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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 24, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm jade hernandez. authorities in danville are looking for a missing teen this morning. we'll tell you how you can help. two days after the arrest of the primary suspect in the bryan stow beating, there's a leak that could compromise the investigation. and the death toll is rising after the tornado in joplin, missouri. the reason rescuers may be slowed down today as they search for survivors. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday may 24th. i'm pam cook. we're coming up on memorial day weekend but you would not know it by the weather. steve paulson has the forecast. it's so cool. >> what do you mean by that? >> it's too cool for me. >> are you complaining already? >> i am. >> fine. it's your prerogative. we have clear skies, patchy fog. the trend is to keep it on the cool side. so 60s and low to mid-70s. some patchy fog mainly around the san mateo coast. he's sal. steve, right now traffic good on the willow pass grade with no major issues. morning commute looks good on interstate 880 driving past the coliseum. 4:31. back to pam. thank you, sal. topping our news this morning, police are searching for a missing 15-year-old girl from danville. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us from danville to talk about when the teenager was last seen and what police are saying this morning. >> reporter: that's right.
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we're live at danville police headquarters this morning. we're waiting for them to reassemble their command post. 15-year-old i want you to take a look at this picture. police are really asking for the community's help this morning. she hasn't been seen since 8:00 yesterday morning. she is a sophomore at san ramon valley high and last seen wearing a red zippered hoody and blue jeans yesterday morning. 5'8", 10 pounds with blond hair and a ponytail. authorities are asking for the community's help this morning. her parents reported her missing around 4:00 in the afternoon when they hadn't heard from her after school. san ramon valley high school officials told authorities she never reported to school despite some seeing her at the school on her bike. >> she was marked absent from school, but you know kids are marked absent so we thought she might be ill for the day so her parents discovered that she was missing later on in the day. >> reporter: facebook page has been created find allie and as
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i mentioned we're at danville police headquarters this morning. we're going to wait for them to reassemble that command post and get this search underway later this morning. reporting live from danville, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. well, a 4-month-old baby is back home with her parents this morning after a bizarre kidnapping attempt involving the girl's grandmother. rowdy and chris tin reunited with the 4-month-old yesterday after she vanished from her bassinet over the weekend. 58-year-old erica snuck into her son's house to take the baby and headed home to southern california. the grandmother then reportedly introduced the child to friends as her own daughter. that's when one friend became suspicious and called police. >> i want to say i've forgiven her. right now i'm just -- i have no hatred, i have no anything in my heart. i'm just happy to have my baby back. >> erica is now in jail and
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faces kidnapping charges. more violent weather could hit joplin, missouri, today where rescuers are racing to find survivors of a tornado. about two hours ago president obama announced that he will travel to joplin on sunday to meet with those effected. at least 116 people are now confirmed dead. and bad weather continues to be a challenge. two people were struck by lightning yesterday while searching through the debris. so far 17 people have been pulled alive from the rubble. now missouri's governor says he's confident there are more survivors. >> we believe there are other live folks out there. we have firefighters, paramedics, first responders throughout the region helping us. >> today the national weather service reports a 45% chance of another tornado outbreak in the area that includes dallas, oklahoma city and joplin. now the tornado is the latest in a string of disaster
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straining federal funds. in just about ten minutes what lawmakers are doing to make sure there's enough money to go around. more than a dozen people are recovering this morning after a tour bus crash on interstate 80. investigators say the bus went off the highway yesterday afternoon and careened across a grass and dirt berm just south of cherry glen road. the bus came to a stop on a frontage road. the highway patrol says 13 people were taken to north bay hospital in fairfield with minor to moderate injuries. 50 people were on the bus at the time. the driver of the bus says he lost his brakes. this morning los angeles police are scrambling to limit the potential damage from a leak in the bryan stow beating case. late yesterday some news websites in the los angeles area published a mug shot of suspect ramirez. now the photo was from his parole file and was not supposed to be released to the public. ramirez is believed to closely
