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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 27, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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it's not your average dui checkpoint. this roadblock carries special significance for one family. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. two years ago tonight a 9-year- old was crossing the street with her dad when she was struck and killed by a drunk driver. debra villalon live in nevado
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where officers are holding a dui checkpoint in her honor. >> reporter: officers now stopping drivers to make sure they are sober. as the family knows that it only takes one who are not. >> reporter: allen osh era never paid much attention to these checkpoints until he and daughter melody were slammed by a speeding motorcycle in the crosswalk by their home. melody died and allen lost his leg. >> i still think he got off easy. >> reporter: the osherofs's had to rebuild their live and six months ago. welcomed their son noah. >> she -- in the past two
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years dui arrests are up in this city, crashes down, no accident. >> with the death of melody it was more widely accepted by the community to do checkpoints and to do more dui enforcements. >> have you had anything to drink tonight? >> no i haven't. >> reporter: her parents are very grateful officers remembered melody. and it's children like melody and son noah and melissa that this family wants the checkpoints. >> reporter: watching this checkpoint i can tell you they've made one arrest so far, three more hours to go. debra villalon, ktvu news.
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a millvalely man is behind bars tonight after getting arrested for drunk driving three times in three days. 50-year-old timothy mcgowan was arrested in san miguel, san francisco and nevado on suspicion of dui. he's been arrested four times this year for public intoxicate in mill valley. a new bill is headed to the senate to seize the cars of unlicensed drivers. the bill written by michael allen would allow unlicensed drivers to park the car and find a licensed driver to pick up the vehicle. new video tonight of a wildfire that is out of control in the high desert.
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200acres have burned since the fire broke out. one home has suffered minor damage, no injuries have been reported and no word yet on how it started. >> an update tonight on a story that oakland police are unwilling to talk about. nine days ago officer shot and killed two men, but despite the use of deadly force, and the seriousness of the case few details had been made public. amber lee has been trying to make sense of it all and joins us. >> reporter: a memorial is growing in east oakland at the spot where the two men were killed. relatives gathered here to show us this picture of 23-year-old john sloan. >> if there are no good i would not be standing here, brother, sister, momma or not.
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i don't play those kind of games, life the too short. this. this right here he was put on this earth for a reason. >> reporter: sloan's family describes him as a person who was quick to help others but acknowledged he had served time for firearms and was on parol. >> they died because of their past, because he made a mistake in the past or a hearsay. i mean you know, it's just senseless to me. >> reporter: back on may 18th, police said they had information that a violent crime was about to happen and officers pulled over a vehicle carrying three men. we've learned sloan had been in the first passenger seat and was shot in the head. his friend, 30-year-old antwon jackson was the driver he was shot on the side. a third man in the backseat ran away but was captured. police say two of the three men emerged with firearms. >> what did the young men in the car do that justified the police officer shooting at them. >> reporter: attorney john burres told us he's been hired
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by antwon jackson's family to fine out what happened. >> the lack of transparent say is the problem here. >> reporter: jackson says her brother's death needs the voice. >> nobody else out here liked him. nobody out here likes him. >> reporter: sloan's family says they can't move on until they know the facts. we did contact police, we were told there's no new information that the incident is under investigation and they are not ready to talk. a part time employee has been arrested for sexual battery of a 17-year-old girl. 55-year-old victor salazar has not entered a plea and is currently being held on $120,000 bail. word of the assault spread around the school. >> i believe i know the person who it happened to and that was really upsetting for me because we've been friends for a while.
