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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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new information this morning from the san jose mere cuery newspaper about the three -- mercury newspaper about the three who were ott on campus. the major new campaign to capture the two men who brutally beat a giants' fan outside of the stadium. the mysterious overseas death of a bay area woman. the possible bedbug connection. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, may 11th.
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topping our news, tragedy at san jose state university. three people are dead in a shooting inside a campus parking garage. kraig debro says police are supposed to have an update this hour. >> reporter: good morning, tori. the spokesperson will be here in about an hour and a half, if not sooner. we just got the "spar ton daily." you can see the big headline. but art kearl goes on to say that the director of media relations is saying this is -- article goes on to say that this is an isolated ins lent. they lent -- isolated incident. they say the suspected shooter died at the hospital. this all happened around 8:30 last night in the north garage on the campus of san jose state
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university. around that time, several 911 calls came in. witnesses heard gunfire. when police arrived on the scene, they found the three people all laid out on the fifth floor of this parking garage. two people died on the scene as you just heard and then that third person which the spartan daily is saying the university is saying that third person is the suspect in this shooting. we talked to the university last night and they were sure, they said right away that there was no further need to investigate any other possibilities that there was any danger to the public. they said this was not gang- related. they are pretty confident that this all ended right here. we did speak to several this morning, not only students but employees. >> i didn't know if it was a student situation. >> i can't thing that way.
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-- think that way. have you to live your life. >> reporter: the university has within texting students saying the north garage is open. in to that, we know there's been some tweets that the university sent out to the campus telling them that there's counseling available for people who need it and that the garage is open this morning and also that they believe the campus and the general public in this vicinity is safe as well. we're gonna try to get some student reaction on this very rare event and we'll try to hear from the university later on. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> kraig, the garage behind you, is it mainly or just for university students or is it open to the general public? >> reporter: it's open to the general public. one of the people we talked to said she's concerned suggesting that somebody from downtown might have been responsible for all of and might have been involved in all of this. however, we still don't know the answer to that. in this article that we just
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showed you, it wasn't any indication that waif -- there wasn't any indication that i've seen so far. overnight a fire tore through an abandoned building in concord. this wases the scene just past willow road. these flames, intense. winds were strong. the firefighters had to attack the fire from outside, but they did get it under control in about an hour and a half. the building used to be called the malta's club. no word of any injuries. a 16-year-old had her nose broken during a scuffle with a police officer. this happened when an officer was investigating a fight at a home for chronic runaways. when the officer tried to put her in handcuffs, she grabbed
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his baton hitting him in the wrist and he punched her in the face. she was arrested for assault. this woman, this 3-year- old, adventurer tour guide was staying at a guesthouse when she fell ill and died in january in thailand. six or people died of the same symptoms within weeks of each other in the same city. they had stayed at another hotel and some believe their deaths are due to exposure to a bedbug poison. local tie officials say the deaths were just a coincidence and bad luck. 7:05. the spying trial of two uc berkeley graduates in iran was scheduled for today -- scheduled for today was unexpectedly -- unexpectedly postponed. jade hernandez is live and she
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spoke with say shaw shourd about this delay -- sarah shourd about this delay. jade, what did she san jose. >> reporter: she said no one has spoke to the two men since thanksgiving. iranian court was supposed to resume this morning at 10:00 a.m. but was cancelled when bauer and fattal were not brought to court. >> reporter: sarah shourd was released last fall. she announced recently she suffered from post-traumatic stress and would not be returning. sarah said she's sick and worry for shane and josh's health. >> these games, it feels like
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we're just pleaing -- being played with. there's no sense what's happening, they have done nothing wrong. i don't think it's possible that iran perceives them as a threat. >> reporter: the iranian government accused the -- accused the three of espionage. we're live at cal because the three american hikers graduated from this university. reporting live, head injury, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 7:07. well, the leader of al qaeda in yemen threatening revenge on americans for the death of osama bin laden. coming up at 7:15. 15, we'll get a live report from washington, d.c. from what the cia is learning from automobile of that intelligence -- from all of that intelligence seized from osama bin laden's compound. billboards will soon be going up on los angeles
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freeways. they show the sketches of the two suspects who beat brian stow. lamar is paying for the advertising. doctors say he's not had a seizure for a few weeks. however, his mother said her son will never be the same. some orange county parents would would could be the one -- could be arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. one student had 30 absences. eight of them were unexcused. the parents are accused of knowing their children were chronically absence but failing to do anything about it. they are scheduled for arraignment on june 2nd in san jose and could get up to a year in jail. happening right now, new video we just got into the newsroom, this is from alameda high school. as we speak, teachers are
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handing out fliers about their state of emergency campaign. you can see the campaign. the campaign is drawing attention to california's budget cuts to education. the teachers are passing out information that all alameda district -- at all alameda district schools. he today is also california's day of the teachers. 7:08. we want to check in again with sal, see what's happening on the roads and see how things are at the bay bridge toll plaza. things are to -- things are doing well. it's typical. if you drive this way every day, i would say it's a decent commute and we will have to wait but there's no problems on the bridge. for that matter, the commute has not been bad. we've had some slowdowns. it's doing well in san francisco,ing getting up to -- getting up to the 80 split. the morning drive is beginning to wake up a little bit.
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it looks like northbound and southbound -- it's northbound 87 right at 280. we're getting word that this accident has no injuries. but it's there on the shoulder. it may cause a brief slowdown. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. everything in place for a cooler day today. low clouds and fog. a west wind, a pretty good one. the clouds going a way up yonder. big fog bank getting helped along. inland sun but breezy and cooler for everybody as we get that west-southwest wind. cooling trend we're actually level off and warm up a tad. but temperatures warm up the and -- for may it's impressive. what's impressive is also the fog bank. yesterday it was flirting around san mateo coast.
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and then it moved inland. temperatures are stuck due to the overcast conditions. 51, 52, 53. 50, san rafael, napa. san jose speaking, starting off at 53. we'll go 59 at noon. a high of 69 degrees. temperatures for everybody today will come down. southwest fairfield, south- southwest vacaville, west- southwest or west, napa oakland. san francisco, sea breeze, delta breeze. help id -- helped along by the system coming in on saturday, maybe friday. i know there's a lot going on, the beta breakers and the amgen tour. it will be comb and windy. -- cold and windy.
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record low temperatures are possible on sunday. low clouds and fog will give way to sunshine for some. we'll still have a sunny day but breezy at times. temperatures, 50, 60s, and low 70s. st. helena, 68. pittsburg, 71. 59 berkeley. walnut creek, 67. 70 morgan hill, gilroy. santa clara 64. frommont. same -- frommont, 6 had -- freemont. 7:12. a pennsylvania mother says same man accused of killing her daughter yesterday lured her daughter and a friend into his apartment three weeks ago. police found the 9-year-old in a dumpster last night bloody and in a blanket.
