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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 31, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. we start this morning with the missing bay area student who has not been seen or heard from since friday. right now, the father of michelle le is on his way to the bay area from vietnam to help search for his daughter. we're live in hayward with more on what other family members are doing to help bring her home. groom, janine. >> reporter: good -- good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. people are on twitter, praying for the safe return of le.
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police say the 26-year-old was last seen on friday at kaiser hospital in hayward, where she takes classes for nursing. she told her classmates, she was going to go to reno after class but left during a break and never came back. her car was found a few blocks away. le's brother says the family has no idea what happened to her. >> reporter: is really hard to not assume the worse. we're trying and everything -- we want to think negativity, we've been encouraged to stay positive. >> reporter: le's family says this is very unusual behavior because she is the responsible type. police are being very tight- lipped about this case. at this point, there's no evidence of foul play. back to you.
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7:02. one woman is dead after she crashed into a freeway guardrail and was hit by a van overnight in the north bay. the 22-year-old woman was driving on northbound 101 near novato around 1:00 this morning. fire officials say for some unknown reason, she hit a guardrail and her car stopped in one of the lanes. that's when a van going 65 miles an hour hit her. several plains were closed for a while but they are open now. sheriff's deputies in contra costa county are looking for the answers to a shooting on california court. this happened last night around 11:00. now, jade hernandez has just received new information from this scene. investigators told her a young man was shot several times while driving a van and there appears to be more than one shooter. sheriff deputies are still trying to track down wednesdays and they are looking for a motive.
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now, jade will have much more from that scene coming up at 7:0. two people are in the hospital after an overnight fire in san francisco. it started shortly after 2:00 a.m. at this home on hollister avenue. investigators say the fire started in a cluttered garage. they had to move everything out of the garage after they put out the fire. >> the reason there's so much material out in the lawn is she -- lawn is we want to make sure there's no opportunity for rekindling. we make sure it's completely extinguished. >> as we told you, two people had to go to the hospital for treatment. we don't know the extent of their injuries. five others have been left homeless temporarily. a report released just over an hour ago shows home prices have fallen to their lowest point in five years. the newest case-shiller indexos
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says prices fell an average of 8/10 in march. prices were up slightly in just two month areas of the country -- washington, d.c. and seattle. the average prices in 12 markets are at their lowest levels in four years. apple's ceo steve jobs will take a break from his medical leave to deliver the keynote speech in san francisco next month. he will talk about the new software, the iphone and he went on med cal leave in january but has been -- med cal leave in jan -- medical leave in january. the suspect in the bryan stow beating case is due in court this week for a parole hearing. 31-year-old giovanni ramirez still has not been formally
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charged for the attack. he's being held on a parole violation, hoping that will give them more time to gather more evidence in the bryan stow case. there is a very important meeting in the bryan stow case later today. we'll bring you the details in a few minutes. it could get a lot more crowded on the golden gate bridge today. and we're not talking about cars here. alley as husband will explain. >> reporter: we're talking about pedestrians and cyclists. right now, if you take a look at the golden gate bridge behind you, most of the vehicle traffic is -- traffic is vehicle traffic. on a busy day there are a lot of pedestrians and cyclists crossing this bridge. as many as 6,000 cyclists and 10,000 pedestrians when it gets busy.
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they will be doing some seismic work on the bridge and they will have to shut down that part of the bridge and pedestrians and cyclers will have to share the east sidewalk. i spoke to the spokesperson on this project, and she said they've been trying to get the word out on this issue. theirs discussion about the possibility of painting lanes in the sidewalk to separate the pedestrians and cyclists during this four-month period when both groups will have to share but so far all of those options are still in the works. reporting live at the golden gate bridge in san francisco, alley as husband, ktvu channel 2 news -- allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. we want to check in with
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sal now. >> i'm getting something new. we have a report that a car may have hit a mountain lion, which is really unusual in san mateo county. this happened a little while ago. it's unusual so we're reporting it. these things happen. if you are driving on the peninsula, i'm looking at highway 92, a little bit of slow traffic between 280 and 101. again, 280 southbound is going driving all the way down to palo alto. here's steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. mostly cloudy skies last day of may. we're talking rain. there's always been decent
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totals. i will show you that in a sect. the rain is starting to break up. mostly cloudy today. rain, mainly favoring the north. cool, very cool. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. we'll continue the round of showers, possible thunderstorms as the low moves over us. the days are very long. and the angle of sun very high. it wouldn't surprise me to see this happen. by the weekend -- there are projections up into mendocino county. it's the way things -- with the way things are going, it wouldn't surprise me. some off-and-on rain to the north. starting to pick up here. cloud, showers, 55 to 65, not much warmer. 58 to 68. mostly cloudy today and hit-and- miss rain. most of it will be -- most of it will be to the north. to the south it's going to take a while to fill in. cazadero, i'm sure they have
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had .50. st. helena, .08. our system lieding in gives us far below average temperature, .01 to a trace and maybe .50 to .75 for some sot north. breezy conditions. inland highs are 10, 15 degrees below average for this time of year. hayward is the warmest at 56. there's our low spinning. there is a stronger system which will start to show up late friday. this one will play into our weather today and tomorrow -- today and tomorrow. the line is about sfo, oakland, vallejo, benicia. showers, possible thunderstorms highs -- tomorrow and the highs won't be getting warmer. rain heavier amounts to the north bay. windied a times. 60s, coast, bay, inland or some upper 50s. may not see one 70-degree temperature today.
