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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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why there's optimism over brian stowe's condition. >> how an east bay standoff ended after a tense situation that lasted for hours. >> and the tour of california began moments ago. we have a live report from livermore. good afternoon. we begin with new information on injured giants fan brian
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stowe. ktvu's kraig debro joins us live from sf general, where we just got an update on his condition. is it good news, craig? >> reporter: it generally is. but the overall feeling is that it's too early to tell. here at san francisco general hospital, we just got word less than an hour ago that brian stowe's trip from los angeles up here to san francisco caused new no problems. they were worried about that because sometimes in transit a medical patient's condition can change based on the movement of the body and in in case, the plane being so high in the air. but no new problems. in addition, we're also learning from the trauma specialist here that brian stowe more than a day after being taken off a medication that was being used to stop seizures, is now doing better. >> being off that seizure medication for 24 hours only on four seizure medications, he remains seizure-free. >> the medical staff is worried about seizures because they can result in further brain injury.
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the doctor says 42-year-old brian stowe might have to take one or more of these drugs for the rest of his life. >> it's difficult to assess because he still has four very powerful drugs onboard to control his seizures, and until we wane some of those off, it will be difficult to make an accurate assessment. >> earlier brian stowe and friends traveled to los angeles to see the giants play on opening day. the paramedic was leaving the stadium after the game when two men beat him within an inch of his life. he's been in a coma ever since. tonight the giants will visit l.a. for the first seem since that incident. l.a.p.d. will be there too, handing out sketches of suspects and reminding people of the 200,000 dollar reward offered in this case. >> we believe there are people that know. we believe there are family members and friends that know. don't shield these folks. >> the chief head trauma doctor won't predict what will happen
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to stowe but says new treatment gives all reason for optimistic. >> the old way was a mortality of 50%. that's the old way. the new way is a mortality of 25 or 30%. >> and the l.a.p.d. says they want to question the young woman wearing a number 13 dodger jersey with the name -- on the back, seen driving with these two suspects away from the stadium the day stowe was attacked. reporting live, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. we have new information on a deadly shooting in union city. it happened shortly after 10 last night on whipple road. this morning, we learned the victim was a 46-year-old man on a bicycle. he was riding home from a convenience store when someone shot and killed him. investigators are still searching for both a suspect and a motive. but they believe the killing may be tied to violent street gangs. >> there's no hard indication at this point that it's gang- related. however, a number of our
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homicides sort of traditionally -- have been gang-related. >> police are trying to determine if the killing is tied to another shooting in union city last week. part of a berkeley neighborhood is back open this noontime after being shut down because of a suspected burglar barricaded inside a home. he entered the unoccupied house in the area of parker and acton streets about 7 this morning, after being confronted by a homeowner across the street. police say the homeowner came at the suspected burglar with a baseball bat. the burglar then ran into the other house. police negotiators talked him into coming out about 10 a.m., and police say she was holed up insides with a machete. media reports now identifying the housekeeper who has a child fathered by arnold schwarzenegger. she is 50-year-old mildred baena, who goes by patty. there are reports she did not tell schwarzenegger he was the father until the boy was a
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toddler. the boy is now said to be about 14 years old. baena worked in the schwarzenegger family home for 20 years, before retiring in january. the new york times says she was working around the house, pregnant, at the same time maria shriver was pregnant with the youngest of the couple's four children. arnold schwarzenegger's son patrick changed his name on twitter to patrick shriver. he posted a tweet yesterday, part of the message says his 21-year-old sister katherine also tweeted she will always love her family. stage four of the amgen tour of california began a few minutes ago, and this is the only day the bicycle race will be in the bay area from livermore counsel to san jose. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us live from the starting line to explain why this is such a big
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deal for livermore. >> reporter: that's right, 20 minutes ago stage four began here in amgen tour of california. they have officially begun their 81-mile trek. let's look at newschopper 2, following the cyclists this afternoon. they are whizzing by. they're expected to be finished between 3 and 424 afternoon. brake anderson leads the pack with the yellow jersey. fans and fellow cyclists welcome the athletes and worldwide attention. >> i think the boys probably like to be sent off with like a small town feel, and i think livermore has that. >> [audio not understandable] >> i think the first climb is this road. then we sort of flatten out, then haven't really ridden the
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stage but heard a lot of things about it. and south will be top climb. >> economically, it's worth between 1 1/2 and $2 million, which considering was -- a very minor investment of about $38,000, having a $2 million return is just quite a return on the investment. and we've already gotten most of that back from our sponsorships anyway. >> you just heard from livermore's vice mayor, who says the city has been raced before but this year a start to stage 4 in the city allowed for more, including the american cancer society's relay for life. excitement even led to a flash mob in the midding of town to celebrate. the cyclists went to downtown twice then headed out. lance armstrong is tweeting this morning, he is expect to make an appearance at the end of stage 4 in san jose later this afternoon. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade.