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the suspect admitted he snapped, strangled the girl and slammed the girl's head on the floor. the girl's mother made a report on this to police earlier and wants to know why they didn't follow up on this. u.s. aid arrives in lib bau. -- libya. what a new poll is saying about osama bin laden 'approval rating. -- osama bin laden's approval rating.
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well, when low clouds make it out to the bay point, there's a little bit of sun that will come through.
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50, 60s temperatures, coast and bayside. sunny and breezy inland. it's 7:15. the leader of al qaeda in yemen is vowing revenge for the death of osama bin laden. ktvu's alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the threat and what the cia is learning from the treasure controversy from bin laden's compound. com-- from the treasure trove from bin laden's compound. allison? >> reporter: the u.s. is learning that al qaeda said this man said, the americans are fooling themselves that the matter is over with bin laden's death. the cray says it's getting a lead -- cia says it's getting a lead an hour i talked to a former cia operations manager who says the information from
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bin laden's compound, who saw the information says -- >> it will yield over many years tremendous insight. >> reporter: meanwhile, the cia has invited some members of congress to see the bin laden death photo -- members are being told they can come see the pictures. dianne feinstein heads intelligence committee. she says she will likely see the photos. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. thank you. time's now, 7:17. some members of congress say with the death of osama bin laden it's time to rethink american policy in afghanistan. however, some defense officials say the u.s. should take advantage of bin laden's death to make more are frees in afghanistan. president frees -- to make more
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progress. the strike in greece has suspended all train and ferry services, grounded flights and disrupted most of athens' public transportation. these passengers are angry about the government's intervention of harsh aust terty measures -- austerity measures. president obama will meet with senate democrats today and with senate republicans tomorrow. the president wants to determine which debt-fighting strategies can be employed now and which can be left for later. probably after the 2012 elections. the city of antioch has about $1.7 billion to spend. there's a catch. because it comes from a special tax fund, it can only be spent on construction at the pruitt family community park. now officials are trying to
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decide how to spend the money. they say they have to be careful because they don't want to build something that's going to end up costing the city more money in the future. 7:18. well, president obama's approval wait something at its highest point in two years. according to a new "associated press" poll, 60% of people now say they approve of the job the president is doing. 53% say he deserves to be reelected. that poll was taken a week after osama bin laden was killed. and today, newt gingrich is expected to officially announce his entering into the 2012 presidential race via twitter and facebook. gingrich will try -- had try to secure the republican nomination. others considered likely to run include mitt romney, mike
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huckabee, sarah palin. there are late reports that moammar gadhafi's forces have been pushed back in the western city of miss ta raw and they've -- misrata and they've left behind weapons and ammunition while losing control of the airport to the rentals. the first load of non-lethal u.s. aid for libya has arrived in the opposition port of benghazi. these are rebel soldiers. the first consists of more than 10,000 meals. shipments of medical supplies, boots and a body armor are on the way. back here at home, the stage is now set for the next trial in the fatal b.a.r.t. police shooting case. the civil trial tied to the deadly shooting of oscar grant will begin this fall.
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yesterday, the court ruled that family can move ahead with their $50 million lawsuit. the family claims they used excessive force on that fatal day. the suit names johannes mehserle and four other officers on the scene that scene that morning. johannes mehserle is in jail and is due to be released this summer. santa clara county is cracking down on owners who have dangerous dogs. just last month in san jose, a pair of dogs attacked dawn wilson and her siberian husky in ka talldy park -- kataldi park. under the policy it will be easier to declare a dog potentially dangerous and the amount of liability insurance
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owners must carry will double to $100,000. dogs found running loose will soon be subject to new rules. county supervisors introduced a new ordinance that would allow animal control officers to spay or neuter any dog picked up twice in three years. all unlicensed dogs would be microchipped before sent home. the board is set to vote on this next week. a warning. if you live in atherton, what thieves are going after in the area -- and the area you should avoid. lady gaga taking over the farm. where you will be able to hear her music -- next. good morning. northbound traffic on 280 is getting a little bit busy as you drive up to the valley. we'll tell you more about that commute and have a look at the north bay drive.
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vallejo police are
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investigating a shooting that happened outside of a grocery store. about 8:30 last night, police were called to the store on marin street. when they got there, they found a man who had been shot. they also found three bullet caseing on the ground -- casings on the ground and the victim was airlifted to a hospital in walnut creek. we have a followup to that deadly accident on brisbane that we told you about yesterday on "mornings on 2" as it was unfolding. investigators are considering filing manslaughter charges against the driver who crashed into a pickup truck on the side of the road, killing its 54- year-old driver. the chp says the teen seemed to have psychological issues and had threatened suicide before. he's currently under suicide watch at san francisco general hospital. sal, you were all over that story yesterday morning, what are you watching this morning? >> well, fortunately, we don't
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have anything nearly that serious object bay area roads. it's getting busy on highway 4 coming up to the willow pass grade. the traffic will be busy in antioch and in pittsburg and bay point. it finally gets better on the concord side. want to show you the south bay where traffic is busy mostly on highway 87 and 280. the bayshore freeway looks good on peninsula with some slow traffic on southbound 101 and san mateo. and southbound 101 in marin county at lucas valley road there is a minor accident. the traffic is slower than usual. let's go to steve. sal, cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. a little bit of bun but -- sun but have you to go inland because the fog decided to make an appearance this morning. it will be a cool day. temperatures are come down a little bit. the first of what looks to be a series of cold fronts, yes,
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cold fronts, starting to impact us today. weak as it may be it shouldn't take much. 50 to 53 on temperatures. hayward, mountain view and san jose, 53. it's if -- if it's not out of the west, it's out. everybody reports cloudy cloudy skies on observations. strong lows staking shape and now beginning to drop down from the gulf of alaska. that's going to be your weekend weather with a lot of really cold temperatures. low clouds giving way to some sun today. 50s, 60s, coast and bay. low 7 as inland, temperatures coming down after they moved up. tomorrow we'll see warmer weather. it's not going to give us that much warmer weather than the weekend. all right, steve. 7:27. they say lady gaga is pretty
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cool. she's expanding her fan base to farmville. farmville players will be able to complete tasks and unlock one new song a day to ga ga's new album, "born this day." farmville is played by about 46 million people all over the world on facebook. >> yeah, i haven't gotten involved in that but i have a couple of friends on facebook who take it real seriously. a new jonestown memorial is about be to unveiled at a bay area cemetery. the decision that's engaged -- engaged many family members of those who they love died. a judge's order that's costing pg&e hundreds of millions of dollars. ♪ [ rock ]
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[ chattering ]
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[ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. welcome back. the drinking water may look different for some napa residents this morning after a waterbreak. claudine wong is live to tell us why everybody is not seeing the same problem. >> reporter: when you take a look at the water we've been showing you, this is at 5:30, this is:00. this is 6:45.
