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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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why a man accused overdust of disrupting a flight why his next flight will be to federal court. recovery and reconstruction. the special ceremony in san bruno today eight months after the deadly pipeline explosion. are you being tracked on your smart phone? the hearing today that aims to get answers from bay area executives. it's all ahead here on the ktvu
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morning news. good morning. it is tuesday may 10th. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve paulson. what is the weather going to be like today? >> better. we have a lot of cool readings. still a chill to the morning air. after yesterday a little cloud cover skirted us yesterday afternoon. today warmer with 60s and mid- 70s. now sal with an update on any traffic. highway 4 traffic is moving well if you're driving up to the willow pass grade with no major issues right now. traffic good all the way to concord. a nice drive on interstate 880 in front of the oakland coliseum. at 4:31 let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news from contra costa county. investigators are on the scene of a shooting on the delta trail part of the east bay regional park district. we're told that a man was shot just after 11:30 last night. no information about the extent of the victim's injuries has
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been released. we do have a crew though on the scene. we're going to have the very latest information coming up at 5:00 . the man accused of trying to storm the cockpit of a san francisco bound jet is due in court this morning. ktvu's kraig debro tells us we are now hearing from some of the passengers on board that flight. kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the courthouse behind me at 450 golden gate is the federal courthouse. if it looks familiar this is also the same courthouse where the barry bonds trial was held. seems since 9/11 anyone making an unauthorized trip to a cockpit is subject two at least two things. scrutiny of passengers and crew and having the incident recording on a cell phone camera. a passenger board american airlines flight took these pictures shortly after the disturbance began. it's hard to make out exactly what's going on. so we spoke to a passenger about what he saw sunday night. >> you can see the scuffle. and several passengers from the back even came up to try to
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help. >> 1561, we're going to need priority handling on our arrival. had a passenger conflict here. >> reporter: these are pictures of the terminal after the flight landed ahead of schedule around 9:15. after a trip to the hospital of a treatment of bruises received in the scuffle 28-year-old underwent questioning back at the airport and then was driven to the san mateo county jail. he has a california id and a passport issued by yemen. >> he was shouting some arabic terms. once he was on the gurney he was shouting allah pack bar. >> reporter: officials say he has no known ties to terrorism groups. his relatives in the bay area are baffled by his alleged behavior. we'll hear from them at the top of the hour. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news.
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we are also learning more about the suspect and his life here in the bay area. he worshiped at an islamic center in vallejo and lived in a home on sonoma boulevard before moving to new york last year. his cousin still lives at the house. he told ktvu news that he was a math teacher in yemen and came to the u.s. looking to support his wife and children back home. he says his cousin is a good man who could be hot headed at times. >> when we do arguments -- he likes to do arguments. and he likes to win the arguments. >> however, he says that does not make him a criminal and he strongly denies that his cousin is a terrorist. the 25 yearlong marriage between former governor arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver is on hold this morning. the couple announced last night they are separated. this comes four months after schwarzenegger left office. since then the couple has been leading very separate but public lives. schwarzenegger has taken
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several international trips while shriver just returned from a tour of colleges with her son. the l.a. times reports shriver has also been seen without her wedding ring. the couple married in 1986 and has four children. couple says after a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer we came to this decision together. at this time we are living apart while we work on the future of our relationship. well, new this morning, a ground breaking ceremony in san bruno will mark a milestone in recovery and reconstruction. today the city will celebrate the first permit to rebuild a home in the neighborhood ravaged in last september's pipeline disaster. property owner got the permit last week. his home was one of the dozens destroyed in that explosion and fire. construction on the new home is scheduled to begin in a few weeks. meantime pg&e says there were no problems with yesterday's high pressure water test of a natural gas pipeline in mountain view.
