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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 16, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: injured giants' fan bryan stow is scheduledded to return close to home -- scheduled to return close to home. we'll have more coming up. also, right now, president obama is heading south to the flood disaster zone, who he will meet while he's in tennessee. 3, 2 -- 0 and lift-off! >> we showed you the lift-off one hour ago. gabrielle giffords finally gets
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to see her husband go into space. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori cam b it's monday, may 16th -- i'm tori campbell. it's monday, may 16th. bryan stow is scheduled to be transferred to a bay area hospital today. that move comes six weeks after the brutal attack outside of dodger stadium. allie rasmus has been talking with los angeles police. what have they been telling you? >> reporter: well, they say they have no new leads. bryan will fly to san francisco and once there he will go to san francisco's trauma hospital. i just spoke with the hospital spokesperson and she says she has no information about
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exactly when he will arrive. she doesn't know if he will be coming through the main emergency room exist. this is a high-profile case. so they still have to work out some of the logistics of the transfer. once he arrives at the hospital, he will be scene by the chief's neurosurgeon. it was six weeks ago when stow was beaten outside of the stadium. since then, he's been in critical condition. he will be receiving the same type of medical care that he receivedded in los angeles. the difference now, he will be closer to his family for the recovery. stow's family says they are optimistic about his recovery because he's responding well to stimuli. >> if you touch him, he will move. >> i just want to see his eyes open or maybe a smile or -- hi, mom or dad. >> reporter: now, again, los
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angeles police as of this morning, they have no new significant leads in the case. they are still looking for the two men accused of beating bryan stow. they plan to have a press conference and at that press conference, they will supposed to give us some general updates about their investigation. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:02. happening right now, neighbors in menlo park are coming together. it is an effort to save this. just a couple of moments ago we found out the san francisco public utility commission has plans to put that old oak tree on hold -- on hold. this is new. you can see the crowd out there with their signs. coming up at 7:30 we'll have a live report with what may happen next to address the concerns of these neighbors. also coming up at 11:00 this morning, governor jerry brown will release his revised
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state budget proposal. the governor is expected to continue to call for extending higher vehicle sale and personal income taxes. he could also release an internal plan. republicans say tax hikes are unnecessary. it is 7:04. a corte madera beehive is creating a big buzz around neighbors. nicole perlula installed a beehive to teach her kids about ecology. but it's illegal to keep bees in core ta ma zer raw and her neighbor, who is allergic to bee stings, has filed a complaint. perlua plans to speak to the
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council tomorrow night. crews will be doing aerial surveys today for neglected swimming pools. the goal is to locate breeding grounds for potential mosquitoes. property owners are notified of the problem after that. the operation will cover 80 square miles in west san jose, campbell, cup ter peen know, and los gatos. 7:05. well, new this morning, the space shuttle "endeavour" is on its way to the international space station. >> 4, 3, 2 -- 0. and lift-off! for the final launch of "endeavour". >> there it is. you actually saw it launch live. we watched it. beautiful. shuttle launched at 5:56. it's commanded by mark kelly, the husband of gabrielle giffords. and sheep was there watching
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it. these still recovering from that assassination attempt in arizona. she was there in florida to watch the launch. the "endeavour" crew will arrive at the international space station on wednesday for their 16-day mission, on board with the crew is an astrophysicist experiment. scientists hope this equipment will give them inside into the nature of dark matter, and other strange mysteries of the university. the space shuttle is due to return to earth on june 1st. >> apparently that $2 billion machine is gonna provide a lot of information them have 600 physicistists that will be annaos losing it -- analyzing it. >> would you, -- wow, 600. i didn't know.
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okay. let's check in with sal. >> i want to run down something in san francisco. there's been a motorcycle accident near van ness with a lot of police activity involved, and now the police have closed a couple of lanes at lombard and van ness. just an area you may want to say void. on weekend -- you may want to avoid that area. westbound 237 is delayed there, crossing 880 and continuing out toward highway 101. no major problems there. when i say that, i mean there aren't any lanes blocked but there's slow traffic. if you are driving in concord, traffic is going to be slow. but highway 80 eastbound approaching the carquinez bridge, westbound bridge is slow coming out from pinole. let's go to steve. okay. thank you. on this monday -- mon -- on
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monday, we have partly cloudy skies. the next system coming in is a good old-fashioned rainer. the clouds will start to increase but we still have -- i would say a good six, eight hours before this system roms in here. it's on the way. it holds a lot of moisture. so in the morning, sun, clouds, 42 to 52. by noon we'll start to cloud it up and we'll see rain developing there isn't any already. more likely this afternoon than this evening. 58 to 64 -- 58 to 64. we have a developing system. it's right there. it's a rather strong front. some of the highlights include about 1.25. yes, i know. wind also crank up as well. 40s right now or 50s. fairfield went to 40.
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they are at 45 now. a couple of little showers. no big deal. there have been a few up to russian river. but there's not much there. monterey bay and that's close to the radar site o anything would be extremely light. the jet stream will come right over us. there's also an area low pressure that's developing. as it all does that means it will intensify. so a steady rain moves in by tonight. some of that will add up to a rather decent total any time of the year. when it's may, it bears watching heren a cool, breezy showery pattern that will carry us into wednesday. this had start up to be a very rainy week. some height hours early. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. there's simply not that much of a difference. some inland temperatures are 20 degrees belowage. mid os in the santa clara valley but a lot of low 60s across the board. rain tonight into tours
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morning, things get better thursday into friday. just a slight warmup. it looks like another cooldown on sunday. >> all right, steve. happening right now. >> president obama is due to arrive in memphis, tennessee this morning. now, he was already scheduled to be in memphis today to deliver the commencement address at a high school that was select as this year's winner of the race to the top because they've increased their graduation rates. but this year, the river has swollen and flooded a lot of low-lying neighborhoods. the president will take some time during the visit there to meet with some of the flood victims. two two ships are set to depart the suisun fleet bay today and more are expected to depart as well. jade hernandez is live with more. jade? >> reporter: good morning. i just got off the phone with the administration with the
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u.s. maritime association. you are gonna hear from him in a moment, but first, take a look at this. this is sometimes called the mothball or ghost fleet. two that fleet will be minus ship. the two ships will be pulled from the suisun bay today. they will go to a repair facility in san francisco before going to texas to be recycled. it's been years since these ships have sailed the seas. last year, a schedule would set for ship removal urged forward by the obama administration in 2009. of the 57 ships we removed from the mothball fleet, only 50 remain. by 2017, all will be gone. >> we have two vessels moving today and two mere ships next week.
