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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 2, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this monday may 2nd. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. pam and dave, thank you. on this monday morning a little cooler. some patchy fog over by the coast. it will be sunny but breezy. temperatures coming down. the main drop will be closer to the beaches. but 60s there. also 60s in the city or very low 70s around the bay. still upper 70s or low 80s. knock temperatures down a few degrees from sunday's high. five-day forecast and warm up as welcoming up in about five minutes. good morning. westbound interstate 80 big crash as you head to the southbound 880 commute they just are arriving with two tow trucks to get these vehicles out of the way. it was a flipped over car. you can see there's a flat bed tow truck getting into that area there. for now you cannot drive directly from westbound 80 to
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southbound 880. we'll keep watching that. we're also watching the bay bridge and traffic is light there. it's 5:00. back to the desk. sal, thank you. we're now hearing the first threat of retaliation against the united states for the killing of osama bin laden. an al qaeda congressmen at a timer posted a eulogy on an obama extremist site. we're finding that laden's body has been buried at sea. u.s. officials say that's in keeping with islamic tradition that calls for burial within 24 hours. osama bin laden's death came after a deadly fire fight. one that lasted about 40 minutes at bin laden's fortified compound in pakistan. you're looking at pictures of the location. this video shows the compound actually on fire shortly after that raid. osama bin laden reportedly was shot in the head during this battle and was killed. bin laden's secret compound was
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built about five years ago according to reports. the white house says they found out about it earlier this year. president obama announced the killing of osama bin laden in a dramatic white house speech last night. >> tonight i can report to the american people and to the world that the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda and a terrorist who's responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. [ cheering and applause ] >> the president says he wants the families who lost loved ones in the september 11 attacks to know that the country has never forgetten their loss. our time now 5:02. the bin laden announcement is raising big questions about airport security. ktvu's allie rasmus joining us live at sfo now with what travelers can expect and the warning for americans overseas. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the u.s. state department has issued a worldwide alert for all americans living and
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traveling abroad and that alert warns that there's an enhanced risk for anti-american violence following the death of osama bin laden. here at sfo however the security status remains unchanged. the tsa according to the duty manager here has not given sfo or other bay area airports any orders to step up security or police patrols or really do anything differently from just 24 hours ago. some passengers we spoke to this morning say they find it hard to believe and wonder if those instructions will change as the day goes on. >> i can't imagine there's not some sort of even if it's just tsa activity or something that would change because of it. >> reporter: now again the travel alert applies to any u.s. citizens traveling internationally and living abroad. the first international flights depart sfo around 8:00 this morning. what's unusual about this state department travel alert it does
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not specify a country or region americans should be cautious. the advisory just says the alert is worldwide and will remain in effect until august 1st. reporting live at sfo, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. news of bin laden's death brought a huge response around the world and right here at home. i want to take you live to ground zero in new york city this morning where a huge crowd gathered last night. many people are still out there this morning. this is of course where so many people lost their lives and loved ones on september 11, 2001. shortly after the president announced that bin laden was dead, a patriotic celebration broke out. [ cheering and applause ] >> huge crowd of people began singing the star spangled banner. others could be heard chanting
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usa. plenty of red, white and blue could also be seen. people have the american flags out you can see. many people in the crowds say they didn't want to miss out. >> my favorite bartender turned off the baseball game and put this on. i knew this was a historic moment and i had to be here with my fellow americans. >> while news of bin laden's death caused celebration, new york city mayor bloomberg says he hopes that 9/11 families can instead find some closure. many bay area families who lost loved ones on 9/11 have strong reactions to the death of osama bin laden. jack was in his san raphael home when the president announced the stunning news that the master mind of september 11th had been killed. he waited ten long years to hear that. >> i never had my doubts. i think justice is served one way or another in this life. >> now his pregnant wife, lauren, was among the heros of hijacked united flight 93.
