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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 5, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we're live near fulsome this morning. investigators and building inspectors supposed to be back out here later this morning to take a look at that. >> reporter: in oakland hundreds of health care workers are going on strike today. the issue, health care. and president obama visits ground zero today. what he will do and the
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important decision he made hours ago to help prevent future terrorist attacks. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. good morning to you. welcome to a brand new day. it's thursday may 5th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve and sal. starting with steve on weather. good morning. a component of westerly breeze cooler by the coast even though fog free today tomorrow that will not be the case. 60s, 70s see temperatures come down about five or ten degrees closer to the ocean. inland sunny and warm to near hot as you get far enough inland with upper 80s. here's sal. steve, right now traffic on interstate 80 westbound looks good heading to the macarthur maze with no major problems. this morning's commute will be okay at the bay bridge toll plaza but it is getting crowded. 6:01. back to the desk.
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right now security arrived moments ago at children's hospital in oakland where hundreds of nurses plan to go on strike. ktvu's kraig debro joins us now to tell us how the hospital is preparing. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, pam. the actual strike is doing to start in about an hour from now when the night shift gets off. and they'll be joined out here around the picket lines at 51st and martin luther king, jr. i just got this press release from the hospital. it tells their side of the story about this five day planned strike. but with hospitals preparing for the strike by putting up a chain link fence across the street over there, they blocked the sidewalk over there. this is all their property. they can do that. then there's some security guards over here. when i spoke to the hospital this morning, erin gold smith with the hospital told me that there are three issues that the nurses are dealing with it. it's the health care issue and the hospital has offered three plans. two plans 100% coverage and a third plan is a 50% contribution. 15% of the cost of cobra. the nurses i talked to this
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morning said that they did not like the idea that they would be having to pay 15% of the cost of cobra. it was free only up to two years ago. they've been working without a contract for about a couple months now since last july. but they say they don't want to pay that 15% even though it's an option the other two are free because they don't believe -- they believe that they have worked hard enough to deserve a free plan. >> well, i don't think that's something we all have to do. i think actually workers need to say no. that health care is not something that we should have to pay for that we all deserve health care and nurses in particular feel that way. >> reporter: i wanted to show you the contingent of security team that arrived here about 15 minutes ago. i did speak with one of the gentlemen. i'm not sure the name of the company but one of the guys i talked to said he was from kentucky. so i'm going to have to check on where they hired the security team from. again, the strike starts about 7:00 this morning. that's when we should start seeing the picket lines out here. and we're going to be following it throughout the morning.
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reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time is now 6:03. there was a deadly stabbing overnight in san jose and now police are out there searching for the attacker. the victim who'd been stabbed several times was found on flint crest drive about 11:30 last night. he died later at the hospital. we don't know the victim's name or a possible motive for that attack. also this morning investigators are looking for the cause of a four alarm fire in san francisco. this started late yesterday afternoon in a residential hotel in the city's south of market area. ktvu's jade hernandez joining us live to tell us what investigators are doing right now. jade. >> reporter: fire watch continues at this hour, dave. building inspectors and investigators are expected to be back out here looking at this building. the damage is apparent from the front of the park hotel where the fire started. what isn't clear is what caused flames. we did however speak to firefighters who explained this morning firefighters had to use
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thermal imaging to check on hot spots. you're looking at news chopper 2. a three story apartment building located near fulsome last night around 5:30. burning timbers fell from the hotel causing the fire chief to evacuate firefighters from the building. flames spread to two adjacent structures. one commercial, the other a six unit apartment building. a handful of people were treated for smoke inhalation. at least 75 people were requested help from the american red cross which set up a temporary shelter around the corner at the gene friend recreation center. >> we had lines let into the building in case we find hot spots. the truck company has a ladder up also checking for hot spots. we're walking through with the thermal imaging camera. in a few daylight hours investigators will come back and try to pinpoint a cause. >> reporter: as for the battalion chief we just spoke to him within the last hour. here's an encouraging side note to this devastating fire. one amazing survival skills this little one approved to have. firefighters discovered this chihuahua inside the apartment inside the park hotel around
