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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning. one person shot in a contra costa county park. what investigators are searching for this morning. eight months after the san bruno pipeline disaster some homeowners are taking a big step in the rebuilding process. with a passenger on board a flight from chicago to san francisco says he saw when a man was walking toward the cockpit. and arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver are separating. what the couple is asking for this morning. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday may 10th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. pam and dave, thank you very much. we do have mostly clear skies. at least away from the coast it's clear. by the coast some patchy fog on the santa cruz san mateo coastline. but inland we'll see some
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slightly warmer temperatures. low to mid-70s around the bay. mid to upper 60s closer to the coast 50s and 60s with patchy fog. now, sal, an update on traffic. steve, highway 4 looks good. this weather is absolutely clear. you can even see in the distance the traffic is slow coming out through pittsburg but here in bay point it looks okay. also the morning commute looks good on 24 westbound driving up to the tunnel. 6:00. let's go back to the desk. we have developing news now from pittsburg. police are out there investigating a shooting on the delta trail happened last night about 11:30 near crestview avenue and west leeland. the victim told police he was alone at the time when one of four men fired shots at him two or three times. he was wounded in the shoulder. police say he did have surgery. the victim wouldn't say if he knew or had any connection to the suspects. park police did tell ktvu this morning the shooting does not appear to be random. >> it's going to be terribly
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difficult to investigate. especially if there is gang involvement they typically don't want to tell us enough. and the credibility of what they do tell us is going to be compromised. >> right now police say they don't have a strong description of the suspects. there is a park curfew in place from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. aimed at preventing incidents like this one. the sounds of hammers, roofers and other construction workers will soon be heard in the san bruno neighborhood devastated by last year's pipeline explosion. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus is with the homeowners getting ready to rebuild. allie. >> reporter: well, pam, there's a ground breaking scheduled for later on today. and that ground breaking is going to mark the start of construction on the first home to rebuild here in the crest moor neighborhood. the neighborhood was the open center of the san bruno pipeline explosion in september. this is a lot where the new home is go up. you can see the address marker 1110 fairmont drive. we did a quick search on the
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city of san bruno's website looking up some of the websites and we found the property owners of another home on this same street 1106 fairmont drive have also applied for a permit to rebuild their property. dozens of property owners have applied for disaster relief permits in the months since the san bruno disaster. this property owners either want to repair roofs or homes or to reconstruct some of the damaged homes. some of the rebuilding projects will be done by the original homeowners like this home on 1110 fairmont drive. not all of the projects are being done by the original owners. some people have moved out of the neighborhood for good following the disaster. and pg&e has bought and now owns at least three of the lots with destroyed or damaged homes. city leaders say the reconstruction of the neighborhood is good news. it does not change the fact that eight people who lived in this neighborhood were killed in the san bruno pipeline explosion. the ntsb is supposed to finish its investigation into the cause of the disaster by august
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30th. and, again, that ground breaking ceremony is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. coming up about an hour from now we're going to be meeting with the mayor of season bruno to talk more about the event later today. live in san bruno, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning top executives from google and apple will face tough questioning at a senate hearing on capitol hill. coming up at 6:15 we're going to have a live report from washington d.c. with the concerns that some lawmakers have about smart phones tracking their users' movements. time now 6:04. the man accused of trying to storm the cockpit of a san francisco bound jet is due in court in just a couple of hours. ktvu's kraig debro telling us what we're hearing now from some of the passengers who were on that flight. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, dave. there's some question as to whether or not this man will eventually be charged with more than just disrupting this flight from chicago bound for san francisco. the court hearing scheduled to take place behind me at the
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federal courthouse here just a few yards from city hall. flight 1561 took off from chicago around 5:00 p.m. local time on sunday. then about 30 minutes before landing the pilot announced the flight was on final approach. we spoke with a passenger to ask what happened next. he requested we not reveal his identity. >> a minute or two after they announced that the gentleman walked up front and kind of walked briskly. i would say not necessarily ran but had a purpose. and went straight up there and i had headphones at the time. and all of a sudden i saw people start to move and kind of look and took him off right away and then heard the flight attendant yelling for help. >> reporter: retired secret service agent and retired san mateo police officer were among the first to help. they restrained the 28-year- old. police boarded the plane after it landed and took him into custody. police arrested him on suspicion of interfering with a flight. but because he has a passport issued by yemen and he was
