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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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. workers around the world and the bay area take time to remember workers rights. >> the late pope john paul the second one more miracle short of becoming a saint. >> and pg&e said pipeline testing it set to get started. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes.
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demanding rights for workers and immigrants. that was the focus of a may day ralph. >> reporter: this celebration wrapped up about two hours ago but it was a perfect illustration of this most american of rights, the first amendment's freedom of speech especially with a hard exchange between marchers and counter demonstrators. hundreds of people celebrated may day or international workers day. >> workers rights and everybody is just tired with the system. >> reporter: it started in the mission district with a spirited march. city supervisor who is eyeing higher office talked about issues faced by many american workers. >> how can we pay the mortgage, make ends meet, do the -- the after school program. >> reporter: they then arrived
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in civic center plaza. hundreds witnessed the speaks and many others across polk street to face off with counter demonstrators. they were members of the tea party and the minute men. >> the vast majority of us are focused on i think the loss of jobs to united states citizens and also with the flow of the illegal drugs into the country and we want to stopped . >> i'm against may day. >> reporter: this man who waved a don't tread on me flag said the high unemployment is because of immigration. >> also bad -- we have unions, they are bad. >> we aren't criminals, we aren't here to live all the welfare state. we are contributing in many ways. >> reporter: an argument with no end in sight. live in san francisco, channel 2news. >> san jose police are trying to determine if alcohol or drugs were a factor in a deadly
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head on crash. it happened on west san carlos street just before nine. a woman in one of the cars was pronounced dead at the scene. another woman and a man in the second car were taken to a hospital and are expected to survive. >> more than a million of the faithful were on hand has the late pope became one step closer to saint hood. the pope led the ceremony in saint peters square before a tapestry was revealed of pope john paul. the vatican said the pope cured a french nun of parkinson's make. the woman took part in the mass. the church must certify a second event for the late pope to qualify. >> it's the fastest in modern
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timesw. have more on the effort to turn the pope into a saint. she is live. >> reporter: ken this program was handed to people here, it shows a painting of the pope underneath a golden gate bridge. he was a loved man but one group wonders if his ceremony is just to help boost the image of the catholic church. inside the church the faithful gathered, the pews packed to honor a man one step closer to being a saint, pope john paul the second. >> it's a big day of giving praise to a man that throughout his life was an example of integrity. . >> reporter: the pope's ceremony was celebrated here. >> john paul was a living
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embodiment of the compassion of christ. >> reporter: members from 18 different countries came as part of the ceremony. for the polish community it was moving to see the pope from their land be blessed. >> he was everything for us, you know. we really -- come here and enjoy. >> reporter: outside stood a small group of people from snap the survivors network of those abused by priests. >> i'm sure he is a holy man but he did nothing to protect the children. he knew of the cases. >> reporter: members say they aren't protesting the ceremony but wanted to remind people that abuse in the church is still happening. they asked people to sign a pledge to speak up if they suspect abuse. >> we think they want to reclaim a positive image for the church and that's one of the reasons why we think we need to have a serious response to that and that is to protect the children. >> reporter: most who were
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handed the flyer about abuse didn't seem to mind what snap was trying to do here today. reporting live, ktvu channel 2news. >> the state of mississippi is a pealing to the united states court to prevent the army corp of engineers from blowing up a levy. >> we have enough blast agent, to fracture this levy and basically it's to lift that levy up to fracture it. >> reporter: now the hope is that by blasting through the levy the mississippi river will accommodate the rising waters the ohio river. if they do it will flood 130,000 acres of farmland in the state of mississippi. if they don't the rain swollen ohio river could flood communities in kentucky and illinois. >> ii would much rather issue a