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4:45 this morning. the fire department said they'll contact the spca. the dog doesn't have a name tag but firefighters tell me they're certain they'll find the owner. the small dog shaking from its ordeal seemed to be all right this morning. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning president obama travels to new york city to take part in a wreath laying ceremony at ground zero. his visit comes just days after the killing of osama bin laden. the president will meet privately with famiin the septe 11 attacks. >> i just want to thank him. you know, hug him and thank him, shake his hand and say you know thanks from father to father, thank you for doing this for me. taking care of the man that's out there bragging and saying he's proud that he killed my son. >> coming up at 6:15 we're going to have a live report from washington d.c. on the other special visit the president will make today to a fire station that lost 15 first
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responders on september 11. well, president obama says he decided not to release photos of osama bin laden's dead body because he's concerned that they would be used as a propaganda tool by al qaeda. the white house says it will not release anymore details about the operation to get bin laden. that's after almost daily clarifications about exactly what happened. there's sudden mystery about the wreckage of the u.s. helicopter left behind. aviation experts think it has signs of being a top stealth version of a black hawk helicopter. time now 6:07. some lawmakers apparently were fooled by fake photographs supposedly showing osama bin laden's body. u.s. senator scott brown at first said he saw the government photos of bin laden's body and that he thought they should not be released. then senator brown backtracked saying he'd apparently seen fake photographs. at least two other senators said they were fooled as well. a fake photograph made its way
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into some overseas newspapers and online as well before it was determined to be a hoax. well, not everyone agrees with the president's decision to withhold those photographs. 56% of americans surveyed say they should be released. 39% say they don't want to see those photos. accused serial killer joseph naso is due back in a marin county courtroom at 9:00 this morning. the judge will consider naso's request to act as his own attorney in his upcoming murder trial. the 77-year-old photographer from reno is accused of killing four northern california women in crimes dating back to the 1970s. investigators fear he may be responsible for others -- other unsolved murders in other parts of the country. time now 6:08. pg&e customer who is use a lot of power may end up paying less under a plan that's being considered today. the utility's asking the state public utility commission to allow it to change how it charges customers. pg&e wants to cut the rates for
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high usage customers and raise the rates for households that use less energy. it says right now it costs more to deliver power to some customers than it's allowed to charge them. that means other customers have to pay more than their share to cover all the costs. two chp officers suffered minor injuries in an overnight crash on highway 880 in hayward. investigators say a van crashed into their parked patrol car near whipple road shortly before 1:00 a.m. the officers were helping redirect traffic during a cal trans road work project. not clear if the driver in the van was injured or what may have caused the crash but the accident shut down three northbound lanes for more than two hours. time now 6:09. sal, you have everything under control out there? dave, yes, i do. >> oh, good. >> we have traffic beginning to warm up a little bit or heat up a little bit if you want to use those euphemisms.
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for the most part we're still doing well all over the place. 280 northbound looks nice getting up to highway 17 with no major issues. also the morning commute is moving well on the san mateo bridge if you want to cross there it is a nice drive over to the peninsula. and of course we keep watching the bay bridge toll plaza. a little bit of a back up in some of those cash lanes. but if you use fast track it does move well. there's no delay yet. 6:09. let's do to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have clear skies. no fog yet. just a little hint of a west wind for some. but it will still be warm inland today. temperatures probably close to yesterday but maybe down a couple degrees. by the coast it will drop i think about five or ten even though the fog is north and south. it will be here tomorrow. fog returns then sunny but cooler for everybody tomorrow and then much cooler as we go into the weekend. strong low for may. we'll dig into the north and east of us and that will usher in a big drop in temps maybe 20 degrees from areas that are upper 80s today might be only in the upper 6 0z by sunday. our cooling trend the leading edge of it is right up there with that system.
