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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, a man shot on the freeway drives miles for help. we'll tell you what happened coming up. a local pilot and his plane go missing. where search crews are focusing their effort. what is being said about a possible connection between the yew any bomber.
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thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning may 20th i'm pam cook. we all want to know what is the friday forecast? how does it look for the weekend. let's check in with steve paulson. we have more low clouds and fog. already moving locally inland. very similar. upper 50s. traffic is moving along nicely if you are driving on highway 4 bay point. also this morning in oakland traffic moving well in both directions. let's go back to pam. this morning the chp is looking for the gunman responsible for a horrifying highway shooting. ktvu claudine wong tells us the driver was critically injured
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with gunfire. >> reporter: let us tell you what we know at this hour. we are on east 2nd. apparently the victim went into this mcdonalds for help. the employees inside tried to help him and called 911. the shooting did not happen there. take a look up the road where we are standing. you can see the sign for interstate 80. it happened on the freeway four miles away from here. it happened east of the glen cove exit. the victim was in the car with a male passenger when someone in another vehicle pulled alongside and hit the driver. the driver kept going for four miles passed four freeway exits. he finally got off the east second exit and there is this mcdonalds that is right off the freeway and that is where he got help. the victim was air lifted to the hospital. all we know at this point he is a man in his late 20s or early
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30s. again this investigation is still getting under way. we are seeing employees walking in here. we are in contact with the chp. we will get the latest on this investigation. live here in benicia claudine wong. the target of an oakland police sting is behind bars this morning. police took the man into custody late last night. several hours after swat teams surrounded his home. investigators say the suspected gun dealer raced inside after learning he was the target of an under cover police operation. he finally gave up without am struggle. this incident took place just a few blocks from the scene of this weeks fatal police shooting. two men were killed in the gunfire in the fruitvale neighborhood wednesday night. ktvu news has learned that police rushed to the area after receiving a tip that a violent crime was about to take place. officers say they were forced to fire at the two men in self-
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defense. a realtive of one man killed questions whether deadly force was necessary. >> one got away and ran. how did he get away and run and these didn't? >> at this point we are trying to gather as much information as we can. >> the family members identified one of the men killed as 30-year-old antwon jackson. the other man killed has not yet been identified. police say the two mer a number recent shootings in the fruitvale area. only on 2 the man that supervised the hunt for ted da vein ski is talking about his connection tylenol cyanide. he says it's unlike lie that kaczynski could be responsible
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for the 1982 poisoning. >> no those writings he confessed to every one of the 16 yew that bomb, bombings. this morning the search resumes in the sierra for a missing planed pie lotted by a -- piloted by a wine owner. the search for his home built plane is featured in eastern a.m. core county. it's unicolor what happened but the recent -- it's unclear what happened but the recent snow may be a reason. family members say he has flown
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this route hundreds of time. time now is 4:35. we want to go back over to sal to check in on traffic. good morning, sal. >> good morning, pam. traffic is doing well aaround the because area. traffic continues to look very nice heading out to the mccarthur maze. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving to the toll plaza. no problems getting into san francisco. the morning drive on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 looks good all the way up or all the way down to the value lie. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we do have that fog coming back. it was there yesterday morning and retreated and it was still sunny but not that warm over by the coast. the santa crus -- the santa cruz is only 65. the inland areas did warm up. the coastal fog is back. it's up there. the fog moving back in on the coast. it will get lifted because that
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front coming in. it still doesn't mean that inland we won't be that bad. temperatures starting off 40s and 50s again. decent breeze out there. west, southwest at sfo. with that in place about the same highs as yesterday. at least within a degree or two. one system moves out. the next one is coming in. there is two. there is one just getting closer. that will not do much. one behind that will give us additional cooling on sunday. cool to warm depending on your proximity to the coast. it will be warm inland but not that warm. we see a lot of mid 70s or low 70s. after that coastal fog, it will be sunny and breezy. we will see cooling continue to into the weekend especially on sunday and leveling off on monday and tuesday. cool rainy pattern into next week. president obama meets with
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israeli prime minister at the white house. it could be an intense encounter because of a controversial proposal president obama made in his mideast policy speech yesterday. he calls for israel to give up territory it captured in the 1967 war. >> they should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swats so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. >> now prime minister immediately rejected the president's call for going back to the pre1967 borders. he says such a move would leave israel indefensible. in pakistan today a roadside bomb hit an armored car that was taking american officials to osteogens late -- officials to the couldn't late.
