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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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now just about 45 minutes ago, the san francisco police say they arrested several people in the killing, and made those arrests early this morning, including five adults, two juveniles. five other arrests were made in san francisco, one in fremont and one in oakland. three of the adult men have been charged with murder, while the others face multiple charges as well. the arrests were made last august following the shooting but the district attorney declined to press charges, indicating the case may not have been strong enough back then. last wednesday, ktvu learned a gun had not been found in the shooting. then, mechthild schroeer's husband came to visit, to see the sight where she died in his arms. today, the investigators informed the husband of the arrests this morning. they say he reacted emotionally to the news. >> i spoke with mechthild schroeer's husband this morning when we made the arrests. he was very emotional and very, very grateful to the men and
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women of this police department, to the citizens of this city and to the men and women that make up our district attorney's office. >> reporter: this evening, we have reached out to the husband through e-mail and phone calls to germany for reaction. we hope to bring you that coming up at 6:00. also coming up, we'll tell you why police are looking to make another arrest in this case. for now, reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 action news. >> and there is a time line of what happened since the german tourist happened last august, the shooting took place on august 8. and police initially took five people into custody, but later, the district attorney decided not the charge anybody at that time. on august 12, a search warrant was served at an apartment complex in fremont. then last week, the husband and two sons of the woman killed came to san francisco to attend a private memorial service and talk to us about the investigation. and today as david stevenson
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just reported, those arrests were made. the photos will not be released, although critics had been calling for proof. the white house said today the pictures taken of usama bin laden's death will not be released. we have reaction to the white house. >> reporter: in deciding not to release photos of a dead usama bin laden, president obama said today "we don't need to spike the football. we don't trot out the stuff as trophies. that is not who we are ." >> there is no doubt we killed usama bin laden. it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody shot in the head are not floating around to cause more violence or as a propaganda tool. >> reporter: these demonstrators in pakistan do not agree with president obama's statement that usama
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bin laden deserved the justice he received. they called the killing of an unarmed man a violation of international law and our nation. >> if he had surrendered, i think we obviously should have accepted that. but there was no indication he wanted to do that. and therefore his killing was appropriate. >> reporter: the compound that escaped attention for six years now is crawling with people curious. usama bin laden was prepared for a quick escape, according to the head of the c.i.a. found inside his clothes were phone numbers and money, about $750. intelligence officials say he may have expected help from the military academy half a mile away, where just three years ago u.s. troops trained pakistani soldiers. neighbors say when they heard the fire fight they thought pakistani troops were training. >> i didn't take much notice, i heard a big bang. >> reporter: pakistani officials are now questioning
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usama bin laden's wife who was shot during the raid. they say his daughter, about 10, was upset, watching the navy seals shoot and kill her father. >> he was a mass murderer. >> reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 action news. and mike, we have been looking at reaction throughout the day about the decision not to release the photos. >> reporter: that is right, it is a graphic death photo of this man, if it were to be released the president says it could cause violence in the world. and the majority of people we spoke to today actually agree with it. but not quite everybody. >> regardless of whether or not it is terrible or not, people want to see. so if the people ask for it, so be it. it is kind of like the birth certificate. if they want it, why not give it to them? >> reporter: the san francisco, a diverse city, today a city filled with a number of opinions. >> the fact is, he is dead, they have a picture. so there is no incentive to --
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kind of throw it out there. have the whole world look at this dead face. >> he has been a great president so far. >> reporter: some family members who died in the -- of the people who died in the terror attacks, say that the photos should be released. some lawmakers today say releasing the images could be seen as a trophy and impact the u.s. troops working overseas. >> it is not necessary to do so. i think there is much proof that this was usama bin laden. >> reporter: one spokesperson told ktvu leader nancy pelosi supports the president's decision, and she said his decision on this matter is based on our national security interests. many agree. >> i think it is even more of a reason not to do it. because he is such a lightning rod for the extremists that publishing those photos would make it like a huge picture
