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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 18, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: in union city, police are investigating the city's second homicide in a week. gang injunctions are not going anywhere in oakland. that was the early-morning discussion by council. we'll bring you that debate and have reaction this morning. trouble at a bay area retirement home. what's making dozens of residents sick? also, the sharks are getting ready for a critical
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game tonight. we'll talk live to fred inglis. he's in vancouver. good morning. welcome to you. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's may 18th. this morning, police in union city are investigating a shoot. kraig debro is there with what the police know about the shooting so far? >> reporter: yeah, tori. person i talked with is going to gather more information about this homicide and get back to me right away. i'm on the 600 block of whip. police say there's flares in the road. i guess they blocked off the road last night. it happened around 10:15 last night. take a look at this. we talk walked across the tree and found bullet holes in the
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double-paned windows. about two on the side of the house and one through a window. it appears there was two different cal inners used. i don't know. we'll have to talk to police about that. they came down here, saw a man, picked him up, they took him to castro city. he died. the i did talk with the corenner and they said they -- coroner and they said they did pick up a man. hopefully we'll be able to talk to the people and/or the police further about what happened. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. this morning san francisco police are looking for the gunmen responsible for a shooting near usf.
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investigators say a 22-year-old man was shot deferral times while sitting in -- several times while sitting in his car. the victim was able to drive to the police station to get help. he's listed in serious condition at sf general. police believe he was not a student and they believe he was targeted. there's a new leader of al qaeda. coming up at 7:15, we'll bring you a live report in washington, d.c. about who he is and where he comes from. back here at home, a heated debate in oakland about whether to keep spending money on two oakland gang injunctions, stretched into the early- morning hours. claudine wong joins us live now with that decision. it was narrowly approved by city council. claudine? >> reporter: it was a close vote, dave. we are getting reaction out here in oakland. but this is a meet -- meeting that started last night and lasted into the early-morning hours. by time it was done, people
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were exhausted. nerves were raw and for now the injunctions are not going anywhere. >> we need to have an honest dialogue here about the issues that are before us. >> and go firns us another tool, another opportunity to try to keep the -- gives us another tool, another opportunity to try to keep the city safe. >> reporter: just a couple of opinions on either side of the debate the decision was made in a 4-3 vote. all of this is just a hotly- debated issue. the gang injunction establishes safe grounds and curfews and to prevent people wearing certain colors to not association with
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one another. the battle of the public court and one man said he's worried about crime but he's not sure gang injunctions are the answer. >> gang members, i'm sorry. they are human. we just have to learn how to deal with their problems. >> reporter: you don't want to prohibit them from going places? >> no, no, no. i think they have problems and i think we should take time and sit down with them and find out what the solution. >> s. that man says he wants more -- that man says he wants more money spent on community problems. and that cass -- and that was discussed last night. how far, the councilmembers who voted for this gang injunction to stay aplace. they think you have to do both of them and not one or the other. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. an outbreak of the norovirus is making people sick at a portola valley retirement
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community. so far, more than two dozen people have gotten sick at the sequoia community on puerto low road. the norovirus is a food-borne disease spread through contaminated water and food. symptoms include stomach pain and vomiting. the dining room is closed and all events caned to prevent the virus from spreading. scientists are looking into too much rain is the cause for sharks dies. scientists tell "the chronic $"that all of the rain we may be getting may be diluting the salts. that's not good for sharks. earlier exams reveal bleeding, those ults are expected this week. >> interesting. >> uh-huh. let's see what's happening on the roads. what are you seeing, sal sh.
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>> good morning to you. if you are just joining us, the traffic is going to be affecting things a little bit. let's take a look at what we have. 237 westbound, the traffic is going to be slow as you drive 80. there are no major problems as you drive to 101. bay bridge toll plaza, we have a look here. it has improved. it was earlier. it was slow about 6:30 or so. it's definitely improving. >> and this morning if you are driving on southbound 101 at devil's slide, there is a crash. the bayshore freeway looks good. it's about eight minutes. not bad at all. if you are driving through south bay, traffic on 101 and 280 look good. >> let's go to steve. thank you, sal. >> you are welcomed, steve. we have kind an end to our
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wacky weather. we're seeing clouds filter in. now, morning showers, sun, cloud, breezy. tomorrow after a cold morning, sunny and warmer. the weekend had be better and i think it will be cooler by sunday. some of the rain totals. napa .50. vacaville .41. oakland, .25. san francisco, .17. redwood city, sfo, blossom hill, all .10. there were heavier totals than that. drier air is beginning to work its way down. we're getting closer. we're getting closer as everything starts to drive to the valley. we'll be on drive side -- drier side. mount diablo had two inches of rain. st. helena had an inch of rain. los gatos, .61. santa rosa, .64 and still a little bit coming down the old weather pipeline there. also still coming out of the
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northwest, so that favors areas around the santa clara, santa cruz coastline. 40s, 47 santa rosa, napa, low 50s elsewhere. it's still -- temperatures will warm up very slightly today but tomorrow looks better. we see a little bit of a power change but not a screaming message for warm weather. some morning rain, let's go -- a northwest breeze. that means it will be on the cool side. it will be chilly tonight into tomorrow morning. we get some breaks -- some sun when we get breaks in the clouds. well below average for this time year. especially away from the coast. there are signs after a chilly morning tomorrow we'll warm it up and getting in the 70s. i think the weekend starts off all right. but the fog had be back and we'll have a cooldown by
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sunday. it's a big night as the sharks for the stanley cup. fred englass is in vancouver. fred, would you call this a must-win game tonight? >> reporter: the sharks don't say so. i know they have so win one game on road. so they might as well do it tonight, right? this is certainly a confidence booster if they can win on the road tonight. but the way the numbers are written if you are gonna only have three home gaels, you have to run -- games and you have -- you have to win four. >> what do they need to do tonight? they have the lead -- they had the lead in the first half?