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mandatory evacuation and nothing happen than not to do it and people loose their lives. >> reporter: more rain is falling on that area tonight. forecasters expect the ohio river to crest by tuesday, well above the record flood level set back in 1937. also in the south today a pledge from federal officials to spread up the recovery of the area devastated by tornadoes. we rode along with the rescue crew still looking for survivors. >> we can all realize that after three days in rubble that possibly this is the last viable day. >> reporter: the crews get their assignments and head out. >> remember safety, watch out for your people, drink plenty of water, let's get to work. >> reporter: i'm riding with mobile fire search and rescue, a team trained to pull people
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from disasters like tornadoes. they know the reality but keep the hope for finding trapped victims still alive. >> i believe it's -- there is a good likelihood if somebody were in a storm cellar and had supplies i believe it's possible. >> reporter: we just got a call of a strong smell coming from this house where the rescuers say they pulled a deceased woman yesterday. they released dogs to check it out. >> here here. >> reporter: dogs work the rubble giving signals to their trainers. >> she isn't indicating anything is here. >> reporter: they seem to smell something but it's not human. a dog and her puppies have been trapped since the tornado hit and it appears some of the puppies didn't live but mom is a live and comes out. >> get her out. >> reporter: the rescuers see and hear more, animals and soon
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pull out a pup. two more follow. this one, has already been given special name. >> twister. he survived a stor . >> and at least 342 people are known to have died in the storms that hit eight states. 250 of them are in alabama. >> here at home we are enjoying great weather out there. mark is in the weather center. i was looking across the bay this afternoon and seems like every sailboat in the area was on the water. >> that's right. plenty of sun, warm temperatures for opening day on the bay. you can see looks like the boats going back in to the harbors and ports but still plenty of sun. temperature right now in san francisco, 68 degrees. still pretty mild across a good portion of the area.
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look at the lower 80s in fairfield and concord, san jose last check 78 and livermore in the upper 70s as well. lots of sneezing over the past few days, especially the winds and you can seat trees responsible for that with very high on the pollen index. grasses on the medium side. pretty much the biggest problem the trees. here we go with the forecast for this evening. 6:00 temperatures in the low 60s to the low 70s. still mild, 55 to around 60 and then by 10:00 temperatures back down into the upper 40s to the lower 50s. you can see napa, san jose 47, livermore around 42 and here is the set up. this system will be a big factor for tomorrow with some cooling coming up how much we will cool off and the one day we could be talking about 90- degree heat across parts of the bay area. >> pg&e now says the first
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tests on what are being called high consequence pipelines in antioch and mountain view could start as early as this week. >> reporter: pg&e is targeting 150 miles of pipeline that are the same size and age as the one that exploded in san bruno. this is video from pg&e on just what that testing entails. this was done in the san jose yard. it's a little more complex for pipes underground. >> we first remove all the gas from the pipeline and then we fill that section of pipe that we will test with water. then we add a small amount of additional water to increase the pressure. . if there are any problems that's similar to a water main leak. >> reporter: if the pipe passes it goes back into service. this as the debate continues over 705 more miles of
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pipeline. pg&e wants the cpuc to let it make safety assumptions about the lines even with mission files but regulators insist they test or replace the lines because they are increasingly uncomfortable with the claims that safe pressure levels can be set based on assumption. why not just do it? is it a cost issue? what is the problem over just getting it done? >> we will do whatever test that experts determine is needed. we will do the water testing, we will do several things but engineering analysis, inline inspection with the digging tools,. . >> reporter: meetings have been held in antioch and mountain view. service shouldn't be disrupted. ktvu channel 2news. oakland investigators looking in to the cause of a suspicious early morning fire that severely damaged an old
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building. it started around 2:30. it took about an hour to get the fire under control, nobody was found inside the building. firefighters say the fire is suspicious because of where it started in a front stair well. >> coming up next sunday celebrations. >> tens of thousands of people packed the street of this east bay city and organizers say it's a source of pride for a city that sometimes gets a bad rap. >> what charges a truck driver is facing for causing a big mess on highway 101. >> and if your child has autism can be complicated but one local organization that is trying to help.