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resemble this sketch that police did release. the media outlets immediately removed the leaked mug shot after getting angry calls from the l.a.p.d. now the investigation into the attack outside dodgers stadium is ongoing. and detectives worry that the leak could compromise their entire case especially if witnesses see that picture before ramirez appears in a police line up. the suspect's mother is also angry but for a much different reason. she says police arrested the wrong man. >> there's a lot of people look like my son or a lot of people look like that picture. but they go to him easy. he has a record. come on. >> the leak may also delay ramirez's arraignment scheduled for today. the ex-convict and known gang member remains in jail on $1 million bail. police are still looking for a second suspect and the woman who drove the two men away from dodgers stadium. now members of bryan stow's
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family are sharing their emotional reaction to the news that a suspect is now in custody. they held a news conference outside san francisco general hospital yesterday where stow remains in critical condition seven weeks after that attack. they were wearing l.a.p.d. hats and t-shirts to show their appreciation for the arrest. >> bryan has a long road ahead of him, but we are thankful that the suspect is in custody and is unable to do this to another family. >> they continue to talk to him and play music in his hospital room. now we do have a section on our website dedicated to the stow case. you can find the very latest updates on it is arraignment day for the man accused of trying to storm the cockpit of a jet bound for san francisco earlier this month. a judge ordered him to remain in jail while he undergoes a psychiatric evaluation. now he calls the immigrant a threat to society who is at
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risk to jump bail. bay area family members say he is suffering from mental problems and is not a terrorist. the jury will resume deliberations today in the chauncey bailey murder trial. after two months of testimony, closing arguments wrapped up yesterday. yusef bey iv and mackey accused of killing the newspaper reporter in august 2007 as he walked to work in downtown oakland. brusard testified that he shot the oakland post journalist on orders from bey. the defense says brusard is not credible. nonprofit organizations in alameda county will use social media this morning as part of a disaster drill. at 8:00 a.m. they will post this status update on their social media pages. it says please reply to this message. we are testing our ability to reach out before, during and after disasters. the group putting on the drill
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is called collaborating agencies responding to disasters. they say today's exercise will help nonprofits better serve the public in the event of an actual emergency. right now 4:38. go back to sal for a complete look at traffic this morning. hi, sal. hi, pam. we're doing okay. although you may have noticed there's a lot of road construction on your way around the bay area. on the bay bridge, on 880, parts of 580. so just be careful out there. the lanes are not -- the lane closures are not causing big traffic jams, but they're out there. move along and take a look at 80. this is westbound interstate 80 coming up to the bay bridge. that traffic moves along very nicely. and this morning's commute is looking good here if you are driving on the freeway. it looks good on northbound 280 getting up to interstate 880. getting word of some traffic hazard on the onramp to westbound 80. we'll check that out and have another report coming up soon. now let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you.
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mostly clear this morning. patchy low clouds. what's new. seems to be that way every day. just a series of systems coming by and they give us that westerly breeze or on shore wind. sothe pattern is to keep it cool. i don't see a change in that. we may have a change tomorrow but not the one you're thinking about. 44 napa. it's pretty cool for the end of may. napa 44. upper 40s fairfield. that's with a breeze too. santa rosa in the 40s. san rafael 46. upper 40s livermore. even mountain view at 40. that's cool for them. san jose at 48 degrees. west-southwest at fairfield. west 15 at sfo. just a puff of a southeast at san jose. but even a west at stockton. one system moves in and the series keeps going. here's our system for tomorrow. it will give us some light rain. but for this time of year it looks pretty good. it will be tomorrow probably in the north bay from about sfo, vallejo north. south of that will just be clouds.
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it's going to keep us cool in fact if not cooler. sunny, breezy today after some patchy fog. just a teeny bit warmer. not a lot. highs today 60s and 70s. well below average. again. and you know the seven to ten day outlook is not showing any heat whatsoever. so if you like this kind of weather, then you're in your element. if you don't, just hang on because you know eventually it will change. cloudy, rain make it on wednesday. really cool on thursday. friday does look mostly sunny, but i think by the weekend we'll have a very cool holiday weekend, pamela. oh, boy. thank you, steve. well, this morning technology is being credited with helping one man survive the tornado that hit joplin, missouri. his story up next. and an iceland volcano continues to erupt canceling flights and stranding travelers. how it's also effecting president obama's trip.