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yelling in arabic as he pound on the cockpit door there's suspicion he might have been trying to terrorize the flight. right now law enforcement says it has no evidence that he has connections with terrorist groups. his relatives say the same thing. he used to live in vallejo. we're going to speak with one of his cousins coming up in about a half hour. reporting live in san francisco, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. well, we're also learning more about the suspect and his life here in the bay area. he worshiped at an islamic center in vallejo and lived in a house on sonoma boulevard before moving to new york last year. his cousin by the way still lives at that vallejo home. he told ktvu news that he was a math teacher in yemen hoping to turn his life around here in the u.s. >> he came here to feed the family because you know he used to do teacher here. >> now he also said his cousin
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could be hot headed at times but he strongly denies that he's a terrorist. new details are coming in this morning about the u.s. raid on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. the new york times says president obama insisted that the navy seals assault force "be large enough to fight its way out of pakistan if necessary." apparently that included fighting against pakistani forces. the paper also says two teams of specialists were on standby. one to bury bin laden if he were killed, and a second made up of lawyers, interrogators and translators in case he was captured alive. time now 6:07. back here at home preparations underway in the murder trial for the man accused of killing three members of a san francisco family. prosecutors say 24-year-old ramos killed 48-year-old tony bologna and his two sons in 2008 mistaking them for rival gang members. now the examiner's reporting a
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gang expert testified yesterday in a hearing ahead of next month's trial. that expert will probably testify again about the alleged gang ties. thousands of alarming photographs have been found in the home of an accused serial killer awaiting trial in marin county. investigators announced yesterday that they found more than 4,000 photographs of women with little or no clothing in the nevada home of joseph naso. some were in bondage or posed to look lifeless. investigators have identified about half of the women in the photographs and say most of them have been found alive. naso is accused of killing four northern california women in the 1970 and 1990s. he has not yet entered a plea. time now 6:08. the mt. diablo school board tonight may finalize layoff notices for 180 teachers and other school employees. the school board president told ktvu he feels terrible. board president gary ever hart says it's gut wrenching to even
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have to take more from students because of budget cuts. he says the school board will wait and see what's in the governor's revised may budget to find out if more cuts are necessary. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is defending itself against allegations involving its light rail system. in february the california public utilities commission announced it was considering fines for problems that have not been fixed in a timely manner. the examiner also reported the mta has filed a response claiming the allegations are without merit. regulators say the problems include trouble with an automatic train control system and tunnel. and deteriorating tracks at interchange. state regulators could decide to fine muni at a hearing this friday. i'm afraid so ask, how is the toll plaza? it's getting busier, dave, but not completely crowded just yet. that usually happens after about 6:15 or 6:20 when they
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switch the metering lights on. or when there is a crash. right now we're free and clear of that so far anyway getting into downtown san francisco. also this morning we're looking at san francisco itself. this is northbound 101 approaching the 80 split and that traffic is nice. in the east bay problem westbound 580 at northbound livermore avenue. it's a noninjury crash but it is causing slow traffic off the pass. if you're driving in dublin over to castro valley has been nice. and over the peninsula traffic looks good on 101 between burl gap and redwood city in both directions. 6:10, let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have pollen count here for those of you suffering from the allergies, pamela, pamela, pamela. mulberry, oak main trees in the medium category, grass also in there. weeds backed off a bit. last week they were really high now they're still medium, medium-high. if you are suffering and blame the trees and grasses. that's the two main culprits. our system yesterday actually
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rotated around gave us some partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. few little sprinkles, light showers not a big deal. bigger deal in the sierra nevada but not for us. we are looking at mostly sunny skies. by that i mean patchy fog on the coast. san mateo santa cruz coastline 40s. 42 napa. 44 livermore. fremont forecast today starting off 46. sunshine omenty. 64 at noon. 7o for a high. in fremont not much wind. west 7 at oakland south at san jose but calm fairfield west- northwest santa rosa. nothing too out ragous. one system moves out. high pressure builds in for a day but then the leading edge of a big change starting tomorrow taking us into the weekend already getting closer into the picture here. sunshine warmer except for patchy fog along the coast. inland lots of low and mid-70s. temperatures anywhere from mid- 70s inland to 60s low, mid to upper coast and bay side. 65 alameda, 76 antioch. livermore at 74. they're 44 right now. morgan hill 74. san jose 72.
