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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 19, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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he's known as the unibomber good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. now almost 30 years later, the fbi is reporting ted cocsynsky.
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what do you think of the theory that cocsynski could have been tainted with -- >> and brought him to justice. that's snow thereafter arresting -- >> serial bombers are different people from serial arsonists or from people who poison other people. they are entirely different personalities. so does a 50 page time line the fbi did in the 50s.
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>> he's a very anal person. she wrote down. he recorded how many rabbits he shot. >> he says it is almost impossible that he could have poisoned tylenol tablets and then made it back home. he says he didn't do it. >> i would agree with him. >> it's not the first time the uni bomber was suspected in another high profile case and killed then at the zodiak killer.
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a boston man was convicted of trying to poisoning the tylenol. caltrans says it is the largest and heaviest saddle ever made for a suspension bridge. it is strong enough to support the one enormous cable that will hold the bridge in place. >> it comes back down in yerba buena island and loops around. and comes back around which is why it's so thick. >> caltrans says it expects to finish stringing the cable by the end of 2013. crews are centers their
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efforts in a snow covered eastern part of avador county. the plane left the tahoe area yesterday afternoon. amator county sheriff says the single plane was piloted by robert brown who was the owner of napa's cleavage creek winery. clark has flown that route hundreds of times. we first showed you these pictures live at 6:00. a commercial refueling tanker crashed and burst into flames during take off at point magoo naval base. the ntsb says the plane experienced an engine fire during the take off event. the two people on board escaped with minor injuries. we have new information tonight about the officer involved shooting that left two people dead. we have now learned why
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officers stopped that men. amber lee was first responding to the shooting last night and is now back in that area to tell us what she's learned. >> we are on corin avenue where you can still see the damage left behind. shattered glass from the suspect vehicle. now my photographer and i are going to take a quick walk down this sidewalk and show you what else we can see here. bullet holes pierced through this fence. >> he died right here. this is where his head was at. >> reporter: only del carraway told us that one man shot by police was on his yard and another man lay bleeding on his driveway. caraway shared with us exclusively cell phone video. he said three men were in the car and officers fatally shot two of them when they got out
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with guns. a third man fled but a police officer later located him using an infra red device. we have learned police responded to the area because they received information that a violent crime was about to take place. suspects tell us that the suspects are responsible for a violent shooting. jackson's relatives say he has a young son and that they are baffled by the confrontation by police. >> i just can't believe it. i just can't believe it. >> reporter: another neighbor who asked us not to identify her showed us the damage police caused. a broken door frame when they searched her home. >> the oakland police department had to break open your front door because of an incident. >> reporter: neighbors tell us they are still shocked by the turn of events and want
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answers. amber lee, ktvu news. right now oakland police are still involved in a stand off not far from amber's location. this video was taken from news chopper 2 about two hours ago. police say the person officers are looking for is in a home or apartment. there are not a lot of details available but people at the scene told us the man is wanted for a weapons violation. we spoke with a dispatcher tonight and we're told that the stand off has been going on now for at least six hours. arnold arnold schwarzenegger is putting his acting career on hold as he deals with the fall out of his affair with his housekeeper arnold schwarzenegger has several projects in the works including a terminator movie. shriver has now hired a l.a. divorce attorney.
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senate republicans successfully blocked the nomination of law professor goowin lu. president obama nominated lu to serve on the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. lu is considered too liberal by republicans. barbara boxer called this a sad day. she issued a statement saying, when we deny a judicial nominee of professor lus caliber, a man of intelligence. tonight there's hope that president obama's speech will lay out a path toward peace.