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you think i wouldn't drink that and we're gonna check the water again right now because -- we should tell everyone, the city says this water is safe to drink. it looks merc you canby it's perfect fine -- murky but it's perfectly fine. the water looks brown and most of the workers we've been talking to look at this and say absolutely not. we're not gonna drink that. but we want to show you something that's really interesting. we're gonna go inside. the vineyard shop here hoose been very nice to -- has been very nice to let us check out the situation. there's something we want to show you in this civic. one of the things the president of the company said, take a look at this. if you put this water in a clear glass right here -- this is the same water from outside -- it actually looks perfectly fine. if you were at home and you
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were saying, how does my water look? it looks just fine. that's just something to keep in mind. still, considering that, considering that, the workers here said they're not gonna drink it. >> we have some wells and some -- clean wells and stuff that the guys can go to and get water also. >> i didn't see anyone just opt to drink this -- >> no. no. >> so you wanted to taste it to see if it tasted differently? >> yeah, i was out here. i didn't notice anything objectionable other than what you see. >> reporter: he's not gonna drink it. his workers aren't gonna drink it. the city says it's safe. this all happened yesterday when a watermain broke about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. they fixed it in a couple of hours and -- you know, they said it's just gonna take -- take a while for this to clear
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out. this is our bucket filling up. it looks different. unless you are filling up a bathtub or a big bucket, you may not notice how murky the water is. back to you. >> all right. thank you, claudine. all right. 7:33. east palo alto police are busy this morning gathering information about an overnight shooting. around 9:00 last night, police responded to shoots of a shooting at al bernie street. when they arrived, they couldn't find any evidence of a shooting and then they responded to a hit and run and there they found a car with bullet holes and a man shot. but the man is refusing to cooperate with police and give up any information. if you have any information, contact the police. it is 7:34. a memorial to the jonestown
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tragedy has been completed in oakland's evergreen cemetery. on november 18th, 1978, 918 people took their own lives in what is believed to be the largest mass suicide in history. the plaques of the memorial will list the names of he everyone who died -- of everyone who died at jonestown. the includes that man, jim jones, the leader, and he encouraged his followers to commit suicide. the memorial will be unveiled on may 29th. antioch or on the hunt for this man. they believe he was the man on the state university campus yesterday. he's suspected of shooting and killing another man on december 20th. this is video from that crime scene. police say he's about 6'2", 164
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pounds, he has tattoos on the back of his hands and neck and a goatee. police plan to continue their search later this morning. the father of a 15-year-old alameda girl is calling on the public for help to find his missing daughter. aimee cooper was last seen last thursday. her father said she's recently been treated for depression. she's described as 5'5" with blue eyes and dyed red hair. anyone who has seen her should call leamed police -- call alleged police a court arraignment is set
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to start in 90 minutes for the shooting of andy zeng. the 15-year-old in the case has been charged with murder but is not being tried as an adult his lawyer says the -- say the shooting was accidental. a man convicted of taking over a bank in corte madera is expect to find out his punishment today. you are looking at pictures of the man being taken off by the s.w.a.t. team. he took over the bank and eventually released everyone in the bank and washed -- washingtonned out. we want to take you live to washington, d.c., where harry reid is lie -- reid is speaking about the new dream act.
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>> i was brought to the u.s. to -- but never with the intention of being undocumented or living within the u.s. in the last 16 years. i graduated at the top of my class and when it came time to go to college, i could barely afford the application fee, let alone tuition. my -- >> you are listening to a news conference going on right now. this obviously is a young woman who would benefit from the dream act. this is legislation that passed through congress last year, when it was controlled by the democrats. it was blocked by the senate republicans and it would provide a route to legal status to others brought who -- who
7:39 am
others who were brought to the u.s. from others. this push comes day after president obama outlined his plan to outline immigration laws, obviously an issue that will continue to be used as we head to the 2012 election. we're moving toward stall. you're watching the toll plaza. >> we're watching everyone, dave. the general tone of the commute is okay. it's very typical for this time of the morning. as we look at the toll plaza, it's backed up here for about a 10 to 15-minute wait, including waiting time for those on the 880. we constantly check with chp. we've had a routine of things going on, a couple of fender- bendersers, report of a dog on the road. san francisco, northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. we have a almost bit of slow
7:40 am
traffic here. southbound 101 in marin county, we have this accident at lucas valley road. now, if you are across the bay on east shore freeway from pinole to richmond, that's the slowest traffic. on the nimitz freeway southbound traffic from a to 92 is slow. the rest of it seems okay so far. we have a lot of low clouds, but it's a big fog bank and i'm show you in just a second. inland areas will get some sun. the rain line is up to the north, although we could easily get some drizzle and i think that will pick up late tonight or tomorrow. the jet stream is going to pay a visit by weekend. it will be right over us by sunday morning. today we start off with low clouds, cooler, coast, bay. it will be cooler inland, 50s, 60s and low 70s. the fog -- it's helped along when there is a cold front
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coming in. you can see that. but that fog -- that fick picked the fog up from being shall doe yesterday -- shallow yesterday. 50s on the temperatures. 50 to 53. it doesn't matter, north bay, peninsula, east bay, south bay, coast. everybody is covered by this. the cooldown is in place. associated with one system and then the stronger system, the low, is going to drop down and work its way toward us. tomorrow we'll probably warm up a little bit. today, low clouds equal cooler along with a west wind to 30- plus miles an hour out towards the delta. a lot of low 70s. temperatures, 50, 50, low oh, mid- to upper 60s and low 70s
7:42 am
with a no-doubt-about-it sea breeze. right now it looks like sunday for the rain. there are a few things -- there are a few things going on. >> yeah, there is, including the beta breakers. we'll go live to mississippi to see how people are preparing for the highest flood levels since 1997. we both love each other very much. >> the former governor speaks out for the first time about his recent separation from his wife of 25 years.
