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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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it's a bomb shell that may have broken up arnold schwarzenegger's marriage. i'm live with what he admitted to and the surprising reaction from some people in the bay area. >> reporter: the roads are wet this morning or at least damp. we'll tell you what other threat is out there you might want to look out for for your morning commute. i know it's may but mother nature doesn't know that. it's giving us march weather. how long can this last? we're going to head into outer space to see what's happening on the space shuttle right now. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. well, welcome. good morning. it's tuesday may 17th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. little wet weather this morning. steve paulson, how does the day look today? it looks cloudy and more
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rain moving in. some already especially towards santa clara valley. more for everyone later on. highs today really cool. upper 50s and low 60s. this next system looks like it will start to increase the rain here rather soon. there goes one system. here comes the next one dropping in. it's going to increase the rain. another dreary day. here's sal. good morning. westbound interstate 80 traffic is still looking pretty good coming out from richmond and berkeley all the way down to the macarthur maze. the conditions are not bad for driving. it looks like it's dried off a little bit here on the upper deck of the bay bridge. traffic is looking good all the way into san francisco. but you can tell it's just a little windy. more traffic and weather in six minutes. 6:01. back to the desk. all right. sal, thank you. happening right now it's been a little over 24 hours since the space shuttle endeavour lifted off from florida. nasa has been holding a mission status briefing in houston. you're looking at one of the briefers right there. mission control in houston
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they're going over the signals received from endeavour which by the way is in orbit over the earth. the endeavour is drifting closer now to the international space station. the crew is conducting the usual scan of the shuttle's thermal tiles. making sure there was no damage when they launched. space shuttle endeavour will dock at the international space station about 3:00 tomorrow morning. new this morning the sex scandal behind the break up of arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver. today's l.a. times reports the couple separated after schwarzenegger admitted he fathered a child with a long time member of their household staff. ktvu's in oakland with reaction. eric. >> reporter: this is certainly a hot topic here at coffee shops. we've been watching reaction absolutely exploding on twitter this morning. of course the big news arnold schwarzenegger recently admitted to having a child out of wedlock with a long time member of his household staff
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and that's apparently when schwarzenegger's wife, maria shriver, said she was moving out. the couple initially did not give a specific reason why they were separating when they made that announcement last week. but now the l.a. times is reporting schwarzenegger fathered a child more than a decade ago with a woman who worked for his family for more than 20 years. now that woman nor the child has been identified. she finally retired earlier this year. arnold says he told his wife about the child after leaving his governor's office this year. maria shriver has declined to comment about all. this morning fans of schwarzenegger and one woman from eastern europe told us she's still behind him. >> i think he's a very good man. >> reporter: you still think so? >> yes. i like him. i don't know that's my decision but that's the story and. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: of course
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schwarzenegger and maria shriver have four children. in a statement just released by schwarzenegger he said "there are no excuses. i take full responsibility for the hurt i have caused. i have apologized to maria, my children and my family ." now he has repeatedly supported this child financially over all of these years. that household staff member says she voluntarily left on good terms when she retired earlier this year. live here in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. our time now 6:04. rain and wind could make this a messy morning commute. ktvu's kraig debro is live at the bay bridge toll plaza and the high wind advisory's in place. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, dave. i wanted to do a little demonstration show you how bad or how good the wind is. not that bad. believe me though we've had gusts that have been much higher than that. if you look behind me you can see eastern direction of the bay bridge half hour later when i first came it's a lot more crowded than it was just at
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5:30. and then if you look above the vehicles there you can see the four words up there high wind on the bridge. the warnings are good for the bay bridge, benicia, martinez and hayward san mateo. i just spoke with chp. they say there have been no accidents on any of the bridges overnight. attributable to high winds. we just drove to treasure island back about half an hour ago. it didn't feel any significant gusts or sustained winds. the winds blew with small but surprising many rainfall we've been getsing surprised a lot of people. this is one of the parking lots they're no stranger to flooding especially during a rainfall or high tide. yesterday got a little serious out there. chp had to shut down highway northbound 101 ramp to highway 1 for about two hours. a woman actually got stuck in here car when the high water came in unexpectedly. chp came out there and got her down from the car. again, no visible effects of the high wind advisories right now. sometimes when you're driving
