stopped giving him the drugs to keep
8:03 am
him in a medically-indiced you coma with the hope that he would wake you. doctors say they will moon -- monitor the paramedic for the next in few days to see if they can try to reduce his medication. the coast guard is saying a 16-year-old girl survived after either falling or jumping off the golden gate bridge. it happened just yesterday at 11:00. she was in the water for 20 minutes but the coast guard said she was conscious and responsive when they -- when theres kyed her she was taken to the hospital. no word on condition. that entire -- four new security gates have been installed on the bridge's west side. all will have steel branches to keep people from slipping by. san jose's police chief have picked the community's
8:04 am
loudest critics to be on a new advisory board. now, according to "san jose mercury" news, some of the group -- some have accused some them of aggressive tactics. the police said he wanted to give a choice to people who felt unheard. president obama will come here to the bay area on wednesday and thursday in a youtube video that was just released. the president invited people to participate in his town hall meeting. i just wanted to take a minute to invite you to a town hall meeting that i'm holding this wednesday april 20th at took's headquarters. it will be live streamed and i will answer questions from folks across the country. >> the president will also raise money for his 2012
8:05 am
presidential campaign. he will appeal at a dinner where some will spend $35,000 a plate. he will be at the masonic auditorium. 8:04. it's official san francisco's fairmont hotel will not include condos -- cork done -- condos. the plan to convert the lower part of the hotel into condos was voted down. deal for the condos was lead by an investment group that included a saudi arabia prince and the as managing parer in, lew wolff -- partner, lew wolff.
8:06 am
technology is draining our brains. that's according to an article in the san francisco chronicle. it says a stud by ucsf says the constant bombardment of e- mails, tweets, texts and pictures just is not good for our brains. distractions can affect long- term memory and mental perform answer. scientists suggest shutting o your phone at night and limiting the number of times per day that you check for updates. >> it takes discipline. >> right. >> clerking in with sal. you have the discipline. >> oh, yeah. on my twitter -- twitter, under
8:07 am
my name. and -- you and i could lose our brains together. how's that? that's appealing. today, it's been busy here at the 880 crossing. it's spring break week for some. you might esome -- see some lighter than usual conditions especially as we get closer to the end of the week and closer to the easter holiday. westbound 92, san mateo bridge that traffic is moderate heading out to the high rise and then over to highway 101- 6789. we have a had some showers and that -- we've had some showers and that may continue. let's go to rosemary. good morning. the bridge, you can see we have plenty of cloud cover. low clouds as well as mid clouds. moisture embedded in the clouds. but a lot of it not necessarily sitting -- hitting the --
8:08 am
hitting the ground. most of us, mostly cloudy and i want to give you a wide view of the state here where you can see just how scattered in nature this is and how weak the system is. with that being said, we need to leave in the possibility of spotty showers for the afternoon. your regional radar showing you the at some point we had quite a bit of moisture over the sierra. yeah, northern california. it's really fizzled out over the last few hours. gray skies will be with us through the afternoon, the possibility of light rain here and there, the farther south you go, the less likely. 54 right now in oakland. mid-50s. mountain view. our temperatures are relatively mild. even a tad warmer in some cases than yesterday. we have gray skies.
8:09 am
it will feel cool out there. take a look at what we're expecting. 62 concord, 61 hayward, 2 for santa rosa. upper 50s along the coastline. we're dry tomorrow. we're wet on wednesday. thursday morning possibility. thursday it will be chilly. friday into saturday we're continuing, partly mostly cloudy and the weekend, the big bunny weekend could be a little rain. light scattered showers in the forecast. we'll continue to track that. we are still a little bit of ways out out but that's what it is looking like at this point. 105 years ago today a catastrophic earthquake and fire destroyed much of san francisco. >> 3, 2, 1! [ sirens ]
8:10 am
>> those sirens sounded at 5:12 a.m. at the fountain. that's the exact time the 1906 earthquake rocked san francisco. hundred were out there for the annual ceremony marking the worst disaster in bay area history. >> i think we all know living here and -- that the -- that the next one is just around the corner and i this ink what's happening in japan brings it closer for us. 8:10 we have an update to the breaking news in hayward. alameda county sheriff deputies just wrapped up a standoff with a carjacking suspect. it happened at the budget in on foothill boulevard. kraig doe bro joins us live with the one request from the suspect before he turned himself in. craig? -- kraig is. >> >> it turned out to be a simple
8:11 am
request which was completed and then the guy surrendered peacefully. according to the sheriff's deputy we spoke with -- we spoke with, the sheriff was reviewing the boulevard andance license plate scanned came back as a car that was stolen during a carjacking. the officer -- the deputy tried to pull over the guy in the car. he didn't stop. he said he ran or rather drove his vehicle, the stolen vehicle into the budget inn parking in hayward and ran into one of the rooms. the sheriff deputies say the reason he came here is because he had a female acquaintance waiting here in the room. after the sheriff deputy got negotiators in here, man surrendered. he said he wanted to do one
8:12 am
thing before he gave up. >> one of our patrol units spoke with him on the telephone. he said he just wanted to talk to his mom first. he apparently called his mother and then he ultimately came out almost three hours later. >> the stolen vehicle appeared to be a silver suv. i talked with the sheriff deputies say they nothing was stole. once of the reasons they had the s.w.a.t. here is because they had reason too believe he had a -- to believe he had a shot gun. he was taken into custody. he was patrol but they did not say what -- parole but they did not say for what. a wakeup call from the faa. new rules that start this week are aimed at keeping air traffic chromers from falling asleep on the job. an idaho miner remains trapped in the ground after
8:13 am
being trapped on friday. and union leaders say a new san francisco law is causing problems. we'll find out what is going on with that.
