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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 10, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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very much. skies are clear except for patchy fog down towards monterey and santa cruz. sunny and warmer today. still 60s mid to upper closer in the bay. inland slipping to low to mid- 70s. here's sal. steve, right now traffic moving well on 880 north and southbound right here in front of the coliseum. no major problems. also the commute looks good northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. coming up on 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. all right, sal, thank you. at 5:00 developing news in pittsburg right now. police investigating a shooting on the delta dean z trail. ktvu's jade hernandez just arrived there on scene. she's with us live now with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. within the last hour we've learned that the man shot along this trail is undergoing surgery right now. he was shot in the shoulder. his family called pittsburg police when they discovered what happened last night. pittsburg police have turned over this investigation to the east bay regional park police because the shooting took place on the trail which is park jurisdiction. this was the scene just about
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20 minutes ago. we've been told by police this morning the young man shot said he was along the trail near crestview avenue around 11:30 last night when one of four men shot at him two or three times. only one of the four men, the victim said, had a gun. the victim would not say if he knew or had a connection with the suspect. but the victim does live in the neighborhood and near the trail. park police believe the shooting was not random. >> there were some gang affiliations and some words exchanged it would suggest that both parties were gang affiliates. >> reporter: there is a park curfew 10:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning in place in order to keep elision it activity away from the trail. the trail you're looking at this morning. the case is still being investigated by police at this point. they do not have a strong description of the suspects. that's what they're looking for this morning. reporting live from pittsburg,
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jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:01. well, former governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver want privacy this morning after announcing they're separating after 25 years of marriage. the announcement came last night. the couple has four children. it's not clear what led up to the separation. shriver reportedly has moved out of their los angeles home. the l.a. times also says she's been seen without a wedding ring. now their statement says after a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer, we came to this decision together. at this time we're living apart while we work on the future of our relationship. the man accused of trying to storm the cockpit of a jet bound for san francisco is due in court this morning. ktvu's kraig debro tells us that we are now learning more about the suspect and his life here in the bay area. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the court appearance is scheduled to take place at federal courthouse at 450 golden gate behind me now. we're not sure exactly of the
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time. we understand that the suspect is actually in a federal facility after being held in a county jail overnight on sunday night. we spoke to his brother yesterday who strongly denies any of this man's ties to any terrorism groups. >> he's not terrorist. >> reporter: this man says that he is his cousin. he says he likes to win arguments, not kill people. the 20-year-old is now accused of disrupting flight operations. he use today play at the islamic center and lived in vallejo. his cousin says he had recently been living in yemen and working as a math teacher. >> he came to feed the family because he used to be teacher here. >> reporter: san francisco police took him to the san mateo county jail yesterday morning. on sunday night witnesses say the man walked into the cockpit
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or walked to the cockpit of an american airlines flight 1561 and pounded on the door while speaking loudly in arabic. this morning he faces a federal judge. he is not accused of terrorism. coming up a little later on the morning news we're going to have more from one passenger who was aboard that flight and saw what happened. reporting live in san francisco, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:03. new details coming in this morning about the u.s. raid on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. the new york times says president obama insisted that the navy seals assault force be large enough to fight its way out of pakistan if necessary. apparently that included fighting against pakistani forces. the paper also says two teams of specialists were on standby. one to bury bin laden if he were killed and a second one made up of lawyers, interrogators and translators just in case bin laden was captured alive.
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this morning some top executives from google and apple will face tough questioning at a senate hearing on capitol hill. coming up at 5:15 we're going to have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom with the concerns that some lawmakers have about smart phones tracking their users' movements. time now 5:04. the murder trial of the man accused of killing three members of the san francisco family three years ago is approaching fast. and the preparations are underway. prosecutors say 24-year-old edwin killed 48-year-old tony and his sons in 2008 mistaking them for rival gang members. now the examiner's reporting a gang expert testified yesterday during a hearing ahead of next month's trial. that expert will probably testify again about ramos's alleged gang ties. thousands of racy photographs have been found in the home of an accused serial killer awaiting trial in marin county. investigators announced yesterday that they found more than 4,000 photographs of women
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with little or no clothing in the nevada home of joseph naso. now some were in bondage or posed to look lifeless. investigators have identified about half the women and say most of them have been found alive. naso is accused of killing four northern california women in the 1970s and 1990s. he has not yet entered a plea. time now 5:05. the mt. diablo school board tonight may finalize layoff notices for 180 teachers and school employees. and the school board president told ktvu he feels terrible. board president says it's gut wrenching to have to take even more from students because of budget cuts because the school board will now wait to see what's in the governor's revised may budget to see if anymore cuts are necessary. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is defending itself against allegations involving its light rail system.
