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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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report of a robbery and assault in the open hills. police are at the home now. how the thieves may have gotten into the house. bart and bay bridge delay their memorial day weekend, we have details from oakland. california makes a decision to crack down on illegal immigrants, what will now start happening under that new law. >> pakistan sites a deal with the cia what agents will be able to do in the former hideout of osama bin laden. the morning news continues. good morning to you. welcome to a brand new day.
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it is friday, may 27th. i've dave clark. >> i'm pam cook, thank you for joining us this morning. let's start with steve paulson. >> clouds ramped up in the last hour or so. it'll be another cool day, maybe drizzle or light rain towards the north and east, but partly sunny today, breezy, cool, highs in the 60s, any warm weather on the weekend? yes and no, we'll get to that in about five minutes. traffic is moving along nicely. if you're driving in oakland on interstate 880 or 580 for that matter. driving close to the bay bridge. also the morning commute on the east shore freeway is off to a nice start. now let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news from the oakland hills. right now, police are investigating a break-in and possibly a sexual assault at a home near skyline boulevard. ktvu's kraig debro has been talking with investigators and
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joins us with new information. >> reporter: i spoke with a regional park police officer earlier down the street. the information we're getting, off the police scanner, we came up here, found out there was an investigation going on. i went to the door of the home, i spoke to a man who lives there. he said he didn't want to talk. he said he's pretty upset right now, that's why he didn't want to talk. behind me on the 6800 block of wilton, there's still an officer out here this morning. i went around to the back of the house. adjacent to redwood regional park. there's a trail that parallels all these homes. off that trail, there's a cut path to the back of this home to that trail. there are any number of ways this thief or assailant could have gotten into and out of this house. the report came in around 2:52 this morning. the report was that somebody had broken into a home around the 6800 block of wilton. in addition to, that a woman inside the home had been sexually assaulted or there'd been an attempt to sexually
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assault the woman inside the home. police on scene aren't talking. they referred us to a public information officer. we haven't had return phone calls or e-mails from the officer just yet to confirm this information. still trying to confirm the information, but there was a large police presence on the scene. in addition to park police i told you about, piedmont police are providing at least one canine unit. they old us they believe the person or persons involved had gotten away already. even in the area. we are investigating that report as well, we'll give you an update later on on the morning news. here's a heads up for bart riders. jade hernandez joining us live from oakland to tell us about emergency repair work this weekend and how passengers are going to be affected.
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jade? >> bart decided to do the repair work over the weekend because they said it impacted the least number of people. during the week, they said it would have impacted two to three times as many people. just about an hour ago, bart held a press conference right here at the 12th street bart station. they gave us an update about what riders would need to keep in mind this weekend. at the meeting, we were given this picture to show the damage done by a fire back on december 19th. the the repair work will be done over the next two weekends, causing delays. vital maintenance to the electric cable. the assistant manager gave us an example of the cable which will be replaced. we were told the riders most affected are the dublin and fremont riders through lake merritt. the emphasis was on the 12th street bart. all transfers will go over the 12th street station over the usually 19th station. two tracks will cause delays, anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes.