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tonight at arab cultural center a reading of authors. >> i hope that the values and principals were included today in his speech are applied equally. >> the borders of israel and palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps. so that secure borders are established for both states. >> so if this has the result of trying to create an arab spring where they give high projectionism and they accept the right of egypt to exist it can do a lot. the president also called for an end to violence against protesters in syria and other
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mideast countries. he defended the mideast movement. there should be attention also to what president obama did not say. >> i am really hoping that in his future, in the future speeches that he will give he is a little more prescriptive and calls for the release of prisoners. reporting live in san francisco, jana katsuyama. shades of silican valley's hay day on wall street today as linked in the debuted on wall street today. the initial public offering for the mountain view company opened at $85 a share. but when the stock market closed it closed at $94 a share. it's also the first big social
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media site to offer stock to the market. the success of linked incould be a preview of what's to come. the dow rose 45 points, the nasdaq picked up eight. also today the price for a barrel of oil once again dropped below $100. back here in less than 10 minutes with friday forecast that calls for warmer daytime highs. >> san jose mounted unit has an ally to keep police officers on horses on the street. and how one plan could change how much income tax you pay from one county to the next.
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>> it happened just before noon in commerce in southern california. take a look at this mess. this county sheriff's bus collided with three other buses
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carrying military personnel. in san jose the mounted police is there have been around since the mid-80s but tonight their future is in jeopardy. and a group that is trying to help them has removed their support. >> reporter: the police on horses have been patrolling mainly downtown san jose for centuries. >> i like to see their presence. i love that they are on horse back. >> it provides security to the city. it's good. >> reporter: what's not good is that san jose's $915 million deficit may reign in funding for the mounted unit. >> i don't think they need the horses themselves. >> i think they should get rid of them if the cost is more than what they are worth. >> reporter: friends of the san
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jose mounted unit has already raised more than $50,000 and has another $90,000 in pledges in effort to keep the horses. but now the group has asked for donations to be returned. saying the city will not confirm they will be keeping the unit. a city manager issued a statement saying there is no final budget decision. >> when you're facing a huge deficit and you're laying off 200 to 250 lay offs, there's a lot of what ifs out there skr-z >> that was lloyd lacuesta
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reporting. the mothers of two uc berkeley graduates have started a fast. bower's fiance shourd is also taking part in the hunger strike. a judge in new york city granted bail for former imf chief kahn. he is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid. he will remain under house arrest in manhattan under the watch of armed guards. his attorneys say they expect him to be released tomorrow. a grand jury also indicted kahn on seven counts. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood got his first look today at the san bruno neighborhood devastated
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by last september's pipeline explosion. tonight he was in san francisco inspecting new pipelines designed to prevent future disaster. before that he toured the san bruno neighborhood with congresswoman spears. secretary lahood also met privately with the victims of the san bruno blast. >> my heart is full of sadness after meeting with the families. i don't recall another time in my 35 years of public service when i have ever felt as sad as i do today. >> reporter: lahood plans to introduce new pipeline safety enforcement measures nationwide in august. new at 10:00 tonight, a controversial plan to give local governments more power to raise your taxes has opponents launching a statewide campaign to stop it. eric ramussen is live to explain what this new bill would mean for you if state lawmakers pass it, eric. >> reporter: it could add individual counties and school boards asking you to pay more
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tax on things like alcohol, soda or gas. you could even be paying more income tax and that what has people around here so fired up. more taxes? >> i think they want more of the piece of action. everything. >> reporter: on top of what the government already takes. >> you don't get everything for free. so if you want the services, you have to pay for them. >> reporter: we had a new proposal by steinburg. he wants to give cities power to increase taxes. >> we have an obligation to schools, to our sheriffs, to our police chiefs to give them every tool possible to get the money they need to fulfill their duties. >> i think this is one of the worse ideas we've ever heard of. >> reporter: cambridge is the head of one group joining the fight against the senate bill.
