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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 12, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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former drug officer facing accusations which put him on the other side of the law. we have a live report from pleasant hill. more details coming today about that deadly shooting at san jose state university. why authorities waited to tell us the names of the victims. millions of dollars headed to santa cruz county. where that money's coming from and how it will be used. >> reporter: thousands of people expected to ditch their cars today and head to work on a bike. we'll tell you why. the morning news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday may 12th. i'm pam cook. >> a brand new day. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's checkwetter and traffic. here's steve. thank you. we have partly cloudy skies today. slightly warmer than yesterday. we kind of chewed up the low cloud bank even though there are still some clouds around.
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50s, 6 0z few low 70s far enough away from the coast mid- 70s again another day of partly sunny skies and a west wind. here's sal. steve, right now traffic looks pretty good if you're on westbound highway 4 up to the willow pass grade. it is not a bad drive. also this morning we're checking out the live picture in san francisco along northbound 101 you can see it's light. 6:00. let's go back to dave and pam. sal, thank you. former contra costa county drug cop appears to be in even more hot water. ktvu's jade hernandez joining us live from pleasant hill to tell us about some new accusations. jade. >> reporter: good morning. the former drug officer is once again facing allegations that put him on the other side of the law. we're live in pleasant hill this morning where norm welsh is accused of running a private brothel. former friend and partner has made the allegations. he's already been accused of stealing and reselling drugs confiscated during drug busts. we have a call into his
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attorney. he at this point has denied his client was involved in any prostitution ring or brothel. as soon as we hear back we'll bring you what he has to say this morning. the former head of the central contra costa narcotics team forced prosecutors at one point to review 40 cases which he had been a part of. this morning we're also going to check out the businesses in this business park that you see behind me where the brothel was allegedly operating. more on that coming up. reporting live from pleasant hill this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning police in san rafael are investigating a deadly stabbing tied to violent street gangs. it happened early yesterday evening in the usually peaceful gerstle park neighborhood. police say a 21-year-old man was stabbed to death in a suspected gang-related fight. at least two other young men were also injured. police say the gang fight involved several men roaming neighborhood streets armed with sticks and bats. several callers reported a
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dangerous high speed car chase as well outside their homes at about 5:30 yesterday evening. police are still looking for a white pontiac grand am that is believed to be connected to the gang fight. it has the license plate 3ulg274. time's now 6:02. today we should find out the names of the three people who were killed in a shooting in san jose state university. police are investigating this case as a murder-suicide. the shooting happened wednesday night in the tenth street parking garage. police say the three victims are connected to the school, but they haven't said if they're students. the police are trying to locate each of the victims' family. now the deaths bring the total number of homicides in san jose to 20 now. that's what the city had for all of last year. san jose mayor chuck reed says san jose is still one of the safest cities despite that spike in the homicide rate. right now in washington d.c. a hearing is getting
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underway looking into high gas prices and tax incentives given to oil companies. coming up at 6:15 we're going to have a live report from washington d.c. you can see all the activity starting right now. democrats are saying it is time to stop subsidizing the oil companies while they make huge profits. today the white house will unveil a new plan for cyber security across the country. sources say it will require industries to offer better protection to computers that run infrastructure including power plants and electric grid. now they say companies would also have to tell consumers when their personal information could be at risk after a cyber attack. and federal agencies would need to monitor their own computer networks more carefully. time now 6:04. pg&e is writing checks. they're reimbursing cities and counties that responded to the san bruno pipeline disaster. eight people were killed, 38 homes were destroyed in last september's disaster. emergency responders rushed in
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from all over the bay area to help out. according to the examiner 60 applications have been filed by various cities and counties seeking more than $4 million in reimbursements. more money from washington d.c. is heading to santa cruz county to help in tsunami recovery efforts. the labor department announced it has awarded santa cruz county millions of dollars to hire temporary workers to assist in clean up and repairs. the money will also provide badly needed jobs in a county with a 14% unemployment rate. the announcement came yesterday two months to the day after that destructive tsunami ripped through santa cruz harbor. time now 6:05. the giants fan brutally beaten outside dodgers stadium may soon move to a hospital closer to home. bryan stow's family says his condition has stabilized. family members are considering moving him out of his los angeles hospital to the ucsf medical center in san francisco. that could happen as early as next week.