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>> reporter: well, that's when their legs came out. that's when they became much more fatigued. the players never admitted it but the coach said it looked like we were dogs chasing cars. and certainly whether they want to admit it or not, the seven -- the seven-game series against detroit took a little bit their -- out of the wind out of them. but this team, vancouver, we have to give them credit. they are fast. they keep attacking. they are just a very aggressive team. have you to play 60 minutes and quite frankly, they weren't able to do that -- last -- last game. they will do that tonight. i saw them in practice and then know what's happening. they know whatty have to do. i don't think you'll see as tired of a team and team that will be able to play until the buzzer. >> after tonight's game they
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come back to san jose and they play friday, correct? >> yes. >> okay. >> friday and sunday. >> friday and sunday in san jose and then winner of this series will go onto stanley cup final, correct, against either tampa or boston? >> reporter: yeah, and this is uncharted waters for the sharks. they've never been this far. they why talking about how they got this far and how that experience will help them. the canucks haven't gotten to the western conference finals -- that stuff really becomes irrelevant once, gets on ice. it's about what you are doing that second. if you watch that game, there were so men pivotal moments in which the momentum changes. that's why hockey is so exciting. every minutes momentum can
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change and when we saw when canucks scored two goals in a matter of 79 seconds in the third period and all a sudden, everybody said wow! [ laughter ] >> reporter: this place -- we have have great fans in san jose, i'm not saying that, but that place -- the arena, it rocked. it had the crush shen dah of roaring crowds. it put government bumps on me. >> okay. fred englass joining us vancouver. nice to hear from you, fred. >> reporter: okay, tori. see you later. 7:13. well, we're also learning more about the woman who had the child with arnold schwarzenegger, her name and picture, they've been released. also when she told the former governor the child was his and a pretty interesting twist on a
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tweet by one of the schwarzenegger's children
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president obama, he's delivering the commencement speech for the coast guard. that's the president right there live. media reports are identifying the house keep who has a father by arnold schwarzenegger. she's many. she goes by "patty." there are reports that she did not tell schwarzenegger about the child until he was a toddler. he's reportedly 14 years old. now. "the new york times" says shes with working around the house
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at the same time maria schwarzenegger was pregnant with the youngest of the four children. here's something interesting -- arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver's son, patrick, has changed his name on twitter to patrick shriver. posted a tweet yesterday. part of the message says "i love my family till death dose part." now, his 21-year-old katherine also tweeted she will always love her family. larry flynt from "hustler" information offering a $1 million prize for political scandals. larry flynt says he wants to expose how hypocritical holticians -- politicians are when it comes to what they say in public and what they do in private. there's a new leader of al
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qaeda. we have reports that a replacement has been named for osama bin laden. ktvu's scott macfarland is live with more. >> reporter: a temporary replacement. his name is al saif adel. he's believed to have planned attacks in 2001. in part because u.s. teams are believed to have seized a treasure trove of sensitive al qaeda information during that raid, presumed -- north korea the presumed replacement was longed to be his deputy but there are temporary things happening. this is the report we're getting from cn -- cnn.
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that he's a temporary replacement replacement. 7:19. one of the top commanders of the taliban in pakistan is talking for the first time since the death of osama bin laden. he told "the --" the asocialed press "his men -- the associate press" they will carry out the mission. the primary target has been the government of pakistan. they claim that country has been a slave to the united states. at least 11 people were killed during a protest today in afghanistan. 1500 demonstrators shouted "death to america" protesting an overnight nato raid. these protesters say four civilians were killed. nato confirmed it killed four people in the attack, two of
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them women, but they say all were armed when they tried to fire. conde nest will be the anchor tenant at the freedom tower being built right now at ground zero in new york city. "vogue", "the architect earthquakure"ual die quest "-- digest." are others. insiders say this deal is worth about $billion. it had also attract high- profile businesses back to manhattan. the shuttle is docked. what's next for the astronauts? and how a space shuttle launch from the bay area could play a big role in searching for life in outer space.
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good morning. westbound bay bridge traffic is moving along slowly. we'll look at that and the rest of the commute coming up.
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you are looking at a live picture from nasa right now. we've been following the shuttle "endeavour" all morning, it's last mission on the international space station just got underway, shortly after 3:00 this morning our time, the shuttle docked at space station. these are more live pictures from outer space where you can see the shuttle and the device spinning around there. it took less than the allot the two hours to make sure the seal was tight and mark kelly floated through the hatch to shake hands with a space station crew. the shuttle will remain docked.
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they also have the speck serve part that they will -- device that they hope will help them uncover what is up there. k etch pler has been sending back a lot of time on the 100 planets it found since february. it can take a year just to go through all of the information they already have right now. amazing. we want to check in with sal who is going through a lot of information from the various sources. >> i'm just looking through my computer screen. actually i was looking at the info and there are no crashes on the bay bridge here. we do get our bridges from the
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chp. right now we don't have a lot. there is a little bit of a backup because the metering lights are on. this morning's commute looks good westbound as you cross 880. after that zanker road turnoff, it does get better and we have a look at the rest of the south bay commute. as a matter of fact, the south bay commute has been lie. for some reason on this -- light. for some reason on this wednesday, i'm noticing the commute is lighter. we'll keep on top of it. as we were speaking here, a new collision just came in. a noninjury crash south of redwood estates. it looks like it's blocking the slow lane did you no injuries -- but no injuries. less go to steve. a a few more showers are
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possible. system that's responsible for our rain we had yesterday and overnight into the morning is now moving south. we're not completely done. but things are winding down. from the san mateo coast out of the northwest towards monterey bay you could get some showers. just a few skirting through. a lot of dry air is moving its way in. it will bal -- cool and breezy. just a brief warmup. the rain will be ending. some sun today, happy so say. temperatures will stay on the cool side. 50s closer to the coast and low 60s around the bay. a couple of 60s inland. we do have mostly sunny skies, thursday and then warmer on friday. it does look like okay on saturday. but cooler weather as the fog starts to work its way back in. 7:27. san francisco's new police
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chief makes a bold move. he's responding to a scandal and there could soon be one big change concerning drug busts in the city. and it's a first for livermore, the stage 4 of the amgen tour of california. we'll tell you where you need to be in just a few hours. i've had two basically sleepless nights. quite an adventure. 150 amtrack passengers finally made it to the bay area. their ten-hour ordeal stranded in the nevada desert. our planes start flying when it's dark.
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and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one.
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[ ding ] 7:30. earlier this morning, passengers on a stranded amtrack train have arrived finally in emeryville. they were stuck for hours in the nevada desert. now, ktvu was the only tv station there. so the buses bringing those 150 passengers finally pulled into the bay area. the train they were on left chicago friday night bound for emeryville. but yesterday, about 1:45 in the morning, that train blew two engines about 100 miles east of elko. i must have dozed off and the next thing i know i woke up and the trailer -- the train was motionless and it was not moving at all. >> passengers tell us they were stuck in the desert for about ten hours.
