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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 4, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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should photos of osama bin laden's body be released to the public? where the white house is leaning this morning. >> reporter: a dramatic shootout and the investigation is not over. we have a live report from pittsburg. the investment that's certain to anger many bay bridge commuter involves a year's worth of toll plaza. and one of the bay area's tourist attractions may soon get a makeover. "mornings on 2" begins right now. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, may 4th. new details are coming out this morning about the items osama bin laden had with him when he was killed. according to top u.s. intelligence officials, bin laden had 500 euros. that's about $740 on time. he also had two telephone
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numbers sewn into his clothing. the intelligence officials say it appears bin laden thought he would be alerted by his network before any impending attack and would be able to escape. debate continues this morning with the obama administration about whether or not to relieve photos of osama bin laden's body. claudine wong is live getting reaction from people here in the bay area. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we've also been trying to get ahold our politicians in d.c. to weigh in on this. we're waiting on them. we're getting some mixed reaction from the people out here this morning. not everyone wants to see these pictures. some say they are glad the white house is leaning towards not release them. white house has what is
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described as gruesome pictures. some are described as a picture of his face with a hole between his eyes. leon panetta said it is likely that photos would be released. but some say the president is being advised against that. >> i would say no. it was such a clean job to get the job done. i think that would taint the purity with how the job was done. >> i don't care. >> i guess no because of kids. it would scare them. >> reporter: we did talk to some people who said yes, they would like to see those photos. main reason would be to put aside any conspiracy theories that this was not really osama bin laden who was killed by the u.s. military. how far, most people say that there are other ways to get
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that accomplished and the white house apparently being advised that with bin laden's wives surviving this and other ways of getting this across and fears of retaliation and backlash of release egg the photos, maybe the pros -- releasing the photos, maybe pros don't outweigh the photos. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, claudine. the government of pakistan calls the death of bin laden an important milestone in the fight against terrorism but it's not happy about how the u.s. carried out the mission. the pakistani government released a statement making it clear it had no -- had no add -- had no advanced knowledge about the attack. as pakistan seeks to counter
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suspicions it had been harboring bin laden, apparently there was one man who bought the land -- a doctor who actually sold a piece of land where bin laden 'final hideout was -- bin laden 'final hideout was. happening now a hearing is getting underway about a massive attack here. these are live pictures from washington, d.c. coming up at 7:15, we'll have a live report from the nation's capital. police are at the scene of an incident, a parolee is in jail accused of firing shots at a veteran police officer. jade hernandez is live from
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pittsburg telling us about the shooting and the arrest. jade? >> reporter: that's right. the 27-year-old man got out of that car and fired at a police officer. >> he did, in fact, suffer a gunshot wound to the leg. we believe that was probably during exchange of gunfire where our after was returning fire where he sustained -- officer was returning fire where he sustained that injury. he's been transported to john muir medical center. >> reporter: authorities arrested jones, who has a extensive criminal history. this is what we know from police this morning -- it happened around 5:35 yesterday evening. a pittsburgh police officer on patrol noticed a car near a
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shop center. the officer tried to pull the suspect, jones over. but jones opened up fire on the officer. the officer, a 30-year veteran, returned fire and police arrested jones. eight bullets pierced the police officer's car. one bullet came dangerously close to his head and lodged in the case where his head rests. the officer is alive. investigators should be out here sometime later this morning. reporting live, jade hernandez, kut -- ktvu channel 2 news. in about two hours, a status hearing is going to be held for a person who owns a shop at the fisherman's wharf. they say the shooting happened
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over a dispute of selling items. he's being charged with two counts of murder. a development group will present their plan for a rejuvenated wharf to be enjoyed by pedestrians and bike riders. plans include rider sidewalks, outdoor seating. jefferson street will become a pedestrian street. the united nations is being asked to settle a conflict between the city of vallejo and this action -- and the issue here at glencoe park. activists have been camped out there for three weeks. city wants to revamp area. but the activists say that's anxious burial ground. they say any construction would disturb the human's remains buried in that area. they are also asking u.n. officials to come and tour that
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site. 7:07. this might cause some different road rage for bay area commuters. apparently, a year's worth of money collected at a tollbooth has gone up in smoke. whoever see es the seven of the bay area bridges, entered into a interest-rate swap group with the company. getting out of their cost cost them about $127 million. that's what they collect pretty much a year. >> wow. sal is back checking the toll plaza and the rest of our commute. >> dave and tori, it's getting busy. traffic at the toll plaza is backed up for about a 10 to 15- minute delay there's better
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news. you may not want to be driving this afternoon if it's gonna be hot. let's take a look at northbound 101, approaching the interchange, that traffic is okay. >> the chp has not given us a lot to work with. no accidents right now. you can see traffic -- i've been looking at the maps. by the way, if you ever want to see these maps without waiting for the traffic air. you can go to we have a traffic page there. let's go to steve. good morning. i wouldn't say it's warm, but anything over 75 can be considered hot. the wind is not that strong. it's about 15, 25 -- 15, 0, 30 miles an hour. the strongest gust is mount
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diablo. many locations are saying calm. the grass is now very high and weeds have gone off the charts. so if you are sufficienting, blame those weeds. they just went crazy the last few days. forecast has sunshine. it will be warm. sunny again tomorrow, nice to warm. but then cooler starts friday and then it really starts to cool down as we go into the weekend. we did -- we do get an offshore breeze. yesterday we had some fog that kept things in check. fairfield, two hours ago, 68. i know 60 is warm but they were much warmer than that. a lot of low to mid-50s. east-southeast at napa. calm at san francisco, even livermore and san jose stays calm. there is not a lot of wind. about it -- it is moving over.