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on the roadway especially with 18 wheelers you can see them swaying back and forth. we didn't happen to see that about half an hour ago. but, again, chp wants everybody to be careful out there this morning. live at the bay bridge toll plaza, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:05. we know it's late spring, but there's a winter storm warning in the sierra this morning. the warning will be in effect through tomorrow. look at these pictures. these are live pictures. that's snow. the higher elevations, pam, in the sierra got about a foot and a half of new snow from sunday to monday night. they may see another foot of snow by tomorrow. we're now learning that the f.b.i. has questioned a san ramon police accused in a corruption investigation. over the weekend the f.b.i. investigated louis lombardi on charges he sold drugs to confidential informants and stole cash, drugs and guns from police seizures. right now lombardi is on
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administrative leave from the san ramon police department. it's not clear exactly why the f.b.i. wanted to question him. time now 6:06. this morning los angeles police will tell us the latest on the search for the two men who brutally beat giants fan bryan stow. the l.a.p.d.'s been following up on hundreds of leads ever since that attack outside dodgers stadium six weeks ago. those tips increased dramatically after these ads and billboards started popping up on l.a. freeways. they showed the sketches of the two wanted men along with $100,000 reward money. bryan stow is back in the bay area this morning. a private jet, that one there, flew him from los angeles to the san francisco airport yesterday afternoon. news chopper 2 was overhead as -- look at the convoy of ambulances that drove bryan stow from sfo to san francisco general hospital. doctors say bryan stow is now moving into the next phase on his long road to recovery.
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>> it's far too early to say. we need to see what happens when he gets here. the goal is to get him out to some sort of rehabilitation. >> when someone makes a transport like this in such a critical condition, there's often a little period of setback. >> now family members say they plan to make a lot more hospital visits now with bryan now in san francisco. stow's ex-wife will bring their two children to see their father for the first time since their attack. more scrutiny this morning for san francisco's emergency communication system. the examiner reports mayor ed lee is calling for a review of the system after it went down for several hours last thursday and friday. now the breakdown forced dispatchers to use pen and paper. it also forced first responders out in the field to use radios instead of their on board computers in the patrol cars. no word yet on exactly what caused that breakdown. time now 6:08. passengers on san francisco's
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most heavily used muni rail line may get relief soon. a plan will be presented today to begin an express bus on part of the n-judah line. in the morning those buses would pick up passengers between 48th and 19th avenues. the bus would go straight to the financial district. in the evenings buses would leave from the financial district and would not drop off passengers until judah and 19th avenue. 6:09 is the time right now. back over to sal checking in on the east bay. how does it look, sal? looks busy now, pam and dave, as we're starting to get to the peak of the commute. this next hour is when it starts to peak. you will see traffic on 24 still looking good. earlier this morning we had a crash near the tunnel. the traffic has recovered completely they got those vehicles out of the way which is nice. also the morning commute is looking okay here westbound bay bridge coming up to the pay gates. no problems on the bridge. and if you're driving to
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highway 4, highway 4 is slowing down. but after that it does look nice on the way to concord. we already have some stop and go traffic. franklin kenyan road in contra costa county there is a tree down. they're trying to get that out of the lanes. 6:09. let's go to steve. cloudy, mostly cloudy skies. we had a system yesterday decent totals for some not so much for others. everyone got in on measurable rain. more coming in today. next one dropping down more from the northwest. it will be a little cooler for some. i know it can't get much cooler. st. helena had two-thirds. napa a third of an inch. brentwood also a thursday of an inch and gill roy over a quarter inch of rain. there were heftier totals than that especially as you head up towards parts of the russian river. cazadero an inch and a half. been lomond three quarters of an inch. davenport almost a half inch of rain. oakland .24 which was a record rainfall for the date
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yesterday. and san francisco's .22 tied record rainfall. rain moving back in towards santa cruz mountains, santa cruz, monterey, gill roy, santa clara valley picking up light rain. 40s, 50s, 51, 52 not much of a difference between any of these temperatures. everyone's really close. one system kicked out because the next one dropping in and it continues to develop. that will give us more rain today. about a tenth of an inch to a half inch of rain is certainly possible again today breezy 15, 30. maybe a few stronger gusts. those cool highs continue as we get really a lot of cloud cover, really cool breezy conditions and rain increasing. upper 50s, low 60s counting everybody. coast, bay and inland. gill roy and oakly only 63 in mid way that's what we have. showers will be ending on wednesday then okay thursday and friday. but not that much warmer. pam and dave. he went from a $3,000 a night room in a luxury hotel to
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a jail cell. what we're finding out now about the alleged evidence collected in the case against a global financial leader. also the giants join a viral video campaign and they'll become the first prosports team to support this cause.