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the 43-year-old paramedic from santa cruz is still in a coma six weeks after that attack. later today angry teachers will hold a rally outside the wells fargo bank in downtown oakland. they want banks to pay more taxes. the oakland teachers began their tax protest yesterday. they say many banks and other big companies don't pay their fair share. higher taxes on banks would help ease the growing economic crisis in california's schools. well, the ac transit bus fares are going up. the hikes are set to start august 1st with a 10-cent increase for adults. 5 cents for youth, seniors and the disabled. ac transit says that increase will bring in about $2 million. but it won't be enough to close their $15 million budget deficit. as a result another round of service cuts could come some time next year. hundreds of bay area commuters will leave their cars at home and ride a bike to work today.
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it is the annual bike to work day. ktvu's claudine wong is live in marin this morning along the golden gate bridge where some stations have been set up to help the bikers. >> reporter: that's right. we're just a point. there's been some steady traffic coming through. we have to watch ourselves because sometimes they come through quickly and then stop over here. this is one of those station where is they want you to energize and kind of reward yourself for being green and taking your bike to work this morning. scott with the marin county bicycle coalition how busy are you expecting it today? >> thousands. we have a great day today. last year was foggy and windy and much colder. looking for a good day this year. >> reporter: i see people stopping in here with the bells ringing rewarding them for coming in. do you think you'll see a lot of first timers today? >> i hope we do. i have a number of friends who the first time they commuted after i've talked to them for a long time. we really do try to get the first time new cyclists out and
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giving it a try and seeing where it goes from there. >> reporter: trying to figure out how long it's going to take on your bike versus getting in your car. is it just safety aspect? is it just car? what is it that keeps people off their bikes? >> we think it's mostly safety. the second biggest thing i hear is how am i going to take a shower when i get to work? >> reporter: what's your answer? >> well, hopefully ideally companies would provide shower facilities but i just go into. [ indiscernible ] i save thousands by not driving a car i can afford a gym membership to take a shower. >> reporter: gas i'm sure will be a big motivating factor this morning. >> absolutely. four and a half dollars today who knows where it's going. >> reporter: thank you for joining us this morning. again, you're taking a live look at the golden gate bridge right now as one of the people cycles off maybe to work this
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morning. but taking advantage of really what is a gorgeous morning. talk to the bay area bicycle coalition as well. they say they've gotten a lot of traffic on their website from people getting information about this. they are expecting quite a few people. again, the weather is great. they're hoping to just take a break from that car, get out from behind the wheel and get your helmet on. start it today and maybe continue other days here on out. live at the golden gate bridge, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. she makes us energized even from here. >> yes, she does. >> sal is doing to help everybody negotiate bikes and cars and everything this morning. >> that's right. i already have a few tweets from people who have been biking to work. stacey is one of them. she bikes from bethel island to brentwood. send me a tweet if you want. encourage you to get on your bike and go to work. be safe. drivers of course will be driving to the bay bridge. of course not everyone can bike to work. some people have to take the care. this is a look at traffic coming up to the bay bridge. no major problems. if you want to take transit transit is doing well.
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we checked in with muni, parking lot and ac transit. no significant delays reported by them. northbound 101 san francisco looks okay. yesterday in marin county we had kind of a bad commute. southbound 101 still looks good heading down to 580 in san rafael. at 6:09 -- there it is. southbound 101 looks good from novato to san rafael. 6:09. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have some mostly clear skies partly cloudy skies. fog bank yesterday came roaring in has been chewed up. makes sense. bring cool air aloft nothing to support the heat in the valley. still an on shore wind and a cold front which is falling apart but it's there. as you can see right there produced some light rain northern sacramento valley. not a lot but a little bit. it is a sign of things to come along with that westerly breeze. so the sea breeze isn't going anywhere. upper 40s, mid-40s to 43 santa rosa and also napa. 49 livermore. but then if you have any cloud cover more low to mid-50 san
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jose at 53 degrees. southwest fairfield 10. west-northwest napa at 7. west- northwest oakland airport. that's southwest at 6 at livermore and west 16 at sfo. santa rosa down to san jose say calm but it's going to be a breezy day. all courtesy of this big low dropping down unseasonably cold by the time it arrives sunday, sunday, sunday. today though we'll see some partly sunny to mostly sunny skies. temperatures come up just a tiny bit. mostly sunny, partly cloudy. we're waiting for that big system to roll in here. i think saturday's the best part of the weekend. sunday much, much cooler. rain returns sunday morning. sure looks like it. windy at times. i think the big news will be how cool it's going to be. 50s and 60s for highs. we could have some record low maximum temperatures as we head towards sunday and monday. some patchy low clouds, sunny, breezy and a little warmer today. little chill in the morning air. 60s, upper 6 0z, low 70s and rather breezy through the delta as well. 71 concord.
