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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. the decision came just hours ago. we'll tell you what the city council decided about oakland's gang injunction. the reaction to it as well. we believe there are family members and friends that know. >> los angeles police follow a strong lead in the beating of bryan stow ahead of tonight's dodger-giants game. the beat goes on. more rain. but looks like we're almost done with it. can we warm things up? we'll have that coming up in weather.
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good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's wednesday may 18th. i'm pam cook. more wet weather this morning. let's check in with our meteorologist steve paulson for the forecast. hi, steve. hello, pam. yes, yesterday a dreary day with a very foggy cloudy conditions and rain. and it picked up overnight into this morning. we're almost done with it. area of low pressure is diving down. that's kind of enhancing things a bit. still some rain towards livermore and just to the east fremont but starting to move out. talk more about that and see if we can dry things out coming up in about five minutes. steve, right now on interstate 880 and throughout the bay area it is wet. so you want to leave yourself a little extra time to drive wherever you're going. as you can see the traffic is light. it's nice and early. and you can jump ahead of the crowd. you're looking at interstate 80. once again wet roads for the commute. we'll have a complete update in just a few moments. now back to the desk. topping our news this morning, the debate to fund two
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controversial gang injunctions in oakland spilled into the early morning hours today. our crews were there as a passionate city council meeting finally led to a decision. ktvu's claudine wong joins us now with the outcome. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. yes, this meeting didn't actually end until just a few hours ago. it was a packed house here at the city council chambers here at oakland city hall early this morning. it was a meeting that had cheers and interruptions as the council and community weighed in on the city's gang injunctions. >> council member and president reed being the four is and three nos with brooks, kathrine and adell voting no. and spooner as recused, it passes. >> reporter: when all was said and done the council voted to continue spending money to keep the gang injunctions going right now. there are two right now. one in oakland and one in the fruit vale district. they forbid identified gang
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members from wearing colors or going outside a 100 safety block after 10:00. the fruit vale injunction which targets a gang that effects about 40 people is right now being fought in the courts. we talked to one man on the injunction lists. he admits to being in trouble in the past but told the council this injunction prevents him from moving forward. >> you know slapped in the face i've been doing good for the last few years and put me on a list call me the worst of the worst. >> i think they do work. i don't think they have racial profiling issues but i want to do a study that allows them to see the results by an unbiased party. >> reporter: that is the other part of this decision. the council agreed to keep funding the injunctions but said no new ones would be discussed until an independent evaluation of the two current one asks complete. as we mentioned this is a packed house. about 200 people here. at one point council member larry reed actually threatened to have police escort one of the people in the audience out of the meeting. we caught all that on video and we'll show that to you coming
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up in our next report. live here in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. police in union city are investigating a shooting that killed a 49-year-old man. officers responded to reports of a shooting on whipple road at about 10:15 last night. they found the man suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to a hospital where he died. at this point police say they do not have a suspect description or a motive for that shooting. the san francisco giants return to dodgers stadium tonight. los angeles police will be out in force to make sure the fans are safe. they're also following up on the first strong lead in the brutal attack on giants fan bryan stow in the stadium parking lot six weeks ago. police believe a latino woman in her 20s may have driven the get away car carrying the two attackers. she was wearing a dodger jersey featuring number 16. police hope to get even more
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tips at tonight's game. >> we believe there are people that know. we believe there are family members. we believe there are friends that know. don't shield these folks. >> stow remains in a coma at san francisco general hospital. doctors will update his condition at a news conference later today. despite extensive tests, authorities still don't know what caused the death of a novato man found buried in his own backyard. in february 74-year-old dale smith's body was removed from his home on rebecca way. his wife told police where to find the body after a neighbor reported her husband missing. novato police tell the marin independent journal that smith was not poisoned and there was no evidence of violence. but they are unable to rule out homicide or natural cause because the body had been there too long. well, the world's best cyclist will be racing in the bay area today for stage four of the amgen tour. they will start in livermore