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welcome back. world financial leaders seem split right now on whether the head of the international
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monetary fund should resign. as ktvu's allison burns reports the imf chief dominique strauss- kahn faces four felony charges and is in jail with no bail. allison. >> reporter: dave,ed charges against the man who was the top contender to be france's next president have sent shock waves around the world. and this is new this morning. the austria finance minister says dominique strauss-kahn should step down immediately. but officials and many in france are more supportive. one top france official is raising questions about how the u.s. is handling the case. seems to be a tradition in new york but such photos of the suspect are illegal in france and many are furious that he was subjected to what they call humiliation. strauss-kahn's attorneys are denying the charges against him. fox news reports investigators found blood and other potential evidence in the hotel suite where he allegedly attacked a maid. strauss-kahn faces four felony charges including attempted rape.
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his next court appearance is friday. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. well, this morning queen elizabeth is in ireland on a historic visit. just hours before her arrival irish police diffused a bomb. want to show you new video of the queen arriving in ireland this morning. the bomb that police diffused was found in the luggage compartment of a bus outside of dublin. at least one other suspicious device was examined but found to be a hoax. now british police received the warning of a bomb from a group of irish dissidents before the queen headed to ireland. queen elizabeth is the first monarch to visit ireland since it gained independence from britain in 1949. police officers nationwide are getting more power now when it comes to drug searches. the u.s. supreme court ruled 8 to 1 yesterday that police officers can break into a home if they hear sounds outside making it appear someone's
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trying to hide drugs. now justice defended on this. she says allows police to ignore the fourth amendment. that protest against unreasonable searches and seizures. police in vallejo have now identified the city's latest homicide victim. it happened early sunday morning near louisiana and cool vera streets. investigators say a gunman shot and killed 26-year-old luis renteria of st. helena. several witnesses spotted the driver racing away from the scene in a white pickup truck. the fatal shooting was vallejo's fourth killing in the past week. schools across california are set to honor gay activist next week. now conservatives are trying to stop that from happening. the save california group will hold a news conference this morning at 11:00 a.m. in sacramento. it will call on schools not to honor milk on his birthday may
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22nd. former governor schwarzenegger signed that law creating the day in 2009. giants joining the effort to speak out against anti-gay bullying. they signed up to become the first pro sports team to create an it gets better video. the video is part of a campaign aimed at gay teenagers. more than 10,000 celebrities, political figures and others have put it gets better videos on youtube. don't know which players will be in the video but it's expected to be released in the coming weeks. 6:18 is the time right now. back to sal to check in on the commute. sal, how does it look? it's okay. so far it's been moderate in the last few minutes we've been catching a little bit of a break. let's go out and take a look at east shore freeway traffic which is not doing too bad if you're driving out to the macarthur maze. you can see traffic is looking pretty good here driving to berkeley area. just checking to see there are
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no new accidents according to chp because they pop up by the minute here. but nothing yet. let's go out and take a look at westbound bay bridge. there's a little bit of a back up now that the metering lights have been switched on. and if you're driving on westbound 580 just had a new accident reported or actually it's more of a hazard. metal object on westbound 580 at airway boulevard and some slow traffic approaching if you are driving to the peninsula traffic on highway 101 southbound may be effected by a crash with no injuries at mill brae avenue. 6:19. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. cloudy skies. bit of a break in between systems. still some rain especially towards santa cruz mountains and santa clara valley pick up later on. it will stay very cool. gray skies. gray over the bay. for may. i mean it's just really cool for this time of year. we do have some more rain on the way. maybe a tenth of an inch to half inch is possible. wind out of the south-southeast up to 30. 56 to 64 on the highs. and some of the rainfall you can see there it is starting to
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move into the area near the radar site. which is in the santa cruz mountains. still sign of things to come. low 50s take your pick. one 49 that would be fairfield. everyone's really close. there goes one system, here comes the next dropping in. it's not big or anything but will give another round of rain later on. cloudy, cool, gray, breezy. temperatures 50s, 60s. just i mean especially inland it is unbelievablely far below average. good 15 to 20 degrees for some. we will see a little bit of a rebound starting on thursday carrying us into friday. but not a big one. we'll see some low 70s. i'm a little concerned we'll see another cool down especially into the weekend. pam and dave. all right. thank you, steve. well, in the last half hour wal- mart reported first quarter profits rose 3%. the world's largest retailer says sales in overseas stores from mexico to china are up. sales at sam's club stores also up more than 9%. that helped offset a decline in sales at its u.s. wal-mart
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stores. this is the eighth quarter in a row that u.s. sales have slipped there. but wal-mart could help the dow today. the national average price for a gallon of regular gas is just under $4. and a new gallop poll shows nearly 70% of americans say the high cost is causing their families financial hardship. more than half say they have made major changes ranging from eliminating vacation travel to taking shorter trips. 21% say the impact is so dramatic that the rising cost of fuel has jeopardized their standard of living. 6:21. linked in the social networking website for professionals is about to launch. silicon valley's biggest ipo so far this year. linked in will go public thursday. the company's hoping to raise $274 million. that would make it the biggest ipo in five years. analysts say linked in's success could be a clue to how some other social media ipos will go in the near future.
