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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 27, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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we do have more changes for drivers. some eastbound lanes will be closed between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., both on saturday and sunday. what traffic will not be affected. caltran says the eastbound detour will help the opening. now, we posted more information on our channel 2 website. just go to and look for the right section. there is new fallout from the san francisco police conduct scandal. prosecutors will dismiss another 26 cases today. that's in addition to the 80 cases that have already been dropped by prosecutors or dismissed by judges in recent months. s the today, he say he is will release another videocape -- also,ed to, he says he will
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release another video tape involving drug bust and other. two court documents say a man accused of killing a leader is not mentally competent to stand trial. a judge is now expected to decide next month if the 58- year-old should be sent to a mental hospital. he is accused of killing community activist david lewis at a shopping center nearly one year ago. the two men grew up together in east palo alto. the apparent lack of motive led investigators to think he might have been troubled mentally. prosecutors have not said when they expect to file formal charges in the beating case. a hearing is now scheduled next year to see if perez violated his parole. that would give police more
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time to gather evidence without having to immediately seek charges against ramirez. la police chief beck says he remains confident that they have arrested arrested the right man. the chp will be out this weekend setting up check points and pulling over anyone they think may be under the influence of alcohol. the maximum time of enforcement runs through midnight monday. the last half hour the final space walk by a space shuttle crew wrapped up. the endeavor astronauts made their final mission. the crew attached a 50-foot extension pole to the spacecraft. from now on, any space walks will be made by residents of the space station and it will be for maintenance. astronauts from around the world have spent more than 1,000 hours outside the other
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bying outpost. in addition to -- by the outpost. the astronauts documented their work by taking photos of the workstation. in just about 40 minutes you're going to be able to see the space shuttle as it flies over the bay area. at 5:15 the two spacecrafts will appear as a bright star coming the southwest and heading to the northeast. if you don't see it today, you will have another chance sunday morning. that will be at about 4:27. we'll be keeping an eye on that. sal, hopefully we can capture it for people. >> absolutely. i hope that we can. we might, right? let's go out and take a look at the commute. >> westbound, 80. this traffic looks pretty good. there is road work on the lower work of the bay bridge you should be aware of. it's blocking the two right lanes on the way to oakland. westbound traffic is in the affected by this.
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also, this morning looking at 280 northbound, that traffic looks good getting up the highway. 4:37 let's go to steve. >> reporter: thank you. temperatures will be very similar and very, very few 70s. the weak little system moving in, there will be another one over the weekend which will dive down and go right towards sacramento. it is not going to be very warm. maybe monday looks to be the warmest of the next couple of days here. the next few a lot of low cloud -- a lot of low clouds, fog. it's tough to warm up in this pattern. everything is staying to the north, but look at that, even some rainmaking up western california near the oregon border. so, if you are traveling in that direction, temperatures will stay cool. right now we're in the 40s and 50s. cloud deck just continues to stream in here in advance of a system. good look at it, so as this begins to drop south, that will
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keep a lot of cloud cover on us. clouds, breezy, maybe some light rain. staying cool. highs today, 50s, 60s. barely 70 for morganhill. santa rosa, 67. very windy and cool. could be some rain, especially north and east on sunday as that system digs in. maybe a break monday and tuesday. wednesday, looks like rain returns. secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan today trying to repair a relationship that has been strained since the u.s. killing of osama bin
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laden. one positive sign the government of pakistan has given permission to a team of cea forensic specialist to search the compound where osama bin laden was killed. the team will gather up any information that can be found and look for possibly hidden or buried documents. it is not clear when the cia team will visit the compound. we are learning that seven of the eight nato soldiers killed in a bombing in afghanistan were americans. that bombing happened in the southern part of the country yesterday. pentagon says the soldiers were on foot patrol when two bombs expressed ex-- exploded. the names have not been released. a new phone that could replace your wallet, and the company that could take them to court for it. the new surveillance that police hope will catch a killer. an innocent man shot in broad daylight. good morning.
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on the golden gate bridge, ask moves well. looks like they may be doing some lane reconfiguration up there. we'll tell you more about that, straight ahead.
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a good morning. a lot of low clouds. we will keep it cloudy in the north bay. temperatures continuing to be way below average. a lot of 60s.
