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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 30, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> you probably why don't need the sunscreen. more likely a jacket. we will talk about how this cool pattern keeps holding on. >> plus as missouri mourns there is fresh damage now from even more storms in the midwest, the morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday, may 30th. memorial day. i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> pam and dave, thank you very much. happy monday, everybody. had the sunshine yesterday. today low clouds are back, partly sunny, not warm. we will cool things off. another low is on its way for late tonight more likely on tuesday. highs today 60s or 70s. here is sal. >> right now traffic is light as you might imagine on this memorial day. a nice drive around the bay but there could be things you are watching out for. we will let you know what those
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are. as we look at the sanol grade that traffic is even. at 6:00, back to the desk. >> again our time is 6:00. in oakland police worked late into the night investigating a triple shooting. tara moriarity live at the scene with more details and also to show us video you will only see here. >> reporter: witnesses say they heard several shots that rang out here. there was a woman we spoke to this morning, a mother who said she actually ducked behind her car only to see her daughter get shot and killed in front of her. she and her daughters had come here for a barbecue and a sideshow. you can still see the tire marks. we will show you video that ktvu received from someone videotaping the sideshow. you can hear two gunshots, then chaos. witnesses tell us there
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were several shots that rang out before 9:30. our video starts at the tail- end of that. you will see someone on the tape with a gun. the person who shot the video, who did not want to be identified, told us several people were carrying guns last night. it all happened around 9:30. when police arrived they found three victims. two dead the third rushed to the hospital. family members identify one of those victims as latoya kenny. we have a photo taken of her hours before she was killed. she spoke to another victim's cousin who came to the spot where he was killed. >> i got to take that in. i got to see for myself, so i am going to try town to see him, making sure it is him. even though everybody says it is but i still can't take it like that. i can't take it like that. >> he put his hand in his down sins blood, he says to be
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closer to him. witnesses have identified that victim as eric bush who celebrated his birthday two days ago. this all happened in front of the motorcycle club and police have no suspects in custody. >> the california highway patrol is investigating two hit- and-run accidents, possibly caused by the same car. we want to show you video shot from the overpass above the crash scene. it happened at 11:00 last night on westbound 580 near the regatta boulevard off-ramp in richmond. three cars were involved. the chp says they believe the crashed because another car was driving wrecklessly and are asking anyone who might have seen the accident or the other car to call the highway patrol. >> 6:03. police are investigating a shooting that took the life of a mother of 5. the victim a 35- year-old woman found saturday night inside of a mercedes
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benz. her nephew, a passenger in that car was slightly injured. this is san jose's third homicide in the last five days, thee 24th of the year. >> we have always felt like san jose was one of the safer places and it is starting to not feel like at least lately. >> the name of the woman has not yet been released. reportedly there are witnesses but they are not cooperating. no arrests have been made. >> this morning president obama will take part in the annual memorial day service at are link a rlington national cemetery. we will have a report of the ways troops are being honored there on this memorial day. some unique pilots are preaching to launch a preparing to launch a celebration in san ramon. allie rasmus joins us with a look at this unique event. >> reporter: we are in the park
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where they are supposed to launch several hot air balloons, that group of people you see in the field are the pilots and crew members kind of standing around talking getting ready to see if these balloons will launch today. if you pan over to the left, one of them is still in the trailer, the reason for all of this is because of the weather out here. let me show you the hill tops in the distance, you can see the fog is low so that can limit the visibility. these balloons may or may not launch today because of the weather conditions out here but in spite of the uncertainty there is still a sizable crowd out here people gathered in their coats and blankets hoping to watch them launch. we will let you know if and when they are actually going to head out into the sky. this is part part of the annual wind festival going on today for memorial day. it is a free event although
