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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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police are investigating three deaths as homicides. san jose city police will play a big role. two bay area hikers imprisoned in iran is postponed. the issue that stopped today's proceedings. napa's water main break may be fixed but the water still looks like this. this is what it looked like at 5:30. also hundreds of bay area teachers get the ax. which school districts are feeling the pain today. the morning news continues. good morning,. welcome to a brand new day it's wednesday may 11th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's start with steve paulson and the weather. >> we do have low clouds and everybody says cloudy. low clouds and fog will give a big cool down to inland areas.
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and a sea breeze as well from sfo to vacaville. weekend weather will be extremely interesting and cool. here is sal. steve, right now traffic on interstate 880 looks good. also the morning commute is looking good in san francisco along northbound 101. now let's go back to the desk. we begin our 6:00 hour with a tragic incident at san jose state university. three people are dead in a shooting inside a campus parking garage. kraig debro has information from the university and now from witnesses. >> reporter: good morning. i just spoke to san ho sigh police officer tells me -- san jose police officer tells me although san jose state is the lead investigator but they will play a large role in their expertise. it is the san jose state university north garage. it happened on the fifth floor
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up at the top there. the homicides took place around 8:30 last night. the this morning a contractor was up on the fifth floor cleaning up the hazardous body fluids that spilled during the shooting. they will take the lead role because again the city police have the technology and exexperience necessary. san jose police will play a large role. around 8:30 last night several witnesses heard several shots from the fifth floor of the parking garage. when they arrived on the scene they found three people on the ground. two people pronounced dead at the scene one died later at the hospital. we did speak to a university spokesperson last night following the shooting and they are already telling us that this shooting doesn't go beyond here.
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in other words they believe that these people were targeted. >> we do believe that it wasn't random at all. it wasn't a drive-by shooting. it wasn't gang related. it was very contained. >> now following the shooting of course there were hundreds of students at least dozens of students out here trying to get the vehicles from this parking garage. this happened at 8:30. there were night classes going on at the time. if you look on the fifth floor right now you will see just a lot of cars that were here fool lowing the shooting. police blocked off some of the streets in the area. that is not the case this morning. san jose state university tweeted they will have counselors on hand for people that want to talk. this garage that serves the university will open as scheduled. it's supposed to open at 6:00 a.m.. time now 6:03.
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the trial of two uc berkeley watts was -- graduates was postponed. they are facing charges of illegal entry and spying. now another berkeley graduated sarah shourd what was released in september is also charged but says she will not go back for that trial. the three were arrested by iranian security forces in july of 2009. they say that they were hiking in iraq but crossed over into iranian territory. in october of 2009 they said they were charges them spying. in may the mothers of the three were allowed to meet with them. in november, the first trial date was postponed. the new trial date of may 11th was set. the leader of al qaeda and yemen is vowing revenge on americans for the death of
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osama bin laden. coming up at 6:15 we will have a live report from washington, d.c. on what the cia is learning from that massive amount of intelligence gathered. time is 6:04. it's official now the mount diablo school board voted last night they are eliminating 180 positions. some school employees could be hired back in the fall. school district says that depends on what kind of state funding they get. two school principals and some veteran teachers are among those losing their jobs. >> some of the teachers that got laid off have 10-12 years experience. it went really deep this year. >> also last night bay area teachers held what they call a grade in at local shopping malls as part of a week of action. they want to show their jobs continue long after the school bell rings. the san francisco unified school district is sending out final layoff notices.
