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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 17, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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there is still no solution for a group of east bay homeowners perched on the edge of a sliding hillside. we'll tell you what city leaders are thinking about doing that has those homeowners very upset. a bomb shell from arnold schwarzenegger overnight as he admits to fathering a child with a former household staffer. and bryan stow is back in the bay area this morning. the first goal doctors are focusing on in his long road to recovery. it's all ahead here on the ktvu
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morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this tuesday may 17th. i'm pam cook. more rain overnight and this morning. how does it look today, steven? did you say march or may? >> i know. it feels like march. >> last night's system about a quarter of an inch for many. there will be more coming in right there. already there goes one system and the next one getting very, very close. that's going to spread in more rain. some already reaching parts of the south bay, peninsula and spreading over the bay. look for another cloudy rainy day with cool temps. here's sal. good morning. traffic on 80 westbound heading to the macarthur maze looks good. no major problems heading out to the macarthur maze. westbound bay bridge traffic looks good up to the toll plaza. now back to the desk. all right. we begin with the sex scandal behind the break up of former governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver. today's l.a. times reports the couple
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separated after schwarzenegger admitted he had fathered a child with a long time member of their household staff. now that child was born more than ten years ago even before schwarzenegger's first run for office. the former governor issued this statement late last night. he says "there are no excuses and i take full responsibility for the hurt i have caused. i have apologized to maria, my children and my family. i am truly sorry ." now the couple announced the separation last week after 25 years of marriage. neighbors effected by a landslide in san pablo are very nervous this morning and not just because of the rain. ktvu's allie rasmus joins us now with what the city may do that's causing a lot of concern. allie. >> reporter: well, city leaders in san pablo say the landslide effecting a group of homeowners is no longer an emergency situation. they said the ground is relatively stable. so now the council is thinking about stripping that emergency declaration they gave this area
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just two months ago. there are six homes effected by the landslide. three at the top of the hill, three at the bottom. right now we're at the bottom of the hill where you can see evidence of this landslide still right here behind us. there's a pile of dirt and mud that's collected slid to the foot of the hill. there are some tree branches and uprooted tree trunks in that mud. and you can see where it's putting pressure on the fence on the property right next to it where the fence is just breaking away. uphill the effects of this landslide are even more visible. the ground is broken away from the foundation of three homes. one of the homes was deemed completely unsafe to live in and the owners had to basically abandon it. and because of all this homeowners say it's ridiculous that the city would think about no longer considering this an emergency. stripping away that emergency declaration means that the landslide area would no longer be eligible for federal and state emergency funding. now the city council in san pablo delayed making a decision on it after meeting last night. they're supposed to take up the issue again next month. also in the meantime san pablo
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city engineers had put together a plan for a temporary fix for the hillside. they were going to drill support beams into the hillside to support the three homes at the top of the hill, but the group of homeowners would not sign an agreement releasing the city of liability. so because of that it appears the city is scrapping plans for that temporary fix as well. so the homeowners and the city still at an impasse. reporting live in san pablo, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. in mill valley the ramp from northbound 101 to highway 1 is back open this morning. overnight the chp shut it down for about two hours because of flooding. they even had to rescue one woman after her car got stuck in the water on the road. grape growers in the wine country are keeping an eye on the skies this morning hoping for some warmer weather. now growers tell us that the cold wet weather so far won't hurt the crops, however problems could rise if rain starts falling again in two weeks during the bloom period. now that's because it could
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prevent the actual grapes from forming. growers say whether it's the rain, insects or even wild fire smoke, they're always dealing with something. >> i think that's called farming. there's always something. you never know what it's going to be. hopefully both have the cash reserves to get you through the bumps in the road and probably the mentality to deal with all that uncertainty and the risk that's associated with trying to grow a crop. >> now the worst time to get rain is in the fall. that's because the water can rot the fruit before it's ready to be picked. well, it is late spring, but there is a winter storm warning in the sierra this morning believe it or not it. take a look. the warning will be in effect through tomorrow morning. higher elevations in the sierra received about a foot and a half of new snow from sunday to monday night and they could see another foot tomorrow. well, this morning los angeles police will update the search for the two men who brutally beat giants fan bryan stow.
