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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 23, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm jade hernandez. a missing four-month-old turns up. we're live in the town of knight. after seven weeks of searching one of the suspects in the beating of bryan stow is caught. the search of survivors is caught in missouri after a tornado killed more than 80 people. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning, thank you for
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waking up with us it's monday, may 23rd i'm pam cook. what is the weather like on this monday morning? steve paulson is live. >> now the temperatures 60s and 70s. some of the upper 50s too much of an on shore breeze. we are head into a holiday weekend. we will take a look at that coming up shortly. here is sal. three lanes of southbound 880 in oakland are back up and working after a car hit a man. witnesses called the highway patrol just after 12:30 this morning reporting a man crawling across the roadway near the fruitvale exit when officers arrived on the scene the man was dead. the highway patrol shut down three lanes of 880 while they conducted their investigation. those lanes reopened just after 2:00 this morning. as we take a live look now traffic is moving along now.
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so right now everything seems to be back to normal. at 4:31 let's go back to the desk. topping our news this morning. overnight news that a four- month-old baby reported missing from her home has been found. there are still a lot of questions though surrounding the mystery. ktvu jade hernandez joins us with what family members are saying about the 24 hour long search. jade. >> reporter: we checked in with the sheriffs office this morning. they told us the four month had been found hours ago. we don't know where and we don't know the circumstances surrounding the babies sis cory. and of course i want you to take a look at the little girl. she is four monday rammy gallego. when she woke up eight hours later the four monday was gone from her bassinet and from her home. the search immediately began. fag avenue family members began
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-- family members -- canine units came out and volunteers fanned out searching for the little girl. >> i was shocked and heartbroken. i felt like i was in a bad dream. i can't imagine to nurse my baby and not being there. >> reporter: now again we don't know the circumstances surrounding the four-month-old where she was found, if it was nearby, how the baby is. we hope to find out more from the contra costa family sheriffs office. they have tole me they -- they have told me they have been in contact with someone who can give me more information. this morning an exconvict and known gang member is behind bars in los angeles.
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police say 31-year-old giovann ira my rose is the -- ramirez is the primary aggressor. they arrested ramirez yesterday morning. l.a.'s police chief fought back tears as he described receiving word from an assistant chief telling him the raid was successful. >> he said the words i've been waiting for for seven weeks. he said we had bryan's assault suspect in custody. >> now the crucial tip came from a ramirez patrol agent who noticed that he resembled one of the suspect sketches. police are still looking for a second suspect as well as the woman driving the get away car. >> all our thoughts and prayers are with bryan. that is good to hear. that is good to hear they found some of the people that are
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responsible because it's definitely one of the last things we want out here is fan violence. >> ramirez is being held on $1 million bail. he awaits his first court appearance. today's l.a. times reports he has been convicted of three serious crimes in the past including robbery and firing a web in public. meantime stow remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. we spoke with stow's mother by phone shortly after she got the call from los angeles police. she said the family is incredibly relieved that one suspect is behind bars. stow's roommate says he is both happy and surprised that someone was captured. >> it has been seven weeks. it seems the longer it has gone on the less chance it was to find somebody. >> bryan stow's family posted an update thanking supporters and saying we would like to
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thank l.a. pd for all of their hard work on this case. we are overwhelmed with emotions. we will have continue coverage of the bryan stow's case right here on just go to and click on the bryan stow tab. this morning the search continues for survivors of a tornado in jan ran, missouri authorities confirmed that at least 89 people are dead. home video caught the twister as it swept over the city early last night. it destroyed buildings, uprooted trees, and sparked fires. patients at a major medical center had to be evacuated after that hospital took a direct hit. >> every window looks to be blown out. there is debris hanging out of the windows. there is just cars stacked all over the parking lot. >> the tornado also overturned
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several semi trucks. this morning search and rescue teams are going door to door looking for people who still may be trapped. the tornado in missouri was part of a severe weather system that rolled across the midwest yesterday. a tornado also touched down in northern minneapolis killing one person there and injuring 30 others. another swept through a small town in kansas. flooding is still a concern for people living near the mississippi river. coming up in eight minutes the new forecast giving some people hope this morning. also this morning a riot at san quentin state prison sent four people to the hospital. the riot broke out just before 7:00 last night in the prisons dining hall. 200 prisoners were involved. guards used nonlethal bullets and pepper spray to break it up. no guards hurt but ten inmate
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made weapons were found after the incident. the cause of the riot is still under investigation. >> also this morning police in antioch are looking for suspects in a deadly shooting. investigators say they found the 19-year-old victim lying on the sidewalk. he was rushed to a local hospital where he died a short time later. still not clear what lead up to that shooting but police say they are following several strong leads. san francisco police are searching for suspects after a drive-by shooting in the hayes valley neighborhood. that happened near hayes and buchanon streets just before 9:00 last night. a gold car drove up to a group of boys at the bus stop and started shooting. two boys were shot in the leg. the injuries are not life threatening and no arrests have been made. also new this morning the two uc berkeley graduates still imprisoned in iran were allowed to phone home for only the third time since their arrest