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facebook, twitter, zynga and groupon all expected to go public soon. a mother is facing charges this morning after running over her daughter. why she told police she aimed the vehicle toward the girl. also governor brown releases his revised state budget. why the governor says even with $6 billion in unexpected revenue he still needs those tax extensions. good morning. it's a little bit foggy in san francisco. foggy and rainy. that may make it tough for you to drive. i'll tell you how the bay area weather is effecting this tuesday morning commute.
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the fresh tasting california sour cream your other food loves.
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good morning. right now traffic is going to be looking all right here. i see something at the top of the bay bridge and i just think at the top of this picture i think those are the metering lights. i don't think anything's wrong there. we'll investigate. traffic on the bridge is effected by some winds. steve will be around in just a moment to explain today's weather. well, an ohio mother is caught on tape running over her 19-year-old daughter in a wal- mart parking lot. michelle told police she argued with her daughter, emly, and wanted to swerve the vehicle toward her so she could smack her in the head. instead the vehicle clipped emily and she fell to the ground.
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her foot was then run over. emily was treated at a hospital and released. michelle is now facing vehicle assault and domestic violence charges. a rohnert park teenager faces misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges in connection with a crash that killed a 2-year-old girl. prosecutors say 18-year-old dun iowa was texting while driving through a crosswalk on snyder lane last december. her car hit and killed 2-year- old murray and seriously injured her mother who is still recovering after months in the hospital. the murrays say they're now working with state lawmakers to make distracted driving a felony which would carry a tougher sentence. donaway is due in court on thursday. if convicted she faces the maximum sentence of one year in jail. time now 6:26. governor brown says despite california's improving economy, he still wants tax extensions to balance the budget. releasing his revised may budget the governor says an
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unexpected $6.6 billion in new tax revenue shows the state's economy is getting better. but the governor says it still leaves the state with a nearly $10 billion deficit down from $15 billion. so his revised budget plan still includes tax extensions, but at a reduced level. most republicans insist they don't want those extensions to balance the budget. now the deadline for the legislature to pass a new budget is june 15th. we have complete coverage of the governor's budget revision on our channel 2 website at find out what's in, what's out on the right now section of our home page. a bay area woman is one of two california hikers who were attacked by a bear near yellow stone national park last week. park rangers say 36-year-old shauna was hiking with her friend from southern california when a grizzly bear attacked them. both hikers suffered bites to their arms and legs but were not seriously injured.
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that bear will not be killed or moved since park rangers have no idea which bear is responsible. well, it's a bomb shell involving california's power couple. we now know the sex scandal behind the break up of arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. and as we go live to the opening bell in new york, two big names in business could certainly effect stocks this morning.
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welcome back to the morning news. just rang the opening bell in new york this morning where a couple of stocks big names in business could certainly effect stocks today. hewlett packard pretty good quarter but warning ahead that it is going to be tough. that stock looks like it's going to open down about 5%. it's just opening up now. and wal-mart actually better than expected earnings report in this morning.