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the l.a.p.d. has been followed up on hundreds of leads ever since the attack outside dodgers stadium six weeks ago. and those tips did increase dramatically after an advertising agency put up hundreds of billboards on l.a. freeways. now they show the sketches of the two men who are wanted along with the reward money. meantime, stow is back here in the bay area this morning. a private jet flew him from los angeles to the san francisco airport yesterday afternoon. news chopper 2 was overhead as a convoy of ambulances drove him from sfo to san francisco general hospital. doctors say stow is now moving onto the next phase in his long road to recovery. >> it's far too early to say. we need to see what happens when he gets here. the goal is to get him out to some sort of rehabilitation. >> when someone makes a transport like this in such a critical condition, there's often a little period of setback. >> now family members say that
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they plan to make more hospital visits with stow now in san francisco. stow's ex-wife says she plans to bring their two children to see their father for the first time since the attack. closing arguments are set to begin today in the chauncey bailey murder trial. now former your black muslim bakery leader yusuf bey and macaque are accused of killing the oakland journalist and two other men back in the summer of 2007. prosecution has called nearly 70 witnesses including former bakery handy man brusard. brusard testified that bey ordered him to kill bailey. an alameda teenager is dead after being hit by a car while riding his bike. 13-year-old brandon sorenson was riding his bike yesterday afternoon when he was hit. now police say the boy was transported to oakland children's hospital where he was pronounced dead. alameda police have not
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released any other details about the case. a rohnert park teenager faces misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges in connection with a crash that killed a 2-year-old girl. prosecutors say 18-year-old kate lin was texting while driving through a crosswalk on snyder lane last december. her car hit and killed 2-year- old coolly murray and seriously injured her mother who is recovering after months in the hospital. >> we should be tucking in our daughter at night to bed, not me tucking in my wife and helping my wife get to the bathroom and get a shower and you know get up the stairs and do everything. >> now the murrays say they are now working with state lawmakers to make distracted driving a felony which would carry a tougher sentence. dunaway is due in court on thursday. if convicted she faces a maximum sentence of a year in jail. pg&e failed to spend $93
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million allocated to gas line improvements. now that's according to a bay area congresswoman. they spent the money elsewhere. pg&e did replace some old pipelines, but not the one that ruptured in san bruno last september. congresswoman jackie spear says she obtained the information from the state public utilities commission. spear says pg&e needs closer monitoring. governor brown says despite california's improving economy, he's still calling for tax extensions to balance the budget. in releasing his revised may budget the governor says an unexpected $6.6 billion in new tax revenue shows state's economy is on the mend. but the governor says it still leads the state with a nearly $10 billion deficit down from $15 billion. so his revised budget plans still include tax extensions but at a reduced level. >> i've given you the blueprint. now the other architects will
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start to screw it up. >> brown still needs four republican votes to get the tax extension proposal on the ballot. most continue to spending cuts and not taxes to pass the budget. june 15th is the deadline they rarely meet. now we do have complete coverage of the governor's budget revision on our website at you can find out what's in, what's out on the right now section of our home page. 4:40 is the time right now. let's go over to sal and check in on traffic this morning. some wet roads out there, sal. yeah. we have our first sign of an injury accident. this is westbound 24 at fish ranch road. just got it in. just put it up on the maps there. westbound 24 at fish ranch road. paramedics are on the way. this is reported as two left lanes blocked and the vehicles are also blacked out. so it's going to be hard to see. so this just popped up. we'll see what it's going to do to the caldecott tunnel. we're not starting off well on this wet and rainy morning.