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faud the number 20 and 21 are moving -- today, the number 20 and 21 are moving today. we committed to move 0 of them by september this year. we're making great progress. the. >> the tide will determine if this process begins on time. it appears all is on schedule this morning. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, jade. thank you. 7:11. some specific demands. what was on a list that john kerry gave to pakistan's army chief to a visit -- on a visit to that country.
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good morning. right now traffic on the incline section of the bridge is pretty heavy getting into san francisco. there's a big backup at the taupe as well. if you are driving into san francisco please you've gur self extra time as we're looking for a -- please give yourself extra time as we're looking for something on the deck. for the first time since the death of osama bin laden, a high-ranking u.s. official has arrived in pakistan. alison burns has the list of demands that senator john kerry is presenting. allison? >> reporter: let's get right to brand-new video. the pakistani prime minister there is welcoming john kerry. their has been a lot of tension leading up to this meeting. but afterward, senator kerry said they agreed on concrete steps to repair their frayed
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relationship. he also warned that the u.s.'s patient is wearing thin after learning that osama bin laden was hiding in abbottabad. pakistans are furious, too, calling the violation of the raid -- call the raid a violation. >> we are strategic partners with a common enemy in terrorism and extremism. >> reporter: kerry also announced that secretary of state, hillary clinton, 0 would be visiting pakistan in the near future. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, alison. 7:16. president obama is warning congress that failing to raise the debt limit could plunge the country back into recession.
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other irthe weekend, the -- over the weekend, the president said if the investors around the world might not make good on what's due, entear thing could collapse. the -- entire thing could collapse. the treasury department says there must be an increase to begin paying the bills. rahm emanuel will be sworn in today. reamier man -- rahm emanuel will then go to office that richard daley occupied. his transition team predicts a $700 million budget deficit next year. president obama is peaking called tough on whistle
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blowers. that's a description used by "the new york magazine." drake faces 35 years in prison for leaking information about warrantless wiretap information. 7:17. there is a new push in congress for more sanctions against iran over its nuclear program. new legislation from the house foreign affairs committee would impose penalties on human rights abusers in iran. the u.s. has tried repeatedly to get around to take part in international talks over its nuclear program. iran insists the program is to generate electricity not to build nuclear weapons. today, mahmoud ahmadinejad is declaring three days of
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mourning for 15 people killed during a day protests. israeli troops fired on those throwing rocks as they tried to breach israel's banks with other countries. this year's demonstrations were bolder than years past due to recent anti-goff government protests sweeping the middle east. investigators are reportedly searching for two former new york -- two new york city police officers as possible suspects in the killings on long i hand. one officer was forced to resign in the 1990s after a six abuse scandal with prostitutes. the other one, he allegedly assaulted a prostitutes.
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well, investigators in france may be a step closer now towards solving the -- solving the mystery of an air france disaster almost two years ago. this morning, they found the cockpit voice recordings on the jet that crashed from regrow day jannero to pair -- reyes day jannero toor -- dash r imo to paris. the report of an engine fire forced an american airlines flight to make an emergency landing in ar cab saw. but airport officials say no fire was found when the plane sanded -- laded safely in the afternoon. the plane had been traling from dallas to washington -- traveling from dallas to washington. a big fire at an aban do donned -- abandoned autoship, at the old bill lang cadillac
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dealership, and more than 50 homeless were using that deal heship as its plant. there's plans to keep a gps map to keep track of those individuals in case of an emergency. more changes for the amgen tour of california. we just learned a short time ago where the beginning of today's race is being moved to as rain continues to -- continues to hit the sierra nevada. right now, traffic is moving okay. we have a problem? san francisco. our news chopper 2 is on the way at about 120 knots an hour. we'll be there.
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welcome back.
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7:23. we have to show you something that could be tori campbell's -- campbell's christmas gift. i'm talking about what they have on their feet. this craze started when one customer asked for the boots to be made and from then on, everybody wanted them. some men say women refused to dance with them unless they put on pointy boots. >> i kind of real the opposite. i with thing it would be hard -- i would think it would be hard to dance in those. let's check in with sal. >> let's go out and take a look
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at the commute now. the traffic is moving well. you can send your sal castanedo hate to my twitter account. westbound traffic is okay. there's a stalled vehicle. it's a stall car pulling a trailer. you can see that the bottom of your screen, it was briefly in the lanes. that's why the traffic isal -- is a little bit slow. also, the morning commute, northbound and southbound, that traffic is moving along relatively well. if you, if you pass the col low see yu. there are no major problems. there -- there are no imagine ear problems. there and the commute out to richmond is getting heavy. 7:25. hello, steve. >> it's a lovefest on twitter. >> it is. >> do -- we do have mostly cloudy skies. there will be rain coming in. if you have something to take care of, i think you should take care of it in the next couple hours. we'll get rain, not just showers, it's still a little
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ways away but it will come in later this evening. we're already getting the clouds. fairfield down to 40 for this morning. steady rain develops tonight. santa cruz mountains, up to the russian river. that would not surprise me at all. sun, a lot of clouds and then the rain comes in later on. cool afternoon highs. they are well belowage. 50s, 60s. the water temperature is really cool. there's a lot of factors to keep us on the cool side. rain moves in. we'll take it into tuesday and things look better. just over an hour ago, officials with the amgen tour
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announced the start of the day's race will be moved. it will now start in nevada city at 12:15 this afternoon instead of starting in squaw valley. hang is being made because the draws weather conditions. this is the second day in a row it's affected the event. stage 2 will still end in sacramento today. cyclists are expected in the city around 3:00 this afternoon. the amgen used to be held in february but was moved to may to increase the chances of good weather. it looks like that didn't work out. it will be in livermore, i believe, on wednesday so hopefully there will be better weather for them. >> all right. 7:27. there's a -- we'll tell you about a place where there's a big debate about garbage trucks and the kind of damage they cause. stay tuned. we'll tell you about that.
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>> reporter: these people have gathered to try to prevent the cutting down of this tree that's 300 years old. and a bomb threat in london, where police have increased security and how it may be related to a trip the queen is about to take.
