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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, to you. welcome to monday it's may 9th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's start with weather and traffic. it was windy over the weekend. >> yes very windy. some of the higher elevations and along the coast more of a north westerly breeze arizona this is cool system dives into the east of us. we will see a lot of 60s today and very low 70s. we will rebound from a windy sunday to a mostly sunny and breezy monday. traffic on the san mateo bridge may be effected by gusty winds. although the winds seem to be dying down. the authorities have not lifted the drivers advisory for winds' across that bridge. it's 5:00 let's go back to the desk. new this morning is a
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frightening incident on a flight bound for sfo. investigators say an unruly passenger got out of his seat and rushed toward the cockpit. ktvu kraig debro sat sfo this -- is at sfo this morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we have been able to confirm two of the people that helped restrain this passenger are retired law enforcement behind me here at terminal two. very few people know what happened. but this incident is raising some questions and frightening a couple of people. we have been able to speak with passengers at terminal two. one of the two men that helped restrain this man that was arrested over night is a retired secret service agent and the others are retired san mateo police officer. police are now identifying the suspect as rageed. they boarded the flight from chicago following touchdown at 9:15 last night.
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police say he received abrasions during a scuffle that resulted in his arrest. police say 30 minutes before the flight ended he walked through first class and started pounding on the cockpit door and screaming. he was asked to return to his seat but he did not. two male flight attendants and the two retired law enforcement agents subdued him. >> after he was released medically he was brought back to the san francisco airport police facility here where he was interviewed by a san mateo county sheriff detective and a member of the joint terrorist task force. >> reporter: he is in the county jail right now. we are uncertain if he has had a bail set for them. he does have a yemen passport but he also has a california id. it has been a little over a week understand osama bin laden has been assassinated by the u.s.. and a lot of his followers have
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threatened retaliation. law enforcement is still investigating. coming up we will have reaction from passengers traveling out of sfo this morning. reporting live in sfo kraig debro. time now 5:02. overnight a house burst into flames in oakley. it happened on bay view drive. jade hernandez is there to show us the damage and talk about what is going on now. >> reporter: good morning, dave. i can show you they are working to board this home up. we are live in oakley this morning. you can see the top story of this home gone. the roof is gone. this house damaged. we are live along bay view drive. you have to see the flames. the call for help came into the fire department around 11:00 last night. no one was hurt. it did take a little more than a half hour to get this fire under control. multiple calls came in about flames. the first fire truck saw the flames from a mile away. by the time they arrived it was
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fully engulfed. no one was home as i mentioned. firefighters have not been able to get ahold of the homeowners. ten engines were called out to fight this fire. >> single family resident with a shake roof and stucco side. these houses are pretty close to each other. we did have flames coming from the sides of the house impinging on both the neighbors houses. we were able to keep the fire out of both neighbor houses. >> reporter: we spoke to the neighbor on the right side of the home and he was one of the residents that called 911. he saw the next door neighbor's house orange with fire. arson investigators are expected to come back out here after the sun comes up. reporting live from oakley this morning jade hernandez. we're learning new details about the violent incident inside azilian know county home
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over the weekend that left three people dead. fairfield police say a 37-year- old man shot and killed his two roommates on saturday before taking his own life. the victims include his ex-wife and a 41-year-old man. now we learned officers were called to the house county different times during the last year. >> there was no prior violent act that we know of at the house. the police did not respond to a situation like this. at worst it would be a verbal disturbance. >> another 27-year-old man inside the house at the time of the shooting suffered a minor injury. he says the suspected gunman had a habit of tough talk but never showed any violence. time now 5:05 the ci cia -- the cia wants to question osama bin laden's three wives. the women were picked up from the compound where bin laden was killed.
