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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 2, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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advisers to watch a live feed of the military operation. >> we have live team coverage tonight. john, you spoke to a former navy seal? >> reporter: this is the marine's memorial club where there is a benefit. i talked to retired military and two navy seals seals. >> reporter: marines speak with a frank voice about the elimination of osama bin laden. >> this was justice and justice for the families of 9/11. and it sends a message. >> people who are our enemies need to realize that somebody is going come up and get rid of you. >> reporter: in this case it
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was navy seals. we talked by phone with a former navy seal who just returned from afghanistan. >> they built a mock up of the target and a secret compound where the teams practice assaulting it all day, all night for two weeks. >> they are terrific. they live, eat and breathe what they are doing. >> reporter: he did similar missions and said osama bin laden very likely had little warning. >> surprised by the time they figured out what was happening. >> i don't wish any man's death what there are some obitiaries i like reading and this is one of them. >> he said the men on this team signed up to go get something. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2
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news. the american military had chances to kill osama bin laden before yesterday. 1998 and 1999 the u.s. chose against launching mission strikes because of collateral damage. in december 2001 osama bin laden slipped out of tora bora. and this american president obama decided against bombing the hide out in order to send in troops to get proof of osama bin laden's death. president obama said osama bin laden death makes today a good day for america and the world. >> the world is safer. it is a better place because of the death of osama bin laden. today we are reminded that as a nation there is nothing we can't do. when we put our soldrs to the wheel, when we work together. >> the president made those comments during a ceremony at the white house for two soldiers killed in the korean
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war. he praised the spirit of the crowds that gathered. this meeting took place in islamabad hours after osama bin laden's death was announced. pakistan has indicated it was a joint operation. some u.s. government officials are suggesting, based on osama bin laden's location he must have had pakistani support. u.s. officials took care to comfirm the man they killed was osama bin laden. his wife identified him and then facial recognition testing was used and dna tests. u.s. officials have not revealed the source of the dna. osama bin laden was buried in the north arabian sea 12 hours
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after he was killed. it was done in accordance with islamic law. his body was washed and wrapped in a white cloth and dumped in the water. coming up at 6:15, you will remember where you were when you learned osama bin laden was killed. the role social media played. security increased as news spread of osama bin laden's death. what is being done to keep people safe. extra precautions being taken at san francisco international airport. >> reporter: by bus, plane or train, you likely saw more cops and tighter security if you traveled today. >> we don't anticipate any problems in san francisco. >> reporter: police say no one is taking chances with possible unrest or attacks in the wake
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of osama bin laden's death. police are coordinating with homeland security and local transportation agencies to boost security in bay area transit hubs. >> they have been told to be more alert to the transititations, as well as places of worship. >> reporter: much of that police presence was visible this afternoon at san francisco international airport. >> there is no intel that makes me believe the airport is on a terrorist type event out here. >> police deputy chief says he called in extra officers to reassure travelers. >> we are making sure officers are out in the public areas to just let people know it's a safe area to travel in. >> got in early to the miami airport because of that. i thought there would be more
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tightness on security. >> reporter: travelers said security measures seemed to be business as usual. >> all they asked me, if i carry my carry on liquid. >> reporter: perhaps surprisingly other landmarks didn't increase security. the golden gate bridge authority said they are always on high alert. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. we just checked with oakland and san jose airports and both tell us it is business as usual there. they say they too are always on heightened alert. 10 years since the 9/11 attacks. ktvu's christian live with the september 11 victims. >> reporter: each one of these stones represents someone who died on united flight 93. she is pleased osama bin laden
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is dead. >> reporter: on september 11, 211, hilda borded united flight 93, moving to the west coast to be with her daughter's family. >> she was the first one to check in that morning. and then -- the rest of the day was just a blur. >> reporter: carol watched the events of 9/11 unfold like everyone else. >> i was on the phone with my sister and we saw that -- the line on cnn saying flight 93 crashes in pennsylvania and i said, wait a minute. and that's when we found out. >> reporter: she was watching the news last night when she learned osama bin laden was dead and would never stand trial. >> i think it's the right resolution. a trial probably, we would be sitting here 10 years from now waiting for a trial and that would be torture. >> reporter: while osama bin
