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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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flames force an 81-year-old woman from her home this morning. we have a live report coming up. there are still problems right now after san francisco fire and police dispatch system went down yesterday. what it means for public safety. a senior prank gets out of hand and now the entire senior class at one east bay school may be dealing with the consequences. we'll tell you about the punishment that has some parents upset. education rally as the governor releases budgets details. good morning, to you.
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welcome to a brand new day it's friday, may 13th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paul son for the friday the 13th forecast. >> we have mostly clear skies. it will be mostly sunny. breezy at times. 60s and 70s. the big news on the weekend. today is all right. we'll have that timing on the weekend and what looks like a cold system coming in for sunday. here's an update on your traffic. interstate 880 traffic looks nice if you are driving from hayward all the way to oakland it should be a decent drive for you. and also if you are driving on interstate 80 right now is a nice time to do it. traffic is mostly at the speed limit. let's go back to the desk. an elderly woman is in the hospital after an overnight house fire in concord. it started shortly after 2:00 a.m. the the woman's home. ktvu jade hernandez tells us investigators have traced the
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fire to the kitchen. >> reporter: that is right. firefighters left a few hours ago. you can see this morning crews are working to board the home up and what is left. a neighbor in the back noticed flames shooting from the home around 2:15 and called for help immediately. after they arrived the 81-year- old woman homeowner had already made her way outside the home. paramedics still had to take the woman to the hospital though she suffered from smoke inhalation. the woman will be all right but her home will not. >> the initial fire was reported in the kitchen area. that's where the most damage was. we're at $150,000 and it was started accidentally with a cooking fire. >> reporter: this one alarm fire has left the structure uninhappennable this -- uninhabitable this morning. the battalion chief told us the 81-year-old woman left something on the stove and fell
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asleep. that is the cause for the flames this morning. of course she is still in the hospital. she suffered from smoke inla hahlation. reporting live from concord jade hernandez. time now 6:02 more problems for that computer system for san francisco police and firefighters. a backup system should be in place but police officers we talked to this morning are telling eastleigh still getting a-- telling us they are still getting assignments over the radio. also this is the second computer failure for san francisco's emergency services. the last incident happened new years eve the same night the big apartment fire that left 50 homeless. the department says it was able to answer all the calls that night despite that technical glitch. firefighters in monterey county have been up all night keeping an eye on a fast moving
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wild fire. it started burning at 6:00 last night on the north side of highway 146. that is near mets road and east of solidad. high winds and temperatures helped fuel the fire from 30 to 600 acres. a quick response from firefighters appears to be working. con tamement is at about 30% this morning. overnight we checked in with cal fire they are telling us about the difficulties crews are facing in the field. >> firefighters are facing some really steep terrain and flashy fuels. a lot of grass is already cured. the brush is surprisingly dry for this time of year. >> cal fire also says they should have a better idea of their progress sometime this morning. the city of oakland considering closing five of its
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fire stations. 7, 25, 28, and 29. one of the stations is especially critical for some residents. it sits on top of one of the hills that burn the in the 1991 fire storm. they consider this one of the worst case scenarios propose evidence by mayor jean quan. today teachers will stage rallies throughout the state including in san francisco to protest education cuts. educators took over the state capitol last night. 26 teachers were led away handcuffs after refusing to budge. the cta wants lawmakers to vote on tax extensions to avoid deeper cuts. we are learning about one area where governor brown plans to make cuts when he releases his revised budget on monday. his proposal will call for eliminating the california
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unemployment insurance appeals board. that will save $1.2 million. that board is mostly made up of former lawmakers and it has been highly criticized because they each make about $128,000 a year despite rarely meeting. time now 6:05. the entire senior class at a high school in hayward is being punished following a big food fight in the cafeteria. allie rasmus is live at leadership high school where parents will be showing up to get the punishments reduced. >> reporter: those parents are upset. the food fight was o.k. ark -- was orchestrated by a group of 30 students and in that case it's not fair to punish the entire senior class. this food fight and this is amateur video of it happened yesterday. it was supposed to be just a senior prank but the schools principal today ktvu one of the students got hurt in this food fight and had to be checked out at the hospital.