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today, sunshine, sunnyside up and warmer. a almost bit of a north northeasterly breeze but mainly had the higher elcations. the coast is really nice. 70s an 80s. again, i don't think we're in record-setting territory with these temperatures. 80s. 86 san jose, 86 santa cruz. i did go 90 in gilroy. in sunnyvale. 70s on the coast really nice to sur, capitola and the beautiful monterey peninsula. warm on thursday, friday, cooler and then much cooler on the weekend. tori and dave? >> all right. thank you, steve. cutting one month from the school there. that's what the is proposing to solve the budget crisis. and what's happening on capitol hill to
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good morning. we're clear today. it will be above average on the temps. a lot of 80s and upper 80s away from the coast. 7:14. growing fears about retaliation attacks after the death of osama bin laden are putting a spotlight on homeland security. a congressional hearing just got underway looking at security on mass transit. allison? >> reporter: in the bay area and across the country, security has been increased this week at train stations and bus lots. let's get right to a live look at this morning's house
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homeland security. the chairman said we to assume that terrorists will want to avenge osama bin laden's death. and a big target is mass transit. >> mass transit is the most difficult part of our system to secure. it's the most vulnerable. >> reporter: ideas floated to scan passengers for weapons and bombs but ultimately little has changed in terms of passenger screen on trainsened a buses. the -- buses -- trains and buses. more on this during my update next hour. and 7:15. we're learning more about the compound in pakistan where osama bin laden lived, perhaps as long as six years. three dozen people custodying
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23 -- people including children shared the house. when the children were playing outside, the ball would occasionally go out. they would not let the children go outside of the compound. they would give the children $. one man says on -- $3. one man said they would give him gifts. he said there there was a camera at the gate so he could e people when heerted. our -- when he entered. our coverage continues at just click on the "osama bin laden" tab. the coast guard is searching waters off san francisco and northern california for a missing 65-
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year-old woman who may have fallen off a cruise ship. she turned up missing when the ship docked yesterday afternoon. the coast guard said she was seen on board the ship when it left cabo cabo san lucas medicine. 46-year-old kiri ke almost r was exdeputied yesterday. he was convict of raining and strangling a woman in 2001. now, texas had to change the sedative used in the lethal, three-drug combination. that's because the maker of the old one stopped making it. now, here in california, executions will be key laid until at least next year. the l.a. times report the warden at san again ten has decided to -- at san quentin has decided to put together a team. correctional officers are not
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saying why the changes were made. a hearing with revised procedures will be postponed until at least january. kamela harris is taking action on the state's same-sex marriage ban. she argues supporters of the ban don't have legal standing to defend it in court. if the court says they don't have standing, a federal judge is ruling that overturned prop 8 will remain in effect. san jose police often show a complete lack of objectivity when investigating citizens' complaint. that's the bottom line at the police department's latest independent audit. it found the internal affairs unit goes out of its way to make excuses for -- for its
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officers. the school year in california could get bet shorter as governor jerry brown looks to solve the budget budget crisis. the governor says students could miss 20 instructional days. without tax extension, the governor says shortening the school year by a month could be a real possibly. teacher union the and lawmakers would have to give a proposal if the governor proposes shortening the school year. 7:19. happening now in washington, d.c., prince charles is expected to arrive any moment at georgetown university, these are live pictures from the university and the prince will deliver the keynote address at at conference. on future of food. >> the prince is a long time supporter of sustainable agriculture. this is his first trip to washington, d.c. since 2007 and
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his first public duty since his duty in england when prince william got marelied -- married. still ahead -- an attempted carjacking in vallejo. how the driver is doing for refusing -- forerefusing to give up his car. and suffering from asthma. two main reasons that's baffling efforts. good morning. we'll tell you more about morning commute straight ahead.
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welcome back. new this morning, a -- 22-year- old man is in hospital after being shot while escaping from carjackers. it happened in vallejo on sterling street about 9:00 last name the victim said he pull over to make a phone call when two gunmen demanded that he give up his car.
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well he -- well, quickly pulled away but any opened fire on him. the driver was hit in the chest and eventually stopped at the corner of ascott and redwood parkways. a passerby spotted him crawling out of his car and called 9/11. five workers have died. there's little hope for the men still missing after a mine explosion in mexico. yesterday morning, the 14 men became trapped in a mineshaft very deep under ground. rescue crews have recovered five days. a 15-year-old boy was hurt in the explosion. both of the storms had to be evacuated -- evacuated. this occurred in the heart of the mining area. researchers for the cdc say there were about 20 million people with asthma in 2001. but in 2009, that number jumped
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to almost 29 million. that's a 21 injuries increase to -- 1% increase. they say asthma has become more common with a declining air pollution and smoking. let's check in with sal. >> let's move to the toll plaza. it's backed up for about a 15- minute delay. it's not as bad as it was adwhen it was pretty heavy. but right now, it seems better. it's better than yesterday. it's backed up for about a -- for about a 15-minute delay. once you make it on the bridge, it's okay. and some stop-and-go traffic and 880 as is usual to the 880 merge. 280 northbound in san jose is
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also getting busy right out of downtown. i'm looking around here. i don't see any reason for this. just slow traffic getting into the valley. it does look a little unusual. so we're gonna check this out and make sure there's nothing out there. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. sunshine in every one of the traffic shots you saw. we're already starting to warm up. 40s, 50s, 60s on the lows. temperatures will stay on the warm side here today and tomorrow and then we'll see a cool down by the book -- cool down by the weekend. at the surface, many locations say calm. but some of the higher elevations are windy. the wind has decreased rapidry. we have high pressure over us. that means sunshine and warmer. a little bit of a north wind, mainly up to the hills. the coast is really my. 70s, upper 70s, lower 80s.
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maybe close to 90 if everything came in as advertised. a big cooling trend takes us into the weekend. tori and dave? >> thank you. 7:25. big changes in the original explanation of how the u.s. trapped aun done and killed osama bin laden. live coverage of how key facts have changed since sunday night. >> reporter: why san mateo police are looking for a man regarding a home-invasion robbery earlier this week. and a teacher makes a shocking discovery inside the backpack of a first grader.
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7:29. the white house now clarifying details about that deadly assault on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. our reporter sandra endo is live at ground zero in new york city where president obama will visit tomorrow. sandra? >> reporter: that's right, dave. they are in -- they are in preparation for a presidential visit here. the security is tight and the waiting game continue as to whether or not the white house will release photographic evidence of osama bin laden's dead body. as you were mentioning, more
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details are becoming clear as to what exactly happened during the raid and the operation to kill. this exclusive video obtained by cnn shows the inside of osama bin laden's million- dollar compound. soon after, the bloody firefight which took his life occurred. the u.s. believes may have lived there for more than five years. while -- leon panetta says he thinks a photo showing osama bin laden's lifeless body will likely be released. concerns remain regard the graphic nature of the pictures and the backlash it could spark. >> ther are sensitivities here -- there are sensitivities here as far as the releasing the photos of osama bin laden and the aftermath of this firefight
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and we we are a making an evaluation about the need to do that because of the sensitivities involved. >> reporter: questions remain about whether or not pakistan knew osama bin laden was hiding in that compound and providing him a safe haven. while some say pakistan has been a good ally to the u.s., speculation is growing. president obama is scheduled to visit ground zero tomorrow and meet with family members of 9/11 victims. former president george w. bush declined an invitation to join president obama with him here at the site. reporting live from ground zero in new york, i'm isn't draw indoe -- i'm sandra endo. dave, back to you. as sandra just mentioned,
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president bush will not be attending the visit to ground zero. he says he appreciates the offer but wants to avoid the spotlight. president obama will be meeting with family members when he visits new york. our coverage continues on our weeks, you will find a slide show of the compound where osama bin laden was killed and you will see an animation showing the military raid. just click on the "osama bin laden" tab. 7:32. a violent home invasion in san jose has left neighbors on edge. it happen right here thelydale shopping center. ktvu's kraig debro joins us from the neighborhood and has reaction. >> reporter: good morning. we've been unable to reach police this morning. but from our appearance, it looks like the man who beat 80- year-old plus woman may not have been expecting to see her. it happened here, the 400 park of puerto law.