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santa clara, sunny vale, fremont all 70. san bruno, pacifica low 60s, mid-60s. woodside at 72. cooler weather takes us into thursday. then a no doubt about it big cooling trend with rain likely late saturday and sunday and really cool readings for this time of year. >> yeah, i'll say. well, a first for some of the thousands of people evacuated from their homes in japan. what they had to do to prepare to enter their neighborhood that's now a radioactive zone. also 25 years of marriage a big change for arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. take you live to sacramento for the capitol reaction to their separation.
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bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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time now 6:14. new this morning executives from google and apple have been summoned to capitol hill this morning. ktvu's allison burns live in our washington d.c. newsroom with the tough questions they're facing about whether they're stalking their customers. allison. >> reporter: the fear is that your smart phone is actually a spy phone. some senators want an explanation about the amount of personal information google and apple collect through android phones and iphones and how they use it. researchers revealed recently that the mobile devices could track users' locations. privacy groups warn the information could be used against you. >> that information could be accessed by insurance companies to deny us coverage. that information could be accessed by employers who are
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seeking to find out more about a job applicant online. >> reporter: some are especially concerned child predators could somehow use the information to track potential victims. google and apple executives are expected to testify this morning that they are not tracking individual users. and there's no security risk. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. later today the fcc will announce an emergency alert text message system. it's called the personal localized alerting network or plan. the system will be used for hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters and will allow emergency officials to send messages to specific geographic areas. it will be up and running in new york city and washington d.c. by the end of the year. nationwide service is expected as early as next april. our time now 6:16. well, this morning japan's prime minister says japan is scrapping a plan to increase its reliance on nuclear power
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from 30% to 50% by the year 2030. that's after the crisis at the nuclear plant damaged by the quake and tsunami. and the prime minister says he'll take a pay cut until the nuclear crisis is resolved taking responsibility as part of the government that promoted nuclear energy. meantime this new video -- look at this. small group of people evacuated from the area around that damaged nuclear power plant were allowed to make a brief visit back to their homes today. about 100 people boarded government buses. they had to of course put on protective suits to guard against ray # radiation. they were only allowed to stay in their homes for two hours. 78,000 people living within 12 miles of that nuclear plant had to evacuate after the plant's reactors overheated after that big quake and tsunami on march 11th. well, the u.s. navy is at the center of the latest same sex marriage battle. the navy has issued a memo
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authorizing its chaplains to perform same sex marriages on military bases once the ban on gays in the military is lifted. but some members of congress argue that aughtization violates another federal law. that is the federal defensive marge act. 6:17. former governor around schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver keeping a pretty low profile this morning after just announcing they're separating. our reporter is live in sacramento now with a unique insight into this break up from a recent interview with maria shriver. >> reporter: well, good morning, dave. yes, we did a 15 minute one on one interview with maria shriver and she did not want to say one word about their marriage. she said she was an independent woman and did not want to live in her husband's shadow. this morning people throughout sacramento are reacting to the news of the split. >> they were a mismatch. that's all i can say. they were a mismatch. >> i really don't care. must have been a better actor than husband. >> reporter: and sources close
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to the couple say they've been living separate lives for some time now and there were some attention back in december she first admitted her husband decided to run for governor on the jay leno show. arnold schwarzenegger won in 20303 she said it's a job she took kicking and screaming. >> you have to really work hard as a spouse for someone involved in politics to make sure that the other people in the family feel seen, feel validated, feel like they matter, feel like their dreams are important and what they're going through is as important as what the quote unquote famous person in the family's doing. >> reporter: and throughout that interview maria made clear it was her husband's dream not the families that they were following. the couple did release a statement saying the split was mutual and they are asking the media and the public to respect their privacy. maria also told me during that interview in 2010 that she had no idea what 2011 would bring but she would be living a much
