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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 5, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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san francisco firefighters are still on fire watch this morning. find out why they're using thermal imaging. the president heads to ground zero days after the death of bin laden. the emotional meeting he's expected to have during his visit. and the reason concern is growing this morning over some very private papers scattered on a bay area freeway. it's all ahead here on the ktvu
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morning news. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's thursday may 59. i'm pam cook. pretty hot yesterday. what sit going to be like today, steven? pam, it depends on your proximity to the coast or inland areas. if you're near the coast it will still be warm but cooler today. 6 0z, 70s and some low 80s closer to the bay. but then still mid to upper 80s and close to 90 if you're far enough away from any marine influence. here's sal. highway 4 bay point looks good. traffic in antioch also off to a nice start getting off to this point and concord. interstate 80 80 and we're off to a nice start here from vallejo to berkeley. 4:31. back to the desk. topping our news this morning the red cross is helping the 100 people forced from their homes in a fierce fire in san francisco. it started last night at a residential hotel in the city south of market area. ktvu's jade hernandez tells us investigators are still looking for the cause.
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good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. they are still looking for the cause this morning. firefighters are out here still on fire watch. in fact, i was told that they're using thermal imaging to make sure the building is stable and there are no other hot spots they have to pay attention to right now. the san francisco fire chief call third-degree a very stubborn fire with heavy smoke. no one as pam mentioned is quite sure what caused the fire this morning but you can see the damage left behind. there were a couple residents walking around this morning when we arrived but they didn't want to go on camera. we did speak to residents last night though about this fire which raged through the park hotel. a three story apartment building. firefighters arrived after 5:30 last night. flames spread to two adjacent structures. one commercial the other a six unit apartment building. by the time fire alarms were back the holes were already filled with black smoke. >> i couldn't run out. i cam back in, grabbed a rag, put a rag over my face. when i was down the stairs i kept jumping down the stairs to
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get out of the building. >> i was so frightened. i had a bag packed for such emergencies that i forgot to grab the bag. >> reporter: at least 75 people requested aid from the american red cross. the red cross set up a temporary shelter around the corner at gene frederick recreational center. they plan to bring in health care providers and crisis counselors as they need it. firefighters are still on fire watch and right now they're just switching out crewsful there was a crew here between midnight and 4:00. the next crew takes over between 4:00 and 8:00 this morning. and, again, the investigators still don't know the cause of this fire. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, back to you in the studio. this morning president obama travels to new york city to take part in a wreath laying ceremony at ground zero. the president will also meet privately with families of those who died in the september 11 attacks. his visit come just days after the killing of osama bin laden.
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now the president is also scheduled to visit this fire house and police station. both lost many first responders on 9/11. president obama will arrive in new york this morning at 7:40 our time. now the president has ordered the grizzly photographs of osama bin laden's body sealed from public view. in deciding not to release the photos, the president says "we don't need to spike the football. that's not who we are ." the president expressed concern that any relief of the photos could become a propaganda tool for bin laden's followers. not everyone agrees with the president's decision to withhold the release of the bin laden death photos. 56% of americans surveyed by cnn say that they should be released. 39% say they do not need to see the photos. meantime the c.i.a. is reviewing the stash of computers and other information brought back by navy seals from osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. agents are combing through
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files on five computers. 100 storage devices such as flash drives and ten hard drives. intelligence officials call it the most significant collection of information in the history of the war on terror. a search is underway at this hour for a man in a fatal stabbing overnight. police found the victim with multiple stab wounds on flint crest drive at 11:30 last night. he was rushed to regional medical center where he was pronounced dead. there's no word on a motive or description of the suspect. well, seven suspected gang members are now due in court this morning to face felony charges in the death of a german tourist in san francisco. last summer's fatal shooting of 50-year-old sparked outrage around the world. she was celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary and her 50th birthday with her husband when they decided to go for an evening walk near union square. investigators say she was then caught in the cross fire of a