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on sunday, memorial day, which has a holiday schedule, expect delays from 8:00 a.m. until 2:30 in the afternoon. >> this is really necessary, it's actually an emergency repair contract. we have to fix some cabling that feeds the third rail. god forbid we should have a failure in that cabling, it would mean basically no service through the bay when we're trying to carry hundreds of thousands of riders through the tube during the week. >> reporter: now bart riders aren't the only ones to experience a slow down in the commute this weekend and next. the driver on the bay bridge will experience a slow-up during part of their weekend. select eastbound lanes will be closed from 8:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning. it will create a different approach into oakland after the memorial day weekend. reporting live from oakland this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu, channel 2 news. you can download an app to your iphone or ipad to see the changes happening on the bay
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bridge. now the app is called bay bridge explorer. you'll get a virtual view of the new eastern span while the construction is happening. we have more information about the bart repairs and bart bridge detour on our channel 2 website, just go to look for the right now section. school administrators in santa cruz county have suspended several students believed responsible for a rash of racist incidents. they say the students wrote racist graffiti on several school buildings and wore clothing consistent with the white supremacist movement. the district is now sending letters home to parents warning them of the small group of students promoting so-called white pride. time now 6:06. a san jose city councilman has a court date next month to face charges of driving under the influence. councilman ash kalra was arrested after being pulled over because his car had a broken
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taillight. sobriety tests showed his blood alcohol level at the time was .12. that's over the legal limit of .08. he was drinking while watching a shark game with some city hall colleagues. secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan today trying to repair a strained relationship with the u.s. we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with what secretary clinton had to say this morning about where that relationship stands following her meeting with pakistani leaders. now meantime, the government of pakistan has given permission to a team of cia forensic specialists to search the compound where bin laden was killed. the team will gather up additional information that could be found and look for possible hidden or buried documents. it's not clear when the cia team will visit the compound. time now 6:07. president obama and other world
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leaders at the g-8 summit in france have wrapped up two days of meetings. take a look at group gathering for this final photo opportunity, that happened this morning. today's meetings included the new leaders of egypt and tunisia as well as some of the african nations. the g-8 leaders say they're going to provide or plan to provide $40 billion in funding for the arab countries trying to establish democracies now. president obama is on his way to poland, the final stop on his european trip. he woke up over early to give approval for the bill that would extend parts of the patriot act. this was late last night. provisions included in the bill give the government the ability to search records and conduct wire taps. after reviewing the bill while he's in france, president obama gave white house officials permission to use an auto pen machine to sign his actual signature to it. a controversial immigration
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program could soon see some major changes. the state assembly approved a bill yesterday allowing california counties to opt-out of the secure communities program. now that program, cross references anyone booked into a county jail with an immigration database. criminals found to be in the country illegally are then turned over to immigration agents. the bill now goes to the state senate. time now 6:08. we now go to sal. he's watching the roads and the bridges. sal? >> things are doing pretty well dave and pam, i have a feeling that ahead of this, looking at the san mateo bridge, dumbarton bridge, traffic is okay. moving to the bay bridge, it's light, they usually don't turn the metering laws until about 6:15. we'll see if there's a crowd
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today at all. we're looking at interstate 880, as i look through the chp list, there's not a lot going on right now. 6:09, let's go steve. >> low clouds, everybody now overcast conditions, system pushing in this low cloud deck, that's why we're cloudy. temperatures today, close to what we had yesterday. a lot of 60s, very cool pattern. low clouds, breezy cool today. there could be a few showers north and east. windy but mostly sunny and warmer is what that should say. maybe mid-70s, not something we've said very much. clouds increasing in advance of that system. low overcast in place. possible drizzle, light rain, so far, nothing showing up yet, the low clouds are there, no doubt about it, it's overcast for many, every reporting station says cloudy. rain has made it to the north.
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towards eureka, crescent city, shasta, it's a cool pattern. northeast california as well, even tahoe, very windy. wind advisories out for pyramid, also tahoe. so keep that in mind if you're heading up there. can't find any rain yet, except up in mendocino county. lake county, nothing yet. a lot of low 50s. 52 to 57. 50 santa rosa. hayward, 57. the warmest by about 3 degrees. that has to move over, so in advance of that, everything continues to stream in here. once we get past that system, the high pressure system out there should fall in behind that for a windy but clearing sunday. rain in the northeast is possible, today and then also tomorrow. it'll be a cool pattern friday, saturday, a lot of 60s. then windy on saturday, but sunday's wind should be more of a northerly breeze. let's go with it. mostly sunny and warmer. clouds, sun, breezy but cool today. very cool with a lot of 60s or
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very low 70s. end of may, usually by default you can get these temperatures, but everything's held in check, due to the overcast conditions. very cool pattern, been on the west coast for a long time. cloudy to mostly cloudy today and tomorrow. possibility of light rain north and east. sunday, windy, the coast should be great. we'll go mostly sunny and mild to warm sunday into monday. from the classroom to the swimming pool, the long time teacher and coach being remembered today with a special honor. also: a bomb found on a high school campus, who's accused of putting it there?