8:14 am
8:15 am
welcome back. live from alameda where we're sitting in the low 50s at this hour. today remote-controlled digging machines will allow rescuers in idaho to get closer to a miner trapped underground
8:16 am
since late friday. 5-year-old larry merric is more than 6,000 feet below the surface. he was trapped after the silver mine in mullin collapsed. crews have dug through 3700 feet of the mine so far. his condition is unknown. nobody has had contact with him. there's good news from some of the country's top economists. a poll says the economy is gaining strength. this is despite political unrest across the world after last month's tsunami and earthquake in japan. the do you is down 228 points. but still about 94% of the economists pooed say the economy should grow by at least 2% this year. the author of "three cups of tea" is dedon't -- is
8:17 am
defending himself where people are saying hiss book is more fick shan than fact. the show raised some questions about the finances of the central asia inter-- institute. that's a nonprofit agency that he cofound. in a letter to his supporters, more tonson says he stands by the information conveyed in his book. the faa is scrambling to enact new rules for air traffic controllers after some scary cases of controllers falling asleep on the job. allison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom. the question is what took so long? >> reporter: in some of the most scary cases, pilots, including one on a medical flight, had to go it alone and land outa -- without a controller leading him in. the new rules announced
8:18 am
yesterday, require that controllers now have a minimum of nine hours off between shifts instead of eight. there are new reports on shopping shifts. there are also huge questions about why these changes were not made sooner. the national transportation safety board issued -- the national transportation safety board issued orders to control fatigue back in 2007. >> i -- i was not the secretary back then. i'm the secretary today. as soon as i learned about it, these workers were terminated. >> reporter: reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. a california -- a california airplane made a landing.
8:19 am
the military aircraft circled for an hour and a half to burn off fuel before landing safely at the colorado springs air base. the five crew members on board were not hurt. congressman jesse jackson junior says the ipad is killing american jobs. >> why do you need to go to borders anymore? why do you need to go to barnes & noble? downroad your newspaper newspapers and magazine. >> congressman jackson also acrossed -- also addressed the university planning to replace textbooks with the ipod. he says this will do allow -- do away with pub rushing -- publishing charge. there are reports that the
8:20 am
new rule for hiring have prompted some people to lie about where they live. some people are using relatives addresses for proof of being on the job in the city. 8:20, president obama still believes new york city should have been the location to hold the trial accused of -- of the auctioned september 11th conspiracies. police say khalid sheik mohammad and four others could have been handled as part of the regular criminal justice system. after protestifies, the accused will now face military tribunals atwa bay prison where they are being held. and construction at the new world trade center in new york city has been delayed again.
8:21 am
that's because a group of investors has delayed a bond sale for the construction over concerns about the deal's structure. >> there have been several -- several delays in the construction project in the nearly ten years since the september 11th attacks. in libya, the stalemate continues between the forces and fierce fighting continues -- continues in the city of misra misrato. another tragedy in japan. six children are dead after being hit by a runaway crane. it happened while the children were walking to their elementary school in a small city north of tokyo. you can see the train. police say the train plowed into the children on a sidewalk before crashing into a house the 26-year-old crane operator
8:22 am
was arrested. they say he was lying on the steering with -- steering wheel with his face down on. the world's biggest restaurant chain makes a big announce. good morning if you are driving in the east bay, you are getting a little bit of slow traffic. take a look at this and some of the other slow spot the -- coming up.