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the san francisco bound plane that crashed in rural pennsylvania. several passengers rushed the cockpit, they stopped the terrorist from crashing into their intended target believed to be either the white house or the u.s. capitol. he will spend today reaching out to other flight 93 families. well, afghanistan has been the main focus of the u.s. war on terrorism ever since 9/11. and one of the largest afghan communities in the u.s. is right here in the bay area. ktvu's jade hernandez is getting reaction to bin laden's death from fremont. jade. >> reporter: good morning. we're live in front of the office of a nonprofit group which pushes understanding between muslims and the u.s. and the executive director of this group sent out a statement three and a half hours ago. the executive director says "with a major chapter of the war on terror closed by the death of osama bin laden, we hope for a new chapter of dialogue and peace between the u.s. and muslim world." the statement is directly from
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the executive director. his organizations model leading the way towards a better tomorrow. we spoke to a stanford professor who gave us his reaction on the news. he's a middle east history professor for the university. >> well like all americans i imagine i'm happy that he's been killed. i would have preferred he be put on trial, but if not this is the next best. >> reporter: we're live in fremont this morning because fremont has one of the largest afghan communities. we hope to have more from those who are reacting from bin laden's death a little later on this morning. reporting live from fremont, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. time now 5:07. well, bart spokesman joining us live on the phone now to tell us how bart security is being increased after the killing of osama bin laden. can you hear us? >> i can hear you fine. >> so what's happening? what will bart commuters see this morning? >> well, you know, over the past couple months we've been increasing our visibility on our trains with the critical
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asset patrol team which is a group of officers that the federal government has offered. both officers will be out on our trains and they'll be joined by additional officers as well. and we'll also have increased number of operations folks who will be out in vests so that way people will be able to identify our bart workers who are out there. we'll encourage our passengers to do if you see something, say something. if you see something suspicious, say something. there are a lot of people out there you can talk to. >> what are you telling passengers if they are concerned that there might be some sort of retaliation? what extra precautions as well are you taking to kind of keep the passengers minds' at ease? >> you know reminding folks that listen if we're all looking out for something suspicious and we're you know going to get engaged and talk about it to a bart personnel or police officer, that right
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there is a deterrent. and basically the terrorists if they're going to try to attack one try to be asin visible as possible. with everybody's eyes watching, 350,000 watchers 700,000 pairs of eyes, that makes it very difficult for a terrorist to want to carry out something if we're all on alert. >> there's always the possibility of false alarms or people reacting to something that may not be a real threat. i'm sure that's got to be a concern of yours as well. >> absolutely. but that's also why our officers are very highly trained in counterterrorism so they can recognize something that you and i may not think or may think that is a terrorist activity but in fact isn't. or they may recognize something that is a terrorist activity we might think is normal. bottom line if we're all engaged together it makes a great deterrent. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us this morning. he's talking to us about extra bart security and how bart is responding in order to keep the trains safe as people worry
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about possible retaliation. now this morning we are following reaction out of washington d.c. to the killing of osama bin laden. [ cheering and applause ] so many people out on the streets last night in front of the white house. and there at ground zero in new york as well. coming up at 5:15 we're going to go live to washington d.c. for reaction from capitol hill. now our coverage also continues online at the special osama bin laden tab of you can find president obama's full speech that he made last night along with local reaction and an interactive time line of the events of 9/11. all right. time is now 5:10. we're also following your commute. and, sal, you're watching the macarthur maze and everything else. >> yeah. a sig alert right now. westbound interstate 80 that ramp is closed to southbound 880 as they clean up an overturned accident. fire department still on the scene along with a couple of flat bed tow trucks and of
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course a lot of chp officers. you cannot drive directly from westbound 80 to southbound 880. you're going to have to use 580 to 980 and get back on the freeway 980. as a matter of fact we did find out that the vehicle at least one of the vehicles involved in the wreck was on their way -- or the people were on their way to the airport. unfortunately they didn't make it this morning. they got into a wreck here. and this ramp is going to be closed. sig alert is issued. they haven't told us when they expect to reopen this ramp. move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. that is light with no major issues. also this morning traffic is moving well in the san jose area. there's a slight delay on bart by the way. it's only slight 10 to 15 minute delay. bay fair, hayward, castro valley and in the richmond daly city and sf areas because of some equipment problems. we're trying to find out more about this. 5:11. let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you very much.
