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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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new details in the death of osama bin laden. the clues found at his hideout that may turn the tide in the war on terror. pg&e is venting a gas line today. the reason why it concerns residents this morning. are you familiar with that? have you heard about it? [ audio problems ] well, good morning to you. welcome to tuesday. it's may 3rd. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. let's start with steve paulson and a look at the weather. good morning, steve. good morning, pam and dave. we have some patchy fog out there. not widespread. but it's around the marin coast, san francisco, little bit over the bay and also on
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san mateo coast. it will lose out to a north wind later on but we'll go from 60s to mid-60s and some low 70s around the bay to upper 70s and low 80s inland. an update on your traffic now with sal. right now traffic moves well on the san mateo bridge. looks like a little morning fog that we've been talking about here. going tour a little tough for drivers getting over to the peninsula. also this morning we're looking at the bay ridge. it's light. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. we're learning more details this morning about the raid on that compound in pakistan where osama bin laden was killed. it was one of bin laden's personal couriers who unknowingly led the c.i.a. to bin laden's hiding place. and u.s. officials say president obama made the decision to launch a surgical attack on the compound with helicopters rather than a massive bombing raid. now take a look at this. president obama and his advisors were able to watch the whole 40 minute mission in realtime. they watched as c.i.a.
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director on a video screen narrated from agency headquarters in virginia what was happening in pakistan. now these photos from the white house situation room they're waiting to hear a single word, geronimo. the code that bin laden was either captured or dead. >> the minutes passed like days. and the president was very concerned about the security of our personnel. >> navy seals found bin laden in this bedroom and shot him once in the head and once in the chest. we're getting a better look this morning at bin laden easter rest compound. this daylight amateur video shows the area outside. now inside the compound navy seals were able to confiscate hard drives and dvds. now the cia is hoping to find clues that could lead to bin laden's right hand man. despite that possible gain, the u.s. did lose a helicopter during the mission. you can see that wreckage in the video right there. time now 6:02.
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the white house says it's weighing the pros and cons of releasing photographs of osama bin laden's body. right now there are reports that photos showing bin laden has a gunshot wound above the left eye. there are fears that releasing such a photo could insight osama bin laden's followers. however, some critics are questioning whether bin laden really is dead. they say the burial at sea adds to their doubts since there are no ways to verify the claim. we're also hearing about a warning that al qaeda has hidden a nuclear bomb in europe that they claimed would be set off if osama bin laden were ever captured or killed. reportedly that's what the master mind of the september 11 attacks told interrogators at guantanamo bay. that's according to to documents released by wikileaks. however, officials say many of his statements have proven to be unfounded. the discovery that osama bin laden had been living in a mansion in pakistan has some
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people wondering if the government in pakistan knew he was there all the time. coming up at 6:15 we're going to have a live report from washington d.c. where some members of congress are now questioning the billions of dollars in aid that the u.s. gives to pakistan to fight terror. now we will continue to cover this story throughout the morning. we have more on the death of osama bin laden on our website as well there's a special section that includes illustrations of bin laden's compound as well as more reaction from the families of 9/11 victims. just look for the osama bin laden tab on our home page again time is now 6:04. the story we've been following in fact just over 30 minutes ago six louisiana boy scouts and two adult scout leaders were rescued from the arkansas wilderness. they were spotted overnight by a national guard helicopter. rescue operations then resumed when the sun came up this morning and all of those scouts were taken out of that area.
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the boy scouts were expected back on sunday but they became trapped by rising waters in a heavily wooded area. time is now 6:04. back here at home pg&e says it will vent gas from one of its pipelines in mountain view today. the venting will take place along the pipeline that runs from the shoreline golf course past highway 101. ktvu's jade hernandez joining us live with why pg&e's releasing the gas in the first place. jade. >> reporter: that's right. gas line 132a is a small feeder line. and pg&e is testing it later today. first they'll release a gas inside of it and then they'll push high pressure water through it. that small feeder line meets a major line right here at shoreline boulevard and middlefield road. now if gas line 132 sounds familiar, it should. it's the same line which runs up the peninsula and exploded in san bruno last fall. a few weeks ago pg&e held a meeting. the utility alerted neighbors they would be testing the
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pipeline today. the pipeline runs under businesses and homes from shoreline golf links to the middle school. pg&e says they still aren't too sure who will pay for the testing which is expected to cost as much as half a million dollars. this is what residents can expect to either hear or see today. you're looking at video provided by pg&e of high pressure water testing. gas inside 132a will be quickly released into the atmosphere. it should dissipate quickly. mountain view and antioch are the first cities to have their gas lines pressure tested in a round of testing following the san bruno disaster. 150 miles of pipeline in the bay area will eventually be tested. those with the concerns of a gas odor should call pg&e at the number on your screen 1-800- 743-5000. we've contacted pg&e this morning and we're expecting to hear from someone soon. reporting live from mountain view this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. there's word of an important closed door meeting at oakland's city hall today.