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it's not much but it's a sign of things to come. however, we are starting off clear. the beach will still be sunny this morning but not as nice as yesterday. it will be a little cooler. you can see fairfield 49 yesterday at this time they were in the mid to upper 60s. they've lost the north- northeast wind. we've seen that collapse. so 40s for santa rosa, napa, san raphael, low 50s concord, livermore in there redwood city as well. upper 50s for some. san jose mountain view all 57, 58. santa rosa starting off cool. 45 is cool. 70 at noon. go 85 today. reluctantly i went with that but there's no breeze except for sfo west at 6. almost everyone says calm. fairfield last hour had a west at 8. that's just calmed down. so nothing yet. but we expect that to pick up later on as that system gets closer. it's just a little guy. once that moves in we've lost the easterly breeze i said. so that will start to usher in a westerly bring # wind. far enough away from the coast it won't matter. sunny and warm. as the high holds its ground
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for one more day. by tomorrow here comes the low carrying us into a big cooling trend by the weekend. still 60s, 70s coast and bay or upper 70s. and then away from the coast very similar to yesterday. mid to upper 80s and far enough away yesterday we were mainly about here 88 and 87. 89. fremont 82. redwood city 81. 78 santa cruz. a couple 70s still on the coast but a lot of 60s today even though it's sunny that west wind will pick up later on. fog returns friday and then a cooler weekend is on tap. all right. sounds good. thank you. progress in japan. what workers from the damaged nuclear power plant are doing for the first time since the quake and tsunami. also a surprise in california's budget crisis. the unexpected windfall that may complicate the governor's recovery plan.
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time now 6:15. pakistan's army chief meeting today with his top commanders to talk about the u.s. raid that killed osama bin laden. now both pakistan and the united states have said the pakistani military was not involved in the raid. so far the pakistani army hasn't explained why it didn't take any action when unknown helicopters entered pakistan's air space coming from afghanistan. president obama leaves the white house in just about 15 minutes and heads to new york city. as ktvu's allison burns reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, the president is marking the death of osama bin
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laden with a visit to ground zero. >> reporter: pam, this is going to be a mostly private day for president obama. meeting with family members of 9/11 victims. now this is some new aerial video of ground zero. you can see where the twin towers once stood. president obama will be here in a few hours to lay a wreath at a memorial. the president has not been to ground zero since right before he was elected in 2008. he will not make any speeches today. but he will meet with about 50 families and visit a fire house that lost 15 firefighters in the attack. many of them say they want to thank president obama for getting bin laden. >> it gives the family some consolation. the only justice we've gotten in nine and a half years. >> reporter: now president obama did invite former president george w. bush to go with him today but he declined. a spokesman saying the former president wanted to stay out of the spotlight. president obama will be joined by other local dignitaries in new york including former new
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york city mayor rudy giuliani. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:16. japanese nuclear power workers taking the first steps now to fix the damaged nuclear plant. they've gone inside the reactor for the first time since the quake and tsunami. take a look around here. these are new images of the damage inside that building. the nuclear power company says workers are installing ventilation machines to absorb the radiation from the air. then they plan to bring in new cooling system. that work's expected to take four or five days. sara shourd will not be going back to iran to stand trial with two other americans charged with spying. the uc berkeley grad says she's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and going back to iran would be far too traumatic. say have shourd was allowed to go free on bail in september. her fiance and their friend remain in that iranian jail.
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a court hearing in their case is set for next week. some surprising news could complicate california's already complex budget crisis. the state is recording an unexpected $2 billion surge in tax receipts. now that tax money was better than a much earlier forecast. it will help lawmakers close the remains $15 billion deficit. even more tax money could be coming. the windfall could complicate the governor's push for tax increases which he says are needed for california's long- term financial health. time now 6:18. former house speaker newt gringrich has opened a campaign office in atlanta ahead of his expected entry next week into the republican nomination for president in 2012. newt gringrich has been raising money since march. a spokesperson says by the time gringrich addresses the georgia republican party's convention next friday he will be a candidate for president. a mendocino county woman accused of trying to kill her
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disabled son will stand trial. a trial date has been scheduled for june 27th. police say she set her home on fire in order to kill herself and her disabled son. he was pulled to safety by neighbors. she was arrested in march in alameda county where she and her son moved after the fire last december. she faces seven years to life in prison if convicted. time is now 6:18. people aren't the only ones enjoying the warm weather. mosquitoes love it too. and that has contra costa county public health officials worried about wes nile disease. last year the first case of the disease didn't show up until late july. however, the wet winter weather and now the warm temperatures we have now could mean an early outbreak of west nile. 6:19 time now. back to sal for a look at traffic. pam and dave, right now traffic looking pretty good around the bay area if you are driving on highway 4 westbound