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gang shootout. san francisco police announced the long awaited break in the case late yesterday hours after raids in three bay area cities. >> one warrant served in fremont, california, with the help of the fremont police department. one warrant served in oakland. five warrants served here in san francisco. there's still one suspect outstanding. >> four of the seven suspects face murder charges. the others are charged with accessory to murder. two of the suspects are teenagers. also this morning some very private papers are still scattered along a marin county highway raising concerns about privacy and identity theft. now on saturday a moving truck was taking boxes of documents to a new warehouse. somehow it flipped over on highway 101 in san raphael spilling medical records, financial documents and other sensitive papers on the freeway. it's possible anyone could have grabbed those papers that contains social security numbers and other private
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information. in fact, one person who lives nearby found some of the papers a day after that spill. right now it is 4:36. i want to get an early look at traffic this morning. hi, sal. hello, pam. good morning to you. you know we're off to a nice start around the bay area. the traffic is doing very well and there are no major weather problems. it's been nice and mild this morning. and if you're driving anywhere in the bay it looks good. this is a look at the east shore freeway. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza it's also pretty light heading westbound coming into san francisco with no major issues. also the morning commute looks good on san jose's drive northbound 280 that's nice getting up to highway 17. 4:37. let's go steve. 82 yesterday in san francisco, sal. >> beautiful. >> 82 degrees. lots of upper 80s but right about as advertised. upper 80s mainly the higher end on the spectrum. no fog yet. it's to the north and south but not over the bay. we will see a little cooler weather by the coast. inland it's still going to be
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in the upper 80s for some. san jose and mountain view just going nutty. 59. yet napa's 50. 55 concord. livermore a little cool along with fairfield. yesterday at this time fairfield was 68 degrees. reason being they don't have any wind. yesterday they had a good north wind. i can't find any wind yet. puff towards sfo west-northwest 6. no delta breeze yet. however a little system weak as it may be will drag into the northwest. it's going to allow cooler weather spill in especially the coast. cooling trend starts for some today. not for inland areas. it will be closer to the coast and around the bay. but by tomorrow everyone will start to see it and rather dramatic cooling trend into the weekend as a low digs into the pacific northwest. sunny and warm. cooler by the coast. upper 80s inland. an afternoon breeze. that will favor more of a westerly direction compared to yesterday when it was more northerly or easterly
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direction. 60s, 70s, upper 80s. even though it's sunny on the coast more of a west wind today to 89 antioch. 85 napa. santa rosa. upper 70s and low 80s on the peninsula. take the edge off the temps even though sunny. cooler friday and much cooler into the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. a san ramon police officer is in jail this morning in connection with a growing scandal at the contra costa county narcotics team. lewis lombardi is an officer with the san ramon police. he now faces drug and weapons charges and is currently being held on $760,000 bail. now investigators started looking at lombardi after the former commander of the drug team, welsh, was arrested and accused of stealing and selling drugs seized in raids. a private investigator and a danville police officer have also been arrested on related charges. right now nurses at children's hospital in oakland are preparing to go on strike. about 800 nurses at children's
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hospital -- 800 nurses work there but hospital management says it has hired replacement. some elected surgeries have been canceled today. but the emergency room will remain open during the strike. the nurses say they'll walk the picket lines for five days starting today. the new -- the two sides cannot agree on medical coverage for the nurses and their families. san jose police expect big crowds tonight even though a official festivities are canceled. tonight parking will be temporarily banned in downtown san jose. police say the ban will help prevent cars from getting vandalized. this is video of last year's celebration. san jose canceled this year because of a lock of funds. well, triple a is offering free rides to people who drink during tonight's celebrations. a free tow home up to ten miles is open to everyone even if you're not a triple a member. the free rides will be offered from 6:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 a.m.
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tomorrow morning. you can call the number there on your screen 800-222-4357. triple a help. and you can tell the operator that you need a tipsy tow. a huge marijuana bust in the south bay. and it's all by accident. the investigation that led officers to stumble upon the pot farm. and some discouraging news about injured giants fan bryan stow. good morning. upper deck of the bay bridge traffic moves well. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. skies are clear. it's a little cool for some and on the mild side for others. if you're away from the coast it will still be in the upper 8 0z. closer to it though everyone though starting off sunny cooler today with 60s, 70s or very low 8 0z. certainly more severe weather in other parts of the country. the flood waters that swamped illinois and missouri are working their way down the mississippi river to states further south. near memphis some people have decided not to wait for official evacuation orders. one of the two roads off mud island is already covered by water. many people are worried about being trapped, so they are packing up and heading for drier ground. in the tornado ravaged town of tuscaloosa, alabama, it's not just streets getting cleaned up. tide has set up a free wash station to allow tornado victims to clean their clothes for free. >> this is for my son.
