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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 6, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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a san francisco man is in jail this afternoon after a deadly overnight hit-and-run. we have the details straight ahead. >> clean up is underway in san jose. coming up we take a look at the damage left behind by the cinco de mayo celebration. >> why coalition groups want to ban shark food from restaurants. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon.
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topping our news a deadly hit- and-run accident in san francisco took the life of a man in a crosswalk. a suspected drunk driver hit the pedestrian on the sonic avenue, then crashed outside st. mary's medical center. police have arrested the driver. ktvu's jade hernandez spoke exclusively to a woman almost hit by the same suspect. >> reporter: the r nurse was parking her car when she saw something coming toward her. >> so i tried to dodge him because he was coming head on and he actually ran into the cement pot that stopped the car. >> reporter: san francisco police arrived shortly after to find this car and its driver slamed into the concrete planter at st. mary's medical center. >> he got out of the car with his hands up and asked the cops what happened. >> reporter: they found a pedestrian who had been struck and killed in the crosswalk.
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police say this man, who suffered only minor cuts to his face and hands struck the pedestrian going at least 60 miles per hour if not more. he never slowed down. in an attempt to get away from the accident and police the department says he damaged four cars here along the medical center and left pieces of his own car and four different locations. >> when you have a lot of scenes it takes more time to investigate because you have to put the pieces together and collect evidence and see where they match up. >> reporter: police have identified the suspect as 23- year-old jose jimenez, he is in jail this afternoon. he faces vehicular manslaughter and dui charges. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> today's accident had nothing to do with the street design but people who live there the masonic avenue are pushing for traffic safety measures. we will tell you what they would like the city to do to slow traffic down on that busy
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street. this morning in marin county a judge ruled a suspected mass murderer may represent himself in court. 77-year-old joseph naso is accused of killing 4 women. their bodies found in rural areas, he told a judge he wants to represent himself. at first the judge had questioned his ability to defend himself but today he said i am convinced you know what you are doing. naso is scheduled to enter a plea three weeks from today. more clean up in san jose this noontime after another rowdy cinco de mayo. police report widespread vandalism and violence. claudine wong has more on the costly damage and why it may not be over. >> reporter: when alex weaver and his father saw the damage to their business on the news this morning they thought here we go again. >> over the years every 4th of
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july or cinco de mayo they break the windows out. >> why do they get you guys? >> i have no idea, we are closer to the street. i have no idea. it is not just our building. the one next door, too, right? >> we own this whole strip here. >> reporter: vandals broke windows as the celebration turned violent. the crowd started jumping on cars and pushed east to this spot. >> people get to this area of the city, 101, allen rock avenue later in the evening so they have had more time to drink and pump themselves up. >> i did see a lot of kids walking around. >> what took moments to break will take thousands to fix. each one of these windows cost 800 to a thousand dollars to replace and these windows 1500 to 2000 dollars to replace.
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if they can't fix this graham right here another couple of thousand dollars and insurance doesn't cover this. this all comes out of pocket. >> it is a great cost. it is not fair. >> seven people were arrested. one person stabbed and the damage is like a broken record to the weavers. >> 37 years. >> 37 years how many times has this happened? >> probably 10 or 15. >> 10 or 15 times. >> yeah. >> getting sick of it huh? >> yeah. >> and it isn't over. the celebrations continue this weekend. >> i have spoken to our chief and he has indicated that we will be ready this weekend. >> but the weavers aren't taking any chances once the windows are replaced the boards will go back up and stay up until the party is over monday morning. >> there is word that pakistani authorities have arrested dozens of people because they are suspected of having connections to the compound where osama bin laden was
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killed. also this morning for the first time al qaeda confirmed osama bin laden's death but says the terror organization will live on. the statement says an audio message recorded by osama bin laden a week before his death will be released soon and that americans happiness will soon turn to sadness and their blood will be mingelled with tears. an hour from now president obama will thank participants in the military operation that ended with the death of osama bin laden. the president landed at fort campbell, kentucky, not long ago after a stop in indianapolis. he will meet with troops about 1:00 p.m. pacific time. he is not expected to gloat about osama bin laden's death. instead he is expected to characterize the raid as a historic and singular event that will emphasize the fight against terror goes on. among the items seized was a handwritten note about a
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possible u.s. attack on the 10th 10th anniversary of 9/11 it would target the mass transit system by derailing a bridge. they said they have no information about a threat but did issue a warning to the nation's freight and passenger lines. passengers at oakland's amtrak station offered a mixed response. >> he is gone but obviously terrorists is not over because obviously someone else is going to take often, so, i mean, we are not safe still. >> no, i don't think it is going to do the bus system any harm or the train system, airplanes, yeah. >> intelligence officials say the handwritten note dates back to february are of last year and appears to be more of an idea that a plan p the works. for some cultures shark fin soup is a delicious delicacy but others are fighting hard to outlaw the practice that creates this dish.