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looks nice coming up to the willow pass grade already some slow traffic unfortunately in antioch which is not unusual. also this morning's commute is looking good on interstate 880. there are no major problems if you are driving into the downtown oakland area. there goes the commute on 237. and so far it is nice. so you can jump ahead of the crowd. 6:19. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have clear skies. it will be slightly cooler by the coast today and around the bay. inland still sunny and warm. fog is not a factor today. but more of a west wind is starting to develop. we've lost that easterly breeze or that northeasterly. so temperatures will slide down but they'll still be under the dome of high pressure. so inland it won't matter until tomorrow as the fog starts to work its way back today though it will effect mainly this cooler breeze towards the coast even though it's fog free right now. 40s though. 40s many in the north bay. fairfield, napa, santa rosa low to mid-50s elsewhere. system moving into the north isn't much but it's enough of a leading system that will bring
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in a cooler sea breeze. 60s and 70s closer to the coast. low 80s around the bay. the sea breeze not strong enough yet so that won't impact inland temperatures. still upper 80s a few close to 90. fog returns friday and big way on saturday system digs in for a much cooler pattern on sunday. this morning general motors reported fifth quarterly profit since emerging from bankruptcy. the first quarter net income totaled $3.2 billion. one of its best performances since the early 2000s when suv sales were booming. gm says net income tripled because of strong car sales in the u.s. and around the world. global sales climbed 12% and sales in the u.s. jumped 25%. for the first time in two years one of the government controlled mortgage giants has posted a profit. freddie mac earned $676 million between january and march. it's not requesting any additional federal money either after receiving $13 billion in
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the past year. freddie mac ceo says the profit is because of cost cutting measures. analysts were quick to point out that freddie mac's one time gain is small compared to the years of losses it has recorded. time now 6:21. nature gives us another incredible sight to see. look at this. we'll tell you what this -- where this rare waterspout was spotted. also an nba superstar from china will be in san francisco today. his visit has nothing to do with basketball. good morning. westbound bay bridge traffic looking pretty good coming into the city. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning. right now traffic is moving well on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. there are no major problems getting into san francisco. well, an incredible sight in hawaii. these are new images of a waterspout forming off the coast of honolulu. the waterspout is a less intense version of a tornado but it's on the water of course. hawaii has been dealing with other unusual weather events this week such as intense thunderstorms and heavy rain. time now 6:25. a multimillion dollar marijuana bust in morgan hill and sheriff
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deputies say finding it was sheer luck. look at some of the pictures they showed us. deputies say they found 28 marijuana plants and 80 pounds of processed pot inside a greenhouse. now deputies were in the morgan hill area tuesday looking for suspects in a totally different case. that's when they saw a man running away from what turned out to be the marijuana grow house. >> we believe that the suspect might have been scared that the possibly our deputies and detectives were on scene because they were trying to raid his residence. >> now the deputies estimate the street value of the marijuana at $8 million. the marijuana was confiscated and destroyed. you ming is coming to san francisco today. the nba superstar from china will be honored for a campaign against shark fin soup. it's a delicacy but environmentalists say the popularity has led to the
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killing of a countless number of sharks around the world. [ cheering and applause ] well, the two time defending nba champion los angeles lakers are in trouble after dropping a 93-81 stunner to the dallas mavericks last night. the lakers now trail the playoff series two games to nothing. the mavericks won the first two games on the lakers' home court. just about an hour from now president obama is scheduled to arrive in new york city. the way the president will honor the victims of the september 11 attacks. >> reporter: preparations are underway here in downtown san jose for the annual cinco de mayo celebration. the changes this year and the parking restrictions you'll want to know about. wall street traders a live look in new york where they are sifting in some really good news and some disappointing news. we'll have all the numbers up next.
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welcome back. there's the opening bell. live in new york this morning. as i mentioned sifting through some really, really good news from general motors where their quarterly earnings more than tripled in the first quarter. but also some disappointing news on the weekly jobless claims. more people filed last week. analysts expecting a drop. there's the opening bell. live. get you those numbers in just a moment. all right. we'll go ahead and smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news. thursday may 5th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. well, in the news right now san jose police say they expect big cinco de mayo crowds tonight even though official festivities have been canceled. ktvu's maureen naylor live in downtown san jose now to tell us how the police are getting ready. maureen. >> reporter: dave, we're at the intersection of market and santa clara streets. we just saw the first car go by with the mexican flag.