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we have an accident, this is a crash, actually, on lombard street. you see that motorcycle there? the motorcycle is in the middle lane, apparently, it was hit and the driver was taken away on the hood of a car. this is an incredible story unfolding in san francisco as newschopper2 tilts down, they ended up finding more activity at the corner of lum bard and van ness. there -- lombard and van nessp there's all of the activity. it's unclear if that's the car that took the motorcycle rider for an unwanted ride. the injured person has been taken away. and now there's a big investigation. we'll let you mow -- let you know more straight ahead. about 30 minutes ago, we found out the plans to cut down an oak tree in menlo park are now on hold. kraig debro has been following all this. he's joining us live. i know you've been talking to
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neighbors about this. kraig? >> reporter: yeah. the people are still here. there are some people that will go from here to the courthouse to get a restraining order. see that big backhoe over there? that backhoe is digging a trench to dig a hole in. it's hart of -- part of the hedge hetchy. these people are here because they don't want this oak tree cut down, save granny, save our tree, they have signs out. they've been dealing with this for years, on how to get around cutting down this tree. sh apparently, if trench goes through and cuts down the roots, the tree will come down with it.
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>> she's project manager for project. she and i talked about the permitting authorities between san mateo county and so through our discussions we're gonna be meeting again this morning and talking about permitting authorities and so -- the tree removal has been put on hold. >> now, as far as the county is concerned, there's a permitting process here and there's a conflict about it. the county says they may be the ones who are in charge of giving permit. sfpuc has a difference of opinion on that. but what these people are gonna do in the meantime is get a temporary restraining order. we talked to a woman a second ago about what it's been like trying to battle the puc for years. >> we've been hearing hearing about for months. we thought it was taken care of. they stayed they would prohealth abbey that tat and be
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environmentally friendly -- prohib -- prohabitat and be environmentally friendly and then we found this out. >> reporter: you can see there's that long pathway there. there is a conflict of the permitting processes. one of the problems is the designation the tree, the word "heritage" has to be placed -- is a word that has to be put on my the county. people from here are gonna go down to get a court order to stop the spuc from cutting down this tree. back to you. >> thank you. targeting today a south bay county will get some extra help for -- starting today, a south bay county will get some help
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today. they are adding six fleets for the firefighters for the fire season. as always cal fire reminds all of us, leave a defensible space around your home. it's 7:34. we -- we spoke to san francisco police this morning and they are still looking for those responsible for a deadly gang shootout in the city's bernal heights neighborhood. two people were killed, a third was injured outside a housing project on appleton avenue. witnesses say the deadly shooting follow a brawl between two rival street gangs. >> our guys were taking off their jackets, getting ready to fight, fist to fist. >> investigators say that fist fight quickly escalated into deadly gunfire. at 9:00 this morning, the
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six suspects arrested in connection with shooting of a german tourist will be arraigned in a san francisco courtroom. police say the 50-year-old man was caught in crossfire of a gang shootout last august. but arrests were not made until earlier this month following police raids in three bay area cities. the tourist was in san francisco with her husband to celebrate her 50th birthday and their 25th wedding anniversary. a san francisco man is hoping the city's own crime camera footage will prove that a police officer beat him without cause. kevin woodson is claiming that he raised his hands in surrender fashion. but he says the officer repeatedly hit him with a billy club. it caused a disturbance at a nearby market over a beer.
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the probe continues. london is on high alert after an irish republican dissident group issued a coded bomb warning today. the warning didn't include a specific time or place but police have increased their security around buckingham palace and other areas in central london. >> the warning comes one day before queen elizabeth heads off to ireland for an official visit, the first for the monarchy since 1911. police say they haven't decided whether the country's terrorism threat level will be increased. 7:37. pg&e will start high-pressure pipeline testing today near the antioch bridge. a similar test document place last week in mountain viewp crews fill the pipeline with water and then they look to see if pipeline has any leaks. pg&e customers should not notice any service interruption. gas is rerouted before the
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test. also, in response to the san bruno explosion. a hearing will take place in -- will take place about how transmission lines should be made safe. the meeting starts at 7:00. it's at the steele center in the dohrn room. "the press democrat" is reporting that windor may impose a vehicle impact fee but that could require rates to go for trash fees. the city started to increase the thickness of roads about ten years ago to try to handle the problem. happening right now, president obama is due to meet with families in memphis,
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tennessee, those were affect -- who were affected by all of the flooding from the mississippi river. the president was already scheduled to be there today. he's delivering the high school commencement speech. he's also expected to meet with state and local officials as well as first responders and volunteers. 7:38. some bay area residents are hoping to put their towns on the map for travelers. pacifica, for example, has at least 30 votes for "most beautiful" in best of the road contest. the website invites people to post comments and post po foe -- photos. we'll post a link to this on our website. officials in fremont are putting the finishing touches right now on a five-year plan
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for a new crosstown bicycle route. now, this plan calls for new bike lanes along paseo parkway, blako road and civic center drive. it also calms for building a bike -- calls for building a bike like -- bike rack. this all goes before an advisory committee last month and the city council will have final approval in september. it is 7:40. we want to check in with sal and see what's happening this monday morning on road. >> all right. now traffic is going to be affected by this developing news. we have our newschopper2 over the scene of a hit-and-run crash. a motorcyclist was traveling on lum bard street. it was hit by a car. that car kept going with the rider on the hood. the rider was on the food for -- on the hood for several blocks until it got to van ness. that's where the driver took
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off, the motorcycle rider fell off there. the police are investigating an investigation. that rider has been taken away to the hospital. that very well to be the -- dash that's a description of the car, anyway. perhaps they actually cornered the driver. it's unclear, really. police are not saying much but they say they are doing -- doing a full investigation. a lot of police officers are there. let's take a look at the commute here at the toll plaza. traffic is moving along as you head up to the toll plaza. it's about a 15-minute delay. 80 to the maze is getting rae busy. marin county, from 37 it central san rafael. we have slow traffic. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. mostly cloudy. it's may. this system coming in tonight looks pretty decent. we do have a few sun breaks out there. there's been some light rain, nothing too heavy but that's
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just aby product of yesterday. cloud -- just a by-product of yesterday. there's no doubt about it. there's potential for it. some sun and a little warmer but there are signs by weekend we'll start to see another cooldown. we're in a pattern that's very favorable. the system coming in is still developing. as it does, there's a lot of support from the jet stream and also an area of low pressure that's there. it's going to swing in and therein lies the forecast for more rain. some of the rain could exceed. .25 to .5 for many. we also expect the wind to pick up. 40s and 50s. a few light showers. mainly at slay valley.
