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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 25, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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6:00. good evening, i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. live over a house fire in oakland. you can see the result there. looks like this house is a total loss. it was a two-alarm fire that broke out at a home on burr street within the past hour. to give you a perspective of where it is, just across the free way, interstate 580, from the oakland zoo. we have a crew on the scene. they just arrived. we will go to them as soon as we can. right now we want to show you pictures that were taken earlier. that fire was fully engulfed. it does not appear that fire spread to the neighboring homes. tonight it looks like the house
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is pretty much a total loss. our crew on the scene will report any information they have as soon as they get it. coming up in 10 minutes, we will have crucial training going on today as fire season approaches. robert handa will have that story in 10 minutes. right now, though, any moment the man arrested for the beating of san francisco giants' fan brian stow will appear in a police lineup in los angeles. ktvu's ken wayne is outside the jail now with what he learned today about an alibi in this case. ken? >> reporter: if everything goes according to schedule the lineup is taking place at this moment. giovanni ramirezstanding with a half dozen inmates behind the thick walls. the test there inside the jail will be to see if 8 eyewitness will be able to identify him as the man who put brian stow into
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a coma. >> they -- they will take the defendant and take people, other inmates here, who resemble the person, the target defendant, and then they will have the witnesses look and see if they can pick out the person they think committed the crime. >> reporter: an attorney representing giovanni ramirez's daughter says the girl insists her father was with her the entire day when the beating occurred and never even at the dodger game. he says giovanni ramirez is offering to take a lie detector test. >> absolutely. he -- as a matter of fact, it was his idea, encouraging that. adamant it was not him. >> reporter: it's not clear how long this lineup process will take but giovanni ramirez's attorney may come after it is
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over to tell us if anything developed from this lineup, if that happens we will let you know. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news. police are combing a neighborhood where a senior was gunned down. ktvu's rita williams is there. she spoke to a witness after the shooting happened this afternoon. >> reporter: as you see behind me here, investigators are still here at the scene where 3 hours ago someone shot and killed a 17-year-old boy. that is his bicycle there where he was shot three or four times while riding his bike on his way home from the high school. oakland school district officials say he was due to graduate in just about 2 weeks.
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the shooting in broad day light in this neighborhood has left residents nervous and police out searching for a killer. >> i was at home. i heard gunfire. somebody said somebody got shot. >> it's concerning to us you have a 17-year-old who is gunned down. and there was multiple people out here when the officers got on scene. what we need now is community support. >> reporter: this brand new information that we have gotten from officials, say they the man's name is franklin, jr., he was 17 years old. part of their leadership, part of the complex of the school, which means he was intended to go on to college. he was planning to go to community college next year. and police sources out here
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tell me he had no contact with police so people are stunned that this young man was shot down and killed here this afternoon. reporting live in oakland, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. we have more developing news now. there is a threat of tornadoes right here in northern california at this hour. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking that warning. >> about a hour ago. i will show you what we are tracking. two cells, two possible tornadoes in this area. at this point, you can see where chico is. to the right, you will see the track. rain picks mup no rotation picked up in the storms but they are still severe storms. the second storm you can see dayton 6:19 the rain picks mup
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earlier we had reports about a possible tornado. the big story, across the country, more tornado warnings. 7 states under tornado warnings from chicago towards louisiana, you see this line of severe weather. this is many nights and days of bad, bad, bad weathers out there and it continues tonight. severe thunderstorm and a tornado warning across 5-6 states. lots of weather going on and even here in the state. 80 in the lake tahoe area closed. we will talk about when the weather will get out of the area. people in oklahoma are bracing for more violent storms. the death toll from three tornadoes that tore through the oklahoma city area yesterday rose to 9. the governor toured some of the hardest hit areas and declared a state of emergency. >> terrible day yesterday. we are saddened by the loss of