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here is where this is the area we're talking police this is the main thoroughfare santa clara street officers say people will be cruising with their flags out tonight. they're expecting thousands. and that's the reason why they've put parking restrictions in place tonight. we have video from last year that shows a cinco de mayo parade, but however the cinco de mayo parade this year has been canceled because the heritage group that puts on the event says it can no longer afford it. while no official celebrations planned, thousands are still expected to come down to san jose to party. >> it's just exciting. i'm a little disappointed that they're not having the parade. >> usually when they have the celebrations there's all kinds of cars. all decked out. lots of people from lots of different parts of the area that aren't from local. it's celebrator, it's fun. it's a little weird at times. >> reporter: now recent years have been more peaceful than past. but law enforcement still will be out and not just in the san
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jose area. the santa clara county sheriff's office has launched its own dui campaign tonight and they'll be stepping up dui patrols to palo alto. back here live you can see the signs if you're planning to come to downtown san jose know there will be no parking on santa class are from 8:00 tonight until 2:00 tomorrow morning. we're trying to talk to more san jose police and find out exactly which restrictions and which thoroughfares. several of the main that are row fares. they do this because of problems with vandalism and large crowds. they don't like people stopping. they've had problem with fighting in the past and police are trying to negate that. live in downtown san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. firefighters on the scene of a fire that started late yesterday afternoon in the city south of market. here's the news chopper shots of that fire yesterday. more than 100 firefighters found themselves in a very dangerous situation. that fast moving fire was
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jumping from floor to floor. you can see the firefighters on the roof there. dozens of people found themselves literally running for their lives. however, fortunately no serious injuries. now we're going to have a live update on the investigation of that fire. that's coming up at 6:45. happening right now hundreds of nurses are preparing to go on strike at children's hospital in oakland. for ktvu's kraig debro is. he is talking with the nurses and the hospital to find out how patients will be effected. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, pam. the strike is supposed to officially begin at 7:00. there's some people here now but i've already gotten some news releases from both sides. 800 children's hospital rns to picket strike beginning thursday. on the right this is on the hospital. children's hospital oakland will deliver exceptional patient care despite misguided five day nurse union strike. that's from the hospital. the hospital is going to hire 125 nurse replacements to come in. i know you hear 800 to 125
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doesn't seem to add up. the hospital says of course not all 800 nurses work at the same time. you see some riot picket signs and over to the left you see security guards who have been present since about an hour ago. here's the issue, it's health care. hospital and nurses agree that in the new contract they're trying to sign, last one ran out last july, that the hospital is offering nurses three health care options. two are fully paid for. but the hospital says the first one -- the nurses say the hospital first health care issue isizer. they likizer but they like to be able to come here. the second one the hospital calls supplemental. the nurses call catastrophic care only for those who can't get anywhere else. and the third requires nurses to pay 15% of the cost of cobra and then go anywhere they like. now i talked to a nurse this morning and she says the way it is now is just fine with them. >> we want to have what we currently have. >> reporter: which is? >> which is a plan that enables us without monthly fees to
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bring our children to children's should we choose that. or the exciser plan, should we choose that. >> reporter: now the take a look at some of those picket signs that the nurses are getting ready. should be up righted in just a few minutes from now. security's pretty heavy here. this is about an hour ago. there's a security company hired by the hospital. about 50 of them stepped out of several vehicles. they are still heavily visible around here at the hospital this morning. again, the strike is scheduled to start at 7:00 a.m. this morning. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. our time now 6:35. this morning president obama goes to new york city. he'll be there for a wreath laying ceremony at ground zero. the president will meet privately with family members of those who died in the september 11 attacks. he'll also meet with firefighters at a station where 15 first responders died on
6:36 am
9/11. the president's visit comes just days after the killing of osama bin laden. president obama has ordered the grizzly photographs of osama bin laden's body sealed from the public view. in deciding not to release the photos, the president says "that is not who we are." now the president expressed concern that any release of the photos could become a propaganda tool for bin laden's followers. not everyone agrees with the president's decision though to withhold those photos. 56% of americans surveyed say they want them to be released. 39% say they do not need to see the photos. meantime the c.i.a. is busy going through the stash of computers and other information brought back by navy seals from bin laden's compound in pakistan. they're going through files on five computers, 100 storage devices like flash drives and hard drives. intelligence officials say this is the most significant collection of information in the history of the war on