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mistrust between u.s. and packkistan reaches a new low. u.s. forces killed osama bin laden. >> reporter: u.s. pakistani relations are at a turning point. here is video we brought by satellite. secretary of state and joint chief chairman mike mullen in talks with pakistani leaders. she's demanding more decisive action against militants. she's also trying to take on the conspiracy theories that erupted in pakistan since bin laden's death. there's a growing mistrust of the u.s., 49% of pakistanis
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don't believe osama bin laden is dead. >> solving its problems, pakistan should understand the anti-americanism and conspiracy theories will not make problems disappear. >> reporter: clinton also seems to be publically defending pakistani leaders. she said today there is no evidence the government knew bin laden was hiding out, not far from islamabad. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. testimony resumes today in the trial of casey anthony. the florida mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter. we're watching things, in fact this is a live picture inside the courtroom in orlando. the judge there going back to his seat right now. the attorneys and, well, yesterday prosecutors argued that casey anthony seemed carefree and cheerful in the weeks after her daughter caylee
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was last seen. anthony's friends, her ex-boyfriend, this is casey anthony right here, her ex-boyfriend, even her father testified. during the opening statements on tuesday, casey anthony's attorney claimed little caylee drowned in a pool and her grandfather george found the trial's body but didn't report it. in court there, was a lot of attention between george anthony and the attorney jose baez. >> i'm just asking you, treat me with a little respect and you'll get respect back, that's all i'm asking. >> mr. anthony, would you like to answer my question now? >> casey anthony is facing a possible death penalty if she's convicted. the panel for fresno area high school chemistry teacher accused of making explosives in her classroom now stands at half a million dollars. the bomb squad destroyed the explosives yesterday. the teacher was actually arrested earlier this week
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accused of helping students inhale chloroform which can produce a euphoric feeling. that investigation led police to the explosives. now still unclear what the teacher plans to do with it. later today, a south bay high school will dedicate its aquatic center to a high school teacher. ron freeman died in january after suffering a heart attack. he coached monta vista's water polio and swim teams for 30 years. in addition to teaching physical education and social studies. nasa is calling the final space walk by any space shuttle astronaut a success. the two astronauts spent 7.5 hours working on the exterior of the space station and took photos while they were out there. the final piece, a 50-foot long
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extension went into place in today's space walk. endeavor and its crew leave the space station sunday night. a stretch of highway 84 through niles canyon is open again this morning, after being closed overnight. caltrans crews started preconstruction crews on the road work near the underpass. they'll be back to work tuesday night, closing the highway between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. for three nights. that closure's part of the safety improvement plan to add shoulders and realign portions of that highway. 6:19 is the time. how's the friday commute, sal? >> looks pretty good, for the most part. just as we were speaking, chp put out a new accident. southbound 101, silver avenue. they're not even sure what it is. either a stall or a collision. southbound 101, silver avenue, watch for that, brand new, we'll try and find out more about that. let's go out to the live
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pictures. 280 northbound, highway 17, approaching highway 17, it looks good. traffic also looking good over the mountain down to the valley. this morning's commute is great on 237. it's usually not this light, driving over to 880. we'll take it, thank you very much. if you're driving in the east bay, approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, it's much lighter than usual. just coming up on the memorial day weekend. some people, no doubt have taken off for the weekend. 619, let's go back to steve. >> mostly cloudy, a lot of low clouds and fog. temperatures today, held in check again. 60s on the highs. very low 70s. just too much in the way of gray in advance of the system. we have low clouds over us. mostly cloudy, you can see the system there. it is producing rain to the north and east of us. it's there. for those traveling north. 50s on the temps. 57 hayward. i just had a nice tweet from jennifer, he said it's cold in hayward. maybe that 57 is an aberration, i don't know. everything's coming down out of
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the northwest. leading edge beginning to move in. move over northern california on saturday, keeping the pattern going, but sunday, should be far enough south that we clear out the clouds and get more of a north wind, which will warm us up. mostly cloudy, partly sunny today, 60s on the temps for many. too cool, very low 70s, could get light rain again, north and east of the bay area. clear it out mostly sunny and warmer. >> thank you, steve. just a few minutes ago, the government reports consumer spending jumped 4/10 of a percent last month. most of the money went to pay for higher energy, gas and food. it was the smallest increase in three months and less than analysts had forecast. another sign that consumers are holding onto their money as they watch gas prices climb.'s kindle is the clear leader according to the
6:22 am
publishing industry. the kindle has more than 60% of the market. barnes & noble's nook has 25% of e-book sales and the ipad is a distant third with about 10% of ail e-book sales. they expect that percentage to increase. time now 6:21. some southern california police officers had a day they'd like to forget. the horrifying accident involving two of their own and where they were headed when it happened. more than two years after the shooting death of oscar grant, bart makes a big decision about its police officers. if you're driving in san francisco, northbound 101, traffic looks good but there's a new problem we'll tell you about just ahead.