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parking is 5 dollars, the festival features professional kite flyers, arts and crafts venders and kite making activities for kids, this is obviously not the only event here in the bay area, its one of dozens of events including this one, the memory day ceremony in the presidio, this is video of last year's ceremony. a half-hour before that ceremony starts also in the presidio there will be a special ceremony honoring japanese american world war two veterans, now in other parts of the bay area at vallejo a sear ceremony at 9:00 and in venetia a ceremony there. in oakland for the 90th year in a row they will have a memory ceremony, and in alameda at veterans park a service there
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at 11:00. back out here live in san ramon we are waiting to see if these hot air balloons will launch. they are keeping an eye on the weather out here, we will keep an eye on it as well and get back to you a half-hour from now. >> thank you. you can see we are looking at all the different events in the bay area to honor our service members, our veterans for more information on the ceremony at the presidio look on our website. >> 6:07. family members and friends who lost loved ones in the jonestown massacre will be dedicating a new memorial over the weekend. more than 200 people were there for the dedication. four plaques are in place now with the names of the 918 people who died in the jungles there. their ambassador to the u.s. was one of the speakers. >> i join you in the expectation that the memorial which you are dedicating today
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will provide a measure of closure and catharsis for those who continue to be victimized. >> that memorial also included the name. reverend jim jones, who forced members of his group to drink poisoned punch. >> detours for pedestrians on the golden gate bridge start tomorrow when work begins on the western sidewalk. that means for the next four months pedestrians and bikers will share the east sidewalk. on busy days 16,000 cycle efforts and walkers cross the bridge. once the western sidewalk is finished the crews will do the east side. then it will be closed for four months. so, sal, i know you and i have covered a number of stories where there is tension sometimes between the walkers and the bikers on the bridge. >> can't we all just get along. good morning, everyone, i know
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dave knows that too. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the commute on westbound 92. okay out to to the high rise. of course today is memorial day. we will not have a lot of traffic, but unfortunately, in my experience what i tend to see is when the roads are wide open sometimes we have collisions that are more serious because people are going faster. so take it easy out there and if someone is driving not that great you know just try to plan for that, stay away from that person. westbound by bridge looks good into san francisco, northbound 101 looks good. 6:09, let's go to steve. >> good morning, partly sunny, closer to the coast clouds but overall just 60s and 70s. tough to warm up in this pattern. another low is dropping in, that will be with us on tuesday and wednesday. and starting to push in clouds, that has made it in. you get that write with a sea
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breeze it is darn cold out there. we do have 40s and 50s on your temperatures, 47 napa, west- southwest, west 28 at sfo, that is sustained. a south wind in the north bay this time of year all equals cooler, low 70s yesterday, not today. we drop those right down. the vigorous low that came in over the weekend left rain here and snow in the sierras. there is a lot of moisture but has a lot of cold air. another moves in on tuesday. very light rain. sun, clouds, breezy, cooler today, 15, 30 mile per hour winds, some of those gusts along the coasts and higher elevations over 30. 50s, 60s or low 70s, a good, 10, 15, 20 degrees below average for some, close. the clouds start to roll in, a
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break thursday and friday, and maybe another stronger system by the weekend dave and pam. >> flights at chicago's airport on time again after hundreds of passengers were stranded by thrls, 450 flights were cancelled yesterday. the average flight was three hours, at midway no flights were cancelled but many had delays, the worst has passed, tornado warnings in effect for parts of michigan. take a look at video from southern michigan. look at that damage there. strong winds blew through the area, knocked down trees, knocked down power lines. the rescue crews blocked, residents had to cut their own way through these trees to get help. a lot of them were shocked by the strength of the storm. >> i went through this before but not like this. >> yeah. >> this was the granddaddy. >> thousands of people still
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have no electricity. the crews man to plan to work through the day. a lot of homes and cars were damaged in this. despite all the damage though they are telling us no serious injuries have been reported. >> wow. president obama toured the devastated neighborhoods of joplin, missouri. the promise he is making to help peoples recover from last week's deadly tornado. >> also supporters of ratko mladic clashing with the police. what they don't want the serbian government to do.
