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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 20, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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week. minutes ago we spoke to oakland pojohnson. >> we found that the firearms were malfunctioning. so the department made the decision to recall the firearms. >> reporter: no guns malfunctioned during operations only at training. now police have been using old glocks and the department has been trying to upgrade the guns. luckily the guns are still in the office and that's what officers will be using while the guns are fixed or replaced. rob roth, ktvu news. fulsome prison is on lock
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down. guards fired warning shots and used pepper spray. no correctional officers or staff members were hurt. all of the prisons 3,000 inmates have now been locked down. it's a trouble north bay hospital. the scene of several violent even deadly attacks in the last few months. we've reported on it but for the first time tonight we're in it. john sasaki is there to tell us what he found. >> reporter: these are the front gates at napa state hospital, a point where we could not go until this morning. after repeated requests by ktvu we took the first tour of the state mental hospital. it was a highly choreographed tour of the state hospital.
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>> our mission is to treat patients for treatment not for incarceration. >> every couple of weeks we get another report of a patient or staff person who have been severely assaulted and that tells you, frankly it's still not safe. >> reporter: we saw the alarmed fencing and entered some of the living quarters. that's where we heard someone having a rough time. we asked sean web, parent of a patient to meet us here today and he told us just this morning his son was attacked for a third time. >> this individual who did this has repeatedly threatened him and continues to be not
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isolated from the other members of the unit. >> reporter: cal osha released a daunting report. >> we are talking about that and working on it yes. >> which doesn't help staff right now. >> it kind of exists in two difficult states. either you are so scared at some of these units that you can't function or you just pretend like it doesn't exist. very similar to a war situation. >> reporter: we'll show you the location where donna gross was killed and what is different about it today. live in napa, i'm john sasaki. police say they've arrested a fugitive from florida who was featured on america's most wanted a few weeks ago. go ldrich is wanted in forever for failing to register as a sex offender and for indecent exposure. officers did not know at the time they arrested him. >> this morning i received a call from the u.s. marshals in
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florida who indicated that mr. mcgoldrich was wanted and his story was aired on america's most wanted. >> reporter: it'll now be up to the district attorney who will decide whether mcgoldrich will face charges here or be extradited to florida. jason fredrickson is being held on $50,000 bond. the police department put him on paid administrative leave two weeks ago after receiving a tip. fredrickson is accused of giving more than a pound of marijuana to his drug informant with the intent to sell it. police do not know the source of the marijuana but say they are checking the evidence lockers. the chief says this is an isolated incident. >> i can tell you as the police chief this is extremely disappointing. as an organization the department takes great pride in
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professional service to the community and places high trust. and arnold schwarzenegger's home which is where the former governor had his affair is now up for sale. arnold schwarzenegger, his wife maria shriver and their children lived in that home. the home is on sale for $23.5 million. >> arnold schwarzenegger, with all the controversy that's going on with him, it's stuck in my mind right now. >> reporter: scientists says it turns out people love news about bad behavior. ktvu's john fowler tells us why and what that could mean for arnold schwarzenegger. well tomorrow's either the end of the world as we know it or just another saturday. depends on what and whom you believe. you may have heard the rapture is just hours away. ktvu's paul chamber live in
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oakland where at least some people are taking that claim very seriously. >> reporter: we're outside family radio. there's protesters here right now. do not believe in judgment day, the signs speak for themselves. but we came early to talk to them, but they closed early to let their families spend the last day as they know it. >> you never know. >> it's the end of the world some where and the world is still here. >> how are you going to tell us that today is the ends of the world. how do they figure that? >> that's the same question i asked the spokesperson of family radio on the phone today. >> the date is engraved in the bible. that's in stone. >> reporter: looking in matthew 24:26 it says no one knows about the day or hour, not even
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the angels in heaven, not even the son but the father. >> i said it was 600 years of noah's life. it was the 17th day and the second month in the biblical calendar. >> that means may 21st, 2011. >> we choose to stop with a physical reality that we have tons of evidence for. they stop with an imaginary figure that caused everything that they don't understand. >> reporter: now they're holding a convention and judgment day rally this weekend. i'll have more with them. we spoke with a family who's known family radio founder, hear what they have to say about the judgment day prediction yet again this time. we're live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. bryan stow's mother is once again calling for people to