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that's the world's largest retailer. so it is part of the dow jones as hewlett packard looking live at the big board below bottom part of our screen dow off 53 points. we'll go ahead and smile anyway and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news tuesday may 17th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. well, in the news for you this morning we're starting with the sex scandal behind the break up of arnold schwarzenegger and his wife, maria shriver. today's l.a. times reports they separated after schwarzenegger admitted he fathered a child with a long time member of their household staff. ktvu's live in oakland. eric is getting reaction on this. eric. >> reporter: sure am, dave. you can imagine this is something a lot of people are talking about as they come in to get their coffee this morning. of course arnold schwarzenegger has been accused of being less than faithful before but it appears this might have been the final straw for maria
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shriver. she moved out when schwarzenegger admitted to fathering a child with a long time household staff member more than ten years ago. let's get right to the statement he released about all this. schwarzenegger said there are no excuses. i take full responsibility for the hurt i have caused. i apologize to maria, my children and my family he said. now the l.a. times is reporting schwarzenegger had this child out of wedlock with the woman who'd work for his family for 20 years. she just retired in january. it was some time after schwarzenegger left office this year that he reportedly admitted everything to his wife. now maria shriver has yet to comment on all of this. people we're talking to out here today say their thoughts are certainly with her and the couple's four kids. >> i feel sorry for his wife. that's who i feel sorry for. she's the one hurting. she probably knew it, but hid it. >> reporter: back out here live we've also heard some people say this is just a family
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member and should be private. for this couple it's been very hard to ever stay out of the spotlight from movies to politics with both of them. schwarzenegger has already lined up several more movie deals since leaving office this year. we're live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. well, it may be the middle of may, but we are on storm watch. the bay area's waking up to a wet and windy morning. it's already causing some problemsover night the highway patrol had to shut down the northbound 101 to highway 1 in mill valley because of flooding. one woman even had to be rescued after her car got stuck in the water there. that ramp is back open this morning. and over the bay bridge a high wind advisory's in place this morning. the sign shows the warning drivers as they approach the toll plaza. the high wind advisory is also in effect at the benicia bridge and the san mateo bridge. up in the wine country grape growers are closely watching this unusual may weather pattern. growers tell us that the cold
6:34 am
wet weather so far isn't hurting the crops. however, problems could rise if rain starts falling again in two weeks during the bloom period because it could prevent the actual grapes from forming. growers say whether it's rain, insects or even wild fire smoke they're always dealing with something. >> i think that's called farming. there's always something. you never know what it's going to be. hopefully both have the cash reserves to get you through the bumps in the road and probably the mentality to deal with all that uncertainty and the risk associated with trying to grow a crop. >> now the worst time to get the rain is actually in the fall. that's because the water can rot the fruit before it's ready to be picked. more worries this morning for the owners of six homes on a sliding hillside in san pablo. ktvu's allie rasmus joins us now to talk about why they are upset with city leaders. allie. >> reporter: pam, now that it's a little lighter outside we can give you a better view of the
6:35 am
six homes effected by this landslide. there are three at the top of the hill. and that yellow house you're looking at through the trees is one of those three. three houses at the bottom of the hill where we are standing right now the owners of this house right next to us this peach colored house had to move out because the city declared that their home was no longer safe for them to spend the night in. and if we walk a little further this way and show you their backyard, you can see exactly why. this is the landslide we're talking about. that mud and dirt has slid and spilled right up against the back of the house. these people don't even have a backyard anymore because all that mud has swallowed up parts of their fence, patio furniture and tipped over the basketball hoop you're looking at. city leaders in san pablo say even though all of this looks unsettling, they believe the ground on this hillside is relatively stable now and it hasn't moved significantly in the past month or so. this landslide emergency first started in march but now the city council is thinking about stripping away that emergency declaration they gave the area.