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in february the public utilities announced it was considering fines for problem that is have not been fixed in a timely manner. the examiner reports that the mta has filed a response calling the allegations without merit. now regulators say the problems include trouble with automatic train control systems in the tunnels. also deteriorating tracks at the church at the interchange and state regulators could decide to fine muni at a hearing this friday. time now 5:07. hey, sal, can you get everybody where they need to go now? i think we're doing okay, dave and pam. good morning to you. you know right now traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area. show you in these pictures it is nice drive on interstate 80 driving from vallejo all the way to berkeley and eventually to the bay bridge toll plaza which is light westbound no major problems getting into san francisco. also the morning commute in the south bay is off to a nice start along northbound 280. now let's go back to steve. thank you, sal. >> you're welcome, steve.
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all right. high pressure will build in for a day. that will give us warmer weather. yesterday if you were by the coast it wasn't bad. parts of inland areas weren't too bad. today will be sunny. patchy fog out there might play into the forecast by the coast. by tomorrow it starts to move right back in. this may be the warmest day of the week. originally looked like wednesday but if the fog does come in as it's advertised by some of our forecast models today will be it. the low give it credit. it was really lit up over the sierra and then the wrap around clipped a little bit of the north bay now it's gone. the fog goes out there but that's only around monterey and santa cruz area right now. 41 napa. 50 oakland. 50 hayward. 40s here. santa rosa in there, fairfield, concord, san raphael, redwood city and san jose at 48. wind is not much of a factor. bookends on calm from santa rosa to san jose. south-southwest there it is at fairfield at 3. not a lot there. some higher elevations it's
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stronger but not that big. that's a big low. it will be a major player as it moves across the country like they haven't had enough in the form of severe weather. already the leading edge of a system moving into us is showing signs of inching closer coming out of the northwest. that's going to play into our weather starting tomorrow. today we have mostly sunny skies. yesterday partly cloudy to mostly sunny at times. today high pressure moves in for a day giving more sunshine and warmer temps. 60s, 70s, sunshine warmer. patchy fog. might creep back into the coast right now most of the coast is clear. slightly breezy, 60s, 70s to mid-70s. santa rosa 75. antioch 76. concord 74. we'll go 76 gill roy. 60s, 70s for some on the coast. 70 fremont, 74 livermore. sunny warmer today. fog starts to work its way back wednesday and really flies in on thursday. friday cloudy to mostly cloudy as a really cold low starts to move in for the weekend giving us a lot of clouds, below normal temps and maybe some
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rain. i can't believe it. overnight the mississippi river crested in memphis. the concerns over some famous landmarks. also the very important legal decision that will follow sentencing day in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. good morning. northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. some areas already beginning to show a little bit of signs of wear and tear on the roads.