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237 traffic. there's a little sun there. steve and i were snickering off camera about the sun. traffic is also looking good. over to highway 101. >> thank you, sal. a southern california motorcycle officer was killed and another injured after the two crashed into each other. it happened during the funeral procession for another officer who recently died of cancer. one of the motorcycle officers
6:26 am
was thrown into oncoming traffic and died instantly. the other suffered a broken leg. some witnesses say they were going too fast, but the crash is still under investigation. the federal government wants to require all new cars, passenger trucks and suvs to have black boxes starting in 2013. data recorders collect and retain information in the seconds leading up to a crash and can help investigators determine the cause. time now 6:26. bart's getting ready for a big purchase worth about $150,000. the bart board of directors approved the purchase of more than 130 tasers. right now, the bart police officer wants a taser, they have to check one out. but a new policy will require every officer to have one, and carry one. all officers have to undergo additional taser training. one bart director voted to buy the tasers despite personally being against them. >> i would rather have our officers properly trained and
6:27 am
with their own individual taser so that they grow accustomed to it as opposed to having to find one in a desk or check one out and not know if it's accurate. >> now the taser decision follows a 2009 new year's day fatal shooting of oscar grant. johann yuhas -- johannes mehserle thought he was pulling the trigger of a taser. the heat will now host the dallas mavericks for game one of the nba finals. trouble in the open hills early morning. the attack that has prompted a massive search. san francisco's public defender says he has new evidence and a new video he plans to release today that
6:28 am
shows police officer misconduct. it's really about the potential fallout at the hall of justice coming up. world stocks seem to be recovering a bit as we go live to new york to see this economic data coming out in just moments, stay with us.
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all right, welcome back to the morning news. they're ringing the opening bell there this morning in new york. and trying to see who's ringing that bell on the nasdaq. looks like the solar company, brought their kids along. little party. hope they're hoping their stock goes up. looks like stocks will head up this morning, little bit of a recovery, consumer spending though rising more than expected.
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thanks for joining us this friday, time now 6:30. we have developing news right now, the oakland hills, right now police are investigating a break-in and a possible sexual assault at a house near skyline boulevard. ktvu's kraig debro is back with new information and new video. >> reporter: this is near the redwood regional park. patrolled by east bay regional district. a neighbor told us the man inside the house sent out an e-mail to his neighbors telling them what happened. the neighbor wouldn't tell us specifically what he said in the e-mail, but from all the other information we've been getting, we've been able to cooperate something very serious has happened here. we had a broadcast reporter earlier this morning. there'd been a break-in, robbery, and possibly a sexual
6:32 am
assault at this home near skyline boulevard. this all happened around 2:52 in the morning. police came out and processed the home for prints. i went to the door, spoke to the man inside, he didn't want to speak to me. he said he was upset over what happened. he had kids, very frightening incident, whatever happened in this home. saw a dog leash inside. there's possibly a dog that might have woken the people up inside. people processed the scene, there was a brief search, east bay regional park district. east bay regional park. didn't come up with anything. he believed the suspect or suspects gotten away. we want to show you a video of what it looks like behind the house. if you look behind these homes on this block, there's many trails that are adjacent to these homes. on the other side, there's that park. i wanted to show you this, i wanted to show you how easy it would have been for someone to enter and leave. we spoke to neighbors, they said
6:33 am
they have a very strong neighborhood watch group. they expect to stick together. they talked to one another. it's possible that some didn't come from the front side of the house, b that someone might have come through the back part of the house and gotten in that way. again, none of this is confirmed. the report we have of a break-in, robbery and possible sexual assault or even worse, not confirmed by police. they referred us to the public information officer. still trying to contact that person. more trouble this morning for the san francisco police department. 26 felony cases are expected to be dropped today. ktvu's allie rasmus is in the city with what we're learning about this growing scandal. >> reporter: pam, san francisco public defender jeff idache says a handful of san francisco police officers at doing things by the books.