6:36 am
and that would mean the homeowners effected by this landslide would no longer be eligible for any state or federal emergency funding to shore up the hill and be able to move back into their homes. now city leaders say the homeowners probably wouldn't have gotten any of that government funding anyway because most of the area effected is on private property. the homeowners are nonetheless upset about this. some of their homes are yellow and red tagged. and a family at the top of the hill had to basically abandon their home because it was deemed completely unsafe to live in. daytime or nighttime. today the homeowners feel as though the city has turned its back on them. >> it's just scary. i didn't hear -- i thought i was going to hear a little bit something more positive than what i heard last night. there isn't anything. i don't know. >> reporter: you're without hope at this point? >> yes. where am i going to go? >> reporter: and that homeowner is talking about the san pablo city council meeting that happened last night. the city council was supposed
6:37 am
to make a decision on whether to strip the emergency declaration last night, they ended up postponing that decision until their meeting next month. and we are also hearing that the city is now also moving away from plans to temporarily stabilize the homes. they initially had some plans to drill some piers into the back of this hillside to support the homes at the top of the hill. but because this group of homeowners did not find a relief waiving the city of any lifix it appears the city is moving away from that as well. ktvu, channel 2 news. time now 6:37. a bay area congresswoman says millions of dollars allocated for gas line improvements were spent somewhere else. congresswoman spears says she got the information from the state public utilities information but she says she got a vague response when she asked for an explanation on how the money was spent. pg&e did replace some old pipelines, but not the one that blew up in san bruno last september. congresswoman spear says pg&e needs to be watched closer.
6:38 am
a program meant to fight crime on the streets of oakland could soon be coming to end. the city council is set to decide at its meeting tonight on whether to continue funding gang injunctions. stay with us here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. ahead at just about 6:45 we're going to go live to ktvu's kraig debro for more on these injunctions and tonight's vote. time now 6:37. closing arguments start today in the chauncey bailey murder trial. former your black muslim bakery leader yusuf bey and macoya caused of killing the journalist and two other men in the summer of 2007. the prosecution has called almost 70 witnesses including former bakery handyman brusard. brusard testified that bey ordered him to kill chauncey bailey. a modesto marine has been killed in afghanistan. lieutenant corn benjamin palmer died last thursday. the 33-year-old was killed by
6:39 am
small arms fire. he served three tours of duty in iraq in his 20 years as a marine. he leaves behind a wife and three children. time now 6:38. the plans to remove an old oak tree nicknamed granny from a men lo park neighborhood reportedly it's going to move ahead next week. some of the neighbors yesterday rallied to save this 300-year- old tree. some trying to get a restraining order but didn't get it. they plan to try again later this week. the san francisco public utilities commission says the tree removal is part of seismic upgrading to the water delivery system. time now 6:39. want to go back over to sal to check in on traffic. are the roads still pretty wet out there, sal? some of them are drying off but some rain showers are moving through. we'll bring in our meteorologist steven paulson in just a moment to tell us about the weather. but the traffic is getting busy at the toll plaza westboundings ever you can see traffic is very busy. here at the toll plaza it's a little bit crowded on the
6:40 am
bridge as well. also the morning commute is okay here on 237 westbound until you reach the 880 interchange. then it slows down. if you're on the peninsula southbound 101 traffic mostly it's a speed limit but 280 is a little slow at 380 there. 101 little slow approaching an accident at mill brae avenue. things improving heading south through san mateo and redwood city. now time for steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have another gray day combined a little bit of breeze in there. and we have a windchill. i mean it's cold and gray out. temperatures upper 40s or right about 50. and there's some light rain. we are kind of in between systems but not before the last one left an inch and a half at cazadero. ben three quarters of an inch although there was more. show you that in a second. davenport almost half inch. oakland .24 that was record rainfall for the day and san francisco tied .22. middletown lake county our
6:41 am
observe .82. that's good rain for this time of year. napa a third inch. sfo .05 to a tenth of an inch. this didn't want to visit the peninsula. maybe today they'll pick up more. today more rain, cloudy, cool showers ending tonight and tomorrow. it will still be cool. end of the week will be better but not that warm. we'll see some upper 60s and lower 70s. but there's sign of another cool down by the weekend. next system coming in there's not a lot to it, but it's still developing and sweep in. you can see the last few frames right here. come on. right there start to move in later. we're just kind of in a gray dreary pattern with occasional rain tenth of an inch to another half inch is possible. 15 to 30-mile per hour gusts. 50s to 60s. light rain beginning to pick up on the peninsula especially on skyline. nothing too heavy but showing itself from the santa cruz mountain. one system moves out. another one has to drop in. after that we'll see some