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that they could use in future events. >> one lawmaker who does want to see the death photos of usama bin laden is bay area congressman george miller. ktvu, channel 2 action news. and the navy seals who raided the compound there are now back at andrew's air force base outside washington, d.c., where they are said to be resting. with usama bin laden dead, now the intelligence officers now have a big job ahead of them. sitting through the pile of computer disks, flash drives, dvds captured during the raid. the c.i.a. set up a team of analysts to go through the area. it could take time, though, because much of the material is written in other languages. some native americans are calling for president obama to apologize for one element of the mission. the leader of the fort sill apache tribe called the use of
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the name geronimo disturbing. he wrote to equate it with usama bin laden, a mass murderer and cowardly terrorist, is painful and offensive to our tribe. the spokesperson said no disrespect was attempted, and the name was chosen at random. and the white house says the president will lay a wreath at ground zero to mark this significant and huge moment for the american people. to honor the victims, to honor the first responders who had so much courage rushing to the scene and in many cases gave their own lives. to honor the spirit of unity that we all felt in the wake of the terrible attack. >> the president also will meet privately with families of those killed in the september 11 attacks. >> he wants to meet with them and share with them -- this important and significant
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moment, a bitter sweet moment. >> the former president, george w bush has declined to attend tomorrow's event. he will choose to stay out of the spotlight now that he left the white house. president obama will not deliver any formal remarks at the ground zero visit. the white house says the visit requires no words. and fears of revenge attacks. insiders say the nation's mass transit systems are the most vulnerable targets. coming up in the next half hour, the strong warning from the operation's commander. what he told lawmakers in washington today. and we have more on our website at, there you will find a special section with all the latest, as well as a slide show of the compound where usama bin laden was killed. just click on the usama bin laden tab. breaking news now, happening in san ramon, police
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say there they were announcing the arrest of one of their own officers. we're told that the arrest is related to the ongoing scene and drug scandal that we have been covering for you. as you may recall the case involves a former state investigator accused of stealing the drugs. we have more information from san ramon, and we'll bring you details as soon as we get it. and defense attorneys to lay out their case in the trial of two men accused of killing journalist chauncey bailey. they rested the case against macky and yusef bey who is charged with killing the two men. and a woman agreed from iran says she will not go back to iran to face trial. sarah shourd is sufficienting from ptsd and will not go back to iran for the trial scheduled a week from today. she was arrested along with bauer and josh fattal, during a hike near the iraq-iran border
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in 2009. bauer and josh fattal remain in custody. and at the beach, we want to show you what it is like today and why you should be here. that story is still ahead. and nine dollar gas? it is true. we're going to show you where it is being sold so that you can avoid it
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. would you pay over nine a gallon for gas? some are doing that right here in the bay area, we're talking about people who return their rental cars without filling up their tank. the rental cars cost you up to nine a gallon, as you can see this hurts people. customers say that is enough to get them to go out of their way and fill up themselves. >> it is a little ridiculous.
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but it will be filled up when i bring it back, so not too worried about it. >> a little excessive, but i didn't take that option. >> the price to prepay for gas can often be less per gallon than at local stations, but in that option you're paying for the entire tank whether you use it or not. and if you think gas is expensive here, boy, check out the price on maui, in hawaii, gas there costs more than six a gallon. and in california's death valley, you can pay as much as 5.75. the cheapest is in the united states, found in casper wyoming, for 3.36, and the national average is just below four at 3.96. california's average is 4.96. and a train derailment led to a fire up near portland, oregon, near highway 30 northwest of portland. a train car loaded with lumber fell off, crashed into a tanker car filled with ethanol.
