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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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tracted in pakistan. a team of u.s. navy seals was flown in on sunday and osama bin laden refused to surrender and shot in the head. >> we are looking at the how he was able to hold out there for so long and whether there was a support system for him. >> reporter: lawmakers had questions about what the pakistani government knew about osama bin laden's whereabouts. >> i hope he will follow through and ask some very tough questions of his own military and intelligence. they got a lot of explaining to do. >> this incident shows that pakistan remains a critical, but uncertain ally in the fight against terrorism. >> reporter: hillary clinton praised pakistan's efforts in the fight against al-qaeda.
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>> cooperation with pakistan helped lead us to osama bin laden and the compound in which he was hiding. >> some say the u.s. should attach more strings in the aid given to pakistan. the issue wim come up tomorrow on capitol hill. president obama is expected to speak at the white house in 15 minute. we have a camera there and as soon as we hear from him we will bring it to you. >> even though thereis no specific new threat security is being beefed up in the wake of osama bin laden's death. ktvu's david stevenson live to show us what authorities are doing here in the bay area. >> police are keeping an eye on gathering spots. but much of their focus is on keeping commuters safe. the monday morning bay area commute offered the first indication of a first post-
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osama bin laden world. >> more inspectors into the subway to make sure we have more eyes and ears out there. >> reporter: the extra eyes and ears are to tach any attacks. muni and other agencies began coordinating their response immediately after word of osama bin laden's death came last night. >> i have been told to be more alert to the transit station, where peopled with gather. >> reporter: police are at a step one level of readiness, in which equipment, helmets and batons. >> we don't anticipate problems here in san francisco and we are in contact with homeland security. the fbi today said, while there are no specific osama bin laden related threats, every step is being taken to mitigate any developing threats. authorities told us they are
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always at a high level of alert. >> i am kind of scared. >> reporter: to help relieve commuters fears, bart canceled a anti-training terrorism exercise to put more officers on platforms today. >> country has done a good job at predicting the people. >> reporter: it's unclear how long the extra security will continue. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the killing of osama bin laden does not appear to have effected travel. sfo business was usual. the same was true at oakland international. the administration says there have been no changes to security. they say, we are always on alert. some travelers at sfo said they noticed a new sense of relief.
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>> i feel more secure today. you know. >> flying? >> sure. i think his whole network, al- qaeda has been weakened. >> there is still terrorists out there but this -- the main person is out of the picture now. san jose international, officials said they have not received direction to beef up security. today the u.s. state department issued a world wide alert to citizens living abroad. there is a large muslim population here in the bay area and we found a wide range of reaction to the killing of osama bin laden. rob roth is live. >> reporter: right now dozens of muslims are gathered here at
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this mosque for the afternoon- evening prayer. we spoke with many muslims here and not all were sure killing osama bin laden was the correct course of action. >> reporter: these bay area muslims offer their afternoon prayers. many of the folks work in stores, drive cabs, attends school. no one was mourning the death of osama bin laden. >> justice has been done. so many innocent people got killed with the -- also the bad game that he giving. >> reporter: muslims never considered osama bin laden a muslim leader. some say they should have captured him and that the u.s. sunk to osama bin laden's
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level. >> get him and put him on trial. because if he killed them, we are the terrorists. >> reporter: others say killing him accomplishes little in the bigger picture. >> innocent people are still dying in afghanistan and iraq and i think that his death doesn't really change much. >> reporter: across town at link tv, the vast majority of coverage welcomed the news of osama bin laden's death. >> most of them see him as murderer. he was actually not welcomed in most of the arab countries. >> reporter: some say the revolutions proved change can come without terrorism. and they are better off without osama bin laden.
