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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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area freeway. how employees of a restaurant came to his aid. we will tell you how gas prices are driving travelers decisions. splurge bay area sporting -- bay area sports events may make it tough to drive around the bay area. the hottest tickets in town. it's all right here in san jose. we have a live report coming up. and good morning, everyone it's friday may 20th i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm pam cook. let's start with steve paulson. what is the friday forecast? >> happy friday everybody. more clouds and fog to deal with today. temperatures they came up for many yesterday but they are still below average and they will not go any higher. they will still be in the low to mid 70s for some inland. closer to the coast and bay a lot of 50s and 60s.
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weekend forecast at 6:05. here is sal. steve highway 4 traffic looks good. highway 4 is slow until antioch heading west. that freeway never takes a break. also the morning commute here in oakland looks good. but san francisco the oakland a's and the giants will play this weekend. they will have more on hao that is expected to impact the area south of market all weekend long in the regular traffic update. now at 6:00 let's go back to the desk. topping our news at 6:00 new information on a highway shooting. one driver was critically injured last night. the highway patrol has just identified that victim as 19- year-old arturo. another person inside the car suffered minor injuries. investigators told us this was not a random shooting. >> we do have information which leads us to believe that this was a targeted incident. this wasn't a random shooting. i can't release the details at
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the time. >> the driver was shot several times but he still managed to drive four miles to a mcdonalds to ask for help. claudine wong will have a live update at 6:30. the target of an oakland police sting operation is behinded bars this morning. that is following a marathon standoff. police took the man into custody late last night. investigators say the suspected gun dealer raced inside after learning he was the target of an under cover police operation. he finally gave up without a struggle. this incident took place a few blocks from the scene of a police shooting. ktvu news has learned that police rushed to the area after receiving a tip that a violent crime was about to take place. officers say they were forced to fire at the two men.
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>> one got away and ran. how did he get away and run and these didn't? how do you open fire on them? it's too much. >> at this point we are trying to gather as much information as we can. >> family members identify one of the men as 30-year-old antwon jackson. the other man killed has not been identified. the two men are responsible for a number of recent shooting in the fruitvale area. the memorial day holiday weekend is almost here but gas prices remain expensive. >> reporter: it is for some people according to triple-a the number of travelers over the memorial day weekend the traditional kickoff of summer and summer traveling season will be down this year over last year. we moved down the street.
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we are at a chevron station this morning. i wanted to compare the prices as we go in for that regular. it's 4:15. he just pressed it so it's off the grid there. plus the mid range shaft $4.23. there will be a lot of people traveling but fewer than it was. the prices are slightly but higher. a lot of people we talked to said they didn't have plans for memorial day weekend at least to drive. the same people that said if they did go somewhere they would typically take their vehicle. one person we talked to as a big truck. he says he drives the truck not this memorial day weekend but he drives it on trips. but the high cost of gas has changed how much gas he puts in at a time. >> i only do a little bit at a time because it's so expensive. this baby takes $80 plus to
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fill up. >> you can see the bay area average there compared to the national average. this survey is no exception. there will be about 100,000 fewer people traveling 50 miles or more in their cars this memorial day weekend because of the high cost of gas. there is still about 30.9 million people traveling. still a lot of people but fewer people traveling. if we want gas prices to go down, demand is the way we do it. perhaps fewer people traveling this memorial day weekend means that gas prices in the foreseeable future might go down a little bit. the south bay is gearing up far busy weekend and it could give businesses a boost. ktvu jade hernandez is in san jose where starting tonight the downtown area will be packed. jade. >> it has been years since the