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come forward with information in her son's killing. police are looking for a woman wearing a white ethier jersey. they believe she was driving the car that the two suspects escaped in. >> i'm not only angry with the two that attacked my son, but there was a woman in a car with a 10-year-old boy. i am so angry with her right now. if that were her son, she got to spend mother's day with her son. i was in icu with my son who is on a ventilator with half his skull missing. that was my mother's day. >> there's currently a $200,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this case. >> it was like being reborn. like being a baby all over again. this police officer is talking about what happened after he was thrown from a police car and suffered a serious brain injury. coming up tonight at 5:30 what his experience is telling us about what bryan stow is going through. and the one important message
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he has for stow's family. president obama and israeli prime minister politely clashed at a white house meeting today. the president said the two nations share quote an extraordinary bond but he acknowledged their differences. the prime minister rejected president obama's suggestions that a state be created without borders. >> it is possible for us to allow a deal and allow israel to secure itself, not to be vulnerable. >> we both agree that a case based on illusions will crash on the middle eastern realities. >> reporter: as the two leaders discussed peace, violence broke out once again in the west bank. >> israeli troops clashed with
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pelestinians. tensions have been high since last sunday when thousands of arabs marched to israel's borders. israeli troops killed 16. and a bit of good news for the unemployed in california. california's unemployment rate dipped below 11%. the 11.9% figure was only one point below 12% in march. but this is the first time the jobless rate has gone down. california added 8,900 agriculture jobs. clothing companies across the board have been hit hard by rising costs and consumer cut backs. the dow lost 93 points, the
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nasdaq was off nearly 20. the san jose sharks are back home for the play offs and getting a lot of fan support as the team goes for the stanley cup. there's a lot of energy here, nervous energy, tap into it next. bay area weekend is here, temperatures are going to cool just a little bit in some neighbors, i will show you where that will happen and we're going to talk about a lot of coastal fog. free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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caltrans hopes to have highway 50 in the sierra open again by midday tomorrow. it's been closed since may 11 as crews replaced a rock wall that had been deteriorating. we told you how snow was slowing down the work: but if it reopens tomorrow that will be three days ahead of schedule. the san jose sharks and their fans are getting fired up against vancouver. the sharks are currently down 2- 0. but tonight they get to play on their home ice.
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robert handa live outside the arena right now. robert i understand that they'll be passing out something to every single fan tonight. >> reporter: we are outside the tank at the traditional first game festival. and along with teal you see a lot of orange. because 18,000 fans are getting these sharks 20 year anniversary t-shirts. as for the rally here, there's a lot of energy because fans here understand the huge difference in being down 2-1 versus 3-0. fans want the sharks to take good shots tonight and to help some fans took shots of their own. >> go sharks. >> reporter: the shots are certainly going in as sharks fans and business celebrate the first home game against vancouver and enjoy the perks of being in the play offs. >> big money, big money. if they win, san jose goes off. majorly. >> reporter: but the sharks haven't won a game yet so there's mixed feelings in all
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the fanfare. >> everybody is going to be very energetic tonight, still nervous but highly energetic. we're going to try to get this one out. >> we rely on them. the sharks mention it all the time. >> reporter: at the farmer's market, this vancouver fan went shopping and found the atmosphere icy. >> they either can't shop here or it's going to cost them double. >> that's the trap there, we were looking at chicago. didn't want to go there, so i thought this was a friendly place to come. >> what kind of reception did you get? >> not so warm. >> reporter: and a serious note, there is extra security for this round. fans will pass through this metal detector and undergo a more stringent search on the way in. go sharks. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. we just learned the coast guard is sending a helicopter
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to rescue a man stranded at the coast. the boat became stuck in the boat in san rafael overnight. the water was too shallow for a rescue boat to respond. but the coast guard checked on the boater who was in good condition. he was told to wait it out. but a coast guard spokesperson told us that the boat is still stuck so they are launching a rescue boat to pull the man out of the boat. an abloney fisherman was injured this morning. search and rescue went low tech if you will. they used ropes and pulllies pullies to get the driver out of the water. he was taken to the hospital.