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welcome back to the morning news. want to take you live to arlington national cemetery there in virginia this morning. you can see a lot of people, some people are there paying tribute to our american service members. this morning president obama well also be there taking part in the annual memorial day service at arlington national cemetery. we want to go to sandra endo, who is now in washington, d.c. to tell us how the u.s. troops are being honored there and many other places, sandra. >> reporter: pam, i can tell you president obama will be making his way to arlington national cemetery in just a matter of hours, a couple of hours that is. he started the day with a breakfast to honor family members who have lost loved ones in wars past and obviously this is a big day of
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remembrance. the headstones at arlington national cemetery decorated with red, white and blue. also president obama on his schedule is set to announce several changes to the department of defense. one he is expected to announce a new joints chief chairman, that is general martin dempsey. you know today is not the only day that people have marked memorial day. the events have been taking place throughout the weekend here in washington. there you see thousands of bikers coming to dc for the annual ride to freedom event by the rolling thunder. that is where defense secretary robert gates addressed the crowd. >> for those of us gathered here it is an affirmation of our commitment to remember those heroes who have fought or died or been captured in defense of our nation, not just this weekend but every day of our lives. we have a sacred obligation to those who have born the heavy
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burden in the past, the men and women now protecting us on the front lines gain comfort knowing that if today they are missing or captured we will not rest until they are accounted for and welcome home to the honor they deserve. >> of course there are other events here. you can see on arlington national cemetery's website a moment of silence later this afternoon and also the national memorial day parade later today as well. >> 6:17. supporters of former serbian general ratko mladic clashed with police at a rally. some of those threw rocks at police. at least one 80 180 arrests were made. those ralliers don't want the government to release him to the u.n. court in the netherlands. he was captured after being on the run for 16 years, he is
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accused of genocide, including order the slaughter of 8000 men and boys. >> this morning germany announced it will shut do nuclear plants by 2022. demonstrators hung banners outside where the meeting was held. last year the chancellor pushed to keep them running. that decision was reversed in the wake of japan's nuclear disaster. a new poll shows the crisis there caused people to lose faith in their government. 81% say they do not trust government information but the crisis and nearly 85% say the utility that operates the plant is not doing a good job of dealing with the crisis. >> 6:18. 39 people still listed as missing from that big tornado in joplin. as the city came together to
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remember the victims take a look at video. this is yesterday's service attended by president obama. while there he praised them for coming together taking care of each other. mr.obama also said that federal aid will be there long after the cameras are gone and will help rebuild joplin. >> there is no doubt in my mind that joplin will rebuild. and as president i can promise you your country will be there with you every single step of the way. >> yesterday the president also toured some of the hardest hit areas and he met with survivors. so far more than 135 people are confirmed dead. authorities are still trying to identify some of the victims. they say they are taking extra precautions since one mom missouri identified miss
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identified a victim as her son. >> sal, what do you have on the roads. a lot of people are watching us. >> they will be watching or later as they roll out of bed. >> wouldn't that be nice? >> we are here in case you have to go somewhere and just to remind you as well that chp is doing maximum enforcement today again. they have been arresting people over the weekend who have been driving while under the influence or doing other illegal things on the roads, just to keep it to a safe speed if you will as you look at these roads that are pretty much wide open for you. if you are going to be going to that barbecue at your friend's house you know have a couple of adult beverages make sure you designate a driver because you might get in trouble, really. westbound coming up to the toll plaza looks good into san francisco. the eastbound touchdown the
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dour touchdown detour has been completed. at 6:20. let's go to steve. >> low clouds coming back in. there will be another system that will move in tomorrow to give us another round of clouds and maybe light rain. you can see the low cloud deck over us not only cool here but statewide yesterday morning, redding dropped to 41 for a record low, the high yesterday in bakersfield was 70. the high in palms springs was 79. the record low maximum temperatures, so it is cool from northern california down to the desert. only 79 in palm springs. that is amazing. san francisco on sunday dropped to 47. that was only one off a record low, 46 set back in 1893 so it is cool over everywhere. 40s and 50s, west a 28 at sfo gusting to 35. that is a sea breeze, that means everything is going to cool off. the next low off port land will settle into northern california tomorrow. it doesn't have moisture but a lot of cloud cover, that means
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more low clouds for us today, 50s, 60s for many or low 70s, temperatures inland low 80s, especially livermore, not even close, 15 degrees below average you know we are cool. another system gives us cloudy skies and late showers, tuesday and wednesday, a break thursday and friday but hints of a stronger system approaching for the weekend pam and dave. >> thank you, steve. the pentagon and the department of homeland security are now investigating a cyber attack. lockheed martin says it detected the attack almost immediately and took counter measures. it says all of its systems remain secure, no customer, employee or program has been compromised, information specialists say cyber attacks lake the ones on sony earlier this year have inspired other hackers to go after high profile targets. >> they are going to get it. >> what did you do? >> i didn't do anything -- >> hollywood's box office hang over is even bigger the second
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time around. the hang over part 2 pulled in more than 86 million, nearly twice as much as the original. been a good weekend for sequels, kung fu panda was second, full numbers will be released tomorrow. >> a real live story a dramatic rescue in an apartment building, a young boy gets trapped between two staircases. >> plus singer shawn kingston is hopped after a serious crash. >> if you are driving on highway 4 a nice day as you might imagine, we will tell you more about the holiday weekend traffic and what you can expect.