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the cia wants information about bin laden and the inner workings of al qaeda. but u.s. and pakistani relations are intense right now. now president obama says his decision to authorize the raid on bin laden's compound was difficult because he wasn't certain bin laden was inside. we'll have a live report in washington for who knew about the raid and who did not. we have more coverage of the death of osama bin laden on our newscast and online. go to and click on the osama bin laden tab. you can see the five videos released over the weekend. this morning families of the two uc berkeley graduates that are scheduled to go on trial this week in iran are calling for their release. shane bauer and josh fattal will be in court on wednesday to face charges as illegal entry and spying.
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sarah shourd who was released in september will not return for the trial. bauer and fattal have not been allowed to speak to their families since november. they have not been access to their iranian attorney. a city council man is apologizing for a drunk driving arrest. he was pulled over by the chp early saturday morning in downtown san jose. he was stopped for a broken taillight. during the stop officers noticed galleria had been drinking. his blood alcohol level was .12. that is above the legal little. kalra released a statement yesterday and he said and i'm quoting i offered no excuses. i'm deeply embarrassed by my actions and i'm prepared to take the full consequences for them. vallejo may started charging for emergency calling if the city determines that the person that called is involved in the emergency.
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they want the city to draft an ordinance that will allow them to file insurance claims to cover costs. in the report to city council seeking reimbursement would help maintain city services. teachers are gathering in san francisco this morning for a march and rally before they ride buss to sac sac-- from sacramento. they will join teachers all over the state marking a state of emergency action. they are calling on state lawmakers to extend current taxes to avoid deeper cuts but also save jobs. budget protest events are planned every day this week and on friday rallies will be held state-wide including one in san francisco civic center plaza. the three kite borders that jumped into action are being honored for their heroic efforts. a boat capsized off an ocean beach. two men on board were forced
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into the water. they came in contact with the men. they successfully rescued one. the other died. now the examiner reports they will honor them with a medal. let's see what sal is seeing the roads. sal. >> we are doing okay around the bay area. traffic is looking good if you are driving on the interstate 80 westbound coming in from vallejo and richmond. the commute will be busy. there are no major problems coming out so far. if you are driving to the bay bridge traffic it looks good. earlier we had a wind advisory on the span. authorities have lifted it. it looks okay. they are picking up road work on the lower deck of the bay bridge. this mornings commute in san jose looks good on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have light snow. yeah. light snow up in the sierra
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nevada. that is all part of that system digging into the north and east of us. we have low clouds zipping down. it will be mostly sunny and breezy today. napa airport was 39 last hour. they warmed up to 40. we do have a lot of 40s. san rafael and santa rosa in there. concord, oakland, san jose is down to 46. it's a cool morning. a few light showers continue just to the east of us there. auburn to jackson. it is some snow. blue canyon and tahoe and truckee. that deserves a awhile. there might be another one coming in this weekend. but today once we get this system moving just exit stage right we will be on the drier side of it. we can't lose the wind yet. it will still be breezy and blustery. mostly sunny today but then more sunshine on the menu for tuesday into wednesday as temperatures will rebound and they will warm up. it will be chilly again tonight into tuesday. mostly sunny breezy.
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a cool morning. it will be a little warmer today. upper 60s to low 50s. the five-day it looks more like something we would see in march not in may because we'll have a little warmup year as we head into tuesday and wednesday. we start a cool down on thursday and a big cool down on friday leading to cloudy skies and a possibility of rain as we go into the weekend. >> that is incredible. 5:10 is the time. another nuclear plant in japan agrees to shut down over safety concerns and the major steps also being taken at the plant damaged in the earthquake and tsunami. one cash strapped state is getting tough on illegal immigration. who will help pay for its new border fence? good morning, right now traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on northbound 280 getting up to the valley. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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welcome back. the prime minister of pakistan makes his first formal address this morning since u.s. forces entered his country and killed osama bin laden. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom why president obama said he didn't tell pakistan in advance because of that raid. >> reporter: president obama says he didn't even tell his own family or most of his close advisors. in an interview that aired last night on 60 minutes president obama gave his most explicit
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decision yet on the decision making. he said the operation was shrouded in secret city. intelligent officials were far from sure bin laden was there before commanders went in. he was worried about the mission he did not lose sleep apt the possibility of killing bin laden. he said justice was done. some critics are arguing the u.s. should not have killed the al qaeda leader. democrats john kerry is coming to the president's defense. >> i think the seals did exactly what they should have done and we need to shut up and move on about the realities of what happened in that building. >> reporter: the president also described what it was like in the white house situation room during the raid. more than on that during the next hour. for now we are live in washington, d.c.. lawmakers in arizona are hoping to build a new fence on the u.s. mexico border and they are hoping the public will
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help. arizona is launching a website to help raise money for construction of defense and other costs. the state is facing a budget crisis and doesn't have the money to pay for the fence on its own. time now 5:15 the operator of a coastal nuclear power plant in japan agreed today to shut down its three reactors until safety is improved. the japanese government made the request after evaluating all of japan's 54 nuclear reactors of that disaster at fukushima plant. they want them to build a seawall and make other tsunami protections. new video has been released of workers going into a nuclear reactor building at the fukushima plant. reportedly the radio activity is now at levels safe enough for the workers to go in wearing protective gear.