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reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the largest afghanistan community in the united states is here in the bay area, fremont. the owner and his customers welcomed the news of osama bin laden's death but some are concerned about reprucushions here and in afghanistan. >> i am worried about home. you know, still might cage right now. they are going do something but we don't know when and how. >> we want to make sure the message gets out, one man's message is not the views of the whole community. >> the league of education and afghanistan development issued a statement, with a major chapter closed, we hope for a new chapter of dialogue and peace among the united states and the muslim world. >> the news propted patriotic
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displays. ktvu's maureen naylor is live at one display. >> reporter: behind me you can see it has grown. highway 24. a steady stream of oning. a dozen american flags are out here as this new chapter of history unfold. >> reporter: a steady stream of honks. >> i am here to support the president of the united states. >> reporter: this vet wear as bronze star replucaw of the one he was awarded. you won't find him cheering the death of osama bin laden. >> i don't think -- i would be involved in a celebration. having taken a human life. >> i was walking to work and i saw that headline and i stopped to took notice and had a little
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silent celebration on my own. >> his brother heard the news during the phillies-mets game and says that crowd chant brought a tear to his eye. >> i found out when 50,000 people found out and immediately, u.s.a. >> the next concern was for the soldiers over there and how much longer are we going be there. >> reporter: michael holds a dream that safer days are ahead without osama bin laden. >> he got what he deserved. you know? i don't think that will stop or slow down anything that has been going on. >> reporter: and here is another live look at this display. the man that we spoke with hopes his son won't have to live with the fear he has experienced. reporting live, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. the miami heat announced
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they want their fans to sing the nath annum tomorrow night --antsm tomorrow night as a gesture of patriottism. >> reporter: president obama plans to visit ground zero on thursday. the news of osama bin laden's death parked an outpowering of support -- outpouring. this is a live picture from the world trade center. people began celebrating there late last night. >> we are back. justice! >> in times square, tourists sang the star-spangled banner and cheered. [ singing ] >> outside the white house college students cheered as president obama gave the news,
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osama bin laden is dead. >> u.s.a. >> social media played a huge role in these gathering. at 6:00, tom vacar talks with college students who learned of osama bin laden death through facebook. our coverage continues online, there you can find president obama's speech and a time line of the events of 9/11. explosion and fire in red wood city forced a shelter in place this afternoon. hundredenned at an asphalt factory. john fowler is live right now and has details on where things stand. >> reporter: firefighters have just opened the road here in front of the plant.
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for more than half an hour smelly smoke poured across the sky. it is from a asphalt tank that exploded in flames. the smoke is potentialliy toxic. witnesses heard a boom about 2:30 this afternoon. >> felt like an earthquake. like when a truck stops. i got up, looked outside and see if there was a truck and there wasn't and next thing we know, we could see black smoke coming up from the plant. >> there is odor out here. but we are confident that the fire is under control and our guys are still out there, of course. >> reporter: firefighters contained the blaze about 90 minutes ago. investigators don't know what caused the explosion but the driver of this truck parked next to the tank said he was lucky to escape with his life. >> huge, huge explosion.
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i was waiting, and then what i got, it just flames. flames all over my truck. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured. the company makes construction materials. osha investigators are on their way to investigate what went wrong. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. a investigation tinhorns of thousands of dollar missing church in denville led to the arrest of three people associated with the church. kathleen dake, evelyn peinado, virgilio lukban are all charged with several counts of embezzlement. the women stole about $580,000 from the church through fraudulent use of church credit cards and checks. open wound. my heart suffers every day.
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>> how she and other are reacting to the death of osama bin laden. things are turning around for the bay area. a nice spring-like weather pattern. some cities can reach 90 degrees this week. which cities and which day that could happen.
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while 9/11 was a national disaster, for thousands it was a personal attack. the memorial in union city with how some of the families are taking the news that osama bin laden is dead. >> reporter: each one of these stones represent someone who died on united flight 93. today i caught up with a daughter whose mother died on that flight. she says the wounds he inflicted will never fully
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hill. >> reporter: september 11, 2001, her motherboarded united flight 93. on her way to move to california to be with family. >> she was the first one to check in that morning and, um, and then, you know, the rest of the day was just a blur. >> reporter: she watched as the events of 9/11 unfolded, till she learned how close to home it struck. >> i was on the phone with my sister and we saw the line on cnn saying flight 93 crashes in pennsylvania. that's when we found out. >> reporter: she was watching the news last night when she heard the president was going to address the nation. she had a premonition. >> i didn't want to get my hopes up that they caught him and then it started being broadcast that that was what it
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was. >> reporter: she says while his death may be closure to some, for her it was too close to hope to heal. >> it's an open wound. my heart suffers every day. you know, it's -- you move on with your life but it's always there. >> reporter: a trial for the man that killed her mother would have been its own torture. at 6:00, how this sent ripples throughout the day area. ktvu channel 2 news. jerry brown issued a statement last night following president obama's announcement that osama bin laden was killed. he said americans can be grateful that president obama got osama bin laden to justice. our friends can be assured of america's resolve. he is not making any public
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appearances.. these pictures show him with a bandate right there. they are from last tuesday. the procedures was connected on friday. the -- was conducted on friday. last week's cluster of tornadoes across the united states set a record. there were more tornadoes in a single day last week than any other day in history. there were 362 tornadoes last week. but in one 24 hour period alone, 312 tornadoes swept through the south. 340 people were killed from wednesday morning to thursday morning. charlie sheen went on a mission of mercy to the tornado zone today in tuscaloosa,
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alabama and toured some of the hardest hit neighborhoods. he wants to lend support and compassion to the victim. he hopes to organize a benefit event for the relief effort. that weekend weather came together as bill martin said it would. >> weather has been nice and continues that way. cooler today. fog at the coast and temperatures dropped 10-13 degrees in san francisco downtown. let me show you the winds right now. it is howling out there. if you orient yourself, here is the bay bridge, here is the golden gate bridge. live reading at the south tower of the golden gate bridge. winds gusting to 36 miles per hour. that's a big number. small craft advisory right there. this is what it looks like. that is pulling cool moist air off of the pacific and pushing it in to the inland bay valley.