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new this morning in just a few hours executives from google and apple will be in the hot seat in washington d.c. as ktvu's allison burns reports from our washington d.c. newsroom at issue whether smart phones are secretly keeping track of you. allison. >> reporter: pam, the companies are insisting they are not stalking their customers. but some senators here want an explanation about the amount of personal information google and apple collect through android phones and iphones. researchers revealed recently that the mobile devices could track users' locations and privacy groups are crying foul. >> our cell phones are becoming spy phones collecting information about everything we do, every purchase we make, every place we go in our lives. when that information is added to an ever increasing data base about consumer activity, our privacy's at risk. >> reporter: some members of congress say the information gathering makes kids especially
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vulnerable. i'll have more on that during my next update in about an hour. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. later today the fcc will announce an emergency alert text message system. it's called the personalized localized alerting network or plan. the system will be used for hurricanes, tornadoes and other disaster and allow emergency officials to send messages to specific geographic areas. it will be up and running in new york city and washington d.c. by the end of the year. nationwide service is expected as early as next april. time now 5:14. just a short timing a the national weather service said the mississippi river crested in memphis just under 48 feet. it's expected to stay very close to that level for the next 24 to 36 hours. it may be weeks maybe even longer before some residents in low lying areas can go back home. now the army corps of engineers is confident that the city's
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world famous music landmarks like elvis' graceland will be spared. attention's now shifting downstream. >> now it's certainly not too soon for people to look at those maps and if you live within those areas, now is the time to be going out there and securing your property. >> that was louisiana's governor. the army corps of engineers opened a spillway near new orleans to try to divert water from the mississippi river. another spill way near baton rouge could be opened later this week. the judge in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case is facing a criminal decision involving the public's right to know. next month the judge is scheduled to sentence phillip and nancy garrido for kidnap and rape following the plea. the judge must then decide whether to release grand jury transcripts which includes graphic testimony from dugard herself. jaycee dugard is among those fighting to keep the transcripts sealed. now the release of dugard's book could complicate this
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legal controversy. a stolen life will be released in july. her publisher says the book will tell the full story of her 18 years in captivity. however dugard's spoke woman says dugard was required to provide far more explicit details on the witness stand. time now 5. time now 5.(.ecl) 16. san francisco teenager facing hate crime charges after a violent incident at city college in san francisco. 18-year-old mask used a gay slur while attacking a fellow student last week. police say the teenager choked him. but the other student was not seriously hurt. he entered a not guilty plea to the hate crime charges yesterday. the smell of hot asphalt will be in the air around oakland today as the city continues its annual pothole blitz. want to show you video from the end of april when it began. today crews will focus on streets in the eastern part of the city. oakland is trying to fill more than 2,000 potholes by the end
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of next week. so far more than 1500 potholes have been filled. >> you support that don't you? >> i've driven over about 100 of them i think. time now 5:16. sal, any blitzing around the toll plaza? no. no. right now, dave, i can say no. light getting into san francisco. as a matter of fact here it looks pretty good. a lot of people have call today ask me what is this roof thing here? well, they're building a building, they're building a series of buildings near the toll plaza and that's one of them. eventually our camera will be moved. eventually the building that has the toll plaza in it now will be destroyed for a new one. not immediately but that old building is going away in the near future or in the next few years i should say. no major problems if you are driving on to the upper deck. if you're driving on san francisco freeways northbound 101 looks okay with no major issues. northbound 101 traffic looks good all the way to the lower deck of the bay bridge. this morning in the east bay
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hayward, union city, fremont that traffic is moving well. 5:17. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have mostly clear skies. some patchy fog kind of near the san mateo coast and around santa cruz to monterey but that's about it. it's clear inland. sunshine today. warmer. but this may be one of the warmest days of the week. it won't be that warm. patchy low clouds return tomorrow maybe even late tonight. still sunny inland tomorrow but then by the weekend cloudy, much cooler. etch says on much cooler. and it does look like rain is likely as we move into saturday night and sunday. but sunday i mean could be well below average on temperatures. i mean 50s and 60s even 60s inland. given this system yesterday that low a lot of credit. in the afternoon get a little bit of heating, angle of the sun's higher and lit up with showers, thundershowers and snow up in the sierra. still cloudy up there. tahoe and truck ee say 78. for us mostly clear skies. temperatures in the 40s low, mid. napa down to 41. 47 redwood city. 48 san jose.
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48 fairfield. and then low 50s for some. wind not much of an issue here. south-southwest fairfield south- southeast san jose. not that strong and there's no real prodominant location or direction i should say. the low moves out. high comes in. already the leading edge of our cooling trend is showing itself. this comes down from the pacific northwest. that will be the first system the main low doesn't arrive until probably saturday. so today we do get the break. this is the tweener day. in between one system that moves out and the next one that's going to move in by friday and saturday. so today's slightly warmer still only 60s by the coast. little bit of an on shore wind continues. patchy fog out there. little breezy at times. higher elevations also on the coast not so much at the surface. 60s to mid-70s. go 74 napa. 73 novato. berkeley 66. about the same for the south bay as well. morgan hill to gill roy. 60s on the coast.