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had some up near calistoga earlier. one system moves out. that was a strong low that came in late saturday into sunday moving and then give gave us the scattered showers. this system will swing in. if you need to take care of anything, morning hours are best because this afternoon, rain moves in. snow totals, 6 to 12 inches. 4500, probably going up to 5,000 feet for the snow level. a little bit of sun. then a lot of clouds and then rain comes in later. there could be height showers -- light showers ahead of this. 50s and low to mid-60s. very, very cool. livermore this time of year, only 1. they should be much, much warmer than that. showers off and on into wednesday and then slightly improving conditions, thursday, friday, with a little warm up -- warmup but there are signs
7:44 am
of a cooldown by weekend. all right. we'll go live to kennedy space station to find out how nasa is describing the lift-off about two years ago. what the vatican want people around the world to do to deal with the problem of abuse. why some people say it's not enough. what's in a label? new efforts to tie that and the vintners are reacting. our planes start flying when it's dark.
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and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ]
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. taking a look at the big board on wall street, u.s. home builders are concerned the
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struggling housing market will not recover in the near future. but the dow has turned around. it's up 1 right no u nasdaq is down 6. s&p is up 2. well, sony's stock is up about 1.25 right now as the company started to restore its playstation network in the u.s. and europe. for now, operations are limited to online gaming, chat and music streaming services. sony took entire network offline after a security breach last month that may have compromised more than 100 million online accounts. federal regulators are considering stricter wine labeling rules. they say there's no consistency in many of the terms used to describe the wine like old vine and reserve. some winemakers say there doesn't appear to be any confusion among consumers so there's no compelling need to make changes. but others feel better definitions would provide more
7:48 am
precise information about their wine. almost two hours ago, the space shuttle "endeavour" launched into space for the last time. nasa is calling it one of the most trouble-free launches in space shuttle history. we'll get back to the you report from nasa in just a little while. the vatican announced today the catholic bishops need to create rules for preventing abuse. word came this morning in a letter issued from the congregation for the doctrine of the faith. it told bish shills to -- bish ops tos cop rate and are being asked to create the rules by may of next year. but suggestions in the letter are nonbinding and fall short of barring a crediblely recused priest while his case is being investigated. california lawmakers are
7:49 am
working to provide healthcare to workers at state departments -- state hospitals. they are considering several bills that would make the workers safe at mentalle and several other hospitals. at mental and several other hospitals. there has been a rise in nasa hospitals' attacks. a judge ordered 19-year-old alexander youshock to napa state hospital on friday after his 2009 attack at hillsdale high in san mateo. a jury convicted youshock of attempted murder in march along other chargeses. if he's ever declared stain, he had have to serve a 25-year prison sentence for attempted
7:50 am
murder. we showed it to you live, the space shuttle "endeavour" launching into space for last time. katherinealaway is joining us -- katherine callaway is joining us live with the launch and mission. >> reporter: hi, good morning. wasn't it a beautiful lawnp this morning as "endeavour" and the six crew members are on their way to the international space station? yes, the launch took place without a hitch. it took place on time and it was beautiful. the only hitch we did see that did not delay launch at all was a scratch was found on a tile just outside the door to the "endeavour." the hatch to the "endeavour" but it was repaired and there was no delay because of that repair work. when it gets to the
7:51 am
international space station, there will be four space walks. they also have on board a $billion -- a $2 billion project. they are expected to return on june 1st, which is actually the same day that it landed -- that trance is expected to begin its roll to the launchpad for a launchpad and that will be -- and "atlantis" will be the final shuttle launch in a 30- year shuttle history. kind of a bittersweet moment today as the shuttle took off. the last one for "endeavour." and as you know, it will be heading your way, in california, for retirement. >> yes. thank you for the update. racist graffiti discovered outside of a local radio station. the reason the police believe it was targeted. and pandas at play. how these two guys are growing up healthy, happy and chubby.
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vallejo police want to know who left racial graffiti mess ans outside of a radio station. someone scrawled "the n" word and the station thinks they are -- they were targeted because of the audience they attract. one company we talked to said that station tries to provide a positive message. >> we have a motto, if you are like a thugger or a doper, you are not allowed inside. it's to people who want to take themselves to the next level as artists or musicians. >> the station plans to open a -- to hold an open house to
7:55 am
invite the company to see what they are all about -- what they were all about. police say the man you see in this video bought items at a bay area target store with money from the bank account of 74-year-old joseph williams. mr. williams was found dead by his family last week inside his fulsom street apartment. police say they have video of the man on camera withdrawing money from williams' bank account. 7:55. we want to check in with sal who has been busy this morning. >> we have stop-and-go traffic up north. southbound looks okay. if you are driving on 8 0 northbound, i think they will be to get that, northbound 80, traffic is -- 880, traffic is
7:56 am
moving along. we have a look the a crash on lombard street. we sill have the motorcycle on the ground there. the traffic will be affected driving u -- driving up. you can see -- out to the toll plaza we go, there is a big backup. there's about a 15-minute delay at the toll plaza. of course, in san jose, this morning, it's been pretty good. right now i'm gonna toss it to steve. but -- this evening's commute could be different. >> they do have sunbreaks and the temperatures will stay cool and it's developing offshore. it's going to move in later on. it will start to spread in some what we call overrunning rain, probably the early afternoon. so morning ride and school work wherever you are going should be okay. but heading tome could be tougher. 40s and 50s, there's been light rain. the main action is down towards monterey bay. but that's not much. the system, though, has a lot
7:57 am
going for it. it's gonna spread some rain in later on. sunlight showers are possible. cooler temperatures. a lot of upper 50s and low to mid os. 65 gilroy, morgan hill will be the warmest. not that warm for may. >> all right. thank you, steve. 7:57. some baby pandas at a breeding center in china are just about to turn 1 year old. this is video of the incredibly cute giant panda babies. workers at the breeding center are trying to increase the population of endakeered giant pandas. these babies are just now starting to get used to eating bamboo -- bamboo. up until now they've been fed only milk. and they really are aer toable -- adorable.