6:37 am
terror. back here at home seven suspected gang members are due in court this morning. they'll face felony charges in the death of a german tourist in san francisco. last summer's fatal shooting of 50-year-old sparked outrage around the world. now she was celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary with her husband when they decided to go for an evening walk near union square. investigators say she was then caught in the cross fire of a gang shootout. san francisco police announced the long awaited break in the case late yesterday hours after raids in three bay area cities. >> one warrant was served in fremont, california, with the help of the fremont police department. one warrant was served in oakland. five warrants were served here in san francisco. there's still one suspect outstanding. >> and we can tell you four of the seven suspects are facing murder charges. the others are charged with accessory to murder. two of the suspects are
6:38 am
teenagers. well, doctors in los angeles have new information about the giants fan who was brutally beaten outside dodgers stadium. they're saying bryan stow is not recovering at the rate they would like. at the next couple of days could be critical. on friday doctors took bryan stow out of a medically induced coma to closely watch him now to make sure his brain can handle being off heavy sedation. family members do have some good news. they're saying bryan has not suffered any major seizures. well, if you're taking bart from the peninsula today you will have a chance to pick up some extra reading material along the way. bart is adding a new book lending machine to its mill brae station. similar kiosks are already available at some east bay stations. if you've been to the one dell nor deyou have seen them. the machines will hold 800 books. and all you need to do to get a hold of one is have a library card on the peninsula. >> we can do that. >> that's neat. >> time now 6:38. all we need to do is go to sal,
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but he's got problems around the toll plaza, right? they turned the metering  lights on. now a big back up there westbound at the toll plaza. also this is a tricky time. this time of year we always see that big bright ball in the sky. the sun. kind of makes our camera view a little bit -- well, it's very bright. westbound traffic backed up for about a 15 minute delay. maybe a little less than that coming into san francisco. there are no major problems on 880 north and southbound. that traffic looks good driving north especially into downtown oakland. in the south bay the freeways are doing pretty well. northbound 17 traffic looks okay down to the valley. 101 looks okay getting into the south bay and also up the peninsula. 6:00 president. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. hope we didn't blind you. sunny day, clear day, everyone on the coast it will be cooler. inland won't matter. still upper 80s. very close to yesterday although we have lost that
6:40 am
easterly breeze or that northerly breeze. but any breeze at all stirs up the pollen count and continues to be really high trees, grasses, weeds, take your pick. they seem to be flip-flopping but it's really off the charts right now. today sunshine and coast, bay and inland. but, again, there's just a slight component of a westerly breeze as a weak little cold front comes in. cooler by the coast. had the opportunity to get over there yesterday where it's spectacular, still nice today for a while but you'll notice the westerly wind. cooling continues tomorrow and that will be for everybody as the fog comes flying back. that will take us into the weekend. there are i guess some people with mobile apps and stuff talk sunday of possible rain. i don't think that will happen. it will be cooler and breezy no doubt. but sometimes these apps will show things that you know i don't know where they get their information. butnyway. we do have low clouds getting closer to the north and to the south. but they're not over us. 45 for napa and santa rosa. so there's still a bite to the morning air. fairfield 49. yesterday they were in the mid-
6:41 am
60s. east wind yesterday. now it was westerly. it's turned calm. upper 50s for some. mountain view 58. you go over 101 more towards town it's probably about 53 degrees sunny vale and mountain view. we have some low 50s. but that 45 in santa rosa starting off rather chilly. then we'll go 70 at noon. went for a high of 85. little cooler than yesterday and i'm a little reluctant to go with it. calm almost across the board except at sfo where there's a little hint of a west wind at 6. no big sea breeze yet. it's nice. going to start to cool down because the first part of it -- part of the cooling trend there with that front and that's going to give us a cooler pattern coast and bay. not inland. still sunny today for everybody. mild to warm but the cooling trend really starts to show itself tomorrow. then as the low digs in we'll see temperatures drop off the table by the weekend. 60s, 70s, mid to upper 80s today. our summer pattern's misplace as temperatures inland above average closer to the coast even with the sunshine come
6:42 am
down about five or ten degrees. more of a westerly breeze and not the easterly breeze. fog back friday and cooling trend into the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. well, an east bay drug scandal continues to grow. the most recent arrests made in the case. >> reporter: and we're still waiting for fire investigators and inspectors to arrive here in san francisco. we have an amazing story of survival to share with you. that story straight ahead. good morning. westbound highway 4 traffic busy now coming up to concord. we'll tell you more.