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and that's what's going to happen when we have these kind of road conditions. fortunately we usually see at least a few injury accidents around the way. again, westbound 24 west of fish ranch inside one of the boards in the two left lanes. also this morning we're looking at 80 westbound. that's driving okay heading out to the macarthur maze. traffic okay at the bay bridge toll plaza with no major problems so far. and for the south bay northbound 280 off to a nice start. let's go to steve. okay. our system from yesterday okay totals. about a tenth to a quarter inch. some over an inch especially towards the russian river. for some hardly much of a show but for others decent rain. that system moves out. next one coming in will spread more clouds and some rain on us today in fact i think it will pick up later on this afternoon. could actually have more rainfall than the one we just had. nothing too heavy yet from highway 17 santa cruz mountains heading towards the peninsula and also into the santa clara
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valley and stretching up going from south to north here there comes our next system. the monday system that dropped in left some cool temperatures, no change there. also maybe another quarter inch of rain is possible for some. but temperatures upper 40s or right about at 50. it's really close through the moisture that continues to stream in here this time from the west doesn't look very organized but the air mass is now kind of moist. wouldn't take much. cloudy to mostly cloudy and more rain on the way. breezy at times. these will be cool temps. highs again stay way below average especially inland. upper 50s and low 60s for many or upper 50s in the north bay. too much cloud cover in place. mostly cloudy day and rain again. rain takes us into wednesday. then things calm down a bit. warmer weather but not a lot. just some inland highs back into the 70s. well, queen elizabeth begins her historic visit to ireland about 45 minutes ago, but the disturbing discovery police made just hours before her arrival. an accident on alcatraz,
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the crash that sent two people to the hospital during their tour of the landmark. good morning. westbound highway 4 traffic moving well getting up to the willow pass grade. another update straight ahead.
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good morning. light rain continues. we're kind of in between systems especially towards santa cruz mountains right now. highs today very cool. 50s and lower 60s. rain will pick up again this
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afternoon. well, this morning queen elizabeth is in ireland on a historic visit. but just hours before her arrival irish police diffused a bomb. that was found in the luggage compartment of a bus outside dublin. at least one other suspicious device was examined but concluded it was a hoax. yesterday british police received a warning of a bomb from a group of irish disdents opposed to compromise with britain. now we want to take you live there this morning because the queen just arrived in ireland just about an hour ago. and here she is live making her entrance there at her first stop. she's the first monarch to visit ireland since it gained independence from britain and broke away in 1949. well, this morning the head of the international monetary fund is being held at new york's reichers island jail. a judge denied bail for him yesterday saying he's a flight risk. he is accused of attempting to
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sexually assault a new york hotel maid on saturday. police later pulled him off a paris bound flight and arrested him. the imf chief returns to court on friday. jail officials say he's in isolation for his own protection. flood waters from the mississippi river are expected to reach near record levels in greenville, mississippi, today. the army corps of engineers says that so far opening the spillway in louisiana has had some positive effects. the agency hopes to prevent disastrous flooding in baton rouge and new orleans. the mississippi river is expected to reach peak levels in vicksburg later this week. this is the first day of emergency drill for people living and working near california's levees. emergency teams will practice mock evacuations, sandbagging and mobilizing emergency operations in 23 of the 58 counties in california. the federal government has
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already determined that sacramento has the second highest flood risk of any u.s. city right behind new orleans. california's 1100 miles of levees were built more than a century ago. a mother and son are recovering from minor injuries this morning. that's after getting injured on alcatraz island. it happened at about 1:30 yesterday afternoon. the 64-year-old mother and 41- year-old son were on a motorized tram to the alcatraz cell house when the tram hit a pipe. that caused the roof of the tram to collapse and hit that mother and son sitting in the front. the two were taken to san francisco general hospital. park rangers say visitors should not be worried over safety despite the accident. >> the pathway is safe. and this is an operation that we do daily you know seven days a week throughout the year for hundreds of people every day. >> now park rangers do tell us though here at ktvu that an investigation into the accident
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is now underway. a u.s. marine from modesto has been killed in afghanistan. lieutenant cool until benjamin palmer died last thursday. he was killed by small arms fire. palmer had served three tours of duty in iraq in his 20 years as a marine. he leafs behind a wife and three children. san francisco police have arrested a man suspected of killing one of the victims in a double homicide over the weekend. 24-year-old has been charged with the murder of 21-year-old pacific psalm. psalm and another man were killed saturday night during a fight at a birthday party in a burn heights housing project. police are still looking for the person who they believe killed the other victim. house speaker john boehner is waking up in the bay area this morning. our ktvu camera caught boehner's motorcade leaving san francisco's ritz carlton hotel
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last night. that's where the ohio republican held a small fundraiser. another fundraiser planned today at the home of hewlett pack hard executive. local republicans say boehner's visit to a traditionally democratic stronghold is a sign of the times. but democrats say it's ironic. >> after years of attacking speaker pelosi and san francisco values, he's coming here to take our money. >> republicans who have been sitting in the background are starting to come out now. they're seeing the results of the obama administration and are saying we have to get active. >> boehner's reportedly trying to raise $300,000 during his bay area visit. well, today san francisco's most heavily used rail line could soon get a little less crowded. the new express bus that could provide relief for commuters. a building collapse in arkansas is to blame for the deaths of a 2-year-old. what investigators say may have
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caused that accident.