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police say three men were involve. two went to the home and a third waited in the vehicle. after getting no answer, those same two men, including the one in a hard hit, i mention that because that may have been a cover for them, thinking maybe people thought they were here to -- were here to do construction. they went in the back and was confronted by the victim. one says it's afeting one of his kids. >> my youngest is nervous. >> reporter: the men beat the individual and stole jewelry. a massive response to scene, including not only the local police department but sheriff deputies turned up nothing. police did make a composite sketch of two of the three suspect. we're not sure where they got the descriptions from. both men are describe as
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hispanic males. the man wearing the hard hit is described as having a medium bid, the other, a thin build with a thin mustache or gottaee. police are looking for beth of -- for both of those men as well a driver. we're going to see if we can have more details for you in my next report. 7:33 are going back to an oakland element school -- element ar school after -- amendment's school after a -- elementary school after a teacher found a gun in a child's backpack. it's still not clear how gun got there or who it belongs to. police say a man wearing san jose sharks' gear robbed a bank. it happened at the pacific
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service credit union on contra costa county, shortly after 2:00 p.m. yesterday. police say the man walked in, demand cash and threatened a bank teller. the teller handed over the cash and that man ran off. police say he was wearing a black number 19 sharks jersey and a black sharks' hat. he's described as being in his 40s or 50s. he's african-american about 5'1"0 with a slim build. build -- about 5'10" with a slim build. the city council rejected a settlement deal with 46-year- old doug burns in an incident that occurred outside of a movie theater in 2007. the former mr. natural university says he's diabetic and he was suffering insulin shock when police doused him with pepper spray and beat him thinking he was drunk. police say burns took a fighting stance and city officials believe they can
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prove police acted appropriately at the trial. the city of oakland has just settled two police misconduct cases. in this case, police shot a 15- year-old boy in back. they same he had a gun and drugs on him. his attorney said he did have a gun at one point but not when he was shot. he will receive $550,000. in the second case, the city agreed to pay $330,000 in an a -- in an unlawful search where they say mann was growing -- marijuana was growing. in santa clara county, two measures failed to get two- thirds of the vote needed. but in contra costa county, one of two passed. san mateo county voters
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approved two of three measures. a san jose school board member got 27% of the vote. this is the first time voters in san mateo county filled a board of supervisor's position through an all mail-in election. santa clara county estimates they saved $550,000 by mail election. there was no need to set up polling stations or even hire poll workers. the ballots were mailed out last month. a big step in rebuilding san -- san bruno. the city reportedly issued its first permit to rebuild a home destroyed in the pipeline explosion in s the blast destroyed a total of -- in the blast destroyed -- explosion in san bruno.
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the blast destroyed that evening. tracking expenses is something that pg&e would be required to do if it is -- if it is eventually allowed to pass along the cost to customers. they may vote on the issue tomorrow. it if you went a car, there is a big, new reason to fill up the gas tank before sending it back. most agencies charge $9 a gallon to refill the car. that could cost $300 in an suv. but that's only if you don't prepay for gas. san francisco's one of the few cities where it's often cheaper to prepay for a tank of gas at a fillup at a nearby gas station and then turn in the car. if you want to avoid high gas
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price -- high gas prices, don't go to a small town. had a gas station in maui stopped $6 a gal -- a gas station in maui topped $6 a gallon. by the way thage here in california, $4.26 a gallon. all right. getting more and more expensive to fill up. let's see how people are using gas. >> you've heard me say it. if you are idling in traffic, that's wasting gas. we want to help you avoid that. the traffic on 280 not doing so well for your -- northbound traffic getting into the west valley. you will see traffic is slowing down. we've not seen a crash that's causing this backup. a lot of people going there at same type. now, i keep looking to see --
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actually there is a minor accident. this could be northbound 280 the at bird avenue. this is a four-car noninjury accident. they are waiting around on the shoulder for the chp to take a report. it's slow up to 8 0. let's go to the bay bridge incline here. westbound traffic is busy. there is a big backup at the toll plaza but there have not been any major problem. i think we're looking for perhaps, a stalled vehicle on the incline. i'm looking around to see if something is going on. but so far, cross your fingers, it's been incident free there. 7:40. let's go to steve. >> sunshine across the board for everybody. i had some fog yesterday. that's not the case today. everybody is on the sunshine. temperatures will warm up. not outrageously. most locations say the winds
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are calm. the pollen count last week favored the trees, now the weeds have just gone crazy. they are very high. they've topped out. trees have pummed back but they are still in the medium to medium high category. if you are sufficienting, you can blame the -- suffering, you can blame the grass. warm for some. maybe a little too warm for some, not warm enough. but today and tomorrow look to be sunny and warm and the fog has been pushed out to sea, 40s, 50s, 60. 52 livermore. 56, san francisco. and 5 in hayward. little maormor 87 for a high today -- livermore, 87 for a high today. high pressure even though it's not that strong at the surface it's building into the pacific
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northwest. we're right underneath that dome of high pressure. that all equals warmer weather. i will mention a northerly breeze, widespread 80s, the coast is beautiful, clear. good to go. 7 as for -- 70s for some. berkeley, 80. same for alameda. castro valley, 85. 88 in brentwood. 8 in san jose. milpitas, 6. 70s opt -- 76. 70s on the coast. a little cooler as we go into friday and then it looks like a significant cooldown as we move into the weekend, tori. >> thank you, steve. 7:42. right now a senate committee is holding a hearing on border security. there's joseph leiberman in a live picture from washington, d.c. homeland security secretary, janet napolitano, is scheduled to testify today. this is a third in a series of
7:43 am
hearings about the progress made. we're also looking at what needs to be done for laying the groundwork for reform. why multitasking could be bad for your waistline. this is one way to try to take a bite out of crime.