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and so it especially hit home for me. >> reporter: the piedmont school district says background checks are done on all employees and police tell us salazar had no history of sex crimes. suspected serial killer nasso pled not guilty. nasso is acting as his own attorney. he is accused of killing four women . the man accused of storming the cockpit of a airplane headed to san francisco pled not guilty today with a charge of interfering with a flight crew. al murisi faces charges. the judge today ordered al murisi held without bail. he is due back in court in four
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weeks. governor jerry brown to close down state parks hit a snag today. the governor stays it will save $11 million this year and 22 million next year. 16 of those parks must remain open to the public because they receive federal money. the list includes castle rock state park in santa clara county. twin lakes beach and candle stick point. it's the start of a holiday weekend and campgrounds around the state are filling up tonight. folks are choosing camping and a staycation. >> reporter: i can't think of a more traditional way of starting the memorial day weekend than sitting around a campfire and roasting marsh mellows. i'm here with my new friend
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betty stockton, they hauled this rv. >> reporter: 1.4 million californians will travel close to home. how are you going to spent the weekend? >> just eating the rest of the good food we have here. >> reporter: but gas prices still have americans staying closer to home. so called staycations. these ladies putting up a tent are not far from home. >> it took us 20 minutes to get here. it's easier to come here than worry about the traffic. >> reporter: one of the attractions of this campground is a near by lake. >> i think it's good to control
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everything that's not california natives. >> reporter: even on the lake, there's no drinking and boating. >> do follow under the same law of a dui if you do get caught drinking and driving a boat. >> reporter: park rangers say, the objected is to enjoy the outdoors and keep city ills outside the campgrounds. >> don't expect to be partying here all night. because it's a family campground. >> reporter: and with that said, time to put out the fire and let these folks go and sleep under the stars. if you want to camp at the reservation system, call ahead and i think i overcooked my marsh mellow. caltrans expects to be reon figuring the bay bridge planes. the current eastbound lanes
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will be removed and traffic will shift to the south. this will allow crews to begin construction on lanes for the new span. tomorrow normal service should resume at 7:30 a.m. on sunday and monday, not until 2:30 in the afternoon. the delays could be any where from five to 40 minutes for riders. you can find more on both projects by going to and looking under the right now section. i'll be back here in less than 10 minutes. i will let you know if these showers showing up on live storm tracker 2 are going to impact your holiday weekend. new video and new allegations against sfpd officers. the latest evidence in a growing misconduct probe. they assume that i'm a
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white supremesist. why some parents say they are considering legal action.
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an elderly man is recovering tonight after he put his car on reverse and plowed into five cars. it all happened in nevado this afternoon. the driver who's in his 80s crashed as he was leaving the lot. he suffered minor injury, no
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one else was hurt. thousands more drug cases in san francisco are thrown out. this as another surveillance video shows misconduct by plain clothed police officers. >> reporter: this april 2010 surveillance tape shows what is supposed to be an undercover drug buy by ricardo guerrero. the police record says the opposed seller put his hand to his mouth and threw out a bag of cocaine. police chief greg suhr says the officers involved will be disciplined. >> they did find that there was inappropriate behavior, but i don't think it rises to the
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level as suggested by mr. adachi. >> reporter: guerrero and other mission statement officers are seen in other surveillance video, there are under investigations during suspected deaths in drug busts. eight southern officers are also being investigated for illegal searches caught on video. prosecutors have released 811 cases stemming from the scandal. >> it should be amply clear to everyone that this is not something that's being swept under the rug. >> reporter: another 1,500 cases are under review. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. police in the east bay are searching tonight for a man who sexually assaulted a woman inside her home in the oakland hills while her two kids were sleeping near by. the attack took place in oakland's montclaire neighborhood. police say the woman heard her dog barking about 3:00 this morning, when she went to investigate she was confronted
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by a man with a gun. >> she was robbed of some personal items, some cash and a sexual assault did occur. >> i'm very shocked on what happened over here, this is a great neighborhood, most of the people know each other and we kind of watch out for each other. >> reporter: police have not said if the home was picked at random. but police do say this crime does not appear to be linked to any crimes in the hills. and an oakland based family group says that it is willing to buy all radio stations owned by -- memorial day weekend is
