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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 20, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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look at the forecast and traffic. >> can you feel it? a little cooler today? coastal fog even though it will be sunny away from the coast. not any warmer. 50s and 60s. now if you are far enough away mid to upper 70s. temperatures close to yesterday if not a couple degrees cooler. now to sal. san mateo bridge looking good heading out to the high- rise with no problems on bay shore freeway. also this morning we are looking at the bay bridge. our incline shot shows traffic moving well westbound. it's 5:00 let's go back to mike and pam. this morning highway patrol is look for the gunman responsible for a highway shooting. one driver was critically injured in the gunfire last night. claudine wong is live this morning in benicia. you just spoke to highway patrol? >> reporter: that is right. there were two victims in this. one victim was shot in his arm and wrist. the other one had a bullet that
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grazed his eye. there is a manager inside now she wasn't when this happened last night. but when she saw the media she quickly called her manager to find out what happened. >> they say a guy got shot in the freeway and the friends come inside and they put him on the floor. >> reporter: he was right there? >> i don't know. they say inside. they say they put the guy inside. >> reporter: the chp confirms that story as well. it started in vallejo on the 780 freeway. about 8:00 last night. two men were driving when another vehicle pulled alongside and someone inside that vehicle opened fire. both of the people were hit. the driver more seriously. but they kept driving four more miles. when they got to the east 2nd exit he pulled over and stumbled into the mcdonalds for help. back live out here in benicia
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we want to show you how close the freeway is to the mcdonalds. there is the 780 sign. it's only a few yards from getting off the freeway. now as far as suspect information that is still a little unclear about how much information is coming in on how w.h.o. the shooters are. we will talk live with the chp coming up in 30 minutes he's heading our way now. we'll have a live report coming for you at 5:30. the target of an oakland police sting operation is behind bars this morning. police took the man into custody late last night several hours after swat teams surrounded his home. investigators say the suspected gun dealer raced inside of learning he was the target of an under cover police operation. he finally gave up without a struggle. this incident took place after the fatal police shooting.
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two men were killed in gunfire wednesday night. now ktvu has learned they rushed to the area after receiving a tip that a violent crime was about to take place. officers say they were far to fire at the two men in self- defense. the police shooting followed an intense door to doorman hunt. one neighborhood show us the damage to her home. officers broke down a door before searching her house. san jose will be very busy this weekend. the sharks are back in town. and prince is also in the south bay takes a look at the low booth. traffic will be a little bit of a mess. >> that is right. the jam packed non-stop weekend began yesterday and continues through early next week. first off the sharks. the san jose sharks are back in
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town. tonight is game three of the western conference finals and the stanley cup playoffs. they face the canucks to welcome and rally their team. there is a pregame street rally tonight just before game three starts. the rally outside hp pavilion begins at 5:00. if hockey isn't your thing for ins a i she would be performing on san jose say. if you can't get enough of the sharks and prince please take your heart. glee live will meet tuesday and wednesday next week. all of this from san jose coming up. things could be a little intense at the white house this morning. we'll have a live report from
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our washington, d.c. newsroom with am proposal by president obama that was not well received in israel. in pac stab today a roadside -- in pakistan today a roadside bomb hit a car that was taken americans to the american consulate. at least ten others were injured. the pakistani teleban claim responsibility for this attack saying it was to avenge the killing of osama bin laden. only on 2 the man who ss the hunt -- that supervised the hunt for the unabomber. now noel points to a detailed timeline that the fbi
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developed. >> we chronicled every place we knew he was and he would almost to have to be very careful back in the early 80s to make sure he didn't mail a letter or do something cash is a check or do a bank transaction that we didn't find. >> no word of kaczynski's possible connection to the tylenol poisonings came after fbi request for his dna. a five-month old pipe needs to be replaced as soon as possible and it will cost up to $2.5 million. it's located in the city of larks burg. they have the pipe installed after a sewage spill. that means it could cause sink holes and complete failure of that pipe. a judge has ruled that the man charged with recklessly