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and ride through a grueling course of narrow roads and steep mountains into the san jose foothills. the city of livermore is now gearing up for the start of today's big race. many bars and restaurants are expecting huge crowds despite the rainy weather. the race is dedicated to raising cancer awareness. and the mayor of livermore will fire the starting gun. >> next week it will be three years since i took an experimental medication made by amgen that saved my life from cancer. stage four lymphoma. well, one hour ago passengers on a stranded am track train in the nevada desert finally reached their destination. the train left chicago on friday night. yesterday around 1:30 in the morning it blew two engines stranding passengers about 100 miles east of elko. this is video we just got in of
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the passengers finally arriving in emeryville. they were put on buses when their train was derailed. everything was running smoothly but once the engines gave out it was one problem after another. >> it seemed like a comedy of errors or an exercise and inefficiency and just nobody -- the crew didn't seem to really know what was going on. >> well, passengers say they spent about ten hours stuck in the desert without power or ventilation. three people who rely on oxygen tanks were taken away in ambulance. they were expected to be put on another train some time today. 4:37 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. we're dealing with more wet roads this morning. pamela, you are correct. we have wet roads out there. and remember chp can ticket you if you're driving too fast. doesn't matter what the posted speed limit is. keep it slow and safe. on 80 westbound it looks pretty
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good as you head out to the macarthur maze. no major problems there. there are no problems by the way if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light westbound traffic looks good all the way into san francisco. of course we're checking in with the south bay. there's northbound 280. and there is cal train. one of the first trains of the morning. the train system is doing well to start off on time. 4:37. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. still light rain mainly east bay, south bay. upper level low starts to work its way in and hopefully it will start to animate as well. he says. thank you. you never know anymore. system is also starting to move south. as it does we'll pick up that cool northwest breeze. so we'll see a decrease in the rain, but it won't be very warm. 40s and low 50s on your current temps. been there all week long so far. really not much change there. but you can see high pressure's building in. so there's the sign that thursday and friday will be much better. but today everything comes right down out of the northwest. and it's been a cool pattern.
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so some morning showers. but they're clearing out. then cool and breezy. sun and clouds. cool temps. highs today not very warm. maybe a little bit warmer than yesterday. but with that northwest breeze it will kind of take the edge off. so some low to mid-60s but upper 50s closer to the coast. we have some good news as we head into thursday and friday. those look nice. warm it up friday but looks like another cool down into the weekend, pam. all right. thank you, steve. well, the experts are now weighing in on whether arnold schwarzenegger's mission that he father add child with a member of his household staff will have an impact on his career. [ indiscernible ] >> the former governor had no comments for photographers who hounded him as he left his santa monica office yesterday afternoon. political analysts say they don't believe the disclosure will hurt schwarzenegger's image as the ambassador of green technology. as for his movie career, the producer of schwarzenegger's next film says shooting will
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begin as scheduled in august. now, maria shriver has issued a statement after these latest developments and she says "this is a painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother, my concern is for the children ." calls are intensifying for the head of the international monetary fund to resign. 62-year-old dominique strauss- kahn is on suicide watch this morning in a new york city jail. although there is no indication that he will hurt himself, but strauss-kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. now we're learning this morning that the woman named in the case is a 32-year-old woman from west africa. arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will undergo another surgery today. doctors will replace a piece of her skull with a plastic implant. giffords was shot in the head while attending a rally in arizona. now giffords husband, mark kelly, is commanding the shuttle endeavour's final mission. we are looking at live pictures this morning sent in from nasa
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thanks to nasa. endeavour just docked at the international space station for its 16 day mission. the hatch there is supposed to be opened within the next hour. now the crew's path on this mission -- there's a nice shot from outside there with a docking to the space station, the crew's task is to attach a giant magnet to the station that looks for antimatter and dark energy. a deadly outbreak of a virus found in horses. now there's concern about it reaching the bay area. the steps local stables are taking now. and the new surveillance video out of san francisco that's prompting another investigation into police misconduct. good morning. highway 4 traffic looks good but it's wet on the bay area roadways. that could lead to another bad commute.