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temperatures just kind of held in check here. then they'll start to take a dip on wednesday and more on thursday as that system gets closer. we cloud it up on friday into saturday and it looks really cool on sunday. news this morning just moments ago the microsoft company confirmed it will by internet phone service skype. the deal is an all cast deal valued at $8.5 billion. that would make it the biggest deal in microsoft's 36 year history. skype has more than 660 million users worldwide. and checking in on the numbers this morning that news could help technology stocks this morning to a higher opening. some small gains yesterday as you can see with the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 all posting gains. right now microsoft stock looks like it will open lower on that news. sony plans to fully restore its play station network by the end of this month. the company shut down the
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network that links gamers around the world after a hacker breached security last month. sony is still investigating how that hacker got through. more than 100 million online accounts were compromised by that attack. all right. time now 5:20. japan does an about face on nuclear power and what the japanese prime minister's doing to take responsibility for promoting nuclear power in the past. the bay area police department has an old tool back in its arsenal. how much it costs to bring back the oakland police helicopter and why the department says it's worth the money. good morning. westbound highway 4 traffic moverring welcoming up to the willow pass grade. no major problems. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. some patchy low clouds near the coast. mainly san mateo santa cruz coastline. otherwise sunny today and warmer. 6 0z coast and bay. upper 6 0z inland and then find mid-70s farther in you go. this morning japan's prime minister says the country is scrapping a plan to increase its reliance on nuclear energy from 30% to 50% by the year 2030. that's after the crisis at the nuclear plant damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. and the prime minister says he will take a pay cut until the nuclear crisis is resolved to take responsibility as part of
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the government that promoted nuclear energy. meantime a small group of people evacuated from the area around the damaged nuclear plant were allowed to make a brief visit back to their homes today. about 100 people boarded government buses and had to wear protective suits to guard against radiation. they were only allowed to stay in their homes for two hours. 78,000 people living within 12 miles of the nuclear plant were forced to evacuate after the plant's reactors overheated following the earthquake and tsunami on march 11th. police in pleasant hill say there's no sign of foul play in the death of a 57-year-old man. emergency crews found the man dead inside a mcdonald's restaurant yesterday afternoon. now investigators later learned his death was the result of serious medical problems. time now 5:25. well, the sound of police helicopters will soon be heard in the skies above oakland again. police chief has ordered the helicopter to go back into service but only on a limited
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basis. the chief is putting aside $60,000 to help pay the cost of flying the chopper one day a week for four hours. now this is being made ahead of a possible summer crime spike. opd also says the helicopter could be very helpful during the upcoming fire season. >> they can find the hot spots immediately and for large areas of land. the fire department has that capability but it's hand held. it's made for buildings. but the helicopter has that capability for the oakland hills. >> now the oakland police department tells us having a helicopter in the air is just the same as having ten or fifteen officers on the ground which will make patrolling more efficient. nasa will try again monday to launch the space shuttle endevour. the final flight on april 29th was scrapped because of electrical problems. the problems have now been fixed. wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords is expected to return to cape canaveral for the
5:27 am
launch. her husband is endevour's commander. overnight gunfire on a popular hiking trail in the east bay. why investigators believe this was not a random act. >> reporter: eight months after the san bruno pipeline disaster some homeowners take a big step in the rebuilding process. and the latest cuts that are raising safety concerns in the bay area's biggest city. good morning. westbound bay bridge traffic moving well coming into san francisco. more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news tuesday may 10th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now just about 5:30. allergies still killing me, steve. is it going to be less windy today? yes. allergies, trees and grasses, but the weeds went down. they're all still inching upwards today and probably into tomorrow. so if you're suffering i think it's mulberry, cedar and oak. sunny and warmer today. patchy fog on the coast mainly san mateo santa cruz coastline. inland big changes on the five day. get to that in about five minutes. here's sal. right now traffic on the san mateo bridge looks good heading off to the high-rise with no major problems on the way out there. also this morning looking at northbound 101 approaching the 80 split in san francisco. that's a nice drive. back to the desk. all right. we start with developing news
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in pittsburg. right now police are investigating a shooting on a hiking trail. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us now to talk about what police are saying. and they're saying apparently this is not a random shooting. jade. >> reporter: park police are investigating gang activity. they're telling me that the young man who was shot along this trail that you see behind me wasn't able to provide a lot of details because he was in a lot of pain. he was shot in his shoulder and he's undergoing surgery right now. his family called pittsburg police when they discovered the young victim last night. pittsburg police have turned over this investigation to the east bay regional park police because the shooting took place on the trail which is park jurisdiction. this is the scene just before police left this morning around 4:45. the young man shot is around 19 years old. he told police he was along the trail near crestview avenue and west heland around 11:30 last night when one of four men shot at him two or three times. only one of the four men the victim said had a gun.