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still a nice day. the weekend was outstanding. with the strong winds, temperatures definitely dropped off today, even though we saw plenty of 70s. sunny tomorrow and warmer. warmer on wednesday. wednesday will be the warmest day of the weekend. thursday pretty warm as well. we could see temperatures in the upper 80s. maybe low 90s. extended forecast, 90 on wednesday, the whole week looks warm. still experiencing overnight lows. 43 in santa rosa. patchy fog along the coast. fog towards half moon bay. overnight lows in the inland valleys on the chilly side. we are transitioning from spring, winter into summer. cold overnight throws and patchy fog. so the weather patterns are changing. one of the hottest days we have seen this week on wednesday.
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we will look that 5 day forecast and way out there with the computer mod. see you back in -- model. see you back here in a bit. the measures the united states military took to positively identify the body of osama bin laden. what pg&e will do to make sure an explosion like the one in san bruno will not happen again.
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. this is video of the uss carlten, it is where navy seals took the body of osama bin laden after last night's raid. the pentagon says they followed islamic traditions and buried osama bin laden in the waters. >> u.s. officials say they used several methods to confirm his identify. dna technology. experts say dna tests can be accurate if dna from a relative is used. that can by a parent or sibling. they haven't revealed the source of the dna they used. >> i would have liked to see footage of the actual execution. i would like to see the bodies.
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burial at sea is hard to believe. >> i am skeptical about our government. show me the dental records, the body. >> reporter: what would convince you? >> brought him here and executed him like normal. >> it usually takes two weeks to complete dna tests but there are new tests to produce results in 2 hours. words of praise for the commanders and service members involved in the raise on osama bin laden's compound. he says it took courage from the service members and the decision makers behind the operation. he issued a statement saying this mission sends a message about our will to stand up for what is right. move that turned heads, what president obama did right before the osama bin laden raid that had white house workers
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and reporters wondering what was up. in washington, reaction is pouring in, i have all the angles covered. details coming up.
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. complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. we are learning more about the investigation that led to the killing of osama bin laden and the military mission that brought him down, as well as how president obama went about the business of being president during a critical time. >> reporter: it was the result of intelligence gathering and a tip four years ago about the identity of osama bin laden's
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courier. last year, u.s. intelligence identified the compound in pakistan where they believe the courier lived. they learned osama bin laden might be there and notified president obama. by march the president began a series of meet tags develop options to capture or kill osama bin laden. friday president obama authorized the operation. on sunday a small team of navy seals raided the compound and killed osama bin laden. president obama was able to monitor the operation in real time from the white house. deputy national security adviser describes the experience. >> probably one of the most anxiety periods of time in the lives of the people here yesterday. the minutes passed like days and the president was very concerned about the security of our personnel. >> reporter: we just got these photos released by the white
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house. they show president obama, joe biden and members of the national security team getting an update. these pictures were taken in the situation room yesterday. before the president went on television last night to deliver news of president president obama's death. >> we brought you that address live here on ktvu. the president never let on such a major operation was underway. when he cut short his golf game yesterday reporters thought the weather was to blame. he was still in his golf shoes when he went to the oval office. george w. bush says with the death of osama bin laden justice has finally been served. president obama called george w. bush to tell him of the death. george w. bush said they have our ever lasting gratitude. george w. bush was in power on
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september 11, 2001. he sent forces in october of 2001. dick cheney, offered rare praise for president obama said. saying they deserve a lot of credit. he told fox news today he assumed the interrogation program that the bush administration put in place help leaded to this. >> washington is still buzzing with reaction. congress just returned from recess. today the city seemed to pause to reflect on what happened. >> reporter: that is right. the fights have gotten nasty lately but today everyone is on the same team, team america. >> reporter: in front of the white house the crowds have thinned but the place where president obama made the call
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to go after osama bin laden was still tourist central with people posing to capture history. where flight 77 plowed into the pentagon, pentagon, the mood was more sub subdued. >> it's a shame it took 10 years to find him and to get at him. but he deserved to die. >> reporter: as they came back to life today bay area lawmakers praised president obama for his leadership but warned of possible retaliation. >> more work to do. he is one person. terrorism is still out there. we have a commitment to protect and defend. >> reporter: some say that means reinstating interrogations, especially since intel may have helped
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helped helped the mission. >> right now we have the headlines coming -- we will have to see what that means. >> reporter: although this was mission accomplished, some still have many questions. like if pakistan was involved in hiding osama bin laden. live in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. reporters, leaders, all joind president obama. saturday night live's head writer was the featured speaker and at one point joked about osama bin laden's whereabouts. >> people think he is hiding in the -- >> the president smiled and  gave nothing away. hours later forces shot and killed osama bin laden.