6:34 am
he has new evidence, including a new video he's going to release today that backs up those claims. claims of misconduct started coming out in may. 80 cases have been thrown out. at a 9:00 a.m. hearing today, at the hall of justice, another 26 felony cases could be tossed aside. in all of those cases, the san francisco police officers accused of misconduct were involved in the investigation. some of the officers were pictured in this surveillance video released by public defender jeff idache. officers searched residents of drug violators, suspected drug violators illegally. in some of the cases, the officers didn't properly show their badges or identify themselves. he says in other cases, officers lied about being invited into the residences. they took things out of these homes during their searches that
6:35 am
they shouldn't have. idache's released four videos like in the past month. he's expected to release another video later today and talk about these new allegations of misconduct and an afternoon press conference. san francisco police say they are investigating the actions of the officers involved. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:34. prosecutors in los angeles have still not said when they expect to file formal criminal charges against the suspect in the brian stow beating case. a hearing is scheduled for next week to determine if giovanni ramirez violated his role. l.a. police chief charlie beck is confident they've arrested the right man a judge is expected to decide next month if 58-year-old
6:36 am
gregly elarms should be sent to a mental hospital. the two men grew up together in east palo alto. their paths crossed throughout their lives. the apparent lack of might have led investigators to suspect that elarms might be mentally troubled. today the chp is kicking off a holiday tradition, trying to keep drunk drivers off the road. officers will be out in full force for the memorial day weekend. you'll see them setting up checkpoints and pulling over anyone they think may be under the influence of alcohol. the maximum enforcement period starts at 6:00 p.m. tonight and will run through midnight on monday. 6:36 is the time. sal? >> a great castaneda tradition, staying home. >> staying home is good. barbecue at home. >> stay at home, if you have a man soda, you don't have to worry about driving, stay home.
6:37 am
good morning, everybody. that's my suggestion to you. you know, try staying at home. be safe. if you're driving westbound bay bridge, the traffic is moving along well. is that an old guy talking? staying at home? hmm...let's look at what we have, westbound 92. this friday, speaking of the holiday weekend, looks like we're doing lighter than usual all over the bay areas. as a lot of people try to lengthen the memorial day and also later on in the years, we see the same pattern. highway 85 on your screen, the map turning red near highway 17. we're seeing slow traffic in the lower west valley. 6:37. let's go to the steve. >> every 6:25 or so, i go to the newsroom and chat with sal. let's hang our hat on that. maybe we can get some in here on sunday. we'll have low clouds coming in, in advance of a system.
6:38 am
will give us a mostly cloudy, cool friday and saturday. low clouds, breezy, cool, tomorrow, more clouds, maybe drizzly. our observer ron said it's time to start you know, getting a boat ready. he's had another 2/100s of drizzle. sunday, monday, we'll be windy, mostly sunny and warmer. as we get a load of the pressure system digging south, that'll warm us up. lower clouds again being pushed along by a system moving into the north. what's new? nothing but systems move in for the last month. confirmation from ron, that confirms it. we have some. very light. if heading north. he's heard from bob, 53 degrees. really cool. northern sacramento valley. northeast california, in fact just not the best boating weather. if you're heading up there, maybe, sunday, monday will be
6:39 am
better for you. can't find much in the way of rain right now. some in northern mendocino county. still, temperatures not that warm. we're in the 50s for everybody. low to mid- but a lot of 52s, 53s, 54s. you'll see a little bend, that's the area of low pressure coming in. towards the sierra, very windy. possibility of showers or snow showers northeast california and the sierra on saturday. for us, it'll be a cool windy day. rain, north and east is possible. light drizzle, today and tomorrow. a lot of 60s. not too many 70s. windy, clearing out, little warmer. today though, mostly cloudy in the morning, partly sunny. highs only in the 60s. very low 70s, that breeze is definitely in place. not going anywhere any time soon. look for breezy, out of the west or southwest direction here.
6:40 am
mostly cloudy saturday. windy on sunday, warmer with 70s inland. the search will continue in missouri today to find people still missing after that deadly tornado. search dogs along with field crews have been busy the last few days searching through the rubble. crews are concentrated in areas where search dogs are indicated possible victims. rescuers say it's a race against time. >> it's a very difficult day. you know, 72 hours goes by, a disaster, there's still people missing. it's critical to do these searches. >> crews did manage to find three pets yesterday and they were able to reunite two of those pets with their owners. about 500 miles away in bedford indiana, people are cleaning up after a tornado ripped through their town wednesday night. that storm brought winds up to 135 miles an hour. just one of five tornados that hit indiana on wednesday. altogether, 12 people were injured in that bedford storm.