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if you're suffering from allergies, pamela, pamela, pamela. [ laughter ] >> mulberry, grasses aren't far away, weeds have backed off a bit. you're into may and the winds blowing around and everything's blooming you know what i mean. that's the culprit right there. it will be cooler today. patchy fog over yonder by the coast. sunny but breezy. cooler far enough inland we're getting to the summertime pattern where you find 60s by the coast. find some 80s. pretty good spread. for a while there maybe three to five degrees between coast, bay and inland. not now. tomorrow sunny and warmer as the wind turns northerly. temperatures upper 80s are possible to near 90 if everything comes in as advertised and i think it probably will. today more patchy fog than anything else. and westerly wind is in place from fairfield, sfo, some 40s santa rosa down to 42. same for livermore 47. san jose hayward 51.
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oakland starting off 50. go 64 at noon. high today of 70 downtown. probably about 67 or 66 towards the airport for those of you who are keeping score. the system moving into the north will move out. high pressure will build in rapidly behind that. and then that will allow us to start to warm up as we head to tuesday and wednesday. today's a cooler day. warmer and much warmer as we go into wednesday. today though sunshine that westerly breeze or southwesterly wind 10 to 25 miles per hour. 60 to near 80. antioch, morgan hill to gill roy. santa rosa 76. san jose 78. go 62 pacifica. pretty good little difference between coast, bay and inland today. tomorrow we warm it up. everybody in on it wednesday to thursday. friday we start a cool down. a rather big cool down into the weekend. did a little gardening over the weekend. >> you're feeling it. >> the allergic reactions. well, reaction to the death of osama bin laden continues this morning. reaction from capitol hill and
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new details on the time line of the history making action. also a very tense situation at fremont mall. how it ended hours ago. good morning. clearing up at the macarthur maze. may be beginning to wrap things up. we'll let you know.
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boy. quite a display last night at times square where hundreds of people celebrating the death of osama bin laden. the crowd is showing its enthusiasm by singing the national anthem and filling the air with cheers of "usa," yes we can. many people overjoyed but at the same time they said they never thought this moment would arrive. time now 5:17. we're finding out more about the detective work that led to that final assault on osama bin laden. allison burns live in our washington d.c. newsroom with the latest briefings from the white house and pentagon. allison. >> reporter: dave, overnight we go an in depth break down from top white house officials. they say it has been a relentless operation to find and kill osama bin laden. here is a time line of how it all unfolded. in august of last year u.s. intelligence operatives identified the compound in
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pakistan. they believe houses osama bin laden's trusted courier. they soon learned bin laden himself might be there and notified president obama. by march president obama begins a series of very high level meetings to develop options to capture or kill bin laden. this past friday before he goes to see storm damage in alabama president obama authorizes the operation and on sunday around 3:30 eastern time a small team of elite u.s. forces raid the compound and kill bin laden. now this was some video of the attacks from pakistan tv that shows the sprawling property where bin laden was shot. it has been a pain staking intelligence operation that actually began four years ago when u.s. intelligence officials learned the name of bin laden's courier. more on president obama's decision to go after the al qaeda leader during my next update in about an hour. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. in other bay area news this
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morning a tense situation at a fremont strip mall came to an end just a few hours ago. police say a man in a white van who claimed he had a bomb turned himself in. there were no signs of any explosives, but police had to seal off the strip mall on christy street for several hours in response to the bomb threat. officers say the man is now in custody and they say he has serious mental problems. all right. time now 5:19. we've got serious commute problems. what's happening in oakland? >> yeah. the oakland macarthur maze dave and pam, still a closure there. nay may be opening it any time now. westbound 80. it may have just opened as we were just talking. in fact it did open. that injury accident that was there just a few moments ago has been completely cleared from the lanes and it's early enough that we didn't cause a huge back up. there was a back up for a while but now all the lanes are open. that's certainly good news. let's go out and take a look at the commute on the golden gate
