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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 16, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a late season rain is creating problems tonight for one of the bay area's most valuable crops. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. it is a cold wet night, not the kind of weather grape growers want to see in mid-may when millions of the acres of vines are developing fruit cluster. debra villalon is live. >> reporter: grapes need heat to grow and they're not getting it. they're coming along slowly, but that turns out to be a good
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thing now that they are all wet. at a sebatical wine, the birthday girl did not remember if it was okay for them to get cold. >> brothers steve and joe farm more than a thousand acres of grapes. >> i'm pulling the leaves off so you can see. >> reporter: farmers prune to let air and sun in. and prune their vines to prevent fungus. >> any rain during the bloom period which is a two week period around june 1st, would not be good for us. these round things are potential berries and they cannot form. >> you can't restart that
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process? >> no, you've lost that crop. >> last year's harvest was good quality but smaller quantity. >> if it warms up we can get back on schedule. but it needs to warm up. last few years have been pretty cool and we're hoping this summer is not quite as cool. >> reporter: getting from here to here always a challenge. whether it's erratic weather, infestation or smoke. >> this is mother nature, we've been dealing with her for a long time. >> reporter: by far the very worse rain for grapes isn't now but in the fall when it can rot the fruit as its ready to pick. reporting live in sonoma county, debra villalon, ktvu news. it's spring but in the sierra there's a winter storm. at last check caltrans was not requiring chains. but snowfall is expected down
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to the 4,500-foot elevation. higher elevations have received a foot and a half of new snow and they could receive another foot of snow. but because of the wet weather, the train was conducted indoors. the santa clara unit added six fire engines and also added staffing in the south bay. calfire is warning that there's a lot of fuel out there with all the rain we've had so far this season. right now showers moving on shower. we had a wet commute and wet evening. we'll go into the city. you can see out in the avenues of san francisco, out in the sunset and richmond over by the golden gate bridge, the rain is coming down moderate to heavy. out toward twin peaks and east toward potrero hill. the yellow representing the heavier rainfall, more moderate rain, you can see it shifting to the bay as it moves to the east.
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showers in redwood city and menlo park. the rain is in the forecast for the next 36 hours. we're going to be here in just a few minutes. i'm going to roll tomorrow's computer model and show you where the rain begins and where it ends. you can always check the radar yourself on our website on through ktvu mobile. a bay area congresswoman says pg & e failed to spend $93 million allocated for gas line improvements and instead used the money elsewhere. pg & e did replace old pipelines but not the one that ruptured in san bruno last september. congresswoman jackie spears says she attained the information. bryan stow is back in the bay area tonight. he is still in a coma but now in the intensive care unit in
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san francisco. the 42-year-old paramedic was transferred to a waiting ambulance. news chopper 2 was overhead as a convoy of ambulances accompanied stow up 101 to the hospital. ken wayne is standing by live with word on how the move may aid in bryan stow's transfer. >> reporter: bryan stow is getting some of the best medical care available here at sf general, doctors say it's still too early to predict his recovery. the head of neurosurgery showed us the room where stow will be treated. >> we have to see what happens, the goal is to get him out to some sort of rehabilitation. brain injuries can be so delicate, just transporting stow carries risks. >> there's usually a period of
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set backs. >> reporter: stow's ex-wife says she plans to bring her children to see their father for the first time since the attack. >> i've always stayed positive and stayed very honest with the kids so they know the severity of it. but they are excited. you know, they want to see dad. >> reporter: having stow in san francisco will make it easier for the family and his many supporters. >> i'm just going to at least be there and let him hear my voice. let him know i'm here. >> reporter: despite being surrounded by the latest high tech tech equipment, any doctor will tell you that being surrounded by loved ones helps too. >> his children will be there, and heapfully smelling them and hearing -- and hopefully smelling them and hearing them near by will help him. it'll be nice that he wakes up
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when his kids are there. >> reporter: bryan is home sweet home. in the meantime doctors will keep watch for seizures. in the meantime they'll be looking for some kind of rehabilitation. ken wayne. more details now, here's a look at those suspect sketchless. los angeles police describe one man as latino with a stocky build, a shaved head, mustache and goatee. the other can be hispanic or caucasian. both are said to have tattooless. lapd plans to have a news conference tomorrow. the open carry bill now moves to the senate. the national rifle association is one of several groups threatening to sue if the bill
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becomes law. a federal judge in sacramento ruled that people do not have a constitution right to carry a concealed weapon in public. under the county policy, people must provide a reason to legally carry a concealed gun. opponents argued unsuccessfully that the policy gives the sheriff too much discorrection over the constitutional right to bare arms. we learned today that a u.s. marine from modesto has been killed in combat operations in afghanistan. lieutenant benjamin palmer died last thursday. the initial report is that he was killed by small arms fire. palmer had been in the marines for 20 years and served three tours in iraq. the 43-year-old leaves behind a wife and three children. his mother is quoted as saying, palmer had a strong sense of duty and of helping others, always taking care of his marines and his family. governor jerry brown unveiled his revised may budget today. it contains billions of the dollars in revenue that was unanticipated back in january.