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nearly two years ago. shane bower and josh fattal said they seized a 17 day hunger strike. the mothers of the two young men began their own hunger strike on thursday. the phone calls lasted five minutes. they sounded reasonably well. closing arguments are expected to wrap up today in the chauncey bailey murder trial. former black muslim bakery leader yew receive bey the 4th. they want to stop bailey about writing an article of the financial collapse of the bakery. a group of seven people were rescued in toe mallless bay after their boat capsized. they became stranded yesterday afternoon at about 1:00. a sonoma county sheriffs
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helicopter brought them back to shore. a small craft advisory was in place over the weekend. authorities say that winds were strong and swells as high as ten feet. 4:39 is the time. i don't know if it's someone avenue win -- it's still windy. >> it's still a little windy and gusty. we want to let you know if you are driving across the bridges you should use care. traffic on 80 westbound looks good. driving out to the commute it looks good. no major problems all the way out to the mccarthur maze. this mornings drive will be okay across the bridge. so far the bridge advisory has not been there. we don't have ham major bridged a -- have a major bridge advisory. in fact, i was looking in the wrong place. there is a high wind advisory for the bay bridge.
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northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we do have a cool pattern for this time of year. the wind has gusted up to 40-50 miles an hour for a few locations. but things should start to calm down. i've seen 24 at sfo. that is the strongest at the surface. one little system keeps swinging on in. i'm amazed they are there because there is nothing to support it. 40s on the temps or low to mid 50s. a little bite to that morning air no doubt about it. temperatures on the cool side. winds out of the west, southwest or north. you can see how right there the little system swinging through so there is no way we can warm up much today. a lot of 60s or low 70s. we will get a warmup on tuesday but then it looks like a strong system will swing in here on
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wednesday. today mostly sunny. breezy to windy at times. that should say about 20-25. [ laughter ] 50-25 and then decreasing. highs today 50s, 60s, and 70s. temperatures toward the south bay have been running really cool. leaning on more clouds there in the last couple of days. sun and clouds a little warmer on tuesday. clear and breezy an thursday. as we head into the holiday weekend it will billion okay but not great. clouds increasing by sunday and monday, pam. >> thank you, steve. three people are still in the hospital with severe burns after an explosion at a livermore apartment. the new information we have learned about what may have been going on inside that building. right now president obama is in ireland as part of a six- day european tour. the quick break he's taking from official business to do to celebrate his irish roots.
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good morning. it's partly cloudy. it's especially windy along the coast and higher elevations. it will be partly sunny to mostly sunmy -- sunny today. a volcano in iceland sends ash and steam into the air. a 120-mile no fly zone has been
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put into place around that volcano. all domestic flights inside of iceland have been canceled. the eruption has not effected flights in europe. you may remember a different volcano erupted last year and grounded planes for nearly five days. the planes flying over the atlantic this morning are being told to stay away from iceland. back here in the united states people in southern louisiana are getting extra time to prepare for flood waters from the mississippi river. a mandatory evacuation order was issued. it goes back into effect tomorrow at noon. yesterday prison crews were put to work filling sandbags. flooding may not be as bad as originally feared giving some people some hope. >> they lowered the river stage to 24.5. i feel i have a better
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percentage of protecting my property. >> and that has left farms and homes and low lying areas vulnerable. there is a new threat of flooding this time in montana. the main east west route through the state nearly six inches of rain fell in billings. as many as 100 homes in the billings area are isolated because of that flooding. new details this morning on the explosion at a livermore apartment that seriously injured three people. it happened saturday afternoon. the blast blew out the windows, part of the porch, and left a huge hole in the roof. evidence gathered points to some sort of illegal drug operation inside the apartment. one neighbor told us she would
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always smell marijuana smoke coming from a window. >> we are electric stove and everything. there is no gas. so to cause that big of an explosion in their house. >> all three victims are still at the hospital suffering from severe burns and other injuries. police in stockton now say the couple that reported two young children missing saturday made up the story to get authorities to find their stolen car. they told police that moore's three-year-old and six-year-old children were in the back of the buick that was stolen. a state-wide amber alert was issues. hours later they find out the children were safe at home are their mother. he told the lie because he thought the police would search more intently. president obama is in ireland the first stop on a four-day european trip. this is new video of the
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president taking part in a tree planting ceremony at the irish president's residence this morning. nearby stand trees planted by past visits by bill clinton and john f. kennedy. it has been a tradition there. one planted just last week by the queen of england as well. from ireland president obama will travel to england, france, and poland. before president obama leaves ireland he's making a stop in the tiny village of moneygall. they have been sprucing up in anticipation of the president. former minnesota governor tim pi lenti is officially in the race for the presidential nomination. he announced his run in an
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internet video. >> we have to do more than give fancy speeches. we've had three years of that. it's not working. >> pawlenty also says he will tell the american people the truth suggesting president obama does not. today pawlenty will formerly announce his candidacy in a town hall appearance in iowa. san francisco has a new suicide prevention hot line housed in the castro district. the trevor project is named for a film about a 13-year-old boy's suicide a feelings when he learned he was gay. in 1978 milk and then san ancisco mayor were assassinated inside city hall by dan white. click it or ticket it.