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happening now in washington, d.c -- prince charles is delivering the keynote address at a conference at georgetown university on the future of food. let's listen in. >> what is more, with incomes rising in places like china and
7:46 am
india, there will be -- there will be enough people wealthy enough to increase more. so the demand for food will increase further and all of that livestock will compete with has massively expanded its demand for biofuels. >> the prince is a long-time supporter of sustainable agricultural. this his first public appearance since his son's wedding on friday. prince charles is expected to meet with president obama today about 1:30. this afternoon we'll find out how big bay area's biggest carmaker is doing. tesla is expected to announce their first-quarter earnings at 2:00 p.m. analysts expect them to report losses of at least 45 cent as share. tesla's stock went public last june. san francisco is being
7:47 am
called a city rich in opportunity. according to a study by a global business consulting firm. the city plays a major role as one of the most innovative economies. it also ranks high in liveability, transporttation, safety and security. san francisco is the third best city rich in opportunity just behind new york and toronto. 7:46. san francisco's budget crisis is expected to get a lot worse in the coming years. mayor ed lee's office just finished an in-depth study look at the financial situation over the next five years. it concluded that spending will continue to outpace revenue, causing san francisco's debt to triple by the year 25016. that same report says the -- 2016. that same report says the city has to drastically cut costs and raise money, mostly through raising tax. a budget has been approved by contra costa supervisors and
7:48 am
reportedly public safety will take a big hit. they approved almost $50 million in cuts. under this budget, the district attorney's office would lose a dozen positions. the d.a. says they would be forced to seek misdemeanor charges instead of felony charges for sex offenders who don't register and for domestic violence cases. and up to 40 sheriff's deputies' jobs would be eliminated. police in oakland are looking for a man blamed for an overnight shooting inside of a residential hotel. shooting forced the evacuation of the build on harrison street. now, police say the gunman opened fire in a hallway following a heated argument with the building's manager. the building came dangerously close to the manager and another man but neither one was hit. that gunman then hid inside one of the rooms. police ordered everybody out of the building as they went door to door searching for him. >> we did a security sweep and while we were doing that, we
7:49 am
recovered the firearm in the grass outside. >> we did check with oakland police a short time ago and they say the gunman is still on the loose. more than a dozen suspected gang members are in jail in southern california this morning. federal and local agents arrested them. it was part of a big crackdown on drug dealers and street gangs. the agents made those arrests in sab somebody -- in santa barbara and san luis obispo counties -- san luis san luis obispo. san jose police say they've stopped using this devie on -- device on friday because the tests may not be reliable. according to the "mercury news" they are reviewing almost 2500
7:50 am
dui cases. we talked with police and they say the breathalyzer is not the primary method they use to determine if a person is drunk. >> we rely on what the officers observed based on their training and experience. this is a tool that supports their operations. >> police tell us that as soon as they got word of the prob, they sent the breathalyzer back to the manufacturers and they are use the older models until the glitch is fixed. a study says multitasking could be bad for your waistline and sense of humor. they say this could affect your ability to stick to a diet or to an exercise routine. it could also make it hard for you to control your temper. take a look -- take a look.
7:51 am
that's a ten-foot alligator holding oop a florida sheriff's squad car with its teeth. just let go there. this happened as the deputies were veeing in -- were responding in gainesville, florida. one deputy, you see him backing up and putting it in reverse, the gator put up a fight, but finally, yeah, just let go. >> what was he gonna do? eat patrol car. apparently $2,000 worth of damage was caused. it's scheduled to take place in just 90 minutes. a silicon valley giant is promising a huge announcement. also, kissing and computers. long-distance relationships could soon get a lot easier.
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7:55. the army corp of engineers plan
7:54 am
-- the army corps of engineers plan to blow up a levee in cairo, illinois. today's blast is designed to give the water a way to get back into the river. time now, 7:55. just about 0 minutes from now, intel -- 90 minutes from now intel will hold a news conference and make the "most significant technology announcement of the year." intel's keeping it secret until then. but "pc magazine" is reporting that they may make computer chips for iphones and ipads and iphones. apple is making the max faster. they say the quad intel processors will make the device
7:55 am
60, faster. the latest will sell for $1200. 7:54. researchers in japan are hoping to give people a way to kiss each other over the internet. each person would have a device like the one you see in the video. when one person moves the rotating straw, the other person would feel the same rotation. researchers say they are working on a way to simulate taste. once this is accomplish, it would be a stepup for a cyber -- for cyber and also a way to show appreciation for fans. let's see what sal is seeing in our commute. >> okay. traffic is -- [ laughter ] >> traffic is moving along relatively slowing. we had a minor accident on bay bridge. i will tell but that. northbound 280.
7:56 am
we had a crash on bird avenue, getting up to highway 17. there goes cal train, he love it when it happens. caltrain is on time. no major -- westbound bay bridge we had an earlier accident on the bridge. minor. they've cleared it but there is a back up of about 0 minutes. 13450 let's go to steve. >> sal, sunshine, temperature will be warm, but not too hot. a lot of spents and 80s closer to -- 70s ands." napa is ands -- 70s and 80s. depending upon your wind direction, some temperatures are dropping. high pressure is really the main reason why, not so much breeze. that helps wipe out the fog. strongest gusts are in the higher elevation everyone. septembers, 80s, warm again on thursday and then we start to
7:57 am
see -- 70s, 80s, warm again on thursday and then we start to see a change for the weekend. how much would you pay for? what pakistanis are saying about the value of the bin laden compound. >> reporter: and it appears the white house may be releasing photos of -- may be against releasing photos of bin laden's body. and a dramatic shootout and arrest. we'll tell you why pittsburg police plan to be back here on the scene -- later this morning. and beyonce is back in school and she's not there to learn arithmetic.
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, may 4th. we have new details for you coming out this morning about the items osama bin laden had with him when he was killed in that raid by u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s. now, according to top u.s. intelligence officials, bin laden had 500 euros, or about $740 on him. he also had two telephone numbers sewn into his clothing.