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hp pavilion had big headliners within a short period of time. we brought you down to downtown jose to show you thgauging abou feel they have access to over the next couple of days. first off the sharks. the sharks are back home from canada. tonight is game three. the sharks face the vancouver canucks down two games. yesterday the team held an optional workout to rouse fans before tonight's game. they play again on sunday at noon. next up if hockey isn't your first love prince announced recently he would be descending on san jose. he performed last night and will perform again on saturday. if you had enough of sharks
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play glee takes heart. which rounds out an event that nearly guaranteed to sell out of seats. more on all of this live from san jose coming up. reporting live jade hernandez. things could be intense at the white house this morning when israeli prime minister quantity hue meets with president obama. two americans suffered minor injuries and a pakistani walking by was killed. ten others were injured. they claimed responsible for the attack saying it was to avenge the killing of osama bin laden. the story only on 2. the
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man that superrer vised the hunt -- supervised the hunt for yuan that bomber -- unabomber. hi says it's very unlikely kaczynski could be responsible for the 1982 poisonings that killed seven people in the chicago area. noel points to detail journals he kept about his entire life including his crimes. >> he confessed to every one of the 16 bombings and there was no mention of tylenol or the tylenol case or poisonings. >> word of kaczynski's ty low until poisonings came after the fbi request for his dna. san tear officials say --
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sanitary officials say a five- year-old pipe needs to be placed. the journal reports construction workers did not use enough slurry to close air gaps. that means it could cause sink holes or even complete failure of the pipe. the judge has ruled that the man in charged with recklessly starting the 2008 summit fire will stand trial. verden is accused of failing to extinguish large piles of logs that he and a crew were burning. now the wind whipped that burn pile and ignited the massive fire. 63 homes and more than 4200 acres burned. verden faces up to five years in prison if convicted. let's get to sal and a check at the traffic. sal. we have a new crash on the peninsula southbound 101 at san francisco airport. this accident with an overturned pickup truck blocking one of the lanes.
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the truck actually we are getting word that it flipped over and landed back on its wheels. yeah it would be cool if it were a movie but in real life people get hurt that happens. southbound 101 traffic may be busy. if you are catching a flight at sfo, you should give yourself extra few minutes to drive around that big traffic jam we are going to get there because of that injury crash or use 280 instead to get around the problem. not a big delay at the toll plaza. no problems rob on to the upper deck of the bay bridge. this morning northbound 101 that traffic looks good. sold out series of baseball games at at & t park. it's the giants and the a's at the giants. big interest to get there early and remember parking south of market is going to be at a premium. you might want to consider taking transit. let's go to steve. thank you very much. on this friday just received an e-mail from a friend of mine.
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partly cloudy and 50 degrees. he says will you get your act together and give us a good weekend? i would like to. mother nature is throwing us a curve. it continues to give us a cool, cool pattern. why? water temperatures are cold. we get the weak series of fronts coming in. and they just keep i mean i'm going on and on with a cooler than normal pattern. we are not expecting any rain out of this. it will give us a cooler pattern starting later today. s sea breeze is show -- the sea breeze is showing itself. 40s and 50s. west, southwest at travis. only thing we really need to see the south wind and the north bay. but we will still have sunshine and 70s inland. series of systems will continue
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to just kind of knock the high out of here which gave us a warmup yesterday. so the fog will be increasing as we go into saturday. a cool blustery pattern on sunday. system will dive in and be north and east of us. the end result will be continued cooling on some of the afternoon highs. fog, sun, and cool to warm if you are by the coast. we do have the westerly breeze. 50s to 70s. we did go 78 in antioch. again i think we are topping out today and we will see the temperatures onlying down about 2-4-degrees inland and same near the coast. a lot more fog will carry us into the weekend for a cooling trend. we will see warmer weather monday and tuesday. 6:12 is the time right now. cia director issues a warning to his employees. what he is saying up next.