6:42 am
better conditions. cloudy, more rain off and on. breezy, really cool though with highs only in the upper 50s for many or very low 60s antioch only 63. same for gill roy and a lot of upper 50s and low 60s in between. showers end wednesday then partly sunny and warmer as we head into thursday but not that much warmer. all right. thank you, steve. 6:41 is the time. the am general tour gen tour the second stage started in nevada city instead but still ended in sacramento. now today's leg is scheduled to start at 10:15 this morning in auburn. it will end about 122 miles later in modesto. tomorrow's stage three will start in livermore and end in san jose. time now 6:42. a new plan to deal with potentially dangerous dogs. how a crackdown in one bay area
6:43 am
county may include old and some new methods. good morning. northbound 101 a little bit dicey here in san francisco. you can see it's windy. well, not so good for driving. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
6:44 am
6:45 am
good morning to you. welcome back. quick look at some top stories
6:46 am
we're following right now at 6:45. we're now learning about the sex scandal behind the break up of former governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife maria shriver. today's l.a. times reports they separated after schwarzenegger admitted he fathered a child with a long time member of their household staff. the chief of the international monetary fund is confined to a new york jail cell for the time being. that's after a judge denied bail for dominique strauss- kahn. prosecutors warn the wealthy banker might flee to avoid prosecution. also this morning los angeles police will update the search for the two men who brutally beat giants fan bryan stow. he's now at san francisco general hospital after being moved from los angeles yesterday. this morning contra costa county supervisors will discuss ways to protect people from potentially dangerous dogs. the board will consider an ordinance requiring the spaying or neutering of any dog that has been impounded more than
6:47 am
once. that same proposal would require the pet owners implant a microchip in any dog impounded for dangerous behavior. time now 6:46. controversial gang injunctions meant to help clean up the streets of oakland may be ending soon. ktvu's kraig debro joining us live with what the city council vote taking place tonight. kraig. >> reporter: dave, the vote on the city council tonight is supposed to be whether or not to continue with so-called gang injunctions. right now fruit vale is one of those districts and oakland where they're being hotly debated slash contested. we're in north oakland right now. this is the only place in the city of oakland actually where there is a safety zone where a gang injunction can be enforced. i just spoke with sue piper, the spokesperson for mayor jean quan. she says the mayor generally supports gang injunctions but only in tightly controlled circumstances. and quan actually calls the safety zones stay away areas.
6:48 am
now there is -- we wanted to define the area rather than just have you look at these live pictures here. and the map actually of the north oakland safety zone is bordered on one side by telegraph avenue. mlk basically goes right down the middle and on the other side close to emeryville goes all the way down there but also includes portions of macarthur boulevard. have to look on the map it would look like a huge y. once the city gets a court approved order this is how gang injunctions work a list of gang members is put under a curfew in the safety zone. north oakland is the only place in the city where you can legally do this right now. once the city gets a court ordered approve list of gang members they put them under tightly controlled restrictions, they're not allowed to associate, loiter or possess guns within the zone. those on the list are allowed to leave to go to work but they have to be back at a certain time. those have criticized gang injunctions as a form of racial profiling. a lot of that pressure's led us
6:49 am
up to this point where tonight's city council is trying to consider whether or not to continue with the gang injunctions. live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. our time now 6:48. there will be a back up motorized tram service for tours of alcatraz island today after an accident yesterday left two people hurt. it all happened yesterday afternoon. a 64-year-old mother and her 41- year-old son were on the tram to the cell house when the tram hit a pipe. that caused the roof of the tram to collapse. it hit the mother and the son. they were sitting right in the front. an investigation of what happened is now underway. 6:49 is the time right now. back over to sal to check in on traffic, sal. well, pam and dave, in a word the traffic is not doing all that great because of the wet weather, windy conditions in some places steve has been telling you about. the roads are not great. there's a car that slipped off the freeway and ran into a wall. that car's abandoned. there's no one in it.