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that turned into a fire ball visible for miles. at one point, firefighters pulled back and evacuated people for a mile around the accident. nobody was hurt. and just like our chief meteorologist said, the temperatures really went up today throughout the bay area. we have team coverage tonight. bill will tell us where we set at least one record. but first, we talk to john fowler, who is at ocean beach. and john, some people should have been at work? >> reporter: yes, can you blame them. this is ocean beach right now, barely a breath of wind. temperatures in the mid-70s, people streaming here. and i should tell you about 3:00 today, the temperature hit 83. >> reporter: it felt more like a southern california summer day. several thousand people at ocean beach. we found some playing hooky. >> my wife actually, she called in sick today. we -- we woke up this morning,
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it was really nice so we decided to come to the beach. >> reporter: others did have the day off. >> too beautiful to stay inside. >> reporter: you're not working? >> no, i am a union painter, look out for me. >> actually i was trying to get away from the heat of marin county. and it is cooler here, the nice ocean breeze is nice. >> reporter: downtown san francisco hit 90 in the mission district. people came from far and wide. >> this is our nice back yard area, found water, hanging out here. >> reporter: east bay folks came west. >> it is nice compared to where i live. it is nice and cool over here. >> reporter: east coast folks as well. some wonder where the fog went. >> and it probably changed the character of the city somehow. >> reporter: at ocean beach, despite the chilly 51-degree water and rip currents, many people still went in. life guards here at minimum staff, were watching closely. >> the tide comes in, it is a
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little more dangerous, the hold comes in, it is deeper. people can get pulled out. >> reporter: there were no reports of serious problems at all here today. a lot of people are still in the water and almost nobody is leaving. reporting live, ocean beach, john fowler, ktvu. >> and let's talk to our meteorologist, we broke a record? >> yes, oakland broke a record. let's take a look at that. oakland today, temperatures up in the 80s, 85 degrees, breaking a record set back in '87, 82 degrees there in oakland. a warm day, happening outside, we'll use the readings to show you the wind direction, which is coming out of the west at the golden gate bridge, winds here, zero miles per hour, and offshore, we have westerly winds as well. let's look here as well. west-northwest at 14. what that means is, the wind direction is changing, coming back onshore. the winds have been blowing this way and this.
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things will cool off tomorrow. not a major cooldown. we're not going to see records tomorrow. take a look at the current temperatures. it is empty, 87 in santa rosa, 83, current temperatures, we saw a couple of upper 80s, and low 90s, showing up in some locations. most of us in the mid-80s, warmest day of the week, temperatures trend down as we roll into your tomorrow. but really, a warm day. along the coast, temperatures in the 70s, john fowler was talking about 70s in ocean beach. he had his hypothermia, his thermometer, the average temperature is 75. the forecast in the city tonight, mostly clear skies, no fog to speak of. mostly sunny and warm tomorrow. not as warm. as we roll into the weekend, look at that. mother's day. clouds and sun, and some major cooling. big cooldown on sunday, i don't think we'll see rain on sunday. so don't panic there, temperatures will trend out.
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when i come back we'll look at the forecast temperature for your city and look at the five- day forecast. we'll pick up the mother's day forecast for you, we'll see you back here. and an annual memorial for fallen police officers took on an even deeper significance today for alameda county. others gathered for a special ceremony. the news this year is that the alameda peace officer's memorial will soon expand. donors have raised money for two new granite walls so that the names of all police officers and firefighters who have died in the line of duty since alameda county was formed 140 years ago can now be included at that memorial. >> it is wonderful that we can get together and come to honor our loved ones with people. it has been 12 years for us, for the families, not like it just happened. but it is nice to know we're not forgotten. >> collapsed police officer james williams was killed in january of 1999. the coast guard suspended their search for a woman who
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jumped over board from a cruise ship. now there is video of the woman climbing over the railing and letting go. what you see here is a photo of the ship. the coast guard officers looked through the waters off san diego and northern mexico today. this video here is from early this morning as they prepared their helicopters. the 65-year-old woman was reported missing when she failed to show up for a customs check yesterday. and space tourism taking a big step in the mohave desert today. virgin company says today the ship successfully performed a key gliding test. during the test, a mother ship lifted the enterprise to 50,000 feet where it was released. the company says that tourists could begin the space flights on board that ship sometime next year. it is expensive though. the tentative cost per ticket is $200,000. and 7 million worth of illegal drugs. and that is just the beginning. the outcome of a two-year
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investigation that started in the east bay. plus, a silicon valley company showing what it calls a revolutionary new chip. how it will impact everything from smart phones to computers. and a year's worth of bridge work, the agency that is being blamed for that
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. san francisco is being called the city rich in opportunity. the praise comes from price water house cooper, the global
