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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 27, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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downright surprising for out of towners. >> it's not chilly but it's great. >> reporter: winter seems to keep hanging on. squaw valley says it has received 60 feet of snow but they could do without if cold and wind for this holiday. >> we're hoping to get better weather for the weekend. on the bright side, we're just glad to be skiing for memorial day weekend. >> reporter: and that snow is melting, prompting a warning to visitors near high sierra rivers. >> be extremely careful. it's very high, very swift, very cold. very dangerous. it's really dangerous. >> reporter: and while this much snow for memorial day is unusual it's possible skiing will stretch on to another holiday. july4th. >> we don't have an official decision yet, but i would say keep your eye on it, i think it's looking great. >> reporter: for those heading
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out to tahoe this weekend and our drive this morning, the snowfall was light. there has been construction at echo summit but that work will stop this weekend meaning the roadway will be fully open for holiday traffic. at squaw valley, ken pritchett. drivers headed to san francisco will have a new change. drivers will make a shift to the right as they enter oakland. caltrans says making the move will let workers complete the new span more quickly. b.a.r.t. says it plans to start repairs after the last train tonight. normal service is expected to resume at 7:30 tomorrow morning. on sunday and monday b.a.r.t. says there will be delays of up to 40 minutes through the tube until 2:30 in the afternoon on
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both days. passengers traveling out of the city toward dublin or fremont will have to change trains at the oakland 12th street station coming into the city from dublin or fremont. passengers will have to transfer at the mcarthur transfer station. memorial day weekend is the official beginning to the travel season. christien kafton has the story. people are still hitting the roads despite high gas prices. >> reporter: absolutely, aaa says there will be slightly fewer people on the roads compared to last year. you can see there's still plenty of traffic in both directions. aaa says a lot of those people hitting the roads this summer will be looking to economize on their trip. over all aaa of northern california is forecasting a decrease on people hitting the roads compared to 2010. fuel prices are lower than this
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time last year. that has some drivers thinking twice about taking trips just for fun. >> i love this trip. but it takes away from anything. i can't go any where. i can't do the things that i want to do because i mean i can't afford it. >> reporter: aaa of northern california says gas prices are just one of the factors holiday travelers take into account when deciding whether or not to hit the road. with gas prices high, travelers economize where they can. >> they are not stopping traveling, they are just looking at other ways to travel. >> reporter: for mike sierra that means taking the rv to the reno-tahoe area this weekend. >> it's a 50-gallon tank. if it's $4 a gallon, that's 200 bucks. >> reporter: while that might sound expensive, in the long run it will save his family money. >> we could have went up north and actually stayed in a hotel. but for us it's cheaper to do it this way with a family of four than they actually staying in a hotel. >> reporter: while aaa of northern california says there are fewer people driving this
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holiday weekend, they're predicting an 11.5 increase of the number of people who fly this weekend. christien kafton, ktvu news. and wet weather may have played a role in a crash yesterday. we were live at the scene yesterday at this time. a pickup truck with seven workers rolled down the hillside. one man was killed, five others were injured. some of the rescuers had to hike miles to get to the scene. 26 drug related arrests in san francisco were dismissed today. a growing scandal involving undercover police officers. this surveillance video released just hours ago is the latest to emerge. it shows an undercover officer during an alleged drug bust. the public defender's office says the video shows no such thing. >> the officer was called to testify in that case, the
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officer told the judge that he couldn't find the drugs. >> reporter: other surveillance videos show undercover officers taking computers that were never placed into evidence. for more on the information, go to and click on the sfpd misconduct tab. accused serial killer joseph nasso pled not guilty this morning. the 77-year-old reno resident is accused of killing two women in the 70s and 90s. nasso is defending himself. he took hundreds of pictures of
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women in bondage. he says the pictures were consensual. the parents of an asian american student suspended by his school want the record expunged. the student feels his reputation has been falsely tarnished. >> i just feel like i should not be associated with this at all. >> reporter: students say they will wear white t-shirts with peace signs to show their opposition to racist ideas. two years ago,melanie and her father were hit by a drunk driver. to mark that somber anniversary her family is teaming up with the chp. >> reporter: an emotion day for a father, an important night