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it's just a really, really cool pattern. chilly, showers, friday, is transition day, here comes maybe some more rain as we head into the weekend. >> thank you, steve. afghan's president says he has had enough. the reason he's making a strong demand to nato forces and we've just learned nato's response a short time ago, a live report from washington, d.c. also -- heading moment. when shuttle commander mark kelly returns to earth and will gabrielle giffords be there to watch the landing.
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good morning. a few sunbreaks, but it's cloudy with rain moving in. 50s and 60s with -- 60s with off and on rain. nato says it will continue the air strikes on private homes in afghanistan when it's necessary. as alison burns reports, from our washington, d.c. newsroom, the president of afghanistan wants those strikes to stop after a deadly incident over the weekend. alison? >> reporter: dave, that's right. hamid karzai's warning comes after nato air strikes sunday in helmand province killed nine people, most of them small children. he said we see nato from the point of an ally if they don't stop air strikes on afghan homes their presence in afghanistan will be considered as an occupying force and against the will of the afghan people. we brought in this video by
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satellite. karzai says he will action if he needs to. he has not detailed what he will do. some analysts say he could pull back the cooperation of afghan troops. that would be a huge setback for the u.s. as president obama tries to wind down the war. the strikes over the weekend were ordered after a nato patrol had come under fire, but karzai says civilian casualties are becoming too common. nato says this morning, the strikes will continue with the help of local afghan forces. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. 7:15. the rebels in libya have launched the country's first english-language online radio station. ♪ >> tribute fm targets a worldwide audience. its purpose is to help push moammar gadhafi from power. many people working at the
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station were working abroad but returned to take part in the uprising. >> this is history. we're all writing history, every sing libyan here. >> it's a new beginning. we can say how we feel, what we feel, whenever we like. we shouldn't be afraid. >> libyan rebels have lunched an independent tv channel as well. this is the people in benghazi watching the screens. 7:16. the former chairman of one of egypt's major banks was arrested, accused of sexually assaulting a hotel made in new york city. police say the complaint against the 74-year-olds aboutman is credible. there he is -- 74-year-old businessman is credible. there he is. he's the former chairman of egypt's bank, mahmoud abdel-
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salem omar. -- this is a rank. it's a distraction. distrack -- rank. it's a distraction -- prank. >> this prank was sent to all of his 40,000 followers over the weekend. it was quickly deleted. many are blaming the man who goes by patriotusa -- 76 and uses a photo of ronald reagan as his icon. wiener has hired a lawyer to explore possible charges. this morning, sarah palin is believed to be heads to philadelphia. she continues her political mystery tour. the former alaskan governor is keeping everything in dark.
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reporters surrounded here in washington, d.c. yesterday. she looked and sounded like a candidate but she won't say if she's officially in the race for the white house. >> americans are ready to get our country back on track. hi there! >> hi! >> palin says she is vowing to do anything possible to stop the reelection of president obama. tornado victims left homeless from last week's deadly tornado in joplin, missouri may soon have a temporary place to rush -- live. if enough rental homes aren't available for those needing it, those residents will be provided with trailers that will be brought in. joplin, look at the help they are getting right now. very unexpected source, elephants, they are hing to clear away from tornado debris.