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hey marcel, watch this. the san rafael commute looks great. so does the richmond bridge. i tell you what chp is doing to keep you from getting too excited out on the road just straight ahead. >> time now 6:26. watch this, a 7-year-old boy safe, look at him, trapped between two staircases in china. yikes. he was playing when he slipped became stuck between the 4th and 5th floors of an apartment
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building. a neighbor heard his screams and rushth rushed out to help. the firefighters cut the steel bars. he had bruises but was not seriously hurt. >> pg&e are under fire because they want to change the rules that say how strong their poles are. they are required to build them and maintain them so they will not fail but they say that it is an impossible standard to maintain. >> the public broadcasting service says a recent story posted on their website is proof they that have been hacked. it says a rapper is alive and well and living in new england. he was shot and killed in vegas
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in 1996. they claimed responsibility. in the last month they have hacked several media organizations and do it for entertainment. shawn kingston is in the hospital this morning. he crashed his jet ski. he and a woman riding on the back were taken to the hospital. the officials think it crashed when it went under that small bridge. shawn kingston is best known for the hit song beautiful girls. >> he has sung with justin bieber as well so we are familiar with him. a weekend barbecue breaks out into violence leaving two people dead and one person injured, plus family members witnessed the incident. >> we will tell you about incidents going on across the bay area this memorial day. >> also it has been more than ten months since those flash
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floods hit capitolla, why officials there need help from the federal government.
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well good morning tock you, welcome back. thank you for joining us on the ktvu morning news. >> time now 6:30. only on 2, we do have exclusive video showing the beginning of a violent night in oakland that killed two people and injured another. ktvu channel 2 reporter, joining us now with a look at that video, and details on the investigation now underway, tara. >> reporter: it started as a holiday barbeque and a side show. as you can see by the tire marks in the middle of the street there. around 9:30, witnesses said it turned violent, and they were caught in a firestorm of bullets. one woman actually ducked behind a car, only to see her
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daughter get killed. you can hear gunshots and see someone on the tape with a gun. the person who shot the video, who did not want to be identified, told us that several people were carrying guns last night. it all happened on 88th, and international. when police arrived, they found three victims, two of them dead, the third was rushed to highland hospital, where she remains in critical condition. family members members identify one of the victims as 28-year-old latoya kenny. we also spoke to another victim's cousin this morning, who came to the spot where he was killed. >> i'm just like, spending time with my kids. >> reporter: you have his blood on your hands. >> i have his blood on my hands right now, as we speak. i never did this before. sorry. it's crazy. >> reporter: now witnesses have identified that victim as 28- year-old eric bush who just
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celebrated his birthday two days ago. all of this unfolded in front of the east bay dragon's club. witnesses say they did see someone on foot, a suspect, as well as someone in a car. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. we're following some breaking news this morning out of ohio. we just learned that ohio state university announced football coach jim tressel has resigned. it's in the midst of an ncaa investigation. again, ohio state university head coach, jim tressel has resigned. we'll get you more information as soon as that becomes available. time now, 6:33, and happening now, this morning, president obama will take part in the annual memorial day service at arlington, national cemetery. we have aired live, you see a lady there with flowers and in the midst of the tombstones this will be happening all day, she's among the many who will
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be there throughout the day at the arlington national cemetery. the president will be placing the traditional wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. these are live pictures, the camera moving around. before heading over to arlington, the president is expected to name this man, this is army general martin dempsey, expected to be named the new chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. the chairman will be stepping down in september. dempsey commanded american troops in iraq. he later ledded training efforts for the iraqi forces. back here at home, the weather may ground, a special memorial day celebration in san ramon. allie rasmus just talked to the pilot of one of the hot air balloons out there, that is expected, or was supposed to be flying early this morning. what did he say? >> reporter: these hot air balloons were supposed to