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bridge. traffic moves well heading south. and san francisco northbound 101 traffic looks good. good area to avoid right now. 24th and mission. very serious injury crash there. a couple blocks of mission street in both directions are closed as a result. now let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. after a fabulous weekend -- i know a little wind out there, other than that yesterday temperatures warmed up. lots of 80s. we'll ease off today slightly. patchy fog on the coast. we're into may so it's time to start mentioning the coastal fog. cooler and breezy. inland it will still be upper 70s and few low 8 0z. tomorrow morning after a chilly morning it will be sunny and warmer. i should have put wednesday in here not next week. wednesday it will be highs near 90 for some inland. even the coast will warm up as we see more of a north- northeasterly breeze. system dragging across us. this is all the take this is time of year. bring in the coastal fog and westerly breeze. 42 santa rosa so know ma county
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airport. san raphael at 46. upper 40s for concord and redwood city. livermore at 47. low 50s elsewhere. ten degree spread between napa and fairfield. one has wind. one does not have much wind. that's why. oakland starting off at 50 today. even though sunny it will be breezy and cooler. temperatures coming down a bit. 50, 64 noon high today of 74. downtown oakland there's our source of the cool down. that little low spinning on its way into portland right now. we're on the southern edge of it but it gives more of an on shore breeze. right behind that is high pressure. that means it's going to build in in a big way. today cooler. then tomorrow transition day to warmer and then by wednesday upper 80s and maybe if everything comes in as it's being advertised near 90 for some inland areas with a lot of 70s near the coast. but today even with the patchy fog for many it will be sunny. but that westerly breeze is in place. so mid to upper 70s. 80 in antioch. richmond 66. city 66. san raphael 74. hayward 72.
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64 half-moon bay. 76 mountain view to 77 pleasanton. fremont 74. saratoga at 78. warmer on tuesday. much warmer on wednesday. then into thursday as well. looks like the weekend though is going to be significantly cooler. so we'll go up and bring it down as we head towards the end of the week. european markets rallied on the news of osama bin laden's death. japan's nikkei closed up. several other asian markets including hong kong, shanghai, tie juan and singapore closed for national holidays. checking in on wall street looks like a higher opening. futures shooting up after that news. they've come back a little bit overnight. but it's still looks like a higher opening. we'll see what happens when the opening bell rings in a little more than one hour. all right. our time is now 5:22. we're finding out more this morning about the capture and the death of osama bin laden.
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how local residents are reacting to the big news. also the battle over the sacramento kings is reportedly over. going to find out who won in just a few hours. good morning. right now san mateo bridge traffic is moving well heading out to the high-rise. we'll tell olympic more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. some fog has returned to the coast. it will be cooler now by the coast around the bay 60s to low 70s. in the coastal pattern. upper 70s and few low 80s. we went to bay area shopping malls last night just a short time after the news broke that osama bin laden was dead. >> it should be another 4th of july. we should have fireworks and everything. and you know what god bless whoever killed him. >> the terrorist programs deal with the poor and the ignorant in the country and use them to forward their aims. >> everyone we spoke to expressed relief and even joy that american forces had killed the world's most wanted terrorist. time is now 5:26. wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords has returned to the houston hospital where she'd been recuperating. congresswoman giffords traveled to florida last week so that she could watch the launch of the space shuttle endevour which will be commanded by her husband, mark kelly. by the way, it's endevour's final trip into space.
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kelly and his crew also are back in houston. they'll continue training while they wait for repairs to the space shuttle. nasa says the earliest the endevour could launch is this sunday. the owners of the sacramento kings have reportedly made their decision about the team's fate. but today's sacramento bee reports that they won't reveal that decision until later this morning. the family that owns the team wants to talk with executives of the nba before making the public announcement. at this point there's no hint on whether they plan to keep the kings in sacramento or move them south to anaheim. >> interesting. time now 5:27. well, a south bay community is in shock and mourning now a beloved neighbor ran over by an out of control driver. what happened just moments before that deadly crash. big news about osama bin laden. what are newspapers saying in the bay area and around the world?
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former president bush ten years ago after the 9/11 attacks and we have his response this morning to the news that osama bin laden has been killed. good morning. right now traffic on 280 looks good getting up to downtown san jose for your commute to work. we'll be here with more reports.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news monday may 2nd. i'm dave clark.