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still ahead -- developing news from the marina district. wewe have a news crew heading to scene of a hit-and-run crash. and new information on critically injured bryan stow. what's gonna happen in the next few hours?
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's monday, may 16th. right now, we want to check in with sal for an update on the situation in san francisco involving a car and a motorcycle. sal? >> well, this accident there -- i should call it a crash, a collision, was a motorcycle collision on lum bard street -- between goff. they are putting the motorcycle, which is badly damaged, onto the toe truck but the -- onto the tow truck but the rider was taken for a ride on the hood. you can see that the there that
8:01 am
was involved in the crash right there at corner is still there. we're gonna call it a hit and run because this person took the motorcycle rider on a ride for a few blocks and then stopped at van ness and lombard. allie rasmus is on the scene gathering more detailsp we're gonna find out more about what happened, if anyone was arrested, and we can find out how badly injured the motorcycle was. you know the bike was damaged and that raider was -- rider was taken to the hospital. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we also have new information about the injured giants' fan brian stow. he's been in a los angeles hospital ever since being beaten about six weeks ago. >> with a hospital -- a los angeles spokesperson says they will fly him to los angeles today and taken to the -- dash
8:02 am
taken from los angeles to san francisco today. stow's mother says the first thing to do be dash will be to stableide him -- stabilize him. >> members of bryan stow's family say they have no resentment towards los angeles. the los angeles police will be holding a press conference and giving us the information on the search for two men. the white house says the u.s. remains confident in the international monetary fund following the sexual assault charges its hanging director. the white house secretary says the u.s. believes the ims can still execute its mission effectively. dominique strauss-khan is due in court with charging --
8:03 am
charged with sexually assaulting a hotel maid worker. strauss-khan has been considered a leading contender for the president -- the french presidency. right now, there's protests going on to not remove an oak tree. coming up at 8:30 in a live report, how far some neighbors are willing to do -- are willing to go to save this tree. and at 11:00, jerry brown will release his revised budget proposal. he's expected to reveal his plan
8:04 am
as well as -- 8:03. a corte madera we hive is causing a big -- beehive is causing a big buds with neighbors there. the woman installed a beehive to type her children about ecology. but that's against the law. her neighbor who is allergic to bee strings filed a complaint. she plans to speak to the council tomorrow night and is prepared to raise money for a possible amendment to that ordinance. crews in western santa clara county will be performing aerial surveys today. they are on the look for neglected swimming pools. there's one right there, that dark green color. the goal is to find breeding
8:05 am
grounds for mosquitoes which carry the west nile virus. property owners will be notified about the problem. many will be differenten -- many will be given mosquito control treatments including the fish that eat those mosquitoes. the mothball fleet near benicia bridge will get a little smaller today. jade hernandez is live to tell us more about the two ships getting towed today and how this is all part of a larger cleanup effort. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. the very slow process these two ships began an hour ago. you won't actually see progress. it will take hours more before you actually see these ships moving. what you are looking at is the suisun bay reserve fleet. sometimes calmed the mothball or ghost fleet. the reclaimer, a diver ship
8:06 am
built by the u.s. navy toward the end of the navy and the other ship will be cleaned and put in a repair facility in san francisco before heading to texas where they will be recycled. last year, a schedule was set for ship removal urged forward by the obama administration in 2009. the reason, a report a few years before found 20 tons of paint containing led, zinc, copper and other metals had fallen from the ships into the water. of the 57 ships to be removed from the mothball fleet here only 36 remain today. by 2017, all should be gone. we spoke to the administrator of the u.s. maritime association about an hour ago. >> what you are seeing are two very old vessels that have served our country. they've been in our fleet site as we take care of them and prepare them for the -- for the long process of eventually recycling them. >> the tide determined if
8:07 am
today's process stayed on schedule. all is on schedule and two more ships are expected too be removed next week. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. happening right now -- president obama has just arrived, we're told, in memphis, tennessee. wait a minute. there's the president right there in the middle of your screen. there's a camera and someone's head blocking the view. but you can see the president is surrounded not own by the secret service but welcoming delegation to memphis, tennessee. he just got there and will be delivering a cleansement address at a high school that was specially selected of this year's winner of the race to to the top because they dramatically improved graduation rates. but at the same time since the mississippi river, as you know, has swollen through the area as through memphis and flooded some low lying neighborhoods.
8:08 am
the president is also stopping in memphis to take time to visit some of the flood victims and meet with state and local officials and also to console those victims who are dealing with the flooding of the mississippi river. we're looking live at president obama who was -- who has just arrived in memphis tennessee. >> and there's still flooding farther south in louisiana. sal is continuing to follow a number problems on the road for us now. sal? >> yeah, and all of the sudden we have a pretty robust traffic. let's show you the bay bridge toll plaza. there's a backup. it's about 15 minutes, a little bit less than that, but traffic coming in from 80 is not all
8:09 am
that but -- 880 is not all that bad but you will be waiting. there's slow traffic on the right-hand side from the coliseum area that's mostly slow. southbound on the left heading down to hayward is gonna be okay. speaking of hayward -- hayward, southbound traffic is busy. northbound 87 at 280, a crash there. 101 is slow getting into sunnyvale. >> here's steve. >> there are a couple of sunbreaks in there. there's -- there's light rain up towards selena earlier also russian river, cazadero. it's kind of mit -- hit and miss. by this afternoon, it looks like rain will be on way. now we have some sub breaks. sun and clouds, we'll cloud it
8:10 am
up by noon and then rain will be developing and we'll take that into this evening. temperatures far we low -- below average. especially inland 50s and 60s. as system continues to move in, it has a lot of my with it. it has really good support. and the jet stream which will, us. .25 to -- 1.25 is possible tonight and tomorrow. i've seen 1 inch-plus. the wind had pick unlater on. upper 50s, low 60s. everybody is really close here. right around highway 121, 37 you can see a little bit of light sure activity beginning to develop. i can't much because there isn't much out there. our system will come in. it depends if it sets up over us. it looks like it wants to lean
8:11 am
a little south but we'll just broad bush it for you -- broad bush it for now. cooler temperatures, 50s and low to mid-60s. we are far above average on the highs. by the time we get to may we're looking at warmer temperatures. and high pressure will kick in thursday, friday and maybe most of subject. it looks like another cooldown by sunday/monday. it's the end of an era in las vegas today. coming up, we'll go live to the hotel and casino that's closing after 59 years in las vegas. we'll bring you live coverage of a very tense meeting. and a new and different story surrounding the raid that killed osama bin laden. now there's a disney connection.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
we could is -- we do have mostly cloudy skies. rain is scattered. it will pick up later on, with what will be widespread rain taking us into tuesday morning. tense talks are underway in pakistan as senator john kerry meets with top pakistani
8:15 am
officials. alison burns is live with more. >> reporter: we do have brand- new information here, tori. the u.s. and pakistan have issued a joint statement saying the two countries are going to cooperate on future missions against so-called high value targets. now, this announcement came just after john kerry sat down with top pakistani officials. this is brand-new video of kerry meeting with the prime minister in islamabad. he also talked with the country's powerful army general. the pakistan nips called this a violation sovereignty, by not being notified. but the u.s. is convinced that osama bin laden was in cahoots with the pakistani government.