5:32 am
the victim would not say if he knew or had a connection with the suspects. but the victim does live in the neighborhood and near the trail where the shooting took place. park police believe the shooting wasn't random. >> it's going to be terribly difficult to investigate. especially if there is gang involvement, they typically don't want to tell us enough. and the credibility of what they do tell us is going to be compromised. so hopefully the evidence people that came out here to collect evidence will gather something to give us some leads. >> reporter: last month someone discovered a bicyclist's body on the trail. that death is still being investigated. police have no reason to believe that these two incidents are related. there is a park curfew though 10:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning in place in order to keep illicit activity from happening. no one else was hurt in last night's shooting. again, police will canvas the neighborhood. they're going to do that later today to try to get more information about what happened late last night.
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reporting live from pittsburg, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:32. eight months have gone by since that deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. today a very big step towards rebuilding that devastated neighborhood will take place. ktvu's allie rasmus is live now with the milestone that's now just a couple hours away. allie. >> reporter: well, dave, 38 homes were destroyed in the san bruno pipeline explosion, but now the first of those homes that was destroyed is going to be rebuilt. it's going to go up on this lot here behind us behind this construction fence. if you look at that green sign over there it says 1110 that's the address of this home. 1110 fairmont drive. over to our left you can see where the homeowners have still left up their easter decorations. ground breaking for this house construction here starts later on today. this home is being rebuilt by its original owners. the family who lived here for a number of years before the pipeline disaster happened. other destroyed homes are also on track to be rebuilt and repaired. but not all of them by their
5:34 am
original owners. some people have moved out of the neighborhood for good. pg&e has bought at least three of the lots with destroyed or damaged homes. and while leaders say the reconstruction of the neighborhood is good news, it does not change the fact that eight people who lived in this neighborhood lost their lives in the san bruno pipeline explosion in september of last year. the national transportation safety board is supposed to finish its investigation into the cause of the blast by the end of august. coming up later on this morning we'll be meeting with the mayor of san bruno and some other city officials will also be on hand. congresswoman spear also on hand for that ground breaking set to happen later this afternoon. reporting live in san bruno, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. well, so far no problems were reported from yesterday's high pressure water test of the natural gas pipeline in mountainview. pg&e pumped 170,000 gallons of water into that mile and a half long pipe. it's the pipeline that feeds the san bruno pipeline that blew up last year.
5:35 am
more tests will be performed next week in antioch. in memphis today people are watching the mississippi river after it crested early this morning just inches short of its all time record. coming up at 5:45 we're going to have a live report from memphis to hear more about the damage there and to hear where the flood waters are expected to hit next. the man accused of trying to storm the cockpit of a jet bound for san francisco is due in court this morning. prosecutors have charged 28- year-old with interfering with a flight crew. still photographs captured the frightening scene on board the american aligns jet sunday night. stunned passengers say they watched the vallejo man jump out of his seat and race toward the cockpit. the motive is still not clear. investigators say he is no -- has no known ties to terrorist groups. time now 5:35. well, the government of pakistan has agreed they will
5:36 am
allow u.s. investigators to interview osama bin laden's wives. the obama administration wants to talk to the three women about bin laden's life in hiding. the women have been in pakistani custody ever since u.s. navy seals killed bin laden last week at his compound in pakistan. the city of san jose is considering cutbacks at some fire stations to help close a $115 million budget gap. right now there are five fire stations that have an engine and a truck company. under the proposal those stations may have to get by with one truck for one day a week. the rotating cuts are expected to cut down on overtime. but response times could be effected as well. >> when you have less firefighters and less equipment, it's going to effect response times. unfortunately we need more firefighters, not less. we just can't afford them. >> the san jose city council votes on the budget next month. if the fire station brown outs are approved, they would start
5:37 am
on july 1st. time now 5:36. well, the five day nurses strike at oakland's childrens hospital ends this morning. the nurses go back to work at 7:00. they've been working without a contract since it ran out last july. the hospital wants them to start contributing to their health care premiums. childrens hospital says patient care was not compromised during that strike. san francisco cab drivers have their chance to talk about proposed changes today. the city's transit agency will hold a first of a series of public meetings at 12:30 this afternoon. another meeting is scheduled for 5:30 tonight. drivers are angry about new credit card surcharges and possible tvs running ads in the back of each cab. either other town hall meetings will be held tomorrow and next monday. time now 5:37. residents in san bruno and in mill brae may soon have to pay more for garbage pick up.