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it came from houston. and he has been working atrocious out there to remove debris and stuff and we just need to get his clothes washed. >> also a kiosk for batteries and free computer time and use of a phone to let loved ones know they're okay. more than 300 people died from that recent tornado cluster in the south including 41 in tuscaloosa. 18 police officers in iraq were killed by a suicide bomber who crashed a vehicle outside their police building. it happened today in the city of hill will about 60 miles south of baghdad. more than 40 other people were injured. the officers were gathered in front of the building during a shift change. it's the second significant attack in iraq since the death of osama bin laden. well, some native american groups are calling for an apology over the code name geronimo used during the raid to capture osama bin laden. he was an apache chief who fought to protect his people from land and u.s. mexican
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armies in the 19th century. native americans consider him a hero and say he should not be associated with bin laden. a congressional panel will discuss the issue today during a hearing on the inappropriate uses of native american icons. there's new information about the giants fan attacked outside dodgers stadium. doctors in los angeles say bryan stow is not recovering at the rate that they would like. and the next few days could be critical. on friday doctors took stow out of a medically induced coma. they're closely watching his condition to make sure that his brain can handle being off heavy sedation. now family members also report some good news. stow has not suffered any major seizures since then. a multimillion dollar marijuana bust in morgan hill and sheriff deputies called the discovery sheer luck. they showed us these pictures. deputies say they found 28 marijuana plants and 80 pounds of processed pot inside a greenhouse. deputies were in the morgan hill area on tuesday looking
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for suspects in a completely separate case. that's when they saw a man running from what turned out to be the marijuana grow house. >> we believe the suspect might have been scared that the possibly our deputies and detectives were on scene because they were trying to raid his residence. >> deputies estimate the street value of the marijuana at $8 million. the marijuana was confiscated and destroyed. in the east bay a big blow to international drug trafficking ring. san pablo police and f.b.i. agents seized 135 pounds of methamphetamine worth $7 million. also confiscated assault weapons, handguns and bullet proof vests. 16 people were arrested throughout contra costa county including a gang leader police have wanted for years. authorities say the suspects have ties to homicides and a number of shootings. well, closing arguments will not take place until may
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17th in the chauncey bailey murder trial. attorneys for yusuf and macaque rested their case yesterday after only calling a few witnesses. now one of the reasons the judge ordered the nearly two week break is to give time for police to arrest a witness who failed to show up to testify. in japan, workers are back at that damaged nuclear power plant for the first time since the quake and tsunami. these are new images of the damage inside the building. the nuclear company says the workers are installing ventilation machines to absorb the radiation from the air. then they can bring in new cooling systems. the work is expected to take four or five days. sara shourd will not go back to iran to stand trial with two other americans charged with espionage. the uc berkeley graduate says she's suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder and returning to iran would be far too traumatic. shourd was freed on bail last september. her fiance and their friend
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remain in an iranian jail. a court hearing in their case is scheduled for next week. well, some free reading materials for bart riders. the station where a new library kiosk is being installed today. and a fiery collision between two trains. the items they were hauling that may have fueled the flames.
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two trains collided and derailed yesterday causing them to burst into flames. one of the trains was hauling logs. the other was carrying a dozen tanker cars of ethanol. the derailment forced evacuations in the area and closed down a highway for several hours. no one was hurt. general motors is recalling more than 154,000 chevy cruzs.