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in just a few hours president obama almost host israel prime minister at the white house. alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom it is not expected to be the friendliest of meetings. allison. >> reporter: israel prime minister is said to be furious about president obama's speech on the middle east. he laid out his most explicit support yet. he says the borders of israel should be based on the lines that exited before the 1967 war when israel took control of key territories. president obama is also emphasizing america's friendship with israel and the
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need to revive peace talks. >> because of our friendship, it's important that we tell the truth. the status quo is unsustainable. >> reporter: prime minister netanyahu will meet with president obama for three hours today has rejected the borderlines. gop presidential candidate mitt romney says president obama is sending or is putting israel under the bus and under mining its ability -- i'm sorry has thrown israel under the bus and under mined its ability to negotiate peace. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. ktvu channel 2 news. cia director leon panetta is warning its employees that anyone that leaks confidential information will be prosecuted.
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information has been leaked about a cia safe house near the compound as well as the use of drones to spy on bin laden's hideout. three california cities will no longer receive federal funding to prevent terror attacks. the department of homeland security says sacramento is no longer eligible to receive the funding. all together 33 mid size cities are being cut. 31 other cities said to be at high risk of an attack will get the federal money and that includes san francisco and los angeles. the funding started after the 9/11 attacks. prosecution in the chauncey bailey trial was called crazy.
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bey's attorney says broussard is not credible. the family of 52-year-old davis reported her missing one year ago this week. her body was found in the bay water shortly after going missing a few weeks later police arrested davis' exboyfriend lee bell. he pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. the sex scandal surrounding arnold schwarzenegger is putting his return to the big screen on hold. he has told his talent agency to stop planning any movie projects currently under way until further notice. one of the projects reportedly includes a sequel to the terminator movie. this comes days after the former governor admitted to fathering a child with his former housekeeper.
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wife maria shriver has obtained a celebrity divorce lawyer but disease not decided -- but has not decided if she will file for divorce. sal is it getting busier out there? >> it is. it's a little busier than it was. we have a crash on the peninsula southbound 101 with a flipped over pickup truck at the airport exit. if you are driving down to catch that flight, i would give myself an extra few minutes. it's not huge backup. westbound bay bridge is still light. metering lights should be going on any time soon. if you are driving in san jose that looks great. northbound 280 that traffic looks good. here is steve. thank you, sal. we do have low clouds and fog. it will billion sunny and -- it will be sunny and breezy. temperatures yesterday maxed out. system though inching closer will start to enhance that fog. it's already doing that. 40s and 50s. some mid 50s some mid 40s santa
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rosa at 46 degrees. sea breeze is there. southwest or west southwest. it will be nice if you're away from the coast temperatures will be very close. slightly cooler than yesterday. series of systems is coming in to take the edge off of these afternoon highs as we head into the weekend. today 50s to mid 70s for most. the cooling trend will go into sunday. could be rain showers north and east. the main result will be cooler and breezy. >> thank you, steve. honda is recalling nearly 1200 of its new civics because they could leak fuel. honda says the cars are all from the 2012 model year and still at the dealerships. they went on sale earlier this spring. the problem results from a manufacturing error. wells fargo is starting a company-wide review of all of its operations. according to the san francisco business times the program is asking all of its front line
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workers to rate how the company does business. wells fargo is still trying to work out the balance between its decentralized operating model and the centralized one of wachovia which it bought three years ago. san francisco based bank serves one-third of the households in the country. a tragic accident involving a mother and child. they are hit by an suv in the middle of a crosswalk and it's all caught on tape. also stanford sports fans can soon go wireless down on the farm. we'll explain. if you are driving on highway 4, it looks good at bay point but it's slowing down in antioch. we will tell you more.
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good morning, if you are driving across it's a nice drive. the caution nights are up but they were reconfiguring some of the lanes. for the most part the traffic does look good on the span. 6:24 let's go back to the desk. frightening video coming out of arizona. mother crossing a street with her four-year-old in a stroller is run over by an suv. the two did survive. they were crossing the busy intersection just a as the light changed. officials say the suv driver probably did not see them because of the white camper truck in its way.