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good morning. some patchy low clouds around but it will be sunny today and breezy. we heard that before. temperatures remaining below average even though the sunshine today 60s and low 70s. well, the ash from an erupting volcano in iceland has forced the cancellation of 250 flights in northern ireland, scotland and parts of scandinavia today. the cloud of volcanic ash is not expected to move over continental europe. one american traveler at the airport in amsterdam says she's taking it all in stride.
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>> i absolutely had to stay i wouldn't be upset about it. we're on vacation. it's a beautiful country. we want to see the place. if we have to stay an extra week, i'm okay with that. >> well, the eruption of another volcano in iceland in april of last year led to a shut down of air space for more than a week across europe. the ash from the volcano forced president obama to shorten his visit to ireland. he spent last night in london instead of dublin. 15 minutes ago president obama and first lady michelle obama greeted by queen elizabeth in an elaborate ceremony at buckingham palace. this is new video of that ceremony. the president and first lady will spend tonight and tomorrow night at the palace as guests of the queen. the obamas will also meet with the new duke and duchess of cambridge just back from their honeymoon. lawmakers on capitol hill will want to make sure there's enough disaster money to help americans effected by all the
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severe weather we're having. federal money is in demand following deadly tornadoes across the south and flooding along the mississippi river. now the disaster in joplin, missouri, is adding to things. lawmakers from alabama and missouri want to add more money to the homeland security spending bill for the next fiscal year. that would pay for domestic disasters. the house appropriations committee will mark up the spending bill today. a text message is being credited for helping rescuers find a man trapped by debris after the tornado hit joplin, missouri. late sunday night the man sent his friend a text message that said i'm alive. he gave his location inside the damaged building. emergency management officials say they will continue searching the rubble throughout the week. the trial begins today for the florida mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter. opening statements will be heard this morning in the case against casey anthony. she's accused of killing her daughter, caylee, nearly three year ago.
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the toddler was last seen in june 2008. her body was found six months later. casey anthony has pled not guilty and has claimed a babysitter kidnapped her daughter. anthony could get the death penalty if convicted. high school seniors are being reminded about the dangers of drinking and driving. [ cheering and applause ] >> san jose held its commencement ceremony last night. in addition to diplomas, seniors also received a picture of 16-year-old jordan west. she died in a drunk driving accident in november on highway 101. graduates we talk today say drinking and driving is still going on despite that accident. >> i can only tell you that they're making the wrong decision. >> have you ever try today say anything to them? >> oh, yeah. >> statistics show a third of all alcohol-related teenage deaths occur during graduation
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season the three months of april, may and june. shelve ron trying to get permission to update the refinery. it's already applied for a new permit to make changes there. they want to be able to process more types of crude oil. two courts rejected an earlier attempt saying the environmental impact report was inadequate. an environmental group says there's no information if a renovated plant will emit heavy metals. seven protesters face trespassing and conspiracy charges after launching a demonstration against chef ron. they're demanding they pay an $8.6 billion fine for polluting the rain forest in ecuador. they're appealing that judgment. the woman identified as the mother of former governor arnold schwarzenegger's out of wedlock son has hired a law firm to represent her.
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mildred patricia baena is represented by a firm in los angeles. now gossip website says it's received a letter from the firm challenging "unflattering reports about baena." the firm says there are no plans to file any lawsuits at this time. applications are now being accepted for a new san carlos city council member who could possibly become the mayor. the city council has not been able to agree on who should succeed o mar who died unexpectedly of a heart attack two weeks ago. vice mayor andy clean has withdrawn his name from consideration after his recent arrest on suspicion of drunk driving. the city council has decided to accept applications for a fifth council member who could then potentially be nominated for mayor. there were six months left in his term. something new on part of interstate 80 today. it could make your commute easier. also the bay area man who said the rapture would happen
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over the weekend is now speaking out about his failed prediction. the new date he says the world will end.