8:00 am
now, the intelligence officials say it appears bin laden thought he would have been alerted by his network before any impending attack and he would be able to escape. we're also hearing this morning that pakistani real estate professionals are disagree with the obama administration's calculation that bin laden's compound was worth a little dollars. ins stead, they say based on the size of the lot and the house, which was built in 2005, it wouldn't sell for more than $250,000 on current market now we're also finding out more about the small group of men who helped keep osama bin laden hidden in pakistan. a doctor who told the piece of land where bin laden's compound was built said the buyer was a pakistani man who told him he was buying the lan for an uncle. debate continues within the obama administration this morning on whether to release
8:01 am
photographs of osama bin laden's body. claudine wong is live in san francisco where she's getting reaction from people here in bay area. it's kind of interesting to hear where people are learning towards this, claudine. >> reporter: yes, it is. it seems people have pretty much made up their mind about whether or not they want to see these photos of osama bin laden's body. they've made up their minds but the president is still apparently trying to make up his mind about whether or not this would be in the best interest to everybody to release the photos. will that do more good than harm? that's been a difficult question to answer. certainly, the photos would release all of the speculation. a comment made from leon a net saw, he said it's likely a picture would be -- panetta, he said it's likely a picture would be released.
8:02 am
but now the tide is turning. it's reported that the president is being advised not to release the photos at all here's what people in san francisco are saying. >> i think -- i think it would be valuable but i think it's being taken in wrong direction. i don't like the way people are celebrating death right now. >> there should be other ways of proving that he's dead without a photo, you know. photos can be doctored. so -- let the dead just be -- just kind of lie. >> reporter: so of all of the people we've talked to this morning most seem to agree that they don't really want to see photos. a couple of them expect them to be release and when they ask why, they simply responded, i just want it to be sure it's hip. i have spoken to to -- called several congressmen and i'm
8:03 am
still waiting for that. harry reid says he won't offer -- won't agree to the release because it's more bid. but he the president will decide. hearing on capitol hill, whether this one is looking whether response plans are in place, in case an attack here in the united states on mass transit systems. you can see part of the system as we speak -- as we speak the killing of osama bin laden has led to fears of a retaliation attack. we'll bring you a live report from washington, d.c. a parolee is now in jail accused of opening fire at a veteran police officer. jade hernandez joins us live from pittsburg to tell us about the shooting and the arrest. good morning, jade. >> reporter: we're waiting for investigators to arrive back
8:04 am
here on scene. we can tell you that jones's car, the car he used in the shootout is still out here. you can see it behind me. when the 27-year-old got out of the car, he approached the police officer and opened fire. he managed to get out of the way and hole himself in an attic. he was wounded. police arrested him and ep now faces charges which include attempted murder and potential a firearm. this is what we know from police. it happened around 5:30 yesterday evening in pittsburgh. a pittsburg police officer on routine patrol noticed a car and rolled through a stop sign. officer attempted to pull the suspect over but jones eventually opened fire on officers. still -- he was still sitting this his patrol car. >> the after, a 13 -- 13-year veteran. eight bullets pierced the
8:05 am
windshield of the officer's car. the officer survived with only scrapes. >> you hope the officer will go through his entire career without ever having a situation like this placed. through his tenacity and training, our officer was able to come through this. >> reporter: we still don't know the acquaintance of jones, whether he will be charged. the car -- jones was driving, investigators are still investigating. 8:05. police at uc berkeley asking for help from the public in identifying a man accused of inappropriate you will touching a fee -- inappropriately touching a female student. they say it happened between d.
8:06 am
ra had. t avenue. the man is described as east indian, about 6'3"150 pounds and black eyes and a black hair. a fairfield high school swim coabail after being arrested for having sex with his 16-year-old stoup. he was taken into custody last week after police learned of the allegedly affair. she says she was just 15 -- 15 when the attacks occurred. police want to know if there are any other victims out there. in about an hour from now, a state tis key hearing -- a status hearing for the man who shot two his competitors in fisherman's wharf.
8:07 am
the shooting happened over a dispute of selling similar i tell. a development group today will present their part for a rejuvenated fisherman 'wharf -- fisher man 'of what -- fisherman's wharf. this section of glencoe park, activists have been. camped out here for more than three weeks. the city wants to revamp the area with a parking lot, benches. activists say this is an ancient burial ground, dating back about 3500 years. now they want the u.n. to investigate violations and they say any construction would ruin
8:08 am
the remains. and then are asking the officials to tour the site. beyonce surprised some public school kid in new york when she walked into a dance class unamosquitoesed -- announced. you can see her dress was so tight, she had to get help walking up the stairs. on tuesday, morning, she joined a dance class in harlem with about 85 students. they were practicing their choreography. some of the student say they first messed up but got back into it. about a years worth of money collected at the toll plaza went up in smoke because a bad investment. in 2003, the hospital transportation commission which overseas the seven bay area bridges ended -- entered up moo -- entered into an agreement with amback. it worked well for a while.
8:09 am
but when the economy tanked, company, they went -- they went bankrupt. the earlier crash, now cleared from bay bridge? >> that's right. that's good news. it was there for a while. it wasn't very serious. in fact, the chp got up there and removed them from the deck and traffic is recovering. any time there's anything at all on that bridge, if it says there long, it causes a big backup. so it did kind of hurt the commute a almost bit. but we're in recovery mode and hope -- hopefully there won't be anything else. let's take a look at highway 4. traffic is backed up on highway 4, not only in antioch but also bay point coming over the hill in concord. and this morning's drive in the south bay remains slow. the traffic was slow before the crash. right now, it will be better -- getting better by the time you reach wolfe road.
8:10 am
that's when you will be free and clear. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. not too much in the way of wind. temperatures are warming up rap id i -- rapidly. there are some temperatures already pushing in the low 60s but the wind at the surface, almost everyone says calm. if you are suffering from allergies, now, last week, we were very strong on trees. they backed off, the grass is high but the weeds have gone through the roof. they are past the high category to the oh, man. you're kidding me, category. that's the culprit, main -- mainlily the weeds. mainlythee woods. temperatures now fairfield was 68. then went down to 60. they are back up to 68. napa, santa rosa, out of the 50s and low 60s, 61 already
8:11 am
livermore, hayward, mountain view. they are getting a north- northeast at 3. it's about 25 above the callly cut but it's calm. calm at concord. napa with a south-southwest at 3. northwest 7 at santa rosa. nothing too strong. but it's high pressure. you can see it right there. if i to to go to portland and seattle for this the host is just super nice. 70s, 80s, to upper 80s. i don't think we'll set any records today. temperatures will be above average. i did go 190, that would be the good folks. 70s on the coast.