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the mother and child were treated and released from the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. we are getting a rare new look at that devastating tsunami that hit japan more than two months ago. this is a picture of the tsunami just hitting the power plant. another picture shows parts of the plant under water and cars being washed away by the big wave. this morning the head of tokyo electric power company announced he is stepping down in disgrace at the nuclear power plant. he held a news conference to apologize and say he is taking responsibility for what happened at the plant after the earthquake and tsunami last march. the loss of power to the cooling system caused a meltdown that crews are still struggling to control. the future of san jose mountain police unit is in jeopardy this morning. a nonprofit group raising money
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to keep the horses is asking the city for its money back. friends of the san jose mounted unit has raised more than $50,000 and has another $97,000 in pledges. the city manager will not guarantee the unit will continue. >> they have been misleading us. now we have raised the money we have surprised them in doing so. they say go ahead and raise it but we are not promising we will keep it. >> when you are faced with a huge deficit and laying off 100 to 200 police officers the department faces where do you put the resources? >> the san jose city manager says no final budget decision has been made. sports fans will be able to surf the web wireless across the campus. the university is planning on launching new wi-fi access as some of the major sports venues. the wireless access is being
6:27 am
done in partnership with at & t. there will be in charge to use the new wi-fi. it will billion available 24 hours a day. it should be all available by the end of next month. the new crown of the eastern span of the bay bridge is finally in place on the main tower. here is a live look at the bridge. the crews lowered the crown or saddle into place just after 8:00 last night. cal tran says it's the largest and heaviest saddle ever made for a suspension bridge. it's strong enough to support the one enormous cable that will hold the decks in place. cal tran says it expects to finish stringing the cable by 2013. gas is over $4 a gallon across the bay area. what does that mean for the upcoming memorial day weekend? coming up we are live with what a new aaa report says about the final travel season. we will talk live about the chp that put a man in the
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hospital. life after linked in ipo as we go live to the opening bell. another bay area stock is one to watch today but the news is not good.
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welcome back to the morning news. taking the open bell live in new york this morning. happening right now as the markets get under way. another bay area stock to watch. linked in helped stocks overnight. but this morning san francisco based gap definitely looking down. could open down. we will see how the rest of the retailers do. >> we will keep an eye out. good morning, to you. thank you for joining us on the ktvu morning news. i'm mike mibach. dave clark does have the day
6:31 am
off. >> i'm pam cook. happening right now two astronauts were ordered to stop their space walk early because of a sensor. they are the ones that noticed this carbon dioxide sensor that was having a problem in the space suit. the astronaut apparently did not report feeling bad but nasa decided not to take any chances. this was the first space walk that has been called a dream come true. the astronauts were about to finish installing antenna work that can be done in the next space walk though. topping our news at 6:30 new information on a highway shooting. ktvu claudine wong is getting new information from highway patrol. she joins us now.
6:32 am
>> reporter: mike, the 780 is right behind me. the shooting happened four miles from where we are. but the two victims drove to benicia to get to this mcdonalds on east second street. joining me now is chp sergeant to talk about what happened. you've said you don't think this was a random shooting. >> no, we do have information which leads us to believe this was a targeted incident be >> reporter: so they are driving along the freeway. the vehicle pulls up alongside them and starts shooting. >> the suspect vehicle was described as a light blue chevy pickup truck. the suspect described as a light skinned male. >> reporter: talk about the injuries to the victims. >> the driver suffered injuries to his left bicep and right wrist. they are both in stable condition and expected to survive. >> reporter: a lot of people when we first heard about the
6:33 am
story said why did they drive so far? four miles away. why did they come to this mcdonalds? >> we believe the reason why they came to this location because they are both local residents. they were probably going to an area they were familiar with and comfortable. >> reporter: at this point search is on for this suspect. do you have good leads on who he might be or at least you have some indication to let you know they might have known them? >> yes. we have investigators working on this case. it's still early if our investigation but there were witnesses who did call 911 and reported this incident. we are asking if there was anyone else that saw anything please contact 1-800-tell chp. >> i want to put up a graphic for you. the suspect the shooter is described as a light skinned male. he had a black ponytail. he was in a lighted colored