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72 danville. alameda 63. berkeley 64. 60s, upper 60s to low 70s from fremont to san jose and santa clara valley. peninsula mid to upper 60s. redwood city 66. along the coast 50s or very low 60s in the city. just too much in the way of a westerly breeze. so the cool breeze continues. we'll start to cloud things up. get a south wind on saturday. cloud it up saturday night and there's sunday into monday. looks very unsettled and cool. all right. time now 6:11. happening right now. look at this. the crew of the space shuttle endevour have arrived at kennedy space center in florida getting ready for monday's final launch. you're seeing one of the crew members there at the microphone talking to the news media. you may remember there you see the whole crew. again, this is live pictures. we get to see them. you may remember the shuttle's launch was delayed several times because of mechanical problems. nasa says they've fixed it. again, you see the crew. they've arrived at the kennedy space center. they're ready to go. we'll check on some of the
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comments they've made already a little later on. well, nato launches more air strikes in libya. the target of those overnight strikes. also the new jobless report just came out. why the labor department says it hasn't seen one like this in months.
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welcome back. 6:15.
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we're watching washington d.c. there's senator from utah right here. this is a hearing happening as we speak live. they're investigating high gasoline prices and the tax incentives given to the oil companies. now as that hearing gets underway, executives from the nation's five largest oil companies will be testifying before the senate committee. and as our reporter allison burns reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, the oil companies are fighting to keep some controversial tax breaks. allison. >> reporter: dave, that's right. the capitol hill paper lit koa is calling it the annual perk walk for big oil. let's get back to a live look at the hearing room. senators are making opening statements now. soon executives from bp, shelve ron, exson and shell. grilling them why they need tax breaks when they have such big profits and americans are already paying so much to fill up their gas tanks. >> the average motorist pulls up at that pump they're hit
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with a double whammy. the high price of gasoline. and then some of their tax dollars are going to subsidize exxonn mobile and shelve ron. >> executives will fight back saying it's unfair to single out their industry from a tax break available to all manufacturers. the head of conoco says the democrats plan to strip the subsidies is un-american and discriminatory. more live coverage of their testimony in my next update in about an hour. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. we're following some breaking news out of libya. cnn is reporting that the rebels fighting against moammar gadafi have now taken over control of the city of misrata. there's been fierce fighting for weeks between the rebels and libyan government troops. we do not have independent of the rebels claim to be in control of the city. we will continue to follow that story. overnight nato air strikes
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hit libyan leader moammar gadafi's compound in tripoli. it was the second nato attack on tripoli in 48 hours. several sites in the compound were hit as part of nato's effort to weaken the libyan leader's resistance to a three month old rebellion. doctors in tripoli say at least two people were killed in the air strikes. 6:17. pakistan's intelligence agency says u.s. drone missiles killed three suspected rebels in a triable region right near the afghan border. now militants have been using this area to cross over into afghanistan to fight against u.s. and nato forces. this was the second u.s. missile strike in pakistan since last week's commando raid that killed osama bin laden. well, the washington post reports the families of the detainees at guantanamo bay may be allowed to visit them. the paper says the red cross has been in serious discussions with the pentagon about a visitation program. some of the detainees have been at guantanamo for almost ten
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years. the red cross right now facilitates video conferences between the detainees and their families. oakland police are asking for the public's help to identify two possible suspects in a deadly shooting at an auto zone store. take a look at the surveillance photo. this was taken outside the store on december 19, 2009. now one man shown there is believed to be in his 20s. he's 6 feet tall. the second man in another photo is also believed to be in his 20s. he's about 5'8". police say the two men may be tied to the fatal shooting of a 59-year-old security guard. time now 6:19. the city of brentwood may form its own fire agency. right now brentwood is part of the east contra costa fire district. but that agency which is paid for by property taxes has been hit hard by the housing crash. brentwood city council says it's looking at options in the event the east contra costa fire district runs out of money. they'll decide whether to break away later this month. a state appeals court ruled
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that the public has the right to know the level of pension benefits of retired county employees. the court said the names, benefits and the work histories of retired county employees are public information. it's not protected by california privacy laws. public employee pensions have become a focus of controversy as state and local governments look for ways to cut costs to reduce the budget deficits. right now it is 6:19. want to go back to sal to check in on the commute. sal. all right. and today is bike to work day as we've been talking about. be careful and watch for the bicyclists. there may be more on the side of the road driving their bikes on the road on your commute. westbound bay bridge you won't see them here. the bay bridge right now looks pretty good. they've switched on the metering lights. soon we're going to start seeing more of a delay here. right now it hasn't really become severe. we're hoping it stays light. 237 also looking good as you drive into the valley. by the way, 880 no major problems this morning.