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they are installing air purifying equipment. a fee to sell alcohol in a bay area county could lead to a crime. they are required to pay an $800 annual fee. a uc river side researcher says that ordnance decreased crime from 2008 to 2010. business owners are not sure. they believe the ordnance is having little effect on crime around their stores. >> speaking of fees. university of california students could pay different division rates under a proposal being considered by uc regents. the regents should set a midpoint for under graduate tuition. and each of the ten campuses could vary above or below that number. that would give each campus flexibility. however critics say that would splinter the unity of the uc system by creating a hierarchy.
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5:17 is the time. we both went to uc schools. i can't believe the costs. >> yeah, i know. i want to mention all the high wind advisories have been picked up. chp sent the note as saying the wind advisory has been picked up. traffic when they lift the advisories just because it's not as windy you should be careful out there driving out to highway 101. also the morning commute on westbound bay bridge is light so far traveling across san francisco. as we look at the freeways here traffic is moving well on 880 north & southbound from union city to fremont in both directions. across the bay on the peninsula we're okay on 101 and 280. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we do have still partly cloudy
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skies around and light snow up in the sierra, nevada. still for us a cool morning. some clouds in the morning and mostly sunny. it will be breezy at times. tuesday morning we will be very chilly but then tuesday afternoon wednesday sunny and warmer. wednesday looks like the warmer day of the week. it's looking like rain as we head into saturday and especially sunday. getting a little ahead of ourselves but i thought i would put it out there. there is the system slicing through the sierra nevada. fog also being reported blue canyon with light snow. there is a little system right there that same pacing them. for us we're on the western edge of it. a lot of 40s here. 40 even. napa low 40 and san rafael 51 hayward. that is the only 50 with a little bit of a breeze there.
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46 san jose. 48 redwood city. tech your pick it can be west or south. it is a sign of things to come more of that northerly wind. once that strong low which is near the oregon border we call that a triple point. there won't be acariases. it will slide to the east and that will allow high pressure to bill in for three days and kicked out by a longer system. today mostly sunny. breezy at times. the highest reborn by 70. mostly sunny today. breezy a chilly morning. a lot of 60s across the bay. this time of year it doesn't take much to rebound. this is a cool air mass over us right now. temperatures staying above
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average or below average. we see increasing fog on thursday. really unseasonally cold system on track for friday and during the weekend it looks like clouding up and possibility of rain late saturday and sunday. european markets are starting the week on a down note on worry about grease's ongoing gas us prices. the saying was up nearly 31%. the news was not so good from japan where there are still concerns about the rebuilding fallowing the march earthquake and tsunami. checking in on wall street. the dow, nasdaq, and s & p all posting modest gains. on grids. market numbers it looks like a decent opening. we will get a better incaution. is mcdonnells is spenting $1
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billion. the red roof, fiberglass tables will be replaced with wooden chairs. mcdownside says it wants to invite customers to spend more time in their restaurants. they are called mccafe i believe. major flooding fears at this moment along the mississippi river. a lot of people are evacuating. they may not have much time. the new timetable just announced for when the river could crest. also shark fans will fill the tank hoping to take part in a clinching celebration. good morning, right now traffic on 680 is looking good heading to the south bay. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. knudsen.