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so the punishment for this stunt no senior prom, no senior graduation trip to disney land. both have within canceled by administrators. some importants are upset about that decision. they say they are over reacting. >> that's a slap in the face. i mean to the good kids. to the kids that didn't participate in it. my daughter wasn't even in the cafeteria. >> reporter: the school's principal because one student was hurt and others could have been hurt, the students need to be punished. >> there are consequences that will be both for individual students but also for the whole school community in terms of what makes sense. >> reporter: there was no damage to the cafeteria. some of the students who work in the cafeteria helped mop up the mess. this morning a few parents say they plan on coming to the school to talk to administrators and ask them to lighten this punishment. reporting live in hayward allie
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rasmus. it's happening now. it will be a busy morning outside the shark tank in san jose. take a look there live this morning. tickets for the next round of the playoffs go on sale at 10:00 this morning. the sharks are moving on to the western conference finals because they defeated the detroit red wings in game seven of thirds series. they will now face the vancouver canucks. that series begins sunday in canada. 6:07. san jose state university has named the three people killed. 25-year-old caliguiran and williams were both accounting majors. they would have graduated next month. the woman's husband 54-year-old napoleon caliguiran shot and killed them at a campus garage and turned the gun on himself. the motive still not clear. >> we are still trying to determine questions around relationships what happened and frankly i think the bottom line
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is that we won't know. everybody who knows for sure has passed away. >> one san jose state professor told ktvu the two students were not linked romanticically. he believes the young woman may have offered to give williams a ride home. williams also was married. a car chase and shootout are planned in downtown san francisco this weekend. the filming begins at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. it will go until 8:00 tomorrow night. several streets may be off limit but you should have access to your home through the the day. the commercial is to recreate the car chase scene from the 1968 film bullet. >> with steve mcqueen. >> very good. everything sal tells us is real about the commute. >> it is. it is real. right now traffic is moving along okay. it's friday the day after thursday the day before
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saturday. on 80 westbound with no major problems. and this mornings commute at the bay bridge toll plaza let's hope it stays light. no major problems on to the upper deck of the bay bridge so far. if you are driving on the peninsula let's say you're getting to the airport right now it's a good time to do it. 6:09 let's go to steve. >> thank you. we have mostly sunny skies. this system is lifting north in advance of a very strong cold low which is dropping in to the west. as it does it drops and then starts to move in tomorrow. 40 in napa. it was 39 but now they are 40. low 40s san rafael. san jose under clear skies. it looks like there was a patch or two of clear skies. west, southwest at firefield 21 miles an hour. south at concord. west, southwest at oakland. in advanced of that system we will get a southerly breeze or south westerly wind.
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it will still be mild for some. on the cool side for others. this system will be in here saturday. it's really the low which that is dropping in that will swing in here sunday for some very interesting weather. it will be colder no doubt about it. rain should return by saturday night. if not it will be here overnight and sunday thunderstorms are likely. i mean especially out in the valley. you get days like this may if this system came in january or february it would be like whole hum. since it's coming in may it packs a pretty good punch. mostly sunny mild to warm. a few high clouds mainly to the north. overall it looks like a nice friday. 70s clear lake. napa at 72. 70 san rafael. 63 live monday. 76 brooklyn. 72 pleasanton. we will go 76 in gilroy. same for areas in the santa
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clara valley mid 70s but then 60s and 70s. and then 60s to 70s on the peninsula. on the coast 50s to very low 60s. too much of that on shore wind. clouds roll in saturday. the wind picks up. we will start rain late and carry it into sunday morning. >> oh boy. defense secretary robert gates is not happy about the details being released about the raid on osama bin laden. the promise gates says was made but isn't being kept. another step forward with the proposed expansion of the hospital.