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yesterday 580 was so slow i just want to remind drivers or tell drivers that 580 so far looks good through castro valley because yesterday was really awful. southbound 101 looks okay in marin. westbound 80 driving in from vallejo and richmond still at the speed limit. at 6:20 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have a little bit better weather today. more sunshine. slightly warmer. not a lot. still partly cloudies out there. and fog bank which was very pronounced yesterday kind of chewed up. we have cooler air coming in aloft a cold front but there's still patchy low clouds out there. not going to be that much warmer. i think we get more sunshine today. breezy at times, slightly warmer, partly to mostly sunny skies. the big news will be on the weekend as the cooler weather spills in and significantly cooler pattern into sunday and then maybe a very rainy pattern early next week. more on that in a second here. but our system moving in is falling apart. that's also pushing in some patchy low clouds. 40s and 50s on the temps. that's cool for santa rosa and napa at 43. big low coming in is not only
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going to play into our weather today but already the way into middle of next week. patchy low clouds but there will be sunshine today. little more than we saw yesterday. breezy and only slightly warmer. 50s, 60s and low to mid-70s. we keep this going as far as partly sunny, partly cloudy into friday and we cloud it up on sunday. sunday a lot going on bay to breakers and the bike race they may have to deal with snow. it starts at the squaw valley and they're talking about snow down below 4,000 feet f. you're heading up there, prepare for snow. believe it or not. >> that's crazy, steve. all right. thanks for the warning. food news from the labor department this morning. first time unemployment claims are down. the government says 434,000 people filed initial claims last week, but that is a drop of 44,000 and the steepest decline since february of last year. but economists also say levels would have to be below 375,000 for the weekly losses to --
6:23 am
weekly claims that is to indicate job growth is sustainable. also this morning nissan announced it made a $380 million profit in its most recent quarter. that's after posting a nearly $100 million loss during the same time last year. good news is clouded by uncertainty about productivity in the coming months. like most other japanese car makers, nissan and its suppliers are badly hurt by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. time now 6:22. a wild story. a man lives to tell his story. a pole literally tore through his face. we'll tell you how it happened. and more trouble for san francisco's police department. the new allegations of officer misconduct. good morning. westbound interstate 80 getting more crowded on the way out to the macarthur maze. tell you more about the morning commute and all about people biking to work straight ahead.
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good morning. right now traffic is moving along pretty nicely. san francisco northbound 101 approaching the 80 split no major problems getting downtown. 6:26. let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you. a las vegas' man medical miracle. look at this picture. he survived the unthinkable.
6:27 am
for some reason he passed out while driving, his car went off the road, smashed through a fence. the pole went through his windshield and an x-ray shows the pole went through his face. >> it was a few days later i woke up and they kind of slowly worked me into it. they didn't tell me hey you had a pipe go through your face. they said you know you were in an accident. you had to have surgery on your neck. you're going to be fine. >> he lost some teeth and has a lot of scars but otherwise is okay. he also says he doesn't remember a thing about the crash. a new video has sparked more allegations of misconduct by san francisco police. public defender released this surveillance footage. now he says it shows six plain clothed officers arresting san anna for possession of crack cocaine. it happened in the jefferson residential hotel last december. now the man arrested says the officers searched his room without his consent and took a duffel bag filled with his
6:28 am
stuff. a judge dismissed his drug case last week. police chief has launched an investigation and the f.b.i. is investigating eight other san francisco police officers accused of misconduct related to drug searches. time is now 6:27. gang violence in an unlikely location. new info on a deadly attack in a normally quiet bay area neighborhood. >> reporter: and new information about a former drug officer facing allegations involving prostitution. we're live in pleasant hill. and quite a few things today could effect stocks. the opening bell's about to ring. pam will have all the numbers.