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traditionally the beginning of the summer season. christien kafton found out how people are doing things a little differently because of high gas prices. >> reporter: over all aaa of california is forecasting a decrease of the number of drivers hitting the roads. despite a steady decline, fuel prices are now still about $1 more than this time last year. that has some people thinking twice about taking a drive. >> i can't do the thing that is i want to do because i mean i can't afford it. >> reporter: aaa of northern california says gas prices are just one of the factors holiday travelers take into account when deciding whether or not to hit the road. with gas prices high, travelers economize where they can. >> they are not stopping traveling, they are just looking at other ways to travel. >> reporter: for mike sierra it
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means taking his rv to tahoe this weekend. >> it's $4 a gallon, that's $200. >> reporter: while that may sound expensive, sierra says in the long run it will save his family money. >> we could have you know went up north and actually stayed in a hotel. but for us it's cheaper to do it this way with a family of four than they actually staying in a hotel. >> reporter: there are expected to be fewer people driving for the holiday this year. aaa is predicting 11.5% more people to fly for the holidays this year than last year. more details now on what you can expect to pay for gas in the bay area. according to aaa the cost of a gallon of regular gas in san francisco is about $4.17. the cold weather has me phor court -- the cold weather has memorial day weekend
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feeling more like christmas. skiers and snow boarders aren't complaining and neither are tourists. >> it's chilly but it's great. when they were leaving austin it was about 100 high, so this is nice and unexpected. >> reporter: officials say campgrounds and trails above 6,000 feet are closed or covered for snow. there's also locations at the 5,000 level closed including the boutonniere. goose meadows and silver creek are closed because of snow. live storm tracker two showing a little bit of shower activity in northern california. those showers are going to be in the area for the next couple of days and that will have a
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big impact on daytime highs. overnight lows tomorrow. those blue areas, those are 40s and 50s. it's going to be cooler when you wake up for your saturday morning. yellows are 70s. you're not going to see a lot of them in the bay area. we have lots of greens, those are 60s. the computer model for the next 24 hours through tomorrow. 7:00a.m. tomorrow you see scattered showers north. cloudy when you wake up at 7:00 a.m. lunchtime tomorrow, low clouds. maybe a little bit of drizzle. it's not going to shut you down but sort of unsettled. snow flurries in the mountains. i'm going to show you which day will be the warmest on the memorial day holiday. nasa marked a milestone with its final moon walk. it was the shuttle's job to haul the big pieces into space. nasa has now cleared endeavour to return to earth on wednesday ending it's 25th and final
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mission. the atlantis is scheduled for the shuttle program's last flight in july. we're following developing news right now. up next new video from a scene of a shooting involving three people. late details after the break. the party is just getting started for some new college grads in the bay area tonight. i'm live with why fewer of them are celebrating the achievement this year.
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developing news out of oakland, we are told three people were shot about 8:15 tonight on athens avenue not far from san pablo avenue. the shooter was on a motorcycle and fled from the scene. the victims were taken to highland hospital. their injuries we're told are not life threatening. a santa cruz high school is holding their prom tonight but five students are barred from
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attending and are suspended from school. the students call it overreaction. >> reporter: carol high school suspended a group of seniors for what officials call ongoing demonstrations of white power. half a dozen young men wore white t-shirts despite being asked not to. >> i shaved my head. it's just the assumptions that get to me. they assume that i am a white supremesist. that i have hatred toward over people. no. >> reporter: school officials emphasize the seniors were suspended for actions against nonwhite students. >> these students contributed to people feeling intimidated and harassed. >> it wasn't just wearing white t-shirts for a photo.
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>> no they were creating a feeling of intimidation. >> reporter: one unusual situation is the suspension of robert mine who is a friend of the group. he is half japanese. san jose police identified a man shot to death as 22-year- old artemio gonzalez. gonzalez was shot multiple times. there's been no arrest and police say they are not sure of a motive. anyone with any information about this case is asked to contact san jose police. a man injured last weekend in an explosion at a livermore apartment has died. paul lome died yesterday he was from san jose.