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kraig debro joins us from san francisco, the results of a new pole on how californians feel about a shark fin ban. >> reporter: tori there are two problems with the shark fin here, finding it and affording it. today a coalition of groups say they aim to make it impossible, they are supporting a bill that could ban the sell, possession, distribution and trade of shark pins supporters say this is a cross cultural coalition. the aquarium is supporting it and paid for a pole which shows 76% of california voters and 70% of chinese voters support a ban. he belongs to the alliance. >> we have all seen the video in one form of another about shark finning, the whole process itself, bought how the fins just get whacked off and
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the bodies still alive, still breathing. >> reporter: the group claims 73 million sharks are finned each year, that means hunters catch a shark cut off its top fin and throw the rest of the shark back in the ocean and say california is the largest markets outside of china but admit the golden state doesn't have much of a market. >> i cannot look at my kids and say that i could have done something about it but i didn't. >> there are no sustainable shark fisheries we know of today. the a the aquarium puts out a lest. >> reporter: they consider it a delicacy. several people said they have never had it. leland yee doesn't support the
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ban, so it seems at the same time two cultures are brought together one of the cultures may be developing a split. >> it is easy to regulate something in chinatown here. >> reporter: he doesn't support the ban. he is also running for mayor. live in san francisco, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the mayor gene kwan is flying to china on an economic trade mission. he hopes to encourage more business connections and partnerships with china. she says that will generate jobs and investments in the city and wants to promote direct air service between oakland and chino. she is traveling with port of oakland officials. she says the port is paying for it and not taxpayers. president obama is pleased with the latest jobs report. he says it shows the economy is
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resilient and can take a hit from challenges like rising gas prices and still keep going. 244,000 new jobs were added last month. the jobless rate went up from 8.8 to 9%, since people who had stopped looking for work decided to start again. this happening right now, a search is underway for a 19- year-old college student from walnut creek. this is a live look from news chopper 2 of the command post for the search in the park. the last time anyone reports seeing james averyel was april 21st. the search be began yesterday
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and ended at dark. he might have been suicida when he disappeared. still ahead pictures of flooding as a u.s. river crashes over its banks. also a warning about leaving your car in parking lots. thieves are at work. it is breezy at work but that is not the only change you expect in the bay area weather. we have details soon. >> they are taking away our education and our opportunity to do that. >> it is furlough friday at one east bay high school but the unusual steps these students are taking to take back their education.
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they are looking into a gas theft report at a parking lot in concord. that is video we shot this morning of the lot. you can see some gas caps were off. the report came from a commuter yesterday afternoon, who says half a tank of gas was missing from his trucks when he returned. that is about $50 worth of gas. he said his truck and about four or five other vehicles had been tampered with. people along the masonic
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avenue say the accident we reported on is one example of the traffic danger along that corridor. neighbors have been successful at getting bigger traffic lights and morneau left turn signs but they say more needs to be done. one parent says he is particularly worried because of a day care center located between golden gate and turk. >> it is the traffic, people making illegal left turns. people running the red lights. and i have been here since 2002 and it has been an ongoing problem at this intersection. >> there are notices posted in the area about a public hearing next friday. residents would like the city to construct a median along masonic similar to that one to help slow traffic down. a high speed chase ended with a police officer in the hospital. police say the officer noticed a van speeding on doolittle drive after 8:15 last night. the officer tried to pull the driver over. that is where police say the
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van's driver made a u-turn and drove toward the officer crashing into the patrol car head on. despite being shaken up the officer was able to arrest the driver. the officer was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. also in san leandro, police are looking for three men who carjacked a woman last night and shot her roommate. police say the woman had just pulled into her driveway when she was confronted by 13 who demanded her keys. as they began to leave the woman's roommate came out of the home. several rounds were fired at the roommate and he was hit in the leg before they took off. closing arguments are expected today in the case. a judge will decide if the city can impose tough restrictions on dozens of suspected gang members in the area. if approved this would be the third oakland neighborhood