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consulting firm that says san francisco plays a major role in the economy. the firm ranks san francisco third on its list of 26 opportunity-rich cities, in fact just beyond new york and toronto and just ahead of london. and a new type of technology, silicon valley's intel released a micro processer. >> it is called the trigate chip, so small, that a billion of its transisters would fit. >> and they will be in full production this year. in devices next year. that means those devices can be thinner, smaller, lighter with
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double the battery life, or says intel, device makers can keep the current battery life, but offer more functions and speed, in everything from computers to beyond. folks at this coffee shop were impressed with the names. >> whether we like it or not, we all have these things and would like them to work better. so i welcome this type of technology. >> smaller would be better, you know? more flexibility for recording concerts and that sort of thing, you know without bringing a lot of musical gear. >> reporter: one man hopes this could help make the solar panels smaller. >> we get rid of the roof top light and make it more easy and less expensive to put solar panels on houses. >> and get this, intel's chips are only just slightly more expensive than current chips. just a few percentage points. ktvu channel 2 action news. and 120 million, gone, because of a bad investment.
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that is how much money the metropolitan transportation commission has lost, which works out to about a year's worth of money collected at toll booths. they run 7 bay area bridges. and back in 2003 it entered into an interest-rate swap deal with the financial group. the arrangement worked well for a while, but when the economy went bad, they went bankrupt. and getting out of the contract cost the mtc about 120 million. it is a discussion on the incident of fisherman's wharf, they are looking at changes leading to more enjoyment for folks walking or riding their bikes. plans include wider sidewalks and more restaurants in the wharf area. and attorney john russo made a decision we told you about last week. he is leaving to become the city manager of alameda, they approved his contract last night. he will be given a $15,000 base
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salary. he was elected the first city attorney, somebody will be appointed to serve out his term. it was a case about gun and drug dealing, starting in san pablo, a case that grew internationally. >> everybody, not just the white house is talking about them. the navy seals who killed usama bin laden. tonight, why we will likely never know their names
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. this is ktvu channel 2 action news at 5:00. you are looking at serious fire power that police seized during a raid in east bay. but that is not all they took. millions in illegal drugs, as
5:29 pm
well as capturing a number of suspects considered very dangerous and ruthless. we learned among those arrested was a suspected gang leader they have been after for sometime. >> reporter: frank, we are here across from the san pablo police headquarters because this is where it all started. a two-year operation that caught a gang leader that police have wanted for year. 135 pounds of meth worth 7 million, assault weapons, handguns, bullet proof vests, all taken in what law enforcement calls a potentially significant blow to an international crime ring. >> it ended in the execution of 30 federal and state search warrants throughout contra costa county. >> reporter: many were arrested on meth sales and distribution. chief among them, abate, who police say is a gang member with a number of names,
5:30 pm
including fisher. investigators say the mexican drug cartel distributed the drugs through local gang members. >> an extremely dangerous group of people who operated within the bay area and contra costa. >> reporter: police investigation started in san pablo and a small san pablo police department was credited with solving the case. >> it will have quite an effect on our community and the surrounding areas. >> reporter: 17 people were indicted, 16 arrested. they are looking for a marie schwartz, the only woman on this long list of those indicted. in san pablo, ken pritchett, ktvu. and in the east bay, take a look at the window here. we first brought you the
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pictures on the 10:00 news last night. the officer was not hit, when a gunman opened fire later in the afternoon, following a short chase. but at least eight bullets went right through the window. police ended up capturing jones, about four hours later in a nearby apartment. he is being held on no bail. charged with attempted murder of a police officer. we're now on the death of usama bin laden. if the white house chooses to honor the team that killed him it will most likely happen in secret. the spokesperson for the seal says that the team member's names won't be released for their own safety. the white house said the men executed the raid at great risk to themselves. >> what happened on sunday night is that a very brave team of u.s. personnel entered a foreign country in darkness on a very risky mission. >> navy sources say the seals team will likely receive some of the military's highest honors. and a house panel approves
5:32 pm
10 and a half million for navy seals and special operations command. they were widely praised for their bold mission to take out usama bin laden, an increase of about 7%. the full committee will consider the legislation next week. and the u.s. attorney general said this week that the killing of usama bin laden could pose extra security risks and add more people to the no- fly risk. eric holder told us that a team is being reviewed at the compound. he said the information could lead to new names on the terror watch list. also he said he notified his department to be on the alert for new terror actions. >> i have ordered the prosecutors and law enforcement agencies to be mindful that usama bin laden's death could result in revengeful attacks. now more than ever we need more access to the crucial authorities and the patriot act. >> holder asked congress to bring back the provisions which expire this month.