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the circus was -- the circus was supposed to put on a tornado. a lot of people were very happy about this elephant help but you -- but i a -- but a lot of people think they are exploited. 7:18. the dalai lama has form mally relinquished his title of leader of the tib -- of the tibetan exile -- movement. he announced last year he wanted to retire and wanted on someone else to take over the role. "endeavour" commander mark kelly says he has no regrets about going on the shuttle mission while his injured while, congresswoman, gids, continues her recovery. >> there are periods of time over the last 16 days that -- you know, you miss your wife and your kids and i think that's true for all of us.
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>> kelly and the crew are set to land early tomorrow morning. gabrielle giffords will remain at the rehab center for the landing. she's still recovering from a gunshot to the head. >> we wish them well. >> yes. well, commuters in virginia are dealing with a major crash, a deadly tour bus crash, one that shut down a busy interstate. it was known as the miracle on the hudson, what the passengers are doing with the parts. good morning. 280 northbound is working well. another update straight ahead.
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four people are dead after a tour bus crash in virginia. the state bus collided and turned on its roof. police don't know how many people were on the bus. but it has 59 seats. the northbound lanes of i-95 near the crash scene will be closed for several hours. two young children in pet lama were taken to the hospital -- petaluma for observation after falling out of a second- story window. firefighters were called to a home on bayview drive around 6:30 last night. they say a 2-year-old girl and a-year-old boy were in a bedroom and somehow fell through a window screen and onto a bush below. other family members did not see it happen. but they heard crying outside. to be on the safe side, one child was airlifted to oakland children's hospital and the other was taken to santa rosa memorial hospital for observation. plane known for its mirror cau rel object hud -- miracle
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on the hudson, some of the people who were on that flight helped unload parts of the plane in charlotte, north carolina. look at this. the parts are being shipped from newark, new jersey, to carolina's aviation museum. this is the first time those passengers have seen the plane since sully sullenberger's miraculous water landing. >> the percent are debating, was a crash or a landing? it kind of looks like a crash when you see all of this stuff. >> the parts will be taken on a specially-made flat-bed truck. the fbi is investigating an unusual bank robbery near chicago. a man and a woman dressed as nuns walked into the t.c.f.
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bank in pail list heights sunday afternoon and ordered -- palace heights sunday afternoon and ordered workers. police are not sure how much money was taken. no shots were fired. nobody was hurt. hey, sal, what are you seeing in our commute right now? >> well, we are seeing traffic that's going to be affected by just a -- a bunch of slowdowns now. let's go out and take a look at highway 237. traffic is moving along relatively well. if you are driving to the commute here, traffic is going to be a little bit slow at zanker road. but that's typical. let's go to the peninsula. where chp did look for -- did look for that mountain lion, been find anything. so it's possible the woman hit a mountain lion, deer or
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something like that. out to the toll plaza, westbound bay bridge backed up for about a 15-minute break. let's go to steve. >> it looks like cloudy, mostly cloudy. been some decent rains especially to the north and there may be some really good rain to the north. by that i mean over an inch of rain. we have to deal request the -- deal with the systems. under cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. big, old low continues to spin and it will go right over northern california and that keeps us there right in the window of really cool temperatures, a good 15-degrees below average. about 5 to 7. rain anywhere
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from .50 to .75. to the north. cloudy to mostly cloudy today. off-and-on rain, most of it light, most of it in the north bay. heaviest will be to the north. 50s and 60s. when you get to the end of may you know it's a cool pattern. this is more like february or march to be honest with you. chilly, cold, possible showers, thundershowers into wednesday. thursday starts to move out that low. an important meeting in the bryan stow beating case. it involves the lawyer for giovanni ramirez and the l.a.p.d. a clearer picture is now emerging about a deadly shooting in rodeo. we know the victim's name. all of the details -- coming up. also, a bay area protest, one that's about to start in just about 30 minutes from now. @
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police investigating in rodeo say one man was shot several times while sitting in his van last night. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us live with more information about the victim. good morning, jade. >> reporter: gearing. a clearer picture is emerging about last night's deadly shoot
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-- grooming. good morning. a clearer picture is emerging about last night's deadly shooting. there is a lot of evidence in that corner over there, and we also got a better look of the van involved as it was towed a way about 45 minutes -- away 45 minutes ago. sheriff deputies found the young man now being identified as james newman junior, bleeding outside of the van -- outside of the van where he died. several calls came into dispatch around 10:15, 10:20. one neighbor told us, neighbors became very upset and the situation was tense. investigators found no drugs or guns in the van and they don't