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>> one way to push money down is give the politicians at the local level the right to go out and tax anything that they feel like taxing. >> the last thing we need are new and even higher local taxes. >> reporter: californians against higher taxes is even running this ad trying to rally opposition to the bill. whether it passes or not, some voters told us they are resigned to paying more if lawmakers can't make ends meet. >> everybody needs some where to get some more money. >> do you like it? >> no, of course not. signburg himself admits that this bill is partly a tackty cal move as he and other lawmakers discuss statewide tax extensions. however this bill could get taken up on the senate floor in sacramento next thursday. eric rasmussen. when announced real estate in san francisco suggest home is losing value. zilo says as much as 80% could
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be dropping in value. zillow says one in four homes are sold for a loss. home sales fell according to the latest number from the national association of realtors today. in the west resales were down 1.6%. and did you notice the warm up today? temperatures a good 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. these were the high that is we had. we had lots of fog along the coast. and right now as we speak, we have lots of fog along the coast again. visibility low down to half a mile. if you're driving around there in the morning, you know it'll be foggy.
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the sunset district up toward stinson beach as well. fog back in the forecast coast side. but plenty of sunshine tomorrow. overnight lows are in the 40s and low 50s. your friday forecast looks good. temperatures in the 70s. when i come back we're going to look at specific cities for friday and we're going to look at the bay area weekend which brings in some clouds, see you back here. a south san francisco boy's doodling is going on display tomorrow with millions of the internet users as his audience. this work of art by mateo lopez won the annual doodle for google contest and it will appear on google's home page tomorrow. mateo is 7 years old and beat out 107,000 entries. he received a $15,000 scholarship and his school received a $25,000 technology grant. a poisoning attempt at a bay area high school. plus containing a fuel leak on this abandoned barge. why some say this is a much bigger problem than just one boat. >> may i see your driver's
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license, registration and proof of insurance? no license, no problem. why you can buy car insurance without having to prove that you even have a license and how many drivers are doing it. we used to bet who could get closest to the edge.
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if you have high cholesterol, you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. oakland police are investigating the attempted poisoning of a high school teach. a female student at oakland international high school is accused of putting dry erase board cleaning fluid in her teacher's coffee yesterday morning. the teacher took a sip and immediately spit it out. the teacher is okay and so far has declined to press charges. >> there is a very real concern that for some i incidents that putting someone in the criminal
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path puts them them a lifelong criminal path. >> the teacher is okay. and it's reported that the student may have been angry with the teacher for turning her in for having alcohol on campus. it's been there for about four years. so it hasn't moved or anything. >> reporter: the coast guard was called in after a kayaker spotted a scene coming from the boat this morning. while they don't know the exact amount that leaked they say it's small but this exposes a bigger problem. >> more and more we're seeing abandoned vessels. people with the economy are abandoning vessels and they are
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not telling anyone they have left fuel out there. >> look like they're just sitting there and rotting. >> it might not be everybody's cup of tea, but there's something interesting about the sort of slow decay. >> reporter: but that decay can pose an environmental risk for species in the bay. abandoned vessels show up once a week in the delta and the bay. officials will remove the fuel from that boat but there's no funds to leave the vessels. that's up to the property owners, most are nowhere to be found. so for now the boats will stay. that botox story that appeared on good morning america last week and generated a lot of controversy, turns out it might just be a hoax. >> top story is a fake. >> good morning america got taken. >> reporter: the celebrity
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website tmz says it has obtained a sworn statement that she was paid to create a fake story. upton admitted the hoax after child welfare services took away her daughter. and tens of thousands of dollars, the surprise one family found in their home and what they did with the money.