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launch about 6:00, they still have one of the hot air balloons in that trailer, they're just getting ready to unpack it, but it's probably not going to be flying. they're supposed to fly from here, in san ramon, over the altamont pass, one of the pilots says things will have to be scaled back. >> the challenge today is weather. that's the issue. we have to have a ceiling of at least a thousand feet. it looks now, like it's about 4 or 500 feet, if you look over the hills over there. >> reporter: as you heard, the fog is the problem, but this is part of the city's festival in san ramon. a free event, it's going to take place whether or not there is fog today. it features professional kite fliers and kite making activities for kids, but it's not the only memorial day celebration appearing here in the bay area. there are dozens of events, including one at the presidio
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in san francisco. there's a memorial day ceremony there. this is video you're looking at of last year's event. that ceremony starts at 10:30 with a parade, and a 21 gun salute. a half hour before that parade starts, there will also be an extra special ceremony, honoring japanese world war ii veterans. here's some other events going on at vallejo. at benecia, a special flyover. at oakland, for the 90th year in a row, they will have a memorial day ceremony, and 21 gun salute at that cemetery. back here live in san ramon, in spite of all the uncertainty, you can see, there is a crowd of about 200 people out here. a short time ago, one of the
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organizers came out and told the crowd these balloons will be not be flying, but they will still inflate some of the hot air balloons. they'll inflate them, and we'll see them go up, and they'll bob up and down, just a bit just so you the crowd can see some of these balloons, even though they won't be flying over the pass. the search continues this morning for a missing 26-year- old nursing student. michelle le has not been heard, or seen since friday night. investigators say the nursing student left kaiser hospital in hayward at about 7:00 friday evening. le told classmates she would be back before driving off to reno this weekend, but she never returned. they're calling her disappearance suspicious. adding le is not answering calls to her cell phone.
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>> there's no indication, she has any kind of psychiatric or medical issues that would explain why she isn't responding to any calls, or isn't reaching out to anybody. so those things make it suspicious. >> hayward police are trying to get a search warrant for le's suv that was found, hopefully to find more information. pg and e crews are getting ready for testing. the crews have to vent all the gas out of those lines, that's going to happen tomorrow in newark, and on wednesday in san jose. the actual testing should be done later this week. the customers probably won't notice any interruptions in their service. gasoline prices keep dropping this holiday weekend. this morning, we've checked around the bay area, drivers are paying a little more than $4 for a gallon of regular gas. in san francisco, drivers are
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spending and average of $4.15 for regular. those prices are down more than 7 cents from last week. however, one of the few drivers we could find this early hour says it hasn't fallen far enough. >> normally, we go out to the sierras for memorial weekend, but not this weekend with the way gas prices are. >> prices here remain about 25 cents a gallon higher than the national average. 6:39 is the time right now, let's go back over to sal so check in on traffic, if there is any. >> reporter: the roads are doing okay right now, because it is memorial day. i want to remind you that a stream is not running today because of memorial day. they'll be back tomorrow. amend right now traffic on highway 4 is light. it has been light even in antioch, which really shows you it is a holiday. showing the bay bridge, traffic is not expected to become heavy
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at all. even later when people start coming back from their memorial day. they usually do it dispursed, or in a wide pattern, so they don't all come back at once. traffic on 680 looks good, heading to the south bay. that barbeque weather forecast, let's go to steve. >> might want to stand next to it sal, because it's not going to be warm. >> low clouds, kind of hit and miss. right back in on the san mateo coast. there are some breaks in the clouds, a few high clouds up above, but i just tweeted sp weather. sfo has gusts up to 35 miles per hour, and it's 51 degrees. that's cold. that's cold. we do have some mostly sunny, partly sunny skies today. as weak high pressure comes in, very weak. not much to it. 50s, 60s, and lower 70s. here we go with another system
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dropping down, as it does, that just reinforces the fog bank. the fog is forming like that. we haven't had heat. our last 80s were around may 5. if anything, we had a lot of really cool readings on sunday, and will continue to have some today. normal is 66, it will be 60 today. there's the gust at 35 at sfo. everything is in place for that sea breeze. here comes that low right off portland. it doesn't have a lot to work with, but it does have cold air, and it will keep the theme of us staying partly cloudy, to mostly cloudy. occasionally, light rain moves in. not a big deal for tuesday and wednesday. there are hints for a system at the end of the week. more clouds, cooler, some light rains as we go into midweek. today will be cooler as well. some of the low clouds favoring
6:42 am