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the coast guard is busy putting out new markers. in vicksburg, mississippi no evacuations are expected unless a levee breaks. however mandatory evacuations are starting in the louisiana's bayou country as the flooding peak moves downstream. some very hard work by some people to protect their homes appears to be paying off. take a look at these photos showing homes in yazu city surrounded by water but actually spareed from the flooding. the resident actually built their own levees around their houses ahead of the flood waters. the mississippi river could remain above flood stage until mid-june. okay, let's talk about our weather because it was beautiful today. the weekends is here though. what are we looking at bill? >> if you go back to early this week, you know it was raining and we've moved into this weather pattern. along the coast plenty of coastal fog and that's sort of
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the story through the weekend. another nice weekend ahead with lots of fog, nice in pacifica. down the coast at least in the morning hours. the forecast tonight, look for the fog, the coastal variety moving into your neighborhood. it's going to get into san rafael, walnut creek. sausalito of coursely. fog is going to push over the hills tonight. tomorrow looks nice. saturday then sunday looks a little bit cooler with a few more clouds out there. overnight lows like this in the 40s. a up couple of low 50s. this is your saturday forecast. sunday will look just like these. the forecast tomorrow for the fog. right along the coast. dense fog places like stinson beach. visibility is down about a half a mile. right along the coast it's going to be right there. fog is going to make a push through the golden gate bridge at sea level gap. it gets pushed through and ends up shooting up into the napa
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area up towards vallejo and out toward vacaville and the delta. we have plenty of coastal fog. temperatures on saturday and sunday are going to vary a built. sunday is going to be a little bit cooler. when we come back in a few minutes, we're going to have the forecast for saturday, for your specific city. and we're going to look at sunday at the forecast and show you how much cooler that's going to be. star wars creator lucas was on hand as star wars reopened their attraction. he's the one holding a life saber to fend off darth vader. disney gave us this footage. they offered $50,000 to help solve the bryan stow case but he may be taking all that money back. coming up why he was told his
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money was no good. stanford faculty members may have the university clapping their wrists. and doctors may require ct scans, but there are risks. we investigate coming at 6:00. a bank kicked a woman out of her house, but she broke back in. state unemployment just fell below 12%. why a labor expert says it's not as good as it sounds. and students uncover the truth about their school name. the reason they still want to keep the name of part of t
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it won't be official until monday, but aids of tim pawlenty said he will make his run for the white house. he will make the announcement
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at a town hall forum in des moines iowa. the first caucuses will be held in that state in february. in the first month of president obama's reelection campaign, the democratic economy raised $12.4 million. stanford university says it is disciplining five members of its medical school faculty for giving medical medications for drug companies. the companies paid $258 million to $17,000 nationwide for speeches promoting their drugs. every day ct scans help
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doctors save lives. but if ktvu's health and science editor tells us in tonight's special report, when it comes to children, ct scans may be putting some lives at risk. >> reporter: every year about 20,000 bay area children under 15 get ct scans. for abdomen pain or head injury. >> any kind of trauma to my child, i would probably more on the side of getting a cat stan. >> but a ct scan emits 500 times more radiation than a chest x-ray. and it's 10 times riskier for a growing child than adult. each year ct scans create 500 more cancer deaths. >> you can see what other options are. >> reporter: nathan cooperman today in buenos aires told me via skype, pediatricians use ct scans twice as often as medically appropriate. >> clinicians over use ct even
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in the very specialized network. >> reporter: nationwide more than 72 million ct scans a year. >> that's possibly or maybe too many. it's hard to know what's the right number. >> reporter: ct can officer significant benefits to the right patient. >> if they have a ct scan they have a lower mortality because they are less likely to serious diagnosis missed. >> reporter: but in some cases, ultra sounds, mri or just watching a head injured child may be just as good. >> it's a question of picking the right test for the right indication, for the right patient. >> reporter: if a ct scan is not indicated, then the risk of ct outweigh the benefits. parents should be aware that there's a trade off. >> cooperman urges parents question whether a ct scan is appropriate before permitting one for their child. and doctors should articulate the risks and benefits plus any
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alternatives. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu news. >> will have to read, talk, think, i had to learn how to understand life. he was thrown from a police car and suffered a braininjury. what his experience is showing us tonight about what giant fan bryan stow is going through. and it's not every day that the u.s. attorney general and speaking service come to your school -- and secret service come to your school. we'll tell you why he came to the school and what he hopes to learn here. ♪ you'll run outside
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giants fan bryan stow remains in critical condition tonight at a hospital in san francisco. and this evening we're getting a new glimpse into what he and his family are going through.