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no power, no ventilation. their train was finally towed into elko. then the passengers were put on buses. three people who rely on oxygen tanks. they were taken to hospital in nevada and will be arriving by train sometime today. the city of livermore is gearing up for the biggest bike race of california. stage 4 begins in livermore and ends in san jose, late this afternoon, ktvu ajade hernandez tells us how the big race is putting livermore on the map. >> reporter: good morning, tori. this is a first in livermore. this is a city that's been raced through. today all eyes will be on livermore. stage 4 begins right here on first and l street. stage one and two were cancelled near lake tahoe. but riders were taken from oldtown auburn to modesto. stage 4 which begins here
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before noon. will have greg anderson with the pro cycling leading the stage. the trek is 81 miles down south to san jose. that stage is expected to wrap up before 4:00 this afternoon. livermore paid $38,000 to host stage 4. they expect the race to bring in just under $million to the city. we spoke to a livermore resident who has a newfound respect for cycling. >> they pedal quite a bit. >> reporter: it's 81 miles. you can do 81 miles? >> on my motorcycle. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the mayor will lead the walk this morning to the starting line. it's a quarter mile. it's personal because he used an an experimental medication
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used by amgen when he had stage 4 limb he foe ma. he's now cancer free. spectators will be up and close -- up close and personal to the cyclists, cyclists will head out aren't 11 -- around 11:45, one of the most famous cyclists who won't be participating in this tower, lance armstrong, but we hear he may pay a visit to the end of the stage 4 which will be in san jose. reporting live in livermore, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. all right, thank you. time is now 7:34. well, the san francisco giants will play at dodger stadiumened to. los angeles police will reallily be out there in -- really be out there in force making sure fans are safe. they -- they are also following up on the beating bryan stow. police believe a latino woman
7:35 am
in her 0s may have been the getaway driver -- 20s may have been the gateaway driver, wearing a dodgers jersey. >> we're gonna make and break this on leads. when you give us the names and they match the composite. maybe you overheard them talking. >> now the reward money for information has doubled to $200,000. bryan stow is being cared for at san francisco general hospital now. doctors will give us an update on his condition later today. army prosecutors have charged a soldier from vacaville in a plot to murder civilians in afghanistan. 24-year-old staff sergeant david bram is accused of killing three afghan civilians for sport. prosecutors say weapons were planted by the bodies to make it look look it looks like they
7:36 am
were murdered. he faces 21 years in police be if convicted. the family of mark achille is suing the men convicted of being hired to murder the los gatos businessman. the civil suit by his daughter and wid i do -- widow eachs each of the five defendants. he was fate tally shot in his driveway -- fatally shot in his driveway. authority still don't know what caused death of a novato man found buried in his yard. body of dale smith was removed from his home on rebecca way. his wife, evelyn smith, told police where to find the body.
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we're told dale smith was not poisoned and there's no evidence of violence. they are unable to rule out evidence or -- because the body was there for so long. today's "examiner" says there's a move in response to the recent videos showing alleged police misconduct. now, chief sur is thinking about giving cameras to officers heading out to a drug bust or other cases that require a search warrant. the police chief has the backing but still needs the commission to authorize this. new this morning, it appears thieves targeted a san francisco church. this is new video from st.
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francis lutheren church. we got a tip that thieves stole the bronze handrails that lead to a terrorist. from what we can tell, it looks like new aluminum railing has been installed. the church was closed and no one was able to talk about when the theft took place. police arrested two men who tried to -- arrested two men who went to sh knit zer's -- shnitzer's yard tried to steal a gunport. this was stolen last friday. it was once part of the "uss main" and sank in havana, cuba.
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tiffany mccracken says a late start for the schools who would punish those who just don't have the time or the ability to go online in the middle of the night. so far she's collected about 145 signatures of people who don't like the late-night registration. but school officials say, hey, if students are serious about school, they will find a way to register. 7:38. we want to check in with sal who is telling us about any problems out there on the road. i also want to mention that tori campbell is on twitter. >> yes, i am. >> yes. >> tori campbell@ktvu. >> yes. it's a very complicated thick. we do tweet about things, like traffic. you have the typical traffic coming into the valley. it's getting a little bit more
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crowded now. northbound and southbound 880 the traffic is moving along okay. southbound traffic object left you can see it's just fine heading down to hayward. looking at our traffic maps, you see a little bit -- a lot of red. highway 24 looks good. highway 80 is slow getting down to the bay bridge toll plaza. we spoke about hayward 880 sout closer than unusual coming down to union city. >> let's go to steve. tori is following me on twitter. nice to have her on board. >> we do have partly cloudy skies, still some light showers around, but there will be another cool day even though we get some sun. we get some warmer weather in here? yes, tomorrow and friday, i think -- cold morning as we clear everything out. it's a pretty chilly air mass.
7:41 am
we're gonna settle -- i think the weekend starts off all right but the water temperature outside of the golden gate is really cold. also it had been helped along by a weak system. you can see everything is wining down. a couple of inches at the keys. we heard from our observer there. not a lot. but still, we keep seeing these systems come in and come in. but they are now driving south toward the san joaquin valley. .10 to .5. blossom hill, redwood city. .25 for oakland again. vacaville, .44 to napa over .50. there were some hefty totals in some of the wetter locations. another look shows that system is trying to drive down. we'll get some drier air behind
7:42 am
that. but ben lomond 2 2 -- 2.25. there's not much left out of the northwest. sometimes the direction can favor san mateo, santa cruz, down to monterey. but temperatures still 40s and 50s. you can see that drier air beginning to move in. the high bean ginning -- beginning to move in. probably more likely tomorrow than today. the chilly air's in place. it will be cold tonight, just an fyi. rain, breezy, some sun, still below average. we should be upper 70s to 80s for some and only 50 ors 60s. a little bit more cloud cover and a few showers going on. warmer thursday into friday. still okay saturday but a cooldown on sunday. >> all right.