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and bart officials here to examine a threat to the mass transit system. it is said to be the most likely target in the wake of usama bin laden's death. and as allison burns explains, some say it is the most vulnerable. >> reporter: at a hearing today, the chairman of the house homeland security committee says we should assume that terrorists will try to get revenge for usama bin laden's death, and? >> if we're talking about potential targets, nobody is more at risk than the mass transit systems. >> reporter: attacks have killed hundreds overseas in michael bloomberg mumbai and madrid. but one spokesperson warned today that federal cuts are putting security programs on the line. >> as we approach the 10th anniversary of the 911 attacks we can't allow being slow to
5:34 pm
act. >> reporter: this regards the transit security grants program. the people in charge of keeping others safe say that means less money for bomb sniffing dogs and police, and less money for surveillance video equipment and prepare for disaster response. one spokesperson says it could hurt plans to work on the system's tunnels. >> we're looking at an infrastructure that was never designed to stop a terror attack. so we're working on the system, and without the funding from the federal sources, the grant program, the department of homeland security we wouldn't be able to do that. >> i just talked to an official at the transportation security administration, he says that no decisions have been made yet about what transit systems may lose some of the grant money. he says it is based on risk. but clearly there is less money to go around this year. reporting from washington, d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 action news. and coming up at 6:00, bart
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deploys special team officers at trains and in stations. the promises that top brass is making to passengers tonight. and we continue our coverage on the usama bin laden death story at there you will find a special section with the latest information plus a slide show of the compound where usama bin laden was killed. to view it, just click on the usama bin laden tab. and just a small patch of land has created a big controversy. in fact we'll tell you why some want the united nations to get involved. also the move apple made regarding their phones and tracking. and many people have been helped to stop smoking. but a new diet patch is in an unexpected place. and it works in a very different way
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. the united nations has been asked to help settle a conference over a land that vallejo called an old burial site. the native americans have been camping there for weeks, and we showed you the protest. the city wants to redevelop it, with changes including a parking lot and bathrooms. the activists say that construction would disturb the remains buried there. they want the united nations officials to come to tour the area and investigate what the activists call possible human rights violations. and san mateo police looking at the robbery and
5:39 pm
attack of an 88-year-old woman, happening about 1:25 yesterday afternoon at the woman's home in san mateo. investigators say the men knocked on the door, then came in the back. the woman confronted them, one hit her and then both tore up the home and stole the jewelry. >> she is alone, she is a widow, she has been alone for a while, it is terrible, you don't do that to somebody, it is just awful. >> police released the sketch based on the description of the two robbers, the other is believed to be in his 40s. one was wearing a yellow hard hat. the other had a beard. and apple updating the iphone to address the controversy. they released software to look at information and the whereabouts. when installed, the location data won't be kept for one week, right now it is held for a year. and starting may 15th, the game system costing 150,
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cheaper than right now. the announcement followed last night's news that nintendo is launching a new system. and some could find it extreme, but a doctor in philadelphia thinks he has found a new tool in the fight to lose weight. a diet patch, but in the case it is a diet patch stitched to your tongue. it makes it uncomfortable to eat solid food and is combined with an 800-calorie a day liquid diet, and designed to stay in place for four to six weeks. other doctors say it could cause swelling and injuries. and if you want to lift your mood, strenuous exercise helps more than other exercise.