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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stocking are slipping after companies reported the mixed set of earning and the -- earning trade deficit rose 6% to march to $had 3 -- 42 -- to $42 billion. oil is trading at $101 a barrel. toyota's profits fell 77% in the first quarter of this year. suppliers and factories used by the -- by the world's largest automakers were damaged and shut down after the march earthquake and tsunami. but toyota says it expects to be back in full production by november. that's a month earlier than previous estimates. google is under investigation by the justice department. that information comes in a security and exchange
7:46 am
commission filing. it only says the investigation says you how google's automated system treats unnamed advertisers. google has already set aside $500 million for the settlelentment -- settlement. the house of representatives is expected to vote this week on a proposal to start drilling off the coast of sonoma and and mendocino counties. it's this is intended to offshore oil production in the next 16 years. environmentalists say even if the bill passes the house, it's unlikely the democrat- controlled senate would approve
7:47 am
it. >> your time is 7:46. the mipty river is -- has -- the mississippi river has already crested in member fits and the people down river are bracing for the brace. our report is live in tunica, mississippi and i know a lot of buildings are already underwater. >> reporter: absolutely. we're in the parking lot of one casino -- totally flooded. we're south of where the river crested add. the water and danger is rising downriver as the swollen river continues to flow south. the mississippi has not reached levels like this since the historic floods of 1927. officials are preparing for the worst. >> we have moving search-and- rescue teams, the department of wildlife and fisheries is working that effort, positioning assets, the northern part of our state.
7:48 am
>> reporter: louisiana has mobilized 500 national guard troops and 21 parishes have made emergency declarations in response to the threat. in mississippi, in tunica people have been forced to leave their homes. >> it's devastating. it's painful to watch the rise of the water. we can't start the recovery an healing process until the water goes down. >> reporter: the gaming business is one of tunica's biggest employer employers -- employers. now they have been forced to close their doors. >> the water's too high. we don't know how much damage has been done. so no, we don't have a clue. it's way too early to tell. >> and as i said, i'm standing in the parking lot of one of those casinos, the gold strike, and they barricaded the walls here pretty well, water is got seeping into this one.
7:49 am
in a town called cutoff, 3 -- cut off -- cutoff, 330 homes have beenth -- have been evacuated. residents have been staying in shelters an they pretty much have no news. they don't even know if they are gonna have any -- gonna have any homes to go back to. back to you. >> back to you. >> thank you. the mount diablo school school board voted last night to eliminate 180 positions. but some employees could be hired back in the fall. they say that depends on what kind of state funding they receive. two school principals and veteran teachers are among those who have lost their jobs. >> somesome of the teachers that got laid off have 10 to 12 years of experience. it went very deep last night.
7:50 am
the san francisco unified school district is also sending out final layoff notices. 152 school employees will get pink slips including 139 teachers an 13 administrators. san francisco unified has cut more than $100 million from both last year and this year's budget. well, students at california state university schools are bracing for more tuition hikes. csu chancellor, charles reed wants to raise tuition 32% next spring. that's about 1600. spring enrollment at the csu's 23 campuses may also be closed. the chancellor says tuition hikes could be avoided a tax extension is approved as proposed by governor brown. it's ten minutes before 8:00. pg&e could soon face costly and time-consuming tests on some of its oldest pipes. yesterday, a judge gave a preliminary order for a pg&e to
7:51 am
test and replace 700 miles of its natural gas pipeline. that could take five years and cost more than $350 million. it's the latest order tied to last year's pipeline disaster. b.a.r.t. has a new plan to install 75 tv scenes at -- screens at its stations. the screens would show information about train schedules and weather. b.a.r.t. could also receive millions of dollars from an advertising company in if they display commercials. 7:51. well, the vallejo man accused of trying to storm the cockpit of a jet bound for san francisco is due back in court friday for a bail hearing. a judge ordered 28-year-old rageh almurisi to remain behind bars force now. the prosecutor arks he's a danger to the community and a flight risk.
7:52 am
the judge also said that rageh almurisi had no luggage or cell phone during the flight from chicago to sfo. at the same time, investigators say rageh almurisi has no known connections to a terrorist group. the presbyterian church is now allowing, openingly -- openly day, noncelibate worshipers to be ordaned as ministers, and the debate caused a hot issue. presbyterian church usa has about 2 million members. 7:52. for the first time former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is talking publicly about his split have his wife, maria shriver -- split from his wife, maria shriver. >> we both love eve other very
7:53 am
meche. we have four extraordinary children and we're taking one day at a time. >> he thanked presents and family for their outpouring -- friends and family for their outpouring of support. there's actually some good news this morning for nerds. don't look at me. [ laughter ] >> but the payout is out there for being a good evening. be -- for being a geek.
7:54 am
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a big scare in el paso, texas. that mountain lion just roaming around downtown. it was first started near train tracks. the police chased it through a school yard and several neighborhoods. findly cornering it in a war wash. they tried a tranquilizer but that didn't work. they were forced to shoot and
7:56 am
kill animal. several buildings, including the school were evacuated. all of this happened just hours before president obama was to visit to talk about immigration. 7:55. being a geek in school could lead to success later in life. that's the message in a book calmed "geeks." the author -- called "geeks." the author followed them and found out what made them weird at school was their ticket to the future of success. speaking of geeks, there's someone who is a self- proclaimed good evening when he was in school -- good evening when geek when he was in school. >> reporter: good morning. yes, i do have a lot of
7:57 am
computers at home. shut up. let's take a look at highway 4 westbound as you drive up to caldecott tunnel, westbound traffic is going to be okay. if you are driving to the tunnel -- or through tunnel there are no problems going down the hill. we're looking at the westbound bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for about a 10 to 15 had minute delay. if you are -- 15-minute delay. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have a cooldown. low clouds and fog have made such a push inland. i expect only low 70s there with a really good sea breeze. half of the west-southwest have gusts over 30 miles an hour. cold front coming down. it will be first of a couple that will slice through over the next three to five days. the coldest air was set to arrive on sunday. there's the fog. when it makes it all the way out to vacaville, you know we're in for a cooler day. cold low from the gulf of alaska that's your weekend
7:58 am
pattern. low clouds, cooler today. inland temperatures, upper 60s, low 70s. closer to the coast and bay. we will see a slight warmup as we go into tomorrow and then also friday but then a really below average temperature, a good 15 degrees by sunday. all right, steve. 7:57. a bizarre bay area homicide to tell you about involving death and i.d. they. focus is they -- i.d. theft. focus is on suspect and his twins. >> reporter: three people are shot at a university parking garage. why the university will not say if any of them are students. hear why sarah shourd's friends were not in an iranian croom -- courtroom today.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, my 11th. topping our news right now -- a tragedy at san jose state university. three people dead in a shooting inside the campus parking garage. ktvu's kraig debro tells us the university is about to give us some new information any time
8:01 am
now. kraig? >> reporter: yeahing dave. we're trying to get ahold -- yeah, dave. we're trying to get ahold of the university. a speaksperson is expected to come down any moment. this this all happened behind me at the north garage. it's also where the student services center is. the university spokesman is supposed to be here talking to the media right now. it was on the fifth floor of the facility last night that three people were shot to death. dozens of students waited outside the garage last night following this 8:30 triple shooting. police closed the garage to gather evidence and in the process prevented people from getting to their vehicles. the director of media relations told college newspaper the suspect is among the dead. he didn't say, how far, how he knows that. i just spoke with another university spokesperson. she wouldn't say if any of the victims are students. the cornrier in also declined -- corenner also declined
8:02 am