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that's the good news. but as ktvu's ken pritchett reports the bad news is california is still almost $10 billion in the red. governor brown says california's budget deficit now stands at $9.6 billion after an unexpected $6.6 billion in new tax revenue from an improves economy. >> the economy in california is looking pretty good. not as good as its been but definitely on the mend. >> reporter: half the new revenue goes to k-12 education. the other will reduce the amount of tax extensions he's asking for. but he still needs four republican votes to get taxes on the ballot. >> i'm talking to anybody i think that is a plausible vote and that's more than four and less than 10. >> reporter: republicans say with new revenue there's no support for new taxes. >> he is far more confident of the possibilities that i am as an insider perspective. >> reporter: without tax
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extensions, california faces an all cuts budget. that means 5 billion to other state programs including public safety. >> i've given you the blueprint and now you know the other architects will start to screw it up. >> reporter: governor brown credited lawmakers will will be passing $13 billion in cuts. senate president says he's confident that a deal is possible. >> our goal is to get to this done by june 15th. >> reporter: june 15th is the constitutional deadline for lawmakers to pass a budget. a deadline their rarely meet. ken pritchett, ktvu. >> you can learn more about the governor's budget proposal, including what's in and what's out. and the labor deals will save the state about a million
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dollars a year. other state workers agreed to concessions. in some cases workers will pay more into their pensions. others will see changes in how pensions are calculated. others say the deal did not go far enough. the city's transportation agency is said to vote tomorrow on raising fairs. on the table an increase on the fare drop. an additional dime for every mile and an extra dime for every minute waiting in traffic. and i'm going to roll up that computer model for your day tomorrow. and also two visitors enjuried on alcatraz. tonight we're learning how it happened aboard a tram on service for just one week.
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and ktvu looks into a program that allows some to buy their way into the united states.
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the coroner tonight released the name of a 13-year- old boy who died today after he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle in alameda. the boy was identified as michael sorenson of alameda. the boy was transported to oakland children's hospital where he was pronounced dead.
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alameda police are not releasing any updates to this case. the roof of the tram collapsed right on top of them. >> around 1:30 a man was riding a tram when suddenly something unexpected happened. >> it is a freaky accident. >> joy sees says her sister was injured. she says the tram hit a pipe. that caused the support of the roof to collapse. hitting the two passengers who were sitting on the truck. >> the left side fell and hit my nephew and he gashed his head. the injured passengers are 64-year-old kitengal who's visiting from the houston area. and her son scott gidrey of san francisco. park rangers tell us the motorized tram is new and has
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only been in service a few weeks. they say it's too early to tell if the driver was at fault. but that service resoon twisted another older tram. >> this is an unusual thing. this is the first accident like this that we can find any report of in the last ten years. >> a park ranger told us as a precaution, both victims are caused to a back board and an alcatraz ferry took them back to shore. then an ambulance transported them to san francisco hospital. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. new developments tonight in the beating death of a ucsf medical student at a san francisco nightclub. police released this surveillance video. it's from inside the temple nightclub the night joe hernandez was attacked and beatable. investigators told ktvu a man described as asian with a sleeve tattoo on his right arm is the killer and likely lives
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in the south bay possibly san jose. 22-year-old tracy long was taken into custody last thursday. she's accused of attacking one of the people that tried to step in and help hernandez. if joe hernandez was alive today, he would have walked across the stage to get his diploma. >> i'm happy for them. but he worked so hard. he worked so hard to be here and it's unfair the way it happened. >> reporter: his mother and friends attended this morning's ceremony in san francisco. hernandez received a posthumous degree from ucsf. endeavour lifted off this morning. >> and lift off for the final launch of endeavour. >> today's launch was two weeks
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later than planned because of an electrical problem. one of the people on hand was commander mark kelly's wife wounded congresswoman giffords. her chief of staff says there wasn't a lot of talking as they watched. until endeavour was on its way. >> she did at the end say to me, she looked up and said, good stuff. good stuff. >> reporter: giffords and other family members were shielded from public view which is nasa's custom. endeavour's 25th and final mission is scheduled to last 16 days. with his trademark bravado donald trump announced he is steps down from the race to the white house. >> i have decided we're going to go forward with celebrity apprentice. i will not be running for president as much as i would like to. >> reporter: trump did release a statement saying he remains a strong conviction if he were to run he would win the primary
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and the election. the áf mike huckabee announced he too has has decided not to seek the presidency. john boehner slipped into town for a fundraiser. he is visiting to what has long been democrats territory. jana katsuyama has the story. >> reporter: the speaker was here for about two and a half hours. he did have police and secret service escort. this was a small fundraiser and turns out it ended up being a little different than first advertised. >> political fundraisers and secret service cars are common in san francisco. but at the ritz carlton donors were coming out to support a republican. republicans say it's a sign of the times.