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laden's death closes one chapter, the suffering will never end. >> it's just an open wound. >> reporter: 9/11 left its mark on the bay area. she visits the flight 93 memorial and sees families gathered here to celebrate birth days and anniversaries that never were. >> you see the families come individually and throughout the year, not at any one particular time where everybody gets together. >> reporter: plansplans for a memorial day celebration are set to take place here, those plans are already underway. ktvu channel 2 news. we spoke to bay area military families today about the death of osama bin laden. one woman whose son is in the coast guard put balloons up in celebration. another woman's son died while serving and she is glad osama bin laden is gone but it's still difficult for her to
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celebrate. >> ken sent me an e-mail when saddam hussein was killed and it said we got him. i thought ken should have been here to see this come full circle. >> osama bin laden's death comes in bay, which some military appreciation month. the muslim community had a wide range of reaction to the death of osama bin laden. no one said they mourned him but not everyone thought killing him was the proper course of action. >> just get him and put him on trial. because if he killed them so we are the terrorists. >> innocent people are still dying in afghanistan and iraq and i think that his death doesn't really change much. >> muslims we spoke with said they never considered osama bin laden a religious leader. our coverage continues on
6:10 pm you can watch the president's announcement of osama bin laden's death. we also have a time line and video from the 9/11 attacks. an explosion and fire is now under control. the explosion happened about 2:30 this afternoon at a factory in red wood city. news chopper 2 brought you these pictures live. an hour ago officers reopened the street. for more than half hour a vowed of black smoke poured into the sky. authorities ordered a scepter in place for the area. that was lefted, no one was hurt. the states' fiscal problems got the top educator here today. he toured west more high school today. he is a graduate and things
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changed since he was a student there. she told officials just how dier our financial situation is. >> this is the worst crisis, not just in a decade but in the history of the state for the schools. >> today's stop is part of a side wide tour he is making to convey how critical the situation is with schools. the school board will discuss a new incentive program tomorrow to encourage teachers to retire. under the program the school district would contribute to a teacher's annuity program for five years. they have a budget short fall of $1.6 million. >> the company in this building quite literally brought hundreds of millions of people together yesterday. i am tom vacar, the twitter effect, still ahead. >> less than 10 minutes i will show yachterrers that are as
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warm as we have seen all year. i will tell you when those will occur.
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this image of osama bin laden is from the fbi's top 10 most wanted list. the agency updated its picture to include the words deceased. there was a $25 million reward for information leading to his arrest or conviction. the wall street journal reports this man is likely to replace osama bin laden on the list as the fbi's most wanted terrorist in the world. he has been second in command. the killing of osama bin laden sparked a new threat from
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al-qaeda, promises to avenge his death. al-qaeda has active branches in pakistan and yemen. but the fbi and department of homeland security says osama bin laden's death is more likely to inspire home grown terrorists in the united states. president obama spoke within the last hour about the raid on osama bin laden's compound. he appealed to lawmakers to continue the spirit of national unity that followed osama bin laden's death. >> we all had differences in the past. i suspect we will have them again in the future. but last night, as americans learned the united states carried out an operation that led to the death of osama bin laden -- [ applause ] >> president obama also sited other moments, including the
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january shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords that united the country. reaction to the death of osama bin laden was somewhat muted. drivers blew their horns to acknowledge flags on a overpass. one war vet said people should be cautious celebrating any death. >> i don't think i would be involved in a celebration having taken a human life. i think he got what he had coming. >> hillary clinton would not comment on whether someone is in line to get the fbi reward offered for news of osama bin laden's whereabouts. many people first heard the news online. ktvu's tom vacar is live with the role social media played in spreading the story of osama bin laden's death. >> reporter: these instruments are likely to soon become the
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most powerful sources of news on earth. >> reporter: these students learned of osama bin laden's death from social media, namely facebook. >> every group i was apart of and every friend had something to say about osama bin laden's being killed. >> people had uploads of newscasts of the story. as soon as i found out i czeched google and i read the story. >> reporter: twitter. >> i am sure millions of people's updates was osama bin laden's dead. >> reporter: he says social media are emerging sources of news. >> it's the human experience. the container that you put the information is irrelevant. >> reporter: it began with two pakistanis tweeted they heard unusual tweeted.