6:34 am
pickup with an extra cab. possibly a chevy. claudine wong. a plea hearing is set today for two teenagers charged with murder in connection with a deadly gang fight in marin county. 18-year-old carlos and 17-year- old brian are accused of fatally stabbing 17-year-old jeffrey. the search resumes in the sierra for a missing plane pie piloted by a missing winery owner. he flew out heading to tracy wednesday afternoon. the search for his home built plane is now centered in eastern amador county. it's still not clear what happened but authorities say the missing snowstorm may have played a role. brown is the owner of the winery that helps raise money
6:35 am
for breast cancer. this morning gas prices in san francisco are averaging just about $4.25 a gallon compared to $3.19 last year. kraig debro is live with what the high gas prices mean. >> reporter: i thought i was in walnut creek but since the average in san francisco is $4.25 that is what we've got here. take a look at the prices for each of the this is the hobbing tape here and the mid range. we started out at shell which that that was the cheapest. we went to a chevron and now we're at the va lair hoe. the high price of gas is effecting people's memorial day plans. triple-a says 30.9 million people will be traveling over the holiday. that is down about 100,000 last year. gas prices are up about $1.06
6:36 am
over the national average. we talked to people this morning about what they will be doing. one of the people we talked to has a big truck. says it costs him almost $100 to fill up. because of the high gas prices he only puts in a little at a time. >> i only do a little bit at a time because it's so expensive. this baby takes $80 plus. >> reporter: the bay area average is about $3.96. that is up more than 40 cents over the national average which was i guess that says $3.62 there. still a lot of money and it's up over last year. the irony of this is over the last couple of days, gas prices actually gone down a few cents. the man lowers and so does the price for gas. maybe this could be a start of
6:37 am
a trend. the homeless population in san francisco is going down. it counted more than 6400 homeless people in january. that is down from 6500 during the previous count done two years ago. the agency also says the number of so-called chronically homeless is down from 62% in 2009 to 33% this year. city efforts to provide housing for the homeless is being credited. even the best teachers cannot help students that are in the classroom. that is the message for tom that startled oakland school district officials. nonprofit group attendance determined one out of seven missed four weeks of school last year. the form yesterday on the issue to promote the use of attendance works in other school districts. san francisco leaders are suggesting a section of
6:38 am
interstate 280 be torn down. right now the freeway ends near at & t park. the san francisco examiner reports that the city wants the section north of 22nd street to be torn down and tush turned into a boulevard. the train would be put under ground there. friday morning commute things are starting to heat up. let's check in with sal. how is it looking? >> i want to mention mike and pam that it's not on the map if i can have the control room bring up the maps. the crash involving the pickup truck is causing slow traffic from 380 heading on down to the sf airport. watch out if you are trying to catch a flight. there is a backup. also this morning we are looking a the the commute on the east shore freeway. 80 westbound the traffic is moving along okay. no major deal there and at the bay bridge toll plaza it's still pardon me realtive light.
6:39 am
no problems on the upper deck. also this morning if you are driving out to the commute on the peninsula traffic is going to be okay. again, the southbound 101 is backed up from 380 to sfo. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. good morning. low clouds and fog. yesterday was warm for some. we had upper 70s and very low 80s. more 60s closer to the coast. today looks like there is too much fog as it continues to move locally inland. it wasn't the case yesterday. it was moving up the coast and around the bay. low clouds and clearing some of the coastal hills. cool, breezy for some. the fog heading back to the coast. it's not going anywhere. the weak front will come in and enhance it tonight. we will have sunny and breezy conditions. still upper 70s. very low 80s far enough away with the coast. very cool today. the fog bank continues to hang out. the cooling trend enhanced by not one but two systems coming
6:40 am
in over the weekend. it will give us an additional cooling trend. the friday fog. yesterday was fog. today is low clouds. the front helps a lot. and i'm telling you even the littlest bit of heat out in the valley and the fog flies in. water temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. this system will fall apart but it will be enough to enhance things. 40s and 50s. 55 hayward. west, southwest at 18. southwest at sfo. an easterly breeze at san jose. this is all in the direction of a cooler pattern. that the way may has been. it has been a cooler month. west breeze is there. 50s to 70s. did go 78 in antioch. down to four. same for san jose. san mateo 68.