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welcome back to the morning news. just ringing that opening bell in new york this morning. fewer people filing for unemployment claims in the last
6:31 am
week. but it's sort of good news, bad news as is the retail sector. a lot of things effecting wall street this morning. look live to the trading floor on the new york stock exchange. get you numbers in just a moment. all right. smile and say good morning to you. welcome to ktvu morning news thursday may 12. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. a contra costa county drug cop appears to be in even more hot water. jade hernandez is joining us live in pleasant hill to tell us about some new accusations. >> reporter: that's right. i just got off the phone with norm's attorney. you're going to hear what he has to say during mornings on 2. but we can tell you this morning he flatly denies his client was involved in running a brothel right here in pleasant hill across the street at this business park. the former drug officer is once again facing accusations which put him on the other side of the law. private investigator chris butler, former friend of norm's
6:32 am
has made the allegations. he's already been accused of stealing and reselling drugs confiscated during drug busts. and welsh, the former head of the central contra costa narcotics team forced prosecutors at one point to review 40 cases which he'd been a part of. the east bay police officer was also tainted by his part in a botched drug raid which left an innocent man dead. but michael, his attorney, says this time butler is lying and tried to lessen his time in state prison. as i mentioned you'll you'll hear from him on mornings on 2. we'll hear more about what he has to say about his client coming up. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:32. we're looking live. washington d.c. president obama speaking at the national hispanic prayer breakfast. we'll listen in for just a moment if we can. >> was in el paso a couple days ago to give a speech on this topic. and when i said in that speech was that we define ourselves as a nation of immigrants.
6:33 am
as a nation that's open to anyone who's willing to embrace america's prefix and ideals. so many men and women have braved hardship and risk to come here. picking up and leaving behind the world that they knew. carrying nothing but the hope that here in america their children might live a better life. our heritage as a nation of immigrants is part of what has always made america strong. out of many that is our creed. and we are also a nation of loss. >> we've been listening live to president obama just a few minutes here at the national hispanic prayer breakfast in washington d.c. as he's reaching out to the hispanic and latinos community. we'll have more details about this a little later on. gang violence on the
6:34 am
streets of san rafael. one man is dead. it happened yesterday evening in the usually peaceful gerstle park neighborhood. ktvu's kraig debro joins us now from san rafael with new information. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, pam. the local paper has some new information about what happened. they spoke to a person who was inside the house on woods on b street just less than a mile away from woods by all accounts according to police the man who received the fatal wounds here on b street. this morning we got information on the independent that says they talked to somebody at home where the man was involved in a fight who went for help on another street about a mile from here on b street. police say the 21-year-old man who died staggered to a home on wood street and later died at a hospital. the person at the home said the man came running up the driveway saying help me, help me, and i can't breathe just before collapsing. the witness told the paper other people in a red ford
6:35 am
explorer tried to tell the victim not to leave the car. the explorer sped off as another vehicle came bearing down on them. turns out the people in both these vehicles had already battled minutes earlier. >> right prior to this call we had a couple reports of two cars and some people armed possibly with bats or sticks down on b street and in the gerstle park area. >> reporter: she says at the same time medical crews were arriving at marin county with the stabbing victim two other people believed to be involved in the deadly fight sought treatment at the emergency room in the same hospital. they got treatment and police are questioning them about why and what happened. neighbors gave detailed descriptions of both vehicles. they would later stop an explorer based on those description and detain the people inside. in the meantime the second vehicle is outstanding. it is described as a white pontiac with a california license plate number 3ulg274.
6:36 am
we're still in the middle of trying to speak with people on the street about what they saw and go to wood street and try to talk to the person in the house where the man tried to get help from. reporting live in san rafael, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. today we can learn some critical new details about that shooting at san jose state including the names of the three people who died. police are investigating the case as a murder-suicide. the shooting happened on wednesday night in the tenth street parking garage. the police say the three victims are connected to the school but haven't said whether or not if they were students as they try to locate each of the victims' family. the deaths bring the total number of homicides in san jose to 20 for this year. that's the same number the city had for all of last year. in 2009 there were also 20 homicides. mayor chuck reed says san jose is still -- he says san jose is still one of the safest cities despite the spike in homicide rates. time now 6:36.