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. the weather couldn't have been better today for oakland 5th of may festivals. ♪ [ music ] it all started a parade on
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international boulevard. there were cars decked out with a lot of colorful displays and the horse back riders, some of them preforming tricks for the crowd. >> as we have reported san jose scrapped its parade because of a lack of funds. a festival in the east bay is still going strong. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: musicians and dancers dazzled the crowd in richmond. >> we have a huge latino community, 40% show the pride of this culture, this ethnc icity. >> reporter: organizers say their city also takes center stage at an event like this. >> richmond has a bad reputation that i think is
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false, as being a violent city. during this weekend we never have problems. >> reporter: last year there were no problems? >> or the year before. >> reporter: the festival takes up a one mile long block of 23rd street. it's organized and paid for by the more than 200 businesses that line the street. >> there is business vitality here and it's a great place to open a business. >> reporter: it's a good place to bring a child. >> i i want him to respect all cultures. >> it's a very small step but very good for the community. >> reporter: this residen agrees. they said there is violence in every city and today she and her family are happy to be here sharing a part of their culture. ktvu channel 2news.
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>> the san mateo county coroner has identified a driver whose car went off a cliff. it happened around 6:45 at first street and highway 1. firefighters and police respond to the scene but it was to late to save the man. unlicensed truck driver is facing charges after boxes from his truck spilled paper all over highway 101. about 90 boxes fell off the truck. after the truck got a flat tire. many of the boxes contained legal and other private documents. it caused other accidents as drivers showed down to take a look. police say the driver failed to secure the boxes, he is being charged with causing the spill and driving without a license. >> a judge is scheduled to
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consider a 40 million-dollar settlement for a class action suit brought against san francisco's california culinary academy. the academy agreed to pay the settlement after students sued the school charges it lied about its job placement rate. under the proposed deal 8500 students would get rebates. starts today nina applying for benefits will have to have an electronic payment method. the treasurey won't send out paper checks. the wife is expected to save a billion dollars over the next decade. anyone currently receiving federal benefits by paper check still have until march 13th. time is running out to cast your vote on a school funding measure. it would raise three million dollars for the new haven
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district. the district said the tax of $180 a year over four years would keep class sizes small and saving after school programs. mail in ballots were supposed to have been sent in by last friday but you can still drop it off until tuesday. >> dozens of families concerned their child might be autistic got a chance to meet with some of the areas best doctors. the school of imagination held a free screening for children like nola. they are trying to determine if he is disabled. organizers say the one stop screening can help parents go through a sometimes confusing system. >> it's a process that normally takes months on months and cost thousands of dollars. >> reporter: mark ibanez has been doing outreach. mark has four children
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including a 6-year-old son. you can learn more by visiting the website, and clicking the headline tab. >> new reaction today in libya to the bombing that killed one of gadhafi's sons. what political leaders in washington are saying about it. >> ten different fires in one area in china but now firefighters getting a break. >> and as gas prices soar we look at how much a gallon sold goes to big oil.
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. a northern california soldier has been killed in afghanistan. the military said 23-year-old army specialist preston dennis died on thursday when his unit was hit by an ied. dennis who was on his second tour is survived by his wife and parents. >> accident investigators have found the black box from the 2009 air france jet that crashed in the atlantic. it was recovered this morning from more than two miles under the ocean. the flight crashed and killed everybody on board. it was long believed broke up during a storm. >> mobs attacked western
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embassies and united nations offices today after the bombing that killed gadhafi's son and three grandchildren. we report on the different reactions in washington dc. >> reporter: the government of gadhafi is calling the saturday night air strike that may have killed gadhafi's son and three grandchildren a failedda sass assassination attempts. here in washington reaction has been mixed. >> in my view where gadhafi goes is a legit target. he is the command and control source, he isn't the legit leader of libya and the way to end this is to go after the people around him and his support network so i support what nato is doing and i would like to pour it onto got it over with. >> reporter: a different view from michelle bockman who finds herself aligned with the
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democratic party in her opposition. >> we are seeing many lives lost including innocent civilians. what will be the obviousive in gain? i don't see it, i think it was a foolish decision. >> reporter: nato leaders have blood on their hands, the air strikes seems to have been intended to carry out an illegal policy of assassination. nato promises stepped up area tacks against gadhafi's forces, something that john mccain said must happen to avoid a stalemate. >> the british and the french, god bless them and others, they don't have the assets, they are running out of some of their munitions and we need to get back in the fight. >> reporter: the air strike also drew criticism from russia. in washington, fox news. >> in other news of the world in japan many of the
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firefighters have been searching for tsunami victims in one town have been told to stop. they have been searching through the debris, the firefighters need time to rebuild their own lives, many of them have lost family and their homes. the search will continue though on a smaller scale. in china ten forest fire are burning. officials blamed lightning for starting the fires yesterday. more than 3300 firefighters are on the lines. initially strong winds and steep hills made it hard to put the flames outful firefighters got a break when the winds died down and humidity rose. at this point firefighters were able to keep the fires from spreading to two nearby cities. in turkey today is workers day. about 200,000 people marched in support of the working class. they called for more jobs and
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higher pay. international workers day has its starts in chicago in the late 1800's in the move helicopter for an eight hour workday. >> just days after watching his eldest son get married prince charles will head to the united states. he will fly to washington on tuesday. his last visit was back in 2007. on tuesday he will meet with the president at the white house and give a speech at georgetown university about international sustainability. the president will visit britain at the end of the month. still ahead, a napa state hospital patient accused of killing a hospital worker goes to court. . >> atlanta braves roger mcdowell learns his punishment and what he said about his comments. >> and bart is asking riders to determine which seat is fit to sit on.