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that's our top story now at 5:30. bryan stow has been in a coma ever since he was beaten and nearly killed after the giants played the dodgers. doctors are slowly weaning him off of seizure medicines. they say it could be months before they see any major progress. one man who knows all too well what stow is going through is san francisco police officer nick farando. david stevenson caught up with him to talk about his rehabilitation. >> it's like you're working on your computer, someone kicking the cord out of your wall and your computer shutting down. >> reporter: farando suffered brain injuries after a collision between two police officers that killed a fellow officer. farando was thrown from his car. he spent several days in a coma
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and weeks in intensive care at san francisco hospital. these scars show s where doctors performed surgery. >> it was like being a baby all over again. >> reporter: stow is being treated by the same surgeon that worked on nick farando. >> when farando came to the hospital he was a research subject. bryan is really more in a recovery phase than acute treatment phase. >> when i opened my eyes and looked around, i had my family, friends, my wife jen. they were able to help me put all the pieces of the puzzle
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together. >> reporter: farando returned to duty a year after his accident. he hopes his story will give stow's family hope. a los angeles radio shock jock says he might take back his officer of a $50,000 reward to help -- offer of a $50,000 reward to help find those who beat giant fan stow. he says if stow's family asks for help, he will give it. ktvu's janine de la vega is here now with what the attorney general learned today. >> reporter: frank, u.s. attorney general eric holder came here to the campus of san
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jose job corp. this is where hundreds of at risk teenagers and young adults come to school to learn a trade. some of them are former gang members. angel miranda linarez never thought he would be giving a tour of his school to the attorney general. the 16-year-old says he used to be involved in gangs but is in school now going to job corp. >> i'm glad i came here. because before i was setting an example for my brothers to be in the gang lifestyle. making them think it was okay to do what they are doing. >> reporter: attorney general holder wanted to see firsthand how youth are being transformed. >> i think the approach that is being taken here in san jose is one that needs to be replicated
5:33 pm
throughout the country. >> reporter: assistant police chief says so far five of the 19 programs have partnered with the police department. holder spent the day visiting with students and hearing their stories. his experience in the classroom left a lasting impression. >> this for me has been eye opening. it's been heartwarming and givers me as i said great hope for the future. >> reporter: students told us they were honored that holder came and talked to them and they say that he came off as very down to earth. janine de la vega, ktvu news. someone opened fire around 8:00 last night when a truck pulled up next to the victim's car on interstate 780 in vallejo. even though he had been shot in
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the left arm and right wrist the driver continued on if for four miles to a mcdonalds restaurant in venecia. what you are seeing here is surveillance video that shows the men as they arrive, go inside and ask for help. the men are expected to be okay. police give us this information about their search for the suspect. >> light chevy pickup truck with an extra cab. suspect was described as a light skinned mail with a black ponytail. >> reporter: the car was towed to vacaville where bullet holes are being examined tonight. officers say it was probably not a random attack. today a judge sentenced a bay area man to life in prison without the possibility of parol for killing his mother and father to gain their inheritance. before he was sentenced, he told the judge he loved his parents. he was accused of using a bat and knife to kill his parents
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in pleasanton in 2008. he was angry that his father would not pay off his gambling debts and was hoping to inherent $10 million. al-qaida was considering a plan to hijack oil tankers and blow them up to create an economic crisis for western nations. white house officials say they are hoping to back president obama's call for aid in tenesia an asian. white house aids say they believe world leaders will discuss that at the summit next week. a french official also said ga countries will announce a partnership for financial aid
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andinvestment to north africa? high prices are cutting into memorial day plans. we'll take a live look now at what's happening at interstate 80. those drivers are paying an average of $3.14 a gallon. that's up $1.40 from a year ago. drivers we spoke to this morning as you can imagine said they are not happy about the prices. >> definitely. basically it sucks. >> i would rather fly probably. it would be easier. but i'm going with a bunch of people. >> oh, i see. so it'll be cheaper because you're going with a bunch of people. >> yeah. >> reporter: aaa says people are cutting back on how far they will go and they are also cutting travel to over 50 miles from their home. sad news tonight involving one of the most famous prowrestlers in the country. how he died today at the age of 58. also it crash landed in the
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hudson river. now some news on where sully sullenberger's plane is being taken. and some news about children on facebook.