6:37 am
police are calling this a case of severe child abuse. this morning a 3-year-old girl is in a south bay hospital. her mother is in police custody facing felony charges. and a search is underway for the mother's ex-boyfriend. police are desperately searching for 31-year-old jane marin and her daughter after getting reports the child was being abused in a home in campbell. last night police tracked them down to a supermarket parking lot in san jose. >> it's an area where we had some information that she may have had some friends in that area. so they developed some leads that she was possibly going to this particular parking lot. and they set up in the parking lot and located them. >> now police are still searching for the woman's ex- boyfriend identified as 35-year- old george rodriguez. at this point police aren't giving the details of child abuse in the investigation fearing that could jeopardize the case. that little girl is in the hospital and in child protective services. parents in novato are being warned about a dangerous
6:38 am
homemade explosive called a bottle bomb. the explosive devices are made from drink containers filled with drain-o or other household chemicals. police say there have been reports of these devices in novato in the past two weeks. the novato school district sent out an e-mail warning to all schools. >> the fluid is boiling hot. and if it explodes with great force then you can actually lose fingers. >> i find it pretty alarming and scary because that's something easily a child could pick up. >> police say so far no one in novato has been injured by a bottle bomb, but officers did arrest a group of teenagers in january for making and setting off some of those bombs in an open space area. time now 6:38. the 100th running of the bay to breakers case kicks off this sunday in san francisco. there are going to be some major changes. in past years this has been the excuse for a lot of people to just let loose and have a party. but the police are cracking down this year with a zero
6:39 am
tolerance for alcohol and public drunkenness. >> there will be police officers and race officials on the look out for folks with alcoholic beverage and we'll be confiscating those beverages and dig posing of them. >> there will be a number of security check points all along the race course. police are not saying exactly where they're going to set them up. floats are also banned. and every runner will have to be registered. some people tell us they still plan to walk along the course without a registration number. now we've posted more details about this weekend's bay to breakers race on our channel 2 website at you'll find the route and schedule of events in the right now section. all right. we're keeping an eye on the roads today because people are biking to work. you heard some people biking in redwood city, sal? that's right. we're at the cal train station. got a tweet from someone saying bike to workday may make it tougher on cal train because more people bring their bikes and then somebody else said i don't think it's going to be a problem. anyway, here we are in redwood
6:40 am
city. a lot of people have their bikes there obviously. this is a little bike to workstation that we're finding all over the bay area in honor of bike to workday they're going to be helping you out especially if you're a first time bike rider be careful out there. if you're a driver, today's the day -- well, every day's the day not to text but today is especially important just to keep your eyes on the road and put the cell phone out of your reach so you won't be tempted to use it. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. that's backed up for about a five minute delay. no major problems getting into san francisco. this morning's drive in san francisco southbound 101 at third street they're clearing an accident. it was in the lanes. maybe a little bit slow getting out of the city. nothing like it was the other day but you might see some slow traffic there. on the peninsula traffic looks good on 101 and 280. 6:40. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have a bit better pattern today. not a lot. still on the cool side for many 50s and 60s. there has been a disruption of some of the fog bank. still low clouds around today. and the breeze isn't going
6:41 am
anywhere. it will be out of the west- southwest. breezy at times. just slightly warmer probably more inland than anywhere else. partly to mostly sunny. cooling trend continues and will it ever. it will be about 20 degrees below average by the time we get to sunday on the high temps. may be some highs on mendocino county lake county that don't get out of the 50s by sunday. which deserves a wow for this time of year. we had one system came in yesterday that enhanced the fog. now you get the cooler air aloft that tends to chew it up. the fog needs some support and heat in the valley. there's hardly any heat in the valley as temperatures only in the 70s. that one system falling apart has produced some low clouds over us. but 40s and 50s. 43 little chill in the morning air. little bite there. napa and also santa rosa at 43. but 54 redwood city and also hayward. southwest wind at fairfield, delta breeze is there. west-northwest oakland. west at sfo. southwest at livermore. even concord with a south- southwest. santa rosa to san jose say calm. it will be a breezy day.