5:38 am
they will consider rate hikes at meetings tonight. rates in san bruno may go up 32 cents for those with 32-gallon bins. in mill brae the cost could go up another 44 cents for the same size bin. if they're approved higher rates will take effect july 1st in both cities. here's a heads up for everyone driving up to lake tahoe. tomorrow cal trans will shut down highway 50 at the halfway point between sacramento and south lake tahoe. that closure is scheduled to last two weeks, but bad weather could keep the highway closed even longer. the detour will add about 35 miles in drive time to the lake tahoe area. >> that's important to know. >> yeah. time now 5:38. sal, what are you seeing out there so far? right now traffic is moving along relatively well in the bay area. not that bad on the san mateo bridge. starting off well. also this morning's compute good bay bridge hasn't reached
5:39 am
critical mass. more people showing up but traffic looks okay coming into the city. and of course we're looking at the nimitz freeway here. traffic continues to move along very nicely on the nimitz which is usually gets busy fast. now we're getting word of a stalled motorcycle in the fast lane of the bay bridge. we'll keep an eye on that. looks like the cal trans crew is on the way though. should be gone soon. now to steve. good morning. mostly clear. we're on the coast though. there was only a patch or some fog around santa cruz san mateo coast. starting to fill in a bit. by the coast we're not going to warm up that much. keep it in the 50s and 60s. inland we will have more sunshine and warmer temps. sunny away from the coast. not that bad on the breeze but along the coast and maybe higher elevations still slightly breezy at times but nothing like the last couple of days. yesterday's low which gave us a few sprinkles late in the day especially out towards the east bay has moved off. but not before leaving behind some 20s up in the mountains. tahoe and truck key 28 cold
5:40 am
degrees. 40s here. napa 41. a lot of upper 40s or right about at 50. hayward and also mountain view but that's utmost. towards 101 towards mountain view proper and 46. santa rosa at 44. one system moves out. high pressure weak as it may be will move over us today. that next system is already starting to dig in right there. that's going to pick up that fog and start to move it in locally tonight and tomorrow. in fact some of it's already getting closer. i'll show you a fog forecast. i don't usually show this but i want to show you because it's already right because it's not filling in on the san mateo coast but it's getting really close. by 9:00 it will probably get close to point rae. look what happens later on. plays into the coastal forecast by tomorrow it really starts to move in. we get a little brief warm up today and after that we are looking for a pretty good fog bank to work its way in. today sunshine and warmer away
5:41 am
from the coast. patchy fog by the coast. just slightly breezy at times. again mainly away from the coast. 60s, 70s. clear lake 76. 74 napa. 72 keptfield. 75 pittsburg. alameda 75. castro valley 70. 72 san jose. saratoga 73. 72 woodside but 64 san bruno, san francisco and upper 50s very low 60s along the coast. fog is back wednesday and then much cooler as we go into the latter part of the week and then turning cloudy and much cooler with possible rain by the weekend. one peninsula shopping center is offering some say you won't find at any other major bay area mall. also the target hit just hours ago by yet another round of nato air strikes in libya. good morning. 24 westbound looks pretty good heading up to the tunnel. there are no major problems on the way, but we have trouble on the bay bridge.