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152 employees will get pink slips including 139 teachers and 13 administrators. san francisco unified has cut more than $100 million from last year and this years budget. brace yourself that is what students at california state university schools are being told about looming tuition hikes. csu chancellor wants to raise tuition 32% next spring. that is about $1600. spring enrollment could also be closed. the chancellor says tuition hikes could be avoided if a fax extension is approved by governor brown. napa residents may wonder if the water is safe to drink this morning physical lowing a big water main brink. to tell us some of the differences you made notice with that drinking water. >> reporter: it will take awhile for this problem to work its way out. even though they fixed it last night this morning you will see
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changes in your water that may make you question it. they have been kind enough to let us monitor the situations here. this bucket right here this is what we filled up at 5:30 this morning. now i want to fill up the secondary bucket. i want the to see if in the last 30 minutes if the situation has gotten better. as it's coming out now, it looks like it has not gotten better. and we lost water pressure. so not sure if that is also related to the water main. but this hose is actually on full blast. so that is an interesting development this morning. because they had said either water pressure or color of the water you will be dealing with. now it looks like we have both of those issues out here. this problem started yesterday
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afternoon at the jameson canyon water plant. they said they think it may have been caused by issues with the weather and things changing. so they took a couple hours to get things back online. people said they were seeing changes at their water at home. >> i couldn't take a shower. it was coming out brown. it was kind of funny. it reminded me of the earthquake when you've got brown water. >> reporter: back out here live again. this is what it looked like at 5:30. we can't get the water to come out now and that is at 6:00. here's what the city says. the city says the water is safe to drink. the problem is working itself out. we will keep watching the situation here. we will see if we get pressure back. as far as the crews out here even though it's safe to drink, they don't want to use it. a lot of them are going to
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wells and other water sources that is delaying their days. live here at napa claudine wong. 6:08. pg&e started testing more than 150 miles of its pipeline system but it could face for more expensive and time consuming charges. the judge gave on order to test and replace 700 miles of its older pipelines. that could take five years to do and cost more than $350 million. this order is the latest legal ruling tied to last september's pipeline disaster in san bruno. i want to go back over to sal. what are you keeping an eye on? >> things are doing okay almost everywhere, pam. this is the calm before the commute gets busy. westbound bay bridge traffic is looking good coming top the pay gates. also this morning we are
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looking at 237 and it's rare that you see it this way 237 looks light. and if you are driving in san jose coming down it looks nice. 6:09 let's go to steve. sal, thank you sir. a very good morning. the sun is trying to breakthrough. far enough inland we will have sunshine but it will be noticeably cooler for everybody today as a big fog bank getting helped along by a weak cold front. everybody says cloudy. every reporting station. so fog and wind. inland sun. tomorrow there will be some fog but it will be a little warmer. probably even well into thursday maybe friday. but then all signs point toward i know it's a busy weekend. there is a lot going on. everything continuing to come in as advertised would mean cloudy, cooler with rain likely. and really cold.
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maybe record setting cold in fact as we head toward sunday and monday. on the high side record low maxes are possible. we will have to watch out for critical minimums early next week. today low clouds and fog are in place. 50, 51, 52 take your pick. coast bay, inland it won't matter. everything is in a direction of a sea breeze. that is a howling sea braze for some. so the breeze will make it all the way out to the sacramento valley. system going by right now as we enhance the fog. low clouds and fog in place once that burns off it will be a sunny day. every weekend is showing every sign of being really cool. the snow level could get down to 14h thousand feet. it will be extremely cool around here. plan b might be a smart idea. low clouds cooler 50s. upper 50s low 60s coast and
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bay. very low 70s. temperatures inland yeah you will get sun but it will be a sea breeze. slightly warmer thursday into friday and then there is your cool down for the weekend. time now 6:11. what is the future of the war in afghanistan. the reason some members of congress say it's time to rethink the u.s. commitment. a series of dog attacks. what one bay area county is now doing to keep people safe.