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for the nevado police department. take a look behind me. officers are preparing to open this sobriety checkpoint. police being assisted by a number of law enforcement agency, tonight this checkpoint is in honor of melody. >> i don't even remember setting out on the walk with melody. it was a walk we had taken dozens and dozens and dozens of times. i remember other nights but not that particular night. >> it became apparent it wasn't a dreamt when someone came and asked if they could pray for me. >> reporter: a 5-year-old filled with dreams struck by a motorcyclists. aaron lost his leg, the next day he lost his daughter. >> i have this memory of asking where's my daughter, where's my daughter you know i was fading in and out. >> reporter: tonight he will be up at the nevado checkpoint that police have dedicated to
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his daughter. >> we hope to deter as many drivers tonight not only in nevado but the entire state of california by holding this checkpoint in memory of her. >> when somebody gets drunk and gets behind the wheel, it's murder, it's not an accident. >> reporter: happiness and smiles he has brought with him into this world and some day he will learn a great deal about his older sister who will always exist in this father's heart. >> she was what i call pure love. i mean she was just an incredibly loving, compassionate, sweet, gentle child. just an incredible loving child. and i hope that kindness and love will be in him. >> reporter: the man convicted of killing melody was killed by an inmate just days after arriving at san quentin. osheron today told me that he
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still thinks shaffer got off easy. oakland police are searching for a man who broke into the home in the oakland hills and sexually assaulted a woman while her two children were sleeping near by. the assault happened above highway 13. police say the woman heard her dog bark and when she went to investigate she was confronted by a man with a gun. he remains at large tonight. the victim's injuries are not considered to be life threatening. now an update to a story we first brought you live on ktvu news at 5:00. oakland police have arrested man they say is responsible for two robberies earlier today. the arrest happened late this afternoon after a short pursuit. officials say the suspected robber, the suspect robbed two pharmacies in oakland and montclaire. violent crimes dropped by 6.4%. the california department of justice says violent crime in oakland fell by 7.5%.
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but despite that change the city was number one for violent crimes per person. richmond was third highest, antioch was in fifth place. violent crime rose last year in concord, richmond and santa clara. livermore police say one of 12 people injured in an apartment blast in san francisco has died. police say the two other victims who lived in that apartment are still in critical condition. livermore police say they found drug paraphernalia inside the apartment that may have caused the explosion. but that the unit was not a meth lab. a grateful nation honors a world war ii veteran. he recounts his struggle for survival both on and off the battlefield. tv and movie star jeff conoway dies. the circumstances surrounding his death tonight at the age of 60. we have clouds and cooler daytime highs. i'll show you the coolest days on the weekend.
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the man accused of storming the cockpit of an american airlines plane pled not guilty to interfering with a flight crew. a judge today ordered him to be held without bail. al murisi is due back in court in three weeks. today a country rewarded a piedmont man for his heroic actions on the battlefield decades ago. >> reporter: that tribute ended here just a few minutes ago as france awarded its highest honor to an american world war
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ii veteran. >> thanks to you, people of my generation were allowed to grow up in a free country. >> reporter: manuel herr era is 87 now bursting with pride as the french government awarded him the medal of region almost 70 years after the heroic action. >> i was only 19 years old, just a kid. all of a sudden mortar shells started coming in. and the bodies. >> reporter: the memories come quickly now and the army infantry man,german bombing drops in trees. >> nice looking guy, the sergeant said, whatever i do i do he said. kill or be killed.
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>> reporter: it was hard he says against his religion but he killed to live. in one battle he was shot in the knee in another in his neck, earning him a purple heart. >> how did i survive? i survived through the grace of god. >> reporter: when he came back from france, with guilty, many of his friends dead. >> i was a nervous wreck. >> reporter: but he was a professional musician. and the talented pianist says all these years his music has helped him forget the horrors of war. >> bravo. >> reporter: tonight he says he's proud france awarded him the legion of honor medal not for war but for bringing peace. more republican candidates
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are poised to enter the race for president today. bachman stopped short of announcing the run today. bachman says she will make an announcement tomorrow in her hometown of waterloo iowa. political observers say perry may be reconsidering a run for the presidency because of the perceived weakness of the announced field of candidates. jeff conway died today after two weeks in a coma. conway was known for his roles in the movie grease and the tv series taxi. he was found unconscious in his apartment. his family decided to remove him from life support after doctors told him there was no
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hope of recovery. paul segli claims that he has a signed contract from facebook owner mark zuckerberg giving him half of the company. oakland based pandora is the latest bay area country to offer public offerings. let's take a look now, wall street. stocks rose moderately. the dow gained more than 38 points while the nasdaq was just shy of earning 14 points. the deadly horse disease known as the equine herpes virus is growing.