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life. so far we have 8 or 9 -- >> 135 people have been killed since tuesday in storms in oklahoma, missouri, arkansas, and kansas. more than 100 tornadoes have been recorded this month in the u.s. the national weather service says the average for may is 298. 1,000 tornadoes have touched down this year. the average is closer to 1300 in a single year. a spring rain pushed through the bay area today. folks put on their winter coats today. the north bay saw the worst of it. in concord, four people were hurt on a crash on i-680. happened about 1:00. one person with a broken leg was trapped inside that car. all four were taken to the
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hospital with major injuries. the rain is having a big impact on parts of the bay area, including delaying some opening. we will look at that at 7:00 on tv 36. new information on another developing story. a crash landing at an airport that left five people hurt. this video came in minutes ago of the scene at the sedona airport in arkansas. a plane originated from san jose ran off the run way. two pilots and three passengers were on board. all of them suffered minor injuries. community is in mourning tonight after investigators reach a sad conclusion in the search for a missing teen. ktvu's mike mibach is live with
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more. >> reporter: a candlelight vigil set to get underway in 50 minutes. members of the community rallied in the last couple days in the search for allison bayliss. they have been posting flyers in the downtown area. tonight there wilt be no searching as the community will come together to remember this teen. >> when something tragic like this happens i would expect any community to come together like this. >> reporter: a photo of allison bayliss. >> she was one of the sweetest people i knew. >> reporter: the disappearance gripped the community, including her classmates. >> you knew she was in the class room. bright, friendly person. always kind. you couldn't say anything bad about her. so many people love her. just miss her. >> reporter: the teen was seen on camera at a bart station in
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san francisco. friends and volunteers searched late into the night. and then this morning new evidence surfaced ling investigators to believe she took her own life. >> she walked on to the golden gate bridge monday morning, it does not appear she walked off the bridge. >> this is a very sad outcome, our hearts go out to the family at this time. signs of support were evidence outside her home. a community from classmates to strangers remember one of their own. tonight's candlelight vigil will be held at danville church, starts at 7:00. live tonight, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. police will be conducting a sobriety check point in honor
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of a girl killed by a drunk driver. friday is two years since she and her father were runed down by a t revealed the location of that check point. local law enforcement officials are watching a bill that could restrict dui check points. the bill would prevent imp pounds if a license driver could pick up the vehicle. the bill is considered by the full assembly. rescue operations going on over the reservoir in the santa cruz mountains. it's the first day of training for the unit. ktvu's robert handa got a look at the training and the beginning. >> reporter: it's still going
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on right now. exciting day for us and firefighters that calfire station. the crew members are hand picked to conduct these operations throughout the bay area. we were invited to watch as they get ready for all the holiday activity. >> reporter: the cal fire took to the air today. the unit of a dozen firefighters undergo periodic training for short haul rescues. a last resort mission for an emergency that can't be done by a ground crew. >> all the training really pays off when we do this. helps us to stay calm. >> we can do cliff rescue, water rescue and help stranded
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hikers or people in romote locations. >> reporter: the unit came about years ago to help firefighters in and out of dangerous areas. the crew has to treat civilian emergency more delicately. >> it take as certain period of time to switch gears and go into the rescue mode. >> reporter: they are all veteran firefighters. >> i am used to working on air programs. >> reporter: what has it been like? >> fun. >> reporter: this training session is scheduled so they can be tested and certified in time for the memorial day weekend. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can watch more of today's exercise on we are uploading video of the crews practicing under our video on demand section.
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homeless people can be compensated from being removed from tent cities. they failed to tell them how they can retrieve possessions. the ruling is the result of a lawsuit brought on. the suit did not specify damages. san francisco's sit-lie ordinance isn't working. there have been a lot of arrests, citations and warningings but they -- warnings, but they haven't been effective. facebook founder mark zuckerberg said the site is not working to open the site to children under the age of 13. facebook has policies not to register children under a certain age. that age varies by countries. stocks rose on wall street.