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they're a social currency with endless possibilities. new allegations tonight the bicycling legend lance
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armstrong used performance enhancing drugs. hamilton says armstrong used a drug called epo. hamilton claimed armstrong used the drug before the 2001, 2002 and 2003 races. cyclists for this year's tour of california are resting up tonight after stage five, the longest stage of the race. riders took off from seaside this morning and headed almost 140 miles southeast through narrow twisting roads and into farm roads. peter, is egan came out on top. stage six of the tour begins tomorrow and will wind through quaint town, vineyards and town then back to solven just one block away from the starting line. >> in california you need
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insurance to drive a car. that's the law. but in tonight's special report, ken pritchett tells us that's not stopping some insurance companies from selling policies to drivers who don't even have a license. >> on any traffic stop, at the stop sign when safe and clear make a left turn. this is usually the first thing you will hear. >> can i see your driver's license, registration and proof of insurance. >> reporter: all three are required to legally drive in california yet 12% of california motorists are driving without a license. but many of those same violators are fully ensured. in fact, they are a target audience of some insurance companies. >> is it possible to get auto insurance without a state driver's license? >> reporter: marketing insurance to unlicensed drivers strike some as odd. >> really? i didn't know that. >> how the you ensure people
10:32 pm
that don't have a license? it's ridiculous. >> reporter: but selling auto insurance to someone who is unlicensed is legal in california. >> it could be one of the target audiences definitely. >> reporter: elman says most major insurers will not sell policies to drivers without a license, but smaller carriers do for this simple reason. >> you still have to have insurance to register your vehicle in california. >> reporter: leman says the dmv will issue warnings to any registered car owner that they must obtain insurance, even if the car owner can't legally drive. you're looking at a fresh accident scene, a rear ender off interstate 880, while it might seem strange to get insurance without a driver's license, this is where it becomes clear. >> license and registration. >> i don't have a license, i have an idea. i have insurance. >> i strongly believe it's a
10:33 pm
huge liability issue. in the sense that when someone doesn't have a license it's usually for a reason. >> reporter: chp officer trenton cross says while it's much better for drivers to be insured, without a license it means nothing. >> the officer will make the decision if they want to impound the car or not. >> reporter: and there's no option on that whether you have a license or not. the state of california won a settlement from the largest provider of medical testing in the state. the state won the lawsuit against quest diagnostics. a whistle-blower accused quest of over charging the state. one of the men at the center of an east bay corruption probe will have to
10:34 pm
wait a month to enter a plea. louis lombardi is a san ramon police officer. also in court today norman welsh. welsh ran cenet. the two men are accused of taking part of a scheme where evidence was taken and sold. >> normally that task force is the topic of information which is why the bureau investigation is involved. >> reporter: all four of the suspects are now scheduled to appear in court on june 24th. in san francisco today, prosecutors dropped another case related to a police misconduct case there. the misconduct is surrounding
10:35 pm
an officer seen here, taking items from an arrested man. a family found a bounty in a home they just purchased. cash, thousands of dollars in cash. the money was stashed in the attic. instead of keeping it, the family called the family of the previous owner. the family started counting it but stopped at 40,000. >> it is a great opportunity for me to take my children and say to them, we are going to do something awesome. >> the family says they knew their father hid money but they did not how much or where. i love that story. parks scheduled to try their last ditch effort to keep from closing parks by letting
10:36 pm
others run them. the item that was released today that could answer --
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10:38 pm
the defense attacked the credibility of the key prosecution witness today during closing arguments in the chancy bailey trial. broussard is admitting killing bailey for a 20 year prison sentence and he testified that bey ordered him to shoot bailey. the brother of the victim says that he cannot believe what is going on. >> i think everybody will come out. >> reporter: bey and mackey are
10:39 pm
also accused of killing two other men. murder charges were filed in marin county today in connection with a deadly gang fight last week. carlos eduardo gutierrez and sandoval roca are facing charges. roca is being charged as an adult. roca stabbed holmsted in an attack. a plea hearing is set for tomorrow. in larksburg, sanitary officials are rushing to fix the pipe. it is at risk of failing. almost 2 million-gallons of sewage spilled here. the new project could cost up to $2.5 million. aplan to save state parks that are set to close is taking part now. the assembly passed the bill today that would make it easier for nonprofits to operate state
10:40 pm
parks. the bill now heads to the senate. 70 parks including china camp in san rafael are slighted for closure during the next couple of years. a move that could save california $33 million. the state assembly also passed a bill today prohibiting employers from doing credit checks. they say credit checks help business weed out irresponsible employees. the law would not involve to jobbing involving money handling or law enforcement. four people are missing after a landslide went through a city. one child was killed. 30 homes are buried under the flood. this year's rain has been one of the worse in years. in iraq, three bombs
10:41 pm
exploded today in the northern city of kirkuk. police responded to the first bomb, a second exploded. the third went off on the road to the hospital. it's located near oil fields, the area is claimed by different factions. and in japan, the japanese government reported today that japan's economy shrunk for a second straight quarter. damage is estimated at $300 billion. it is now down to the final two after a record setting vote on american idol. that's haley raihnhart after ward a record 95 million people voted.