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starting the 2008 summit fire will stand trial. he's failing to extinguish large piles of logs that think burned while clearing a property. 63 homes and more than 4200 acres burned. verse den faces up to five years in prison if convicted. the people that face the biggest risk live in older homes near mountains and hills that means the danger of a devastating landslide is all around us here in the bay area. the new crown of the eastern span of the bay bridge is finally in place on the main tower. crews lowered the crown or saddle into place yust before 8:00 last night. cal tran says it's the largest
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and heaviest saddle ever made for a suspension bridge. it's strong enough to support the one enormous cable that hold the decks in place. they expect to finish stringing that cable by 2015. happy friday to you mike and pam. traffic is doing well around the bay area. if you are looking at the san mateo bridge it's a nice drive. also the morning commute looks good westbound bay bridge coming top the toll plaza. not a big delay. we hope on this friday it will stay nice and light for us. northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. at 5:08 here is steve. happy friday everyone. a little warmup yesterday. looks like we will trim those back just a shade as we have an increase in the on shore push and a little bit more fog. that fog is being lifted by
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that system right there. that will weaken as it comes in. i will tell you the pattern i have noticed it doesn't take much to get fog going. the cooling trend we have topped out yesterday. the system will stay mainly to the north and it's weak. it will usher in a much cooler pattern. especially as we head into saturday and sunday. there won't be much left. we will get higher clouds out of it. a couple upper 40s or mid 40s. most locations with the cloud cover. san jose overcast. 54. concord very windy. 52 degrees. napa is 52 and 50 san rafael. 50s on the peninsula including redwood city. west, southwest a sea breeze. system doesn't have much too it. it takes that fog and says i'm sending you higher and farther inland. so low clouds and fog will give away to sunshine. cool for some. westerly breeze though.
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close to yesterday. 50s, 60s, and low to mid 70s. i think we topped out yesterday. increase in the low clouds and fog will be cooler on sunday and little warmer early next week. >> thank you, steve. a russian mediator proposals a peace deal for libya. why nato air strikes targeted the port of tripoli. playing games with your poll tax. good morning, traffic is moving along okay on 680 as you head south. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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welcome back to the morning news. a day after president obama delivered a controversial speech about the future of the middle east israel prime minister will pay a visit to the white house. alison burns report benjamin is expected to have an intense confrontation with the president. >> reporter: he says president's future is indispensable. they were surprised the way president obama introduced a long palestinian debate. >> the borders should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually
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agreed slots so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states. >> president obama has carved out three hours to talk cat knew. he will emphasize u.s. support of israel and hope for reinvolving stalled middest talks. some republicans are accusing the president of betraying israel. more than that for you during my next update in an hour. it's part of pa peace deal -- a peace deal. they do not trust the government. meantime overnight nato air strikes targeted navy ships in tripolis port. reportedly six ships were hit. nato accuses libya of using its ships to try to block how
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mantarian ships bringing supplies to the rebels and the mine. south african photographer was shot and killed by moammar gadhafi forces. three other photographers that were released with him. he was shot and left to die in the desert as gadhafi forces took them away. the patriot act will be extended. they have agreed to a four-year extension. democrats and republicans say they want to extend it with as little debate as possible. a proposed launch in sacramento may give local government more power to raise your taxes. state senator darrell steinberg has introduced senate bill 653.
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it will give counties and school boards across california the power to raise taxes with voter approval. steinberg admits this bill is partly political because of the ongoing debate over the extension of temporary taxes. >> it makes sense to give local governments the ability to do the same sorts of things the state can do on the revenue side. i have been very clear about this. there is a sub city tan reason and tactical reason to do this bill. >> two taxpayers groups have already joined the night against the bill. yesterday the assembly unanimously passed a bill that would make it easier for nonprofit organizations to operate state parks. it is a move that could save
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california $33 million. should i go to work, sal or should i not go to work? that is the debate that some are having at home. >> you are already at work. >> it was a smooth ride in too. >> it is. to answer your question i think you should go now. highway 4 looks good coming up to concord if that is the way you go. the traffic is moving along okay on 680 as well. this mornings commute on westbound interstate 80 is light so you can get am nice drive into the city. the commute on northbound 17 looks good. 85 and also northbound 280 at the speed limit. 5:17 here is steve. thank you. happy friday everybody. low clouds, fog, hat had a little yamup yesterday. can we continue that today? yeah sort of.