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170,000 gallons of water were used to fill the mile and a half long pipe. that's the pipeline that feeds the san bruno pipeline that exploded last year. more tests will be done next week in antioch. moments ago the national weather service announced the mississippi river crested in memphis reaching just shy of 48 feet. now, president obama has declared a major disaster in tennessee and ordered federal aid. it could be weeks though possibly longer before some people in low lying areas can return home. the army corps of engineers is confident that the city's musical landmarks such as elvis' graceland will be spared. not everyone is so sure. >> what if it happens here or happens in new orleans and the levees break. we hope it doesn't god forbid. >> this is video of a spillway near new orleans. the army corps of engineer
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opened it to divert water from the mississippi river. an announcement is coming today that an emergency alert text message system will be launched by the end of the year. it's called the personalized localized alerting network on  plan. the system will be used for hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters and will allow emergency officials to send messages to specific geographic areas. it will be up and running in new york city and washington d.c. by the end of the year. nationwide service is expected as early as next april. well, today bay area tech executives will testify in front of a senate subcommittee about smart phone tracking practices. congress wants answers after researchers revealed last month that iphones and android phones were secretly keeping track of users' locations. now apple and google say they only record the location of wi- fi hot spots and cell towers to improve service. they also say tracking can be turned off.
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the pakistani government has agreed to allow american investigators to interview osama bin laden's wives. the obama administration wants to talk to the three women about osama bin laden's life in hiding. they've been in custody since navy seals killed bin laden last week at his compound in pakistan. back here in the bay area thousands of racy photographs have been found in the home of an accused serial killer awaiting trial in marin county. investigators announced yesterday that they found more than 4,000 photographs of women with little or no clothing in the nevada home of joseph naso. some were in bondage or posed to look lifeless. investigators have identified about half of the women and say most of them have been found alive. naso is accused of killing four northern california women in the 1970s and 1990s. he has not yet entered a plea. for the first time in nearly two years oakland police will have an eye in the sky.
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police chief has ordered the helicopter to return to service but only on a limited basis. now he is setting aside $60,000 to help cover the cost of flying the chopper one day a week for four hours. the move is being made ahead of a possible summer crime spike. >> the helicopter really is a force multiplier even though only two people are in it when it is flying, it can act like ten to 20 police officers in capability of an officer platform for what's going on. >> under the new plan it will fly 200 hours from now until march of next year. well, while one bay area city is getting a crime fighting tool back, another faces more cuts. coming up in just about eight minutes the proposal that could make it more difficult for san jose firefighters to get to a fire quickly. overnight we learned that prince william and his new wife kate middleton have left on
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their delayed honeymoon. palace officials decline today say where the duke and duchess have gone but according to several british media reports the couple is in the islands in the indian ocean. it was announced last week that the newlyweds will visit california in july. 4:39 is the time. let's go over to sal for a look at traffic. i'll just do the royal wave to you, sal. good morning, pam. any idea where in california they're going to come? >> i have not heard. but i know my girls are anxious to find out. >> we'll let you know when we know. >> yes. >> right. okay. let's look at what we have now. traffic is moving well as you head out to the macarthur maze. no major problems. and pam and i are on twitter. if you have any of those royal rumors it's okay to send them on twitter because that's what twitter's for right? look at westbound bay bridge traffic moving well coming up to the toll plaza. northbound 280 traffic is moving along very nicely. steve paulson is also on
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twitter. hello, steve. twitter is our friend, sal. >> that's right. at sp weather. >> thank you, sir. yesterday about 3:45 a little system, couple sprinkles. others are like what are you talking about? it was the wrap around right there. that's gone. we have clear skies. little patchy fog down towards monterey peninsula and maybe santa cruz but in the monterey bay. beautiful monterey peninsula. everything is clear. 40s napa airport was down to 37. but the wind picked up. now they're 42. we have livermore sleeping in. they missed their alarm. 48 concord. 47 fairfield. 49 san jose. clear skies just looking at the web camera from the meteorology department there san jose state looking at san jose proper. clear. had a lot of low clouds. yesterday's system moving into the north. fog won't play into the forecast until tomorrow. we had the cool low drop into nevada yesterday. the wrap around gave snow up in the sierra.