comment on that. >> driving here today, i'm like i'm gonna drive through the same parking lot. it feels kind of strange at first. but you gotta go to class. >> i think it's very sad. part of the problem with the university being downtown is we're right in the middle of the university -- of the city. i'm not sure if it involved any students. >> this is a joint investigation between the san jose state university police and city of san jose police. one of the reasons why san jose police are involved is because they have a lot of experience and extease in this area. -- expertise in this area. a lot of students we spoke with said they weren't notified in what you might call a timely fashion. a lot of people said they found out from facebook or their friends about what happened here and not the university. again, we're supposed to be speaking with a san jose university spokesperson this
8:03 am
hour, scheduled to be here just don't know when. reporting live in san jose, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:02. overnight a fire tore through an abandoned building in concord. this was the scene on willow pass road just hours ago. firefighters say flames why in- - flames were intense and winds were strong. they were forced to attack the fire from inside. the building was a former bar an lun -- and lounge calmed the mal tas club. no reports of injuries. a 16-year-old has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. on monday night a mountain view police officer was investigating a fight between two teenaged girls at a home for chronic runaways. while the officer was trying to put one of the girls in handcuffs, she grabbed his baton and hit him in the chest and ribs. the officer punched her three times in the face breaking her
8:04 am
nose. this 33-year-old woman, adventure tour guide was staying at a guesthouse in thailand when she became very ill and died. six other people died of the same symptoms within weeks of -- weeks of each other in the same city. they stayed at a different hotel. some believe their deaths are due to exposure to a bedbug poison. 8:04. the spying trial of two uc berkeley graduates in iran scheduled for today was unexpectedly postponed. jade hernandez just spoke to sarah shourd. what did she have to say? >> reporter: well, she's sick with worry this morning. the detained hikers' families have no idea why josh or shane didn't appear in an iranian court. as you mentioned, sarah shourd
8:05 am
told us by phone that no one has spoken to either men since thanksgiving. >> i think that chances are high that they knew that today was their trial, that maybe even investigators told them and that they were preparing, they were gearing up. they were ready to go to court. and now no one knows what happened. the trial for the two tikers was expected to resume at 10:00 this morning in tehran but it was can'tled when bauer and fattal were not brought to court. the families of josh and shane released this statement -- >> reporter: know, sara, the third -- now, sarah, the third hiker was released last fall
8:06 am
and was ordered to return to fall. she announced that she suffers from post traumatic stress and will not be returning. she says she's very worried, fearing for their shane and josh's health. >> i was devastated. our hopes and expectations have been building for last 21 months. but more recently for the past three months since the last trial session. and we really had our hearts set on a resolution. >> reporter: the iranian government accused the three of espionage after the government said they crossed into their territory. war live at cal this morning because the three -- we're live at cal this morning because the three hikers graduated from the university. back to you. >> thank you, jade. the cia is now allowing certain members of congress to see the bin laden death photos. coming up at 8:15. we'll have a live report from
8:07 am
washington, d.c. on which bay area representative said she will make the trip to cia headquarters to see the gruesome images. 8:0. more than 300 billboards relating to the beating of giants' fan brian stow will go up on los angeles freeways. they will show the sketches of the two responsible for this. now, lamar advertising of los angeles is paying for the billboard. brian so is still recovering at an l.a. hospital. doctors say he has not had a seizure in a few weeks. how far, his son said -- how far, his mother says her son will never be the same. authorities arrested five parents yesterday for contributing to the delinquency a minor. one elementary school had 30
8:08 am
absences. those parents are scheduled for an arraignment on june 7th in san jose. they could possibly get up to a year in jail. :07. san jose police are looking for a man who may be posing as -- as his trin brother to avoid capture. they released this photo of 2- year-old mario jesus hernandez. police say he shot another man. they say he has an identical twin brother and may be using the twin's i.d. anyone with information is asked to call san jose police. you are looking at video we got this morning from alameda high school. teachers there have been happening out fliers about their state emergency campaign. the campaign is meant to draw attention to state budget cuts to education. one teacher we spoke to is a finalist for teacher of year. she's also faced the risk of being laid off three years in a
8:09 am
row. she says the hardest part is telling her students. >> it's tooch of an emotional roller coaster ride for the students to tell them. i would probably tell them, i am hoping i will get rehired over the summer again. she said she's hoping money comes through at the last minute and she will have a job next year. teachers are handing out similar information at all alameda district schools. today is also came's day of the teachers. time is turning 8:0. police in livermore are searching for a man who waits to find women jugging -- jogging alone and then he pums down their pants and runs away. so far, six cases have been reported in residential areas near the lawrence livermore lab. none of the women have been hurt or sexually assaulted. that man when he's captured could face assault, battery or molestation charges. we want to check in with sal castanedo to find out what's happening on the roads this wednesday morning, sal.
8:10 am
>> it's getting busier out there, this seems to be today's peak of the commute. you will see that traffic is -- traffic definitely has more volume here at the toll plaza and on the bridge itself. that's why it gets backed up. when the bridge gets crowded, they turn the metering lights on, just a little bit slower to ahow it to move more efficiency. there's waiting time. 8 0 northbound, same thing goes. it will be slow. some of those -- some of those metering lights are on, not allowing so many cars on. at the very least we -- we can say there's no major accidents. we have another crash in ma -- marin county. there we go. so now we've had two crashes in marin. actually, three. so traffic is backed up all the
8:11 am
way up from novato's rolen boulevard near the costco there, heading south. it's just a chore this morning into central san rafael. if you drive in marin be aware, it won't be as good as it usually is. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. low clouds, big fog bank. inland areas will also cool down even though they will have some someone -- some warm up. there is a system developing offshore. by time it swings through saturday and sunday, the temperatures will drop sunday and monday. today we're dealing with some of the higher clouds to the
8:12 am
north. low, mid-50s. fairfield, 54. they have a fare -- concord is in there. there's your fog bank. west-southwest, calm, if it wasn't for the cloud cover, they would have a little more wind. once it burns off, they will. no doubt about it. it's out of the west or the southwest. one system moving in and then the big system in the picture is dropping dupe. now, again it's -- dropping down. now it's going to drop down towards. everything toward -- drop down towards us. maybe rain by saturday night. but i still think it's more likely sunday. it could slow down. we could change it. that's the way it's looking right now. stay tuned we'll ease into it as we ease lesser to friday. low includes. that will give way to some sun. it might be a slow process for
8:13 am
a few. so 50s, 60s and very low 70s. temperatures slide below average here. some low 70s, brentwood, oakley, antioch, pittsburg. 59 berkeley, 67 pleasanton, dublin very windy out towards the gap. morgan hill gilroy, 70. cupertino, 57. 50s along the coast. low to mid-60s on peninsula. menlo park at 64. fock, sun a little bit warmer -- fog, sun, a little bit warmer. we have developing news. we have just learned that president obama will soon deliver a important message to the muslim world. a new crackdown on dangerous dogs. and the u.s. navy does an about-face on gay marriage. we'll tell what you just happened
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
good morning. breezy, comer, inland with upper 60s and 70s. new this morning, a very ominous warning from an al qaeda leader. ktvu's alison burns live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with this latest threat of
8:17 am
retaliation to osama bin laden's death. >> reporter: the leader posted the message on the website. he's trying to rally al qaeda members. he says the matter is not ohm ever -- is not over. what is coming is worse and jihad is growing brighter since osama bin laden's death. the cia says it is getting a lead an hour from the cds, documents and hard drives scooped up in the raid from osama bin laden's compound. i talked to a former cia operations director about now an -- about how anna -- analysts are going through it all. we'll start to use our code breakers works we have the best in the world, break the encrypted stuff and use machine language translation to very quickly search for code words that would indicate a potential and imminent plot.