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welcome back. the taliban says the bombing that killed at least 80 people at a military center in pakistan it was revenge for the killing of osama bin laden. two bombers blew themselves upright outside the centers main gate. most of the victims were in training learning to fight al qaeda. defense secretary robert gates says he's looking for new ways to improve security for navy seals and their families. as ktvu alison burns reports gates is concerned about the amount of information that has been revealed. >> reporter: secretary gates made the comments during an address at camp l.a. june. everyone in the white house situation room agreed to keep
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the details a secret but that all fell apart the next day as specific information was revealed to the press. the navy seals involved in the attack and families have expressed concern to him about their personal safety. >> the one thing i will tell you though is i think there has been a consistent and effective effort to protect the identities of those who participated in the raid and i think that has to continue. >> reporter: meanwhile cbs news reports the comados involved in the raid were equipped with tiny cameras on their helmets to tape the situation. for now we are live in washington, d.c. i'm alison burns. is being tied to the murder of an 18- year-old san diego man. three teenagers posted a phony
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ad on craigslist. an 18-year-old man and his girlfriend responded. that's when the teens robbed the 18-year-old and girlfriend before shooting the 18-year- old. all three teens have since been arrested. facebook now says it should have been more open about its campaign to expose google privacy violation. the palo alto company admits it hired a public relations girl to try to plant negative sister stories. this shows facebook considers google its major rival for online advertising. a former san francisco police officer has been ordered to stand trial now on bribery charges. paul is accused of taking bribes from cab drivers in exchange for giving them passing grades on the written exam needed to get a permit. he was arrested last november for allegedly taking $100 from taxi driver applicants over the course of two years. he was here tired in 2009.
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stanford hospital expansion is one step closer to reality. on wednesday a palo alto city commission recommended approval of a critical environment fall analysis. it includes construction of a new hospital and clinic and the expansion of the children's hospital. it's expected to bring in more than 2,000 new jobs to the city. palo alto city council is scheduled to vote. a new census bureau shows the homeless population jumped 17% in the last two years. analysts blame the troubled economy. this report is a big disappointment for county leaders. they have been spending $10 million a year to prevent people from losing their homes. san francisco's municipal transportation agency is on pace to exceed the overtime budget by $18 million.
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muni says they need 1500 operators to provide the scheduled service every day but they are usually down about 300 drivers any given day. so muni says they either miss runs or pay drivers overtime to cover the shifts. the overtime spending still falls within the agencies overall staffing budget. san francisco supervisors say they want to hear am specific plan for reducing the overtime spending. it's 6:18. sal is back. you're watching everything including highway 14. >> we are watching highway 24 and so far so good when it comes to the morning commute. this is a look at lafayette live traffic here. traffic is looking good. we are hoping on this friday that things will be lighter than they normally are. no major problems westbound bay bridge the traffic is light coming into san francisco. we've been you know not a lot to do in the traffic have center. that is the way we like its. we're waiting around to see if it will get busier. traffic is moving well in both
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directions here. steve i have am tweet saying does steve have a twitter account? can you tell them? >> sp weather. you can write me and talk about anything. we do have mostly clear skies on this friday morning. it will be good to go. today sunrise over the big city. we have clear skies. a few high clouds will come in later but not before we have an awesome day. it's tomorrow things change. and sunday it will get really cold around here. today we're lining yourselves. the wind is turning southerly. 40s and 50s. 49 hayward. 49 santa rosa. there was 39 sonoma county airport. it's going to take another day before the whole complex system rotates in. it will by friday night into sunday. mostly sunny mild to warm. high clouds. chilly morning. low -- layers.