the san mateo cost. 50s, 60s, or even low 70s, they'll be a breeze. temperatures staying far below average. clouds roll in on tuesday, and wednesday. partly sunny, mostly cloudy. a few off and on showers. thursday and friday look all right. cloud it up again on the weekend. the city of capitola is still waiting to see if the federal government will come through with disaster relief. capitola was hit by two flash floods in late march and there's still damage. but california chose not to invoke the disaster assistance act following the flooding. people are now waiting to see if fema will provide aid. the city has already spent close to $1 million to fix city property and expecting to spend another 500,000 to complete that work. time now, 6:42, it is memorial day, and troops pause to remember their conrads who died. honoring more than 1500 servicemen killed in that
6:43 am
country. endeavour is heading home, and into its next mission here on the ground. good morning, traffic is moving well on northbound 101 approaching 80, the interchange. we'll tell you more about the morning commute, and the bay area.
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welcome back, time now 6:45. these are live pictures we're
6:46 am
showing you, this is the presidio in san francisco. you can see the tombstones lined as far as you can see, and the flags. people are preparing at the presidio now. obviously, this will be a major focus for memorial day, observances throughout the day area. again, a live picture. very special events taking place here throughout the bay area for memorial day, beginning in just a couple of hours. welcome back, good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the other top stories we're following for you. oakland police are searching for the gunman responsible for a triple shooting that left two people dead. another one in critical condition. this happened last night on 88th avenue, near international. it happened during a memorial day weekend barbeque and side show in the streets. the police investigation continues. the chp is investigating two separate crashes last night on westbound 580. they say one reckless driver is
6:47 am
responsible for collisions that sent three people to the hospitals. cities all over the bay area, as we said, are getting ready to celebrate, and honor this memorial day. several parades and events are planned, remembering the men and women who served this country. in afghanistan, u.s. troops are remembering their fallen comrades this memorial day. members of the army stationed in kabul held a candlelight vigil to recognize the nearly 1500 u.s. service members killed in afghanistan since that war began in 2001. over in iraq, more than 4400 american service members have died since 2003. 39 people are still unaccounted for in joplin, missouri, one week after a tornado tore through their town. more than 130 people died. this morning, joining us from
6:48 am
joplin, where president obama toured the damage a day ago. >> reporter: he note only met with survivers, but also spoke at a memorial service health here at joplin -- held here at joplin yesterday. one of the more poignant statements was at a time like this, people find themselves asking the question why. why our town? why is my son missing? he says that is something we obviously to not have control over. noting we do have control over is how we move forward from here in helping thy neighbor. that's what we've seen on day 8, after this ef5 twister tore through here. this back here behind me was one the greenbriar nursing home. the only way you know that it was a medical facility is you see twisted wheelchairs and
6:49 am
medical equipment scattered throughout this debris field. three residents are still unaccounted for. four were found alive in the last week, and four died. the grim reality is that we have seen these numbers continuing to rise in terms of the death toll, while the number of missing and unaccounted for has gone down, but some 8,000 buildings in this small community of only about 49,000 people were destroyed. and on this memorial day when a lot of people are out on their boats, when they're out barbequing sh and enjoying time with friends and family, the people of job lynn here are sorting through the trouble, trying to find what they can salvage of their lives. it is just heartbreaking, and we really need to keep these people in our thoughts and prayers today. >> absolutely, because the scene behind you is just unbelievable. thank you for that update. endeavour is heading home one last tight, the shuttle
6:50 am
undocked from the international space station late last night, and started the trip back home to earth. once it returns, it will be decommissioned, and sent to southern california, where it will be a display on space in the california science center. which would be great to see that shuttle up close. time now, 6:49, sal is watching our commute. i know you're watching the toll plaza, anything going on out there? >> he watched the accident list, just to make sure nothing unusual is going on. it would be unusual to see any sort of backups, that would alert us, right now, it's looking just the way we thought it would, it's light there. traffic has continued to move very well. we do have a look at westbound 92, the traffic is moving along nicely, heading out to highway 101. there have been some accidents in the south bay, we had an
6:51 am
accident, northbound 85, connector to northbound 87. that's already on the shoulder. as you look at the antioch, and concord areas, just a couple of slow spots. 6:50. let's go to steve. we're we go, with have a low cloud deck. you know it's not going to be very warm today. they're already there. some will be slow to burn off. temperatures down into the 60s for some, or very low 70s. another low is moving in, that will be here tomorrow. today, we are looking for partly sunny, breezy conditions, already gusts of 35 miles an hour at sfo, with temperature at 51 degrees. 40s and 50s. it's a cool morning west- southwest, or a southwest wind, or a southerly breeze southeast san jose. also santa rosa, it all equals cooler. here comes the lee right off portland. that will be here tuesday and wednesday for another round of cool, unsettled weather.