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amtrak passengers finally made it to the bay area this morning after being stranded in the nevada desert for 10 hours. ktvu was the only tv station there when buses carrying the 150 passengers pulled into emeryville around 3:15 a.m. this was the destination of the zephyr train on sunday. but yesterday around 1:45 a.m., the train blew two engines, about 100 miles east of elco, nevada. hours later, the train was towed to elco, where the passengers were put on the buses that arrived in emeryville this morning. just ahead, a long-awaited report on abuse by priests in the catholic church. it was just unveiled at a bay area airport that will help certain drivers leave their cars there. and it looks like the rain is gone. mark will be up soon to tell us if the cool temperatures are gone too. >> a passionate debate over the gang injunctions blasts into the early morning hours.
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what the city council decided and what is next.
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it appears san francisco church has been targeted by thieves. this is video we shot this morning of st. francis lutheran church, located on church street. we received a tip that thieves
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had stolen the bronze handrails that lead to a terrace. it looks like they've been replaced with aluminum railing. so far, no one has been available to offer more details about the theft. a study released today finds the catholic priest sex abuse scandal was a temporary problem. the five-year study commissioned by the roman catholic bishop says most of the abuse began in the late 70s and gun to drop and then level off in the 1980s. the report concluded neither the all-male celebrate priesthood nor homosexuality were to blame. instead the abuse occurred because some priests were poorly prepared and monitored and were under stress amid the social and sexual turmoil of the 60s and 70s. passionate arguments over oakland's gang injunction spilled into the early morning hours this morning. the final vote ended up being a close one, but in the end the city council decided to keep those injunctions in place.
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claudine wong reports what happens next is still unclear. >> as much as i respect you, i will have opd remove you. be respectful! be respectful of us as we've been respectful four everybody that has speaked. you know what? all right. why don't we just close the item. >> reporter: and they did vote, and it was close. 4-3 in favor of continuing to fund the oakland gang injunction. >> to pretend we haven't extended resources on this is not being honest. >> you cannot ignore the reality in this district that i represent, the largest percent of the homicides last year were gang-related. >> gang injunctions use a list of gang members who are block from safety zones, they're subject to curfews and rules about colors and who they can talk to. restrictions that make some people we talked to today uneasy. >> people basically are free to go where they please. >> this is the first time the
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council has voted on this issue, but the battle is ongoing in the courts. a judge gave the grown light for a north oakland injunction almost a year ago, but the city is still waiting for a decision on a pending fruitvale injunction. >> what the council has voted in is that it gives us another tool, another opportunity to try to keep the city safe. >> but this man who is fight that fruitvale injunction says using his past against him is unfair. >> his injunction will hold me back from a lot of things. >> the vote also means that no more injunctions will be filed until a group can take an independent look at the north oakland and fruitvale injunctions. everyone we talked to seems to think that's a good idea, although no one is clear on who would do that and when it would get done. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. the obama administration today imposed sanctions on syrian president assad and six of his senior officials. the sanctions freeze any u.s. assets owned by assad or the others and makes it.
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illegal for americans to do business with them. the sanctions are in response to brutal crackdowns on protestors and come a day before president obama delivers a major speech from the state department on the uprisings throughout the arab world. at least 11 people with killed during a protest in afghanistan today. 1500 demonstrators took to the streets shouting "death to america" to protest a nato raid. the protestors say four civilians were killed, including two women. nato confirms it killed four people, two women, but that all were armed and tried to fire on troops. president barack obama was in new london, connecticut this morning giving the commencement address at the coast guard academy. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, barack obama. [applause] >> the president congratulated the class of 2011 on having the highest gpa of any class in the
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coast guard history. he also told the new graduates a lot will be expected of them and said he is sure they will meet those expectations. air force one with president obama onboard had to abort its first landing attempt as mr. obama arrived in connecticut. the white house says it was overcast at the time and visibility was below the minimum. the pilots decided to circle around and make a second landing attempt. the faa says it's a common safety procedure and after circling backing air force one landed safely. people with electric cars can now charge them at the oakland airport. >> there's no electricity on until we plug it into the car. >> just two hours ago, officials unveiled their eight new charge point charging stations located in the premiere parking area. electric car owners are delighted. >> i've been coming here for two years with this car, and to actually have the electricity all set up and so easy to use,
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and it actually doesn't cost anything. the airport gives us free chargers so it's really amazing. >> airport partnered with technologies to install the charging stations. automotive experts say right now is the best time in 16 years to sell your used car. it's all about supply and demand, because of the recession people are holding on to their old cars longer. the average is now 10 1/2 years. so car dealers are this is to pay 30% more for a used car or truck. but if you're thinking of selling, now is the time to act, according to mannheim auto auctions. the seller's market will only last another couple months, atmost. people in louisiana are bracing for floods that are heading right for them. this is video from morgan city, where people are doing everything they can to save their homes. authorities say about 2500 homes are being threatened by the rising mississippi river. and morgan city officials are