8:16 am
>> we are strategic partners with a common enemy of terrorism and extremism. and hillary clinton, it was announced, would soon be visiting pakistan. that would be a very big teal considering the tension of the countries. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allison. disney now owns the name to the -- own the name of disney tried marking the name two days after the osama bin laden. so far the navy is not challenging disney's claim but the navy has never acknowledged there is a "s.e.a.l. team 6." :1 there is a new push in congress for more sanctions against iran over its nuclear
8:17 am
program. the house committee is considering penalties on human rights abusers in iran and also on foreign companies that do business, energy business with iran. the u.s. has tried repeatedly to get around to join international talks about the nuclear program. but iran insists the nuclear program is to generate electricity. palestinian president, mahmoud abass has just declared three days of -- maimed abas has just declared -- mahmoud abas has just die claired three days of mourning after three people were killed in an attack. the palestinians were protesting the anniversary of the creation of israel 63 years ago. that displaced 700,000 palestinians. now, these demonstrations were bolder than in years past due to recent anti-government protests that are sweeping
8:18 am
across the middle east. 8:17. president obama is warning congress that failing to raise the debt limit could plunge the country back into recession -- back into recession. over weekend, the president inv world start thinking the u.s. might not make good on its ious, the entire financial system could unreaving. republicans are continuing to increase borrowing and the treasury department says the debt must be increased by august 2nd in order to keep paying the bills. john boehner will roll into san francisco tonight for a big fund-raiser. he will host a dinner at the fairmont hotel. the prices start at $2500 and then prices go up to $5,000 for
8:19 am
dinner and a picture with jerry -- john boehner. in las vegas, after 5 years, a hotel is closing. we're live with more on how the city will say goodbye to the sahara. >> reporter: good morning. things have certainly changed here over last nearly six decks aids. that's when this all began. that's when sinatra, dean martin, the rat pact, sammy -- path, sammy davis junior. now you will see more fannie packs and short sleeved 30s -- shirts. at the nascar cafe, there are six-pound bly toe -- burritos and the company decided this place what no longer stray
8:20 am
able. tori and dave, i i want to he let you know it's just an hour fly around 0 -- flight around to get to las vegas. so you could still come here and go -- those tips are  probably worth a lot more in 20 years ago today. the casino closes at 10:00 in the morning and at:00 this afternoon -- at 2:00 this afternoon that's when the is a rare -- when the sahara closes for good. it's a fashion craze geting off on the right foot. you have -- have you to see these wild boots. also, the golden arches going high tech, which restaurants will be affect. good morning. if you're driving in milpitas you will be waiting for a little bit as you make that transition with 880. spay
8:21 am
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completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. get ready, ordering a big mac or chicken mcnuggets is going high tech. mcdonald's will install touch- screen computers to speed up the ordering process. they are also thinking about hiring waiters in the u.k.
8:24 am
i'm serious. no word yet if those changes will come over here to the u.s. here is one of the more unusual fashion trends of late. >> yep, in mexico men are hitting clubs in these really bizarre koi boots with long -- koi boots with long -- cowboy boots. some women refuse to dance with these men if they don't have the pointy toes. sal, you know about our commute. >> yes, i do. as a matter of fact, we have a
8:25 am
good drive in some spots, not others. at the bay bridge, it's improving. we're hoping to see a lot of improvement by 9:00. you'll still be waiting about ten minutes. golden gate bridge and richmond bridge traffic doing well. it's go to steve. thank you, sir. mostly cloudy skies, there are some areas that get a little bit of sun, not too much. increasing clouds leading to rain by later this afternoon. tonight into tomorrow morning and then there's another system coming in old pipeline tuesday night into wednesday. didn't is may? it is may. 40s and 50s, a little bit of rain. one strong low moves out that gets kicked out by the next system which has really good
8:26 am
system from a -- from a strong jet stream. .25. but it's not unreceivable that some areas could get up to 1 inch. things should get a little better by the end of the week. we have some light showers around. 50s to low to mid-60s. it's cool for in time of year. no -- for this time of year. confidence level toward the end of the week, i would say a b high nuss but it's a-plus over the -- b mineus but it's a place over the weekend. a porn king got a chipley reception when he moved into a san francisco neighborhood. we'll tell you about the recent actions that are garn id -- actions that are guaranteed to make him a whole lot popular.
8:27 am
and what happened that just might prevent the cutting down of a tree that's nearly 300 years old. and how a fire at a bay area car dealership could lead to changes and how the homeless are trapped.