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different life. reporting live here in sacramento county, now back to you in the studio. >> all right. 6:19 is the time. back to sal. sal, what are you checking on? we're checking on traffic getting much busier in this hour. this is the hour when it really starts to change. as we look at the traffic here we see some flashing lights on northbound 680. i see an emergency vehicle coming up on the right hand side there. we may be looking for some sort of a problem here on the sun ole grade. that looks like a fire engine. we'll see what's happening here. chp doesn't have report of anything just yet. actually there's a report of a fire southbound 680 on the offramp. maybe they didn't find it. the fire truck just took its lights off. move along and take a look at north and southbound 880. traffic here is moving along okay as you pass the coliseum. of course if you're driving in the north bay westbound 80 good from fairfield to vallejo down
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across the bridge to beyond. 6:20 let's go to steve. mostly sunny. i say that because there's patchy fog working its way up the san mateo coast but not on the marin coast or sonoma coast as far as i can tell. away from the coast it is clear. severe clear is what we like to say and sunrise over the big city. be a little warmer today. this could be the warmest day of the week believe it or not as temperatures will try to recover from yesterday's strong low which went into nevada and wrapped around some clouds for us. 40s on the temps. right now one 50. 47, concord. sunshine and warmer weather except for the patchy fog right on the coast south of san francisco. wind maybe a little breezy at times but overall 60s coast and bay. then upper 60s low to mid-70s away from the coast as temperatures warm up a little bit today. sunny and warmer except for the patchy fog. fog will be back tomorrow. and really start to cool down thursday. unseasonably strong low drops in for clouds, cool temperatures and maybe some
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rain saturday night into sunday. pam and dave. thank you, steve. in the last hour the federal government announced important economic news. u.s. import prices increased in april for the seventh month in a row. analysts blame most of the increase on volatile crude oil prices which they say is unlikely though to turn into broader inflation. google could launch a new online music service as early as today. that's according to the wall street journal. service would be similar to one launched by amazon last month. insiders say it would allow customers to store about 1,000 songs on its web servers and play them over an internet connection directly from web browsers, but they could not be down loaded. sources say it will operate in a testing mode for now. it will not be available to the general public. time is now 6:22. a bizarre story. he was almost crushed to death inside of a garbage truck. how a homeless man got in there and what may have saved his life. good morning. westbound highway 4 now getting busier driving up to the willow
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pass grade. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning. right now traffic looks good if you're driving on the san mateo bridge heading out to highway 101 there are no major issues on the way to the bay shore freeway.
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6:25. let's go back to the desk. homeless man in sacramento was almost crushed to death. he was dumped into a garbage truck. police say the 45-year-old man was sleeping inside a large garbage bin yesterday when trash collectors picked up the bin and dumped it into the truck. the truck then started compacting its contents. at least three times before the driver heard screams coming out the back of his truck. >> climbed out, had a ladder, dropped it in and pulled him out that way. had a neck brace and back brace. didn't see anymore of it. he got in the ambulance and he was pretty beat up. pretty gnarlly. >> firefighters say the garbage truck wasn't full. that probably saved his life. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. the oakland police department is getting an old tool back in its crime fighting arsenal. police chief has ordered the helicopter to return to service but only on a limited basis. the chief is setting aside $60,000 to help cover the cost of flying the chopper one day a
6:27 am
week for four hours. the move is being made ahead of a possible summer crime spike. >> the helicopter really is a force multiplier even though only two people are in it when it is flying, it can act like ten to twenty police officers in its capability as an observation platform for what's going on. >> under the new plan it will fly 200 hours from now until march of next year. time now 6:27. new york woman is not expected to face charges after she got naked in the middle of her delta airlines flight. it happened saturday on a flight from chicago to new york. the passengers say the woman started taking off her clothes forcing flight attendants to cover her up with a blanket. police took her into custody once the flight landed. well, pakistan now says it will allow american investigators to question osama bin laden's wives. what the u.s. is hoping to learn. and overnight gunfire on a popular hiking trail in the
6:28 am
east bay. why investigators believe this was not a random act. and we'll take you live to new york for the opening bell where a big deal between two well-known names is making big news.
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that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters. there it is. right on time this morning. the opening bell in new york this morning. and u.s. house of representatives ringing the bell there today. and there are a lot of companies in the news this morning that we all know microsoft looking to buy skype $8.5 billion. that could certainly effect stocks this morning. technology in particular. and disney has an earnings call. we'll see how disney did in the latest quarter and we'll get you those numbers in just a moment. all right. we'll smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news. tuesday may 10th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook.