6:41 am
no fatalities have been reported there. time now 6:40. we have new video of a deadly swat team raid and it's raising new questions. we know a lot more about the man who was in that house, the swat team was too quick to open fire. the memorial day weekend will bring delays for bart riders and bay bridge commuters, we'll explain, coming up. traffic is moving along pretty well, northbound 101 in san jose. we'll give you the update on the morning commute and also the get-a-way commute.
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this video just released of a drug raid in arizona that went terribly wrong. lots of bullets flying. shows swat team members storming the house of a veteran marine. jose garena. he served in iraq. at first, officers say garena drew a gun and shot at them first. that report turned out to be wrong. garena was killed instantly in that hail of bullets. here's a quick look at other top stories we're following for you right now. 6:44. oakland police are investigating reports of a break-in and a possible sexual assault at this
6:45 am
house in the oakland hills. ktvu's kraig debro is out there now. he'll bring us new information and show us new video. we'll see him at 7:00. this new fallout from the san francisco police misconduct scandal, public defender jeff pinachi says they'll throw out six more cases today. secretary of state hillary clinton is in pakistan today trying to repair their relationship with the u.s. since the u.s. killed osama bin laden. she says relations have reached a turning point and pakistan has to make some decisive steps in the days ahead to fight terrorism. there are now reports that libyan leader muammar gadhafi is shuttling between tripoli's hospital to escape nighttime raids by nato jets. european officials say gadhafi is moving between the hospitals because he knows that nato aircraft won't bomb them.
6:46 am
nato jets carried out more air strikes in tripoli overnight. witnesses say at least one airstrike turned the sky over tripoli orange. tracer fire was seen as libyan gunners aimed anti-aircraft fire at the planes, the targets of the aerial attack appeared to be in the area of muammar gadhafi's compound, a frequent target of the air strikes. repair work this holiday weekend in the bay area will mean delays for some bart riders. ktvu's jade hernandez joining us live to talk about repairs that bart says just can't wait. what are they talking about, jade? >> well, we moved in the last hour to show you the bay bridge. this is just one of the spots that you're going to experience delays over the weekend. the good news is, the bridge won't be closed entirely. the bad news, select eastbound lanes will be closed from 8:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning, both saturday and sunday this weekend.
6:47 am
westbound traffic won't be affected. the detours will allow construction crews to work between existing and new bridges, to complete the new eastbound lanes. it'll have a slightly different approach after the weekend. >> bay bridge commuters aren't the only ones to experience a slow down in the commute as well. this picture shows damage done by a fire back on december 19th. over the next two weekends, expect delays and different routes due to repair work. bart is calling the work vital maintenance to the damaged electric case. we were told this morning the riders most affected, dublin and fremont riders. emphasis was on the bart station for anyone along that line. all transfers will go through the 12th street station. >> the most impacted riders are on the fremont and dublin lines. they need to transfer to and
6:48 am
from san francisco trains right here at 12th street in oakland. they need to make that transfer expeditiously. >> keep in mind, one of the trains they choose will be closed, creating the closures. so folks in san francisco will have to keep in mind, checking their transfers if they want to get to the east bay and visa versa. bart said they decided to do this repair work over the holiday weekend, because it will impact the least number of people. if they try to do these repairs during the week, it'd affect two to three times as many people than on sunday alone. you can download your app for the bay bridge. it's called bay bridge explorer. you'll get a virtual view of the new eastern span while construction is underway. we have more information about the bart repairs and bay bridge detour on our channel 2
6:49 am
website. just go to and look for the right now section. and right now, the time 6:48. a scenic road through yosemite national park reopens today. drivers will be able to take glacier point road into the park. glacier point and other parts may be wet because of melting snow. the threat of an avalanche. those conditions could also shut down some trails unexpectedly as travellers start pouring in for the holiday weekend. >> we kind of knew coming down that the snow would be here, but it would be nice to get a little farther than we probably will be able to. >> park rangers are advising everyone heading to yosemite this weekend, drive careful, be safe, weather conditions are tricky. there's wildlife out there too as you know. back over to sal as we check on the roads this morning. sal? >> pam and dave, traffic is
6:50 am
moving along very nicely. just keep in mind, even though we don't have much of a morning commute going, this afternoon, leaving, it might be a little bit of a different story. people try and make the most of the three days, a lot of people have three days off. they have monday off for memorial day. just be aware. critical masses tonight at 6:00 p.m. they usually start at justin herman plaza around san francisco. just be aware of that. >> let's move along and take a look at 880 north and southbound. southbound traffic looks good down to hayward from oakland. if you're looking at the south bay to refresh the road sensors, we don't see a lot of red and yellow. a little bit, but not too much. mostly green, the freeways are at or close to the speed limit in the south bay. at 6:50, let's go to the steve. >> not the greatest holiday weather weekend, but i think sunday, monday will be better. friday and saturday we have to deal with a lot of clouds. cool readings, that's for sure.