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affected by city attorney john russo crack down. he assigned his resignation, he is becoming the new city manager for alameda next month. diablo high school was closed today as part of a budget cutting move but students organized a teach in. the idea is to take back their education. >> it is friday so it is like confusing. i feel like i should be at school right now. we are because today is a school day for our teach-in. >> this whole idea we are supposed to take over when everybody retires, we are the future doctors and pharmacists but they are taking away our education. >> the students and several teachers are holding classes on writing to your legislator, budget policy, art and creative writing. this morning memphis,
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tennessee is bracing for record floods and some neighborhoods are already under evacuation orders. the mississippi river is overflowing. they are going door to door warning people to get out. heavy rains and melting snow already have triggered flooding in eight states. mississippi and louisiana are next in the path of the rising waters. just downstream from memphis a mississippi town stands to lose 10s of millions of dollars because of flooding. all nine casinos in tun tunica are closed. that could mean a loss of $87 million this month alone. >> here on the west coast near enjoyable day. the low clouds there still
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hanging off the coast. eventually burning off and not impacting most of us. a cool day over the city and brisk. westerly winds to 25 miles per hour around san francisco, oakland reporting 17. 16 concord, 15 areas around livermore and san jose reporting winds between 10 and 12 miles per hour. san francisco struggling to get out of the 50s, 58, 60 degrees in oakland. inland we have a warm up, santa rosa 71. then as we head south widespread 60s. menlo park, redwood city, san jose 69, a widespread view here you can see clear skies, a few low clouds along the coastline. those low clouds are a reoccurring theme for the weekend. take a look at the satellite and radar. activity over northern california has kicked up our onshore breeze and that will continue through the weekend. the center cirque lake
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circulation will continue to send cooler air our way and today a bit cool down in spots along the coast five degrees cooler, our inland areas see the biggest drop, 15 to 17 degrees cooler than yesterday afternoon. here are your temperatured expected for today. still a good looking day, santa rosa 77, 78 concord, upper 60s oakland, widespread 70s into fremont, mountain view, 76 san jose. we will continue to cool. if you have outdoor plans for mother's day that still looks to be the coolest day. mild inland but the coast 60 degrees in the afternoon, 68 for inland areas. we bounce back monday and tuesday but it is the weekend and the cooling trend is underway. >> thank you rosemary. >> you are welcome. >> why it is a big day for one
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of the most famous san francisco giants players in history. also an update on some sea lions, they cannot go back to the ocean. that is just ahead.
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a live look at the big board, stocks have a good rally this morning, up over 150 points thanks mainly to the unexpected news about jobs and the amount of jobs that were developed n april. right now there is a bit of a
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pull back, traders rotating back, the dow currently up 51 the nasdaq up 13, the s&p up four. he always said i will be back. now former governor arnold schwarzenegger intends to keep his word. he will star in a movie called cry macho, he will play a drunk widowed former big time horse trainer who gets caught in a asked naping plot. he will be paid about 10 million dollars. and the say hey kid is now 80 years old. giants will hold a birthday celebration for willie mays. many consider him the greatest baseball player of all time. willie mays is still going strong. he runs his charitable say hey foundation, he also makes regular trips to at&t park to offer baseball tips to the many young players who still idolize him. two lucky california sea lions are showing off their new home today at the san francisco
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zoo. stylish knight and help reare both blind and may have led a tough life but now they are eating, sunbathing and enjoying life in the new pool. silent knight was discovered suffering from a gunshot wound. henry was found starving on a beach in crescent city. the maim malnursing center nursed them both back to health and they are ready for visitors starting today. an update to a story we brought you earlier this week. after more than three year aspart a sacramento family is finally reunited with their dog this morning. video from oakland animal service shows a poodle named lou reunitedded with his family. he turned up wondering the streets of east oakland and thanks to an id chip they tracked down his owner. the new information is emerging from the osama bin laden take down, how much the cia spent monitor in the compound from a safe house and
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how osama bin laden outsmarted them and learning more on the investigation into an attack on a san francisco giants fan, bryant stowe, the leads investigators are following. those stories and more in our next newscast. ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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