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>> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 5:30. let's check in on the may forecast so far, steven. pamela, dave, good morning. on this monday morning fog is rapidly coming back to the coast. cooler coast and around the bay. now inland it will still be a little cooler but some upper 70s and 80 degrees even though there's a bit of a sea breeze at fairfield southwest 13 and sfo at 13. closest to the beaches where the biggest drop will occur. mostly sunny and breezy. traffic looks good in san francisco although a good area to avoid would be 24th and mission. a couple blocks of mission have been closed because of a serious injury accident and the bus lines 14 and some of the other lines that run there are being rerouted in the area. also the morning commute looks okay at the westbound bay bridge approach. 5:31. let's go back to the desk. all right. thank you, sal. this morning people in saudi arabia hope the killing of osama bin laden will boost efforts to fight terrorism. bin laden was originally from saudi arabia. he was stripped of his citizenship though after he
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criticized the royal family's acceptance of u.s. troops in saudi arabia. now we have learned this morning that bin laden's body has already been buried at sea. a u.s. official says that's in keeping with islamic tradition that requires the body be buried within 24 hours. bin laden's capture came far away from where intelligence initially believed he may be hiding. it happened in abbottabad. this is video of the compound on fire. that was shortly after the raid. for a long time though american intelligence believed that bin laden was hiding along the pakistan border with afghanistan. now it's believed bin laden had this compound built five years ago as a hideout spot. white house officials say they learned of the compound in february. president obama announced the killing of osama bin laden in a dramatic white house speech last night. >> a small team of americans carried out the operation with
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extraordinary courage and capability. no americans were harmed. they took care to avoid civilian casualties. after a fire fight, they killed osama bin laden and took custody of his body. >> in his speech the president said bin laden was not a muslim leader. he called bin laden a mass murder of muslims. and the president reaffirmed that the u.s. is not at war with muslims. time now 5:33. the state department is warning u.s. americans abroad about possible terroristic threats from al qaeda. a worldwide travel alert issued shortly after president obama's announcement. says there's an enhanced risk for anti-american violence. in areas where bin laden's killing could cause violence, they're urged to limit travel outside of their homes and avoid any mass gatherings and demonstrations. travelers can expect the same security levels at bay area airports. now we did talk to the duty
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manager at sfo this morning. he tells us here at ktvu levels remain the same and that so far there are no specific orders from the tsa. now we want to show you some video from outside oakland international airport last night. passengers we talked to were just finding out about the killing of osama bin laden after stepping off planes and turning on their cell phones. one man called it good news. >> i'm a little relieved. i just went through a huge security check in louisiana which i thought was over the top. but i think it's for the safety of everyone here. but overall, yeah, i'm happy. i'm happy to hear that maybe at least this chapter we can put to an end. >> so, again, right now no extra precautions this morning at bay area airports, but the state department has issued a worldwide alert to americans traveling abroad. well, president obama made that announcement of osama bin laden's death about 8:30 last night. made the announcement from the
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white house. we want to take you there this morning throughout the morning. it immediately brought out thousands of people to celebrate outside the white house gates. the crowd started forming just as the president began his statement announcing the death of bin laden. last night's crowd may have been the largest to gather spontaneously at the white house since president obama's election night victory in 2008. time now 5:35. well, the news of bin laden's death immediately brought attention to ground zero in new york city. we're keeping an eye on new york city. in fact this is a live picture from ground zero. the camera pointed and it's a familiar sight for most of us. almost ten years ago on september 11, 2001, this is of course where the world trade center towers fell. that has led to several sovereign ceremonies. but last night a different kind
5:36 am