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the chronicle reports that the city council will discuss possible legal sanctions against mayor jean quan's personal lawyer and advisor. dan seagal is a private attorney with no official ties to city hall. but critics charge that he's been overstepping his authority by getting involved in important issues effecting the oakland police department. the chauncey bailey murder trial continues today in oakland. yusuf bey iv both standing trial for the death of journalist chauncey bailey and two other men in 2007. yesterday a liquor store worker vandalized by bey but he refused to answer questions. he told the court he has memory loss. the prosecution believes he is fearing for his life. the federal appeals court in san francisco upheld alameda county's ban on gun shows on government property. it's a setback for gun show promoters.
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the court ruled that the ban does not violate the sect amendment's promise of the right to keep and bear arms. the judges say that the ban does not prohibit gun shows altogether. only on government property. well, san jose's city manager's proposing severe staff cuts to deal with the city's $115 million deficit. that includes cutbacks in the police and fire departments. ktvu's kraig debro joins us now from san jose with reaction from police officers this morning. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, pam. we're at police headquarters. over here you can see some of the s.w.a.t. vans here. what we're hearing the people who man those vans would not be in the proposed cuts. those are supposed to come from supervisor positions. and positions that sack fiesed and saddened those are the words being used to react to the budget proposal. among the union's hardest hit as the mayor and council accept those proposal. one officer has taken his kids
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out of day care to save their money and knows other officers who have lost their homes to mortgage crisis. recommends putting 10% -- rather cutting 10% of pay from eleven public employee unions. a published report says four unions have agreed and a fifth is a maybe. even if all unions agree the city would not be able to cover a projected $115 million budget deficit and up to 388 positions could be eliminated. here are some of the highlights from this budget. 195 police officers laid off and or not replaced. 64 firefighter positions laid off or outsourced. branch library services and hours get this reduced to just three days a week. i asked the san jose police officer if they had looked at any of the tactics oakland police officers tried to use last summer. 80 officers there were laid off last july because of the budget deficit. oakland had tried to offer the city a plan to accept pay cuts but then a guarantee that no more cuts or layoffs would take
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place for three years. it was rejected. and those layoffs took place. reporting live in san jose, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. time now 6:09. let's check in with sal. still feels light this morning on the roads. it does. i think it's just kind of a late wake up for the morning commute right now. we're looking at all the roads and it looks great here on the golden gate bridge. the caution light is up because they were reconfiguring the lanes. you'll see that caution lit up for a few more minutes. right now things doing okay on the golden gate bridge. looking at the east shore freeway and driving west a lot of people drive toward the bay bridge. no major problems although now there's word of a stalled motorcycle just reported west 80 at treasure island. looks like it's stalled in one of the right lanes. and this morning if you're driving on the nimitz freeway, hayward city and fremont that traffic is looking good. and across the bay burl gap at san mateo traffic is moving well on the bay shore freeway. 6:10. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. looks like a roller coaster
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ride here on the temps next three to fife five days. bring it back down on the weekend. today is transition day as we get rid of the fog. but it's there around the bay. patchy morning fog, little breezy, little cool inland. some 40s. little bite to the morning air. but by noon we'll get rid of most of that fog. sunny and breezy. 60s by the coast. upper 60s arnold the bay. low 70s inland and by the afternoon mid-60s to mid-70 coast and bay and low 80s inland. tomorrow's really the day we start to warm up. sunshine on the menu for everybody after we get rid of this morning fog and some of that can be rather sub stubborn for a while. the north wind already taking shape. fog doesn't have much of a chance when that happens. the wind is already starting to turn northwest. show you that in a second here. 43 chilly degrees santa rosa. a lot of 40s livermore at 46. san jose 49. san raphael 46. upper 40s fairfield and also san francisco. west-southwest fairfield 14 along with that upper 40. that's a cool morning.