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showers clipped sacramento valley and a little bit of eastern contra costa county solano county. warm weather today and tomorrow could move in although fog could be sneaky. patchy fog mainly towards santa cruz and monterey. a little breezy. good friend of mine. little breeze. 70s inland. 60s by the coast. upper 60s mid-70s but you know we may top out today because that fog could play into the forecast tomorrow. the big news though continues to be end of the week a very strong and cold system begins to move in. it sure looks like rain late saturday into sunday, pamela. all right. thanks for the warning. dozens of teachers and students arrested at the state capitol. the reason their campaign is now hitting the shopping mall. a homeless man nearly crushed along with the trash in a garbage truck. what may have saved his life.
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good morning. skies are clear except down towards santa cruz and monterey with some patchy fog there. it will be sunny today and warmer. highs of 60 by the coast. upper 60s low to mid-70s inland. overnight at least four nato air strikes targeted the libyan capitol city of tripoli. it was some of the heaviest nato bombings in weeks. one site hit is a building used by military intelligence agency. another building was reportedly used by parliament members. it was not immediately clear what the other two strikes hit.
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in japan today a small group of people evacuated from the area around the damaged nuclear plant were allowed to make a brief visit to their homes. about 100 people boarded government buses and had to wear protective gear -- protective suits to guard against radiation. they were only allowed to stay in their homes for two hours. 78,000 people living within 12 miles of the nuclear plant were forced to evacuate after the plant's reactors overheated following the earthquake and tsunami on march 11th. former house speaker newt gringrich plans on officially announcing a run for the white house tomorrow. gringrich says he'll make the announcement using two bay area based websites, twitter and facebook. despite the former house speaker's high profile status, some bay area gop leaders admit gringrich isn't the fresh face the party is looking for. and while the economy could be a liability against president obama, the gop still has their own set of issues to deal with. >> right now i think the
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problem the republicans have is that they're not united that they have this tea party faction and they have the social conservative wing and the fiscal conservatives and they're not sure exactly what they want to prioritize right now. >> new hampshire debate in june and iowa could help narrow gop candidates. striking nurses at children's oakland hospital ends in just about two hours. the nurses have been working without a contract since it expired last july. the hospital wants them to start contributing to their health care premiums. children's hospital says patient care was not compromised during the strike. today bay area teachers plan to do gradeins at local malls to show how much work they do after school. it's part of a week long campaign to restore education funding. educators and students took over the rotunda at the state
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capitol in sacramento yesterday. 65 people were taken away in handcuffs after refusing to leave. but teachers say they will push forward with their message. >> the point is not getting arrested. the point is it's our civil right to make a statement. >> now the california teachers association hopes to convince lawmakers to extend tax increases. without the taxes there could be more layoffs, fewer programs and bigger class sizes. the city of san jose is considering cutbacks at some fire stations to help close a $115 million budget gap there. right now there are five fire station that is have an engine and a truck company. but under a proposal those stations may have to get by with just one truck for one day a week. the rotating brown outs are expected to cut down on overtime but response times could be effected as well. >> normally it would have two pieces of apparatus going to that same fire. you're not going to have that now. now just just going to have one and another piece from another
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station which could be five or eight miles away are going to come and back fill into that. >> the san jose city council votes on the budget next month. now if fire station brown outs are approved, they would start on july 1st. bart says it's seeing a surge in riders since gas prices topped $4 a gallon locally. transit agency says it's seeing about 350,000 riders on its trains every weekday. that means some trains are so full passengers never get to sit down. >> last week i was on the train later around 6:00 or 6:30 and it was super packed with people and i couldn't understand why it was so packed. i think the reason that it was so packed is probably because of the gas prices. >> now it's asking riders to do their part to make it easier on everyone and be courteous to other passengers getting on and off the trains. bart says it has as many as half a million riders during the giants world series run last year. it was a close call for
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homeless man near sacramento who escaped injury after being dumped into a garbage truck and nearly crushed. police say the 45-year-old was sleeping in a large garbage bin yesterday when he was dumped into the truck. the truck then compacted its contents at least three times before the driver heard screams coming from the back of his truck. >> i climbed out he had a ladder, they dropped him in and pulled him out that way. had a neck brace, back brace. i didn't see anymore. he got in the ambulance he was pretty beat up. pretty gnarlly. >> firefighters say the garbage truck wasn't full and that may have saved his life. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. in seattle a woman came away with just minor injuries after crashing her car through a wall and plunging ten feet down an elevator shaft. it happened yesterday on the third floor of an underground parking garage at a hospital. a witness says she accelerated her car in the wrong direction. the fire department's heavy rescue team had to get that
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woman free. well, it's a first for the bay area. where you will now be able to charge your electric car for free while running errands. and the world's largest passenger jet flies into sfo. where you can catch a glimpse this morning.