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>> now that we have the congress and bohner is making some inroads and we're doing things i think there's more enthusiasm. >> reporter: the fundraiser was organized for the fairmont but they moved it tonight to the ritz carlton. i do think it's ironic that after years of attacking speaker pelosi and san francisco values, he's coming here to take our money. >> reporter: boehner is up for reelection next year and he already is facing some tough battles within the gop. according to a rasmussen survey, the speaker of the house popularity is down. speaker boehner is expected to
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hold another fundraiser tomorrow in menlo park. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. and you just saw jana in san francisco. here's live storm tracker 2 showing the showerings. this line of showers moving off rapidly. let's go vague right to the computer model. you see scattered showers, we're getting close to your morning commute. 3:00a.m., more scattered showers. you see how it is now. morning commute pretty dry for the most part. no rain from the sky, just wet on the roads from overnight. then we go into the lunchtime period and we see cloudy. then this one tees up offshore, this next system for tomorrow late afternoon. then it shows up wednesday morning. we have a computer model that goes well beyond the 24 hour. the mgm tour of california
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got started today after yesterday's first leg was cancelled because of snow in the sierra. today the cyclists raced through sacramento to the cheers of bike racing fans. the bicycle started in nevada city and then did three circuits to complete 64- mileless. the snow yesterday made conditions too hazardous. tomorrow the raise begins in auburn and will end in modesto. that covers a distance of just under 122 miles. racing is scheduled to start at 15:15 a.m. and end after 3:00 p.m. a toddler hit and killed in a crosswalk. just ahead we're learning the charges against the driver accused of being distracted. but up first, the head of the international monetary fund makes his first court appearance on assault chargeless. the judge's order unveiled.
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a judge in new york city has ordered the head of the monetary fund to be held without bail for the charge of sexual assault. the judge said kahn is a flight risk. he was arrested at the airport just a few hours after a maid reported being sexually assaulted by kahn. it involves a north bay teenager suspected of texting while driving when her car struck and killed a toddler. rob roth spoke with the child's parent after learning the driver is being charged with a misdemeanor. >> reporter: lee and jeff murray met with lee ravage for more than an hour and say they
10:25 pm
accept her decision. the da is charging it as a misdemeanor. if convicted, dunaway faces a year in jail. >> it's not going to do us justice to sit here and complain and get angry the way the law is. >> reporter: dunaway is charged of texting while driving. the complaint also says dunaway was driving at an unsafe speed. the accident killed allie and seriously injured allie's mother. >> when we go out, i see a mother holding their daughter or kids -- i just want to hide. >> reporter: ravage issued a statement saying driving while texing is a dangerous and real threat to every danger of our community. the murrays are working with state lawmakers to make
10:26 pm
distracted driving a felony in some cases. they say they hope to have it on the governor's desk by next year. ling is recovering at home after months in the hospital. she had this message to drivers. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a south san francisco auto body worker pleaded no contest today to eight felonies in connection of a series of sexual assault. raul contreras attacked three female joggers. he will be sentenced in july. prosecutors said a danville man accused of killing his mother inside their townhouse is not likely to regain his competency to stand trial. it happened five years ago. andrew mantas was 16 at the time. he is now 21 years old and is
10:27 pm
being held at napa state hospital. mantas hit his mother with an aluminum bat. half a million dollars and two huge piles of paper work pave the way through a green card for some. we'll show you who's getting them and how. she was my sanity in an insane world. a pen pal relationship between a gi and a high school cheer leader proves inspirational 43 years later. ♪ you'll run outside
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♪ i'll pass you by ♪ ♪ i want to see the sunshine ♪ ♪ take me where you are ♪ take me where you are ♪ afternoon ride ♪ afternoon ride [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. get high speed internet from at&t, just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services. no home phone required.