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have a motive at this point for the shooting. it appears that the shooters or shooter may have been on foot. >> only one officer came in here out of the whole police with his car while the others waited at the gate. i don't know if they were instructed to do so. but by the time they were ready to take ack. >> everybody was ready to take their own. >> reporter: i've been told by the sergeant of the sheriff avenue deputy there was a slight delay because the deputies were in a neighboring city on a different call. that he haven't been able to respond as quickly as they would have liked. no arrests have been made. so -- the victim's name was been given out, james newman,
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junior. we're told neighbors have not been very cooperative. they have no witnesses. i'm sold that this area was canvassed heavily last night and they are talking to somebody who heard something last night. back to you. >> thank you, jade. 7:32. the attorney for the main suspect in the bryan so case says i has evidence to clear his name. maureen naylor is in the newsroom with more. >> well, giovanni ramirez's attorney is scheduled to meet with los angeles police today to turn over evidence that he believes will set his client free. he's not been formally charged for the beating. he's being held on a parole violation since his arrest at an east hollywood apartment more than a week ago. people looked at a lineup last
7:34 am
week and police say they were -- said that he were satisfied with the results. but ramirez's son maintains, her son was not involved and he has never been to dodger stadium. >> my son is i -- my son is innocent from the bottom of my heart. >> what do you base that on? >> because he doesn't go to places like that. >> the attorney for the suspect says they will turn over evidence that proofs he's innocent. >> have come across information that we believe will ultimately set giovanni ramirez free. >> what that evidence is, romero won't stay -- won't say. he's scheduled to give evidence in the case that giovanni ramirez was not near the scene of the crime. los angeles police will talk to his daughter.
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bryan so remains in yetcal condition at san francisco general hospital. so's family says doctors have been treating blood clots forming in his leg. that's the latest from the newsroom, dave, back to you. >> thank you, maureen. 7:34. in the meantime, bryan so remains in critical condition at san francisco general hospital. they are taking care. hopefully they will lower his seizure medication and he will recover but we'll keep you mosted on that. meantime, the chp in the south bay is investigating the death of a man in -- the death of a man in campbell. the man was hit and killed by the car. the chp said that driver stopped immediately and is cooperating with investigators. it's still not clear why the young man was walking down that
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busy highway. that accident closed down traffic for almost two hours. in about 30 minutes, protesters of the glencoe development will take their demands straight to the people involved. this is people camping out at the proposed glenco site. the developers want to turn this into a parking lot. the protesters are demanding that the district put the money toward a different project or face further action. san francisco mayor ed lee is expected to reveal his new budget tomorrow as the city faces a $306 million deficit. but the situation appears to be improving. "the chronic kell" reports the city has -- the chronicle
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"reports there's 40 million more around -- more and that number could be close to 60 million when the property taxes are counted. they say extra money should delay major layoffs. prosecutors in the south bay could throw out several dozen dui cases all because of a faulty breathalyzer. we spoke about this. we sold you -- told you about this earlier this month. a manufacturing glitch can cause an accurate reading of but now a review of existing cases, may have to be dropped. let's check again with sal keeping a close eye on the roads and the bay bridge. i assume the bay bridge is back to normal after their were changes over the weekend. >> yeah, the memorial day coming from oakland to sacramento. east bay traffic is busy.
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that includes the been westbound, we're gonna start somewhere else. we're gonna start on highway 4, it's busy in antioch and bets -- gets bit -- better by time you reach concord. westbound 580, very slow. 880s is slow from hayward downto union city. tuesday seems like a full strength day on the commute. let's go to steve. march is going out -- wait a minute. it's the end of may. excuse me. another system has dropped in and it's going to be -- a very cloudy, mostly cloudy day there are few sunbreaks. this may not be the strongest
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system, the strongest one may arrive on sunday. today, mostly cloudy, we've already had decent rain. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. possible thunderstorms for a jen area of -- -- fot the general area -- for the general area. we're look at moderate to heavy showers. i've seen projections of 2 1/2 of rain. kid you not. we do have a few sun. [s. a lot of clouds. some rain. ukiah, .25. the front is weak. so a trace of rain.
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dublin, .75. would not surprise me. 15, 0-mile-per-hour gusts. it will be breezy and gusty today. talking to a friend of mine, it's really warm up in alaska. from the northeast down to florida, it's not bad. you can see the ridge, the trough, the ridge, the trough. everything is stuck. that's why our pattern continues. san jose 5 under mostly cloudy skies. there's a little break in some of the clouds in san jose. lowser amounts of rain as you move south today. showers and possible thunderstorms tomorrow and highs will not escape the 60s.