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thank you, steve. vallejo's six flags discovery kingdom, this morning the death an wall -- of a walrus calf. the mother went into labor but the calf was a stillborn. a necropsy will be performed. the calf would have been the first born at the park. we'll go live to the southeast where more flood concerns are rising. a place with natural beauty and a forward thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here
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for over a century. today we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, stocks are up slightly this morning. it's been a little mix. the strong earnings report by dell is hoping to push stocks up. traders are still concerning about the economic recovery and it may be slowing. right now, dui is up 14. nasdaq is up 12. s&p is up 5. san francisco city leaders gave tentive approval to offering tax breaks. the legislation is designed to convince companies like zinga and yelp to stay in the city and not relocate. under the current rules, if the companies go public, taxes on stock options would be huge. but last night the board of supervisors vetted 7-3 in -- voted 7-3 in giving tech startups, a tax exclusion if they go public. a final vote is set for next week. city leaders worry about
7:47 am
how facebook could affect traffic. they plan to take over the sun microsystems campus, which is west of the dumbarton bridge. but the paper says they want too put in more employees than is allowed. in exchange, facebook would provide shuttles to workers which would make limited trips during peak hours. andle federal government is suing one the -- and the federal government is suing one of the best-known chains for coffee. they say starbucks fired a former worker because she's a dwarf. she was fired because starbucks says that could be dangerous for customers and other workers and fired her. starbucks is not commenting on the lawsuit. residents are bracing -- in louisiana are bracing for
7:48 am
floods heading their way. sandra endo is live in morganza city right now where people are desperate to protect their homes. >> reporter: absolutely. this boat is usually parked out back but they are gonna tie it off to a telephone post to make sure it doesn't wash away with rising waters. take a look at the extreme measures, the homeowner has taken to protect its property. they have just upped it eight feet to make sure it's protected. all up and down mississippi we have seen resident after resident trying to protect their property. there is athe eerie silence of this -- there's the erie silence. nine states are feeling the effects of the worst flooding since 1937. opening spillways is diverting
7:49 am
some disasters but record levels are still being set. >> the forecast has gotten modestly better for louisiana. they are still setting records. there's a lot of water heading our way. >> reporter: residents are continuing with the sandbagging but this family in louisiana refuses to leave. this is their version of living on -- living on higher ground. >> we just saved our house, basically. we saved it because we've been living here a long time. the kids grew up here. key couldn't get it go to run -- we couldn't get it go to -- out to run. >> reporter: the water is already creeping up but they say their fight is worth it. >> everything we have is right here. by sides what's in bank and we don't have much in the bank, maybe a couple of pennies. [ laughter ] >> a cup of pennies!
7:50 am
-- a couple of pennies! >> money isn't everything. >> reporter: mississippi, already 5,000 or so residents have been dis-- displaced and state officials are warning flood victims to watch out for snakes. there are three types ven emous snakes that could be working -- lurking in these floodwaters. gabrielle giffords will undergo an important surgery today. doctors in houston will replace part of her skull with a plastic implant. the procedure is being called a critical step in her recovery. girds, as you know, was shot in the head in january while attending a rally in -- giffords, as you know, was shot in head in january while attending a rally in tucson. her husband is mark kelly, on the international space station. act stress zsa zsa gabor is
7:51 am
back in an -- actress zsa zsa gabor is back in a hospital because of a tube in her stomach that was causing a lot of bleeding. she did have surgery yesterday afternoon. she will more than likely stay in the hospital the next few days. >> she's had a lot of health problems. >> yes. a san francisco man learns his fate after behaving erratically aboard an sfo flight. and the deadly outbreak that's keeping horses in their stables all over the bay area.
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7:53 am
7:53. a deadly horse virus has many bay area horse owners taking steps to protect their animals. so far, at least 17 horses in five western states including california have been infected with the equine herpes virus.
7:54 am
at least three horses have died. the owner of a stable in pacifica has decided not to alou any new horses in -- allow any new horses in for the next 30 days. >> they are our pets and some of them were born here. they are also our livelihood and we're concerned about their customers and the animals and the potential for death. the outbreak of the virus has been traced to a horse show in utah earlier this month. it's not a threat to peopleby is easily spread among horses. a san francisco man who interfered with a flight crew has been ordered to pay u.s. airways almost $7,000 in restitution. 32-year-old kenman chan pleaded guilty to interfering interfering with that flight crew. he will also be on probation for the next three years. now, his strange behavior forced a flight from philadelphia to san francisco to be diverted in january of last year. prosecutors say he shouted, he partially took off his clothes and elbowed a flight attendant.
7:55 am
mr. chan says his medical marijuana cookies were to blame. well, pg&e is saying a mylar balloon knocked out the power in oakland. it just exploded. it happened on 27th street between san pablo and market. pg&e says at first 3,000 customers lost their power. a couple dozen customers got their power back at 6:00 this morning. 7:55. four sonoma county law enforcement agencies are thinking about merging. police departments in santa rosa, petaluma and rohnert park along with the sheriff's department are all facing cuts. "the press democrat" says the studies are -- the agencies are studying dispatch systems. but questions need to be answered about response time and dispatcher pay. tonight, the atherton city council will consider higher garbage rates for the second
7:56 am
time. two months ago, they proposed the same increase because it was too high. they are looking at the higher one also because the wrong increased schedule was attached to the notice about tonight's meeting. regardless of which increase gets the vote, the city council says rates will be going up. it's just a question of by how much. 7:55. hey, sal have you ficked things at the toll plaza yet -- fixed things at the toll plaza yet? >> trying to. >> i know. right now, traffic is gonna be busy there. westbound coming into the city. there is a little bit of a delay. by the way, westbound 24, we have a new crash in la fayette that's making traffic a little bit difficult getting up to the orinda area on 4. let's move along and take a look at 880 northbound and southbound. and the morning commute on 8 0 south that traffic looks okay if you are driving to contra
7:57 am
costa county on highway 4. still a slowdown. >> let's go to steve. >> some sunshine out there. it looks like a better day than yesterday when it was just gray overcast into early this morning. most of the rain is done now. we are seeing a couple of showers holding on but i think most of those will hang on to the coastline. 40s and 50s ott temps. not very warm. high pressure is building in. we'll see a warmup starting tomorrow. breezy out of the northwest but some sun today as temperatures stay cool with 50s and 60s. we'll see temperatures getting back in the 70s for some inland areas starting tomorrow. today a lot of 60s. warmer -- today a lot 60s warmer weather tomorrow. the sharks have dropped four of their five playoff games. fredfred inglis joins us live
7:58 am
from vancouver. >> reporter: and what union city police say a homicide victim was doing just before being shot. a decision came early this morning. what the city council decided to do about oakland's gang injunction. reaction and what's next.