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it's a program that puts immigrants to permanent residency. but it comes with a hefty price
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tag. it's tonight's special report. >> reporter: steven westine's family owns this farm north of sacramento. 3,000 heifers fill these pen, westine's grandfather immigrated and started a dairy business. >> we really experienced the american dream. we want to help other people experience the american dream as well. >> reporter: now westine wants to expand that dream and is turning to foreign investors to help by using a little program known eb5. a foreigner invests half a million dollars in a u.s. business in a high unemployment area. everywhere else the cost goes up to a minimum of a million dollars. each investment must result in 10 u.s. jobs for at least eight years. in return, that investor and their entire family gets temporary green cards. after 10 years they receive
10:31 pm
permanent green cards. westine has been traveling to china where investors are willing to pay top dollars to get their families to the u.s. he says potential investors from china and egypt have already visited this dairy farm, he hopes to secure financing by next month. immigration attorney martin waller predicts this year a record 35,000 people will receive conditional green cards through this program. >> wonderful for the u.s. economy. each investor, first thing they do when they immigrate is buy a car or buy a house. >> reporter: yung runs the regional center in san francisco, he's talking to chinese investors about financing a boutique hotel and restaurant to be built here in the south of market. funding from traditional is
10:32 pm
sources such as banks is harder to come by. >> it's a difficult situation that's how this whole thing gets started. >> reporter: but critics say the eb5 program allows rich people to buy their way to the u.s. ansari came to san francisco from france on a business visa that expires this month. he wants to stay here but says he doesn't have enough money to attain an eb5 green card. >> that doesn't work out for 99% of the people. >> reporter: others say the whole immigration system is broken. >> we can take, 10, 20, 30, 40 years for someone to immigrate, that's insane. >> reporter: but eb5 supporters say that foreign investors risk losing their money and being deported if the project fails. back on the farm, westine says eb5 is good for this country. >> we were built on immigration. it's really a great program because at the same time we're bringing people in we're also having them create jobs. so at a time when we really needs jobs here in the united
10:33 pm
states. >> reporter: critics say the u.s. citizenship and immigration service which oversees the program does little to ensure jobs are really created. the agency disputes this and says they have a team of specialists who check on eb5 programs. it also says $1.5 billion have been invested in the u.s. in willow, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. police are looking for more victims in what seems to be an -- today officers showed off photos on what they seized including computer that had the personal information of thousands of people. so far one woman has been arrested for using a victim's information to cash checks and get credit cards. >> what we know from identity
10:34 pm
theft is that it's not justly just one suspect. >> reporter: they feel they scored a victory in this case because most of the information recovered has not been used. tomorrow night the oakland city council is scheduled to take up two proposed gang injunctions. council members are expected to discuss the recommendations. council is expected to vote whether to continue funding work toward implementing the proposed injunction. >> reporter: owners can keep locking out players until the owners full appeal of a lower court's ruling is held. it is the second legal victory in a low for the owners. the ruling came as owners and players met in minneapolis for talks led by u.s. magistrate. the appeal is scheduled to be heard on june 3rd. tonight the twins who allege that facebook founder mark zuckerberg stole their idea say they are taking their legal challenge all the way to the
10:35 pm
supreme court. attorneys for cameron and tyler winklevoss say they were misled able the value of facebook during the settlement talks. portugal received $10 million in rescue loans but no decision has been made about lending more money to greece. the dow industrials dropped 47 points. the nasdaq fell 46. the final chapter for border's bookstores may be written next week. the company may be closing all their reminder stores if they cannot find a buyer. when it filed for bankruptcy,
10:36 pm
it announced it would close several stores. as we first reported last night, hackers forced sony offline. sony maintains that users credit card information was not stolen. the outage lasted almost four weeks, sony is compensating users by offering a free video game download. research in motion is recalling a thousand of its blackberry play book tablet computers. the company says the recall is due to faulty operating software which prevents users from setting up the device which you see here. the recall covers play books with 16 gygabites in memory. he was known as the church man. the search for clues in his brutal beating and what police say about the case. and i'm back here with the forecast. rain beginning to end as we head toward the weekend.