8:18 am
also new this morning, dianne feinstein's office tells me she will likely see the bin laden death photos. the cia has invited members of the senate armed services and intelligence committees to come to the cia headquarters to see the pictures the rest of us will likely never get to see. senator feinstein is the head of the senate intelligence committee. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allison. 8:17. the wall street journal says president obama will try a new outreach to the muslim world. according to the paper, the president will deliver a speech to ask those in the middle east and beyond to reject islamic militancy of osama bin laden's death. president obama's approval rating is at a new high. 60% of people now say they
8:19 am
approve of the job president obama is doing and 53% say he deserves to be reelected. the poll was taken a week after u.s. forces killed bin ra den -- bin laden. and today, newt gingrich is expected to officially announce his entry into the presidential race via twitter and book. gingrich will try to secure the republican nomination. he's the first candidate to officially toss his hat in the wrong -- in the ring. others include mitt romney, mike huckaby, donald trump and sarah palin. president obama will focus on the deficit sit during the next few days. the president wants to figure out which debt-fighting strategies can be put into place now and which can be left for -- for late, probably after the 2012 elections.
8:20 am
the city antioch has 1.7 million to send. but not everyone will benefit from this extra money because it comes from a special tax fund. it can only be spent on construction at the pruitt family community park. for now, officials are trying to decide what to do with that money. they have to be careful because they don't want to build something that's gonna cost the city more money in the future. 8:19. this morning, jean quan is in china to promote port of oakland. her office sent us this picture her meeting with representatives. later today, she will host an event at the california vintage wine bar in hong kong. the event will feature oakland and east bay wines growing export from oakland to china. her trip is paid for by port of oakland. the navy has done an about- face to allow chaplains to
8:21 am
perform same-sex marriage once the ban is lifted. the chief of navy chaplins says -- chap layne has suspended his -- chaplain has suspended his opinion until further notice notice. robert rayburn says b.a.r.t. has spent $95 million on a project and that would be money down the drain if the contract is cancelled. he says contain costs going forward. santa clara county cracking down on the owners of dangerous dogs after a series of attacks. just last month in san jose, a pair of dogs attacked dawn wilson and her siberian husky.
8:22 am
the county supervisor gave tentative approval for policies. under the policies it would be easier to declare a dog dangerous. the amount of liability insurance for those who have dangerous dogs would be $100,000. county supervisors introduced an ordinance that would allow animal control officers to spay or neuter any dog that's picked up twice in three years. all unlicensed dogs would be microchipped before they are returned home. board will take a final vote on this ordinance next week. a shooting outside a bay area grocery store. what witnesses saw right after the gunfire. a wild chase on an l.a. freeway. look at this. truck stopped but chase kept going. good morning. traffic on the upper deck of the bay bridge is affected by a problem waiting to get on the
8:23 am
bridge. we'll tell you what's going on and what it is doing to morning commute.
8:24 am
8:25 am
a shooting outside a vallejo grocery store is under investigation. around 8:30 last night police were calledded to a store on marin street. there they found a man who had been shot. police found three bullet casings on the ground and witnesses reported a group men running from the scene.
8:26 am
the man was airlifted to a hospital in walnut creek. a woman is in custody after leading los angeles area police on a wild chase. this is video. at one point the truck's hood flew 0 open. that didn't stop the woman. she jumped out of the still- moving truck and tried to take off on front. officers eventually caught up to her and tackled ther -- tackled her. they say the woman appeared to have drug and mental issues. >> she -- she really thought she was getting away. >> yeah. don't think that's gonna happen. sal, what's happening on our roads? >> nothing like that. we have a problem on the bay bridge westbound, as we come up to the span. they just removed it. there was a stalled vehicle that we see from our camera up there on the right. trying to get -- no, it's not there. no matter how much you zoom in, it won't be there. it's gone. they moved it up to treasure
8:27 am
island. it's causing a huge back up at the toll plaza because they had to switch the metering lights to slow. there is a little bit of slow traffic getting there on 880, the bridge itself looks fine. marin county has been just terrible. we've had numerous accidents or -- the two of them are still there. but there are a few others that have been cleared. it's 8:26. let's go to steve. cloudy, mostly cloudy, a big fog bank along with a weak front. combination of the two equals gray day that system is the first what looks to be of many over the next several days. 50 to 54 on the temps. you don't have to go far because of the cloud cover. there it is. also a west or a southwest wind. it means a sea breeze and that can be -- mean see gusts up to
8:28 am
30 miles an hour. big low coming out of the gulf of alaska. today, 50s, upper 50,s, coast and bay, 60s and then some low 70s well inland big news, we'll get a little warmup, i think thursday and friday. saturday morning may start off all right. saturday night we'll cloud it up and sunday looks to be main day. a new response at growing violence at napa state hospital. what staff members are doing now to send a clear message. we've been watching the water all morning long. this is what it looked like at 5:30. not much change, what does it looks like now and what is the city saying about this? plus, why thousands of california college students are hoping for higher taxes.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
some residents of napa may be wondering if it's safe to drink the water after a water main break there. claudine wong is there to show us what's coming out of the tap. what's coming out of the water, claw -- claudine? >> reporter: this, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 6:45. haven't seen much of an improvement. let's fill up this last bucket and see if things are getting any better. it still looks a little cloudy and murky. this is what the 100 or so employees found when though got
8:32 am
here this morning. they took one look at it and decided to get their water elsewhere. the president of the company said he didn't really blame the employees here who didn't want to drink it. >> there's the per septembertion of -- perception of it. it's birthday. >> reporter: -- it's birthty -- dirty. >> reporter: they fixed the problem within just a couple of hours. but they said, look, it's gonna take more time to work its way through the system. these the problem we're having here this morning. if we come back out here live, we come inside the walsh vin guard -- vip yard's management office. i want to put some water in here. it does look clear. if you are at home and you are looking at your water and you are saying my water doesn't