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good morning. still have some morning rain especially over by the east bay south of livermore out to the allot month pass and san jose. after that cool and breezy and clear conditions. more sunshine today. 50s and 6 0z. well, this morning the mississippi river is open again to cargo traffic. the coast guard closed a 15- mile stretch of the river north of new orleans over concerns that barge traffic could cause damage to the weakened levees. now the barges are being allowed to pass but only one at
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a time. and that stretch of river is the busiest waterway in the country. today california emergency workers will continue drills on hour levee system. they will pretend that a major levee has failed somewhere in the northern part of the state. now yesterday they worked out communication strategies to use during an emergency. they planned how to get information to the public through media, e-mail and social media. the drill has been planned for months, but the flooding in the south does give it more significance. a deadly horse virus has many bay area horse owners taking steps to protect their animals. so far at least 17 horses in five western states including california have been infected with the highly contagious i wine herpesvirus. three horses have died. one owner has decided not to allow any new horses in for the next 30 days. >> they're our friends and our pets. we take good care of them. some of them born here.
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they're also our livelihood. we're concerned about our customers and their animals and the potential for death. >> the outbreak of the virus has been traced to a horse show in utah earlier this month. it does not pose any threat to people, but it is easily spread among horses. army prosecutors have charged a soldier from vacaville in a plot to murder civilians in afghanistan. 27-year-old staff sergeant david bram is accused along with six other soldiers of killing three afghan civilians for sport. prosecutors say the soldiers planted weapons by the afghans bodies to make it look like they were killed in combat. he was charged with solicitation of murder among other charges. he faces up to 21 years in prison if convicted. oakland police have recovered a stolen relic and arrested two men who allegedly tried to steal it. police say the men went there yesterday looking to cash in on
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a giant brass gun port. but a worker at the scrap yard recognized the object and called police. the gun port was stolen from lakeside park last friday. it's a monument from the u.s.s. maine which sank after an explosion in 1898. san francisco's police chief is responding to the latest video in the growing misconduct investigation targeting his department. public defender says that the tape shows two plain clothed officers making a drug arrest at a residential hotel back in february. he says the same video shows the officers leaving the hotel with bags that were not booked into evidence. police chief gregg suhr says he's taking a close look at this incident and other similar cases. >> any officers that were seen in any of these videos none of them are in plain clothes as of this speaking. and, again, i've got to emphasize all these officers are innocent until proven
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guilty. >> he says the february incident is just one of many illegal police searches. the d.a. has already dropped 86 cases tie today this scandal. closing arguments are scheduled to start today in the chauncey bailey murder trial. yesterday jurors heard from a surprise witness, the accused get away driver in the case. he and bey are accused of killing the journalist and two other men. he says bey did not order bailey's killing. nevada supreme court has decided not to hear o.j. simpson's appeal. in december of 2008 simpson was found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping. he's currently serving time at a medium security corrections center in nevada. his lawyer will now take the case for an appeal to the federal courts. he says it's a tough battle because no judge wants to be the one that lets simpson go
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free. items belonging to the man known as the unabomber will go on auction today. among those items a typewriter where he reportedly typed much of his manifesto and axes and various tools and a number of sunglasses. he's serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for setting 16 explosions that killed three people including two in sacramento. proceeds from the auction will benefit the families of the victims. three women raped in less than ten days. the campus where the assaults were reported and what the university's doing to fight back. plus the damage to crops caused by the wet weather. how it will effect local fruit lovers.