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three california cities will no longer receive federal funding to prevent terror attacks. the department of homeland security says sacramento, oxford, and bakersfield are no longer eligible to receive the funding. all together 33 mid sized cities across the country are being cut. 31 other cities will get federal money including san francisco and los angeles. the funding started after the 9/11 attacks. tonight the san jose sharks return home to face the vancouver canucks in game three. san jose will try to bounce back from one of their worst playoff losses in a 20-year history. wednesday night the canucks destroyed the sharks. san jose has lost five of the last six playoff games. a bay area student in trouble. accused of poisoning her teacher. the possible motive for her
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actions. you may remember the devastating summit fire that destroyed dozens of homes. well what is happening with the man accused of starting that fire. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split looks good.
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good morning, low clouds and fog are making a move inland and temperatures today very close to yesterday.
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50s, 60s over by the coast and also around the bay. low to mid 70s inland. heavy rain is being blamed on a deadly landslide. one person died, ten others missing there. that slide also destroyed 20 homes leaving come completely buried. people are trying to salvage whatever they can from the thick mud. the sex scandal surrounding arnold schwarzenegger is putting his return to the big screen on hold. he has told his talent agency to stop planning any movie projects currently under way until further notice. one of the property damages reportedly includes a sequel to the terminator movie seen here. those comes days after the former governor admitted to fathering a child with his former housekeeper. schwarzenegger has not made a movie since his 2003 election.
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former ins chief dominic scheduled to be released from jail today. he will also have to take out a $5 million insurance bond. when he's freed he will be put under house arrest under armed guards. there is a big change at the top of japan's largest utility because of damage related to the earthquake and tsunami in march. the president of the plant says he is leaving the facility. now the move was not a surpriseceps top executives at japanese firms are expected to take responsibility for and resign after any scandals and other problems. the future of san jose's mountain police are in jeopardy this morning. a nonprofit trying to raise money to keep the horses is
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asking for the money back. they are raised more than $50,000 and has another $97,000 in pledges. but the group now says the city manager will not guarantee that the mounted unit will continue and they want the donations returned. >> we believe they have been misleading us. now that we have raise the the money we have surprised -- raised the money we may have surprised them by doing it. >> when you are faced with a huge deficit and laying off 100 to 200 officers you wonder where to put the deficit. >> no final decision has been made. u.s. attorney general erik holder will continue his bay area visit in san jose today. he will meet with mayor chuck reid later. yesterday he attended a conference on child trafficking where he says he's made the protection of children and
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other vulnerable groups his top priority. federal transportation secretary ray lahood got his first tour of the blast site yesterday. he plans to roll out stricter pipeline restriction guidelines in august. the government will also provide funding for inspectors to make sure safety guidelines are being followed. the man charged with recklessly starting the summit fire in 2008 will stand trial. there was enough evidence to try vernon. he's accused of failing to extinguish large piles of logs that he and a crew burned while cleaning a property. he faces up to five years in prison if convicted. a memorial service is
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scheduled today remember the woman who's body was discovered in a suitcase floating in the san francisco bay. the family reported her missing one year ago this week. her body was found in the bay water shortly thereafter. a few weeks later police arrested her exboyfriend. he pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. he's currently awaiting his trial. the prosecution key witness in the cain seeable -- cain see bailey murder trial is being called crazy. antwon macky is on trial for bey's death. after being accused of
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spiking a teachers cup of coffee. a female student spiked the coffee with dry erase cleaning fluid and bleach on wednesday. the teacher spit the coffee out. oakland unified is not confirming the poisoning attempt only an investigation is under way. but it took 24 hours for police to learn about the incident. it notifies authorities about crimes on campus on a case by case basis. >> obviously we don't condone criminal behavior but in certain cases there are transgressions where those can be handled internally. >> sources say the poisoning attempt happened after the teacher got the student in trouble terror having alcohol on campus. how this year bay to breaker party compares to ones in the past. memorial day is around the corner. the effects that high gas
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prices could have on the holiday travel this year.