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a little cooler as more fog. it's not so much down in the deck it's lifted for a little bit. law school and breezy. fog near the coast. our low clouds will be coming in. it will be sunny and will have low cloud deck getting closer tonight and tomorrow and taking itself well inulin. coast and bay not as far down. and you can blame or thank our system right there. it's starting to come in. when that comes in it will weaken. mainly 50s. there are 40s. livermore at 48. and santa rosa at 54 degrees. sea breeze is there west, southwest or south and that all spells i mean just a couple degrees cooler. san jose was 78 yesterday.
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they are overcast now. that was not the case yesterday. that tells us it will be cooler even though it will burn off. there is a stronger one on sunday that will dive in. so today if you need to get out yeah it will be nice. saturday will be all right. it will be cooler on sunday but the fog will be increasing late tonight. a system will dig into the north and east of us. that means we will continue to try to bump the high out of here. for may it will continue our treatment. if you are closer too it 250s and 60s. more fog and increasing on that low cloud deck on saturday. much cooler on sunday and leveling off and early next week. well the excitement over the ico of linked in helped
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lift world stock markets. south korea ganged nearly 1%. internet stocks mostly responsible for the increase. european stocks i'm checking right now they are pretty mixed right now. half is up is down. checking in on the u.s. where we start the day breath moderate as well. dow jones up 45 points. starts today at 12,605. we will get a better indication of how we start the day as we get closer to the opening bell. gap reports first quarter profits down 32%. 32 -- 23%. gap revenue fell by 1%. sales at old navy jumped 4%. cheaper stores do provide nearly 407% of the entire companies revenue. a police unit in san jose may be the victims of a budget
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cut. why the group that saved the horses want the donations back. a birthday party at the san francisco psi. if you are driving any time soon the traffic looks good approaching the downtown area.
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good morning, low clouds and fog moving locally inland.
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once that peels back from the coast we will have 50s and 60s there. slightly cooler but still mild to warm. take a look at this weather. a tornado captured on video in colorado. it's one of two that touched down yesterday just outside of colorado springs. one tornado swept through a field. the other touched down near a home causing some damage to a building and knocking down a tree. san jose police unit is in jeopardy and a group trying to help save it say they want their money back. friends of the san jose mounted unit has raised $50,000 and another $97,000 in pledges. the city manager will not guarantee that the unit won't be a casualty of budget cuts now because there is no guarantee, the fundraising group says it wants the donations returned. people we talked to are split. >> i love to see their presence and i love that they are on
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horse back. >> i think they should get rid of them then if the cost is more than what they are worth. >> the san jose city manager says no final budget decision has been made. san rafael is one step closer to becoming home to pro baseball. last night the city's park and recreation commission gave the plan the green light. it now goes before the city council. the proposal calls for having a pro team from the new north american league play at albert park. supporters say a minor league team playing in a renovated park would provide a financial boost to downtown san rafael. the san francisco zoo newest hippo will celebrate his birthday tomorrow with a new name. brian wilson is turning eight. he was named after the giants pitcher before he came to san francisco in january he lived
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in kansas. gunfire on a bay area freeway. what we have learned this morning about a shooting and the driver. also high gas prices may put the brakes on summer driving.