6:42 am
the big story on the weekend will be this developing low topping right down out of a very cold region. that would be the gulf of alaska. it's going to drop down and move over us. sunday bay to breakers i would prepare for rain. if you're heading to tahoe for the bike race, they're all talking about snow sunday morning maybe down to 4,000 feet as this really cold system begins to move in. patchy clouds, sunny today, breezy. we'll see a little bit -- i'd say the same on friday and then start to cloud it up on saturday. sunday's the main day. very windy and very cold for this time of year as temperatures plunge. fog, low clouds, sun, breezy, slightly warmer but it's a chilly morning out there especially if you get that west wind. 50s, 60s close to the beaches. 60s upper 60s or low 70s inland. couple mid-70s antioch, brentwood. berkeley 64. walnut creek 71. 71 saratoga. santa clara, sunny vale 68. same woodside. san bruno only 61.
6:43 am
dc upper 50s. san francisco 62. just not very warm in this pattern. not much is going to change. saturday the wind picks up out of the south and cloud it up on sunday. the big news could be next tuesday when moderate rain moves in. >> wow. all right, steve. time now 6:42. we're now hearing from members of congress. they've seen the osama bin laden death photos. >> the revealing shots, really, i thought, the pictures were the three that were taken on the u.s.s. vincent in the northern arabian sea. >> like to hear more of how they're describing those images. good morning. there's cal train. and there are the bikes. some people may be taking their bikes on cal train for this bike to workday. let you know more about bike to workday and how many people we've seen out there doing it today.
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6:46 am
good morning to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:46. this morning police in san rafael are investigating a deadly stabbing tied to violent street gangs. it happened early yesterday evening in the usually peaceful gerstle park neighborhood. one person was killed. two others were hurt. today san jose police may tell us the names of the three people killed in a wednesday night shooting. it happened in a parking garage on the san jose state
6:47 am
university campus. that shooting's being investigated as a murder- suicide. and right now in washington d.c -- this is a live picture, a hearing is underway. senators are investigating high gasoline prices and the oil companies' tax incentives. executives from the top five oil companies are there. they're testifying. some democrats are calling for an end to tax breaks for oil companies especially at a time when the oil companies are making record profits. we're now hearing from some members of congress who have seen the osama bin laden death photos. >> fifteen pictures. the first 12 were taken in the compound right -- obviously right aft incident took place. they're pretty grueling. the other three were taken on this ship and included the burial at sea. >> members of senate and house committees that deal with military matters have been
6:48 am
invited to see the photos at headquarters in virginia but they're not allowed to take any copies of the photos. time now 6:47. the government may decide to open the flood gates along the mississippi river. that would send millions of gallons of water into areas that are still safe for now as one way to save bigger cities further downstream. it's already too late for residents in the tiny town. look at this. overnight all but four of the 300 houses there had water inside. some people say it may be a month before they're even allowed to find out if they have anything left in their homes. thousands of people spent the night outdoors in a spanish city after the worst earthquakes in 50 years. at least eight people died in the city when it was hit with two earthquakes magnitudes 5.1 and 4.5. crowds of people bundled up and slept in the main plaza there too afraid to be inside.
6:49 am
that's just incredible. a camera caught those large chunks of stone and brick falling from the facade of a church. can see some debris falling on cars crushing in the roofs. the city sits near a fault line that registers thousands of earthquakes every year but most of them are too small to be felt. time now 6:48. let's go to sal now. is the commute awake yet, sal? >> i would say so, dave. a lot of people up early for bike to work day. you can see people out there biking to work. just got a tweet from albert who says he'll be riding from fremont to oakland and says it's kind of breezy out there. he recommends arm warmers if you're a bike rider i guess you know what that is. this bike rider just about to get his bike onto cal train. and it might be a little bit crowded today. get there early. get there on time at least. some of the bike cars may be just a bit crowded. move along and take a look at
6:50 am
westbound -- those look like moto cross bikes to me. any way, westbound 92 traffic on the san mateo bridge looks good heading to the high-rise. this morning if you're in the santa cruz mountains traffic is moving well into the valley. no major problems coming up into the main part of couper tee know or sunny vale for your job in the silicon valley. 6:49. let's go steve. thank you, very good morning. usually by this time of year i have my feet up on the desk and talking about fog inland. that's not the case. a very active pattern -- well, it started yesterday will carry us into early next week as temperatures go way below average. we might go from really very cold to very wet. today we get a little break in that the fog bank has been chewed up. partly sunny skies out there it will be breezy as sal just touched on those of you out bicycling. it's a pretty good little breeze for some and a west wind. tomorrow morning patchy low clouds and fog minor warning. just tiny bit warmer. the big news will be for the weekend much colder.