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in the study, people's moods were not right much better right after the tough workout, but their moods lifted a lot 20 minutes after they finished. that didn't happen with lighter exercise. stay with us, news ahead, including what could be suspicions that may end up being thrown out. and record warmth today, we'll talk about that. and the temperature tomorrow, how warp it will be. i'll have the specific forecast for your neighborhood
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle!
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i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. . we now know the name of the
5:44 pm
officer arrested today. he is lewis lombardi. his arrest is related to the ongoing drug scandal involving the former member of the contra costa narcotics team, involving welsh and butler, accused of stealing seized drugs. we're told that lombardi worked under welsh and was friends with butler. police didn't say the role that he played in the case, but we do know the charges. >> he was booked into the facility on the following charges. accessory, aiding and abetting. conspiracy, grand theft, possession of stolen property. possession of an illegal assault rifle. and his bail has been set at $500,000. and this just in, we now learned that lombardi's bail has been enhanced to $760,000 in the past few minutes.
5:45 pm
police chief holder has not ruled out arrest s in the case as well. and hundreds of drunk driver cases could be dismissed, but not because of faulty police work. more on the issue here. >> reporter: gasia mikaelian, this is what the san jose police officers are carrying with them as they look for drunk driving suspects. san jose police this week are using this test, saying a manufacturer glitch in the five models can cause moisture to build up in the tube and produce wrong readings. >> they have the repair for the defect. we expect ours to return this friday, with the repairs having been made. >> and this is really the only fair thing to do, to look at the cases with new eyes. >> reporter: the santa clara district attorney's office is reviewing 800 new cases since the san jose police and the
5:46 pm
paloalto police began to use it. it is rarely used in court. >> we want the prosecute people fairly. this could be a main piece of evidence. and we wouldn't be sure unless we look. >> reporter: the public defender's office is beginning their own review, and questions using the breath tests machinery at all. >> i think the fact that one is not working, you should question the others. >> reporter: this san jose woman was pulled over last year, but still questions the results. >> i had to blow four times before it read, and then on the fourth time, they said we got it. let's take her in. >> reporter: the people were convicted of drunk driving soley because of the five reading will have it taken away, and charges could be filed against the manufacturer. and san jose police say the
5:47 pm
faulty breath tests will not impact the case of a drunk driver who was arrested for hitting and killing a woman working in her front yard. the prosecutors say they had already changed to the new ones. the district attorney says the suspect, martinez, had a blood alcohol content of at least 1.5, almost twice the legal limit. and looking at car insurance, california is not doing very well but is better than last year. california is 29th in auto insurance affordability according to one company that provides insurance quotes. it is an improvement over last year when we were 34th. they look at all 50 states and washington, d.c., who was the worst? louisiana, at 51. the best ones, massachusetts, hawaii, minnesota, north carolina, and utah. and if your license is up for renewal with the dmv,
5:48 pm
you're catching a break. also at 6:00, usama bin laden is dead, but the threat remains, the long-term commitment that they're making to riders tonight. >> reporter: as you can see this stretch of highway one in pacifica can be terrible in many ways, but now thanks to a 12-year-old boy it is a little safer, coming up. and cloudy skies, the major help that it can help on baseball. and 1300 gray wolves off the endangerment list. it is the first time a species has been removed from the list. several states wanted the protection stripped because of concerns over wolf attacks on live stock, public wolf hunts are planned for some states. and bill, some people say it is too warm for them.