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time now 6:14. new this morning an ominous warning from an al qaeda leader. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the latest threat of retaliation too osama bin laden's death. allison. >> reporter: the leader of al qaeda in yemen posted the message. he is warning americans it's not over. meanwhile intelligences analysts are working around the clock pouring through the treasure-trove of information found at bin laden's compound. it's getting a lead an hour from the cd, documents, and hard drives scooped up. i spoke to a former cia operations director about how analysts are going through it all. >> they all start by using our code breakers who we are blessed to have the best in the
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world. then we will also have to use machine language translation to quickly search for code words that would indicate a potential plot. >> reporter: meanwhile people will be getting to see the bin laden death photos. they have invited members of the senate armed services and intelligence committees to come to cia head quarters to see the pictures the rest of us will likely never get to see. california senator dianne feinstein is the head of the intelligence committee. some members of congress say with the death of osama bin laden, it's time to rethink u.s. policy in afghanistan. some defense officials say the u.s. should take advantage of bin laden's death to secure additional gains in afghanistan and bo pressure the taliban to come to the bargaining table. president obama says he wants to begin with drawing u.s. troops from afghanistan beginning in july. time now 6:16. the state department says the
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first load of nonlethal military lead has arrived in benghazi. here you are looking at video of the rebel forces training in benghazi. the first usa shipment for the rebels include more than 10,000 meals. shipment of medical supplies boots and body armor are on the way. this morning toyota dropped a bomb shell on the market. it spells 77%. the deadly earthquake and tsunami wiped out part suppliers. toyota is also not releasing an earnings forecast going forward. a production plan or other guidance for this fiscal year through march of 2012 siting uncertainty over when it will billion able to return to normal output levels. a plan that could put oil
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drilling rigs could be voted on by the house of representatives today. sponsors want to double u.s. oil production from offshore wells by 2027 but environmentalists say it could lead to other oil spills. it probably would not get approval in the senate and president. time now 6:17 a memorial service will be held for the mayor of san carlos. mayor omar presided over a city council meeting until 10:30 last night. colleagues said he seemed his usual upbeat and energetic self- . yesterday morning he called 911 about 7:00 a.m. complaining of chest pains. he died in the ambulance of a heart attack. >> wherever he went he made people really think about the possibilities of things. >> he was elected in 2007. he was selected by his
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colleague's for the mayor's post. the city's vice mayor will take over the mayor's job until the next city council meeting. santa clara county is cracking down on owners of dangerous dogs following a series of attacks. just last month in san jose a pair of dogs attacked don wilson. her dog had to be euthanized. santa clara county supervisors gave approval for new ordnances. under the policies it will be easier to declare a dog potentially dangerous. it will also increase the amount of liability insurance. bart plans to install 75 television screens in its barts stations. it will show information about train schedules and the weather. bart can also get millions of dollars from an advertising company if they show commercials on the tvs.
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the bart board will talk about this idea at their meeting tomorrow. speaking of bart we want to check in on the commute. let's go to sal. >> traffic is moving along very nicely around the bay area. as you can see from the pictures 280 northbound is nice. that is right through downtown san jose temperature it's a nice job all the way to the valley. 880 so far is fitting that description if you are driving from the airport. you shouldn't have any trouble getting there. of course, if you are come together bay bridge toll plaza, right now they just about now they turn on the metering lights. so far so good. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. all the cameras show cloudy skies. that's what the observation shows. far enough away we have sunrise over the big city. as you can see what is going on
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one system moves in and that enhances the fog bank. temperatures will cool down today. 50, 51, 52 from santa rosa to concord to redwood city. i would say that is a sea breeze. west, southwest all the way out to sacramento. one system moves in. that cools us down. the big low coming from the gulf of alaska. cooler. windy at times. but 50s for many or low 60s coast and bay and upper 60s and low toys inland-- and low 70s inland. mostly cloudy, cloudy much, much cooler on the weekend. for the first time in two years the numbers of cars sold in china dropped. the chinese government reports
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auto makers delivered 1.5 million cars to dealerships. the large part of the problem is the slow down of production in japan. california grape growers are starting to see an uptake in their division. they report prices for some grapes are higher this year than they have been in the last three years. some varieties are doing better than others. time now 6:22. you have to see this. this is caught on tape. a fearless come dropping out of a moving truck during a wild police chase. we will tell you how this ended. the sharks are now just one loss away from another playoff meltdown on ice. good morning, westbound highway 4 getting busy. we will update this commute and the rest of the morning drive to work straight ahead.