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from miracle to museum. that's where the plane that
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captain sullenberger is headed. today it is headed on a flat truck to north carolina. a consumer watchdog group took action today to try to keep young children off of facebook. >> they just don't realize that the information they postup there, a picture, status message can be accessed by millions of the people they don't know. facebook is supposed to be off limits for children under 18. today that group sent facebook a letter asking the company to step up efforts to block young kids from the site. >> they've told us they do kick people off when parents report, when teachers report, but is anything else being done? is that the only line of defense? >> in a recent statement, facebook officials said quote there is no single solution to
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ensuring younger children don't circumvent a system or lie about their age. facebook also encourages parents to talk to their children. and photo of suhr was unveiled right there as his picture joined photos of other police chiefs. edurent is a once a day pill that must be used in combination with other hiv drugs. it's the first of transcriptive inhibitors. teens who abstain from having sex won't necessarily avoid risky sex as adults. a study followed twins. they found no direct
5:42 pm
correlation between sexual abstinence as teens and how they behaved as adults. the environment is more likely to have an effect. and we have your weekend forecast. and a bank kicked a woman out of her home and she broke back in. plus, students have
5:43 pm
students from a local school learn more about their name. >> burnett - -
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a former ims chief dominique kahn is free on bail tonight. kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a maid in a hotel room. while on bail he is not allowed to leave his room and is required to wear an angle base ankle bracelet and will have a police officer outside his door. and it's likely that you have talked about arnold schwarzenegger with his staffer. >> arnold schwarzenegger, charlie sheen and paris hilton. >> the latest drama with arnold schwarzenegger. >> controversy that's going on with him. it's stuck in my mind right now. >> reporter: at the san
5:46 pm
francisco beauty parlor, today's gossip the arnold schwarzenegger sex scandal. >> what about this dude, the way he did it and how he -- well he's not the only one. they've all done it. >> i love gossip. >> i used psychiatrist lloyd davis to reveal this new research for us. scientists discovered negative information about someone increased perception of that person. made him or her stand out. and that this may be hard wired in our brain. >> there is something evolutionarily about having some security in that we know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are and that we can communicate that. >> we do it without thinking. >> that they're more interested in people are doing than what they are doing, right. >> reporter: dr. davie says the study is just the beginning of the research. saying that people pay more
5:47 pm
attention to negative rather than positive news. that may explain the apparent success of negative political attack adds. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. a giant in the world of prowrestling is being mourned this evening. macho man randy savage had a heart attack before crashing into a tree. his wife was in the car but suffered only minor injuries. the 58-year-old died moments later at a local hospital. coming up next at 6:00, she was hit with foreclosure and evicted from her house in berkeley. but she is now fighting back in an extreme way. julie haener has the story. >> reporter: she has decided to fight her eviction by breaking in. allie rasmuss is talking to the
5:48 pm
woman about how far she is willing to go. and what police are saying today about the suspect's connection to gangs and gun dealing in the east bay. it's all coming up in about 15 minutes. julie, thank you. a major shake up today at the japanese utility that operating the damaged fukushima plant. the company lost $15 billion in the last year. the largest loss in japanese history outside of the financial sector. the utility faces billions more in losses by the thousands of people evacuated from the radio active contamination zone around the plant. the utility released these photos of the 30-foot high tsunami as it topped the water barrier. the wave knocked out back up diesel generators that were supposed to provide back up power to keep the reactors and fuel rods cool. three reactors released radiation because they did not
5:49 pm