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hoping their levees will hold up against an expected 13 feet of water. in mississippi, about 5,000 people have becoming displayed. death drew to too much rain? dozens of leopard sharks found dead in redwood city and san francisco, and now scientists are looking to whether too much rain was the cause. all the rain we've been getting may be diluting the salt in lagoons. early exams revealed internal bleeding in the tiger sharks. results of more detailed testing is expected this week. the rain clouds are moving out of the bay area, still some lingering patches out there looking over san francisco. and san francisco bay. currently in the upper 50s and there's still a chance of an isolated sprinkle today and the highest chance for the higher terrain but the maniacs is heading out of town. a few cells way out to the east
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of morgan hill. so this afternoon we're expecting partly cloudy skies. here's the plan for today. scattered clouds, winds do pick up this afternoon, around 15 to 25 miles an hour. tomorrow start with patchy fog but clearing skies. temperatures warming up. and then by the weekend a sun- cloud mix as the weak system moving into northern california that will cool us off and there's a slight chance of a sprinkle up in the north bay on sunday. but the biggest change is more clouds, including temperatures for the upcoming weekend. current numbers, santa rosa 64 degrees. livermore, 56. mountainview in the upper 50s. and san jose reporting 60 degrees. active weather pattern over the past 48 hours. see the clouds and rainshowers, even the snowshowers. but you'll engines a trend that's decrease engine coverage and that will continue today and into friday. this is pretty much our forecast, clearing skies out there but we'll watch for the leftover moisture forming fog first thing tomorrow morning. cloud and rainfall forecast, still picking up on a few
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showers targeting parts of the sierra. we'll take this into thursday morning, notice we'll start with fog favoring the coast tomorrow morning, but then increasing sunshine into the afternoon hours. look what happens in friday, mostly sunny skies but a few high clouds moving into the northern parts of the state. this is associated with the system i've been talking about that will cool us off and also thicken our clouds, especially for sunday. but for today, 4:00, partly cloudy skies, 58 to 65 degrees. by 7:00, a bit of a breeze out there, especially coastside, around the bay. then 10:00 this evening, fair skies, temperatures into the low to mid-50s. today will be warmer than yesterday. you can see it the numbers, santa rosa 67 degrees. san francisco right around 60. san jose tops out 64. and los gatos, 64 as well. your 5-day forecast, no major storms to talk about here. we'll start with patchy fog first thing tomorrow morning. friday will be the warmest day of the week, and the temperatures under land back up into the upper 70s. we will cool off this weekend
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and bring a few extra clouds on sunday, but looks like no significant storms in sight. so it's kind of nice to look outside and see in the sunshine for today, little reward for when we've been dealing with for the past few days. >> yay, it's sunny! thank you, mark. the next round in the barry bonds perjury case is postponed. bonds post-trial hearing was set future this friday, but this morning the lawyers and federal prosecutors announced they have agreed to reschedule for june 17th. they require more time to evaluate possible post-trial motions and the availability of witnesses, if there is a retrial. a federal jury last month convicted bonds on one count of obstructing justice and deadlocked on three perjury counts alleging he lied about knowingly using steroids. the space shuttle endeavor arrived at the international space station earlier today. astronauts onboard the station gave their visitors a warm
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welcome. endeavor is delivering the most expensive payload in the history of the shuttle program. it's a 7-ton, $2 billion gadget that scientists hope will unravel cosmic mysteries. this is its last scheduled flight in space, and plans call for the shuttle to go to a los angeles museum after and returns to earth. it's day two of queen elizabeth's historic visit to ireland. this is video of the queen arriving at the storehouse in dublin. today she is also scheduled to appear at croak park stadium. this is where british troops fired on people watching a football match and 14 people were killed. tonight she is expected to attend a state banquet at dublin castle. this is the first visit to ireland by a british monarch since 19done with. just ahead the san jose sharks get ready for the next game of the playoffs, and the durbin day celebrations last weekend were good for the fair and good for others too.
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the fresh tasting california sour cream your other food loves.
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live look at the big board on wall street, a rebound in commodity prices today. strong earnings from dell help the technology sector. dell shares jumped over 5 1/2%, and chevron right now is up 2.2%, to $102, giving the dow one every biggest boosts, up 78. san francisco mayor lee wants to put a bond measure
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before voters to help improve city streets. the mayor says he already has the support of six supervisors to put the 248 million-dollar bond measure on the november ballot. it would pay to repair pot holes and pave streets. the money would also go to seismic retrofits on bridges and sidewalks. city leaders in santa cruz say last weekend's performance by "american idol" star james durbin gave the local economy a shot in the arm. durbin day was last saturday at the santa cruz boardwalk. hotels were almost filled, visitors spent $3 million. the popular young singer was voted off last week. the final three contestants on idol will perform tonight here on channel 2. and san jose sharks and vancouver canucks are getting ready for game two of their playoff series tonight. the canucks took game one of the match-up sunday evening. sharks hope to turn things around after losing four of their last five playoff games. game 2 of the finals is 6 p.m.
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we're tracking all the new information coming out of governor arnold schwarzenegger's sex scandal. we'll have new information tonight that shows why a political sex scandal could be a good thing for some. and a ktvu reporter on their way to los angeles right now, at dodger stadium tonight for the first face-off between the dodgers and giants since the beating of brian stowe. those and more in our next newscast at 5. thank you for watching. have a great day!
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