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the company will inspect them to make sure the steering wheel was installed properly. there are no reports of injuries or crashes related to the recall and the fuel efficient cars have been a top seller for gm especially as gas prices continue to rise and gm just coming in with stellar earnings. we'll have more on that coming up in just a little bit. san francisco's mayor and business leaders will take a hands on approach to the city's latest redevelopment project. later this morning mayor ed lee will be one of the people who takes a sledge hammer to the columns on the fourth floor of the me treeon. the building is being remodeled to include a new target store. construction is expected to wrap up by the end of the year and the store could open next spring. the plan is unusual because san francisco has generally opposed big box chain stores. if you're taking bart from the peninsula today you will have a chance to pick up some extra reading material on the way. bart is adding a new book lending machine to the station. similar kiosks are already available at some east bay
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stations including this one. the machine will hold 800 books. all you need to rent one is a library card from the peninsula. coming up on 5:00, let's check in with sal. any problems, sal? nothing, yet, pam. we're off to a nice start. it's nice and early. you think you can drive almost anywhere in the bay area without major delays. of course we're watching it for you. we watch the golden gate bridge and all the bridges in the area. make sure nothing is going on here. golden gate bridge looks good going south. morning commute is nice westbound bay bridge on interstate 80 coming across into san francisco. and if you are driving on the san mateo bridge that traffic is looking good. westbound 92 traffic is moving along very nicely out to the high-rise. steve. sal. >> that weather in san francisco was excellent yesterday. >> most excellent. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. if you're suffering from the allergies, it's the weeds. continue to be very, very high.
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grasses are up there. trees are not far away. they're all causing problems but the weeds really have gone crazy. forecast today if you enjoyed yesterday, you'll like it probably inland. cooler by the coast even though there's no fog yet. outer richmond, sunset district it's a puff on the south- southwest or south-southeast. it's not easterly or northerly but there's no really westerly direction. but it is a sign that little bit later i think we'll see that sea breeze kick in. cooling continues tomorrow. fog returns and a big cool down by the weekend as temperatures take a pretty good little plunge maybe down 20 degrees compared to the highs yesterday and inland. anywhere from upper 40s to upper 50s. ten degree spread santa rosa to mountain view and san jose. no sea breeze yet. vacaville northwest at 5. west- northwest 6 at sfo but everyone else is calm. and there's our little system. you're saying that's it? yeah, that's it. but in may, june, july, any time we get a system moving in that gives more of an on shore push.
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sunny and warm today. cooler coast and bay. still rather nice. in fact the morning hours will be beautiful, clear but just not as warm as yesterday. then the cooling trend starts tomorrow and really takes us into the weekend. sunny and warm away from the coast it will still be nice by the coast just not as nice as yesterday. and there will be an afternoon breeze. so we're going 60s to upper 80s. big spread here. summertime pattern. 60s, 70s even though it's clear i think the westerly wind will take the edge off some coastal locations compared to yesterday. cooling taking us into the weekend. sunday for mother's day, pam. thank you. hopefully nice weather. men lo park's plan to revitalize the downtown area will cause traffic problems. that's according to a new report. the plan calls for adding new retail, commercial and residential units to the downtown area. the environmental report suggests the city would need to add stoplights and turn lanes to avoid problems caused by increased traffic. it also suggests the downtown development will raise noise levels and greenhouse gases. well, one more goes home tonight on "american idol."
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the top five took on current and classic songs for the shows then and now theme. ♪ [ music ] >> james wowed the judges again with his performance of without you. his fans gathered at pizza my heart last night. many say they're inspired by the 22-year-old's openness about living with turret syndrome. a form of autism. >> when they see him they all say we have something but we can be successful. >> you can watch the "american idol" results show tonight right here on ktvu channel 2 starting at 8:00. and tomorrow we're going to talk live with whoever gets eliminated. that's tomorrow morning on mornings on 2. well, a late night fire forced 100 people from their homes in san francisco. what some witnesses saw right before it began. and changing the way you pay for power. the important decision expected
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from pg&e today and how it may increase your monthly bill.
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a late night fire forces a hundred people from their homes in san francisco. what some witnesses saw right before that fire started. we're live in san jose
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where preparations are underway for the annual cinco de mayo celebration. what it means this year with fewer officers on the force. also president obama visits ground zero today. what he'll do and the important decision he made hours ago to help prevent future terrorist attacks. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. well, good morning to you. welcome to a brand new day. it's thursday may 5th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it's been pretty warm. >> yeah. >> in a lot of parts of the bay area. let's check in with steve for a look at today's forecast. thank you very much. skies are clear. no fog yet. hints of a westerly breeze cooling down some areas by the coast even though it's fog free still a sunny day. 60s, 70s now. now inland it won't matter. it will take another day. waiting for cooler weather, hang on. today sunshine, mid-80s to near 90


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