of gathering took place. [ cheering and applause ] >> this is what was happening last night outside of ground zero in new york city. thousands of people turning out last night and early this morning for a celebration similar to the one we showed you at the white house. and as you just heard, some of them started singing the star spangled banner. >> i feel ecstatic that we finally have captured and contained one of the worst threats in the country and the world is and that finally our country can be at rest and at peace with the situation that has happened and september 11. >> that late night and early morning celebration even led some people to climb on top of light poles just showing how they felt. a lot of singing. while most were cheering and singing, others actually still took time to light candles at
5:37 am
the memorial site that sits near ground zero. news of bin laden's death is also bringing strong reaction right here at home. ktvu channel 2 reporter candidates candidate is in oakland this morning with what people here in the bay area are saying. kraig. >> reporter: in the newspaper of record as many people call it the new york times just arrived here. you can see the headline. news travels definitely today as it did ten years ago during the 9/11 attacks. newspaper now one of the last places most people find out major news, but the mass heads still leave impressions that last a lifetime. we're on broadway this morning inside of the newsstand the century old news seller doesn't carry papers from around the world anymore but the local papers all have the headline about bin laden. the examiner, chronicle, mercury news, usa today and oakland tribune tell the nice that most people are celebrating. online it's a similar story but the worldwide weapon is where most people would get this news. two college newspapers, the
5:38 am
harvard crimson and yale university paper not only have headlines but pictures of student reaction. these are stanford of cal papers have that in their online sections yet. newspapers in philly, new york post specifically reporting reaction. overseas as you might imagine especially in the middle east reaction is huge. the jerusalem post already reaction from hamas. palestinian political group the u.s. considers a terrorist organization. al jazeera is following closely with its english speaking viewers and the afghan daily has headline and obituary for bin laden. this is a man whose family has wealth beyond most of our dreams. he turned his back on that and decided to kill people to bring attention to the blithe of palestinians a message most rejected. live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:38. ten years ago former president george w. wish said he wanted osama bin laden dead or alive. last night president obama
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informed mr. bush about obama's death. shortly afterwards former president bush released a statement. he said "this momentous achievement marks a victory for americans for people who seek peace around the world and for all those who lost loved ones on september 11, 2001". now ktvu's coverage of the death of osama bin laden continues online on our channel 2 website on the special osama bin laden tab of you can find president obama's full speech of what he said last night along with local reaction and an interactive time line of the events of 9/11. sad story here in the bay area. a suspected drunk driver in san jose hit and killed a woman who was gardening in her front yard. the crash left part of the home caved in. neighbors say the driver jumped the sidewalk, pinned the woman to the home and then took off. the woman identified as 79-year-
5:40 am
old diana later died at the hospital. neighbors say the woman's grandson was also in the front yard just moments before the crash. >> she was cleaning her sidewalk. see how nice and neat the house is. she's a neat freak. and she loves, loves, loves her garden. and her grandson was out helping her. and she had just told him to go in the back. >> just moments before all of this police say the 28-year-old female driver had left the scene of another hit-and-run crash on blossom hill road. the victim in that crash followed her and called police. police arrested the driver and three passengers after they crashed into a parked car and police say alcohol was involved. we move from that story at 5:40 to check in with sal to see what else is happening on the roads this morning. sal. well, we had a couple earlier crashes. those have been cleared. it's still a little busy out there. good morning. this is a look at the san mateo bridge and traffic moves okay
5:41 am
if you're driving out to the high-rise and over to highway 101. also the morning commute is not bad if you are driving on interstate 880 north and southbound. we had some earlier bart delays. those have been cleared up. and the traffic is actually pretty light in the east bay so far. and the morning commute looks okay westbound bay bridge the traffic continues to move along. one of the areas to warn if you're going into san francisco is avoid the area of 24th and mission as they clear up a very serious accident at that intersection. 5:41. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. a very good monday morning. fog is increasing on the coast. it's kind of a little on the mend see know coast. not much on the sonoma which was about five minutes ago. marin coast, san francisco, san mateo filling in. santa cruz coastline filling in. it's there. sign of cooler day. breeze in place means we scatter a lot of that pollen around. trees again continue to be out front. mulberry, elm. grass not far away. weeds have backed off a bit.