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well, this morning crews in arkansas will resume searching for victims after the collapse of a two story brick building. a 2-year-old girl was killed yesterday and at least six other people hurt. everyone inside the building is accounted for now, but there is some concern that someone might have been hurt near the outside of the building. investigators are trying to determine whether construction at a bridal shop in the building is to blame for that collapse. the search has been suspended for a man missing in the rugged nevada mountains. there's been no sign of him since he and his wife became stranded in their van in march. earlier this month hunters found rita weak but alive after surviving in their van for seven weeks. the search may resume if
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conditions improve or if investigators get any new leads on his investigation. passengers on san francisco's most heavily used muni rail line may soon get some relief. a plan will be presented to the transportation agency today to begin an express bus on part of the n-judah line. in the morning buses would pick up passengers at 11 stops on the street between 48th and 19th avenues. that bus would go straight to the financial district. in the evenings buses would leave from the financial district and would not drop off passengers until judah and 19th avenue. coming up on 5:00, that sounds interesting, sal. they've done a survey of people heading straight to the financial district don't want to stop along the way. >> that's right. that way you can just get there really quickly and not have to deal -- they can go around if there are traffic problems on the actual njudah line. let's look at the commute. traffic going to be effected by
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the crash on westbound 24 on fish ranch road. couple of cars, the wet weather not making it for good driving. we've had a coup the accidents. latest one being eastbound 80 just west of a street in solano and fairfield. westbound 24 still clearing this accident with paramedics on the scene. we still have a couple of lanes blocked there. also the morning commute is going to be okay westbound bay bridge. it's light so far coming in to san francisco. and this morning's drive on the san mateo bridge may be a little bit dicey if you're driving over to highway 101 any time soon. just make sure that you pay attention and just give yourself more time for these conditions. 4:55. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have another system here moving in later on today. we already have some light rain around mainly towards santa cruz, santa cruz mountains. this next system though had a little bit cooler air mass. so another tenth of an inch to maybe half inch of rain. wind will pick up a little bit. 15, 30, highs against a very, very cool this time of year.
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56 to 64. one system moves out, the next one slices in and it will continue to move in throughout the day. so look for a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. and off and on rain. that will start to pick up. you can see some of that light rain boulder creek, highway 17 heading towards morgan hill, south san jose, monterey highway, 101, 40s and 50s right about it. everyone's really close within a couple degrees. hayward says they're the warmest at 53. concord 49. santa rosa 49. next system develops right off the bay area. as weak as it may be it's still enough development where it takes place and that enhances and begins to move on shore. see how this comes down from the northwest. has a little bit cooler air mass with it. cloudy, more rain is on the way. some already starting to move in. it will be breezy, cool, cool temps. 50s, upper 50s especially north bay along the coast, around the bay, some 60s. brentwood, antioch only 63 this time of year. morgan hill to gill roy. mountain view 61. santa cruz only 60. so if you think it's cool, it
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is. it's way below average. hold onto some showers wednesday and then thursday, friday and most of saturday look good. but i'll tell you it will not be very warm. and sunday's now looking a little if few. oh, boy. thank, steve. arnold schwarzenegger drops a bomb shell. he admits to fathering a child. up next how long he kept that secret. and oakland prepares to hand down a big decision on gangs. the crime fighting measure that may end tonight.
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we're live with a new sex scandal for former governor arnold schwarzenegger and how it could be behind the break up of his marriage. what leaders in one east bay city are thinking about doing that has a group of homeowners very upset. well, rain yesterday, last night. looks like more rain today. what about on the extended? can we get it out of here and warm it up? good morning to you. welcome to a brand new day. may 17th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. rainy day out there this morning. how does it look out there this morning? pamela, dave,


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