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the two people who lived inside the livermore apartment are hospitalized in critical condition. police say that drug paraphernalia was found inside the apartment and likely contributed to the blast. however investigators say it was not a meth lab. >> he had to kill to bring peace. >> now a second nation has honored a bay area world war ii veteran for his heroic action on the battlefield. generally not controversial, we'll tell you why one person that tackled the r word has become one of the hottest videos on you tube.
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new at 10:00, it's graduation time for dozens of students at universities and colleges around the area. and those new grads as well as
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their schools are facing new challenges. eric rasmussen just spoke to graduates making that milestone. >> reporter: 470 associate degrees handed out in the program tonight. that's less than each of the previous three years but school leaders here say that's not for a lack of determination or demand. >> reporter: it's the moment students at the college of san mateo had been waiting and fighting for. that includes mother of two patrice reed ford who took nine years off after school but is now the first one to graduate in her family. >> just knowing that i can do it. i can achieve my dream. >> reporter: she did it in just two years and is now transferring to uc berkeley. but it hasn't happened that fast for everyone. the threat of another 10% cut
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to california's community colleges could make getting to graduation even tougher. >> we don't have as many students as we had a year ago. not because of lack of demand but lack of funds. >> reporter: however college of san mateo president claire says getting a college degree by starting here is the rout for more and more people. >> reporter: assemblyman jerry hill aimed to inspire this crowd with his own story of struggling to get through college. many like reed ford can certainly identify. >> we worked so hard to get here and i'm so proud. >> reporter: tonight the college president told me about 10,000 students attend here. but he said if they had all of the state funding they needed the number would be closer to 10,000. eric rasmussen. a new survey shows the value of a college education in dollars and cents.
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georgetown university put together the study looking at which majors make the most and lead money. petroleum engineers made the most followed by pharmacists at $105,000. the lowest paid field was psychological counseling with. followed by early childhood teachers at $36,000. you can find a complete link of the study on our website on the assembly appropriations economy sent a message by stopping a bill. that bill has been introduced by anthony porcentino at least eight times now. oakland's libraries along with hundreds of jobs are on the chopping block now. a new proposal would shut down
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14 of the city's 14 libraries and cut the staff by 90%. the main library on 14th street diamond, rock ridge and 81st avenue would remain open but those branches would still be effected by shorter hours. president obama is in poland tonight. the last stop on his european visit. he took part in a wreath laying at the monument to the heros. later he attended a meeting with the leaders of poland. president obama returns home tomorrow. french investigators revealed new information today about the frantic final moments of an air france jet that crashed into the atlantic two years ago. the flight recorder shows the aircraft stalled then fell 38,000 feet in 3.5 minutes before crashing into the ocean. during that time the crew was
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dealing with faulty instrument readings. the pilot was on a scheduled break but returned to the cockpit where the co-pilot was at the controls. all 388 people on board died. the associated press reports the damage to the fukushima plant was just one page and was 15 years old. they didn't expect a 9.0 quake like the one on march 11th that triggered that massive tsunami. it's frances highest honor and today it was given to a piedmont man. >> thanks to you, people of my generation were allowed to grow up in a free country.
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>> reporter: manuel herr era is 87 years now. >> i was 19 years old. just a kid. >> reporter: larr era says that kid from oakland had no idea of the wars ahead that started with the invasion of normandy. >> mortar shells started coming in. and the bodies. >> reporter: the memories come quickly now. an army infantry man, soldiers falling around him. >> he said, kill or be killed. >> reporter: it was hard he says, against his religious but he killed to live. was shot once in the knee, once
10:35 pm
in the neck earning him a purple heart. >> how did i survive? >> yeah. >> i survived through the grace of god. >> reporter: he came home with survivals guilty, many of his friends dead. >> i was a very nervous wreck. i was a mess. >> reporter: but he was a professional musician. and the talented pianist says all these years his music has helped him forget the horrors of war. thankful now france honored not for war but for bringing peace. >> bravo. >> thanks. up next buster posey on that serious leg injury and what he has to say about the player who hit him. and i'm back here in 10 minutes, i'm going to talk to you about the holiday weekend. i'm going to tell you which day
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is going to be the warmest. and the new power at the port of oakland. how it's helping to keep the air cleaner.