8:12 am
mid-70s, san bruno and then mid os. although at wood side, it went warmer than that. this looks to be the warmest day of the week. here comes the cooldown for the weekend. 8:11. we'll tell you -- we'll tell you much more about the killing of osama bin laden and the possible terror threat here at home. how congress is hoping to protect mass transit systems. and how a bunny and a boy are now part of the osama bin laden story.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. >> clear skies. no clouds, no wind. it's in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. we'll have sunshine and above- normal temperatures with a lot of mid- to upper -- mid- to upper 80s. nice by the coast. right now, the deputy chief of operations for b.a.r.t. police is testifying at a hearing in washington, d.c. about security threats after the killing of osama bin laden. ktvu's alison burns reports, he's telling lawmakers to keep funding mass transit security. >> reporter: an hour ago the chairman said we have to assume that groups will try to avenge
8:16 am
osama bin laden's death. and trains and buses are the most likely target. here is a look at live hearing going on right now. among the witnesses is the deputy chief of operations for b.a.r.t. police. ee we interviewed commander dan heartwig ahead of the hearing and he's worried -- >> we're looking at a design system that's never been desined to protect against terrorism. without the funding from federal source, the department of homeland security, we won't able to fix that. >> reporter: security across country has been beefed up this week in the wake of bin laden's death. but officials testifying this morning are acknowledging that securing the open system is an enormous challenge. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, alison. thank you.
8:17 am
8:16. we're finding out more about that compound in pakistan where osama bin laden lived, possibly as long as six years. three dozen people including 23 children shared that three- story house. it was surrounded by 18-foot walls topped with barbed wire. now, neighbors say when children -- when children were playing outside the wall, a ball would accidentally go over. but the people outside wouldn't april lou the children in the compound to get ball back. instead, they would give the children $2 or $3. however, a 12-year-old boy who lives mere -- who lives near the complex said he was allowed to go inaid and and would -- inside and would visit regularly. he said the man inside gave him a rabbit. he said the man inside had three wives and two children. a girl and a boy. he said the cameras were at the gate see they could see people before they entered inside. our coverage continues at you will find a slide show that
8:18 am
compound, where osama bin laden was killed. just click on the "osama bin laden" tab. 8:17. we're getting reports out of libya this morning that moammar gadhafi's forces have bombarded an area near the port of misrata while an international aid ship sent to evacuate migrant workers was docked. reportly, a woman, man and two children were killed. ferry spent three nights outside of misrata waiting to come into court. last week, god's -- gadhafi's forces were caught mining the entrance. meanwhile, they will seek arrest warrants for those -- for those responsible. three years ago, the u.s. ambassador to japan sent a classified wire to washington very concerned about japan's capability to respond to a
8:19 am
disaster. this is all according to wikileaks documents obtained by "new york times." in that cable, according to the information we have, said -- said the government democracy would make it difficult for japan to respond to an attack. the coast guard is busy searching the waters off san diego and they are looking for a missing 65-year-old woman who may have fallen off a cruise ship. she turned up missing when the celebrity millenium docked in san diego early in the afternoon. coast guard said she was seen on board the ship, when it lost cabo san lucas mexico. and a new reports a complete lab -- a complete lack objectivity when they investigate citizen complaints.
8:20 am
there was a report that reportedly found evidence that the police department looks the other way when it comes to investigating excessive force or racial profiling cases. the city council will examine that aud it's next week. the school year in -- audit next week. the school year in california could get a lot shorter. 20 instructional days could be lost. without tax extension, shortening the school board by a month could be a real possibility. republicans dismiss this as a scare tactic. teachers and lawmakers would have to give approval to the
8:21 am
move. there's bad news for you book lovers. a new fee that a lot people in the bay area will soon be paying. also, one in 12 americans has the same health prob -- health problem. why experts do not have an explanation. we might have an explanation for all of the slow traffic being seen now coming up at certain points in the east bay. we'll have a look at today's weather.
8:22 am
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on july 1st, free library books will no longer be able to some south bay residents. instead they will have to pay $80 a year for books run by santa clara county. only books borrowed from a library where the person lives in will be free. the governor's proposed budget will eliminate all state funding for public libraries. rescue workers now say nine missing miners in mexico will not be found alive. yesterday morning an explosion trapped 14 men deep underground in a mineshaft. so far rescue crews have recovered five bodies, they are still working to secure the area. a 15-year-old boy was also injured in the explosion. both of his arms had to be
8:25 am
amputate. :24. u.s. official -- 8:24. u.s. health officials can't figure out why more people are suffering from asthma. the cdc says there were about 20 million people with asthma in 2001. in 2009, the number jumped to almost 25 million. that's a 21% increase to about one in 12 people who have asthma. now, asthma's become more common despite the areaty -- air quality reportedly being better and fewer people are smoking. >> yeah, there's been a big drop in that. let's check in with sal. the accident has been cleared from the bay bridge. how is the rest of the commute? >> the commute is not doing well. we have a new crash at westbound 80 central. you can see traffic is gonna be butcy. the indicator shows where the crash is but all over the place, if you look at the maps, they are color coded. so when you see, green -- so when you see green, that's
8:26 am
good. red is not good. give yourself plenty of time. let's take a look at some things here at bay bridge toll plaza. it's still backed up for about a 15 to 20-minute delay. this morning's commute on the san mateo bridge looks good. just got word of a couple more crashes on 80 in san jose, now, i didn't have this in my rundown but maybe we can bring that down. 208 is gonna be a mess and 280 northbound, another accident there. so we'll show it to you next time. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. sunshine, it looks like coast, bay inland will all warm up. we had some lows around 40s, 50s but now it's upper 50s and low 60s. but not much of a breeze unless you are in some of the higher elevations. almost everybody says calm, at least at the surface. there's some stronger gust in the north and east bay hills but there he goes. the visible satellite shows all of the fog all -- all of the
8:27 am
fog disappearing. we will have fog over weekend. san francisco, 59. san jose is already 59. oakland is at 60 degrees. high pressure building in and it is sending everything way up to vancouver. so we have sunshine and warmer weather. now, it's a little bit of a north-northeast wind but i think it's more widespread 80s than anything el. if we had a howling offshore breeze, i would warm these temperatures more. 70s, 80s to mid- to upper 80s and it will be above average on the temperatures. about same on friday and a big cooldown for the weekend with temperatures sliding well below average on sunday. the details the white house is now clarifying about the death of osama bin laden, about the deadly attack on bin laden's compound in pakistan. we'll bring you a live report from new york. >> reporter: san mateo, a
8:28 am
horrible crime. an 88-year-old woman is beaten and robbed. we'll tell you what she said to the assailants just before this happened. also, why some drivers may end up paying $9 a gallon for gas today. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
8:29 am
8:30 am
the white house is now clarifying details on the deadly attack on osama bin laden at his compound in pakistan. sandra endo is live at ground zero, where president obama will visit tomorrow. good morning, sandra. >> reporter: good morning,er to