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welcome back to the morning news. several rallies are planned this morning as part of a statewide day of action to increase awareness of the crisis facing california public schools. wake up california was coordinated by parents and community members. rallies in the bay area include one in lafayette plaza park in a couple hours. there are three planned in san francisco at 7:00 a.m. and at 7:30, two of them at 7:30. others are planned in redwood city's courthouse square, the bonn air center in green bray and the burlingame city hall. also this morning cal trans will mark the opening of the final section of the car pool lane on a major east bay freeway. the ribbon cutting ceremony for
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the hov lane runs eastbound interstate 80 between highway 4 and the bridge. cal trans says it will make it easier and faster for car poolers to get from emeryville to vallejo. it's expected to be open for traffic in time for the evening commute. all right. that's one good piece of information on the commute. hopefully sal has some more. that's right, pam. we do. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on 80 westbound as you head out to the macarthur maze and the other way around. also looking at highway 4 westbound coming up to the willow pass grade with no major problems driving out toward the willow pass grade. and traffic looks good on 680 heading south. bridge traffic also moving along very nicely coming in to san francisco. and if you're driving on the peninsula or in hayward commute southbound heading down to the south bay that traffic looks good all the way into san jose. 4:53. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. real quick here getting some
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tweets. sp weather by the way. when is this wind going to stop? what is going on? it's called a blocking pattern. that means once everything locks in the upper air patterns, high pressure and low pressure, then it stays this way sometimes for three weeks. that's what's going on right now. even though the calendar says it's the end of may, mother nature doesn't care. she says i'm going to keep you cool. that's all right. it's okay to be cool. patchy fog, sunny and breezy today. some of the patchy fog mainly around the peninsula and san mateo coast. then we keep our eyes on another system moving in. this will give us cloudy and cooler conditions. mainly north bay not a lot but will make it around sfo, vallejo, benicia north. i'll massage it as we get closer to it tomorrow. today start off with mostly clear skies. but it's school out there. mid-40s. napa 44. santa rosa right in there. san rafael upper 40s. mountain view, san jose 48. san francisco's 49. fairfield 48 with a west- southwest wind at 14.
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that's cold. sfo west at 15. there's not as much of a breeze today as there was yesterday. some of the higher elevations still about 25 plus. but nothing like 50 that we saw. today's all right. but then we watch for that system right there. look at the enhancement taking place. here'sed low coming down for your wednesday. if you wanted to get out on the links today or play a little tennis, today's the day to do it. sunny, breezy after patchy fog. a little warmer today but not much. we're still well below average here. santa rosa 72. san rafael 68. berkeley 64. 74 antioch but they should be in the low 80s by now. 72 morgan hill which is really cool. redwood city 67. san mateo 66. livermore only 70. yeah. only 70. 67 santa cruz. cloudy tomorrow. rain mainly north of san francisco, oakland thursday cool and really breezy. friday should be okay. and increasing clouds saturday. looks like another system sweeps in for very chilly weather on sunday. oh, boy. thank you, steve. well, oakland minister is
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making a new prediction about the end of the world. camping made his first public comments yesterday after his may 21st prediction about the rapture passed without incident. now camping says the world will end all at once on october 21st without the months of earthquakes, plagues and other disasters. >> we're not going to put up anymore billboards. in fact they're all coming downright now. we're not going to be advertising in any way anywhere about judgment day. that's all done. the world has been warned. >> camping is also denying responsibility though for his followers who gave away all their possessions ahead of the may 21st rapture date. he says he never told anyone to do that. the san jose sharks are facing elimination tonight in game five of the western conference finals. sharks are down 3-1 in their series against the vancouver canucks. shark captain joe thornton will play tonight despite his injury
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in game four. fred is in vancouver with the team. you can catch his reports later today right here on ktvu channel 2. an 88-year-old man recovers after a violent attack inside his own home. the danger men lo park police are warning other people to be aware of this morning. and the search continues for this girl. a missing teenager from danville. where she was last seen and why police are worried about her safety.
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good morning. i'm jade hernandez. we're live in danville where authorities are looking for a missing 15-year-old. we have all the details coming up. a 98-year-old man recovers after a violent attack in his home. the danger men lo park police are now warning other residents about this morning. deadly destruction in missouri. the one piece of bright news that people just received this morning. also israel's prime minister addresses congress today. what he says his country will never do. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's tuesday may 24th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i've


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