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welcome back. i'm tori tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. police in union city are investigating a deadly shooting. this happened on whipple road about 10:15 last night. ktvu's kraig debro is in union city right now to tell us what police know. kraig? >> reporter: good morning. we just talked with the lieutenant here. the detectives here are not only looking into the homicide from last night but they are looking into one last week and wondering if it's connected. we just learned that the victim was riding a bike home from a convenience store when he was killed. it happened on whipple road in union city's d he decota
8:01 am
neighborhood. witnesses heard gunshots last night around 10:10:15. what we saw -- 10:00, 10:15. police say the victim was on his way home when someone approached a fire weapon and ran from the scene. it's possible according to police that the victim was on hit bike going to or riding home from a convenience store. the lieutenant i spoke to didn't say why he knew that or why he thought police believed that. maybe wear -- maybe there was evidence at the scene. we're gonna go to the 711. there are no motives about why this happened but there's one possibility. >> there's no hard indication that it's gang-related. how far, a number our homicides sort of traditionally in union city have been gauge-related. we're certainly not ruling that out at this time. it's just too early to tell. >> police say it's also too
8:02 am
early to tell if this had is connected to the shooting death last week. and knowny ramirez's is also a member of the neighborhood on decota. the victim's not has not been released pending family notification. 8:01. this morning san francisco police are out there investigating a shooting near usf. a 22-year-old man was shot several times as he sat in his car late monday night. he managed to drive himself to the richmond police station to get some help. he's in serious condition at sfo general hospital. they believe he was targeted. a parolee who led santa rosa police on a car chice is in jail this morning. police say they tried to pull over michael todd on korby avenue last night.
8:03 am
police say he drove over a curb and ran a red light and crashed into a car near rincon road. police say todd started to rupp. but he was arrested in a nearby driveway. police say he had drugs on his person and they also say they found a rifle in his car. he's facing several charges. the debate to pay for two controversial gang injunctions in oakland lasted into the early-morning hours. our crews were there as a passionate city council meeting finally led to a decision and claudine wong joins us live with reaction to that decision. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori, yes. the gang injunctions will remain in place. that was the -- that was the decision by citi counsel, the vote that took place early this morning. they decided to keep it in place and decided to have an independent evaluation to see if they are effective or not because that debate continues. tensions were pretty -- pretty
8:04 am
high. you know what? if you keep saying something as much ace respect to, i will have opd remove you. they -- be respectful of us as we've been respectful for everybody who has speak. why don't -- why don't we just -- >> reporter: the vote was close, 4 yes, 3, no. the injunction to keep the gangs in place did pass. the injunctions establish curfews and safe zones and set up rules for identified gang medicals. at least one person we talked to on the list of gang members said that list and that injunction is preventing him from moving forward in his life. they talked to -- we talked to some people and they say it's not answer. >> gang members, i'm sorry. they are human. we have to learn how to deal with their problems. >> reporter: you don't want to prohibit them from going to
8:05 am
places. >> no, no, no. i think they have problems and we should take time enough to sit down -- to sit down with them and find out what the solution is. >> reporter: the police chief anthony batts told us after the vote that he thinks gang injunctions work. but he also said an unby assed look will help some those concerns. live here in oakland, claudine wong. ktvu channel 2 news. 8:05. an outbreak of the norovirus has been reported at a portola valley retirement community. so far more than two people have become ill at the sequoia's community. the virus is caused through food and then spread from there and the symptoms are vomiting and stomach pain. would you believe death by rain? dozens leopard sharks have been
8:06 am
-- have been found in redwood city and scientists are looking into whether too much rain did it. scientists tell "the chronic cal" early investigations revealed internal bleeding in the sharks. more on this from he next week. there's new information there's a new leader in al qaeda. coming up at 8:15. we'll have a live report about who he is, and the chaos there after osama bin laden. let's check in with sal. >> right now, traffic is moderately heavy in most areas. we don't have a big commute but we still have some problems out there. let's take a look at the commute from 680 and around pleasant hill to walnut creek.
8:07 am
we had an earlier crash that's gone. it is gonna be slow. then a whole lot of red and 13 northbound getting to the caldecott tunnel, the big backup, not huge but still. and 880 is backed up from tennyson road heading into the south bay. >> we told you about bay bridge, it's backed up. drive in san jose is slowing down. right now is the slowest, 280 from the bass cam avenue overcrossing up to cupertino and there is a new crash northbound 280 at destanza, it's clearing from the lanes but traffic is backing up heading you towards there. >> sal, were you are just waking up thinking and i -- was
8:08 am
i dreaming of rain. things are calming down. partly cloudy, partly sunny skies as our rain starts to move into central california and southern california is taking its moisture with it. the dry air is moving 234 out of the north-northwest. that will put an end to rain. but still a few showers heading down manly out towards the valley, right along coast -- coast. any time you get a northwest direction they could still be in line for a few clouds. everyone else should be about done with this. 40s, a few leftover. still on cool side and that is because as everything comes down out of the north, a ridge of high pressure, our fair- weather friend. it won't be large and in charge. but at least it will give us calmer conditions here, starting tomorrow and taking us into friday. today morning rain is about done. and clearing and breezy. already mostly sunny in the north bay and then partly to mostly cloudy elsewhere.