have a back up water supply. >> those pictures are remarkable. sounds like things may be cooling down a bit. >> just a touch. it's not going to be that notable tomorrow. sunday you will notice a drop off of a few degrees. nice weekend with plenty of fog. let's go now to san francisco. you have a little bit of fog showing up in the ballpark. out toward the lands end out toward the golf course out there. and the cliff house. so fog at the coast, temperatures today impacted by that fog down into the 60s and low 70s. temperatures as we go into tomorrow 70s low and mid. mid- and low, like 72, 73. low 70s for saturday. then sunday upper 60s. all right we'll find a low 70 some where. but upper 60s for the most part. the reason for sunday being cooler, this system comes down,
5:50 pm
pushes the fog, pushes it inland, sunday is cooler. and sunday at 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon you are going to go out and say, it's cold. the fog tonight pushes inland. has been the last couple of nights. that's the model pushes the fog into the east bay. look at it tomorrow morning, a lot of fog showed up out here toward livermore and concord and moraga along the beaches. there's your fog footprint for tomorrow morning. nice weekend. this weekend fast didn't it. you remember we had rain just a couple of days ago. early in the week we had rain. sunday, monday, into tuesday. tomorrow not a bad day. today is a warm day. tomorrow is off a few degrees. tomorrow more significant warming. don't change your plans. maybe a sprinkle too. if you get up towards heelsburg, our friends in fort
5:51 pm
bragg you might get a sprinkle up there. >> thanks, bill. congresswoman giffords may be able to return to her rehabilitation center as early as next week. right now she's in ha houston hospital recovering from surgery. on wednesday doctors replaced part of her skull that was removed to prevent swelling in her brain. she remains in touch with her husband mark kelly who is commanding the space shuttle endeavour. nasa today cut short the first walk. >> and are removing my waist theter. >> reporter: the astronaut was right in the middle of installing an antenna on the international space station when a problem was discovered. >> we made the decision that we weren't going to continue with that portion of the task. we did some clean up work and
5:52 pm
called it a day. >> tomorrow the astronauts will use a laser tipped boom to inspect the damaged thermal pile. nasa wants to make sure that that small gouge will not affect endeavour's reentry to earth. busted, and the new bill that would make it more difficult to borrow from the 401k plan. why that's raising some eyebrows.
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the number of home births is on the rise after a 15 year decline. the center for disease control found the number of children born at home jumped 20% from 2004 to 2008. the highest level since 1990. roughly 1% of pregnant women opt for home births. the fastest growing number of home births are among white women in their 30s and 40s who have already given birth to at least one child in a hospital. more and more americans are using their 401k plans as an economic lifeline. a new report shows 28% of americans have loans against their retirement savings plan and 70% of those who lose their jobs default on their 401k loans. a new bill would make it more difficult to borrow from your
5:56 pm
401k but would also make it easier to replay. >> let's say if you have a person in intense hardship and they have this 401k, what do they do, do they go into debt with their credit cards? people were offered a secondary line ticket for free if they buy one ticket and subscribe to that magazine. a third party website handling the ticket overcharged to cover some of the costs of the freebies. that's illegal. american express agreed to settle but did not admit wrong doing. >> there's more news ahead. ktv you u channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. and today we finally got
5:57 pm
inside the very dangerous napa state hospital.
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a look inside napa state hospital. ktvu news tours the controversial controversial institution for the first time in 25 years. >> and fighting back. why a woman breaks back into her home and refuses to leave. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with developing news from oakland. a sudden recall of new guns just issued to city officers. ktvu's rob roth live in oakland police department headquarters with what's going on here. >> reporter: this is where the gun exchange is taking place here at police headquarters. hundreds of officers were issued new 40 caliber glocks early this week, but some of


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