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giants catcher buster posey spoke to reporters in a conference call today and he said it's likely he's going to miss the rest of the season. posey says he's just waiting
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for final word. he also says he's not going to vilify scott cousins who crashed into him causing the injury on wednesday night. posey said his injuries are not career threatening and that when he returns he will continue to play catcher. a rodeo man faces felony charges accused of making counter fit money and then passing it on to local businesses. hercules police say they found him with these bills. officers say papard has already admitted to the crime. in news of the world tonight in egypt thousands of protesters returned to cairo's square today for what they call a second revolution. they say the current military leaders are not moving quickly enough on democratic reform. they say the military is still arresting thousands of demonstrators. in spain a wildfire is
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burning out of control on the resort island of adiza. official says it is the worse fire ever on the mediterranean island. hundreds of tourists and residents have been evacuated. more than 5,000 acres of pine forests have burned. officials say it was accidentally started by a beekeeper. and speaker of the house hillary clinton made a surprise visit to pakistani officials. the secretary said there is no sign that pakistani leaders knew osama bin laden was there. she added pakistan needs to do more to dismantle and defeat al-qaida. >> reporter: a man wanted for child abuse is on the loose and police want to find him. they released this photo. campbell police say rodriguez severely beat his ex- girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter. it was rodriguez 15-year-old son who told police about the
10:41 pm
abuse. the girl is now in protective custody. a large shipping company is taking steps to reduce air pollution at the port of oakland. american president -- has become the first ship company to switch to port power. other carriers will soon follow suit. by 2014 half of each fleet must be able to use port power. a bill to allow the lands commission to lease land property to algea producers has passed. algea can be used to produce bio diesel. the bill's author says algea has the potential to produce energy ten times more efficiently than corn or
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soybeans. it's like saying a bad word. it's not right. tackling a troubling word one viewer at a time. the campaign with a powerful message that's now gone viral. and chief meteorologist bill martin returns with the forecast for the holiday weekend. which day will be the warmest. bill joins us in six minutes. ♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪ ♪ ♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪
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new at 10:00, it's a 30 second ad packed with some of the most offensive racial and slurs. it's difficult to listen to yet it's already gone viral on the internet. some say it could do more harm than good. >> reporter: a public service announcement that aired after glee is now one of the top five videos on you tube. the 30 second spot intended to shock people enough to shut up.
10:45 pm
>> it's not acceptable to call me a -- >> it's not acceptable to call me a -- >> to call me a -- >> to call me a -- >> the tsa takes aim at the r word. >> it's not acceptable to call me a retard. >> dena shapiro and artists agree. every day use of the r word is unacceptable. >> it's like saying a bad word. it's not right. >> if you tell us don't use a word. we're inclined to use it. >> reporter: tom dousel an expert on slang says the campaign might backfire because you can't legislate language. >> culture can change language and has. others say when the r word is
10:46 pm
in the spotlight it moves the debate forward. >> because this word is on tv, we're now having a discussion about what does it mean to be developmentally disabled. >> for shaprio it means she can be an artist and not have labels. conway quit taxi after three seasons saying he was typecast as a quote blond bimbo. in later years, conway became addicted to drugs and gained a type of fame by appearing on celebrity rehab.
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carlos santana, paul simon and hermie hancock are among those who signed the letter to the recording academy. they claim the academy unfairly targeted ethnic music in choosing the category to cut. the grammy editors say the cut was not aimed at ethnic music. the state could reduce a merger between at&t and team mobile. the utilities commission has a -- the deal will reduce competition and result in increased prices for cell phone service say opposers. the court has sited with
10:48 pm
social network. facebook, twitter, google, and online match making sights are some of the companies opposed to the bill. the holiday weekend is upon us but the weather is not cooperating. it's not going to be that warm this week weekend. we go to storm tracker 2. the jet stream is going to remain in our area. when it's up here it continues to increase our winds and bring more cloud cover into the bay area proper. with that in mind. temperatures below the average than they were today.