8:28 am
8:29 am
we're still following developing news from san francisco's marina district. ktvu's allie rasmus just arrived at the scene of a hit- and-run crash this morning. so what do you know now, alley? >> reporter: well, we're at van ness and lombard near where this hit and run happened just after 7:00. right after it happened, traffic was really tied up here. now it appears things are getting back to normal and
8:30 am
things are moving pretty smoothly east and westbound van ness. this hit and run involves a silver nissan and a motorcyclist. newschopper 2 was overhead right after the accident happened. both police and an eyewitness tell us that the cyclist was traveling westbound when the car hit him. the cyclist ended up on the hood of the car and was clinging to the hood of the car while the driver of the nissan kept going. >> there was a guy on the hood of the car. i heard a lot of honking. the guy on the hood of the car had a helmet on. so i knew had to be some type of motorcyclist. >> reporter: now, driver of the suvs took out their guns and told the driver of the nissan to get on ground. we've learned that the drivers of the suvs were off-duty law
8:31 am
enforcement officers. one is an i.c.e. after, the other a san francisco deputy. they helped get the driver into custody. police are still investigating. 15 minutes ago they just toed the nissan away. san francisco police and that eyewitness say that cyclist didn't appear to be too seriously hurt. reporting live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> okay. thank you. 8:31. new this morning, a temporary victory for residents of menlo park, just about an hour and a half ago, residents there found out the plans to cut down a beloved old oak tree are now on old. kraig debro joining us live. this fight is not over yet --
8:32 am
over yet. >> reporter: there's still a group residents here behind this home. they just found out the tree will not be cut down today. there is a group of them going down to the san mateo court hours to see if they can get a temporary restraining order. this tree by many accounts is at least 250 years old. this morning it was learned that they will not try to cut it down and the officials here said they would call the sheriff's department if the group tries to cut it down. the group is going to court to get an order that it not be cut down. >> we'll be under the tree. >> reporter: soap you will be arrested if it -- >> i hope not to be. you if that's what it takes. please, sheriff's department, i'm a good person. >> reporter: on march 30th, the san francisco public utilities commission in san mateo county
8:33 am
officially launched a $350 million seismic system to hetch hetchy. in order to complete this, the ground and trees have to be removed. too -- this tree is one of them. there's also supposed to be a period of consultation with neighbors, the people who live here on 15th avenue say they were told on friday. >> i think i'm learning that you should tell people in advance, like much more in vadians so they can have a chance to talk to the people and try to get the tree saved. >> reporter: this project is wart of the water program. the people say they are not against the project. they just say they want the pipeline to go above the ground or under the tree so the tree is not harmed at all. this protest is gonna continue
8:34 am
on. they will be seeking a temporary restraining order. there's also issue over whether or not this tree is a heritage tree which means there would be a special permit -- person mit process before it could be cut down or harmed. >> ty, kraig. 8:33. starting today a south bay county will have some extra help for the upcoming fire season. cal fire is adding six engines to its fleet based in santa clara county today. it comes ahead an increase and the temperatures outside. that will dry out grass around the county, which, of course main fuel for firefighters. cal fire is asking people to leave a dispensable space around their homes. pg&e will start pressure testing today near the antioch bridge. some of the other tests took place last week in mountain mountain view. during these test, the pipeline
8:35 am
is filled with water and then they look to see if the pipes have any leaks. pg&e customers you should not notice any service interruption? also in response to the san bruno disaster, the california utilities commission will hold a pub hick hearing. the hearing -- public hearing. the hearing takes place in san francisco today's meeting begins at 4:00 this afternoon. it goes until 7:00 in the dohn room of the steele lane community center. other meetings have been held in san bruno and los angeles. some bay area communities are taking another look about whether to charge the garbage companies to the damage caused. windsor may impact a vehicle fee. but that could drive up the
8:36 am
rates. windor already requires trash haulers to use lighter trucks. the city of san jose start increase the thickness of their roads about ten years ago to three to -- to try to to deal with the problem. the san francisco district may get a community center. the owner of porn company -- porn company, created an uproar when he moved into the national army. but he's donated $10,000 and thousands dollars investigators in france may be one step closer to solving the mystery of an air france disaster nearly two years ago. international experts now say all of the flight day that you was preserved from the -- data was preserved from the flight
8:37 am
from rio to paris. the victim's family holds the recorders will sent light -- will shed light on why this happened. they were derned that the information would be destroyed after two years under water. investigators are reportedly -- are reportedly looking at two former new york police officers. the "new york post" reports one officer was forced to resign in the 19 osfulling a -- following a six scandal. the other, because he allege lid -- allegedly assaulted the victims. most of the victims were prostitutes. the city of vallejo wants to start keeping track of homeless people. this is in response to a recent fire. a big one at an abandoned car dealership.
8:38 am
it happened apartment the old bill bang car dealership. about 50 people home les people used that as a camp. now the fire department plans to tree eight -- to create a new gps map. fremont city leaders are putting the finishing touches on at five had year plan for a new crosstown bicycle route. the project calls for new bike lanes and civic center drivep -- drive. it also causes concern to the intersection of washington boulevard and osgood road. it it ifs before an advisory and city council for final approval in september. high, sal, are you watching the toll plaza? does it meet your approval? >> let's take a look at it together -- i will tell you -- right when i saw it, we'll see.