10:42 pm
that is the most ever for a nonfinale episode. in the end, all those votes could not save reinhart. now scott mccreery and aleina will compete for the title. with the results being named next wednesday night. you can watch it here. he says he doesn't deserve to be in jail. why the death of a puppy could put a south bay man behind bars for life. and bill martin looking ahead at the weekend forecast in six minutes. he will show us the approaching front that could impact your plans.
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a three strikes candidate could face life behind bars for allegedly killing his family pet. robert handa sat down with the suspect in a jailhouse interview today where the man held back tears and said the
10:45 pm
dog's death was an accident. >> reporter: 53-year-old bud wally ruiz seems shaken for the situation. ruiz was arrested for killing his wife's chihuahua. and because of his criminal record has been charged under california's three strikes law which means a life sentence if convicted. ruiz says he was expecting the misdemeanor chargeing the arguing with his wife. >> i literally sat down in court because my legs gave way. then when i found out that the puppy died i couldn't believe it. he was only 5 weeks old. >> reporter: ruiz acknowledges four prior con vices of conviction for assault with a weapon will not get compassion from the public, but says what matters is this case. he admits he cannot recall all
10:46 pm
of his actions. h his wife told us her version of what happened during an argument about his drinking. >> he was going to take the dog but then he decided not to. he says here keep the dog. and he threw the dog. >> in the bag. >> in the bag in my direction. but it ended up hitting the wall and that's how the dog died. >> the wall right there. >> yes. >> so it was an accident? >> yes it was. but prosecutor malley says the charges are appropriate and that the wife's story does not change the situation. ruiz is back in court next thursday. robert handa, ktvu. congress agreed to a four year extension of the patriot act. the deal calls for a vote before may 27 when parts of the anti terrorism bill expire. democrats and republicans say they wanted to extend it with as little debate as possible. the patriot act gives the government broad powers to combat terrorism. it is possible california
10:47 pm
could change the way its electoral votes are counted. that would only happen if a majority of other states did the same thing. the effort started after al gore won the popular vote in 2000. but george w. bush won the electoral vote. the new map reveals new details showing rock types and slopes state wide. they say the equation for slide danger is simple. >> all the way around the bay in the hills there are places where there are weak spots on slopes. in some places there are strong ropes on very steep slopes and those are also susceptible to landslides. >> reporter: geologists say the best utilization of this map is for the future. we posted this map on our
10:48 pm
website showing how susceptible the area is for landslide. to find it go to then click on the bay area news tap on the top. astronauts checked out the biggest job on their to do list today. they installed the alpha magnetic spectronomer. at two billion dollars it's the most expensive equipment at the space center and is already gathering the data. sales of electronic books for the kindle are hirer than hard copies. google is releasing a flaw. a google spokesperson said in
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certain instances hackers can get access to data on the calendar. the device started getting updated yesterday. and the coastal fog is returning. we talked about that last night. it's back tonight right at the coast. all the way south of half-moon bay, fog is going to fill in tonight. we have strong winds out there as well. pushing the fog into the inland bay valleys. our coastal fog when you wake up. that's your friday. ao a nice day tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be about the same. slightly cooler instead of 78, it might go 77 in your neighborhood. it's not going to be much different than what you saw today. clouds and sun as you go into the bay area weekend. cooler weather moving through time. these were the highs from today. highs tomorrow come down just a little bit or they stay the same. take your choice. they're not going to move much on friday. there's the fog right along the
10:50 pm