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upper 60s as you work your way inland. clouds roll in. saturday night into sunday morning a cold rain moves in. pam and dave. in the last hour the government announced consumer prices are up again. the labor department estimates prices rose .04%. consumers prices were up .02% open overall consumer prices have jumped 3.2% in the last 12 months. that's the biggest increase in 2.5 years. something that is down mortgage rates. they are at the lowest point of the year. they could get near their lowest levels in decades again. the average interest rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage just about 4.6%. that is according to freddy
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mac. last november rates were four tenths of a percent lower. our time now 6:21. a real tragedy on north america's highest mountain peak. the sharks did it. they are moving on in the stanley cup playoffs. who lead the way and when you can buy tickets for the next playoff round. good morning, northbound 101 san jose that traffic is looking pretty good getting up to the 880 interchange. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. ♪ you'll run outside
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good morning, if you are driving around the south bay it looks pretty good. no major issues in the south bay at this time. 6:25 let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. crowds had been flocking to the tops of the louisiana levies to get am view of the record flooding but that will not be allowed today. now only police and emergency crews will be there as they prepare to open a massive spillway in an effort to keep the waters out of baton rouge and new orleans. the water will move to smaller towns around the way. we will have a live report
6:26 am
from vicksburg mississippi coming up in ten minutes. >> a climber has been found dead on north america's highest peak. they were part of the team that fell late wednesday or early thursday. climbers body was recovered yesterday and an injured member of the team was rescued after suffering a broken leg. the two others were able to make it to a camp. santa cruz police arrested a man that beat and sexually assaulted a woman. that was thanks to a dna match to a previous crime. 18-year-old octavio is accused of the attack on a 18-year-old woman back in october. when police did an initial dna search nothing turned up. but then he was arrested in february because of an auto burglary. the san jose sharks are
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heading to the western conference finals of the stanley cup playoffs. it came down to game seven after the sharks missed three chances to win their series against detroit. goals by seth geechee -- setoguchi and couture. >> i am feeling so much better now. and it was such a great game. fantastic. >> is the curse over? >> the curse is over. the curse is over. >> the sharks now face the vancouver canucks. that starts sunday in canada. tickets for all home games go on sale at 10:00 a.m.. california big bike race is set to begin this weekend. weather could be a major factor though. the first stage is scheduled to start in sunday in south lake tahoe. the forecast calls for snow and
6:28 am
breezy conditions in the lake tahoe area. it will billion tough on the cyclists. they are working on several contingency plans. they have made it clear that safety will be their top priority. an elderly woman is in the hospital after an overnight fire in her concord home. how that fire is tied to her late night snack. this morning san francisco police officers tell us there are still problems with communication. we'll tell you what they say is the issue. gas is up. it's taking other things up and probably stocks down this morning. live look at the floor. we'll be back with the opening bell.
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this morning's latest report consumer prices are up. not a surprise because gas prices are up. they just rang that opening bell in new york. that is expected to take stocks down. we will check in on the numbers
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in a moment. >> we will go ahead and smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us on the ktvu morning news it is friday may 13th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. >> in the news an elderly woman is in the hospital after a house fire. investigators traced the start of the fire to her kitchen. the 81-year-old woman fell asleep while she was cooking. >> the initial fire was reported in the kitchen area. and that is where the most damage was. and we're at $150,000. it was started accidentally. >> she was treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters say her home is a total loss. emergency responders are working without high-tech equipment this morning. claudine wong is live in the city with what police officers are saying about the problem.
6:32 am
>> reporter: pam, we're at the hall of justice because we have been talking to police officers out here all morning long. the problem may have started yesterday morning but it's still a problem this morning. we want to make it clear people calling 911 are probably not noticing any change in service. this is an internal issue between 911 dispatchers and police on the street and the technology that will make their lives easier. as you know police cars have laptops in them. when dispatchers get a call the information about the call goes directly to the laptops. that is where the technology is this morning. what dispatchers are doing is communicating the old fashion way. that is getting the job done. it is just according to the officers we talked to making things a little more hectic and sufficient. best example i can give is equating this to the gps in your car. if it doesn't work certainly it didn't mean you can't get to your destination it means it will take a little longer.