5:42 am
all in the medium to medium high or very high category. system moving into the north not much to it but any time you have a system moving in in may that increases the westerly breeze or southwesterly wind. that also picks up some of that fog and starts to form. so that's what's happening. 40s and 50s. there's a rather significant spread here between napa and fairfield. 10 degrees. fairfield southwest at 13. sea breeze not rip roaring but it's there. livermore 47. 48 redwood city. 46 san raphael. santa rosa the coolest concord at 49. oakland 50 at 8:00 a.m. 64 at noon and a high today of 70 degrees. but i think you'll notice more of a westerly wind. so it will not be as warm as we had on sunday. that system to the north then will move through today and then tomorrow high pressure says i'm coming in. as it does it will settle in on tuesday and then really flex its muscle on wednesday. it's been going to boot camp class. it's going to give us some hefty temperature rises here. some upper 80s to maybe near 90
5:43 am
on wednesday. today about two to eight degrees cooler. that eight will be closer to the beaches and couple degrees far enough away from the coast. sunny, cooler, westerly breeze high today 60s for some. around the bay coast maybe upper 50s if you're stuck in that fog. and 70s inland. a couple low 80s. it's just really tough once you get to may then the inland areas warm up pretty fast. but along the coast and bay we'll see cooler pattern today. sunny and warmer on tuesday. much warmer. looks like we top it out wednesday. probably carry it into parts of thursday. cooler friday. much cooler as we go into the upcoming weekend. all right. thank you, steve. more on the death of osama bin laden. words from a military expert on how the ten year man hunt for the world's most wanted terrorist came to an end. also tests will soon start on several miles of pg&e pipeline. why a specific area is being targeted. good morning. northbound 280 traffic looks good getting into the valley. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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good morning. we have some fog moving in. just heard from tracy says patchy fog there. cooler conditions today. especially by the coast. 50s, 60s there. still upper 70s close to 80 inland. [ cheering and applause ] news of osama bin laden's death reached some people at a baseball game. the news spread quickly through the ballpark in philadelphia last night as the phillies took on the mets. players on the field didn't know right away. many were wondering what all the chanting was about. osama was living in a huge
5:47 am
custom built mansion in pakistan. fox news reporter kraig boswell has more on all of this from washington d.c. good morning, craig. >> good morning to you, dave. yeah, president obama says u.s. officials got a lead on osama bin laden's location back in august. defense department says navy seals got into that compound sunday evening, shot and killed bin laden in a raid that took maybe about 40 minutes. president obama announced the news of osama bin laden's death late sunday evening. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda and a terrorist responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. >> reporter: bin laden was tracked to a compound being constructed in abbottabad, pakistan. >> finally, last week, i determined that we had enough intelligence to take action. and authorized an operation to get osama bin laden and bring him to justice. >> reporter: the defense
5:48 am
department says about 40 navy seals were thrown into the compound and he refused to surrender and was shot in the head. three other men in the compound killed including bin laden's 24- year-old son. one of the four choppers used in the operation was destroyed but no americans were injured. >> from a national strategy leadership they took some very courageous decisions and kept it close in. >> reporter: spontaneous celebrations erupted outside the white house and jubilant crowds gathered in times square. at ground zero where the twin towers once stood, hundreds of people waved american flags and sang songs now almost ten years after the attacks that killed about 3,000. those celebrations continuing well into the morning hours here in new york and here in washington d.c. even though we had intermittent rain. the white house says president obama has held nine meetings with top national security advisors leading up to sunday's raid. osama bin laden's body has been
5:49 am
buried at sea. back to you. >> all right. reporter craig boswell, thank you. here's a quick look at other stories making headlines. pg&e may start tests later this week on pipelines similar to the ones that blew up last year. crews will check 150 miles of pipeline beginning in antioch and mountain view. alcatraz will reopen for tours this morning after a fire alarm forced the evacuation of the island. it was later confirmed to be a false alarm. passengers who had their tours disrupted are getting refunds. a.c. transit says a passenger was stabbed by another passenger on a bus following an altercation. this happened in richmond last night on the 72 san pablo hill top mall line. we don't know the condition of the victim at this hour. 5:49 is the time right now. back over to sal who i believe is keeping an eye on the san mateo bridge. that's right. westbound 92 looks pretty good getting out to the high-rise with no major problems.