8:09 am
but a northwest wind takes the edge off. nearly cold tonight with clearing taking place. so the rain is about done, still a few showers. at least the sun is starting to slow you -- show up. 50s and os. 67 antioch. napa, 65. fairfield is 65 and too much cloud cover to warm you up gilroy machine on thursday and warmer. it looks like a cooldown for sunday. a good night for hockey. in fact, a big night as the sharks fight for the stanley cup. san jose faces the canucks in game two of their playoff series. ktvu's fred inglis is joining us live. he's on the phone. he's in vancouver. good morning, fred. >> reporter: good morning, david. >> i heard you talking earlier,
8:10 am
this is a must-win game tonight? >> reporter: well, again, it's one of those things we were talking about earlier. you are gonna have to win a game on road. so why not get that part over with. the sharks are such a recipient team, i don't think they would freak out if they go 0-2p. they know they will -- these two teams are so closely watched, that any team can win any game at any time. you were also talking earlier, now the series before with the red wings, it took a loud of -- a lot of -- a lot of them -- it took a lot out of them
8:11 am
physically. i saw them. they look rested. everything is fine now. now it's gonna come down to the best team on the ice. i think everything is even in terms of rest and all of that. >> it's on? >> reporter: it's on. >> who has been taunting those players? you have to tell me about that fred. [ laughter ] >> have you to tell me. >> reporter: these are the green men of nhl. i met these young kids. a couple of 24-year-old kids from vancouver and they started putting on these greenspan decks uniforms -- uniforms and they taunt the penalty box and they do it in good spirit and the sharks players, they -- they thought they were pretty funny and they are pretty athletic and they are interesting and they do it in the good spirit. there's no real nastiness moved there. and these guys have become a
8:12 am
little bit of celebrities. they actually get these seats paid for by a roofing company. tonight, though, they will not be at the game. they will not be a factor for game 2 because they are not gonna be attending, apparently. >> we're lucky we get to talk to fred inglass of ktvu sports this morning. thank you for givation the view from -- for giving us the view from vancouver. 8:12. a new secret tied to the schwarzenegger six scandal. it involves this 50-year-old house keep who had a child with the former governor. and there's a new man in charge of the world's most feared terrorist oh. we'll bring you live coverage.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
we do have mostly cloudy skies to the north. pentagon to the south. but the rain will be ending. kind of cool and breezy with 50s and 60s. the rain is ending here and also travel through sierras is getting a little bit bet he. it's not that bad. you are looking at live pictures of eastbound 80 at kingdale. chains were requirened on 80
8:16 am
and 50 -- were required on 80 and 50 overnight. you can go for it. but the sierra continues to add. the reason for the chain requirements was the spring snow. there was two inches at the keys, at lake level. these pictures of the snow coming down. blue canyon placer county. we know blue canyon well. snow will be ending. 8:16. new reports this morning identity the reports who has the child fathered by arnold schwarzenegger. she's 50-year-old many. goes by -- 50-year-old many. she 50-year-old -- 50-year-old mildred patricia baena. "the new york times" said she
8:17 am
was working around the house when she was pregnant at the same time maria shriver was pregnant. patrick, arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver's son, caked his name to dash ka caked his name to -- changed his name to "shriver" she's tweeting. larry flynt is offering a $1 million prize for any information on the secret lives of the country's leaders. flint is also the co author of a new book titled "one nation under six." he says his goal is to expose the hypocrisy who often say one thing in public but do something else in private. 8:17. well, al qaeda has selected osama bin laden's replacement. the mu reports say he's a -- the new reports say he's a
8:18 am
temporary leader. scott macfarland joins us live with more. >> reporter: his name is asef adel. he's believed to have organized attacks on the u.s. before, including attacks on the military in afghanistan, shortly after the 2001 invasion there. the presumed replacement for bin laden was expected to be his deputy, i manual manual -- i man al wa czarry. it it's reported -- it's reported the drones flying over there before the compound, it's likely in response to the raid in which he was shot and killed. live in washington, scott macfarland, ktvu channel 2 news.
8:19 am
>> thank you, scott. one of the tap commanders of the taliban in pakistan is speaking out for the first time since the death of osama bin laden. he tells the associated press that they will carry out the mission in response to osama bin laden's death. the primary target of the taliban has been the pakistani government. the country claims pakistan has been a slave to the united states. at least 11 people were killed during a protest today in afghanistan. 1500 demonstrators took to streets shouting "death to america" to protest an overnight nato raid. they say four civilians were killed. and condy necessary publications will be the -- conde nest publiccations will be the -- publications will be
8:20 am
the anchor tenant. this will give the bidding a much-needed anchor. but it allows them to consolidate 5,000 employees to one location they've been scattered across six buildings in times square. they say the deal is worth about $12 billion and will help attract other businesses back to lower man hat. caus are intensifying for the head of the international mon tear ray fund -- monetary fund to resign. dominique strauss-kahn is accused of asawing maid in his room. we're also learning that andrew fastow has been moved out of the prison he's in now
8:21 am
before being moved. he's been searching a six-year prison term since 2006 on conspiracy convictions. bitters -- bidders will be able to bid on lots that include anything from smyrna. online action of bernie madoff is expected to raise more than $15 million. madoff is serving a 150-year police be sentence. items belonging to ted kaczynkski, the man known as the unabomber. we just checked. the most sought after item. right now the winning bid is $5,000. also for sale a hoodie and
8:22 am
sunglasses. kaczynkski is serving a life sentence without possibility of patrol for setting off 16 explosions that killed three people, including two from san francisco. 8:21. san francisco mayor ed lee wants to put a bond measure before voters to help improve the city's streets. mayor lee says he already has the backing of six supervisors to put this on the ba hot -- ballot. the money would also go to size poetry fits as well as -- sesmo retrofits. we're learning about a close call for air force onep. also -- you've been watching this live, i love this stuff, the space shuttle "endeavour" is linked up now to the international space station. good morning. 80, it looks pretty good --
8:23 am
280, it looks pretty good.