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good morning. we do have patchy fog on the san mateo santa cruz coastline. otherwise sunny and warmer today. kind of cool over by the beach only 60s there. upper 60s and mid-70s inland. welcome back. good morning to you. quick look at some top stories we're following for you right now at 5:44 police say a man was shot in a shooting along the trail in pittsburg. one of four suspects fired the shots. park police say that shooting may be gang-related. executives from google and apple will testify on capitol hill today. a senate subcommittee's holding a hearing about reports that smart phones and other devices made by both of those companies can track the locations of its users. and tonight the mt. diablo
5:45 am
school district may finalize layoff notices for 180 teachers and other employees. the cuts are blamed on the state budget and dropping enrollment. early this morning the mississippi river crested in memphis just inches away from an all time record. holly is in memphis this morning with the ongoing concerns about homes and some very famous landmarks. holly. >> reporter: good morning, pam. yeah, the good news is the army corps of engineers says the levees are doing their job. they're holding firm and they're saying this will be the worst of it. at the end of the day they believe the numbers will show that the river would crest at 14 feet above flood stage. a bad situation could get even worse today for the people of memphis. the mississippi is expected to crest at 48 feet tuesday, its highest level since 1937. >> never ever seen the water this high. probably never will again. >> reporter: president obama
5:46 am
signed a disaster declaration for tennessee monday making federal aid available to the areas effected. flood waters have already swamped some memphis neighborhoods and forced hundreds from their homes. as the water continues to rise some residents are hopeful they'll have a narrow escape. >> they want to come here but i'm praying every day now because i have three kids. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: further south the army corps of engineers opened the spillway monday in hopes of averting similar destruction. it's not expected to crest in louisiana until next week. the governor is already advising residents in louisiana to be prepared. >> now is certainly not too soon for people to look at those maps and if you live within those areas now is the time to be going out there and securing your property and making evacuations plans thinking about where you might want to go. >> reporter: the flooding partly caused by a two week period of torrential rain that brought 200% more precipitation than usual.
5:47 am
hot relatively dry weather is expected for the rest of the week. but it's good news for the home of the blues. and, pam, i wanted to give you an idea of just how high the waters are. i am standing in what is in essence the mississippi river. but this is usually not here. this is actually a stairway that goes down to a parkway. there's green space right down on the other side of these stairs. and then there's the wall that goes into the mississippi. and as you can see here power lines are covered by the water. just beyond that mud island some trees completely covered. some places you can only see tree tops. but i do have to tell you too forecasters are warning that this is not going to clear up any time soon. it could take into june before the waters completely recede. pam. >> all right. thank you, holly. live in memphis, tennessee. time now 5:47. overnight at least four nato air strikes the libyan capitol city of tripoli. it was some of the heaviest
5:48 am
nato bombings in weeks. look at the damage there. one side that was hit was a building used by a military intelligence agency. another building reportedly was used by members of parliament. not immediately clear what the other two strikes may have hit. a mexican marine and 12 members of a drug cartel are dead after a gun battle near the u.s.-mexico border. show you some video sha shows the u.s. side of falcon lake. now on the other side of that lake is mexico. that's where the mexican marines found a drug camp on sunday. and that started a violent gun battle with cartel members. it's believed drug cartel members were using the camp to smuggle marijuana by speedboat into texas. starting today peninsula shoppers you can charge more than clothes and gifts at the stanford shopping center. the mall will unveil a new recharging station for electric vehicles at 10:00 this morning. the station will be located on the lower level parking deck
5:49 am
near macy's. the palo alto's already home to 100 electric cars. so city leaders say accommodating them is very important to businesses in palo alto. fantastic. >> yeah. >> all right. 5:48 is the time. let's go back to sal. what are you keeping an eye on at this point, sal? i think we're going to start at the toll plaza because we had a stalled motorcycle on the upper deck of the bay bridge. but i tell you cal trans with their tow trucks got up there so quickly i don't think it's going to cause a problem. they got up there and removed it. it didn't really make a big back up on the bridge at all. it was early enough not to be a huge deal. that's good. traffic is moving along okay on 880 northbound trying to get up to the bay bridge and no major problems. also this morning we do have a look at the peninsula traffic is moving well here on 101 and 280 and across the bay on 880 as well. it looks nice heading south and also north. westbound 580 at north livermore avenue there is a non- injury accident. looks like they're moving off