10:37 pm
i'll show you exactly when that will occur. a 2-year-old girl killed in this rubble. what may have led to this building collapsing.
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10:39 pm
a 2-year-old girl died today when the building you're looking at collapsed just after noon in central arkansas. the two story brick building contained a cosmetic shop and bridal boutique. six people are hospitalized. authorities say everyone is expected for but they are still searching the wreckage after this house. construction work at the building may be to blame for the collapse. the rising waters of the mighty mississippi river crested today in baton rouge and new orleans a few feet lower than predicted. it set a record at 57 feet the
10:40 pm
highest level since 1957. officials opened flood gates. here the mississippi is not expected to crest until thursday. the flood waters have forced thousands o evacuate in several -- thousands to evacuate in several states. and a reward is being offered to get information on the case of a man who was beaten to death. in the community luis tavara was known as the church man because he attended church every day and always carried a bible. today though who knew him called him a family man. >> he goes to work every day, every morning i see him every morning. he says hi. he is a very, he's a very grateful man. >> investigators interviewed drivers today who might know something about the killing. police say they did develop some leads from that effort and from canvassing the neighborhood. in news of the world tonight in the netherlands.
10:41 pm
the chief prosecutor of the criminal court caused for arrest warrants for gadhafi, his son and libyan's intelligence chief. mr.gadhafi personally authorized the killings of civilians as part of the crack down on opposition. the gadhafi government denies the charges. investigators said they got all the data plus the last two hours of cockpit conversation. all 228 people on board died in the crash. and in sweden, a disabled cruise ship made it to port today thanks to the help from thug boats. the ship lost all power yesterday in the baltic sea. for 24 hours, passengers said they had no electricity, no hot food and the restaurants didn't
10:42 pm
work. the 1,700 passengers were given air fare to go home and given vouchers for another cruise. residents spotted a black bear in a tree right outside a church in renton. crews responded and set up a net to break the bear's eventual fall. there you see it after an officer shot it with a tranquilizer gun. and they formed a bond decades ago as pen pals. how a california soldier and a pen pal is being told through theater -- how the story of a california soldier and a pen pal is being told through theater.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
new at 10:00, two strangers separated by war, brought together through letters. lloyd lacuesta live in foster
10:45 pm
city where two pen pals finally meet after more than 40 years. lloyd-- >> reporter: frank in this age of e-mail and texts seems like few people take a pen at hand and write a letter. tonight here in foster city there was a play that focused on a true live story of a pen pal relationship of 40 years ago. >> i'm coming home. until we meet. >> reporter: the play is called between yesterday and tomorrow. correspondent with an american soldier in vietnam 1968. >> i was wounded on the 17th of april by enmy mortar. >> reporter: karen moore was a 16-year-old cheer leader in san francisco. an english class assignment was to write to a soldier in vietnam. >> i didn't have any real understanding what was going on in vietnam. i just thought it was interesting that i could write to a soldier. >> reporter: jim ogelbeck was a 20-year-old medical core man
10:46 pm
with a marine batallion in vietnam. he says her letters gave him a sense of the normal world. >> it says the prom was fantastic. there were a few complications, he was a half hour late. there were champane spilled on the front of my dress. >> reporter: they never met when he returned. last year moore found the letters, she wrote the screen play, through the internet found her pen pal and invited him. >> she was my sanity in an insane world and i really truly mean it. that's how i felt. >> reporter: ogelback he says last year it was 42 years to the day when he wrote the first letter to her from vietnam. live in foster city, lloyd
10:47 pm
lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. the vatican took another step today to deal with the sex abuse scandal that has plagued the catholic church for years. the pope told the vatican they are to cooperate with the investigation. 35-year-old james dunbar of berkeley was found friday afternoon near the upper yosemite fall trail. it appears dunbar tripped and hit his head on a rock. also on friday, professor from austin texas slipped on the missed trail and fell into the merced river where he drowned. it was too close to comfort
10:48 pm
today as flamed moved toward the la canada flintridge. the federal government announced today it is awarding the district a $6.5 billion grant that will allow the county to keep 25 firefighters on the job and keep two stations open for two more years. the decline in housing market has reduced property taxes used to fund the contra costa fire department. welcome back, live storm tracker 2 has been lit up all night with scattered showers. heaviest rain moving toward concord and vallejo. but we do have a cell coming off the coastal range out toward redwood city. we draw a quick track on that. this isn't thunder or lightning. so we're checking out this, the rain increases, redwood junction by 11:10. this system is slow moving. it's widely scattered. when you wake up tomorrow morning there's going to be