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good morning, westbound 92 san mateo bridge looks breath good but the weather -- looks pretty good but the weather is overcast. let's go back to dave and pam. a woman is in custody after leading los angeles police on a wild chase in a stolen truck.
6:26 am
this is video of the pursuit on interstate 5. at one point the trucks hood flew open but that did not stop the woman. check this out she jumped out of the still moving truck and caught up to the truck. the woman appeared to have drug or mental issues. a man is recovering after being shot outside of a vallejo grocery store. this happened around 8:30. when they arrived they found a man that had been shot. they found three bullet casings on the ground and witnesses reported a group of men running from the scene. the man was air lifted to a hospital in walnut creek. millions of kids who are under the age of 13 are on facebook. a lot of them with the help of their parents. consumer reports says that puts them at the risk of adults posing as kids and also exposes them to offensive content. some of the kids we talk the to
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said they know they are under the age limit but the age limit should be lower. >> i don't really think it matters if you are one year younger. i don't think it can make that big of a difference if you are mature. >> facebook released this statement saying there is no way to circumvent the system. a meltdown on the ice has forced a game seven. the san jose sharks are one loss or one away. one loss from being eliminated in the playoffs. the detroit red wings beat the sharks 3-1 last night. the red wings have rallied with three straight victories after losing the first three games. the two teams meet in game seven back at san jose shark tank tomorrow night. three people are dead following a shooting at a san
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jose state parking garage. why they are telling students they are safe. sarah shourd's own wards about news her fiance and close friends did not appear in an iranian court today. the opening bell did not appear in on wall street.
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welcome back to the morning news. they are ringing that opening bell live in new york. looking for a date. hopefully not you. chinese flag there on the nasdaq because china's largest online dating site has 40 million registered users. they are going public on the nasdaq. they are celebrating their ipo. and you can see the bottom part
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of your screen the numbers hitting lower as expected. we will wave too and say good morning, to you. welcome to ktvu morning news. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. >> in the news we following tragic news. three people shot dead inside of a campus parking garage. kraig debro is there now and he's getting new information from both the university and witnesses. >> reporter: good morning, the garage has reopened. this is the north garage at san jose state university. the student services building is also here. when i spoke to san jose police they say san jose state police are the lead investigators. but san jose police will be helping out because of their expertise. this all happened around 8:30
6:32 am
last night in this garage. according to people that heard what happened. they heard several shots and then police swarming the area. there were a lot of students that were stuck outside of this parking garage. when people returned to retrieve their vehicles they were being kept out of the garage. when we walked up there were dozens of vehicles. the cars are still will. now the university says they are confident by what they found at the scene that this shooting does not present any shooting. we spoke to witnesses and they told us what they heard. >> we were in our living room when we heard gunshots.
6:33 am
we heard cars screeching and stuff. that's all we heard. >> reporter: san jose state university has tweeted on a twitter page that they will have counselors available for people that want to talk to counselors. the garage is open this morning. they said it wouldn't reopen but it is open. we are still trying to get ahold of the san jose say state university spokesperson. we are also hoping to get student reaction to this tragic scene here reporting live kraig debro. time now 6:33. a police search continues for a suspected killer on the sacramento state campus. take a welcome at the 19-year- old suspect who antioch police believe was on campus yesterday. he's accused of shooting and killing another man. he has tattoos on the back of his hands, his neck, and he has a goatee. and he is considered armed and
6:34 am
dangerous. police plan to resume their search later this morning. we are following new developments out of iran today. ktvu jade hernandez just spoke with sarah shourd who was once in prison along with the two men. jade is in berkeley this morning with what shourd had to say. jade. >> reporter: good morning, we are live at cal buzz of the three american hikers graduated from the university and as you mention i just spoke with sarah shourd she was released last fall. she told me she is sick with worry and feels like she is back in limbo. >> i was devastated. our hopes and expectations had been building for the last 21 months. and we really had our hearts set on a resolution.