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calm now in napa airport. calm santa rosa. northwest northwest finally at sfo. so we've gone from west- southwest to northwest. that's ascend the north wind is beginning to get closer and closer. you can see it right there. that's a good ridge of high pressure. i wouldn't say average but it's moving in. that's going to give us warmer weather little bit today than more so tomorrow then thursday. tomorrow turning breezy. turning west-northwesterly. there's some fog around the bay. warm inland. 60s closer to the coast. 70s around the bay. upper 70s low 80s inland. temperature trend not much different than yesterday really. just the coastal areas had to deal with fog yesterday and the same today. gill roy 84. 78 santa clara. all around 80. the coast is tricky because the fog is there. mid-60s, low 60s and 70s on the peninsula. san francisco 68 at yesterday's 61. all dependent on that fog getting chewed up.
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i think it will. looks very warm on wednesday into thursday. slight cool down friday as the fog comes back and then a big cool down on the weekend. keeping a promise. an update on how budget cuts will effect a pledge made to local school children. also questions this morning about what the government of pakistan knew about osama bin laden's whereabouts. we'll take you live to washington d.c. with the skepticism by some members of congress.
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time now 6:15. look at this. the pilot of a small plane has died after this fiery crash in florida. now this plane was in the air for just a couple of seconds yesterday morning when the pilot radioed he was going down. that plane clipped some trees, crashed through a metal fence. and you see it. it slammed into two cars and burst into flames just a couple of feet from a house. one person was inside the house, but they were not hurt. the ntsb is investigating the cause of that plane crash. new this hour former secretary of state just said in an interview that pakistan has helped a great deal in the fight against terrorism. but she is surprised that osama bin laden was hiding there in plain sight. ktvu's allison burns joins us now from our washington d.c. news room where questions are mounting this morning about u.s.-pakistan relations. allison. >> reporter: pam, a senate
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foreign relations committee hearing gets underway in about 40 minutes and i expect an earful from lawmakers irate about where osama bin laden was living. few here seem to believe pakistani security forces could not know the al qaeda leader was living for six years in a bustling military town near islamabad in a huge compound. and while president obama is emphasizing that pakistan remains an important u.s. partner against terrorism, even his top terrorism advisor is expressing new skepticism. >> i think it's inconceivable that bin laden did not have a support system in the country that allowed him to remain there for an extended period of time. >> reporter: pakistani officials are reiterating today they did not know about this compound. but relations are now more strained between the two countries. the president's budget provides $1.2 billion in assistance for pakistan. mostly for training counterinsurgency troops. but that is under new scrutiny
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now. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:17. students at san francisco public schools can count on a promised spot at san francisco state university. the city, the school district and university created sf promise back in 2009. you're looking at video of former mayor newsom announcing the program to the class of 2015. the first class to be guaranteed admission if they meet requirements. san francisco school superintendent is telling the examiner that students are still being promised a spot despite severe budget cuts. the city of mountain view is looking to google to help it patch a $2.6 million budget deficit. the city council will discuss a budget report tonight. last month the city authorized a $30,000,052 year 30 million, 52 year lease.