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ahead, robert handa will have reaction on the death of osama bin laden from bay area families who has loved one fighting over seas. >> i remember ken sent me an e- mail when saddam hussein was killed. and then i thought he should have been here to see this come full circle. >> more of the report straight ahead on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. our coverage continues online anytime. you can find president obama's full speech and a time line of the event of 9/11. police released the identity of a driver arrested yesterday in a hit-and-run accident. leticia martinez is phasing charges, including manslaughter, driving under the influence and driving without a
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license. she was driving, her car jumped a curb and pinned a woman. it happened on sunday morning. the victim, diana pundsack was gardening when she was hit. a man said he was washing his car and moved away just seconds before the car plowed into it. >> i was walking when i heard this like crazy noise and i turned around and that's when i seen it come barreling around the corner. >> three passengers with her were released without being charged. pg&e could begin high pressure tests this weekend. they will use pressurized water, they are part of 150 miles of pipeline that is
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similar to san bruno. pg&e says the tests should not disrupt gas service. what american car companies are doing for the first time in 7 years. and salmon season is on, we will give you the first reports on the catch. look at this, it's an animating look at the raid at osama bin laden's compound. you will see more, the full raid coming up in just a few minutes.
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. wall street, stocks lost ground despite an early rise. at the close the dow jones industrial average fell 3.18 points to close at 12,807.36. the nasdaq composite fell 9.46 points to 2,864.08. for the first time in 7 years all three of detroit car companies are making money. chrysler was the last to return to profit. today it reported a profit of $116 million in the 1st quarter of this year. last week ford reported its best profits since 1998 and gm said it had its first full profitable year since 2004. honda is warning that it will return short of its popular
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models, it's caused by parts shortages because of the earthquake and tsunami in japan. the company also says several acura models will be effected as well. southwest airlines finished its purchase of air tran. it gives them a chance to expand in new york and washington and for the first time they will have service to atlanta. besides the chance for growth, southwest eliminated a low cost air travel competitor. salmon fisherman, salmon season started yesterday. there are plenty of fish below the size limit but few above. officials predict 730,000 salmon should be in the waters this year. that's three times more than last year. >> children who focus on one
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sport end up getting hurt more offer than kids playing multiple different sports. they found that kids who specialized in one specific sport were more likely to get injured. infants who aren't breast- fed might experience long-term health consequences. by age 3 the formular fed infants had higher blood pressure. children who were breast-fed showed a different pattern of growth. the dalai lama canceled a talk today because of ill health. the 75-year-old postponed aflight on the advice of his
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doctors. he is due to arrive today. many bay area military families are responding to the death of osama bin laden. and they are feelings run deep. here them explain why coming up.