6:35 am
>> reporter: it's been five months since they have spoken to loved ones. court was expected to resume at 10:00 a.m. this morning in iran but was canceled when they were not brought into court. the families for josh and shane released this statement this morning saying today's developments appear to be another example of another arbitrary they seem to be subjected to. they continue to play games with their lives and the constant uncertainty and fear for shane and josh is ruining our lives. they gave no explanation why they were not in court today. sarah shourd was released last fall and was ordered to return for trial. she suffers from post-traumatic stress and would not be returning. the iranian government accused the three of espionage after they crossed over in their
6:36 am
territory. more from sarah and her concerns about the situation coming up. we are live in berkeley jade hernandez. time now 6:35. fire at an abandoned building in can cord. this started at 3:30 this morning inside that building on willow pass road. firefighters say the flames were intense. the winds were strong. in fact, firefighters had to attack the fire from outside. they did get it under control an hour and a half. the building is a former bar and lounge. no word of any injuries as well. an arraignment hearing is set in 15 hours. zeng was found with a gunshot wound to his head. the 15-year-old charged with murder in the case is not being tried as an adult. his lawyer says the shooting was accidental. the vallejo man accused of trying to storm the cockpit of
6:37 am
the jet is due back in court. they ordered 28-year-old al- murisi to stay behind bars for now. the prosecutor argues the immigrant is a danger to the community and a flight risk. the retired san mateo police officer credited with stopping him also thinks he's a very dangerous man. >> i felt he's trying to -- i felt he was trying to take on the flight crew and crash the airplane. >> he had no luggage or cell phone during the flight and his realtives here in california did not know he was coming. at the same time investigators say he has no known links to any terrorists groups. one man is in custody after trying to open an emergency exit door mid flight. passengers say he was obviously drunk when he tried to open the emergency door but flight attendants were able to get him to the back of the plane.
6:38 am
massachusetts state police arrested him when the flight landed in boston last night. the man faces charges of interfering with a flight crew. >> some residents in san francisco are pushing for new safety measures near the intersection where a pedestrian was hit and killed last week. the man was struck by a suspected drunk driver. a vigil will be held later today in the victim's honor. it will be followed by a discussion on how to improve safety in the area. some of the ideas include installing a red light camera system and also increasing police patrols. city transportation officials will hold a meeting on this hatter on friday. the chp is investigating the death of a four-year-old boy. this happened yesterday at a private vineyard on enterprise road. the chp says the little boy was riding his bike behind the pickup truck. as they started going down hill the boys bike picked up speed, veered into the truck and he was run over.
6:39 am
police say the uncle has not been arrested. 6:38 is the time. let's go back to sal to check on traffic. >> it's going pretty well around the bay area. it seems to be lighter than it usually is. although on highway 4 we are already seeing slow traffic here. most of the slow traffic is in antioch heading west. eastbound is light as it is the noncommute direction. as we tilt up it's slow coming out of pittsburgh. also the morning commute is moving slowly at the bay bridge. the metering lights are on. but the traffic is okay westbound bay bridge no major problems on the span. just a typical slow traffic. in san jose things are getting busier on northbound 101 leaving san jose on the way to sunnyvale. we have inland sun. we have a lot of low clouds and fog. it are be slow to burn back for
6:40 am
some. so 50s, and 60s coast and bay. but there is a decent sea breeze already in place. summer has arrived in the bay area. low clouds. chilly on the coast. sometimes when you get the sun to lift a couple feet it will burn up. and the cooling trend will continue. especially on the weekend. we might even level off and get warmer as we go into thursday and friday. but all signs point toward a really significant drop. one system moving in. a few high clouds associated with that. underneath that it's enhanced the fog bank. 50, 51, or 52. everybody is in there. everybody says cloudy although highway 4 we can see sun already. san jose starting off cloudy. 58 at noon. high today of only 65 under mostly sunny skies although it's mostly cloudy. southwest out to fairfield. delta breeze south at concord.