coast. forecast tomorrow will be a beautiful day. wake up in the 60s, end up in the 70s. for most of us mid-70s. that's friday, saturday not bad. and then sunday this weather system gets close to us. clouds increase, temperatures come down. instead of mid-70s, upper 60less. 60s. it's note not a big deal, it'll be okay. you will need jackets or something right in the sunset it's going to be chilly. fog along the coast friday morning. 8:00, 9:00 you see fog pulling back to the coast. fog at the golden gate bridge in san francisco south of market fog around san bruno till about 10:00 then it goes right back to the coast. until tomorrow night when it pushes back in. familiar pattern. that's what it does this time of year. that's the coastal fog and it is back. it's not going any where, it's going to be around until the bay area weekend and into next
10:51 pm
week. yellows are 70s. 78 in brentwood, a beautiful day for your friday 77 in morganhill and 76 in gilroy. we were just talking about how amazing, it's already friday. >> almost. >> for many because -- >> we wish. >> most people -- tomorrow is friday. we're almost to friday. this week flew by. remember the rain a week ago. now it's just a memory. >> yes, we do. he was about 750 feet up the side of a building when it happened. the close call for the man known as spiderman and the one thing that ended up saving his life.
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free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters. and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best. that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule.
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♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ] the daredevil known as spiderman survived a close call. usually he relies only on his hands and feet but this time he used a safety rope. about 50 feet from the top of the 800-foot tall building he flipped. there he goes. but thanks to that rope he only dropped a few feet. after catching his breath, he continued climbing to the top. >> thank goodness for those safety ropes. >> no kidding. giants had a scary moment tonight. mark is here to tell us what happened. >> as my mom used to always
10:55 pm
say, by the skin of their teeth. a quiet mellow night in l. a. lull you to sleep going into the 9th inning. madison baumgartner had to be thinking, what does a man have to do to get a win. chad billingsly with a run. and fontano with a shot to left. posey doubled in the fifth to make it 2-0. and another run in, miguel tejada 3-0. baumgartner with a shut out gave up a single and a double. in comes bryan wilson. he walks, two bases loaded. holtz with a sensational catch in the ninth to make sure the giants go home winner. that ball gets by himself. 3-runs scored and the giants
10:56 pm
are losers. instead it is shurholtz. giambi second oldest player to stroke three homers in a game. did it his third time up against the phillies. seven rbis and the rockies ease by the phillies, giambi came in with a .115 batting average. the a's starting pitcher ross throws only seven pitches, leaves with a strained oblique and ends up getting tagged with the loss. and the fans doing what fans do, fanning themselves on a nice, for a change -- sunny afternoon. and 2-run shot there. and a 6-run 8th inning blows it open for the twins. danny valencia with the damage. the rbi double, he winds up with a couple of hits 11-1 your
10:57 pm
final. lightning does not strike again in game two of the of the thunder. a good luck kiss from mom for kevin durant. that's the shot of the night right there. wow he had 24 on the night. dirk nowitzki had 39 but oklahoma city's james harden is off the bench with 23. that is the beard that needed to be feared tonight. 1-1 series there. sharks love to just press the delete button on any of it since last night's game. all they can do is press on. instead little work out earlier. fact is another horrendous third period seemed to do him in. but the coach feels it started much earlier in the night. >> the game is 3-2 half way through the period. 12 minutes left, and i thought prior to that we had already lost our composure. it wasn't like we lost it when
10:58 pm
it was 5-2 or 6-2. we lost it at 3-2. that's not the sign of a team that can win a series. tomorrow night at the tank, they hope it's a different story. >> we all do. mark, thank you. and thank you for joining us tonight. good night. >> good night.
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