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this animation was created to depict what went on during the raid where osama bin laden was killed. six members of the seal team repelled into a compound in
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pakistan. osama bin laden chose to fight it out and was killed inside one of the buildings. u.s. forces took his body and left by helicopter. one american helicopter did crash but there are no reports of injuries. many bay area military families have mixed emotions of the death of osama bin laden. some say it still won't bring back their loved one. ktvu's robert handa is live with am of their stories. >> reporter: we are at the 9/11 memorial set up here. people have been coming here with their thoughts and some military families shared their thoughts with us. >> reporter: she put balloons up and celebrated the news about osama bin laden's death. her son is in the coast guard and done work with the navy seals. >> i think he is safer but i
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don't know for how long. i am being realistic about this. we always have to keep our guard up. >> reporter: she agrees. >> our men and women out in afghanistan, iraq, other countries, they are at risk. they got a bigger target on their back. >> reporter: she is also glad osama bin laden is got but she can't rejoice, her son was killed in iraq on memorial day 7 years ago. >> i remember he sent me an e- mail when saddam hussein was killed. and it said, we got him. and then i thought ken should have been here to see this come full circle. >> reporter: she understands that feeling, her son died in combat in iraq in 2004. but she believes travis is celebrations a mission accomplished. >> he believed that they needed
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to help to settle this and get democracy in the countries across the seas and i believe that he is really rejoicing. i do. >> reporter: many families say osama bin ladenmous death comes at a appropriate time, may is military appreciation month. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. people trying to get news about the death of osama bin laden crashed a website today. the website for news zem. it is a museum in washington d.c. devoted to journalism. while websites let people get up to the minute news, people sometimes turn to news papers. our coverage of osama bin laden's death continues at 6:00. julie haener with a look at
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what to expect. training prepares them for america's most dangerous missions. we speak to a navy seal about the secrecy surrounding his work. plus the raid on osama bin laden's compound was captured as it happened on twitter. the role social media sites played. live team coverage coming up at 6:00. they took over an oakland park today. >> oh! >> we are talking about dogs today. they kicked off a month long celebration. in oakland that meant a fashion show today. a lot of short sleeves and
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sun glasses. according to bill martin we should keep those things around. >> it will continue to warm up. temperatures fell off today because of the fog at the coast. tuesday, wednesday, that's going going to warm us up. outside, notice this buoy out here. look that wind gusts. it is howling. gusting to 36. that's a big wind. the winds are howling through the golden gate bring right now and that is transporting cooler air into the inland valleys. that wind backs off the next couple of days. when that hanans temperatures will come back up. overnight lows tonight are cool again, low 40s. the blues represent low 40s. the off color, this color, that's temperatures in the 50s. day time highs tomorrow, noon time, loss of yellows. those are 70s.
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check this out. couple 80s. those are the oranges. fremont, san jose, inland bay valleys. let's watch that. wednesday things warm up. low 90s. the winds keep coming. they come more off shore. that kills the powerful wind off the coast and warms up. tuesday, warmer. wednesday the warmest day of the week. temperatures near 90. highs tomorrow, pittsburgh 79. 80 in antioch. this is for tuesday. warmer than today. temperatures tomorrow will be significantly warmer, maybe 10 degrees over what we are looking at right here. south bay 70s. 60s along the coast. winds clock off shore. that's a nice pattern for the coast line. gets rid of the fog and warms us up. spring time is here.
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remember last week? wet at times. we are into it now. pollen report at 6:00. tree pollens are up there. >> i thought so. thank you. it is a tradition, police officers pausing to remember their own.
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there is word tonight that
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short staffing at the crime lab is costing the city thousands of dollars every month because it sends work out to other labs. the lab has four dna technicians, down from six last year. the police department promised to have the department fully staffed. it costs $150,000 every month to send evidence to outside labs. annual tradition played out today in sacramento. politicians and police joined to honor fallen california peace officers. >> thousands of officers marched near the state capital today. this was the 39 annual ceremony. they gathered near the monument to honor the 14 men and women who died this year. >> they are sworn to dedication
5:56 pm
and service. they are sworn to care for life itself. this is truly the definition of honor. >> the peace officers memorial stands 9 feet tall. they look down on a life size figure of a woman comforting a child sitting on a bench, representing the grief torn families left behind. 1400 officers died in the line of duty since california became a state in 1850. more news just ahead. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. at the beginning of the newscast, president obama will speak on the death of osama bin laden, we will bring you part of the address in minutes. a bay area based website many people learned about yesterday's death of osama bin laden. we will talk about the role social media played in what happened and its future. stay with us. there is also more ahead at
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6:00. the bay area's biggest airport, that story ahead on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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open wound. my heart suffers every day. >> strong emotions. the impact it is having. they do their work in secret, tonight we hear from a former navy seal. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening. i am julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. we are learning new details about the secret mission to kill osama bin laden. this new video was shot inside the compound in pakistan where a team of navy seals shot and killed osama bin laden. it shows a large patch of blood on the ground. it took 40 minutes and involved 2 dozen navy seals. >> this afternoon the white house released these photos taken inside the situation room. you can see how tense is was as president obama joined


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