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time now 6:30. well, police are investigating a shooting on a popular trail in pittsburg. it happened last night at about 11:30 near crestview avenue and west leeland. now the victim told police that he was alone when one of four men fired shots at him two or three times. he was hit in the shoulder and police say he had to undergo surgery. the victim would not say if he knew or had any connection to the suspects but park police tell us here at ktvu that this morning's shooting does not appear to be random. >> it's going to be terribly difficult to investigate. especially if there is a gang involvement they typically don't want to tell us enough. and the credibility of what they do tell us is going to be compromised. >> police do not have a strong description of the suspects, but, again, this is on the delta trail in pittsburg. there is a park curfew in place from 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. to prevent incidents such as
6:32 am
this. time now 6:31. homeowners in san bruno are getting ready to rebuild after last year's pipeline explosion. ktvu's allie rasmus is live to tell us about the ground breaking that's taking place later today. allie. >> reporter: well, dave, 38 homes were destroyed in the san bruno pipeline disaster, but now the first of those homes is going to be rebuilt. it's going to go up on this lot right next to us. this is 1110 fairmont drive. you can see the homeowners here still have their easter decorations up. now that it's a little lighter we just noticed in the grass there there appear to be some champagne bottles. perhaps the homeowners here were celebrating the fact this home is going to be rebuilt. the ground breaking starts at 2:00 today. this home is being rebuilt by the original owners, the family that lived here for a number of years before the pipeline disaster happened. there are other reconstruction projects happening here, but not all of them are going to be done by the original owners. pg&e actually owns three of the lots where some of the homes were destroyed. now we did a quick search of
6:33 am
the city of san bruno's website where they post all the permits that are applied for. it and shows that dozens of homeowners and property owners have applied for disaster relief permits. that's the special designation the city gave to people effected in the neighborhood the open center of the san bruno pipeline disaster. some of those permits are to repair damaged homes, windows and roofs. but at least five property owners we found have applied for permits to completely rebuild their homes like the reconstruction project starting later today at the home here with the easter decorations. now while city leaders say the reconstruction of this neighborhood is good news, it obviously does not change the fact that eight people who lived in this neighborhood were killed in the san bruno pipeline explosion. the national transportation safety board is supposed to finish its investigation into the cause of the blast by the end of august. coming up in about a half hour from now we'll be meeting with the mayor of san bruno to talk more about the ground breaking happening here later today. reporting live in san bruno, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2
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news. well, no problems were reported from yesterday's high pressure water test of a natural gas pipeline in mountainview. pg&e pumped 170,000 gallops of water into the mile and a half long pipe. it's the pipeline that feeds the san bruno pipeline that exploded last year. more tests will be done next week in antioch. >> panel e pakistani officials will allow the u.s. to interrogate osama bin laden's three wives. those women have been in pakistani custody ever since navy seals killed bin laden at his compound in pakistan last week. the man accused of trying to storm the cockpit of a san francisco bound jet is due in court in just a few hours. ktvu's kraig debro says we are now learning more about the suspect's past. >> reporter: good morning, pam. that suspect is scheduled to appear in front of a judge in
6:35 am
the federal courthouse. he's accused of shouting god is great in arabic and pounding on the door of a cockpit in mid- flight. >> he's not terrorist. >> reporter: this man says he is the cousin. he says he's passionate and likes to argue and win arguments but not kill people. the 28-year-old is now accused of disrupting flight operations. he used to pray in islamic center and lived in vallejo. his cousin says he was recently living in yemen and worked as a math teacher. >> he came to feed the family. you know he used to do teacher here. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: san francisco police took him to the san mateo county jail yesterday morning following his arrest on sunday night witnesses say the man walked to the cockpit of that plane with a purpose. passenger says no matter the motive, what he did endangered
6:36 am
all passengers. this morning he's facing a federal judge. but he's not accused of terrorism. coming up my next report on mornings on 2 we'll hear from one of the passengers aboard that flight. reporting live in san francisco, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. well, the city of san jose is considering cutbacks at some fire stations to help close a $115 million budget gap. right now there are five fire stations that have an engine and a truck company. but under a proposal those stations may have to get by with just one truck for one day a week. the rotating brown outs are expected to cut down on overtime, but response times could be effected as well. >> normally it would have two pieces of apparatus going to that same fire. you're not going to have that now. now you're just going to have one and another piece from another station which could be five, eight miles away are going to come and back fill into that. >> the san jose city council votes on the budget next month. if fire station brown outs are approved, they would start on july 1st. time now 6:36.