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the fines you will face if you don't buckle yourself up or your children. and it's now do or die for the san jose sharks as they move one loss closer to the elimination of the stanley cup playoffs. but fans say they are not giving up on their team.
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welcome back to the morning news. california's annual crack down on people who do not wear their seat belts begins today. it's the click it or ticket campaign. the fine for not wearing a seat belt is $142 for a first time adult offender. it's $445 for a child that is not buckled up. an estimated one million californians still do not wear a seat belt. it's kind of surprising to me that people don't wear their seat belts. >> it doesn't feel right if i'm not driving without it. but there was a time when i
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didn't wear it. let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is moving along northbound on 101 approaching the 80 split that traffic looks good. no major problems this morning if you are driving on to the lower deck of the bay bridge. it's windy on that bridge so just be careful. westbound bay bridge traffic looks okay. no problems there. this morning if you are droving in the south bay traffic is looking good pretty much a over the place. northbound 17 traffic looks good into the valley. today's weather with steve. >> thank you, sir. speaking of that wind. it's 46 miles an hour at point rays lighthouse. there have been gusts up to 40 for many. so for the morning hours very windy. he says holy what is going on here? it's windy. he said more than that. 30 miles an hour. 25, 25. there are gusts to 40 plus in the morning. it's a rather vigorous system swinging in there. that's it. there is a weak area of low pressure coming in.
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49 fairfield. 49 napa. 49 san rafael. west or northwest. napa west at nine. west 18 at the oakland airport. west, northwest at 16 gusting to 24. it will be partly cloudy, to mostly cloudy in the morning. breezy and cool. well below average on the temps today. sun and clouds. we are near the end of may antioch is only 74 that tells you we are cool. a lot of 50s and 60s and low 70s. peninsula stuck in the upper 60s. a little warmer an tuesday and cloud it up on wednesday. believe it or not it's looking like rain. thursday clearing breezy. it won't be warm toward the end of the week. things stay cool. >> wow all right thank you steve. the san jose sharks must win their next game against the vancouver canucks tomorrow or lose out in the chance to
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advance. they are one game away from advancing to the finals. vancouver scored three goals in a two minute stretch with a two man advantage. fans say they are not giving up yet. >> it should be us up there. what can we say? they beat us. it'sth best of seven series. we will win game seven. >> game four is tomorrow night in vancouver and the sharks have to also win the next two games as well. one of which would be played back in san jose if they make it. the san francisco giants have swept the first babe ruth series of the year. they beat the oakland a's with another walkoff hit. this time it's emmanuel that is driving in. it was the giants second walkoff win of the series and their seventh of the season. a missing four-month-old baby is safe and sound this morning. where she was found and how
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realtives are reacting today. a suspect is behind bars for the brutal beating of a giants fan. how police were finally able to track down their man.
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we are live in knight zone
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where a four-month-old little girl has been discovered alive. there was a search yesterday. we'll have more coming up. there is relief and gratitude from friends and family of bryan stow as police arrest one of the men suspected of beating him. a violent prison ride at san quentin sends four inmates to the hospital. at least 89 people destroyed in this tornado in missouri what was destroyed that is making recovery harder. good morning, to you welcome to a brand new day monday may 23rd i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. nice to have you back. >> good to be back. >> let's check in with steve paulson. >> we have mostly


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