8:24 am
8:25 am
welcome back. we have to go back to space. this is space right now. you are looking at live pictures from nasa. we've been following the space shuttle all morning for you. the shuttle docked at about
8:26 am
3:00 this morning. the crew opened up their hatch less than two hours after that. the space shuttle "endeavour" will remain docked for 12 days. it has the most expensive care go ever carried by a space shuttle. a 2 million magnetic device that scientists are hoping will unravel the mysteries of the cosmo. 8:25. just about an hour and a half ago, air force one with president obama on board had to abort its first landing attempt at an airport in connecticut. the white house said it was overcast at time and visibility was below the minimum. the pilots decided to circle around and make a second landing attempt. the faa says it's a common procedure. after that, theyened lad safely. and president obama is in connecticut to give his final commencement of the season. 8:26. hey, sal, what's happening on the roads down here on the
8:27 am
ground. it's actually going okay this morning. we -- we've had kind of a spotty commute. now it's getting better. the bay bridge has not really had the big back up. this morning earlier we had a back up of about 15, 20 minutes. this morning we're looking at the commute on 880 northbound. an accident on the shoulder. here in oakland, it's slow. 8:27. let's go to steve. partly sunny toward the north bay. partly cloudy elsewhere. we'll end up with a partly sunny day as the rain is south and heating out of the area. not without first leaving .10 of rain in the north and up to the mountains. the system is rotating out of the area. as it does, drier air moves in. a lot of mid-50s. high pressure is building in
8:28 am
and that's going to give us a warmer thursday and no doubt about it on friday. rain ends, breezy, some temperature, cool temps. out of the northwest comes the breeze. a few upper 60s but these are well above average. we'll start to see a rebound in some of these temperatures as we head towards tomorrow and boy. it looks like we'll top it out. saturday will be cooler as another system brushes us. a raid of wrong home? this involves bay area police, parents and a toddler. >> reporter: we're live in livermore which before today had never hosted the amgen tour of california. the buzz about what you will if you are out here. and ktvu cameras were there when a long train ride for some bay area riders finally came to an end just hours ago.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
well, good morning. welcome back. our time is now 8:30. the city of livermore gearing up for the biggest bike race in california. stage 4 of the amgen tour of california starts in livermore this morning. it had end in san jose late this afternoon. ktvu's jade hernandez is back now to tell us how this big race is really putting livermore on the map. jade? >> reporter: dave, that's true. we're hearing that a flash mob is actually gonna gather later this morning to celebrate amgen tour. the reason, stage 4 starts you here. and if you have been with us since the beginning of this race, you can see there's more
8:32 am
volunteers and spectators now. there's also buzz that lance armstrong will make an appearance at the end of this stage in san jose this afternoon so now we're just three hours out from the start of this 81-mile stage 4. this is a first in livermore. this is a city that's been raced through. but today stage 4 will begin here. stage 1 and 2 were cancelled. yesterday stage 3 took riders successfully from oldtown auburn to downtown modesto. stage 4 will begin with new zealand's greg anderson bringing fellow cyclists along the loop downtown and out downtown via the avenue. a fine at turn with cyclists putting into the sila con valley -- silicon valley. they expect $2 million from this
8:33 am
race. >> the amgen race coming to livermore is a huge opportunity for livermore, both on the local level and really the national level as well. the tour has millions of viewers all over the world. this is our chance to shine. >> reporter: the race has highlighted the race for the cure. the mayor will lead the walk from the starting line. he used an experimental medication made by amgen when he had stage 4 cancer. he's now cancerfree. at 10:30 as we mentioned earlier, a flash mob with about 150 dancers will hit the
8:34 am
streets and then the riders will arrive about 10:45. that's about an hour before stage 4 begins and during that hour, spectators, race fans will get a chance to meet some of their cyclists. you can understand why there's so much buzz going on right here in livermore this morning. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:33. the san francisco giants' returned to dodger stadium tonight and los angeles police will be out in force to make sure the fans are safe. they are also following up on the first strong lead in the brutal attack on giants' fan bryan stow in the parking lot three weeks ago. police believe a latino woman in her 20s may have driven the getaway car. she was wear -- wearing a dodger jersey wearing number 16. police hope to get more tips at the game. >> we believe there are people
8:35 am
that know. we believe there are friends and family members that know. don't shield these folks. stow remains in a coma at san francisco general hospital. doctors will update his condition at a news conference later today. 8:34. the family of mark achille is suing the men convicted murdering the businessman from los gatos. a civil suit followed by his widow and daughter, accuses each of the five defendant of murder and assault. he was shot in his driveway in march. of 2008. march of 2008. here is know awaiting his sentence for ork rate -- orchestrating that crime. san francisco's new police chief is reportedly planning to equipment officers with video cameras to record arrests. today's "examiner" reports the move is in direct response to the recent video showing
8:36 am
alleged police conduct. chief sur is reefing to those heading off to search warrants for drugs. the police commission has the final say. we've posted the latest video tried -- tied to the scandal. it's on bay area news tab at an east palo alto couple is suing that city as well as menlo park for $500,000. they say last november police burst into their home assaulted one of them and painted -- pointed a gun at their 2-year- old daughter. their home is located on garden street. they say the warrant police had was for a different home on the same block. 8:36. new this morning, it appears that thieves targeted a san francisco church. we want to show you new video we got in.
8:37 am
this is between church -- on church on dubose. thieves stole handrails that lead to a terrorist. from what we can tell, it looks like new railing have been installed -- railings have been installed. a washington state trooper has been found alive three days after he went missing off dutyp rescuers found dan anderson live last night around 10:00. he's reportedly to be in good condition. authorities started to look for him in the mountains. and that's when they say he activated an emergency circle beacon. tiffany mccracken says a late start would punish those without the time or ability to get online in the middle of the night. so far she's gathered 145
8:38 am
signatures so -- of those who also dislike the midnight registration. after being stranded in the nevada desert for ten hours. amtrack passengers finally made it to the bay area this morning. ktvu has only tv station there when buses pulling the -- carrying the 150 passengers pulled in. dread, around 1:45 in the -- yesterday, around 1:45 in the morning, the train blue two engines 100 miles east of elko. >> it just seemed like a comedy of errors and an exercise in efficiency. just nobody -- the -- the crew didn't seem to know what was going on. >> hours late her, the disabled train was towed to elko where the passengers were towed to
8:39 am
buses. three people had to be taken away in an ambulance -- in an ambulance to a hospital. they are expected to be put on another train sometime today. let's check in sal. let's get you to where you need to go. traffic is getting busier. one certain bay area freeway. that would be 880 is very slow -- it's very slow on 880 northbound coming up the coliseum and getting up to the area. let's move along and take a look at 237. i was i was -- i guess i was going out of order. morning drive is going to be okay in san francisco along northbound 101 approaching the 80 split. let's go to steve. >> i just looked over the at
8:40 am
the weather camera, mostly cloudy. the trend is to get it out of here. boot scoot it on out. mostly sunny, partly cloudy. tomorrow will be a cold morning. sunny, warmer. we'll carry that into friday. the weekend will be okay. but it's going to cool down, especially on sunday. another system digs in. it does not look a strong but the mere fact we have another system kind of pumping this and blowing high out -- bumping this and blowing out. this left its mark. ben low fund, 2.25. middleton, 1.25. mount diablo had over an 1. los gatos .75. not too shabby for may. had some rain. had some rain.