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the city wants to invest into endowment. the city staff with that along with concessions from unions could be enough to cover the deficit. a central valley farm is recalling its grape tomatoes in tens of thousands of packaged foods that contain those tomatoes. tailor farm specifics say the grape tomatoes may be contaminated with salmonella. all were used in packaged salads sold in california and 12 other states. they were sold at safeway, ray lee's safe mart and sam's club. anyone with the salad should take them back to the store for refund. the owners of nearly five million california cars may have to wait to pay their annual car registration this year. state lawmakers approved a delay in sending out the bills for registration due in july and august. that will give the legislature more time to try to close california's budget deficit. the governor and many lawmakers hope to extend the current temporary hike in vehicle license fees. that's scheduled to expire july
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1st. and they don't want the dmv to mail out registration renewals with the lower rate. 6:19 is the time. back over to sal. sal, any problems this morning? >> we're getting slower traffic for sure in some areas. right now traffic is getting busier along the east shore freeway especially after the bridge. but also here in berkeley as you head west to the bay bridge toll plaza which right now has not become crowded but i wanted to show it to you anyway because just around now they start turning those metering lights on. you could be in for more delays. if you're looking at the peninsula perhaps trying to get a flight at sfo little slowing on interstate 380. if you're in the south bay this morning we have a little bit of slow traffic in san jose along 280. but that's about all. this commute is just waking up now. we have also some slowing on northbound 101 approaching 85. but look for more slow traffic as the hour wears on and we get closer to 7:00. it's 6:20. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have some fog still out there. mainly around the bay and along
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parts of the coast. but it's going to lose out to a north breeze. there's still some there though. san raphael 48 degrees. temperatures a little cool inland. low 40s to mid-40s, upper 40s everyone a couple 50s. but that fog, again, north wind is beginning to show itself. you can see it coming down the coast last few frames and that's going to play into our weather today with the clearing of that fog. there's a lot of those 40s and 50s. the wind has turned westerly and now it's turning northwesterly. still west-southwest fairfield but oakland and sfo now west- northwest. i expect that to go northerly later on as you can see by the satellite picture high pressure building into the left of your screen. that's going to really warm us up tomorrowful today's the day, the tweener day. sunny and breezy. 60s, upper 60s, low 70s and low 80s inland. tomorrow we jump it to upper 8 0z. possibility if everything came in as advertised 80 degrees inland. not the coast. they'll be in the 60s and 7 0z. continue that into thursday. friday the fog starts to creep
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back. saturday really pours back and sunday looks much cooler across the board. pam and dave. thank you, steve. just a short timing a one of the world's biggest drug companies reported profits are up even though revenue is down. pfizer says first quarter profits jumped 10% to $2.2 billion. that's up from $2 billion during the same time last year. pfizer executives say they're pleased with the report especially since several of their patents expired during that time. well, honda is expanding a recall so it can check the air bags on 833,000 cars and suvs. honda says the driver side air bags can inflate with too much force and could cause injury or death in a crash. the vehicles being recalled are added to the recall that is 2001 and 2002 accords and civics. 2002 odd shy minivans. 2002 and 2003 crvs and 2003 accra tl and cl models. so far one person has died. eleven others hurt in accidents
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involving those air bags. effected owners will be notified later this month. take it to your dealer the best place. time now 6:22. you know where you've been looking online. and a lot of companies want to know too. now california lawmakers want to make sure you can keep it secret. plus the vow one manmade almost ten years ago involving his beard. and why he was finally able to move on. good morning. if you're driving in san jose along northbound 101 so far so good but there are some other spots that are becoming more crowded.
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it could last forever. we're getting a little back up here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backing up especially in those middle lanes. i'll tell you more about that and the rest of the commute just minutes ahead. one person is dead after a tornado roared through new zealand. you can see it touching down sending cars and debris flying. at least 20 injuries have been reported so far. tornadoes are not uncommon in new zealand but they're usually smaller than the ones we see here in the u.s. california could be the first state in the nation to outlaw online tracking. today state lawmakers will hold
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the first hearing on a bill that would give computer users a way to opt out of tracking. now it would require browsers to send a message to websites when people don't want to be tracked. and companies would have to go along with that request. if approved, the law would apply to all companies that do business in california. time now 6:26. well, the washington state man has shaved his beard for the first time since the september 11 terrorist attacks. take a look at the before and after picture of gary. you can see him holding up -- look at his hand, that used to be his beard. almost ten years ago he vowed he would not shave until osama bin laden was either captured or proven dead. he figured it would just be a month or two. >> i had not anticipated ten years ago. i should have given up watermelon. >> he went 3,454 days without shaving. he's a schoolteacher. he says at the start of every school year he'd have to explain all over again the long
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beard to his students. he says after finding out about osama bin laden's death, he couldn't get that beard off fast enough. pg&e is finally admitting there's a problem. it has to do with the controversial smart meters. what the company says is wrong and what it is doing about it. >> reporter: it could be tough to find a cab in san francisco this afternoon. we'll tell you what protesters -- what a group of cab drivers plan on protesting in front of city hall today. and we're going to take you live to new york this morning. there's a peek at the traders on the new york stock exchange. tell you what they're looking at when we come back. bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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welcome back to the morning news. they are ringing that opening bell live in new york this morning. traders keeping an eye on several things this morning. we have the price of oil dropping. we have earnings coming in.