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. today is holocaust remembrance day and people gathered to remember to who survivors endured. one mans his mother with saving his life by getting him to the free part of france during the occupation. his grandfather wouldn't leave and was taken to a concentration camp. >> have you to get up at 4:00 in the middle of the winter, my grandfather was exhausted, he didn't get up so -- one of the
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guards hit him over the head, passed out and put them in the oven because they had ovens. >> reporter: six million jews died with millions more including gays, that were deemed unfit. the holocaust museum said remembering is very important, especially because germany was a free and well respected democracy when hitler rose to power. >> san jose police arrested a woman suspected in a deadly hit and run. they say the driver was leaving the scene of an accident at 9:45 when she struck an elderly woman. the 28-year-old is a accused of hitting a house and making another attempt to drive away before hitting a parked car. the san jose woman and three passengers tried to flee but were later caught by police. the name of the elderly woman has not been released. >> a hearing set for tomorrow
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for the man charged with strangling a high school worker. prosecutors say they won't seek the death penalty against him. he is the man accused of killing a tech last october. the da's office said it'll pursue a life sentence without the possibility of parole. starting tomorrow there will be a new way of dealing out justice in sacramento, community courts are starting to open in the mission and bayview areas. the idea is to have those cited for quality of life crimes, grafitti, panhandling, to go before a panel of people in the neighborhood where it happened. the volunteer court would sentence the accused to community service, not jail time. san francisco's da said this will free up resources to prosecute more serious crimes. >> gas prices in the bay area are now up 21-cents a gallon
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and that's just in the last month. aaa said the average price for a gallon of regular is now $4.31 in san francisco. it's $4.26 in oakland and san jose. the highest average gas price in california came in at $4.61. that was back in june of 2008. 12% of the price of gas is because of federal and state taxes used to build and maintain the roads and transit system. 20% is taken by finding and transporting the fuel and 61% is from the price of oil which will trade tomorrow at $113 a barrel. bart wants riders to help pick seats they will travel on for years to come. >> this is -- a love seat. >> reporter: that is a little close. this man was among those giving his thoughts on the options at
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a seat lab held outside fruitvale station. >> we also have recoveries on the seats and we have a lot of attention and it's not good because there is bacteria and it's hard toeclip the cloth seats. >> bart will hold eight more seat labs to have the public give it's input. >> the city of venecia thinking about laying off the fire chief to help close the deficit. they will consider eliminating the position. that would save the city more than $284,000. it would be part of a larger plan to merge both the police and fire departments into one public safety department. if they don't merge the departments it could make other cuts, that includes owe
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eliminating two firefighter positions, a police night lieutenant position or investigation's sergeant. the city council will consider all of this at its meeting on tuesday night. the public portion of that meeting starts at 7:00 at city hall. >> this week people opposed to bear hunting in nevada will present their objections to the state's wildlife commission. in december the state wildlife commission voted to establish the state's first bear hunting season. now a scheduled run from august through december. sciencists say the bear population is growing at about 16% yearly. with those opposed to the hunt question those figures. they say they are concerned that the hunt will hurt the bear population and negatively impact tourists in that area. baseball suspended the atlanta braves pitching coach for anti gay comments and other
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gestures he made. he will have to complete sensitivity training and will be fined. . mcdowell said he would personally apologize. he also said he was embarrassed by his actions. >> in san jose the action was for hockey fans at the shark tank. shark fans went into the pavilion ready for game two in the second round of the playoffs. fans were decked out in their finest sharks gear, a lot of black, they are also anticipating another shark's win and in just another few moments we will have the results of that game and the highlights and it was a good one. >> that's right. >> when we return along with the sun and the little breeze it was a special day for sailors. why opening day was also a hit for the giants. >> and with almost near perfect weather around the bay,
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depending on your definition of that, how long will it last? mark will be here with the workweek forecast.