5:50 am
as a matter of fact, the commute looks very nice if you are driving on westbound 92 all the way over to 101 or 280. 101 traffic also looks good as you drive on the bay shore freeway. let's move along and take a look at interstate 880. the traffic there is moving nicely. and if you're going to the bay bridge toll plaza, still not a big delay westbound traffic is moving well. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we had a little change in our weather pattern today. that's in the form of fog. it's going to be a little cooler today as well after a warm up on the weekend. i know the wind was the one caveat. other than that it was sunny and nice. sunny, breezy today but this will be more of a westerly breeze and not an easterly breeze. that means cooler. tomorrow sunny and warmer and that wind will turn more northerly. wednesday sunny and warmer inland highs near 90. i'll say it again. inland highs near 90 by wednesday. but looks like we'll go like this with the temps and go right back down as we get to the end of the week.
5:51 am
today's your cooler day after a warm up on the weekend. nothing too dramatic. system responsible for the cool down is moving into the north and the fog is increasing on the coast. it's not widespread but it's starting -- starting -- it's starting to thicken up. on the marin coast, san mateo coast. but with the sea breeze in place and some cooler overnight lows you lose the breeze and you get down into the low 40s napa, santa rosa. mid-40s or low 50s. there's the low heading into portland. that's responsible for our cool down. coming in rapidly behind that will be high pressure. it will start to show itself tuesday and then really come in on wednesday as temperatures everywhere coast, bay and inland will warm up. today it's that fog that will win out by the coast and the westerly breeze sunny but cooler and breezy at times now unless you're right by the coast where there will be patchy fog. 50s, 60s by the waters edge. 60s low 70s around the bay. upper 70s few low 80s inland. we have a delta breeze in place. it's not turbo charge or
5:52 am
anything. but it's there. low 70s even with sunshine towards santa cruz. 78 livermore. redwood city 75. sunny and warmer on tuesday. and then sunshine and warmer weather takes us wednesday and thursday. slight cool down friday and then a significant cool down as we go into the weekend. well, today southwest airlines plans to finish its purchase of air tran. analysts say travelers shouldn't see any differences today or even this week since they believe it will take at least a year to fully integrate the two companies. travelers do worry that decreased competition will lead to higher fares. fast five run off with the biggest april debut for any movie. the latest story in the fast and furious franchise stars vin diesel outlaw driving races. took in nearly $84 million. gave the movie industry a head start on the weekend.
5:53 am
rio keeping people in the theaters big happy family, water for elephants and prom round out the top five. time now 55:00. coming to grips with the death of osama bin laden. how a new york mother who lost her firefighter son on 9/11 says she's got a roller coaster of emotions. plus what the giant minor league teams are doing for the family of injured fan bryan stow. what they hope bryan stow will do for them.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
good morning to you. welcome back. time now 55:00. news of osama bin laden's death comes nearly ten years after the attack. we talked with a mother of one of the firefighters killed in the attack. rose mary explains shock and joy that the man who is responsible for the death of her son has finally met his fate. >> i just kept thinking thank god, thank god. i'm glad he's dead. eternal ligateful to our military. and glad there's one less evil person walking the earth tonight. it is good news. i think it sends a message to the world that we will hunt down evil. evil will never win out over
5:57 am
good. >> well, despite our happiness with the news, she says she will still wake up every day missing her son. the san francisco giants minor league team and fans are showing their support for bryan stow. he's the giants fan who was badly beaten at dodgers stadium on opening day there. the two teams presented stow's family with a check for more than $43,000 they raised last month. the san jose giants have invited stow to throw out the first pitch on father's day if he's well enough to attend. doctors are encouraged that he hasn't had any brain seizures as they bring him out of sedation. all right. time is now 5:57. well, all over the nation people are waking up reacting to the news of the killing of osama bin laden. one less terrorist in this world is a great start. and he was a big one. and he's gone now. so hopefully peace will begin to spread. also the threat of retaliation. we're hearing about that this morning. plus the terror leader's
5:58 am
death is impacting some flights. the extra security measures being put into place today. good morning. some fog has come back to the coast. that means it's going to be cooler today. how much so? we'll have that in two minutes.
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