6:52 am
50s, 60s, or very low 70s, these are 15 degrees below average, especially if you're away from the coast. fairfield, only 68. 67 concord, and livermore. that is way below average. everyone below average. mostly cloudy tuesday and wednesday. maybe some rain, thursday and friday we get a break. signs of another system, maybe stronger coming in by the weekend. still some time to work on it though. 6:51 is the time. well a soldier stationed on the east coast didn't want to miss the birth of his son on the west coast. wait until you see how technology made that happen. also, the sentencing in the jaycee dugard case, plus the other big decision the judge could make that day. good morning, northbound 880, traffic looks nice, getting up to the coliseum. we'll toll you more about the morning -- tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead. [ jolene ] i got involved with honor flight through my job
6:53 am
6:54 am
here at southwest airlines. honor flight is an opportunity for world war two veterans to travel to washington d.c.
6:55 am
to get to see their monument. you know, joe, i'd like to thank you for honoring our country, for giving your time, and just making us so proud. [ joe ] on behalf of all of the veterans, you're welcome. ♪ this is who i am. ♪ welcome back, time now 6:55. ohio state university just announced football coach jim tressel resigned. the ncaa is investigating the ohio state buckeyes for possible rules violations. coach tressel says he agreed it's in ohio state's best
6:56 am
interest that he resign. phillip and nancy garrido will be sentenced later this week for the kidnapping and rape of jaycee dugard. she was kidnapped in the lake tahoe area, and held captive for 18 years. we've learned the very important details we're missing from a computer database that may have helped identify a computer parolee who was the main suspect in the bryan stow beating case. some of geovany ramirez's tatoos were never recorded into the law enforcement automated data system. ramirez was arrested a week ago, accused of beating bryan stow in the parking lot of dodger stadium back in march.
6:57 am
no charges have been filed as of yet. bryan stow remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. this is my favorite story of the day. a soldier unable to make it home for his son's birth can still say he heard him cry for the first time. [ baby crying ] >> there's that little newborn cry. she gave birth at eugene, oregon. they broadcast the entire event via skype, allowing cody to hear and see everything as it happened. >> watching my laptop screen, watching my life screaming at the top of her lungs. hearing my son cry for the first time. it was nice. it was awesome. >> well the next best thing, i guess. the hospital says they have broadcast births via skype to other service members in the
6:58 am
past. >> you know he's grinning, but you know there were some tears too. >> oh, my, yes. time now, 6:57, let's go to sal, nothing to cry about in the commute yet is it? >> no, it's nice and light out. there have been minor collisions, but it really hasn't affected traffic. southbound 101 looks good in san rafael. also, looking at the bay bridge, which is holiday light coming into san francisco. 6:58, let's go to steve. a mix of sun, partly sunny today. cooler and breezy though, as another system is moving in on tuesday and wednesday, so it won't be very warm today. temperatures staying below average. not as much sun as we had on sunday. coming up next on mornings on 2, improving san francisco streets. mayor ed lee is seeking a bobbed measure. a new poll shows whether or not voters are on board.
6:59 am
stay onboard with us. more coverage of last night's triple shooting in oakland.


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