6:41 am
west, southwest sfo. west at napa and a southeast at santa rosa and even down to san jose. it all means cooler weather. a big low dropping out of the gulf of alaska. we will impact our weather on the weekend. today low clouds in place. where it does we will have inland sun. the sea breeze there means temperatures coming down. 70 clear lake. 66 napa. 64 nevada. 70s low. but only 59 oakland and berkeley. danville 68. livermore 67. low 70s santa clara valley. low to mid 60s on the peninsula. fog, sun, warmer. a little warmer. there is your cool down along with rain. all right thank you, steve. the mississippi river continues to rise. now people are scrambling to get ahead of the water and save their way of life.
6:42 am
the water main break is fixed but is the water getting better? this is what it looked like at 5:30. this is what it looked like at 6:00. how does it look now? if you are driving on 24 so far so good on the way to the tunnel. more traffic and weather coming up. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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good morning, to you.
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coal -- welcome back. the cia now allowing some members of congress to see the osama bin laden death photos. the cia invited members of the senate intelligence committee and senate armed services committee to make an appointment to see those photos if they want to. three people are dead in a shooting that happened inside of a campus parking garage add san jose state university last night. investigators say the gunman killed two people before shooting himself. still not clear if those three people were students. mount diablo school board voted last night to eliminate 180 jobs. some of the laid off employees may be rehired later depending on the governors revised budget. a water main break in napa is fixed but water services have been slow to recover for some. you have been going with the
6:46 am
flow claudine. [ laughter ] we are anxious to see what that water looks like. >> reporter: yes. the last time we saw you there was a pressure issue. we were able to fill up one of thitis chests so you can -- one of the ice chests. this is what it looked at 5:30. thrist is what it look -- this is what it looked like at 6:00. we will see if it's getting any better. the water is still pretty murky. even though the city says this water is actually safe to drink, we actually haven't found anyone out here that wants to drink it. most people we have talked to take a look at this and say they will go for another water source this morning. it looks pretty murky right now. now this water main break happened yesterday afternoon. just about a half mile from where we are. it is the city's main water main though. this is the one that feeds all
6:47 am
of the city of napa. it took them a couple of hours to fix it. thaw fixed it but then put out the warning saying your water will look different. you might have pressure issue. you might have color issues. it will take a little bit to fix that. it will take several hours. >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: they said it's safe. >> really? no, i'm not going to drink it. >> reporter: even though they say it's safe you don't want any part of that? >> no. >> reporter: so what's your option? >> just drink my own water. >> reporter: back live out here. we are trying to figure out if it's getting any better. you can barely see it here. we put it in this one maybe a little bit better and then this one maybe a little bit better. we are talking about very minor differences. we have seen the crews coming in and out of here they have truck beds filled with the ice
6:48 am
chests and bucks. it is disrupting their business. we did talk to the boss who work there is. he said he drank this this morning just to taste it. he says it's okay. this has happened before. he understands why people will stay away from it for moist of the -- for most of the day. >> before you go. i can't believe he drank the water. have you heard from the water company? they were originally telling us let it run until it runs clear and you are not getting any clear water there. >> reporter: no we're not getting any clear water here. what they said it may take 7-10 hours. the last we got from them they recorded a message they are putting out. they gave us a message to go reference. that said 7-10 hours before your water gets clear. it depends on different parts of the city. this is a water main that feeds the entire city but i know our crews last night talked to the folks in downtown napa. they said they were not seeing any problems with their water.