6:51 am
even local drizzle. .04 fallen at cazadero. getting a little light drizzle. wouldn't be surprised if that carries into saturday. north and east of the bay area. possibility of showers, it'll be windy for everybody, especially on saturday. right now we're dealing with mostly cloudy skies. a lot of low clouds coming in, rain to the north. also up to northwestern california. northern sacramento valley. the mountains will get very windy, maybe isolated snow showers. yes, on saturday. for us, we're, we're getting low clouds. so 50s for temperatures, low to mid- santa rosa 57. hayward, that's the warmest. 53, 54. covering, everything just driving in. you can see it from the northwest. areas of low pressure, you can start to see it, it bends the cloud deck right there. that has to move over. out here, out yonder, that's the pressure that should build in
6:52 am
sunday. it'll give us sunshine and wind. clouds, sun, breezy today. light showers, drizzle to the north. staying cool. okay to stay cool though, nothing wrong with that. 60s, upper 60s and low 70s. well below average for inland areas. mountain view, 67. fremont, 66. livermore, 67. low 70s, morgan hill and gilroy. sunday should be mostly sunny, warmer, but it'll be windy and then about the same on monday. pay pal says google store its idea for a new service that allows you to use a smartphone instead of a credit card. the google wallet service was announced yesterday. skype is reporting some of its users are unable to sign on. skype says it only affects a small percentage of its 170
6:53 am
million users. the company says it's taking steps to resolve the problem. skype, which is being purchased by microsoft plans to release a new version for mac today. is he biting off more than he can chew? we're talking about facebook founder mark zuckerberg. an unusual commitment he's making that has nothing to do with technology. we'll tell you how you can go online to send a message directly to injured giants catcher, buster posey. if you're driving on interstate 680, leaving pleasanton and driving through fremont, so far so good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
6:54 am
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honor flight is an opportunity for world war two veterans to travel to washington d.c. to get to see their monument. you know, joe, i'd like to thank you for honoring our country, for giving your time, and just making us so proud. [ joe ] on behalf of all of the veterans, you're welcome.
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♪ this is who i am. ♪ facebook founder mark zuckerberg is on a new diet, this one that only allows him to eat the meat of animals that he personally kills. he says he's learned how to raise and slaughter animals, but that's convincing him to become a vegetarian. it's a personal challenge that zuckerberg takes on every year. last year his goal was to learn chinese. giants urging everybody to sign a virtual get well card now posted on the internet. the rookie of the year after year catcher, there's buster out
6:57 am
for the rest of the season. see the cast on his left leg? he fractured a bone in his lower left leg and tore ligaments in his ankle during a violent chryse cligs at home plate wednesday night. 40% of those asked say they feel stressed for most of the day. you can get a different answer from different states. hawaii has the fewest people reporting feeling stressed, just about 30%. california ranks 24th and matches the national average with 39.4%, but the most stressed out state is apparently utah, 45% of the people report feeling stressed out. >> we'll have to ask michelle about that. >> all right, i don't think today is going to stress you out too much. we're looking at traffic on 80. it's looking very nice, getting out to the toll plaza of the bay bridge. should be a nice drive for you.
6:58 am
we're going to have a nice look at the toll plaza coming in. 6:57. let's go to the steve. for canada, we're on island time today. it's going to be nice as we head into the holiday weekend. warmer, sunday, monday but a loft clouds cooler, breezy friday and saturday. coming up next on morning's on 2: a boy finds a badly beaten 3-year-old rolled up in a carpet in his dad's garage. police are searching for his father. what they believe happened. a creative way to get a message across, all about change. stay right here with us.
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