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in just about 30 minutes from right now striking nurses at oakland's childrens hospital go back to work. nurses have ended a five day strike. they've been working without a contract since it expired last july. the hospital wants them to start contributing to their health care premiums. by the way children's hospital says patient care was not compromised during that strike. residents in san bruno and mill brae may soon have to start paying more for garbage pick up. city councils in each town will consider rate hikes at meetings tonight. rates in san bruno may go up 34 cents for those with 32-gallon trash bins. many mill brae the cost could go up another 44 cents for the same size bin. if approved higher rates will take effect july 1st in both cities. here's an important heads up for everyone driving up to lake tahoe. tomorrow cal trans will shut down highway 50 at the halfway point between sacramento and south lake tahoe. the closure in the echo summit area is scheduled to last two
6:38 am
weeks, but bad weather could keep the highway closed even longer. the detour will add about 35 miles in drive time to the lake tahoe area. speaking of drive time, hey, sal, how is the traffic flow right now? >> it's good. i'm finding out on twitter -- twitter's become an invaluable source for information, we found out that several people have been tweeting that the terminal 2 at san francisco international airport has been evacuated for a fire alarm. and now apparently according to the tweets they're being allowed to go back inside. so we're investigating. again, this is only from twitter. so many people have tweeted that i do believe it's a credible thing. now we're actually -- our desk is hearing they did indeed have some sort of alarm issued at terminal 2. we're running that down and we will let you know you can always find me on twitter in case you happen to be going there for whatever reason going that way. show you the bay bridge toll
6:39 am
plaza camera but it's being blasted right now by the sun. i'll tell you right now there's about a ten minute delay at the toll plaza. let's go to the other side of the bay san francisco northbound 101 looks okay approaching the 80 split. and this morning's commute on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that traffic moves well. at 6:38 let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. very good morning. we have clear skies. right on the immediate san mateo santa cruz coastline where we have some patchy fog. otherwise it's going to be a sunny and warm day. good day to head out. kind of quiet. not as windy as it was past couple days. temperatures a little cool this morning as temperatures settled into the 40s for many. in fact low 40s in the north bay again. coastal fog is there. it's moving up the coast. very shallow. but it's there. sunny inland. it will be warmer. today could be the warmest day of the week. that's the way it's shaping up to be. low clouds and fog back tomorrow morning. sunshine inland. cloudy, cooler, much cooler pattern into the weekend with rain likely saturday night into sunday. that rain and snow up in the
6:40 am
sierra yesterday in the foothills of sacramento and wrap around kind of clipped us eastern solan no contra costa county little north bay. that's gone. high pressure is here giving us sunshine and warmer weather. 44 livermore. 42 santa rosa. redwood city 47. we'll go fremont at 46 to start off 64 then a high today of 70 with lots of sunshine. we come up just a little bit as that system moves out. the cool down is beginning to show itself right there for tomorrow. that will sweep in the fog and then that will set the stage for a big cool down by the weekend. but today we're good to go for sunshine and warmer weather except if you're right along the immediate coast south of san francisco some fog might have to deal with that. 60s low mid coast and bay or upper 50s if you can't get rid of the fog. but mid-70s inland. temperatures up about three to five degrees compared to yesterday. 76 brentwood. 68 hayward. berkeley 66. 72 san jose. 74 morgan hill.
6:41 am
70 fremont. 72 woodside. redwood city and mountain view at 70. a lot of low 60s closer to the coast and also in the city mid- 60s. just too much in the way of patchy fog and a west breeze. coastal fog increasing wednesday then really starts to move locally inland thursday and here comes the system for friday for a big cool down and possibility of rain. okay. thank you, steve. in memphis they're carefully watching the mississippi river which crested early this morning. we're going live to memphis to see the damage there and to hear about the areas downstream now in danger. also in the last hour microsoft confirmed it's making its biggest buy ever. good morning. traffic on highway 24 looks pretty good. we'll tell you more about the situation developing at san francisco airport.