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. the space shuttle won't go anywhere for at least another week. engineers have determined they can't fix a malfunction in time for the next launch window which is on monday. gabreille giffords has returned to the texas rehabilitation center where she was been. she had traveled to florida to see her husband who is commanding the mission. her office said she will return when it's rescheduled. >> alcatraz had to be evacuated after a fire alarm
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went off. though it apparently was a false one the nation park service didn't want to take chances and canceled the rest of the afternoon tours on the island. we will have more tonight. you'll around the island it was a perfect afternoon to open the sailing sea about 100 boats participated in the opening day parade gliding along the bay. this year's theme honored giants of the bay, especially the san francisco giants. the parade included historic fire boats and work boats the city's colorful maritime past. >> lots of sailboats out there today. let's check in with mark and mark this warm weather is going to stick around. >> especially by midweek. temperatures could be the warmest 6 the year close to the 90-degree mark. right now i can show you this on live storm tracker two, just a few high clouds moving in to
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parts of the high encloseds -- some of that cooler air will filter in just for the one day. once it moves through temperatures spring back up and you will notice that change by midweek. here is a look at the weather story. we have that mostly clear skies, tomorrow more sun, some cooling, the extended forecast, plenty of sun, temperatures will be warming many. here is the look at some of the highs from today and a few low 80s for santa rosa, concord, fairfield and antioch. san francisco right around 71. here once again the set up on the satellite. just a few high clouds in to the northern part of the state, all linked to this weather system in the north. this could create a few showers as far south as crescent city, the bay area that will continue to pick up a few high clouds, the main energy remains pushed up to the north. some of the changes, most areas cooling off about three to six
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degrees from today's warm readings. tuesday will be warmer and then wednesday will set the stage to warm back up and the temperature range -- the beaches, warmest inland approaching the 90-degree mark. most areas starting out the day in the 40s to the 50s. napa could be in the upper 30s and the brighter colors reflect the warmer temperatures and the range, most areas will be from the 60's to the 70s by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. 7:00 tomorrow with the bay area forecast, 40 and 50 degrees and then by 12:00 mostly sunny. we are warming up to the upper 50s to 60s. the numbers, you can see the numbers, wind speeds puck up from about ten to 20 during the afternoon and the temperatures will check this right around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. san jose 75, morgan hill at 77,
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and san francisco tops out in the upper 60s. changes you can see here, beginning to bump up the numbers, patchy fog coast side, tuesday morning, wednesday just hot, 75 to 90 degrees, little cooler on thursday and friday, more cooling for next weekend and beyond that a chance of a few light showers, still way out there but we will talk about that, we have to enjoy warm temperatures. >> yeah. 90 degrees. looks good. >> on this warm bay area day maybe hard to believe there is snow in the search gentleman but there sierras. some children are from here in san francisco. they spent time with the former governor. the children participated in the after school all-stars program, a program founded by the former governor. he said after school programs
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provide much needed help to children. >> they won't let them take away this $500 billion for after school programs but i did not let them. >> the children were treated to two days of skiing snowboarding, lodging, meal, transportation, all of it courtesy of the ski area. >> the movie fast five has raced away from the box office competition this weekend. >> the movie pulled in $83 million at the box office. the animated movie reo made 14 million, that was followed by big happy family and quarter for elephants. the summer season begins next week with the super hero movie,
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thor. >> unity through pasta. music and pasta at a festival. they put on the event to highlight the differences and similarities of the two communities. they say it doesn't matter if they prefer spaghetti or chow mein. >> the giants were beat up and the a's host the rangers. >> and the sharks face off against the red wings. we will have highlights and post gameful sports wrap is next.