6:41 am
santa cruz only 65. a little warmer monday and tuesday. thanks. this year bay to breakers is being called a success. san francisco mayor ed lee says there was a greater emphasis on public safety and fewer cleanup this year. the mayor's office says more than 25,000 pounds of trash was removed after the race compared to 38,000 pounds of trash last year. low moral and high rates of mental health issues. how the military is trying to help troops cope. hp pavilion had a number of big headliners. what kind of events? stay tuned. big accident on the peninsula southbound 101 blocking at least one lane and traffic is backing up.
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good morning,. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following this morning. highway patrol is looking for the gunman responsible for a shooting a young driver was critically injured in the gunfire on eastbound 780 last night. investigators say this was not a random shooting. there could be intense moments this morning when israeli prime minister visits
6:45 am
the white house. the meeting in the oval office comes after president obama call on israel to give up territory it captured in the six-day war as part of the peace process. a five-month-old pipe in the city of larkspur needs to be replaced. they had it installed after a sewage spill in december but they did not use enough flurry to close fill gaps. it's a good weekend for sports fans and music loafers in san jose. jade hernandez is live. >> reporter: we spoke to one woman that didn't want to go on camera but she told us all of the events must be good for business. imagine this jam packed nonstop events which began last night and runs through next week. now what kind of events you say? first off the sharks. the sharks play tonight. the san jose sharks are back in
6:46 am
town and tonight is game three of the western conference finals. the sharks face the vancouver canucks. down two games. yesterday the team held an optional practice. the game is the 6:00. they play again sunday at noon. if hockey isn't your first love maybe the man that first referred to himself as the symbol is. prince performed last night and will perform again on saturday. if you enough of sharks play and prince glee is on tuesday and wednesday of next week. this is a feat because the arena seating is about 17500 people. we have our eye on a local
6:47 am
coffee shop waiting to hear from residents on what they think of all of the visitors that will be descending on this town within the next week. we will hear from them coming up. reporting live jade hernandez. first lady michelle obama will speak at a banquet. speakers at west points graduation events usually come from within the military. u.s. forces in afghanistan are suffering from the highest rates of mental health problems since 2005. according to a pentagon study some 70-80% of troops say they have seen a comrade killed and 56% of marines say they have killed an enemy fighter. about two-thirds said a roadside bomb had gone off within 55 yards of them. the u.s. military says it has doubled the mental health staff in afghanistan to help troops
6:48 am
cope with their problems. the judge set his bail at $1 million yesterday. he will also have to take out a $5 million insurance bond. when he is freed he will be put under house arrest under the watch of armed guards. he is facing charges that he tried to rape a hotel maid in new york. oakland international high school student could face criminal charges after spiking a teachers cup of coffee. a female student spiked the coffee with dry erase cleaning fluid. sources say the poisoning attempt happened after the teacher got the student in trouble for having alcohol on campus. oakland unified is not confirming the poisoning attempt. protestors are planning to rally outside of pg&e head quarters in san francisco later this morning. they are demanding the utility
6:49 am
shut down its smart meter program. it starts at 11:30 this morning. protestors are expected to talk about european report that says wireless technology the kind used in smart meters should be banned from classrooms. let's check in with sal. sal you have been following that accident around the 380- 101 interchange there? >> yes. the two left lanes blocked. approaching the airport. the crash is about to have an effect on 380 as well. they are slowing down heading east over to 101 if you can avoid the whole thing, use 280 which is fine. let's move along and take a look at 880 it looks good there. this morning in san jose we've had a nice drive on 280 northbound getsing up to highway gush getting up to -- getting up to highway 17.