10:49 pm
out toward half-moon bay, you can see the jet stream the winds, the southern part of it. this looks like march to me. this doesn't look like may and june. this is a very late season winter weather pattern. not something you would see coming up in june. with this so close to us, that weak system, we're going to see lower than average temperatures. more clearing, sunday will be nicer than tomorrow. phaopbd monday should be the nicest day on the weekend. here's what the computer model think, i showed you part of it. saturday at 3:00 p.m. check it out. there's a lot going on. you have snow flurries up in the mountains. you have showers up in del mar county. maybe some drizzle. sunday you see more clearing that's why it's beginning to be a nicer day. sunday more clearing as well. as we get into monday look at this. here comes this tuesday deal,
10:50 pm
monday looks like a good day but this will pop monday night into tuesday. so the weekend is doable. it's not a wash out but not that great. saturday the coolest day on the weekend. windy along the coast as well. sunday, partly cloudy, and then the warmest driest day will most likely be monday of your holiday weekend. so your five day forecast coming up. don't cancel your plans, just throw a jacket in the car. you will need it for the evening bar-b-que and temperatures are going to drop quickly. there's word tonight that muni operators are getting close to a contract. they've made significant progress and discussions are continuing. the mta is trying to get at least $26 million in savings in the new contract. there are no details on how
10:51 pm
that could happen, the contract covers about 2,200 muin operators. plans were unveiled today for next year's celebration of the golden gate 75th anniversary. plans call for a new visitors pavilion on the southern end of the bridge. it was a happy retirement today for two veteran police horses. hunter and hawk of the sfpd mounted unit were honored in union square this morning for their years of service. they are now headed to their new home, a 40-acre pasture in sonoma county. two times in three days, another major collision at home plate involving a catcher for the giants. we'll show you this video again. mark is here with sports in just a moment.
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new video tonight from an oakland neighborhood where the water is cut off at this hour. east bay mud says crews had to shut off the flow to repair a broken water main near
10:55 pm
clairmont. the leak was discover about 12:30. no word yet on what caused that break. sports director mark ibanez is here and the giant and their fans could hear good news. >> victory cures all. roger craig used to say when hard times hit don't get your dobber down. nothing like a fresh infusion of youth. giants manager bochy still a little ticked off on what happened to buster baseball yesterday and he's an early ejection from this thing. giants were down 3-0. tim lincecum didn't have his best stuff but they get back into it. single to left by freddy sanchez. now to the ninth. here it is. third big league at-bat, a grand slam home run just like that.
10:56 pm
the giants lead it 5-3. brewers get back into the ball game. one run in and then prince fielder, the human truck just barrels into eli whiteside. but he hangs on to the ball, he's okay. in your face. sometimes it's not about where you hit them or where you hit them it's when you do. for the a's tonight that's the story. five timely two out rbi hits come through in the clutch and they reward the a's with a 6-2 win at the coliseum. 3-run six did baltimore in. ryan sweeney, adam jones bottles it around out there. josh willingham starting to show signs of coming around with the bat. he later homered and this is an rbi double to left. and the a's wind up winning behind gio gonzalez. the stanford women had a couple
10:57 pm
of chances to get into the world series, they whiff after winning yesterday. 1-0 to alabama. tobi's sister tegan airhart gives up a three. shark fans might be a little hockeyed out. but life does two on in the stanley cup play offs. back in home ice, it's a tough series as steven will tell you. third, we're scoreless. boston wins it right here. 7:33 remaining, nathan horman the only goal of the game. stanley cup, game one wednesday
10:58 pm
in vancouver. it's the canucks. tune in tomorrow for ktvu's mornings on two. they'll be following that work on bay transit two. >> and you can always find the latest news and weather on and on the ktvu app for your smart phone. thank you for joining us.
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