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welcome back to the morning news. in just a few hours the world's largest passenger jet will arrive at san francisco international airport. sfo's international terminal was built specifically to accommodate the air bus 380. and the airport is throwing a party to celebrate the first arrival. the public is invited to watch at bay front park. that starts at 11:00. there will be games and prizes including two free tickets for a trip on the air bus 380.
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starting today stanford shopping center will offer something no other bay area mall has. the shopping center will unveil its new electric vehicle recharging station at 10:00 this morning. the station will be located in the lower level parking deck between blooming dale's and macy's. electric vehicle owners can hook up for no charge while shopping. mall operators hope it will catch on and encourage more drivers to switch to electric cars. as we first reported yesterday morning electric vehicles can soon be charged up for free around san francisco. mayor lee announced to install dozens of locations. some of the installations will begin as early as next month. coming up on 5:00. let's check back in with sal. any problems, sal? nothing yet, pam. right now traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area. as a matter of fact we're looking at 237. you can see traffic is moving along okay getting out towards 880. also this morning we're looking at the san mateo bridge traffic. that traffic moves well heading out to the high-rise.
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if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, so far so good heading west. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we do have mostly clear skies. a lot of fog out there, but it's only really kind of flirting with the monterey peninsula, santa cruz coastline a little bit. generally we're clear. sunny today. warmer especially inland. patchy low clouds return tomorrow. still sunny inland but big news will be the weekend. cloudy and much cooler with rain likely. yes, rain likely. our system yesterday very unseasonably strong cold low which gave the sierra a round of showers, thundershowers and snow. and even clipped us with a lot of clouds late in the afternoon has moved off allowing high pressure to build in for a day. temperatures 40s low, mid to upper. and also in the 50s. santa rosa 44. not much in the way of any wind. it's all over the place. west-southwest, northwest. generally favoring a westerly direction. san jose calm. one system moves out.
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you can see another front coming in. that's going to push the front in tomorrow. today looks like the sunniest and warmest day we have. still a little bit of cool air mass in place that's settled in. but tomorrow more sunshine today i should say warmer but then by tomorrow i think that fog comes back to the coast. there's some patchy fog there but it really won't amount to too much today. slightly breezy coast and some higher elevations but not so much at the surface. 60s, 70s and mid-70s. but tomorrow the coast looks like they will cool off and then start to see that fog really ramp up and move in on thursday leading to a cloudy mostly cloudy friday and all signs point towards a very cold and unseasonably strong system dropping in for a lot of clouds, below normal temperatures and rain saturday night into sunday. wow. thank you, steve. drivers will be heard today over proposed changed to san francisco taxis. the city's transit agency will hold a first of a series of public meetings. another meeting scheduled for 5:30 tonight. drivers are angry about new
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credit card surcharges and possible tvs running ads in the back of each cab. other town hall meetings will be held tomorrow and next monday. we continue to follow developing news in contra costa county. one man in the hospital after being shot in a park. what investigators are searching for this morning. and final cuts expected today for one bay area school district. what is on the chopping block now?
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shooting leaves police investigating what might be gang activity. >> reporter: why a man accused of disrupting flight operations on a flight from chicago to san francisco was coming back to the bay area. plus new details about the raid that killed osama bin laden. the back up plan the president had in case something went wrong. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver are separating. what the couple is asking for this morning. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this tuesday may 10th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. pam and dave, thk


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