8:33 am
look like what they are showing in the bucket, that's what it looks like. it has not really changed. we want to show you the difference maybe just a perspective of what clear water looks like and what the water people are seeing looks like. i can see a difference. you can't smell the difference. it's just a decision whether you feel comfortable drinking it or not. back to you. >> thank you, claudine. 8:32. some staff members at napa state hospital are now wearing buttons to protest what they say is a dangerous work environment. this is a photo of one of the buttons. it says stop the violence over the weekend, a psychiatric technician at the hospital was attacked and beaten by a patient. in okay, a nurse was killed by a patient. workers at the hospital are asking for increased security measures to protect the staff. 8. a memorial to the jonestown tragedy has just been
8:34 am
completed in oakland's evergreen cemetery. here's some new video. we just got it from the memorial. take a look. you can see it's very busy out there. that memorial lists the 918 names of the people who took their own lives in guyana on november 18th, 1978. how far, some relatives of the victims are angry because the list includes the reverend jim jones, the leader of the jonestown people's temple who encouraged his followers to commit suicide. that memorial will be unveiled may 9th. the mother father of a 15- year-old -- the father of a missing girl, aimee cooper, is missing. she's about 5'5" tall. she has blue eyes and dyed red hair. if you see her, call police. atherton police are on the
8:35 am
lookout -- are out in force looking for car thieves stealing from unlocked cars. most cars were parked along el camino real. police say thieves have ransacked 11 cars since sunday taking items from four of them. the thieves appear to be looking for electronics such as ipods and gps devices. a court arraignment is set to begin in about 0 minutes for a 15-year-old boy accused in the shooting of a classmate. andy zeng was found with a gunshot wound to his head in a san francisco home one week ago. the 15-year-old has been charged with murder but is not being tried as an adull. his lawyer says the shiting was accidental. the man convicted of taking over a bank in corte madera is expected to learn his punishment. these are pictures of the suspect. police say lee took over the bank of america in a protest
8:36 am
against capitalism. he eventuallily released everybody inside and walked out. well, a yearly fund-raising event to help burn victims just started a couple of minutes ago in the north bay. firefighters formed a caravan of emergency vehicles. they all take part in what they call a burn relay. they start in northern sonoma county. they pick up donations from various agencies as they head south towards sausalito. all fund go to the alicia ann roush. >> we have some friends involved in that. it's a great cause. we want to check in with sal. things are a little slow out there? >> yeah. we had a stalled vehicle, not a big deal, which is good because it wasn't there for long. but it made the traffic on the bridge itself slow and when
8:37 am
there is one big stall, what happens is other cars send to -- tend to stall out. they become overheated an they stahl kind like a little chain reaction of things and the toll plaza gets slow. we're looking at 20 minutes at the toll plaza as bridge clears off. metering lights are on. let's move along and take a look at san francisco. look at northbound 101 approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge. we've had slow traffic coming up to the lower deck of the bay bridge and 101 is backed up all the way to 280. it looks like a bad afternoon commute. nothing on lower deck that's out of the ordinary. this morning's commute is gonna be slow in marin. that's improving a little bit. we have one crash at lucas valley road. but traffic backed up to the mid of novato. let's go to steve. we have mostly cloudy skies, a decent sea breeze. low clouds all way out to san
8:38 am
jose. it's gonna be a cooler pattern. we'll take this right into weekend as well. low clouds, chilly by coast. inland sun one breezy and temperatures coming down from yesterday. it warmed up yesterday. now, the cooling trend will kind of level out and then take another nose had dive on the weekend as a strong cold low. yeah, a cold low come out of the gulf of alas -- gulf of alaska. it drops south. it looks like sunday is main day. the clouds to the north. cloudy skies, almost everybody saying cloudy or mostly cloudy. you can see why. there's plenty there in the form of a weak front and also the low clouds enhanced by the front. 50s, low, mid. even fairfield to san francisco. there's only a 3-degree spread. west-southwest at fairfield. that's sustained. they are done. it's over. sold out. it's going to stay coal. upper 60s for fairfield.
8:39 am
that's really cool for them. one system going by. the low will drop down. as it does -- as it does, we'll see wind turn southerly. san francisco could warm up in a pattern like that. we'll decide those details for the weekend as we get closer to friday. everything looking interesting and unsettled. windy, gusts over 30. 50s, os or right at 70. i'm a little out there with 70. but we'll go with it. livermore only 67. alameda, 58. san leandro, 1 coal degrees. 70 morgan hill and gilroy. fremont at 6 3. 57 in the city. 5 half moon bay. 64 menlo park. a lot of low 60s.
8:40 am
burlingame, 61, 62. saturday it had cloud up. saturday looks cool with rain in the evening. a -- a man in taiwan pro claims he's a prophet, predicted an earthquake could hit taiwan and kill almost a million people. it's almost midnight in taiwan. there's been no indication of a quake. a seismologist in italy who died also predicted an earthquake in rome. his prediction scared so many people, they took off work and left town. a new study show that past major earthquakes are causing part of the san andreas fault to slip. there's no evidence that large
8:41 am
quakes in other parts of the world can cause major quakes here in the in japan. the skies over south florida very, very smoky because of a very stubborn brush fire. the fire started in the big surprise national preserve. lightning is blamed for it. but the winds are pushing the smoke so thick across the region, it's hard to for drivers to get around. air officials are telling the air quality. and they are telling people with breathing problems, stay indoors. new information on the deadly shooting at san jose state. what we just learned about the death of flee people. also, why it's a good idea to leave early if you are heading to lake lake tahoe today.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
stocks are down today thanks to some mixed corporate earning. also, the u.s. trade deficit widened in march, thanks, of course, to oil being a lot more expensive. right now the dow done 74. nasdaq down 8. s&p is down 7. oil still at $101 a barrel.