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good morning, partly cloudy skies. low clouds coming down. they will clear. it's a little cool out there. a rot of 40s. you will end up with mostly sunny conditions. time now 5:25. we have developing news from tennessee. forecasters predict the mississippi river may crest later today. near memphis. that is an hour sooner than the previous forecast. the river is expected to crest at 48 feet. look at these pictures. it hasn't reached that level in more than 70 years.
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hundreds are already evacuated from homes as the river keeps rising. a lot of rain and melting snow upstream is leading to the rising flood waters. look at that street sign. other evacuations have already taken place in missouri, illinois, kentucky, and arc. a five-day strike by nurses in a children's hospital continues this morning. yesterday on mother's day some of the nurses on the line brought their children. they are striking over health care and whether they should start paying more. the outcome could have an impact on nurses at other hospitals around in the bay area. >> all the other hospitals provide health care without a yearly premium. so this is a huge change for nurses. >> the hospital and nurses say patient care has not been compromised during the strike. nurses are expected to return to work at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. time now 5:26. a detroit red wing still alive
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in the playoff series with the san jose sharks. oh boy. the red wings beat the sharks 4- 3 in san jose last night. that followed detroit sunning rally. the red wings are heading back home with a chance to tie up the series at three games a piece. and that best of seven series. time now 5:26. a frightening airline security scare on the flight headed to the bay area. new information about the passenger at the heart of this investigation and his connections to the middle east. there are renewed calls for security at napa state hospital after another patient allegedly attacked a staff member. also they spray painted graffiti on a rival restaurant in marin county. the two men will find out their punishment. good morning, westbound 80 traffic looks good coming to
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the mccarthur maze. more traffic and weather as the morning news continues.
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welcome backen this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30 let's check in with steve paulson. we do have partly cloudy skies. we will have mostly sunny weather once everything cowers
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out of -- scours out of here. 60s to upper 60s and low 70s. there is snow up in the sierra right now. here is sal. steve, right now westbound 92 traffic is looking good as you head out to the high-rise with no major problems. the winds have died down. also the morning commute looks okay westbound bay bridge we will tell you more about the morning commute and the weather. in the news right now we are following a story about an out of control airline passenger in the san mateo county jail at this hour. that is following a disturbing incident on a flight that landed at sfo last night. a man with a passport from yemen got out of his seat. rushed toward the cockpit and pounded on the door. two other passengers both retired law enforcement officers managed to stop him. >> he was yelling and pounding on the cockpit. >> did he have a yemen
5:32 am
passport? >> yes. and a california id card. >> investigators say that passenger doesn't appear to have any known ties to am terrorist organization. ktvu kraig debro is out at the airport talking to investigators. now the security scare at sfo was one of three incidents in the past 24 hours. an incident involving a flight heading to san diego was only a hoax. the plane took off from detroit but diverted to albuquerque. the pilot announced a note with the word bomb had been found on board. when the plane landed in new mexico it was searched and passengers were questioned but no one was arrested. a man on board a continental airlines flight from houston to chicago was taken into custody after an inflight incident. passengers say that man ranked
5:33 am
to the door an tried to open the door durings flight. they held on to him until the plane landed in st. louis where police took the man into custody. >> americans are not going down like that at all. the men were all up and out in a minute getting him subdued. >> after a brief delay, the other passengers got back on the plane and landed in chicago an hour later than scheduled. an overnight fire in oakley is under fire. jade hernandez is live in oakley now and has more on how the neighbors have been effected. >> reporter: that is right the coast construction company is out here this morning right now securing what is left of this home. the fire battalion chief could not tell us if the fire was suspicious in nature but neighbors told us about domestic issues going on inside the home. look at the flames this morning. this home is on bay view drive
5:34 am
in oakley. the first arriving fire engine reported noticing flames a mile away. by the time they pulled up to the two-story home it was engulfed in flames. it took firefighters a little more than a half hour to get the fire under control. multiple calls came in including one next door. a man told us he heard the smoke alarm and looked outside and saw the house on fire. >> flames coming out of the second story. major damage to the house and the fire is currently under investigation. >> reporter: now here is what neighbors and what they were saying made this fire suspicious. he saw the homeowner taking kitchen appliances out of the home yesterday before the fire broke out. as i mention before the battalion chief told us he could not be certain of the cause and he could not say if it was suspicious.