6:50 am
there is plenty of fog. yesterday was down around 800 to 900 feet. satellite image does show two reasons why. there is plenty of low clouds there and the weak front coming in is enhancing it and lift it. with that in place it has made it more of a push. temperatures will not be warming up. maybe about the same for some. far enough away from the coast. i would think identical to slightly cooler for the closer to the coast and bay. one system here and another system coming in on sunday. that one is stronger. that one has been working out a little bit more. it will give us a bigger cool down. not much of a change here. most locations say cloudy to mostly cloudy. west, southwest 17 fairfield. southwest at sfo. southeast at san jose. so there is a sure sign of sea breeze in place. and i expect that to ramp up as
6:51 am
that system starts to inch closer. the fog is not going anywhere. it will be with us on the coast and then starting to come back in a big way. inland will still be sunny to mostly sunny. it will be cool to mild. for may these are below average temperatures and not much has changed in that department. fog, sun, cool to warm. westerly breeze though warm far enough away. still below average. we should have a lot more near 80. we'll have mid 70s for some and 60s closer to the bay. even cooler down toward morgan hill and gilroy. gilroy was 78. more fog on saturday and into sunday and slightly warmer monday and tuesday. pam and mike. >> thank you, steve. this could be am good year for u.s. car makers. an analyst reports 200,000 american customers in the past would prefer a japanese car are now more opened minded about their choices. that number could cost
6:52 am
$3-hundred -- $300,000. all right let's check in on wall street. live look at the big board. dow jones down. nothing really exciting to take things up as they did yesterday with the ipo. one very disappointing note to point out. san francisco based gap the retailer disappointed the street with earnings. united airlines logo is about to become an endangered species. they are starting to phase a new sign with the continental airlines globe. if everything goes as planned the two airline will have completely emergencied into one. the mighty mississippi turns deadly. the man killed after a flood surge and how long it will be until the water recedes.
6:53 am
good morning, 237 traffic looks good getting over to highway 101 we do have a problem on the peninsula. we'll tell you more.
6:54 am
6:55 am
the overflowing mississippi river is being blamed for the death of a 69-year-old man. it happened in the town of
6:56 am
vicksburg earlier this week. that sent back water up to the yeah sue river killing the man in the surge. the flood water has forced 2,000 people out of their homes. the american idol finale is set after a record setting vote. >> hailey ladies and gentlemen. >> 95 million people voted and hailey is the one packing her bag. they will compete next week to be the next american idol. the two-part finale is set tuesday and wednesday. you can watch it with us right here on ktvu channel 2. the san francisco zoo newest hippo will celebrate his birthday tomorrow with a new name. brian wilson was named after the giants pitcher in a fundraising auction. before he came to san francisco in january brian wilson lived at a zoo in kansas where he
6:57 am
went by the name of tucker. just to answer our question from earlier i did look it up. the last three idols were guys. season six was the last gal. >> i have a feeling scotty will win any way. >> that's what i'm hearing on twitter. >> i'm a flip-flopper it comes to idol. i like them both. southbound 101 as you head to the airport give yourself extra time. there is a crash there blocking the two left lanes. overturned truck. injury crash. the traffic is blocked up not only on 101. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. small delay about five minutes heading west. westbound 4 is getting more action in bay point and also in antioch. now let's go to steve. sunshine if you are far enough away from the coast. 50s and 60s over by the coast and around the bay.
6:58 am
inland it will be sunny but not as warm as yesterday. the cooling continues especially as we go into sunday. as we get a system digging into the north of us and the east. pam and mike. coming up on mornings on two. our ktvu camera is getting a rare look inside the trouble mental facility. also more on the freeway gunfire that critically injured a young driver. the surveillance video that mappery to be crucial evidence.
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