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welcome back to the morning news. it's friday may 20th i'm mike mibach. dave clark has the day off. on this friday we have a little bit stronger fog bank moving locally inland. 50s and 60s around the coast and bay. upper 60s to low to mid 70s inland. i think we take a two to three degrees off those inland highs. here is sal. steve, right now traffic looks good on northbound 280 debting into the -- get into the valley. and this mornings commute on interstate 880 is getting crowded but it still looks nice. coming up on 5:30 let's go back to mike and pam. topping our news this morning the chp is looking for the gunman responsible for a highway shooting. one driver was critically injured in the gunfire last night. ktvu claudine wong has been talking to the highway patrol
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and joins us now from benicia. >> reporter: with lots of new information for you. we have victims name, suspect description and we have a better idea on why the victims came to this mcdonalds for help. this mcdonalds is on east 2nd street. it's just off of the 780 freeway. the manager inside tells me the victims came in there stumbling for help. a lot of people called 911. they tried to assist the victim by putting pressure on the wound to try to help them out. now the victims in this case were 19 years old and 20 years old. one from vallejo, one from benicia. they do not think this was a random shooting. >> right now we do have information that leads us to believe this was a targeted incident. >> reporter: do you know why they drove four miles before going to help?
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>> they were trying to get to a safe location so they could call for help. >> reporter: okay to the latest information we have is that the 19-year-old victim is turis were in a '98 olds mobile about 8:00 last night. they were approaching the off ramp when they saw a truck describe avenue described as a light blue possible chevy pickup truck. the driver 069 pickup truck lifted up his right arm and fired four to five shots. the only description we have as a driver is a light skin male. he is also possibly wearing a mask. as far as the weapon we know it was a semi automatic. we don't know more specifics than that. again, chp is here nope w have been talking to hem this
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morning. we are getting more information as they were coming in. they got that help and this investigation is continuing. a plea hearing is set today for two teenagers charged with a deadly day fighting. synovia is accused of stabbing 21-year-old jeffrey lee. the memorial day holiday weekend is just around the corner and that means many people are going to hit the road. kraig debro is live in walnut creek to tell us if the high gas prices will put the breaks -- the brakes on the summer
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driving season. >> reporter: yeah it is putting the brakes for some people because the price of gas is so high. we're at the shell station across from the bart station. we want to show you what the gas prices look here. like most places in california it's above the average. i don't know how they work the average out. it's usually $4.13. and $4.33 for the super pree knee. a lot of people talking about memorial day week. there will be a fewer people driving on the road and gastritis prices is the reason for that that means that according to aaa the number of people that said they would drive 50 miles or more has dropped to hundred -- 100,000. here in california take a look at this, where we are in terms of the national average according to aaa the national
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average is about $3.52 there on the bottom and we're about $3- point 9:here in3.92 in the bay area. ironically enough according to the latest reports the micromanagement of tracking gas prices. gas prices have dropped a couple of cents over last week. still not enough i goes to change peoples minds. we will try to talk to people this morning to find out what their plans are coming up next weekend and see if the gas prices have changed the minds of people wanting to take trips. mountain view linked in made a dramatic debut on wall street. the initial public offering for the mountain view company was priced at $45 per share when the market closed yesterday the stock was trading at $94. it's the first big social media
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site to offer stock to the public. the number of homeless people living in san francisco is going down. the city's human services agency says it counted more than 64 homeless people in january. that is down to 6500 people. the agency also says that the number of so-called chronically homeless is down from 62% in 2009 to 33% this year. city offers to provide housing is credited for the drop. students can not -- teachers can not help students that are not in the classroom. one out of seven oakland students missed nearly four weeks of school last year. he held a form yesterday on the issue to promote the use of
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attendance works. a of interstate -- but the san francisco examiner report says the city wants the section not guilty of 22nd street to be torn down and turned into a boulevard. that would make it possible to put high-speed rail under ground there. city leaders says the plan to leave it aboveground. i know you are not talking about 280 but maybe 10137 >> yeah 101, 280 even coming down third street looks nice. also if you are in oakland traffic looks nice on 880 here in front of the coliseum. perhaps you are catching a
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flight at oakland international. you should have no trouble getting there. i was looking at the coliseum reminding me not the coliseum but at at & t park it was the giants and as. south bay commute traffic is looking good all over the south bay. let's go to steve. there is a game tonight, sal? >> yeah a big baseball game. >> there is. low clouds and fog so upper 50s to low 60s close to the coast low clouds. sunny and breezy. temperatures inland will common little debt so low clouds and fog definitely back in the picture. not surprised with the water temperatures so cold.