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search and rescue teams are in their sixth day of looking for victims since that devastating tornado that hit joplin, missouri. 126 people are confirmed dead, and more than 200 people are now unaccounted for. but emergency workers believe many of them are alive but have not been able to contact family or friends. most communications were knocked out and are just now starting to return to service. president obama and other world leaders at the ga summit are wrapping up two days of meetings in france. we want to show you new video of their group photo just about 30 minutes ago. it included some african nations. the leaders agreed to try to provide $40 billion in funding for arab countries trying to establish democracies. later today, president obama heads to poland, the final stop on his european tour. >> are there any senators in
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the chamber -- >> president obama also woke up in france to give his approval for a bill passing the extension late last night. provisions included in the bill gives the government the ability to search records and conduct wiretaps. after reviewing the bill in france, the president gave white house officials permission to use an auto pen machine to sign his actual signature. the finger present program cross referencing anyone booked into a county jail with an immigration data base could soon see some changes. the state assembly approved a bill yesterday allowing counties to opt out of secure communities. critics say the fingerprint program unfairly targets immigrants that haven't been convicted of a crime. now, the bill now goes to the state senate. google is moving towards a world where people do not need
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or use wallets. shoppers will select a phone screen, tap the phone on a credit card reader, google will make money by selling coupons ortizing that works with the -- coupons or advertising that works with the coupon. bart is getting ready to spend $100,000 to equip his police force with tasers. the 130 tasers were approved. right now if the officer wants a taser they have to check it out. but policy requires every officer to carry one. >> i would rather have our officers properly trained and with their own individual taser
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so they grow accustom to it to as opposed to having to find one in a desk and check one out and not know if it's accurate. >> the taser decision follows the 2009 new year's day shooting of oscar grant by former bart police officer. oakland police hope surveillance video will lead to the arrest of a fatal shooting. antonio torrez was shot. four men were seen on nearby home cameras running just after that shooting. police urging anyone who knows what happened to come forward. there have been 40 homicide so far this year in oakland compared to 34 at this time last year. police are gearing up for a potentially violent summer. >> critical piece is having intelligence in putting police officers in spots where you have the potential issues. oakland mayor is urging
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businesses to hire students this summer to keep them off the streets. the mayor says parents should also look for activities for their children. there is also an update on another deadly shooting in oakland, one that took the life of a high school senior. police tell us the 17-year-old may have been targeted. he was shot on wednesday as he was riding his bike home from school. investigators say just last week, officers responded to a call of shots fired in the same area. franklin, who was nearby, was questioned and then let go, and police believe someone may have tried to kill franklin then. testimony resumes today in the trial of the florida mother accused of killing her little girl. 25-year-old casey anthony faces the death penalty if convicted of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter. in court yesterday, the jury heard testimony from casey's father, friends and exboyfriend. one testified that he did not
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notice change in casey's behavior after her daughter's appearance in 2008. >> did she tell you her daughter was missing. >> no. >> or kidnapped? >> no. >> that he was looking for her? >> no. >> prosecutors accuse casey of wrapping up her daughter's head in duct tape and then dumped the body in the woods. during opening statements tuesday, the defense claims caylee accidentally drowned in the family swimming fool and casey lead about the death because she was afraid -- lied about the death because she was afraid. the giants trying to repeat the world series magic. the rookie of the year is likely out for the rest of the season. the latest picture of him there, a chronicle photography took this picture of him with a cast already on his left leg. he fractured a bone in his lower left leg and tore
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ligaments in his ankle during that violent collision wednesday night. it is a devastating blow to the defending world champs. >> potentially a season ending deal. any time you see a catcher taken out of the plate and hurt, it is frustrating. >> the injury is even prompting calls for major league baseball to re-examine its rule book. giants manager is among those who think the league should crack down on violent hits and take other steps to improve player safety. a bad day for southern california police gets even worse. the horrific accident involving two of their own and the place they were headed when they crashed. and, the new sign that sarah palin may be considering to into the race for the republican bid.
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a southern california officer was killed and another injured after the two crashed yesterday. it actually happened yesterday during the funeral procession of another officer who recently died of cancer. one of the motorcycle officers was thrown into on coming traffic and died instantly. the other officer suffered a broken leg. some witnesses say they were going too fast, but the cause of that crash is still under investigation. this weekend, sarah palin kicks off her east coast bus tour. some say it's a strong sign that she is considering a presidential bid. the one nation tour starts in washington, d.c. on sunday. palin will reportedly appear at the annual motorcycle rally before take ever making -- making her way up the news coast. a new poll shows palin is in the lead right behind romney.
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a proposal to fight china camp and three other parks. the state says it needs to close a total of 70 parks to save money. the county chief who is reportedly drafting a plan will meet today with county officials. officials say creative management ideas may provide an alternative solution. yosemite's tablassier point road opens today -- glacier point road opens today. it may be wet and slippery still because of melting snow. conditions could also shut down some trails unexpectedly as travelers pour in for the holiday weekend. >> we kind of knew coming down that the snow would be here, but it would be nice to get a little farther than we probably will be able to.
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>> park rangers are asking everyone headed there to drive carefully because of weather conditions and wild life. coming up on 5:00, let's go back over to sal, check in on traffic. how is the commute so far, sal? >> looks pretty good, pam. starting off pretty well. if you are driving on the golden gate bridge, traffic looks good. heading down the toll plaza -- you know, i just lost my train of thought so i'll move on. traffic moves well. don't you hate when that happens in the middle of your traffic report. northbound 101 looks good. the two right lanes are closed for another hour, so watch for that if you're leaving san francisco for oakland. also, this morning looking at the traffic on northbound 101. help me, steve. >> you're for given. i understand. >> good morning, everyone.
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i think sunday will be for those of you looking to plan ahead. it will be windy, but i think we will scour autothe clouds. friday and saturday, we have to look at -- out the clouds. friday and saturday, we have to look at the rain coming in. clouds increase today, mainly in the form of low overcast. light rain possibility, especially to the north, but the pattern stays very cool. you can see that. northern sacramento valley. one system has to dig in, that will be on saturday. temperatures, 40s, 50s. a lot of 50s. with the cloud cover starting to move in, i think we'll see the 50s. the weather for the cloud cover i think will be even cooler. everything is very active. we'll go with rain north and east on friday, saturday. as that low begins to move in, temperatures remain below average. windy saturday and sunday, but
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as that system digs in i think we will be on the drier side for sunday. light showers to the north today. clouds, sun, breezy. low clouds really ramping up right now. there wasn't much there about an hour and a half ago, but now there is. 60s or low 70s, again. as you probably imagine, these are far below normal. fog, sun, breezy. mostly cloudy saturday. could be some rain. lake county, napa county. sunday, windy and mile. should be beautiful on the coast. nice on monday. tuesday, clouded up. a sexual assault in oakland overnight. what clues police are searching for this morning. and, we may be able to see something out of this world this morning. when you might be able to see the space shuttle from your own backyard.
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a disturbing early morning report of the oakland hills, a break in and an attempted sexual assault. we have the latest details. something rare in the bay area skies, coming your way in about 15 minutes. >> also, big delays coming for two bay area thoroughfares, what you can expect


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