6:33 am
we did go over dispatch this morning to see if we can get anyone to talk to this morning to find out how long it will last and really what is causing the problem. we do expect to hear from someone over there in the next hour or so. but we will stay on that and try to talk to folks here at the hall of justice. live here in san francisco claudine wong. time now 6:32. six people were hurt in oakland that included an ac transit bus and a van. now police are still investigating this but witnesses claim the van driver allegedly ran a red light and smashed right into the bus. emergency crews took both of the drivers and four of the bus passengers to the hospital. still no word on how badly the victims were hurt. california republican lawmakers have unvailed their plan to balance the budget. but they call it a gimmick. the proposal would maintain education funding that includes no new taxes but it also relies
6:34 am
on major cuts for the disabled, mentally ill, and early childhood development. the owner of a local child care center says she is worried. >> it also is a big concern because they are laying a good foundation to help make them successful in the school. >> the republicans budget plan also calls for a 10% pay cut for state workers and contains optimistic revenue assumption. bay area commuters that use bart you may notice a quieter, cleaner ride. new cleaners for its trains and replacing all of the wool fabric seat covers. and new maintenance to help soften the grinding noise you hear. bart says the state could take away some of the money it needs to make those improvements. text message could soon be all it takes to report troubles
6:35 am
or problems on bart. bart's board president wants to set up a special phone line where passengers can report unruly passengers. the messages would be relayed to a central call system. time now 6:34. severe weather around the united states is on track to hit an all-time high. so far the nation has been hit by five weather related disasters expected to cost more than $1 billion each. that is according to a new report from a global insurance broker. tornadoes, flooding, storms, they have effected heavily populated areas this year which drives the cost unusually high. the army corp of engineers is trying to lower and minimize the flood damage along the mississippi river this morning. our reporter holly firfer who is in mississippi now surrounded by flood waters, says pretty tough decisions
6:36 am
still ahead for which communities to save. holly. >> reporter: good morning, dave. about 600 residents here in vicksburg have been evacuated. more than two dozen roads and streets in and out of the city have been closed in preparation for when the mississippi river crests next thursday. it hasn't crested yet but we are already five feet above flood stage. i want to show you what that looks like right now. this is a train depot. it's not active. the water is almost halfway up the first floor. they have built temporary levies. you can see the woodpile ons to the left of the buildings. it's pretty dry on the other side but so far so good. people here are crossing their fingers. about 45 businesses have closed, two casinos have closed, two casinos are watching and waiting to close. >> holly, before you go. this could be a disaster for
6:37 am
the people further south of there. how are they preparing for what may hit them? >> yeah. they are preparing by opening up spillways to divert some of the water in the mississippi. the bonnie care spillways they have opened areas there. they are hoping to redirect that water into the gulf of mexico. emergency management officials are watching closely with the army corp of engineers. the morganza spill way which is outside of baton rouge they will have to decide whether or not to open that spillway. that means some low lying areas some towns, some residential areas there may be flooded. >> thanks for explaning that. our reporter. the bay to breakers race is not until sunday but some of the celebrations are starting today. the new race sponsor will hold a special luncheon at noon with some of the elite runners.
6:38 am
this years event will be the 100th running. there will be a ceremony to honor some of the people that have helped shape the race. time now 6:37. sal, it's friday the 13th. you owe us a friday light. >> i would like to give it to you. i think we have it for the most part. i got a tweet there is an accident between a motorcycle and a deer. chps on the scene. let's go outside and take a look at interstate 880 that traffic moves well in best directions. also the morning commute looks good on westbound bay bridge approaches as you come up to the toll plaza with no major delays. also if you are driving on the peninsula it has been a nice drive. across the bay traffic looks good to livermore and castro val lee-- valley. let's go to steve. thank you.
6:39 am
patchy low clouds. it will be a great looking friday. today is all right. just starting off chilly with 40s and 50s and had a couple upper 60s. the system is pulling away from us because the deep and cold low is still digging south. that system aligns itself north to south. the end result we get a sunny to mostly sunny day. saturday increasing clouds for those of you again i realize may. saturday is all right. rain will be developing by evening and the wind will pick up as we see increasing clouds. today we are all right. really cold system moves in for may. that will give us a wide variety of weather including morning rain and possible thunderstorms later in the day. rather blustery and very cool. today though we will start off with 40s and 50s. west, southwest at fairfield. south at concord. everything will turn suddenly.