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good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:44. the 25 year marriage of former governor arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver is on hold this morning. last night they announced they're separating. schwarzenegger and shriver married in 1986. they have four children. executives from google and apple will testify on capitol hill today. a senate subcommittee is holding a hearing about reports that those smart phones and other devices made by both companies can track the
6:45 am
location of its users. tonight the mt. diablo school district may finalize layoff notices for 180 teachers and other employees. the cuts are blamed on the state budget and declining enrollment. early this morning the mississippi river crested in memphis. it came just inches short of an all time record of 48 feet. holly is live in memphis. holly, the pictures are just amazing. a lot of people wondering now about the very famous landmarks, the tourist spots that people know and recognize. >> reporter: good morning, pam. actually we are in essence on the mississippi river here. it's overflowing the banks. expected to at the end of the day crest by 14 feet over flood stage. and it's really just down here on the river. you can see behind me there's still traffic going on the bridge. everybody seems to be moves on the other side of the mississippi as arkansas. so it's sort of business as
6:46 am
usual here. downtown memphis is on higher ground. it's dry up there. last night there was a grizzlies playoff game, a basketball game and over 18,000 people attended. so people are moving on. the landmark's graceland far away from the water. so you should you know not worry if you are planning on a trip to memphis it is business as usual. that's open. a lot of tourist attractions are open. beal street people on beal street yesterday completely dry except for the very southern end which hits the river bank. and now they're expecting that it's going to be messy for quite some time. forecasters say they should -- don't expect the waters to completely recede until some time in june. so there will be a lot of clean up, but everything else in the city's open for business. and actually memphis in may their annual barbecue festival happens on thursday and people are coming in from all over the world. pam. >> all right. thank you, holly there in memphis, tennessee, thank you for that update. time is now 6:46. overnight there were at least
6:47 am
four nato air strikes and they targeted the libyan capitol of tripoli. it was some of the heaviest nato bombings in weeks. now one site that was hit is a building used by a military intelligence agency. another building was reportedly used by members of parliament. still not immediately clear what the other two strikes hit. starting today stanford shopping center will offer something no other major bay area mall has. at 10:00 this morning the mall will unveil a new recharging station for electric vehicles. it's located on the lower level parking deck near macy's. palo alto is already home to 100 electric cars. >> that's a big deal. >> yeah. maybe they'll have more people buying them because of that. interesting. time now 6:47. sal, what are you seeing out there now? >> i'm looking at my bay bridge picture. i might go with it anyway but it's blasted out by the sun. maybe i'll just put it in there anyway. deal with it for a second. traffic at the bay bridge toll
6:48 am
plaza is going to be -- i'm sorry start here. traffic on interstate 880 is going to be okay if you're driving past the coliseum here. there are no major issues. and it actually looks pretty good. but it's going to start getting busier. let's try the toll plaza shall we? it's not that bad. i guess the sun is becoming high enough not blasting our camera anymore. westbound bay bridge that is backed up as you drive to the toll plaza. no major issues. traffic on the approach here in oakland looks okay. hayward, union city and fremont we have some slow traffic. you can see on 880 right approaching highway 92 it is pretty slow. after that on the way to fremont it's not all that bad. 6:48. let's go to steve. patchy fog san mateo, santa cruz coastline. working its way up the coast very shallow but it's there. marin coast, sonoma coast fog free. but it's a sunny day start so far for everyone else. as temperatures will rebound some low to mid-70s except for right along the waters edge.