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reporting live jade hernandez. just about an hour ago we got word that from theres -- forecasters say the mississippi river may crest today in memphis. that is hours earlier. we'll have a live reporthow peo are dealing with the danger of more flooding. new concerns over safety at napa state hospital this morning after a violent attack over the weekend. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus joining us with how employees are responding to the latest incident. >> reporter: we have seen several employees drive into the entrance here as workers and staff members get ready to start their day. many say they want more security measures put in place after another attack by a patient here at napa state hospital. the latest incident happened yesterday afternoon at 2:00. a union representative for the
5:36 am
psychiatric technicians. a woman was injured when he stepped in to protect another hospital worker. that hospital worker has been working with a patient and became agitated. coworkers say after a string of incidents like this it's time for napa state hospital to beef up security. >> there needs to be something done with the security. something needs to be done. >> when you go to work how do you feel about your own safety? >> we are constantly watching over our shoulders now. every day. >> reporter: now pack in october another patient at this hospital was accused of strangling and killing staff member donna growth. that happened here at the hospital seven months ago. the napa county district attorneys office said it would not pursue the death penalty in that attacker next. the former marin county
5:37 am
pizza parlor employees that vandalized a rival restaurant will be sentenced today. 33-year-old tim thinker and sean lye more are expected to -- they spray painted graffiti on pizza orgasmica in san rafael. time now 5:36. president obama says last week's koa man doe raid that killed osama bin laden was the longest 40 minutes of his life. in a broadcast interview no one knew for sure bin laden was in the compound of pakistan but he didn't lose any sleep over the possibility that if bin laden were found, he might be killed. the president says anyone that questions the killing of a mass murder like bin laden needs to have his head examed. the united states is asking pakistan for permission to question osama bin laden's three wives. they are believed to be in
5:38 am
pakistani custody along with other children. the cia wants to interview the women about bin laden own the inner workings of al qaeda. it's not known if the vie a will be aloud permission. you go to click on the osama bin laden tab. you will be able to see the five videos of bin laden released this weekend. right now let's go back to sal to check on the commute. sal. >> right now we are starting in san francisco along northbound 101. you can see traffic is moving along nicely if you are driving up to the downtown area. hopefully the commute will stay nice and even for this san francisco drive. there are no major problems this morning by the way coming into san francisco. let's move along and take a look at the commute here. traffic is moving along okay on
5:39 am
880 north and southbound as you drive past the coliseum. coming in from the northeast bay the traffic here looks okay. past the ordeal yap -- cordelia junction. so far so good for your drive on interstate 80. at 5:38 let's go to steve. all right sal we do have breezy conditions. not adobessed a -- not as bad as sunday. system is coming down from the north. so partly cloudy, partly starry. by noon mostly sunny. i can't lose that breeze. it will be out of the north. turning more northerlily. sunshine by this afternoon as the low finally moves off in the area. 60s 60s and very low 70s. the parmest will be around 71-
5:40 am
72. rain just southeast of sal castaneda. for us coming right down out of the north. we will get it of the clouds. 40s on the temps. napa, san rafael all low 40s. west at sfo but north at oakland. north at fairfield. i expect this wind to turn more northerly. you can see everything is being carved out from the strong low which is into nevada which is giving the snow up there for scattered snow showers. high pressure will build in for a couple of days. this is a cool air mass for may. upper 30s. we had 39 napa airport. more sunshine on the docket. that will take us into tuesday and wednesday. tuesday morning will be cold. mostly sunny today. breezy add times. it will be a little warmer during the afternoon highs. 60s close to the coast and bay and upper 60s do low 70s -- to
5:41 am
low 70s inland. 70 morgan hill and gilroy. after last week's warmup we cooled down. we will see a little bit of a warmup into wednesday. here comes another strong system which is showing every sign of clouding us up and cooling us down and giving us rain on the weekend. time now 5:40. is autism more prevalent than we thought? also a code name controversy it involves a legendary native american warrior. right now interstate 80 looks good. another update straight ahead.