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8:25 am
this week marks one year since the bp oil spill in the -- and firsts say things -- and scientists say things are almost back to normal. they still say there's major concerns such as the mysterious deaths of hundred of young dolphins and turtles. some strangely stained crabs and even some dead patches on the sea floor. it's 8:25. volkswagen is giving us a first look at the sporty new volkswagen beetle. they unveiled it just a few hours ago in new york. it has a less design with a flatter roof, narrower windows and a sharp crease along the side. they want to triple the u.s. car steals other -- car sales
8:26 am
over next new year's and hope this appeals to more ply buyers. i'm curious if they still have a vase on the dashboard to put a flower in. starting today, the subway sandwich change is cutting back on salt, by 28%. they will cut 28% from the sandwiches already on the menu. let's check in with sal and see how the commute is going. sal? >> tori did you say "vase"? >> yes, "vase." >> i say vase, you say vase. this is spring break week. westbound bay bridge traffic is looking good. don't get me wrong.
8:27 am
8:26. let's go to rosemary. >> good morning to you. waking up with plenty of cloud cover overhead. the good news is we're not seeing a lot of rain with the weak system that's over the course of the day. this morning, we haven't really seen a whole lot. can't even pick up an accumulation of anything over the north bay. we have had scattered showers and you can see the stormtracker just showing us a few scattered showers over the peninsula and into weekend. maybe the bay bridge dealing with just a little bit here. a lot this has been ver gay meaning we see it on the radar. we don't necessarily see hitting the ground. temperatures will be cool for the afternoon today. 5 to 10 degrees wool -- cooler than the week. this morning we're's -- we're very similar. your lunchtime numbers looking
8:28 am
mid-50s for the low. partly to mostly cloudy skies at:00 in the afternoon, 57 pacifica. 5 san francisco. 60s inland with the gray skies continuing and the possibility of scattered showers. tomorrow we'll be dry. scattered showers back in the forecast. in fact, this unsettled pattern is going to last into the week -- into the weekend. thursday and friday look mainly dry. -- why a 14-year-old girl was airlifted out of a park after a scary encounter with one of the park's residents.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
we're still following a developing story in hayward. it was a standoff with a man. this happened at the budget inn on hayward boulevard. kraig debro is out there right now and knows what led to the standoff in the first place. >> reporter: dave, the hayward s.w.a.t. wagon just pulled out of the entrance of the motel here. it's the budget inn motel. there's still a couple of deputies here this morning just clearing the scene. this all started around 5:00 atm this morning. alameda county deputies -- 5:00
8:32 am
a.m. this morning. alameda county deputies say the suspect refused to pull over his vehicle and the short chase ended here. the suspect got out of the car and ran into a room occupied by a female acquaintance of his. the deputy used a rare piece of technology to catch the suspect. >> wewe have a license plate reader that are possiblebly wanted -- possibly wanted and the carjacking suspect was -- went on the alert. >> reporter: the deputies did not take the female acquaintance into custody. sheriff's deputy says they used
8:33 am
the pip system. they say this technology is very expensive and they can't use it for every car but for this one they did. a 14-year-old girl had to be airlifted after to a hospital after being bit -- to a hospital after being bit by a snake. a helicopter -- a helicopter took the girl to the hospital just in case the snake was venomous. we just received this sketch of one of the suspects. the kidnapping attempt happened near barry and grand streets late thursday afternoon. police say the suspects were parked in a rust-colored 19 0s sedan. one of them yelled for the girl to get inside the car. when she refused a man matching this sketch got out and ran
8:34 am
towards her. the girl ran off and the two suspects drove away. police searching for a gunman in a deadly shooting inside of a san jose hoe -- san jose home. it happened on capital avenue yesterday afternoon. police sa a gunman burned into her home and shot her friend. that killing was san jose's 14th homicide of the year. police in system vasted -- police in sacramento arrested a man at a house party killing one person and injuring three others. they say michael walton was asked to leave the party yesterday morning because others said he was too drunk. witnesses say he became angry, pulled out a gan and -- pulled out a gun and started shooting. san jose animal control officials have not had any luck finding the two dogs believed sob responsible for a vicious attack. on thursday, dawn wilson and
8:35 am
her dog were attack by two other dogs. at a park. wilson suffered bites to her hand and face and her dog had to be tut -- put down. she said one of the dogs in the attack was a tan pit bull. if fund, the dogs could be use euthanized. michael staffford said the february shooting at fred's new light market on haight street left him personally disabled. they took -- they kicked the dog and he got offended. it ended with the shooting. time now, 8:35. to the leftsa southeast a willer -- killer storm system has killed three people in
8:36 am