5:50 am
to the shoulder but it's there. it may cause a little slowing. at 5:49 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. i want to get this out quickly as we can. we're into may and i realize many of you sons, daughters have soccer games, baseball games, what have you. by this weekend you might want an alternative plan because anen seasonably strong and cold system is going to drop in. i'm not making this up. every sign of being this way because all forecast models are in sync. the overall trend is. details aren't. by the coast we have patchy fog especially south to san francisco. patchy low clouds will ramp up and move inland tomorrow. it will still be sunny but today looks like the warmest day of the week cloudy and much cooler is what that says. rain likely as well. maybe late saturday into sunday. but i think the bigger story with this will be how much below average on temps we're going to be by sunday. the system yesterday one low right there looks like the pattern's just going to reload
5:51 am
and come back in by the weekend. moves out that allows the high to build in. we are under mostly clear skies except again along the coastline. 40s low mid to upper or 50. cool pattern. cool couple mornings there. the reason why the fog will move in tomorrow is right there. that guy coming down in will sweep it in. but today at least high pressure protects us so we have sunshine and warmer weather until yourself right over there. patchy fog though beginning to thicken up a bit. breezy at times. nothing compared to what we had a couple days ago. 60s, 7 0z and mid-70s clear lake in there go st. helena, santa rosa, napa, fairfield. novato 73. 74 walnut creek. danville 75. alameda 65. san leandro hayward 68. 70 fremont to 76 in gill roy there. 70 santa cruz even though there's some patchy fog there makes me a tad nervous. 68 san mateo. low 60s on the coast and then some low 70s inland. redwood city at 70.
5:52 am
we'll go sunny vale and mountain view at 70 as well. cooler thursday and then here comes the system as it begins to develop and that will give us cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions, breezy, cool and possibility of rain by the weekend. well, the battle over a major car rental company is heating up again. hertz is raising its offer for dollar rent a car. the new proposal worth about $225 billion. chrysler says fiat could own 70% of the chrysler group by this time next year. the development in an s.e.c. filing chrysler says that would happen after it pays off its government loans and fiat may acquire the 9% stake in the company currently held by the u.s. government. fiat also announced last month it would pay $1.3 billion to increase its stake in chrysler. and general motors plans to add 400 workers at an ohio assembly plant.
5:53 am
gm says workers who had been laid off will be rehired but most of the jobs will be new hires. gm will also spend $260 million to upgrade the toledo plant that now builds transmissions for trucks and small cars. time now 5:52. she cheated death at an elevator shaft. how a woman survived a bizarre crash in a hospital parking garage. plus putting school teachers under arrest as we go on protest against education budget cuts head into a new day.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back. a seattle woman lucky to be alive escaping with just minor injuries after crashing her car through a wall and then plunging ten feet down an elevator shaft. this happened yesterday on the third floor of a hospital's underground parking garage. the witness says the car accelerated in the wrong direction. the fire department's heavy rescue team pulled her out of the wreckage. today bay area teachers plan to do grade-ins at local malls to show how much work they do after school. it's part of a week long campaign to restore education funding. [ indiscernible ] >> educators and students took over the rotunda at the state capitol in sacramento yesterday. 65 people were taken away in handcuffs after refusing to leave. the california teachers association hopes to convince
5:57 am
lawmakers to extend tax increases to help prevent layoffs. right now the world's largest airliner is carrying its first passengers to san francisco international airport. almost four years ago a test plane arrived at sfo, but this will be the first commercial flight of the air bus 380 to the bay area. to celebrate the flight there will be a party at the bay front park where you the public can try to be the first one to spot that super jumbo jet. >> i hear you could also win a couple tickets to fly on board. that's kind of nice. >> like that. let's check in with sal for a hopefully no problems on the commute. >> yeah. it's been nice this first hourful right now traffic looks good if you're driving on 280 getting into the valley with no major issues. also the morning commute is looking nice heading south as you drive from pleasanton to san jose. of course coming up we'll have a complete update just on the other side of this break. now let's go back to dave and pam. all right, sal. time now 5:57. gunfire on a trail in contra
5:58 am
costa county leaves one person wounded. police search for the shooter continues. plus we'll have an update on the victim. and the start of a new life for former governor schwarzenegger and maria shriver. what's next for the terminator. good morning. fog on the coast sunny and warmer today. will this last long? we'll have the answer in two minutes. we spend a lot of time together.
5:59 am
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