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we have partly cloudy skies. it will be mostly sunny by this afternoon. still breezy out of the north. high 60s to low 70s. all right steve welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a looks at the top stories we following for you add 5:43. airline passengers in jail this morning after am security scare on a flight that landed at sfo last night. a man with a passport from yemen got out of his seat, rushed to the cockpit, and pounded on the door. two other passengers both retired law enforcement officers stopped him. the motive is still not clear. new details about a violent double murder and suicide in fairfield. police say they responded to this house where it all happened 12 different times in the past year. investigators say a 37-year-old man shot and killed his two roommates on saturday before taking his own life. the victims include his ex-wife and the 41-year-old man. on wednesday uc berkeley
5:45 am
graduates shane bauer and josh fattal is facing trial in iran. charged with spying. sarah shourd says she will not return to iran for that trial. forecasters revised their prediction of when the mississippi river will crest in memphis. they now say it will be later today instead of tomorrow. holly is live in memphis. >> reporter: good morning, pam. people are waking up in memphis for another day of waiting and watching as they are expecting the river to crest a little bit sooner sometime within the next 24 hours. tennessee's largest city is in the cross hairs. memphis now has the most high- risk population for flooding according to the army corp of engineers. >> we are very concerned. we realize it's all
5:46 am
unpredictable. we do not want to be stuck here in memphis and we do not want to flee in a hurry and we want to return home safely. >> reporter: on tuesday nay expect the mississippi to credit at 48 feet outside the city. less than a foot shy of the record set in 1937. with the mississippi mississippi swollen there is nowhere for the water to flow. 100 homes have been evacuated. 400 residents are currently in shelters. they went door to door to alert others they need to leave their homes. >> the water was all the way up to the window about two feet inside the trailer. >> reporter: memphis is the late nest a string of towns along the mississippi to be effected by the swollen river. last week the army corp of engineers blew up levies near illinois to help alleviate the threat. officials say while there is great pressure on the levies
5:47 am
they are currently performing as expected. now i'm standing right here on river side drive next to the mississippi river. that is the biel street. it's only flooded on the base of biel street up in inland it's a little drier. if there is good news, the forecast says with high temperatures and the lack of rain for the next couple of days that means the waters could start receding as soon as they crest. it may be june before it clears. >> that is our report from mississippi. time now 5:47. the number of children diagnosissed with autism may be higher than thought. researchers in south korea looked at a total population sample there. one in 38 south korean children have some form of autism.
5:48 am
researchers predicted if expanded studies were conducted in other countries, the estimates of autism rates would also go up. the death of osama bin laden may influence an upcoming vote in congress on renewing parts of the patriot act. congress reauthorized provisions that were set to expire. these include permission for the government to set wiretaps and carry out surveillance. some civil liberties groups say that now bin laden is dead will reset the needs for invasive security measures. there is a new controversy tied to the killing of president obama. the code name of the top military mission was named geronimo. many communities are angry that the u.s. connected bin laden's name to the legendary ray pat
5:49 am
she warrior. >> there would have been their name to use. because now everybody can associate or relate to that. >> it can never be righted. it's a wrong that happened and it can never be right. >> now many native americans want an apology from the u.s. government but they seriously doubt that they will ever get it. 5:48 is the time right now. back over to sal. any problems this morning, sal? >> we do have traffic that is getting busier now. we are looking at live pictures from our camera network that shows the bay bridge getting busier. there is a crash in san francisco on the other side. west 80 at the ninth street off ramp. it looks like it's a noninjury crash. it could effect the bridge instantly. northbound 92 that traffic looks good. this morning as we check on the east shore freeway traffic continues to look good.