5:49 pm
and for them you have good news. >> and things are trending down, in the middle of summer we called it warm, very warm, you wouldn't call it hot. but relative, early may. 88 degrees is hot. you feel it out there right now. we go outside, i show you the current temperature in santa rosa, 88 degrees, right now, 82 in napa, temperatures will continue to drop as we go into the next few hours. this offshore flow is beginning to die down. that was today's weather. the winds blow offshore in the summertime. this is high fire danger. but in this time of year, it is warmer, we have record heat at the oakland airport. here is what changes. those winds coming this way now go this way. coming coming off the water, patchy fog coming through, cooler moisture air and temperatures trend down. just like gasia mikaelian said. wind shifts from very warm, cooler, a slow cooling trend in
5:50 pm
the mother's day weekend. napa, cooler than last night. last night, mid-50s. these are the highs from today. impressive, santa rosa didn't get a record but oakland did. 87 in hayward, 86 in san jose. not as worried, temperatures down, sunny, warm, high pressure weaker, the trend for temperatures is down as this weak system is to the north of us. it allows temperatures to drop off. cooler, friday, saturday, sunday, it drops off big time. that is your mother's day. you'll see a chance of rain in the forecast, no rain chances in. but just know the temperatures are coming off. by sunday, mid-60s, upper 60s, not the end of the world. just a cooling trend. forecast highs, 85 in clear lake. 78 as you head out, 81 in castro valley, still warm, wow, 88, antioch, pittsburgh, the
5:51 pm
breeze coming off the water more, today out of the northeast, tomorrow, off the water. the weekend will come into view here. and you will see the big cooling trend as we head into sunday. but again, don't panic, mom, it will be fine. just a bit cooler. >> all right, thank you, bill. breaking news now, picture of a fire in san francisco, especially in the south of the market area, howard and russ, in san francisco, if you look at the bottom of the screen here you can see a lot of smoke coming out. we can assume the people all around the market area are seeing this result from the fire. we don't know exactly what is on fire here. i don't know if it is residential or business buildings we're looking at, but again we're looking at the area of howard and russ in san francisco, just about several blocks south of market street. again this is an area that is quite near the bay
5:52 pm
bridgentrance if you're heading east. so it could impact the traffic if you're stopping through. and vehicles are making their way through, the emergency vehicles, again, howard and russ, very best here, we'll stay on top of it and bring you information about the fire as we get it. when we come back, prince charles comes to washington and is talking about something very close to the heart of many in california
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. more live pictures now from san francisco of a fire that is burning at russ and folsom. earlier we said russ and howard, now we know it is russ and folsom, in between 6 and 7th. this could impact the area, folsom is a key area, we're working on details and will have them for you at 6:00. and prince of wales visiting washington, d.c. he is on a mission to support sustainable farming. >> the world is gradually waking up to the fact that sustainable food systems will become paramount in the future. >> prince charles is a passionate supporter of the sustained agriculture. he has his own organic farm. and in fact during a visit, charles and his wife toured the
5:56 pm
area. the prince criticized government subsidies for large scale agriculture, and they also pushed for environmentally friendly food production. >> if we do not work with the nature system, then nature will fail to be the durable continuously sustaining force she has always been. this, then, is the challenge facing us. we have to maintain a supply of healthy food, at affordable prices. >> prince charles visited with injured soldiers at the british ambassador's residence. and later he visited with president obama at the white house. aides say the two were supposed to discuss energy and the environment. and much more coming up on channel 2 action news at 6:00. including more coverage on the breaking news in san francisco, a fire that is returning at russ and folsom, in between 6 and 7th, in the south of market area. this could impact the evening commute, folsom, a key road used to get to the bay bridge.
5:57 pm
we have news chopper 2 on the way as well as a reporter on the way. we're working for more details and will have them for you coming up at 6:00. but you can see here it looks like the situation is getting a little worse. more coverage next at 6:00
5:58 pm
. complete bay area news
5:59 pm
coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 action news at 6:00. good evening, i'm julie haener. and i'm frank somerville. we're following breaking news that we first told you about on ktvu news at 5. this is between folsom, and russ, in between 6 and 7th, and could possibly impact the commute. firefighters are there on the scene, fighting it from the roof of the building. we're also now hearing there could be an injury. and as we have monitored the situation, the smoke has definitely increased in the past couple of minutes. we have news chopper 2 on the way. a reporter on the way as well, and we'll have more details as they become more available. and a break tonight in the case involving a german tourist who was caught in the cross fire and killed in a gang shootout near san francisco's


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