8:41 am
it's done uner 40s. by the coast -- upper 40s. by the coast, it's lower. high pressure is midding -- is building in. that's gonna give us warmer weather. the rain is giving way to partly sunny, mostly sunny skies. clearing. not that warm but at least we'll get a breeze and as the rain ends, cold air will settle in, even though the nights are very short. rain ends breezy. but some sun 0 -- is out there. woohoo! temperatures will stay in the 50s and 60s. 70s will show up tomorrow. more cloud cover to keep temperatures on the cool side towards santa clara. thursday and friday looks really good. saturday saturdays off -- saturday starts off good and then another system heads in. thank you a mysterious and tragic mystery in the woods. police are turning to the public to get some answers.
8:42 am
election o.j. simpson, yes, he's involved in a new battle. we'll tell you what nevada's supreme court has decided. value of your car usually goes down. but right now, the value is going up. i'm tom vacar.
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8:44. let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following. the san francisco giants go back to dodger stadium tonight. the l.a. police will be following up on the first really strong lead into that brutal attack on giants' fan bryan stow outside the dodger stadium six weeks ago. police believe is a -- believe a latino woman in her 20s may have driven the getaway car carrying those two attackers. we'll have more details on that. people in louisiana anxiously watching the mississippi river. it's flooded and moving south. 25,000 homes are threatened by that swollen river.
8:46 am
that's after the army corp -- army corps of engineers engineers. now nay be the best time to sell your car. tom vacar has more. >> reporter: well, tori, it's all about supply and demand. and these days supply is woefully short. the recession has forced owners to keep betty longer. as a result of that, darr dealers are actually paying about 30% more for a used car or truck than they did a few years ago. an average of 11,600.
8:47 am
the biggest return for the high quality, namely japanese cars, especially with supplies of new vehicles from their compromised assembly plants in japan. the monthly payment for a used car is now becoming very close to that of a new car. and so many cars are coming off lease which will also add to supply and depressed -- and depress prices. to turn a very old auto slogan around, you used car owners, you out to sell now. tom vacar -- you out ought to sell now. tom vary -- tom -- tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news.
8:48 am
take a look. this is a child 6 years old. he was found under a military green jacket. this is the clothing he was wearing. people who live in the area say they saw a pickup in the area. later on, they came across the little boy's body in the woods. this just came in from san leandro. a man accused of stealing a gold chain from a 17-year-old girl. it happened yesterday afternoon. police say a 29-year-old man rode by the victim on a bike and hit her on the chest. afterwards, she noticed her chain was missing. a witness actually took a photo of the man, turned it over to the police and that's led to an arrest. 8:48, closing argue. s -- arguments are scheduled to start today in the chauncey bailey murder trial. yesterday, jurors heard from a surprised witness, accused getaway driver in the case.
8:49 am
mackey testified he was not involved in bail he's death and he said they did not bail le akilling -- bailey's killing. nevada's supreme court has decided not to hear o.j. simpson's appeal. in december of 2008, simpson was found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping. he's currently serving time as a medium security corrections center in nevada. his lawyer will appeal the case in the federal courts. he says it's a tough battle because no judge wants to be the one to let jimp -- simpson go free. fiance of dorothy barbaz says she's back in her home in quarter after her release. virginia -- qatar after her release. she vanished -- vanished. she went to syria. syria deported her to iran.
8:50 am
she has iranian citizenship. she's also a citizen of the united states and canada. well, wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords will have a very important surgery today. doctors will replace part of her school with a plastic implant. that procedure is being called a critical step in her recovery. she was shot in the head during a political rally in arizona. doctors will be updaying her husband, mark kelly, as you know, he's the commander of the space shuttle "endeavour." it just docked with the international space station literally about five hours ago. actor zsa zsa gabor is back in a los angeles hospital, she was rush there last last night. her spokesperson said the tube inserted into her stomach had caused the bleeding. she had surgery yesterday evening and will likely remain over the hospital -- in the in the -- in the hospital over the
8:51 am
next few days. a toddler for sale on ebay? we'll tell you why police are not buying this.
8:52 am
8:53 am
right now we're watching president obama. there is a prayer by a chaplain
8:54 am
happening right now. the president is about to give the commencement speech at the university. every year, the president of the united states normally speaks at their graduation, at least for one of the military academies. let's listen in. >> and continue to train them up as self-less mend and women of in-- self-less men and women of integrity. lord, may your grace and mercy continue to empower these young leaders as they move to take the place of the young traditions they will inherit. >> we've been listening to the coast guard chap layne and obviously -- chaplain and obviously president obama is waiting to speak. we just wanted to bring that to you live from new london, connecticut. a san francisco man who interfered with a flight crew has been order to pay u.s.
8:55 am
airways almost $7,000 in restitution and kenman chan will be on probation for the next flee three -- for the next flee years. his strange behavior caused a flight diversion. partially -- prosecutors say he shouted and chan said his medical marijuana cookies were to plame. there is a new odd couple. this is video of fom the cat and jeou. it's not known how they kay together. so far the couple has been view 1 million times. a woman in western michigan is accused of trying to sell a 2-year-old relative on ebay. the 19-year-old was carrying for the child.
8:56 am
she said it was not meant to be taken seriously and she did it to see how ebay -- ebay worked. the child is now back in her mother's custody. well, pg&e is saying a mylar balloon. a transformer actually exploded caught fire before 6:30 last night. it happened at 27th street between san pablo and market. now at first, about 3,000 customers were left in the dark. a two dozen customers actually got their power back about 6:00 this morning. law enforcement agencies may consider merging police departments in santa rosa, petaluma and rohnert park, they are all dealing with but cutsle they are considering consolidating dispatch systems but there's still questions about how this will affect response time as well as the pay for the dispatchers.
8:57 am
we want to check in with sal, hopefully things are lining down nicely -- are winding down nicely. let's take a look at the 880 northbound still slow from the coliseum heading up forth -- north. if you are driving on bay bridge, it's a pretty nice drive. as we look through the city, the 101 looks good and soy does the 80 extension -- so does the 880 extension. there's a few light showers, hanging on and hanging on. mostly sunny, warmer, thursday, and friday it looks cooler as we go into the weekend. >> i mean, is this gonna be it? do you think? >> there's one forecast model next week that brings back another system very close to us. >> wow. >> warmer into friday, though.
8:58 am
>> oh, good. >> a little taste of spring again. that will do it for us. thanks for watching and watch sharks. [ laughter ] >> bye now. >> bye.
8:59 am
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