10:49 pm
some wet on the roadways. there'll be a little bit of shower activity coming from the sky but very little. by tomorrow night, it ramps up again and we're back in the rain tomorrow night into wednesday morning. i suppose this evening's rain event about twice as strong. tomorrow .1 overnight after the commute. overnight into wednesday morning. those are the overnight low forecast. scattered showers tonight they're dying down. tomorrow starts out okay. roads are dry for your morning commute. i suspect the afternoon commute a few sprinkles and evening showers overnight. the computer shower bares this out. we start this out wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m. you can see the rain is sort of lingering in here. we get into the wednesday 10:00 a.m. you see showers start to dry out. overnight tuesday into wednesday morning then this thing goes. it's not a big deal. it's widely scattered but in
10:50 pm
the mountains the winter storm warning in effect through wednesday morning. travel out there, they are seeing 6-inches, 8-inches a foot of snow in places. that's low for this time of year. as we roll into thursday, friday, saturday, a few clouds linger but we should be drying out. forecast highs tomorrow, cool, as you would expect with cloud cover. your day tomorrow, not bad. remember how this morning was before the rain. that's how tomorrow is. late in the day, clouds increased not that dissimilar from today but i think the main rain will be after the computer. temperatures as i mentioned tomorrow low and will be a little warmer after that. just kind of nuisance showers at best. tomorrow was partly the biggest deal we will see today as we head toward the weekend we start to dry out, warm up back into the mid-70s. good for pollen sufferers though. >> i've been having problems the last couple of weeks. >> looking on the bright side. >> looking for something. >> thanks, bill. >> sure. an era is coming to an end for jerry lewis. the 85-year-old comedian issued a statement saying he is
10:51 pm
retiring at host of the muscular dystrophy telethon. he plans to make an appearance this september. ktvu has aired and participanted in the telethon for years. and the public will soon have a chance to bid on bottles of wine that once belonged to madoff. proceeds from the sale of the wine will be used to compensate victims of madoff's multi million dollars fraud. madoff is currently serving a 150 year prison sentence. the world champion giants are supporting a cause for teams and they are the first professional sports team to do so. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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the world champion giants are being applauded for something they did off screen. the giants have signed up to do a video for the it gets better campaign. no word on which giant players will appear on that video. not a great night for them. >> they are still in first place but they are not scoring run, they are not hitting the ball. so naturally the errors
10:55 pm
increased. and they're not hitting the ball but the ball hitting them and everybody else. look another this like a pinball machine. batter, catcher and umpire all get it there early. two run rockies, andres torrez puts one into the seats in right field. solo shot. nate shoreholtz. a run already in, man at first perfect double play ball hit right back to lincecum. bad throw, handcuffed tejada and instead of two out. it opens the inning up and carlos gonzalez on the 118th pitch of lincecum's night rides it out into the night three run homer. and lincecum a loser for the fourth time in seven decisions as are the giants. as you would imagine if you look outside, soggy night for the oakland a's who have looked like they are trying to hit the
10:56 pm
ball with wet newspapers all year any way but still hanging along the top of the american divisional. as you look at some of the weather that created an hour and a half rain delay. the a's probably wished it would have rained even hadder. angels two out, two run single off the bat of kendrick. he had an idea of the cameras all fogged up and wet there. a's are batting in the 8th inning still trailing. and in baseball you have to have a -- third period doing them in. our fred inglis is in vancouver talking to the boys about letting another lead get away. >> it is what it is. we put ourselves in that position. the good positive is we've been the lead in the third. we just have to find a way to
10:57 pm
finish it. >> you're in a play off year, you're going to go through games that you give off lead. you have to forget about it and get ready for the next one. >> it's almost like we ran out of gas for some reason. i have no reason for it but tough to put a finger why third periods haven't been going the way you want them but it'll change. >> the canucks are shark repellent and that may be so. but dan moyle says they are getting some help from officials. comments by boyle that i'm sure will get some attention by the nhl and league officials. fred inglis. >> game two is wednesday night not tomorrow. wednesday night. >> all right,. >> that's the sporting life for tonight. >> make sure to join the ktvu news begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. they'll be tracking our wet weather to see if it slows
10:58 pm
tomorrow morning's commute. and is always on and you can follow us with our mobile app. have a good night everyone. >> good night. we used to bet who could get closest to the edge.
10:59 pm
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