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good morning to you. welcome back. quick look at stories we're following. this morning president obama goes to new york city. he'll be taking part in a wreath laying ceremony at ground zero. he'll also meet with family members of the victims of the september 11 attacks. the president's visit comes just days after the killing of osama bin laden. a deadly stabbing overnight in san jose. police are out there searching for the attacker. now that victim who'd been stabbed several times was found on flint crest drive about 11:30 last night. he died later at the hospital. and accused serial killer joseph naso due back in a marin county courtroom at 9:00 a.m. the judge will consider his request to act as his own lawyer in his upcoming murder
6:46 am
trial. this morning investigators are looking for the cause of a big fire in san francisco. it started last night at a residential hotel in the city's south of market area. that's where ktvu's jade hernandez is this morning to tell us what investigators are doing right now. jade. >> reporter: that's right. when we arrived this morning we met a few residents who were actually effected by this fire, but they didn't want to go on camera. i want you to listen to what some residents yesterday had to say as they tried to escape this building you see behind me. >> it's how i walked out. i was trying to find my other pair but it got so smoky. i couldn't see. then one of the firemen had kind of grabbed me said you got to go. >> i couldn't run out and i came back in and grabbed a rag and put a rag over my face. running down the stairs i kept jumping downstairs trying to get out of the building. >> reporter: fire watch does continue this morning. investigators and building inspectors are expected to be out here later this morning. the damage is apparent from the front of the park hotel. what isn't clear this morning
6:47 am
is what caused flames. firefighters use thermal imaging cameras to check on hot spots. firefighters were initially called out here around 5:30 yesterday as fire raged through the three story apartment building located near russ and fulsome. fire chief evacuated firefighters from the building at one point during the fire fight. flames spread to two adjacent structures. one commercial, the other an apartment building. now i want you to take a look at this little dog. this is the amazing story of survival. this little one had some survival skills. a firefighter discovered this chihuahua inside of an apartment heavily damaged by fire. the shaking dog did not have a name tag but seemed to be all right. >> we happened to be walking through just checking for fire extension and we forced open a door that had been forced closed by some falling debris. and firefighter here went in and climbed in and was shining a flashlight around and said i see a dog and i said no you don't and he said i see a dog. i actually didn't believe him. i thought he was going to pull
6:48 am
out a stuffed animal or something. >> reporter: but he didn't. he pulled a chihuahua out of that building right there. a handful of people treated for smoke inhalation yesterday. about 75 people requested aid from the american red cross which set up a temporary shelter around the corner at sixth and fulsome at the gene friend recreational center. firefighters told me that they're going to be monitoring hot spots out here until fire investigators and building inspectors get out here later this morning. reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. time now 6:48. a san ramon police officer's in jail this morning in connection with a growing scandal at the contra costa county narcotics team. lewis lombardi is an officer with the san ramon police department. now he's facing drug and weapons charges and is currently being held on $760,000 bail. investigators started looking at lombardi after the former commander of the drug team was arrested and accused of
6:49 am
stealing and selling drugs seized in raids. a private investigator and a danville police officer have also been arrested on related charges. 6:48 is the time. back over to sal. any problems, sal? yeah, we have some late running road work that i've been finding out about. we thought they were going to be gone but they're not. i'll tell you about that in just a moment. i'm trying to draw up a map of it now. let's go to some pictures i have first. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is going to be busy as you're driving on 80 westbound coming down to the macarthur maze and eventually to the bay bridge toll plaza. so watch for some slow traffic in the area. this is a look at 880 northbound and southbound right here at the coliseum. there are no major problems. the traffic continues to look okay. and this morning's commute is going to be okay if you're driving on highway 80. listen this is the area here between pin ole and richmond looks good. somewhere between willow and
6:50 am