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. what has turned in to a goalie dominated stanley cup series, sharks headed to detroit with the lead. todd's team hoping to take care of business and they got a power play early when logan got hit with a high stick. less than five minutes in san jose went in front. past red wings goalie jimmy howard. this one threads the needle. they kept the lead and then in the third it was 2-0 because of nicholas, scoring his first goal of the postseason. this one a little different as well as it hits howard and pops
5:50 pm
up and trickles over his shoulder. he had held the red wings scoreless since the first period. detroit on the power play. still he saved 31 of 34 shots, he got help on this one as nicholas takes the shot that goes off the post. sharks keep the wings at bay. they open the series, san jose a 2-1 winner as they head to detroit for game three on wednesday. today's game an example of san jose's depth. >> different guys every night seems to be stepping up, you know obviously the two defense men tonight. everybody will be key and everybody -- it's playoff hockey. you never know what can happen. >> i thought we played really good and they did to but we got -- kill off the penalties and obviously that's a tight game and i thought we played really hard and took advantage of the home ice for the first two. >> what is it like to be up 2-
5:51 pm
0? >> it's great. we still have to keep on knowing what we are doing and just keep working hard. >> the one step forward, one step back world of the giants continues. just one highlight the entire for the giants offense. zimmerman in the second, a double for him. tejada scores, the nationals chipped away at the lead. first alex with the two out drive that landed fair in right field. the second with the double, lance nick scores to cut the lead in half. then in the third the giants helped the nationals pull even and again with two outs. looked like he and posey were crossed up but the wild pitch brings rick home. it's a 2-2 game. nationals took the lead with a run in the 4th and put it away
5:52 pm
in the 8th. another two out eight. . giants made a little noise in the 9th but that's how it ended. the giants go down 5-2 and play another in washington before moving onto new york. they are 3-3 on the ten game road trip. senate a's looking to generate offense today as well against a team they figure to be battling all summer in the al west. coco crisp going for the 70s look and things went well. the first inning not bad against the rangers, harrison, jackson with the slice to right. the a's off to the 2-0 lead. curt golfs one into left. jackson scores, gonzalez in front 3-0 after just an inning. then chris made it 4-0. baseball
5:53 pm
chris back in the line ups will keep the big hair after his two hits today. gonzalez worked six and two thirds for his third win of the year and makes mitch moreland one of his strike outs. matsui goes down and gets the pitch and stroke itself down the left field line. he drove in the run and scored one as everybody got in the act today. a's win it, two games back of the rangers and angels tied at the top of the division. still to come, just the second play of this year to win twice on the progolf score. things start out physically in the playoff match uin the east.
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. the playoff series between
5:56 pm
the celtics and heat is the one many fans have anticipated since the season started. home team established this one right away. the two most high profile on the heat teaming up. wade to james, james makes the adjustment for two of his 22 points. boston with its own big three. one of them pierce gone after a hard contact. that was called a double technical but it was an, ejection for the heat. james takes the ball away. the heat win this 99-90 to take the opener. couple of up start teams, durant and oklahoma city opening up at home against memphis and the thunder showing off its stars, westbrook connecting with durant on the
5:57 pm
lob. he durant 33 points. the grizzlies got game one. zach randolph keeping the ball alive. he had 34, the grizzlies are on the road. these two back at it again on tuesday in okc. golf's zurich classic, this is the second playoff, bubba watson, against webb simpson. , simpson missed the birdie attempt. watson had the chance, he put it in the middle of the cup. watson the second to win twice on the tour this year. simpson finishing regulation 15 under parr. that's it for this early night sports wrap. >> coming up tonight what we
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are learning about that hit and run. and this man wanted by north bay police and officials feed your help to track him down. coming up on the 10:00 news. >> that's our report. >> for all of us here thank you for joining us. we hope to see you back tonight at ten. >> goodnight.
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