8:31 am
rich they are certainly preparing for a -- good morning, tori. they are certainly preparing for the visit here tomorrow morning. but first, we independence from a pakistani intelligence official -- understand from a pakistani intelligence official, that those involved in the raid are in custody and are being questioned. what we do know from a source that osama bin laden's daughter was there and saw her father get shot. and he had $740 american dollars on him and two phone numbers sewn on his body. more details are coming out about the operation to kill osama bin laden. this video obtained by cnn shows the inside of the compound. soon after, the 40-minute firefight that took his life. u.s. officials believe he may have lived there for more than
8:32 am
five years. the obama administration clarified the details about the raid. they said while bin laden re-- resisted, i had no -- he had no humane shield on him. concern is being made about the photographs and the backlash it could start -- backlash it could spark. >> there is anticipate sensitivity surrounding these -- there's sensitivity surrounding these photographs. >> reporter: speculation remains about whether pakistan knew that osama bin laden was residing in that compound and was providing him safe haven. the call to end financial aid to end pakistan is growing you
8:33 am
louder. >> you can't expect to get this aid without serious, serious questions being asked. >> reporter: back to the white house, there's questions about whether or not the photos of bin laden's body will be released. the president is expected to come here tomorrow and meet with the 9/11 victims and their families. president bush declined an invitation from president obama to join him here at the site. sandra endo, tori, back to you. >> thank you. our coverage continues on our channel 2 website, you will find a slide show at the compound where bin laden was killed and an animation showing the military raid. just click object the "osama bin laden" tab. 8:30 3. 8:3. we're finding out more about a violent home invasion where an
8:34 am
elderly woman was hurt. kraig debro just talked with an individual in touch with the victim. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the neighbor says that woman was tough and awake and talking moments at asaw. it happened here in the 400 block of portola drive in the middle of the day on monday. the neighbor says the woman heard a front on -- a knock on front door. >> i think she told them to get out of their house, which is typical of her personality she's a tough lady -- she's a sweetheart but she's strong. >> reporter: in addition to learning the victim is strong, we've learned that she's not 80. she's 8. the men did not leave. the neighbor says one of the men hit the woman and she fell to the ground. one of the men ransacked the woman's bedroom looking for valuables. the victim herself called 9/11 after they left her home.
8:35 am
>> it's unbelievable they would do that to a woman, she's no longer than my son. >> reporter: police say three wren -- three wren -- men were involve, not two. two of the men waited outside in a light green suv. all men sped off. a search by the police and detectives turned up nothing. the neighbors say the victim whose name we are not re-- releasing right now. >> reporting live in san mateo, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:35. students are returning to an oakland elementary school this morning one day after a pretty scary incident on campus. police rush todd prescott elementary where the backpack
8:36 am
of a first grader contained a gun. the teacher made the discovery when the child was removing items from the backpack. the child didn't know about the gun, it's reported, and it's not known who the gun belongs to. a man wearing san jose sharks' garb robbed a gang. teller handed over an unu.n -- over an undisclosed amount of cash. he's described in his 40s and 50s, african-american, about 5'1"0 with a slim build. police in menlo park are reporting a spike in burglary crimes and both homes and businesses are being targeted. that's even been an increase in
8:37 am
auto thefts. more a case of police use of force against redwood city is headed for trial later this month. the city council rejected a settlement zeal with 46-year- old diabetic -- deal with 46- year-old diabetic doug burns outside of a movie theater in 2007. now, the former mr. natural universe said he was suffering from insulin shock when police sprayed him with pepper spray and beat him. police say burns took a fighting stance. police say they can prove he acted appropriately during the trial. the city of oakland just settled two police misconduct cases back in 2 a 07. a police -- in 2007. police shot a 15-year-old in the back. they said he had drugs and a gun on him. his lawyer said he did have a gun on him but not when he was shot. the family will get $550,000
8:38 am
for family in the second case, $330,000 was given to a victim for another police brutality crime. thely manager ans to cut the police department's -- the city manager whats want to cut the budget below the budget of 2004. that's the year when the voters overwhelmingly passed a .25 sales tax. preliminary results a special election are in. it appears some bay area schools will get help from property owners but others will not. in santa clara county, voters approved measures. two failed to get the two
8:39 am
thirds -- two thirds of the votes needed. san mateo county voters approved two out of three measures. san mateo union high school board member dave pine beat out five other candidates to win a seat on county board of supervisors. he received 27% of the vote. it's the first time voters in san mateo filled a supervisor's position through an all mail-in election. the county estimates it saved about $500,000. that's because there was no need to set up polling stations or hire thousands of poll workers. ballots were mailed out last month and voter turn out -- turnout, about 4%. in arizona, fire crews saved a man being tracked -- being attacked by thousands after after -- african bees.
8:40 am
once the bees went away, he was put on the stretcher. he was stung thousands of pipe -- thousands of times. he did go into shock but they say he should make a full recover -- recovery. if you went a car, there is a big reason to fill up the gas tank. some company are charging $9 a gallon to refill the car. san jose is one of the cities that's actually cheaper to fill up at a gas station and then turn in the car. if you want to avoid high prices at the pump. do not go to remote gas price -- gas stations. gas prices in maui, $6. the cheapest gas can be found
8:41 am
in casper, wyoming. that's $3.36 a gal. the national average is $.46. of course it's a lot higher here. >> as always. >> uh-huh. sal's still watching the roads for you to get you where you need to go. >> yeah, it's gonna be tough. the east bay is lit up. it's not doing well. had is not what i wanted to report. we're gonna start in the south bay because the last time i promised, you 280, we were gonna check on that. we had a couple crashes 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. they are minor but it's kind of adding, piling on in the -- of the vo traffic -- of the slow traffic. northbound slow, 580 is slow. 13 is so from 580ened and then -- 580 and then it's slow driving down to the toll plaza, which, by the way, is still crowded. talking about gas prices, there will be a lot of idling and i'm
8:42 am
afraid there will be a lot of bad gas mileage throughout unless you have the luxury of waiting. let's if to steve. thank you, sal. we had some fog yesterday but it got chewed up by -- chewed up by the sunshine. the fog is not a factor today. it might be by friday. but today and to -- but today and tomorrow look good. we don't have to worry about any fog or low clouds. temperatures will already begin to warm up here pretty fast. we're seeing temperatures bounced off these morning lows. so sunshine for everybody. it's a northerly breeze, not widespread, not howling or that strong. some of the higher elevation i've ben mount diablo, about 25 to 30 up in east bay hills. but nothing that strong at the surface. most locations say strong. fairfield says calm and 68
8:43 am
degrees. 54 degrees in sore -- in santa rosa. they are probably warmer than that. everyone el is rather close. calm a fairfield, calm at sfo, calm at san jose, also at livermore and concord and a little north-northwest 13. it's mainly out to the valleys where the stronger breeze is here. the coast is cheer. the high pressure is here, it will keep moving along. today and tomorrow, we have widespread 80s, maybe a few upper os or close to 90. but sunshine and warmer weather. same for ukiah. fairfield, santa rosa, 86. kentfield, 85. 78 in rich monday. upper 80s for brentwood, oakly. a little -- oakley. berkeley, 80 degrees.