6:49 am
high pressure will squash any fog. but sunny and warmer. we do have patchy fog on the coast. highs upper 50s low 60s. maybe for a few along the san mateo coast. but a lot of mid-70s inland. pollen count for those of you suffering and i know there's a number of you out there that do, trees and grasses in the medium category. knocked down a bit after that cold system. probably go up today and tomorrow but mulberry, oak main culprits on the trees. pollen and grass is high. weeds backed off a little but expect that to go up. very strong system from yesterday at least strong for the sierra nevada and also along the foothills wrapped around some clouds and a few little sprinkle showers yesterday but that's moved off, high pressure's moved in. 40s on the temps. some low 40s here. napa 42. santa rosa 42. 44 livermore. it's cool for may. no doubt about it. and it's going to get even cooler as we head towards the weekend. our system beginning to move in just coming out of the gulf of alaska that's really going to start enhancing the fog over the next 24 hours, but at least today if you're away from the coast unless you're up along the sonoma marin it's mostly
6:50 am
sunny but warmer for everyone else. 60s low to mid. around the bay upper 7 0z, mid- 70s inland. 74 livermore to 74 morgan hill. 76 gill roy. mountain view fremont 70. redwood city in there. low 70s half-moon bay. very low 70s around santa cruz. coastal fog will be really coming back wednesday into thursday. friday we cloud it up as a very strong cold system no doubt moves in giving us possibility of rain on the weekend. well, skype is joining the microsoft family in the last 90 minutes microsoft confirmed it is buying the internet phone service for $8.5 billion in cash making it the biggest deal in microsoft's 36 year history. microsoft says it will combine skype's functions with its x box game console, outlook e- mail program and windows smart phones. all right. checking in on the numbers. live look at the big board. the dow jones is up about 35
6:51 am
points. right now i'm seeing wall street is up after some strong chinese data some economic data out of china. so that could help the global economy. we'll see how technology stocks are dealing with the microsoft deal as well. it's been a real roller coaster ride for oil speculators as crude oil prices spiked and dipped in the last two weeks. oil dropped 15% last week. it's steepest decline in two and a half years. and there could be more wild swings as the american petroleum institute announces its inventory numbers later today. time now 6:51. rodent pellets may be used soon on the islands to get rid of mice. federal wildlife officials say the mice are eating too many eggs and baby birds and that's causing a population decline. animal activists they oppose the rodent pellet plan. they're afraid other creatures will eat the rodent pellets and spread them into the food chain. now if wildlife officials
6:52 am
decide to go ahead with the rodent pellet plan, it wouldn't begin until next fall. well, a judge has to make an important decision in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. why a book coming out this summer could complicate that decision. also right now the world's largest plane is headed for sfo where airport officials are planning a party. good morning. if you're driving in the south bay suddenly we have slow traffic on some of the major routes into the valley. we'lltell you more about that.
6:53 am
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welcome back. time now 6:54. the judge in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case is facing a critical decision involving the public's right to know. next month the judge is sentenced to dugards following their guilty plea. the judge then has to decide whether to release the grand jury transcripts which includes graphic testimony from jaycee dugard herself. jaycee dugard is among those fighting to keep those transcripts sealed. at the same time the release of dugard's book may complicate this legal controversy. the book is called a stolen life. it will be released in july. her publisher says the book will tell the full story of jaycee dugard's 18 years in captivity. however her spokesperson says dugard was required to provide
6:56 am
far more explicit details on the witness stand. san francisco cab drivers have their chance to talk about proposed changes today. the city's transit agency will hold the first of a series of public meetings at 12:30 this afternoon. another meeting is scheduled for 5:30 this evening. drivers are angry about new credit card surcharges and possible tvs running ads in the back of each cab. other town hall meetings will be held tomorrow ends next monday. time now 6:56. right now san francisco international airport is on standby for the inaugural flight of a super jumbo jet carrying passengers. it's the air bus 380. it visited sfo four years ago when air bus was first trying to sell the jet which can carry as many as 800 people. that trip convinced airport officials to revamp the international terminal to accommodate the a380. this morning the public's invited to a plane spotting party at mill brae's bay front
6:57 am
park to watch for that giant plane. one lucky person will end up with tickets for a trip on board that gigantic jet. that's pretty cool. >> yeah. coming up on 7:00. let's go back over to sal for a quick look at traffic right now. pam and dave things are getting busier. traffic busier if you're driving around 237 westbound. no major problems over to 101. this is a look at 880. it hasn't slowed down yet here at the coliseum. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza it is slow there. traffic is okay once you get on to the bridge. now let's go to steve. patchy fog on the coast. sunny and warmer today. temperatures rebounding from the 40s. we'll end up though with upper 6 0z and low to mid-70s inland. patchy fog means 50s and 60s mainly on the san mateo coastline. big news on the five-day forecast. we'll get to that on mornings on 2. now pam and dave. coming up on mornings on 2, well, the jury didn't give her
6:58 am
a penny, but the bay area woman at the heart of a controversial rape case may still collect millions. plus new frustrations for san francisco food truck vendors. stay with us. we'll be right back. marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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