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upper 40s and low 50s around the golden gate. system right there can weaken considerably but it's there. and that enhances the fog. 40s for a few. but low to mid 50s for everyone else. more locations are staying cloudy this morning. west, southwest from sfo to vacaville. the delta breeze is in place. two systems one weak as it may be will arrive on saturday and another one on sunday. so fog will be increasing low clouds tonight. it will be okay inland but not just as warm as yesterday. it does look like cooler. so low clouds and fog. a peril breeze.
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more in the way of 70s. but they are overcast today. low clouds and fog mean cooler weather for the weekend. monday and tuesday look warmer. thank you, steve. this years bay to breakers is being called a success. san francisco mayor ed lee says there was a greater emphasis on public safety and less required cleanup this year. police report fewer calls for service than in prior years. there were 25 arrests mostly for public intoxication. the mayors office says more than 25,000 tons 25,000 pounds of trash. oakland high school student accused of trying to poison a teacher. what she is accused of put into the teachers coffee. good morning, westbound 237
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that traffic looks guidrying out to 101. i will tell you more about the morning commute and the weekend forecast.
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good morning, low clouds and fog pushing inland. temperatures 50s and 60s coast and bay. low top mid 70s in-- low to mid 70s inlapped. this morning the search will continue for a pilot. what have you learned? >> reporter: pam, they will start searching again for that missing pilot. when they start it will be the 34 hours since the time he was
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reported overdue to his final destination by his family and that was about 8:00 on wednesday night. take a look at this video. this is the area they will be searching. right now it's covered in 6-10 feet of snow. radar says it rapidly lost altitude in this area from 16,000 to 12,000 feet and then fell off radar at 11,000 feet. his plane left his area. so four hours before it was reported overdue it was heading to tracy where the rest of the family lives. i can yellow now that beuj -- he is the opener napa of cleavage creek winery. apparently tannate 20 solve% of
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that property 37 from he's known as the founder of the man tika water slides. we don't know when searchers will go up in the air. we do know from talking to his family that cannot happen soon enough. 34 hours since he was reported missing wednesday night. live here i'm cam. here is a quick look at the top stories we are following right now 37 this morning highway patrol is looking for the gunman responsible for a highway shooting. the gunman was critically injured on eastbound 780. chp has identified that victim as 19-year-old air torr row. there could be tense moments this morning when israeli prime minister ben
5:45 am yacht hue. san jose will be a busy city this morning. the sharks are back in town for games three and four. this morning the head of the japanese utility commission that runs the damaged nuclear plant announces he is leaving the company. he apologized and said he is taking responsibility for the meltdown of three reactors at the fukushima plant. crews are still struggling to control the reactors that lost their cooling system after the earthquake and tsunami last march. leaders of japan's two neighbors are coming to visit the areas hardest hit by the earthquake. they will tour the area near the damaged nuclear power
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plant. foreign policy experts say it could -- they are meeting with japanese leaders in tokyo this weekend and expect to announce plans for approved justice management including -- he will also have to take out a $5 million insurance bond. when he is freed he will put b put under house arrest in manhattan under the watch of armed guards. we are learning new information about the man accused in that deadly shooting in arizona earlier this year. the college where jared loughner was once a student just released 250 e-mails written by school officials. the messages documents loughner's another behavior
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incloud -- out bursts. oakland international high school student could face criminal charges after being accused of spiking a teachers cup of coffee. a stunt -- the teacher spit the coffee out after noticing the funny taste. oakland is not confirm the attempt. >> we like to work through all the details first. particularly when it involves a student. oftentimes there is concern about how it's best to handle this. whether you want to put the student through the criminal citizen system. >> sources say the poisoning attempt happened after the teacher got the student in trouble for having alcohol on campus. hundreds of protestors are expected outside of pg&e head quarters in san francisco later this morning.