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he tweeted helicopter hovering at 1:00 a.m. a huge window shaking bang. i hope it's not the tart of something nasty -- start of something nasty. >> he was just saying this is crazy. >> reporter: soon it proved his toric. osama bin laden killed in pakistan. isi confirmed it. there goes the neighborhood. >> reporter: it is reported there were 5,000 tweets were second. a new record by far. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. wet winter is paying off in the sierra. crews took their measurements today. the snow pack came in at 209% of average at this location. that is due to a lack of snow melt in april. the state says this year's
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water allocation is the highest since 2006. the wet winter could translate into lots of fuel for wildfires this summer. this is video of one of the many wildfires to hit the state. california has an average of 7,000 wildfires this year. homeowners need to clear brush and have an evacuation plan ready to go. getting warmer. let's check in with bill for the latest on the forecast. >> the snow is melting slowly so we are not getting the big run offs so the snow is still captured up there. what we want is a slower melt so e we can capture that water and use it. things are heating up around here. it has been cool up till now.
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patchy fog and fool tonight. more patchy fog, coastal fog tomorrow morning. wake up cool. tomorrow is warmer. wednesday is the warmest day of the week. overnight lows 73 santa rosa. not as cold as last week. frost. this week up into the low 40s. temperatures back in the 50s further on. pollens are high. tree pollens are what are bothering you. the tree, if it's blooming, it is sending off a lot of pollen. tree pollen is trending high. they will stay that way through the weekend. today was a nice day. tomorrow it was cooler. tomorrow will be warmer. tomorrow the warmest day with
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possible 90s. warm air flows off shore. that starts tomorrow. winds out of the east, northeast. today winds are coming this way. that's why it was cooler. your forecast high, 78 in fairfield. 80 in antioch. temperatures are up from today. wednesday temperatures jump could be 5-10 degrees warmer. 78 morganhill. 75 in mountain view. tree pollen is trending high. other than that, good air quality and a heck of a nice day. 5 day forecast, you see the warm up. at the coast we changed the parameters. coast-inland. this time a year we show coastal day time highs. wednesday 75. 90 in concord. here we go. >> thank you. sacramento kings are staying put, at least for now. the promise the team owner is
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counting on.
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. promise of plans for a new arena are keeping the sacramento kings in town at
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least for one more year. he said if the plans aren't ready in a year the team is going to move. they have been in talks to relocate down to anaheim. a's played a monday day game today. >> i think they like it. maybe schedule more of them. a's starting to make noise as they take care of the texas rangers. the team the giants took care of in the world series. check out the a's on a nice monday afternoon. 5th inning. 2-2. bases loaded for texas. michael young -- beautiful catch. nice play. a run does score as you see the replay. sack fly. rangers 4-3. josh willingham crashes it and we got a tie
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ball game. 4-4. 10th inning. grant gets yorvit torrealba to end the inning. the a's take advantage and ending it. matsui. the walk off and the a's take it before a very small crowd. mean time, military night at national's park in washington d.c. madison bumgarner looking for his first win of the year. absolutely brilliant in the fifth inning. threatening. gets the strikeout. things unravel in the 7th. they call that a base hit. that's an error. after that madison seemed distracted. base hit, that scores one run.
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2-0 your final. the giants shut out again. that is the sporting life. giants 2 games under .500. >> thank you. coming up at 7:00 on tv 36, mystery surrounds a group of military members who took out osama bin laden. a former navy seal sheds ligh on who they are. and that is our report for now. >> have a great evening everyone. good night. >> good night.
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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