6:51 am
not cooler, colder. and it sure looks like rain moves in sunday morning. possibility of thundershowers. next tuesday there's some projections of not just a little bit of rain but maybe a lot of rain. don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. today we have a bit of a break in some of those clouds. almost ten or eleven degree spread between north bay and towards the peninsula and east bay. the west wind not going anywhere. it's in place. we still get the sea breeze. it's a cool pattern. it's going to get even cooler as that low drops in. it will set up and move over us. but not until sunday. we have a couple days to ease into this. all that points towards dragging in on sunday. sunday a very important day for many. the bike race up in the sierra. they may be dealing with snow. saturday i think we get a break. increasing clouds and a south wind. might be mild. sunday temperatures plunge good 15 to 20 degrees below average. some patchy low clouds. some sun. little warmer. not a lot.
6:52 am
but a little bit. chilly morning for many especially if you have the 40s and get a breeze. 50s, 60s or low to mid-70s. not much warmer around the bay. still mid-60s. carry that to the peninsula and also the south bay as well. tomorrow i don't see much difference. saturday increasing clouds. rain could start saturday night but more likely sunday morning and possibility of thundershowers and really cool around here. all right. this morning's report shows retail sales are up for the tenth month in a row. americans spent more on clothing, cars and gasoline during april but most of the gain came from higher gas prices. now the retailers are worried that higher fuel costs will leave drivers with less money to spend on other items and that could slow down the overall economic recovery. a lot of mixed news this morning on wall street effecting stocks today. the numbers are down. dow jones off 82 points right now. nasdaq and s&p 500 also down. they're all down just about a half of a percent. that's following the losses in asia and europe overnight and
6:53 am
this morning. his personal page back on facebook. not the one who founded the social networking site, the indiana bankruptcy attorney with the same first and last name. he says facebook recently removed his personal page because the company thought he was lying about his name. the palo alto company has apologized to the other mark. that's too funny. time now 6:52. the battle to get more security at napa state hospital is now heading to the capitol. three bills being proposed to help keep nurses and patients safe. the bay area region has seen an unwelcome increase in the pest known as bedbugs. getting crowded out there. if you're taking your car to 237 corridor traffic is moving along okay. so far until you reach 880 then it slows down. we'll tell you more straight ahead. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
6:54 am
the fresh tasting california sour cream your other food loves.
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state lawmakers are aiming to curb violence in california's mental hospitals. sponsors are using increased public awareness after a worker at napa state hospital was murdered late last year. one of the bills would make it illegal for visitors to smuggle contraband into state hospitals. another would make it more difficult to transfer patients from one hospital to another after committing a violent act against other patients or staff members. santa clara county is
6:57 am
seeing an increase in bedbugs. some county officials say the worst may be yet to come because bedbugs are generally reported between july and november. now they don't normally carry diseases, but they can sure bite and leave large welts. they can also hide in small cracks making them really hard to kill without professional help. santa cruz native continues to wow the judges on "american idol." journey favorite don't stop believing. during the judging jennifer lopez told him he can sing anything. the elimination is tonight. you can watch it right here on ktvu at 8:00 tonight. last night was amazing. judges were pretty hard on haley. we're looking at everything around the bay area. so far the east shore freeway and 80 looking pretty good driving down to a relatively
6:58 am
uncrowded bay bridge toll plaza. just a little bit of a wait. metering lights are on. now let's go to steve. sal, partly cloudy. slightly warmer inland. some breeze though keeping kind of temperatures held in check about the same friday. we start to cloud it up saturday. sunday looks like morning rain and then turning much, much colder. more coming up on mornings on 2. pam and dave. thank you, steve. also coming up next on mornings on 2, he's been behind bars since he was 18. an inmate leaves san quentin today after nearly a quarter century. also a new way to fight obesity among kids. you might call it the calorie camera. stay right here with us.
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