8:39 am
yeah. for this time of the morning, i approve of this and you can see why. you can tell it's starting to pick up. if you on the left, the ramp from 880 is no longer as crowded as it used to be and the line for the fastrack line is not as long. yeah. i approve. i think this is well on the way to recovering. but one thing i don't know -- i don't approve of, there will be rain this evening. you may not want to bring your car. steve will elaborate on that. traffic is slow as you past the coliseum. in san jose, we've had a couple of things clear up. but still slow traffic on northbound 101 at 880,. let's go to steve. >> thank you. we have mostly cloudy skies. rain's on way. there is some light showers right now, especially around
8:40 am
monterey bay and napa is getting close. not a big deal. the mine system comes in later today, tonight, actually. clouds increase and they are already there. rain is on way, it could be occasionally moderate, takes us tonight into tomorrow morning. there will be more showers and then a little better by the end of the week. next system coming in showing signs of splitting a little bit. but there's a lot going for it. it's going to spread in clouds and rain. as it pinwheels in. it's helped along by an an extraordinaire -- extraordinarily jet stream. as it does, it will give us more snow in the mountains. highs today, upper 50s, low to mid-60s. that's about it. .50 to possibly 1.25 plus in the mountains, red ribber and
8:41 am
just amazing. the wind will crank up. hayward says 54. here is a little -- here is a little one. there is a little bit of rain there. our system -- look at this. this system comes in tuesday night or wednesday morning. so the beat goes on. but a steady rain developing later on. also that system will keep us very unsettled and cool all the way into midweek. sierra nevada, i will tell you, a lot of snow fell up there. it's going to continue later on. winter storm warning continues until 4:00. snow levels should go up. this is a warmer system. sun, clouds. a lot of rain later 0. there are some scattered light showers around, 50s, to low to
8:42 am
mid-60s. santa rosa, 62. san jose, 64. for mid-may. showers will carry us into tuesday and more rain into wednesday morning and then better wednesday night into thursday and then a slight warmup and there are signs it will cool down again on sunday. thank you, steve. fox just unveiled it's new fall schedule without one long- time series. we'll tell you why fox is canceling "america's most wanted" and why fans won't be missing out completely. and we have new information on the fan that was attacked at giants' stadium we found out about an -- we'll tell you what we found out from a hospital spokesperson in los angeles. and live coverage of the latest change announced this morning for the amgen. ñsxóxgñ
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back. taking a live look at big
8:46 am
board, the dow is up 30. s&p is up 2. nasdaq is down 11 -- nasdaq down 11. oil is down to $98 a barrel. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following right now. >> and lift-off for the final flight for "endeavour". >> that's how they did it. nasa called this one of the smoothest launches ever. it's the final launch and the next to the last in the entire space shuttle program. "endeavour's" crew is due to return to earth on june 1st. also we're hearing reports that that man there, the made of the international monetary fund, dominique strauss-khan is in a new york court where he's facing sexual assault charges. a new york maid said he attacked her saturday. strauss-khan denies any wrong doing. and we could -- we have
8:47 am
information about bryan stow. he's been in los angeles since ever since that brutal attack outside of the stadium a few weeks ago. a hospital spokesperson said stow will leave that hospital from 10:00 until noon and be flown to the hospital in san francisco. the at mgen tour is facing another -- the amgen is facing a change. brian hickey is live there and has more. the weather doesn't look too bad there? >> reporter: it's beautiful here. we've ditched the gloves and jackets. the amgen, what was supposed to be stage 2, i guess is now the unofficial stage 1 and the official start of amgen after a weather fiasco. heavy snow made for miserable
8:48 am
conditions and downright impossible conditions for psychists to take to the roads along the tahoe region. we spent the night at squaw valley where the race was supposed to start. everything is iced over. everywhere you go, the streets are covered in ice. there's no way they could have held this race out of the tahoe -- tahoe basin. last night, around midnight, the decision was made, word went out to nevada city, we would like you to start the race. this city has become a lot of activity here as all of the amgen are descend trend -- are descending on the city. today allow was supposed to be 1 3 miles. now it's only 63 miles. for all the trenters in the race that's gonna be a big deal. there's no -- sprinters in the race that's gonna be a big deal. it will be a warmup for these riders. it should be a fast and furious
8:49 am
day on the roads. back to you. >> time now 8:48. this morning, the international criminal reports chief prosecutor officially asked for arrest warrants for libya leader, moammar gadhafi, and two senior members of his government. the prosecutors say gadhafi, along with one of his sons and members, will be arrested. the court will consider the decision about those arrest warrants. fox has just revealed its 2012 schedule this morning after 20 years on television, "america's most want" will not be a regular it be show. the head of fox entertainment says it will be broadcast a
8:50 am
month only now. they say it's not making any money. they did cancel once before but brought it back after thousands of letters came in from law enforcement. there is information about a horrifying discovery in mexico. last night they found 27 headless bodies. some were workers on the ranch and believe they could be innocent victims a violent turf bat between two rival drug gangs. in vallejo, the search continues for the person responsible for shooting a 26- year-old man. shooting happened in front of a house at louisiana and kalarera streets. police say the gunman was seen leave eck the shooting -- leaving the shooting in a truck. but it was difficult to see the color of the truck. anyone with information call, vallejo police. police are looking for the person who shot a 24-year-old.
8:51 am
the man was found saturday night and was pronounced dead at the scene. the vatican announced today that catholic bishops need to create new rules to prevent abuse for priests. it it instructed bishop to cooperate with law enforcement. however, the suggestions in the letter are nonbinding. they come short of barring an inincredibly accused priest while his case is under investigation. the city of mill valley could pay for costs related to a major sewage spill. millions of -- millions gallons spilled into richardson bay in
8:52 am
2008. they are demanding -- that the city pay for this. the san jose sharks will try to bounce back on wednesday after losing the first game of the western finale finals. >> he scores! >> that was the deciding goal as canucks came from behind for the goal. fred inglis is in canada with the sharks. watch for his report right here on ktvu. some baby pandas are about to turn 1 year old. this is video of the incrediblebly cute panda -- incredibly cute pandas. the babies are now just
8:53 am
starting to eat bamboo, the traditional food for giant pandas up until now, they've been only fed milk. >> i don't need one but i want one -- but i want one. >> i know. they are cute. police are looking for whoever sprawled graffiti on a radio station. how the radio station is responding and what they are doing to keep this from happening again.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:55. happening right now in chicago, these are live pictures where former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel is about to be sworn in as chicago's first new mayor in more than two decades. vice president joe biden is there at the inauguration in chicago's millenium park. emanuel will go to city hall to his new office where richard daley occupied for 22 years. that's rahm emanuel there on the left screen. they just zoomed in where he and his wife were standing. emanuel inherits a city with big money problems. they are projecting a $700 million budget deficit next year. back here at hole, vallejo police want to know who sprawled -- scrawled the n-word outside of oscat radio. the station believes they were
8:57 am
targeted because the station caters to an african-american audience, despite its very diverse staff. the station changes its format one to every three hours. one employee we talked to said they try to promote a positive image. >> we have a rule here, leave your hard attitude and friends at the door. if you come in here, if you are like a thugger or a doper, you are not allowed inside. it's for those who want to take it to the next level as artists or pollutions. >> or -- as arterts or musics -- artists or musicians. police say the man seen in this video purchased items at a bay area target store with funds from the basic of 74-year- old joseph williams. williams was found dead last week inside his fulsom street apartment. police say they the man on camera withdrawing money from williams' bank account.
8:58 am
let's go to sal. see what's happening, particularly on 880. >> that's right 880 is slow getting up to the toll plaza but the ramp from 880 to the toll plaza is not bad. so we're seeing some improvement here at the bay bridge getting into san francisco. about five minutes' wait time. let's go to steve. >> mostly cloudy, a few light showers will develop. but later on today, cloudy skies and rain moves in by this evening. that will take us into tuesday morning. a semibreak tuesday afternoon. >> middle of may. all right. thanks for watching everyone. >> bye now.
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