8:44 am
san leandro, there's your 190. >> the loneout post. saratoga, los gatos not nar away. 70s on the coast. warm on thursday. here comes the wool down on friday and then a big cool down for the -- big cooldown for the weekend. big news in the bay area battle against drunk drivers. why hundreds of dui suspects may soon be off the hook. plus look at this -- sheriff deputies racing to take a bite out of crime but they get a big surprise. plan
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following right now. we're still hearing this morning about items found on osama bin laden when he was killed. according to intelligence officials, bin laden had the equivalent of $740 on him and two telephone numbers sewn into his clothing. they say it appears bin laden was ready to -- ready to escape at a moment's notice. the white house still deciding whether to release photographs of osama bin laden's body. cia director leon panetta says he thinks the photos will be
8:48 am
released. but it's president obama's call. back here, a parolee is in jail in the east bay. he's accused of opening fire on a veteran police officer in pittsburg. that gunfire shattered the glass of the patrol car -- patrol car. remarkably, the officer was not hurt. there's word that the los angeles dodgers don't have the money to meet this month's payroll. phil shueman is live in los angeles with more. so what is frank mccourt saying about the money problems, phil? >> reporter: well, he's said all along that in if mlb approves this deal on table with fox broadcasting, a multideal, $20 million, all of their problems will go ahead. but in the l.a. times and also in the wall street journal, it was reported that mccourt doesn't have the money to meet two payrolls in
8:49 am
may and that would give mlb to seize the dodgers from the owner mccourt. it was two weeks ago that major league baseball brought in a man named tom shieffer to monitor the dodgers and investigate their finances. mccourt is still on board. he says he will fight for his team. he's not selling. he's not giving up. and that's something new for him. if you have been following this for the past couple of years, from bay area all through -- all through the dodgers' saga. mccourt has been silent. he says now it's time to speak up and he is not giving up. >> it sown sounds like -- it sounds like such a soap opera. vy to ask, is it -- i have to ask is it affecting the players on the field? >> reporter: well, it depends on who you ask, one player said because of all of the drama
8:50 am
going on, they are used to dealing with the offfield distractions, they are able to keep the front had office drama out of their heads. that's what they have to say. on the field they are 15-16 this year. so a little bit less than .500. >> all right. fill shuman live for us in los angeles -- phil shuman live for us in los angeles on -- with the latest on the los angeles dodgers. mother nature may play an important role for the games this year. researchers found a sunny day is great for pitchers, while a little cloud cover helped hitters. the reason, fairly simple brighter conditions caused increased eyestrain for watters -- for batters. san francisco's budget crisis is expected to get a whole lot worse in the years ahead. mayor ed lee's office has just
8:51 am
completed an in-depth study looking at the city's financial future over the next five years. it concludes spending will continue to outspace revenue causing the city's soaring deficit to triple by the year 2016. but same report says the city must drastically reduce costs and raise a lot of money, mostly through new taxes. 8:50. today in maryland, army will be demonstrating new eco-friendly ammunition. the new lead-free rounds are replacing ammunition that's been used since the early 1980s. troops started to use use -- started to use it in afghanistan about a year ago and the troops will compare the performance of both. this is all taking place at an army post in aberdeen. back here, thousands of drunk drivers may be allowed off the hook in the south bay because of a problem with the police breathalyzer. the problem is with the outsenser device that's what
8:52 am
you are looking at right -- at right now. the santa clara district attorney's office is reviewing almost 900 dui cases. but we did talk to san jose police just within the past hour. they tell us that the breathalyzer is not the main method officers use to determine if someone is drunk. we realized on what the officers observed based on their training and experience on objective symptoms. so this is a tool -- a tool that supports their operations. >> police tell us, as soon as they receive word about a problem, they sent the breathalyzer back to the manufacturer. they are now using these older models until that problem is -- problem is fixed. take a look at this. a ten-foot alligator taking hold of a florida sheriff's squad car. this happened as deputies were responding to a situation in gainesville, in florida. you can see a deputy eventually put the car in reverse.
8:53 am
the gator put up a fight but eventually let go. they nabbed him but not before he caused $2,000 in damage. 8:52. a celebrity in the gym class. who is that pretty lady dressed in white? these students thought they were just taking dancing class but boy, did they get a surprise.
8:54 am
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welcome back.
8:56 am
in fremont, a technology company employee suffered major injuries after getting stuck beneath a forklift. this happened at wind industries yesterday were afternoon. the firefighters say the man's leg was completely trapped under the forklift. the paramedics used life- support measures as the firefighters got that man -- got the leg out. he was airlifted to san francisco hospital. in about 30 minutes from now, intel will hold a news conference, to make the most significant technology announcement for the year. "pc magazine" reports that intel may provide chips to apple for their iphones, ipads, and ipads. what a shock for school kids in new york when beyonce walked into their dance class unannounced. [ cheers ] >> the superstar jumped into the middle a dance routine for her own hit song "move your
8:57 am
body." the 85 girls were participating in michelle obama's fit campaign when beyonce walked in. some say they were so excited to see her, they messed up their steps. tonight, the "american idol" contestants take the stage. they will each perform two songs. one from the '60s and the other song will be modern. you can watch it right here at 8:00 tonight. all right. and everything ends with sal. we have to check how traffic is winding down. >> unfortunately, not winding down enough. i would say 280 is still in the middle after commute mode here, getting up into san jose. you can see how slow it. is -- you can see how slow it is. that's backing up to san
8:58 am
francisco approaching king. let's go to steve. around the bay mid-80s. upper 80s inland. there's really not a strong, strong offshore breeze but there is a slight one. still warm on thursday, a little cooler on friday and it looks like low clouds, fog and breezy conditions by the weekend. >> so the mother's day brunches will have to be inside? >> looking cooler, not as nice as today. >> all right. well, that will do it for us. thanks for watching, everyone. >> bye now.
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