6:49 am
maybe it depends on where you hit on this flow through the city. the folks here say this has happened a couple times a year where it gets murky and they have to call it in. >> good news for the restaurants in downtown if their water is okay. thank you. time now 6:48. the mississippi river keeps rising this morning people in the south are struggling to deal with it. that water is pour into the mississippi delta. it's damaging cotton, rice, and corn fields. they are trying to make sure the levies are strong enough down the river. they have not seen water levels like this in 40 years. president obama has already declared shelby county in memphis disaster zones. damage just in memphis is estimated at $320 million. for the first time former california governor is talking
6:50 am
pubically about his separation from wife maria. >> we both love each other very much. we are fortunate we have four extraordinary children. and we are taking it one day at a time. >> he said that last night in los angeles at a ceremony celebrating israeli independence. he also thanked friends and family for their outpouring of support. on monday they issued a statement saying they are living apart while they work on their relationship. time now 6:50. sal, is it safe to check the toll plaza right now? >> it is safe to check it. we will check it and see a lot of cars there. it is backed up for 15 minutes here. or a little bit less. no problems on the bridge reported by chp. traffic moves well once again on the bridge. we are state 880 in oakland so far so good. the commute doesn't start getting busier until the next hour or so. it's your opportunity to get down to the freeway before it gets crowded. if you are driving in san jose
6:51 am
northbound 280 still looking pretty good. it's actually improved a little bit on the way to sunnyvale. now to steve. thank you. the fog has lifted unless you are attainder. a lot of low clouds in place. a lot of r50s there. 51 and 52. no doubt about it sea breeze from sfo to concord, carr ky noise straight. one weak front coming in. the system that will play into our weekend for really below normal temperatures and the possibility of rain sunday morning. now starting to drop down from the gulf of alaska. windy at times. there will be inland sun but temperatures come down a little bit. 50s to low 70s. 50s and 60s close to the bay. upper 60s inland or low 70s. westerly or south westerly breeze means temperatures
6:52 am
settle in a little bit. we will bump it up thursday and friday and bring in a really dynamic system. thank you, steve. this morning macy's reports first quarter earnings sored. macy's earned $131 million for the quarter compared to $23 million this time last year. checking in on the numbers macy's stock is up on the news. disney stock one getting hurt though. also reporting attendance down at theme parks. japan hurt that. live look at the big board. dow jones down. the new cars two game allows players to race as different characters from the movie. it will be on store shelves june 21st. >> your buddies at pixar. >> i love them. a very complicated man hunt
6:53 am
in the south bay. something unusual is making it tough to find this wanted suspect. major quakes across the globe. the effect they could have on fault lines here in the bay area. good morning, traffic is okay as you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. we will let you know more about the trip across the bridges coming up.
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welcome back. san jose police say a wanted gang member may be posing as his twin brother to avoid capture. police say on april 17th he shot another man to death inside a home on south capital avenue. mario hernandez has an identical twin brother. both have similar tattoos on their chest and arms. large earthquakes across the world could have more of an effect on fault lines here in the bay area. a new study shows major quakes like the one in chili caused parts of the fault to slip setting off small tremors. there is no evidence the large quakes in other parts of the world could cause major quakes in the bay area. the earthquake in japan was not included in the study. there are four contestants left on american idol and james
6:57 am
durbin is still in the running. if durbin makes it through this week's elimination, idol has committed to brings him home for a free show on the santa cruz beach board walk. this saturday is being called durbin day. he will take the stage tonight. >> i would be shocked if he doesn't make it through tonight and tomorrow. but we will see. let's check in on traffic. 237 we will start there. traffic is slowing down. remember last hour we showed it to you it was completely empty. that is no longer the case. also the morning commute on the san mateo bridge if you are trying to cross that way it looks okay. at the bay bridge toll plaza we have a backup. there was a stall at treasure island. that is a 10 minute delay. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. inland sun. it will be cooler and breezy
6:58 am
today. 50s, 60s, and upper 60s away from the coast. big changes for the weekend. time now 6:57. coming up on mornings on 2 an ugly fight between a teenage girl and bay area police officer. we will tell you what set off the violence. also the california parents facing jail time for allowing their kid to play hooky. stay with us.
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