6:40 am
still a breezy day even though it's sunny. for the coast 50s and 60s. inland we will get 70s. it's what is behind that which is a lot of cold air that comes in late saturday into sunday. a very, very brisk conditions on sunday morning with snow up on the mountains. mostly sunny mild to warm today. it will be a sunny day after the patchy fog. 60s to 70s. 76 in brentwood. hayward 66. pleasantton 72. 70 for woodside. 50s and 60s from san bruno to the coast. clouds roll in cooler and windy on saturday. saturday night rain could start. a very cold day as well. >> thank you, steve. the vice mayor of san carlos has a run in with
6:41 am
police. what he's accused of doing just days after taking control of the city following the mayor's death. a senior prank gets out of hand. we'll tell you why some parents of one east bay high school are upset about the punishment the senior class will have to face. if you are driving on highway 4 looks pretty good driving over the willow pass grade. we will tell you more about the morning commute and have a look at the weekend forecast.
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u.s. investigators say flash drives that received osama bin laden's compound contained somehows of e-mail messages from bin laden to his associates. he put the e-mails on flash drives and had couriers send the messages. a woman is in the hospital after a overnight fire. the 81-year-old homeowner fell asleep while she was cooking. and the computer system used to handle assignments for san francisco police officers and firefighters is still down this morning. the system failed yesterday. that force the dispatchers to manually handle assignments
6:45 am
over the radio. backup system could be in place but police officers we talk to just this morning told us they are still getting assignments over the radio. there will be no prom for the leadership high school all because of a food fight. allie rasmus is live in hayward with how parents hope to get the punishments overturned. >> reporter: that food fight happened in the cafeteria at leadership high school and the punishment no senior prom for the entire senior class and no graduation trip. the food fight was supposed to be an innocent end of the year prank. students and parents say it was organized by about 30 seniors a few days in advanced who organized it via facebook. the schools principal says one student was hurt in the food fight and had to be checked out at the hospital.
6:46 am
the prank is still under investigation and should be consequences for the students directly involved as well as the senior class for a whole. >> sometimes senior classes go too far. this is a devastating thing that happened. we are disappointed in the action of the students but we also believe they can do a lot better. >> some are upset to cancel the prom. they say it's not fair to punish the entire senior class for the actions of a few. >> the administration of this school did not take a step backwards, evaluate the whole thing and then figure out how they will punish people. they didn't do it. they just punished everybody. >> there was no damage to the students cafeteria. they helped mop up the mess yesterday. they on coming to the high school and talking to
6:47 am
administrators asking them to lighten the punishment. school doesn't get started until later this morning. later on this morning we're hoping to talk to students and parents to ask them and get their reaction to the punishment. reporting live in hayward allie rasmus. >> a memorial service will be held today for omar ahmad the san carlos mayor that died of a heart attack on tuesday. the public will attend the memorial that will begin at 3:00 p.m.. the 46-year-old has become mayor in 2007. arrested yesterday on suspicion of dui. he pulled over to answer his cell phone when an officer approached and smelled alcohol an his breath. now kline issued a statement following his arrest it says i understand as a politician we are held to hire standard and if i failed to live up to that
6:48 am
i'm truly sorry. we do not know what his blood alcohol level was. time now 6:47. the legal fight continues over a bay area memorial for the victims of the jones town massacre. an alameda county judge denied a request for a temporary restraining order yesterday on the memorial that is almost completed a the the oakland ever -- at the oakland evergreen cemetery. they do not want it to include the name of jim jones. the man that ordered the massacre. another court hearing is set for may 25th. that is four days before it's expected to be unvailed. tomorrow is the day you can help your local food banks and you don't have to go for. the annual stamp out drive starts tomorrow. you can help by putting out canned goods and nonperishable goods out by your mailbox. the mail carriers will pick them up tomorrow and deliver them to the local food banks.
6:49 am
>> it's a big deal. time now 6:48. sal is watching our commute. can you help us to get where we need to go? >> we can. there is a new accident we found out about. i will tell you about that in a moment. first of all let's take a look at highway 24 westbound. that traffic is moving aokay if you are driving out to the caldecott tunnel it's not that bad just yet. bay bridge toll plaza traffic is moving along nicely. now if the guys in the control room can put up the maps thank you very much. southbound 880 three vehicle accident blocking the two left lanes. a van and a blue sedan. if you are driving from hayward to fremont, you may want to give yourself an extra fewmies.