8:45 am
companies in march advertised the most jobs since the peak of the 2008 financial crisis. analysts say this is a sign that hiring will most likely be healthy in coming months. the labor department says job opening rose to .1 million in march. but this is still below 4.4 million openings in december of 007, right when -- 007 right when the recession began. we just found out about a shooting in -- near vallejo. police are telling ktvu news two people were wounded in this gunfire outside a house on reese avenue near interstate 780. it happened last night. both victims were seriously injure. we've had no word of any -- were seriously injured. we've had no word of any injuries -- no other injuries yet. the hearing for josh fattal
8:46 am
and shane bauer has been postponed. it's still not clear why the two men didn't show up to court. and members of the senate intelligence committee and senate arm thes committee will make an appoint -- arms commit can make an.ment if they want to see the pictures of osama bin laden dead. three people are dead inside a parking garage. kraig debro just got some new important information and he joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: tori, the news briefing just spoke up at the scene of the crime at 10th san fernando. the scene of the crime is up there in the parking garage. the school ask now calling what happened a murder suicide. this morning many of the people attending the university are shocked to hear about what happened. many students are just finding out what happened last night. the university says when they
8:47 am
first arrived at the scene, first priority was to treat the injured parties. >> very quickly they were able to determine that it was highly unlikely campus was at risk. we cannot speak to what evidence was located, because we're still interviewing witnesses. >> last night at 8:30, when police arrived they found three people and a weapon. two of the beam were found dead. the third person, who the university says is the shooter, died later at the medical center. those who died are being identified right now. a university spokesperson won't even say if any are students. the university is reminding those who want it counseling. the university actually did reopen at 6:00 a.m. the university says they are going to hold another briefing later this morning, perhaps then, we'll get the identities
8:48 am
of those who are killed. reporting live in san jose, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> time now is 8:47. you can expect about an hour delay if you take highway 50 to lake tahoe in next couple of weeks. our reporter brian hickey joining us live with the work that caltrans is doing aimed at keeping cars from going off a cliff. brian? >> if you have driven over highway 50, there's lake tahoe, there's that huge cliff to right. there's that wall. that's what they are replacing over at echo summit at highway 50 where this work is going on. those rock walls were built in the 1930s. they were designed to hold back model ts, not bus, big rigs and the like, motor homes. so they are reconstructing all of those barriers around there to make it safer. imagine going down icy, snowy rodes and all you have is an 18-
8:49 am
inch view. they are going to raise that to 32. they don't want to block the view of the lake. to do this, they could have drug this out over three summers or get things down in cc myers' fashion, in a few weeks. sometime today echo summit will be closed. you can still get to placerville. you won't be able to get to lake tahoe. if you are heading to ha toe in the next couple of weeks, perhaps to watch the amgen tour, you will have to come here, exit 88 and that will ling you to 89 -- link you to 89. they have a great website. it's a nice tour through gold country, as i like to point out. but it is will be a significant delay in your travel plans if you are heading up highway 50.
8:50 am
back to you, tori. and they timed this so it will be done by memorial day -- memorial day correct? >> reporter: they wanted to set the -- let the ski season down. this was the period they did it. unt firmly -- unfortunately, this will have a damper on plans and the weather that might be coming with it. >> thank you. it is 8:49. a memorial service will be held today for the mayor of san carlos who died suddenly yesterday of a heart attack. 46-year-old omar mohad died yesterday morning. he called 911 around 7:00 a.m. complaining of chest pains. he died in the ambulance from a heart attack. the presbyterian church will now allow openingly gay, noncelibate worshipers to be
8:51 am
ordaned. this does not mean all presbyterian churches have to ordab gay candidates. instead they have the option to do so if they choose. the presbyterian church usa has about 2 million members. 8:50. for the first time, former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is talking publicly about splitting from his wife maria shriver. >> we both love each other very much, we're very fortunate we have four extraordinary children and we're taking one day at a time. >> now, schwarzenegger spoke last night in los angeles at a ceremony celebrating israeli independence, he also thanked family and friends for their support. the couple said they are living apart while working on -- while working ong their relationship. the company that runs the carnival rides at the marin- sonoma county fair is being
8:52 am
fined. cal/osha said the ride operator hurt on a children's roller coaster last summer was not properly trained. that worker stepped right in front of the wacky worm coaster as it was moving. his leg had to be amputated below the knee. the cal/osha says no one else was hurt and there was no problem with the ride itself. well, oprah winfrey has said goodbye to tv. she may be saying hello to broadway. she's been meeting with producers in new york. she's always wanted to be a performer on broadway. now that her talk show is ending, she'll have the chance to do that. she says she has a stack of scripts she's reading before deciding on a role. oprah made her acting debut in 1985 in "the color purple" receiving both academy aid ward and golden -- academy award and
8:53 am
golan globe nominations. faking military service. a minister who claimed to be a navy s.e.a.l. is caught in a lie and he's not the only one. the only one. s
8:54 am
8:55 am
the killing of osama bin laden by navy s.e.a.l.s. is prompting a lot of stories by those who say they are navy
8:56 am
s.e.a.l.s. there are 2500 on active duty today. but a former s.e.a.l. in virginia says he's now receiving 40 to 50 inquiries a day. that includes a pennsylvania minister who told his congregation he was a s.e.a.l. and reported the lie to a newspaper. right now,,000 gallons of diesel -- right now 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel is leaking off the coast of new jersey. it started when the boat's steering mechanism broke. all three crew members were rescued. the jetcy remains closed -- jetty remains closed. there are just four contestants on "american idol" and our local, james durbin is still in the running. ♪ >> well, if durbin makes it through this week's elimination, "idol" is committed to bring them home for a free show on the santa cruz beach boardwalk. this saturday is already being
8:57 am
called durbin day in santa cruz. james durbin will take the stage with the other five finalists tonight at:00. you can watch it right here -- at 8:00 right here. a meltdown on the ice has forced a game 7. the sharks are one loss away from being eliminated in the playoffs. >> back and scores! >> detroit red wings beat the sharks-16789 the red wings have rallied after losing the first three games. the two teams meet for the final game 7 at the shark tank tomorrow night. baseball fans in -- philadelphia are enjoying bays -- are finding ways to enjoy a cold beer. they can tweet their order and have it delivered right to their seat. >> this is a great day -- [ laughter ] i want to mention that because of some of our people who tweet us, we found out about a b.a.r.t.
8:58 am
delay that was minor. i just called b.a.r.t. they say it's moving out of the system. so it's residuals. bay bridge just cleared an didn't but meter lights are on at the toll plaza. san francisco, if you are leaving for the east bay, it will be a big delay getting onto that lower deck. to steve. low clouds, fog, cool, some sun, but 60s and 70s. temperatures rebound a little bit on thursday and friday. the big news will be on the weekend. >> there's quite a bit going on. suggest making some indoor plans, if possible? >> yeah. it looks like sunday morning. >> okay. all right. thanks for watching, everyone. >> boy now.
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