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they are demanding the utilities shut down its smart meter program. that rally starlets at 11:-- starts at 11:30 this morning. democrat tours are expected -- demonstrators are expected to talk about banning the smart meters. let's check in with sal. >> mike and pam good morning. traffic is doing nicely. in fact we have not been doing a lot in the traffic center. which is nice. northbound 101 looks good in san jose so far. things change in a little bit. it may not be this way all morning long. let's take a look at interstate 880 if you are trying to get away from the weekend. no troubles getting there on the freeways. this morning in the south bend we saw 101, 280, 17 that looks
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good. hello steve. >> did you say friday? >> i did. very nice. we do have a little change in the weather pattern. slightly cooler. there is a lot more fog. it's up higher today compared to yesterday. one system and then a stronger one coming in for sunday. it will stay north but it will continue the trend of cooler weather. it will be cooler inland today. 50s and 60s there. low clouds sunny and breezy and it's a south westerly breeze. cooling trend as we topped out yesterday will start slightly today than continue on saturday and sunday. will it be warmer early next week? yes, it will. we do have the one system coming in but the main impact will be to pick up the fog bank. we see a little stronger air bank. sea breeze from sfo.
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so that in place at this time that means temperatures with sunshine inland are still below average. fog low clouds and then sun. fog will burn back cool to warm. temperatures though very close to yesterdays readings. i think they do come down a little bit. santa rosa should come down two to four degrees. 50s and 60s on the coast. santa cruz is only 65. more fog and cooler weather takes us into sunday. rebound monday and tuesday but not too much. thank you, steve. the countries largest traditional book seller has a billion dollar buyout. nothing has been approved yet. barnes and noble has 1300 stores across the country. books have been hit hard. now amazon sales of the
5:51 am
electronic books -- it has never released act chill numbers. if you go to googles home page this morning you will see this art work. seven-year-old lopez won the doodle for google. his school received a $25,000 technology grant. >> good looking doodle right there. >> yeah. caught on tape an alleged thief gets into am fight with a police officer. what he is accused of that creates a very dangerous situation. it's a huge moment on this day right now. >> we are are down to the final two on american idol. who will compete next week to be the season ten champion?
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take a look at this the pursuit of an alleged thief. this is how it started. arthur lee thompson tried to steal a computer from the towns walmart. police pursued thompson's green jeep when another fistfight
5:55 am
broke out. thompson managed to steal the officers car. he crashed into a truck and stopped at a railroad crossing. thompson was take ton the hospital for his injuries. the first space walk for the astronauts is in its final hour right now. a pair of astro notes got an early start on their 6.5 hour walk. space walk rookie gregory calls this a dream come true. he and his partner are installing a new experiment outside the space station as well as bringing you inside. there are three more space walks planned for this mission. overflowing mississippi river is being flamed for a 69- year-old man. it happened in the town of vicksburg earlier this week when it crested 14 feet above
5:56 am
flood stage. flood water has forced 2,000 people out of their homes. the mississippi could remain above flood stage until mid june. american idol is down to the final two after a record setting vote. >> the person who will compete against scotty in the finale is lauren. >> that was a long pause for them i'm sure. it's now between scotty mccreery and lauren after hailey was eliminated last night. 95million people voted. that is the most ever for a nonfinale episode. two-part american idol finale right here on ktvu channel 2. >> some young finalists. i don't think they have had that young finalists. >> they have a lot of stage presence for two teenagers. >> it will be a great finale.
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let's check in with sal. your thoughts on the roadways. your thoughts on lauren or scotty? >> i think we haven't had a female american idol winner in a long time. >> the last four. >> pam, you get on that. >> i will. good morning, everybody. pam is our american idol expert. let's take a look at northbound 280. that traffic is moving well. getting up to highway 17. 680 also looks very nice. again, if you are driving somewhere today you don't have to rush out of the house. have a cup of coffee with us. sit around for a little bit. it won't take as long for you to get there. ly -- i will be telling you what is going on. at 5:57 let's go back to the desk. all right thank you sal. coming up next gunfire on the bay area freeway. the important information we just learned from the california highway patrol. it will be a busy weekend
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in san jose. the event that could give downtown businesses a very big boost. low clouds and fog. look to be a little thicker today. how does that impact our temperatures? we'll have that coming up.
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