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pfizer we just told you about. local company oakland based clear ox just reported some disappointing numbers. and we're waiting for the automakers to report sales for april. so a lot of things going to effect wall street as we look live to the trading floor. pretty busy. we'll get you those numbers in a moment. all right. we're off and running. we'll smile and say good morning to you here on the ktvu morning news tuesday may 3rd. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. in the news right now we're finding out more about how the c.i.a. finally found osama bin laden's hiding place. a u.s. official says one of bin laden's personal couriers unknowingly led the c.i.a. to this walled compound in pakistan. u.s. navy seals found osama bin laden in a bedroom and shot him. reportedly there are photographs of bin laden with a gunshot wound right above his left eye. president obama and his advisors were actually able to watch the whole 40 minute
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mission in realtime. many watched c.i.a. director on a video screen narrating from headquarters in virginia what was happening far away in pakistan. in these photographs here from the white house situation room you can see them they're waiting to hear one word, geronimo. that was the code word that osama bin laden was either captured or dead. >> i want to again recognize the heros who carried out this incredibly dangerous mission as well as all the military and counterterrorism professionals who made the mission possible. >> now president obama was given a standing ovation. look around the room there. this was a dinner for congressional leaders last night. the ovation from both democrats and republicans. the president says he's hoping the lawmakers can harness this current spirit of unity to take on the many challenges still ahead. we're also getting a better look this morning at osama bin
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laden's terrorist compound. look at this daylight amateur video showing the outside area. inside the compound u.s. navy seals were able to confiscate hard drives as well as dvds. now the c.i.a. is hoping to find the clues that could lead them to bin laden's right hand man. now the united states did lose one of their helicopters during the mission. you can actually see it in the wreckage in this video. a new propaganda tape featuring osama bin laden could soon be made public. u.s. intelligence believes bin laden made a propaganda tape right before sunday's raid. now it's not clear if that tape is audio or video, but government leaders say the timing of this tape is coincidental and is not an indication that the terrorist leader knew about the secret raid. there are fears though that a new bin laden tape could be a call to action for other al qaeda members. president obama will visit ground zero and meet with 9/11 families on thursday. the visit comes after huge
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crowds gathered at ground zero on sunday to celebrate bin laden's death. now this will be president obama's first visit to the area since his 2008 presidential campaign. stay with our ktvu channel 2 morning news. coming up at 6:45 we're going to go live to ground zero for the visit, more on the visit and how new yorkers are responding to bin laden's death. we also have much more on our website it includes a special section where more illustrations of that compound in pakistan. just look for the osama bin laden tab on our home page. time's now 6:34. back here at home pg&e is getting ready to start pipeline pressure tests in two bay area communities. but first they need to get some prep work done. that includes the venting of gas in mountain view from a pipeline that runs from the shoreline golf course past highway 101. ktvu's jade hernandez is live now with more on pg&e's plan. jade. >> reporter: good morning. this is the meeting where pg&e
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pipeline is buried. now pipeline gas line 132a is a small feeder line which feeds right into a major pipeline right here at middlefield road and shoreline boulevard. we can show you this morning that meeting where that pipeline at this intersection is buried. gas line 132a as i mentioned is a small feeder line. pg&e will be testing it later today. if gas line 132 sounds familiar, it should. it's the same line which runs up the peninsula and exploded in san bruno last fall. a few weeks ago pg&e held a meeting. the utility alerted neighbors they would be testing the pipeline today. the pipeline runs under businesses and homes from shoreline golf links to the middle school. pg&e says they still aren't sure who will pay for the testing which is expected to cost as much as half a million dollars. this is what residents can expect to either hear or see today. you're looking at video provided by pg&e of high pressure water testing. the gas inside 132a will be
6:36 am
quickly released into the atmosphere. pg&e says it will dissipate quickly. then crews will push high pressure water through it. mountain view and antioch are the first cities to have their gas line pressure tested in a round of testing following the explosion. 150 miles of pipeline in the bay area will eventually be tested. those with the concerns of gas odor should call pg&e at the number on your screen 1-800-743- 5000. and we have contacted pg&e but we have not heard back from anyone just yet. reporting live from mountain view, jade hernandez, back to you in the studio. well, pg&e is doing damage control in response to a new problem with those controversial devices. the utility says it will replace 1600 smart meters. now that's due to a rare defect that causes the meters to run too fast and inflate customers' electric bills. the first time pg&e publicliage knowledged any type of problem with the smart meters but critics have been complaining