highway 4 two left lanes are closed for late running roadwork. it's been extended until 7:00 a.m. another ten minutes. traffic is backing up as you head up to head away from the bridge. now let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. i hope you dot out and enjoyed the sunshine and warmer weather yesterday. you can still do it today just won't be as warm. inland sunshine and warmer weather. just a leading edge of a little cooling trend now starting to move into the north. no easterly or northeasterly wind. but there's hardly any wind at all right now. 44 to 54 under clear skies. by noon 60 to 76. sunny, breezy but that breeze will be more out of the west. and that theme will continue to the afternoon hours. but it won't effect inland areas or those far enough away from the coast still in the mid to upper 80s and near 90. by the coast 6 0z and 70s. when we lose the northeast wind we drop a ten degrees. usually fog up north. it's down tout # to the south. by tomorrow merge and have a big cool down. today 40s and north bay out to
6:51 am
fairfield. 50s some of these low, mid to upper. 57 san jose under clear skies. so it's sunny side up. but that system which is visiting crescent city and eureka right now will start to bring in more of that west- southwest breeze. 60s for some. 70s today. coast is still nice. again, just more of a sea breeze instead of the offshore wind. inland lots of sunshine and high pressure to give you temperatures in the mid to upper 80s close to 90. although yesterday gill roy 88. i think morgan hill was too. i didn't change a thing there. low 80s on the peninsula. 60s and 70s on the coast. santa cruz seems to rise above many on the coast and be one of the warmer locations. fog returns friday. then here comes saturday. a system digs in for a big cooling trend on sunday. time now 6:51. new this morning president obama just minutes away from leaving and heading for new york city for a special visit to ground zero. this is the president's helicopter waiting for him. he's about to take off now. these are live pictures an
6:52 am
drews air force base as we've been telling you through the morning president obama will take part in a very special wreath laying ceremony at ground zero. he'll also meet privately with family members of the victims who died on september 11th during the attacks. now all this comes just days after the killing of osama bin laden. again, live pictures andrews air force base. president obama about to fly to new york city for a very special ceremony and wreath laying. several retailers reporting april sales. target sales up more than 13% compared to last year, but that was less than analysts expected. in order symptom, kohl's, jc penny also failed to meet forecasts. and analysts blame high gas prices for the cut back in spending. few other retailers did well. victoria's secret and macy's. all right. let's check in on the numbers. markets are all down live look right now the dow jones is down
6:53 am
48 points. nasdaq and s&p 500 also down less than a half of a percent. some of that getting help with the good earnings from general motors this morning. alaska airlines is targeting local travelers with its latest promotion. the airline is encouraging people living in northern california to sign up for its frequent flier program. anyone who joins after april 27th and flies to hawaii by october 1st will be given enough frequent flier miles to automatly earn a free ticket anywhere alaska flies in the continental u.s., alaska or canada. alaska airlines flies out of all three major airports as well as santa rosa. all right. time now 6:53. putting on the pressure. why a local police department is really going after a medical marijuana collective. good morning. 237 westbound traffic is going to be busy. we also have a problem on 80 we'll tell you about.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back. the city of east palo alto trying to close down a pot shop operating without a permit. according to the palo alto daily news police served a cease and assist order at the peninsula care giver collective. it's been operating for a little over a month even though the city council turned down their application. right now there are no rules that deal with medical marijuana dispensaries. the dispensary owners may face daily fines if they don't shut
6:57 am
down. sony is blaming the internet collective known as anonymous for the recent security breech on its play station network and sony online interstainment servers. the security breach exposed the personal information of over 100 million users. the hacker who broke into the system left a file implicating anonymous. one more contestant goes home tonight on "american idol." the top five performed current and classic songs for the shows then and now theme. ♪ [ music ] that's the voice of james durbin of santa cruz. he turned on the performance. his fans gathered last night. by the way you can watch the "american idol" results show tonight right here on ktvu channel 2 beginning at 8:00. all right. quick look at traffic before we go. sal. all right. coming up on mornings on 2 we're going to continue to follow the roadwork that's still there on 80 causing some trouble. also going to the toll plaza it
6:58 am
is backed up for about a ten minute wait. and in the south bay we already have slow traffic here on 280. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. sunny today for everybody. just cooler by the coast but still warm inland. tomorrow though we'll start to bring in cooler temperatures. today still nice. all right, steve. coming up on mornings on 2 we have a lot to tell you about. a bay area man lands in jail after a really strange incident at a farmer's market. also why the government in pakistan's considering blowing up osama bin laden's former hideout. stay with us. that's next.
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