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welcome back to the morning news. we are looking live at mission control there as two astronauts are conducting the first space walk of the mission. you can hear the communication there with the space station. nasa expects them to remain outside the space station for 6.5 hours. they got started a few minutes earlier than started on what is supposed to be an easy list of tasks. there has been another problem for a jumbo jet with engines. they were forced to return to bank because of enjoin
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troubles. today there will be a rally outside pg&e head quarters to demand the end of the smart meter program. they are also asking for a new investigation into why thousands of people have reported illnesses after the meters are installed. a report released this week urges the smart meter wireless technology be banned from classrooms. that rally starts at 11:30 this morning. the tour of california continues its trek south this morning. today's day six is in salving. it is expected to be a decisive day of the race. peter was the winner of yesterday's stage five. riders take off from seaside and headed 140 miles to finish. american chris horner still has
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the overall lead. seven-time tour de france champion armstrong is denying the use of drugs. armstrong's attorney denies the allegations saying hamilton is writing a book and looking for money. the number of americans planning to travel during a long memorial day weekend is up slightly from last year. fewer of them are getting behind the wheel because of increasing gas prices. nearly 35 million people are expected to head away from home for the holiday. almost 90% plan to drive somewhere. 8% say they plan to fly. the remaining 3% will get on a bus, train, or boat for their holiday trip. coming up on 5:00 let's see how the trip to work this morning looks so far. >> all right pam good morning, to you. it looks good. a lot of people on the road early are taking advantage of a
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nice commute across the bay bridge. no major problems if you are driving into san francisco from either the bridge or from 101 coming in on the bay shore freeway. it looks good coming up from downtown san francisco. no problems here. also if you are driving on the peninsula we talked about that 101 traffic is at the speed limit on 101 also 280 is looking good up and down the peninsula. we have a look here at the south bay drive. northbound 101 looks good there and all the freeways are off to a good start. chp is not reporting any incidents right now in the south bay on the freeways. at 4:54 let's go to steve. thank you. happy friday morning. we do have low clouds and fog. making a stronger push. now it's there on the coast and moving locally inland. not too far but it's there. cool breezy today even though it will be sunny near the coast. by noon fog will still be near the coast. that sea breeze will be in
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place. the low clouds should be ramping up as a weak front comes in. so coast and bay fog a little more pronounced this morning. the low clouds have lifted a little bit. court see of this front right there. as the system comes in it will not only increase the fog but spread in clouds late tonight into saturday. 40s and 50s. 45 santa rosa. livermore at 48. but mid 50s for mountain view and that is november fit. vacaville is getting a west, southwest. west, southwest at sfo. east, southeast at san jose. not much to that system but there is a stronger one coming in on sunday. i shouldn't use the word stronger. there is one that will come in additional cooling. fog increasing late tonight into saturday. it will still be sunny inland
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but not as warm. cool to mild. a strong some moves into the north of us. a result it will be cooler on sunday and maybe a little windy at times as the system digs in today low clouds and fog. sunshine and cool if you are near the coast. warm if you are inland. westerly breeze. 50s, 60s, to low 70s. temperatures will shave off their there a couple degrees. yes, we are using a razor blade today. cooler on sunday. leveling off a little warmer monday and tuesday. >> thank you. the 100th running of the bay to breakers is being called a success. san francisco mayor ed lee says there was a greater emphasis on public safety. he says police reports fewer calls. there were 25 arrests. most for public intoxication. and the mayors office says
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25,000 pounds of trash was removed after the race but there is nearly 38,000 pounds of trash last year. a man clings to life after being shot on a north bay freeway. how the employees of a mcdonalds restaurant came to his aid. the city of larksburg faces more danger from a sewage spill. why it will cost millions.
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we have new information at this hour about a freeway shooting that left a man injured. we'll tell you about where he went for help. an armed standoff in oakland ends peacefully. how this show down is connected to a deadly police shooting hours earlier. good morning, i'm jade hernandez. san jose has a big weekend ahead of it. we'll explain in a live report. more sewage spill concerns for one local city. why larks burg is pouring millions of dollars to get rid of pollution. it is friday may 20th i'm mike mibach in for dave clark. >>


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