three day and caused a lot of damage. homes miss ray asking uprooted tree -- homes and were uprooted. that he received reports of 200 tornadoes over the past few days. north carolina was particularly hard hit. at least 21 people there were killed. >> i've seen a lot of damage in north carolina over the years, but this is the most catastrophic i've ever seen. the destruction is nasive. >> today, people are still cleaning up in the area. president obama has pledged his support in the recovery effort. pg&e faces a key deadline today that could lead to more fines. state regulators want to hear by the utility today about its it's -- about it's recordkeeping practices. according to the paper, it's
8:37 am
part a broader ongoing investigation as to whether pg&e is missing record, breaks the law, an investigation was lunched after the superexplosion -- after the sub -- after the san bruno location. their documents did not contain the pipe information. 8:37. as we've been telling you all morning, today is the deadline for file your taxes. if you plan --ed on mailing your tax rush, be prepared you may have to pay a little more. the post office says larger envelopes containing more than four pieces paper will cost an
8:38 am
extra 20 cens for each additional ounce. it -- if you are getting a refund, you might be tenthed to by structure of -- to buy sur of -- to buyer yourself something that you -- to by something for yourself. let's check in with sal, for an update on the commute. you said it's a little bit lighter than norm. >> that's right. at the end of this week -- this week or next week, people have their spring break. what it does, is it makes it much lighter for people who are just driving to work, for example, at the bay bridge. it's lighter than unusual. at the end of the week, it's guide friday and the markets are closed. we do see a shift in traffic this week and next.
8:39 am
it looks like regular stop-and- go track here. on the peninsula it's on highway 29 between upper sky skyline. there is a brand-new accident on ralston that happened up -- popped up but that's already on the shoulder. let's go to rosemary. you can see we do -- we do have a lot of gray out there -- gray out there the let's take a look at the system. this will shift east. soy maybe a few scattered showers out of that. so far we've been tough to find any type of rain -- any type of rain hitting the ground. oakland, san leandro, pittsburg, to antioch maybe
8:40 am
into clayton, a few showers. notice how weak the system is. realliy, those showers. take a look at what's going on in bakersfield. we're looking at clouds. we will remain clowndy. here's the satellite view for you. that last bit of ridge being crushed and pushed off to the east. we're dealing with this onshore flow and the westerly flow. we'll continue it for the weekend ahead. 52 degrees santa rosa, 55 in oakland. 5 san jose and redwood city checking checking in right about mid-50s for the afternoon we'll be cooler than jade yesterday. your extended forecast -- we'll be a little wet today,
8:41 am
dry tomorrow. temperatures attempt to rebound. scattered showers back at the forecast come thursday morning. maybe a few lingering showers. take a look at thursday afternoon, it will be a cool day. the weekend partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures hoverer -- hovering around the 60-degree mark. we're still aways out. we'll fine-tune it as we get closer. but that's what we're looking at. sad news involving a baseball player from northern california. a weekend tragedy. and the silicon valley, why 2010 had probably go down in the record books.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
not a good start for the trading week on wall street. a shortened week also. stocks down significantly after the dow -- after rather the standard & poor's warned it might lower its rating on the because of the mounting debt
8:45 am
and right now, the dow is currently down 208, at 12,132. nasdaq is down 50. s&p is down 21. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. earlier this morning, the san mateo county hazmat team allowed some residents to go back in their residence. hours earlier this building was evacuated after they got calls of dangerous chemicals in the on -- complex. earlier, officials found out a young man used those chemicals to take his life. a tanker truck carrying milk tipped over and the highway remains shut down. this happened around 5:00 this morning. the accident caused a big mess and work crews are busy cleaning up thousands of
8:46 am
gallons of spilled milk. if you waited until the last minute to do the taxes, today is the day. tax day is normally april 15th but because of a holiday in washington, it was pushed back to today. california also extended its deadline to help try to avoid confusion. 8:45. there's plenty of free stuff to make life a little easier on this tax deadline day. tom vacar joins us live from san francisco with a look at what's being involver -- offered and also the polls showing what most people plan on spending their tax refund on. >> reporter: take a look here. office debo is offering up to 25 free pages -- free copying of your tax return. other retailers are offering discounts to lure people in. will it work? it turns out 24% of us say uncle sam will get a check from
8:47 am
us. but 55% of americans expect a tax refund. let's look at the poll from capital 1. pay down debt, 19% of those folks will pay down debt. 31% will save the money. 37% they will spend the money. where are they gonna spend it? let's have a look. taxpayer spenders are going to put 31% of it in away. 23% say it will go to expenses. new clothes, 11%. 6% on vacation and 4% will spend it on computer and electronics, very likely an ipad. what does all this mean? well, tax refun -- tax refund is a stimulus because it pumps