6:37 am
that they are inaccurate and can cause health problems. time now 6:36. man wanted in connection with homicide has been arrested. some pretty tense moments. look at this. police officers spotted the man around tenth and willow streets about 5:15. now you can see the police with their guns drawn they sealed off several blocks and went house to house searching for the man. here you see they found him. they arrested him nearly two hours later. police haven't told us yet which killing they believe he's connected to. san francisco's transportation agency meets today to discuss several new ways to raise money. kt's allie rasmus tells us why many cabbies will be showing up at that meeting. allie. >> reporter: well, pam, it has to do with the fees cab companies and cab drivers pay when their customers use credit cards. now san francisco's municipal transportation agency oversees the cab system. they have a meeting going on at 1:00 at city hall. cab drivers are circulating
6:38 am
these fliers. that plan on protesting that meeting at 12:30 in front of city hall today because they say the rates for the credit card fees are just too high. depending on how many cabbies participate in that demonstration, it could get tough to find a cab in san francisco around noon today. we spoke to one cab driver this morning who says those credit card fees cost him $100 to $200 a month. and he wants to know why drivers like him have to pay the price and take most of the burden when customers use their credit cards and not his cab company. >> we're all going to have to pay more. that's how it's going to effect us. but i don't think we can do anything about it. can't fight that many at hall. >> reporter: also today at the meeting at 1:00 the city's transportation agency will discuss and likely pass a series of fee increasing targeted towards drivers. the steepest hike for drivers who park illegally in a disabled driver parking spot. right now the fine for that is $335. but under the package it would go up to $935.
6:39 am
other fees on the table would increase the price of parking tickets and price of permits. sfmta says all of that money raised from the fees would go to support public transit and muni. one other thing that they're considering at this meeting today is the price of this sticker over here. this is a residential parking permit for san francisco residents. and sfmta will likely increase the price of that sticker that parking permits to $100. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. time now 6:39. sal's watching everything throughout the area. how's the south bay? well, we're starting there because all of a sudden 101 to the airport and getting to your job in the silicon valley getting busier. northbound 101 getting up to san jose. also this morning we're looking at the bay bridge westbound. you can see from the toll plaza up to the actual bridge itself it looks good coming into san francisco. contra costa county we already have slow traffic on highway 4
6:40 am
right through antioch. more slow traffic waiting for you on parts of 680. and if you're on interstate 80 so far so good from vallejo to richmond. 6:39. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. low cloud deck over us. but there are a few breaks in it. it's still there kind of making a little push before it gets chewed up later on by a north wind. we start off with coast and bay fog. not widespread. but by this afternoon it will be warm inland. 60s around the coast. 70s around the bay and low 80s inland. get an idea of what's coming right down the coast. you can see some of that beginning to move offshore right there. it's not here yet but it will get here late morning and early afternoon. 40s, low, mid to upper and low 50s on the temps. little chill in the morning air. but that wind is turning. now for some west-northwest. that would be san francisco, sfo and oakland. santa rosa, san jose say calm. still a west-southwest delta breeze at vacaville and fairfield. high pressure is moving in. it will give us a good warm up tomorrow and also into
6:41 am
thursday. believe it or not the storm track may take a little dip over us by the weekend. but until then we have high pressure as our fair weather friend and that's going to give us warmer weather. 40s, 50s, low clouds, fog, clear, breezy at times. that's more of a westerly but then turning northwesterly. sunny and breezy by noon. we should get rid of most of that fog by noon. 60s, 70s and low 80s. today is the in between day and then we'll see warmer weather tomorrow. 62 alameda. 82 brentwood. 84 gill roy. saratoga 80. sunny vale 76. same for palo alto. san bruno 66. and then daly city 64. pacifica 6. warm on wednesday. thursday everyone looking good including the coast. slight cool down friday and a big cool down on the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. well, for the families of september 11 victims, the killing of osama bin laden is bittersweet. we're going to take you live to ground zero in new york for reaction. also oakland's pothole blitz, yeah, it continues.