6:50 am
so the person who hit the wall just kind of took off. the car's not in the lanes but causing a little bit of slow traffic as the tow trucks are there. not a major delay but a little bit of a delay coming out of hayward heading south. also the morning commute is going to be effected here at the bay bridge toll plaza. not effected, it's slow as it normally is coming in to san francisco. little bit slow driving on that upper deck as well. and if you are driving on the san mateo bridge that's going to be tough driving in the peninsula and also a little bit windy. what's the weather going to be like for the afternoon commute? let's go to steve. sal, we have a lot of gray skies and looks like another gray day with temperatures staying really cool upper 50s low 60s. there will be some rain today. just kind of a dreary day and temperatures struggling to recover from the upper 50s for many. that should be near 80 degrees especially for some inland areas. rain developing and pretty heavy rain especially off the north coast eureka, crescent city. system dropping out of the northwest. it's not really well organized but still going to increase
6:51 am
rain later on. there's some down towards the peninsula over to the peninsula down to the south bay, santa cruz mountains. not a lot but wants to focus around santa cruz, santa cruz mountains and highway 17 about 50 degrees. you combine that with a breeze it's a cool day out there already. cool morning. this system will drop down out of the northwest. has a little bit of support from the jet stream. also cooler air. the last system came out of the west yesterday's system. this one coming down out of the northwest. there's the ridge of high pressure start to build in and improve our weather as we head towards tomorrow. today's weather another tenth of an inch or a couple one- hundredths to hatch inch possible. up towards the russian river and santa cruz mountains 15 to 30-mile per hour breezes. cloudy, more rain off and on breezy just really cool conditions with highs upper 50s and low 60s for almost everybody which for this time of year as you probably imagine is well, well below average. five day has a bit better weather. showers decreasing on
6:52 am
wednesday. improving friday unfortunately does not look that warm by the weekend. thank you, steve. more bad news on the housing market this morning. construction on new homes fell 10.6% in april. that's an annual rate of 523,000 homes. now permits for new construction is also down. analysts say there's so many foreclosed properties on the market it doesn't make sense to build new homes. people are apparently improving their homes though. home depot reports first quarter profits jumped 12%. the country's largest home improvement retailer also raised its full year earnings estimate by 11%. the news comes one day after its smaller rival, lowe's reports a drop in first quarter sales. let's check in on the numbers. a lot of big names in business effecting things today. we just talked about home depot. wal-mart also in with good number this is morning. it's part of the dow jones. but hewlett packard in with good numbers but projections
6:53 am
down. the forecast going forward dismal and markets are taking it hard. dow jones down 65 points right now. live look at the big board. time now 6:52. taking a closer look at the safety of those full body security scanners at airports. why some scientists are so concerned. social networking sites could lose final control over what appears on kids' web pages under a new state law proposal. good morning. north and southbound 880 traffic at the speed limit here in front of the coliseum. but the driving is not so good in many areas. we'll give you a round upcoming up.
6:54 am
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there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ] welcome back to the morning news. a group of scientists including five professors from ucsf wants to test the full body x-ray scanners being used at airports to check the level of radiation. the transportation security administration insists that its full body x-ray scanners are safe. the tsa says radiation from a scan is equivalent to what's received in about two minutes of flying. but the scientists say the evidence made public to support that claim is unreliable. they want the tsa to make the scanners available for independent testing. time now 6:56. an 8-year-old bay area girl's been taken away from her mother who's been giving her botox injections so she can compete in beauty pageants.
6:57 am
the san francisco human services department was investigating her who had reportedly lived in the city. there are reports she actually lives in another bay area city and san francisco's no longer involved in the case. sources say that little girl was placed in the care of relatives. california could soon require social networking sites to let parents decide what will be on their kids' web pages. that bill would require facebook and similar sites to take down personal information and photos for account users within 48 hours of a parent's request. it would also make all security settings defaults private. each violation could result in a $10,000 fine. it's 6:57. sal, get us to where we need to go. all right. it's going to be busier now as we're getting to the peak here of the commute westbound 80 it's busy coming in from the pin ole area into richmond berkeley down to the macarthur maze. bay bridge toll plaza at least a ten minute wait.
6:58 am
let's go to steve. sal, cloudy skies. light rain. looks like sun is trying to get its act together towards marin county. santa cruz mountains and santa clara valley. cool temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. thank you, steve. coming up next on mornings on 2, it's something you don't want to hear as you get ready for summer picnics. what's causing watermelons to explode. also more on that bomb shell involving california's power couple the sex scandal that led to their break up. stay right here with us. ♪ i'll pass you by ♪ ♪ i want to see the sunshine ♪ ♪ take me where you are ♪ take me where you are ♪ afternoon ride ♪ afternoon ride [ male announcer ] now everyone can explore the world from home. get high speed internet from at&t, just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services. no home phone required.
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