8:48 am
millions of dollars in the economy. the post office is starting that ache -- to take a lot of partners on. here at office depot, you can get your copy done and they will ship it for you, too, if you are willing to pay the fees. back to you. >> thank you, tom. well, today millions of illegal immigrants living and working in the u.s. will use an individual tax identification number to pay taxes. that's because they don't have social security numbers. we're actually looking at the wrong video. here we go. the irs reports 3-point million people filed returns using tax identification numbers last year. that number is expected to be even higher this year. several post offices will have extended hours tonight to help out last-minute filers and we have a list of them on our website. just go to and scroll down to the "rye now -- to the"
8:49 am
right now "section. some silicon companies, 150 of the biggest companies saw higher profits. the corporations added to the revenue by purchasing equipment to keep up with the new technology. the death of a davis player is being investigated. police say the 22-year-old fell and hit his head saturday night while at a party celebrating picnic day. that's the university's annual openhouse. he recently graduated from the university, got an economics degree and was a volunteer baseball coach at a davis high school. some bay area athletes are being very closely monitored by new signature. the university of san francisco invetted -- invested more than $10,000 in heart monitoring
8:50 am
equipment. each player wears a strap-on heart monitor, that's corrected to a screen that measures each level of exertion and that screen is watched closely by the coaches. >> we're trying to prolong the longevity of their careers, keep them healthy and state. >> according to a study heart attacks kill one or two basketball players every year. at ucsf, passengers -- the students say they are playing better. they know when to rest. about 15 teams nationwide are currently using that software. 8:50. as president obama begins his reelection campaign. a political magazine is grading his can dat discy. the -- candidacy. he was given an "a" for his
8:51 am
campaign team but a "c" for political leadership. the journal says the president faces a tougher campaign as an incumbent than he did as a charismatic political unknown in the 2008 election. our time is -- our time now is:50. breaking news about the mavericks surf contest why it may face a -- why it may face a difficult year next year.
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get a move on! go! serious moments. firefighters in texas still out there fighting several wildfires burning through. a homeless man has been clarkeed with starting this blaze. authorities believe his campfire started all of it. several fires have burned more than 700,000 acres all over texas, at least one firefighter has been killed. alarming news from japan, robots entered units 1, 2, and 3 at the damaged fukushima plant and found radiation levels so high, it's not safe for workers to enter.
8:55 am
readings from a wadder -- water tank showed a spike and they say there's likely damage to the fuel rods inside the spent fuel pool in that -- in that system. workers have gone -- have not gone into the building since. ticket scalpers -- scalpers are reportedly taking -- making a profit off yosemite park. some tickets are being sold by scalpers online. some people are trying to get legitimate reservations. but they say avoid the scalpers and check frequently for cancellations. maverick surf competition has lost its title sponsor. bare raw duda decided to --
8:56 am
barracuda decided not to participate. they plan to reredirect their efforts to other projects. a 5-year-old wisconsin boy was shot while hunting with his dad when investigators say another hunt irmistook him for a turkey. a little boy was sprayed with shot gun pellets from about 40 hours away. but he was still conscious talking at the scene. the hunter who fired that shot actually called 911. authorities say all of this is a good also on about -- good also also -- this is sa lesson to be learned -- this is a lesson to be learned. a survey shows that that people really can't -- that
8:57 am
people really can't tell the difference between expensive wine and cheap wine. about half could tell the difference. investigators say the survey was flawed because the wine was served in thimble-sized glasses. the 115th boston marathon has started. yesterday, the runners loaded up on pasta and salad preparing for the race. almost 27,000 people from 90 countries are running the world's oldest marathon. the temperatures in boston are -- in boston is the -- is in the upper 40s. a woman just won, the woman from kenyan. just came in. it's 8:57. sal? >> that's great. we'll here more about that and the -- on the ktvu channel 2 news at noon. let's take a look at northbound 80. that traffic is moving along well. the morning commute at the toll
8:58 am
plaza is light right now -- is light right now. and if you are driving into san francisco, 101 looks good. let's go to rose dashes, dash let's go to rosemary. you can see a few scattered showers on the coast. a little bit of light rain at this time. scattered showers in the forecast for today, temperatures upper 50s, low 60s. cooler than yesterday and below average. we're going to continue with this foggy pattern. we'll be dry tomorrow, showers on wednesday. cool conditions there. partly cloudy, a little cool. >> that will do it for us. thanks for watching. blatche
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