5:50 am
we've also been checking on bart and commuter systems so far so good. 5:49 let's go to steve. partly cloudy skies out there. it's cool. a lot of 40s. breezy. i have to put it in perspective what time it is. it's not even 6:00 a.m.. by noon or 2:00 we will be mostly sunny. clouds, sun, and breezy at times. not as badas sunday. tuesday, wednesday cool morning and then sunny and warmer. after wednesday we top it out. a lot of clouds cooler. it's looking like clouds and rain. not lying. saturday night into sunday have about five days to fine tune that. that's what all signs are pointing toward. there will be wind today. higher elevations on the coast will not be as bad unless you're out toward the valley. light snow has been reported at tahoe and truckee. starting to lose a little bit
5:51 am
of hurt but the mere fact it made it tells you how much strength it had. a lot of 40s here. hayward is 52. it's a cool breezy morning and partly cloudy skies from city sow -- from sow know county. solano county. the cool air mass is in place. mostly sunny today. but then we will get more sunshine and warmer weather as you look toward wednesday. breezy a little warmer. 60s for some. upper 60s and low 70s for others. and warmer weather takes us into wednesday. transition day thursday. friday we start to cloud it up. it looks like cloudy to mostly cloudy with a possibility of rain. toyota is launching its
5:52 am
plug in prius later this year. the plug in prius can be recharged from an ordinary household electrical outlet and can go 120 miles on a gallon of gas. that compares to the current 90 miles per gallon. analysts say gas prices should start heading lower. this morning the average price is $4.30. they should drop about eight cents a gallon and fallen demand in oil supplies should lower. they are boosting the sales of bikes and scooters. sales of new bikes rose 9% compared with lasque. sales of road bikes frequently used for commuting jumped 29%. sales of gas powered scooters
5:53 am
jumped 48%. >> you do see a lot of them out there. >> yes, you do. a tragedy in sonoma county still a mystery. why a car went off a cliff. what investigators know about a woman that was behind the wheel. is a bigger zoo better. where the fur is flying over bay area plans to expand.
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investigators are trying to figure out what happened when a woman plunged off a steep cliff in her car and died. the woman was the only person in the car and was pronounced dead at the scene. she drove off highway 1 just before 12:30 yesterday afternoon near dunkin cove. time now 5:55 an appeal will be filed today aimed at stopping the newly approved expansion plans at the oakland zoo. friends of nolan park and the california native plant society will ask the city of oakland to stop the expansion project. last week oakland's project planned to use more than 50 acres of the park. the los angeles lakers have been eliminated as pro basketball raining champs. >> he is five of five from
5:57 am
behind the line. >> they finished the sweep of the lakers in a 122-86 route last night. dallas moves on to nba western conference finals. laker hall of fame coach bill jackson moves on to retirement. jackson won five titles with the lakers. six with the chicago bulls. i think he's retiring on top. >> an era has come to an end. >> yeah. let's check in with sal. >> it's going okay. as a matter of fact, we are looking at traffic that is moving along okay here in the valley 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving from pleasanton down to san jose. also getting slow traffic in some areas. we'll be back in a few minutes with more traffic and weather. now back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we'll have the latest from sfo after an out of control passenger forced a plane to make an emergency landing. what is happening to that passenger this morning and how
5:58 am
did that scare in the sky finally end? plus the rescuers arrived on kite boards. what happened off of ocean beach. what is next for the good samaritans. we have partly cloudy skies out there. we spend a lot of time together. well mainly in traffic. i'm serious. we've been together, what, a super long time. true. and at first it was all business, you know, i'd take him here, i'd take him there. everywhere. and over the years, we've really bonded. sure. why else would you always buy me chevron with techron? 'cause we need gas. i think it's more than that. i think that you care about me. you're a good friend.
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