6:42 am
which part of the city will get patched up this week. good morning. if you're driving on the bay bridge traffic is getting busy getting to san francisco. tole you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:44.
6:45 am
san jose city manager proposing a budget that would slash the city's staff to its lowest level in 25 years. that includes cutting both the police and fire departments. san jose is facing a $115 million budget deficit. starting today pg&e will start preparing for pipeline pressure tests to avoid another san bruno-type disaster. the utility company will be venting gas in mountain view. that venting has to be done first before pg&e can start water pressure tests. those tests should tell pg&e if they have any problem pipelines. and cal osha investigators will be here at the granite rock asphalt plant in redwood city today. they're investigatorring an explosion and fire. a tank filled with liquid asphalt blew up. that led to a shelter in place order. luckily no one was hurt. new details are emerging this morning about the military operation in pakistan where osama bin laden was killed. sandra endo is live in new york
6:46 am
city's ground zero with the bittersweet reaction from family members of the september 11 victims. sandra. >> reporter: well, pam, i can set the scene for you here at ground zero. you can see behind me on that yellow fence fresh flowers, messages, pictures, candles, all in memory of the lives lost on 9/11. so obviously a renewed sense of remembrance and also spirit here on ground zero. you can take a look also at the construction. that's really the backdrop of all this. this is where a memorial will be created and the freedom tower as well all a tribute to the events of 9/11 and the lives lost. again, clearly a lot is being done here. also at the very bustling lower manhattan right now and i can tell you ten years ago when the tragedy struck this city a lot of people questioned whether new york would be able to bounce back economically. also in terms of the image of safety of the city as well.
6:47 am
and with all these people going to work, going to lunch, clearly it has definitely bounced back. so that is kind of the scene here. a lot of memories coming back for many new yorkers, many people across the country as well as some closure. pam. >> sandra, it's been interesting to see the pictures as president obama watched the raid as it took place. and i know do a lot of new yorkers want to see more. any word that they will get to see the pictures of -- there's word that there's actual pictures of osama bin laden's body after he was kill and had also the burial at sea. what do new yorkers want? what do you hear? >> reporter: well, i know that new yorkers will be able to see the president. he is coming here on thursday to meet with family members of 9/11 victims and visit ground zero. but in terms of photograph evidence of the killing attempt and success of osama bin laden and also perhaps his burial at
6:48 am
sea, a lot of people do want to see hard facts and hard evidence of that as well. whether those photos will be released by the white house or not that still remains to be determined. if and when those photos come out. but clearly a lot of people want to see that hard core evidence that in fact osama bin laden is dead. >> sandra endo there at ground zero in new york city. again, president obama will be there on thursday. thank you for that update. the search is on for an american al jazeera reporter missing in syria. 39-year-old dorothy went to damascus last week but never made it to her hotel. her fiance hasn't heard from her since friday. >> i haven't slept much and i'm exhausted, but i'm totally focused. >> syrian officials have not yet said whether or not she was arrested, but her fiance believes she was. time is now 6:48.