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75 horses have now been infected and more than 2,000 have been exposed to the virus. 11 have been euthanized and 64 health facilities have been quarantined. the virus began in a horse show in utah earlier this month. the fish you want may not be the fish you get. a new report finds studies that 30% of fish are mislabeled as more expensive species. researchers say they are now using dna tests to see if fish are not deliberately mislabeled. 85% of fish in the united states is imported. on to the weather because it is the memorial day weekend. bill what weather are we expecting. >> not the kind of weather you want for the memorial day weekend. what i was illuding to is that the weather is not what you would expect for memorial day. temperatures instead of the in the 80s and upper 70s are going
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to be in the 60s and low 70s. we had drizzle in the morning. a little bit of sprinkles, more drizzle up there. that type of weather pattern sticks with us. that type of weather pattern being the weather system just north of the bay area impacting us as you see here in the satellite loop. you see a southern part of the jet stream racing through cape mendecino. that's a very aggressive pattern for june. if you say what time of year is this, we go, that's march that's not june. it's not june yet but it's more like a march weather pattern. because of that, anticipate march type weather which means clouds, breezy and temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. saturday is a nice day but kind of like today, cloudy, breezy. saturday a little bit of warming. sunday looks nicer. in the mountains that lake pressure is going to linger. so if you have outdoor plans,
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say yosemite you will see a sprinkle. it'll be temperatures in the 50s and low 60s as best. we're going to be in the mid- 60s and upper 60s with a few low 70s. there's the dance of drizzle offshore. those are the dynamics. there's enough lift to generate a sprinkle or two. so when it hits the coast. the coast gives it a little more lift and maybe more sprinkle. see the inclement weather lingering in the eastern part of the state. lake tahoe tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. and then you go into sunday, sunday looks like a little warmer at bay. because the showers move off and more cloud cover. this next system tees up and could give us more clouds in the early part of next week. maybe a sprinkle on tuesday. some ways out. your forecast highs look like these. don't dispair, i don't think anybody is dispairing, it's a big three day weekend but it's not what we expect. is it frank? >> it sure isn't. skiing up in the sierra.
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>> they'll be skiing. and on july 4th, they'll be skiing in the sugar bowl. >> you think so? >> that's what they told me. they plan to open for the fourth of july weekend. 15 nations have taken part in the international space station. future repair and maintenance will be done by the space station crew. two retired members of the mounted patrol were honored this morning at union square. 25-year-old hank with that white spot on his forehead has served the department since 2008. the two officers will -- the two equine officers' horseshoes
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will be displayed. and an nba team picks a new coach. how that affects the warriors search for a new leader. sports is next.
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a world famous golden gate bridge reached a milestone. that was may 27, 1937 -- the opening day, that was may 27, 1937. the toll was 50-cents at that time. right now would be a time to get things going. because the giants have gotten 18 innings without scoring. there's a good story. local kid, major league debut at shortstop. brandon crawford has a great arm. he's 0-2 at the plate. and tim lincecum having some problems at the mound. ricky weeks of the bruins bets him for a two run shot. and that's the story right now.
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women's softball, stanford trying to make it to the world series. today they get shalacked by alabama. the mercy rule is called into play. stanford has to play another game and must win or they're eliminated and that game is in the 6th inning with alabama. and they are scoreless. kevin mchale big name in the world of basketball has himself a new job. he is the head coach of the rockets. you can scratch out another potential game of warrior coaches. mchale a general manager with the minnesota timberwolfs taking over the houston rockets. boston and the tampa bay rockets are scoreless in the eastern conference finals of the nhl. that's the sporting life for right now. gasia, frank. >> coming up on bay area news
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at 7:00 on tv 36. an employee is accused of assaulting a student near this on campus athletic field. we'll explain the charges he's facing and why some students are upset about how the news is getting out. that's coming up in 30 minutes on tv 36. and more ideas on how to spent your holiday weekend. just go to our twitter page, there you will find a list of events going on throughout the bay area.
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