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welcome back to the morning news. the current storm system bringing a lot of snow to the
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lake tahoe area. these are pictures of the snow coming down in placer county overnight. the snow is making for slow driving through the sierra this morning. take a look. here's a live picture this morning at eastbound 80 at king vale. trucks moving pretty slowly. right now chains are required on both 80 and 50. well, the ongoing rain is also a nuisance for many people, but for south bay farmers it is a possible financial disaster. the strawberries on this farm won't end up in any market or fruit stand. that's because the rain is destroying the berries before they can be picked. he says four days of rain have already cost him tens of thousands of dollars. >> this spring we've really been getting hurt pretty bad. there's been a lot of rain at a high frequency and it's really just throwing a wrench in our gears. >> now it's not just strawberries. the wet weather has cracked cherries still on the trees. since those damaged fruits
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can't be sold, it's going to drive up the price of berries and cherries that do make it to the market. cal pollly administrators are now launching their own investigation into the recent reports of rape. in the past nine days three rapes have been reported at the campus. two in a campus dormitory, one at a fraternity house. now university officials have started a task force and will take disciplinary action against anyone found to be involved. actress zsa zsa gabor is back in a los angeles hospital this morning because of a problem with her feeding tube. she was rushed to the hospital late last night. her spokesperson says that the tube inserted into her stomach was bleeding. gabor had surgery yesterday evening and will likely remain in the hospital over the next few days. hundreds of allegheny county residents are fighting to keep their hospital and its emergency room open. sutter health plans to shut down the hospital saying it
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loses money. the emergency room serves 25,000 patients a year. doctors, nurses and community members worry that those people could overload nearby hospitals including st. rose, alameda and redden where patients already face long waits to get medical help. >> if you go to eden hospital even now there's a wait for four or five or six hours in the emergency room. >> one proposal to keep san leandro hospital open would have it merge with nearby st. rose and go public. but sutter health is not saying yet if it will accept that offer. muni riders may soon find a little more room while taking trains on one of san francisco's busiest light rail lines. muni wants to add a rush hour express bus to ease overcrowding on the n judah line. that light rail line is called the workhorseful. shuttle about 38,000 passengers between ocean beach and the financial district every day. that's a lot of people out
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there, sal. how's the commute this morning? get a lot of complaints about that line. >> i bet. >> pam, the n-judah. no place to sit or the trains go right by without picking people up in cole valley. the morning commute is doing okay. we're going to the golden gate bridge. southbound 101 traffic moves well heading down to the toll plaza. also this morning we're looking pretty good at the westbound bay bridge approach. traffic is looking pretty good coming out to the area. and there are no major problems. we just looked at marin, so on the east shore freeway as we move over to richmond traffic is doing pretty well on interstate 80 heading on west down to the macarthur maze. now let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we still have some rain around. but it's starting to move out. everything coming down out of the northwest today. so it will be cool. some unbelievable totals here. santa cruz mountains two and a quarter inches of rain. mt. diablo 1.83. st. helena over an inch. lexington reservoir .67 and
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santa rosa .64. generally around a tenth to third of an inch for many but still rain on the go. parts of the peninsula, south peninsula, santa clara valley and also east bay from livermore south out to the pass. 40s and 50s on the temps right now. another cool pattern. but we are on the drier side and the ridge of high pressure right there it's on its way. it will be here tomorrow. but we have some morning rain and then clearing out. breezy out of the northwest. not that much warmer even though we'll get a little bit of sunshine today. it will be a northwest wind and it will be cold tonight as we clear out and get that rain over with for now. so the rain ends. it will be breezy but some sun. cool temps today. highs 50s and 60s. just tough to rebound even though we're mid-may we should. but still see low to mid-60s. tomorrow bump it up and have mostly sunny weather. we'll carry that right into friday as well. mostly sunny, warmer, mid-70s. looks like another cool down as we head into the weekend, pam. all right. well, oakland makes a big decision on the battle against gangs. what happened at a heated
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debate that just wrapped up a few hours ago. and dozens of train passengers home safe and sound this morning. but what happened that left them stranded overnight.
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passions flaired as the oakland city council debated
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gang injunctions into the early morning hours. what they decided and why one member of the audience was almost kicked out. stranded overnight on a train in the middle of the desert. the harrowing tales passengers in emeryville are telling this morning. and of course stage of the tour of california begins in livermore this morning. we are live. stop me if you've heard this before. stop, stop. there's more rain. will we warm it up. well, good morning. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday may 18th. i'm pam cook. and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. >> all right. thank you very much. on the morning news -- i show up for that i think. we do have some mostly cloudy skies. cool conditions and the rain is to the south. also santa cruz un


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