6:49 am
the city of oakland will continue a pothole blitz today. take a look at video from last week if we have it. this is the first round of the pothole blitz. they're busy out there. the city says their crews have already patched more than 500 potholes in west and north oakland. the goal is to fill up 1500 potholes. the staff will be doubled up again this week. they're going to focus on central and east oakland this time. 6:49 is the time right now. let's go back over to sal. says it's getting busier out there as you get ready to head out the door. it is. as we approach 7:00 you're going to see more and more cars hitting the road and transit also getting busier. you can see getting into the valley here on 237 some stop and go traffic already right near the interstate 880 merge and heading out to sunny vale. 101 also getting busier up to your job in sunny vale if you're going to mountain view it's the same thing. also this morning we're looking at interstate 880 here in oakland. that traffic still has not filled up yet. you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to
6:50 am
get there before everyone else does if you have a chance. westbound 580 livermore has some slow traffic coming in on the allot month pass. other than that looks good to castro valley. hayward city and fremont the traffic moves well. thank you, we are in the fog. it's not widespread but what's there is rather thick low clouds and also fog. but it will clear, he says, he says, it will clear. and you can see it on the satellite picture. in the morning it's kind of cold and foggy for some and even clear watch in the last few frames how the fog is beginning to head out to sea. out to sea. that's off the northwest part of the state. but that will eventually make it here. 40s and 50s. little school this morning. west-northwest now at sfo. same for oakland. still a west-southwest at fairfield. we haven't turned that wind northerly yet. it's showing signs of that. you can see it right there. good ridge building in which will give us a good warm up tomorrow. i should say good if you don't  like warm weather it will give us warmer weather thursday as well. but today is the day where we
6:51 am
get sunshine after the morning fog. so sunny and breezy. tomorrow looks very warm for some. nice for others. same for thursday. friday some fog starts to work its way back. then a significant drop in the temps and a lot of clouds roll in by sunday. all right. thank you, steve. well, mastercard's profits climbed 24% as people around the world continue to step up their spending. mastercard's income rose to $662 million which topped analyst expectations. company officials say consumers are moving away from cash and checks and using credit cards more as they feel more economically secure. all right. let's check in with numbers on wall street. i'm just going to pull them off my screen here for you. the dow jones is down about 16 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 down a little bit as well. wall institute trader looking at a lot of things and possibly taking some time to react. but we have some economic news. we have car makers coming in with sales a little bit later. and some disappointing earnings one of which was from clorox
6:52 am
oakland based company. did you hear the story about tv sets? >> i did. >> for the first time in 20 years the number of u.s. home that is have a tv set is going down. a new report says 97% of all american homes have a tv, but that's down from 99% two years ago. the experts say there are two reasons for that. when analog tv was phased out, low income families couldn't buy new digital tvs. also young people who grew up watching tv shows on laptops, they're putting off buying tv sets when they move into their own homes. that's interesting. they're still watching but watching on the computer. >> that's right. new safety regulations on airlines could be getting grounded. what's behind the possible delay and how it might be a boost to the economy. also why a new tiger is coming to the san francisco zoo more than three years after that infamous attack. getting really crowded getting on to the bring. i think we know why.
6:53 am
you can see there's a stalled vehicle westbound in one of those fast lanes getting onto that bridge. tow truck's on the way. this could mean big trouble for the toll plaza.
6:54 am
6:55 am
well, good morning to you. time now 6:55. a movie about osama bin laden is in the works. the film makers behind it are the same ones who produced the movie the hurt locker which by the way won best picture at the
6:56 am
academy awards last year. director kathrine big low isn't saying anything about this project but it was reportedly started before osama bin laden was killed. the focus on the hunt for bin laden. well, congress couldn't decide -- could have to decide soon between airline safety and the economy. a congressman from pennsylvania is proposing a law that would force the f.a.a. to analyze the economic impact of some new rules. critics say that puts passengers safety at risk for airline profits. however supporters say this law would increase employment and also competitiveness. the amendment would also force separate safety rules for airlines as well as cargo carriers. san francisco police report a growing crime wave in a surprising place, the marina and cal hollow neighborhoods. there's been a series of armed robberies and breakins during the past month. and many of those crimes have taken place in broad daylight. police are now taking a close look at surveillance tape from
6:57 am
several stores, but so far no arrests have been made. the san francisco zoo is getting a new tiger. it's more than three years after that infamous attack. the 10-year-old siberian tiger will replace the tiger police shot to death after she fatally mauled a san jose teenager on christmas day 2007. the zoo's director originally said she had no plans to replace the tiger but changed her mind after the financially struggling omaha zoo pleaded with her to take the 300-pound siberian tiger off their hands. fascinating. time now 6:57. sal, bring us up to date with what's happening out there? on mornings on 2 we're going to be following this bay bridge situation where it looks like there's a stalled vehicle or something going on in that fast lane just as you get on to the bridge it's backing traffic up to the toll plaza. follow this and all the rest of the traffic news as we get into thehearted of commute. now today's weather with steve. we have to deal with morning fog and then low clouds give way to sunshine.
6:58 am
north wind will take over. 60s by the coast, 70s around the bay. upper 70s and low 80s inland. real warming takes place tomorrow. more on that coming up on mornings on 2. now back to pam and dave. thank you, steve. also coming up female robbers armed with pepper spray attack people twice in one night. the very public place they committed the crime and what they were after. also google gives us a new look at osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. stay right here with us.
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