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they focused on rising oil prices. the dow jones industrial average rose 38 points to close at 12,395. the nasdaq composite rose 15 to 2,761. the quiet community of park merced near san francisco state is at the center of a housing firestorm. ktvu's david stevenson is live where residents say they aren't done fighting plans to move them out of their homes. >> reporter: developers call it a makeover but residents say they stand to lose decades of their lives with the demolition of the units. >> these are our homes. >> reporter: residents say they are worried and angry after super visors approved a redevelopment of this complex. >> i lived here 58 years. >> reporter: she was dragged out yesterday, angry that they
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approved a plan that will include the demolition and replacement of 1500 rent- controlled homes. >> how can you stand for this? this is the last middle class in san francisco. >> reporter: town homes won't be demolished till residents can be moved into the new units. adding restaurants, stores and 5700 new units. 40% will be sold at market rates. >> change is always scary but it's not true anybody will be displayed. >> reporter: the develop plan does not guarantee the rent- control rights. he says he added 14 pages worth of amendments to the plan. >> so that the current residents will be able to
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continue to live at the rent they are paying now for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: still, they said they are skeptical it will protect their homes and they are looking at -- legal action. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a judge is considering testimony and arguments presented today in a bittal legal batter over a memorial to people who died in jonestown. it would be at the ever green cemetery where 409 are buried. at issue is it includes the name of the john wesley i just i just -- of the reverend james jones. >> a ruling from the judge is expected before saturday when a group plan to dedicate that
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memorial. california continues to rely on patrolium based fuel, despite advances in energy. a group released that report. it says advances in alternative fuel will lead to a reduction in gas. memorial day weekend is a few days away and gas prices continue to hover above $4. traffic in berkeley. the average price for a gallon in california is $4.09. san francisco $4.19. oakland $4.07. and $4.08 in san jose. we are just getting new information concerning that breaking news we brought you. i want to show you live pictures -- looks like these are taped picture.
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no, these are live. my bad. as we zoom in here, you will see the house on burr street that was burned and seriously damaged. it's on a slope and it took a half hour for crews to get it under control. no one was hurt. but from what we understand, it looks like it began in the yard. there was some sort of weed abatement. as you can see here, it does not appear that that fire spread to the neighboring homes. again, it looks like this house suffered major damage or is a total loss. >> firefighters on the scene for a while. we wanted to talk about the weather. rain, warnings of tornado. >> tornado warning extended to 6:45 in butte county.
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tornadoes towards chico. i will back it up a little bit. these are the cells i am tracking. right about here. the doppler radar picking up rotation. these severe thunderstorms moving towards chico. brings it up to the current right here. you are having heavy rain right now. you could be getting tornadic activity. as this system moves into the foot hills and brush creek and highway 32, they will fall apart. the spin in these. the tornado fear goes way as they move towards the east but they are still severe thunderstorm that are capable of producing hail up to dime size. crazy day. mountains, closed because of
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snow. snowing hard. we got just that kind of weather and it continues. stray shower tonight. here are the current images of showers to the north. rain moves out tonight. late season storm mows through the area. we had up to a quarter inch of rain today. in the mountains it is snowing hard. 1-3 inches easy. could see 6 inches above 5,000 feet. the model does this, this is tomorrow now. we are drying out. look how close the next system gets. that system serves to keep temperatures out of the mid- 70s. tomorrow will be warmer, drier but below average temperatures. 60s tomorrow. upper 60s. low 70s. friday warmer. more clouds for the weekend but no rain. this is it right now. the forecast highs tomorrow
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60s. nice day. friday warmer. five day forecast, unusual weather. you know, our weather goes east. in two days, this system goes out into the plains and they will have more severe weather. as long as we are active, they are active. >> thank you. lending a hand. the truck loads of help going out to families hit by the recession.
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. live up butte country. breaking news. live news copper up. that looks like a wall cloud. that's a possible funnel cloud. we talked about the rotation near chico. as i look at that, we just got the pictures in. as i look. it's pulling out -- that helps. rotation. that does look like a funnel cloud. it's tough from that angle. funnel cloud is where it doesn't hit the ground. if it touches down, that would be a tornado. tornado warning remains in
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effect sill 6:45. yeah. that looks like a funnel cloud. 6:45 butte county. heading towards paradise. radar fans gets interesting news. >> i would see this as good news if you are a fan. all football fans starved for news with the labor process. the raders talk about readership. he gathered a number of his teammates, 33, in effect, and they are going through a four- day unsupervised work out. good news. getting organized without coaches on hand. describes things as very high spirited. >> fans out here. we brought the raider nation in here today. it's great. great turn out. guys are excited. we needed to get together. and, you know, i understand the fan's frustration with the lock out. we want to play as much as they
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want us to play. i said, when it is lifted we wanted to make sure we were ready to go. >> little surprising news, the lakers hired mike brown as their new coach. we will have more tonight at 10:00. that's the sporting life. >> thank you. as we leave you tonight we want to show you more live pictures of the funnel clouds, the tornado in butte county. we are tracking this more at 7:00 and at 10:00 and online,
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