6:50 am
let's go to steve. yesterday was a fabulous day. now it's chilly over by the coast. a lot of 50s and 60nd i think we will see a repeat performance. we'll have a mostly sunny day. the system we're waiting for will be in here starting saturday and roll in on sunday for an extremely cold pattern. mostly sunny and breezy. increasing clouds saturday. late rain by after 6:00 probably. the wind will crank up and sunday morning looks like rain to me. possibility of thunderstorms and maybe some severe weather out in the valley. you know some of you have to go all the way to kansas or colorado or oklahoma to chase. you might want to think about sunday. it could be this time of year for us a lot of the ingredients will be in place. the ingredients for a nice friday are already in place after the patchy low clouds. our system to the left of your screen will go nowhere today. low 40s to low 50s.
6:51 am
had a couple upper 50s in the north bay. san jose at 48 degrees. one system digging but watch how it does this. there is the low. as that low drops down then it will start to swing in but not until late saturday and sunday. by tomorrow, we start to cloud things up. if you need to play golf, tennis, whatever do it saturday. 55-62 for those highs on sunday. a possibility of thunderstorms. especially out to the valley and reports of hail will come in numerous amounts along with snow up in the mountains. sunday is a crazy day. 50s and 60s to mid 70s for some. especially if you work your way far enough inland. 60s low to mid 70s across the board. we will cloud it up on saturday and bring in rain late saturday and monday morning.
6:52 am
aol is taking a step to become more competitive in the field of video chat. it launched a new service alled av. users get a link and then they can send it to as many as three friends that can all hook up. aol says it doesn't plan to make any money at least for now. sprint is offering new customers up to $175 in credits if they switch from another wireless carrier. customers that buy a smart phone qualify for a $125 credit and individuals that buy a lower end phone gets a $75 credit. sprint says that a two-year contract is required. let's check in on the numbers right flow. live look at the big board. numbers are down. not as much as analysts worried about. it's mostly because of gas prices. no big surprise. the dow jones down about 23
6:53 am
points. time now 6:52. sfo raised security concerns all over the country. in a couple hours from now a man accused of trying to storm a cockpit will go back to court. and disappointment in santa cruz county as american idol favorite james durbin is sent packing. what this all means for the celebration the city has planned in his honor. good morning, westbound 237 that traffic is beginning to get slow. there is also a new accident on the nimitz.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
in just a few hours the man accused of trying to storm the cockpit is due back in court. a judge will hold a bail hearing for al-murisi. the prosecutor argues the immigrant should remain behind bars. she calls him both a flight risk and a possible danger to the community. time now 6:56. this morning san francisco transportation agency will debate on how to make masonic avenue safer. during peak traffic times they may also reduce the number of lanes. some of the neighbors say masonic avenue is just not safe for pedestrians. today's meeting begins at 10:00 a.m. at san francisco city hall.
6:57 am
a lot of people shocked the dream of becoming the next american idol is over for santa cruz james durbin. >> the person with a shot at the finale is scotty mccreery. >> the 22-year-old was sent home last night after nearly 72 million viewers cast votes. the elimination means the durbin day celebration planned for tomorrow at the santa cruz board walk has been canceled. we will get to talk to james durbin live coming up on mornings on two. time now we get to talk to sal. he will get us to where we need to go. >> pam and i have theories we have been talking about on twitter. let's go out and take a look at 880 southbound a new crash at alluvia are doe now. that is good news. let's also move along quickly to the commute at the bay bridge. that is light. 6:57 let's go to steve.
6:58 am
thank you. sunshine mostly sunny. patchy low clouds. it will be gorgeous friday. a little breezy at times. 50s and 60s to lows. mid 70s is when the weekend aprones. that is when everything changes. dave and pam. coming up on mornings on two another crime spree in the bay area. we're talking about a long list of stolen items. and there is new word this morning if wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords will return to congress. ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah!
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