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first day of june, it will be very cool tomorrow morning. cloudy, mostly cloudy, rain, heaviest north bay, a little windy at times. 50s and 60s. way below-average temperatures. no change on wednesday. finally move the low out on thursday. friday will be all right in the morning. we increase the clouds and it looks like rain for everybody on the weekend, toshry. powerful storms keep slamming the midwest, funnel clouds were captured on camera in nebraska. and several tornadoes were spotted. there was also heavy rain and hail as big as grapefruits in and -- in and around nebraska. more than 800 people were stung this weekend along a stretch of central florida oceanfront. onshore winds are being blamed
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for the high number of jellyfish. people were warned to stay out of the water. lifeguard stations were shocked -- were stocked with white vinegar which neutralizes the sting. the impressive amount that americansry -- are still saving for college.
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u.s. stocks coming down a little bit after a new report on consumer confidence shows it fell in may. right now, the dow is down 74. nasdaq -- i'm sorry. the dow is up 74, nasdaq is up 12. s&p is up 6. there has been an unexpected drop in consumer confidence. the conference board released numbers about a half-hour ago that shows the index fell to 68% in may. that's down from april, 66%. economists expected an increase to 67%. they say consumers are worried about jobs and rising prices for groceries and gas. many parents are more concerned about college tuition than another stock market crash. u.s. families poured $9 billion
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into 529 savings plans last year. that's almost double the amount saved in those plans in situate -- 2008. but it's still below the peak of almost 14 billion five years ago. the -- $1414 five years ago. $14billion five years ago. google's android is still number one on the market, 37%. but it stopped gaining ground on its rivals. apple is in second with 26% and research and motion settled in hat 22% after months of -- in at 22% after months of being up. some sectors of the japanese auto industry is
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recovering. this morning toyota announced its you aty production in japan -- its automatic prodiction will be up about 40% of normal. toyota gives the credit to its suppliers for improving their production and making parts available quicker than expected. well, sony is offering an apology and two free games to users of its playstation network. that offer comes as sony promises most gamers will be able to get back on the network by this weekend. sony says it will take about a week longer for account holders in japan, south korea and hong kong. sony, as you know, shut down the playstation network a after a cyber attack last month. some personal information up for about 100, 000 users for stolen. did you see a movie this holiday weekend? if you did, you weren't alone. it was a blockbuster holiday weekend at movie theaters around the country. >> i think it's happened again.
7:48 am
>> producers of "the hangover ii" might be celebrating on their own, the movie brought in $106 million. we are learning new details about exactly where prince william and his bride will go on their first official trip, which includes a stop in california. the royal couple will visit city as i cross canada from june 30th to july 8th. the couple now known as the duke and duchess of cambridge will then travel to california but they a -- but apparently
7:49 am
they weren't be stopping in the bay area. 7:48. you saw him right here, scottie mccreery just won "american idol." so what did he do next? he went to disneyland. >> scottie mccreery. >> yeah i love you this big, honey. >> he's at the microphone, too. he sang "i love you this big", his new hit single. you see him on stage talking to the crowd. he's still in shock over the big i he didn't get to enjoy it too long. he had to head back to "american idol." >> less than 4 hours i had to finish up my english test for the power -- for the credit.
7:50 am
i am still a kid. gotta finish high school. the u.s. tour begins july 6th. 7:49. a teacher in mexico is honored for her courage shown during a gun battle. what she did to keep her young students calm as shots rang out. new developments with tainted vegetables. new developments showing an e. coli outbreak is getting worse.
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newschopper2, showing a coast guard helicopter just off of ocean beach in the cliffhouse, looking for, we believe, it's a small boat or a surfer in distress. the fire department was called out about a half-hour ago. they showed up and didn't see anyone at the beach. but the coast guard has not let up on the search.
7:53 am
they are doing a search with their helicopter. you can see the helicopter. if you happen to live in the neighborhood, that's what the commotion is about. also, some boats in the water. it's unclear what they are searching for but they are doing search patterns near the cliffhouse. ktvu will stay on this and give you more on this developing story. new this morning, sheriff deputies arrested a man suspected of a triple homicide in loom as. jeremy baker is being held without bail. investigators say he didn't know all three victims. now a woman and a man were found shot too death at a home saturday morning -- to -- shot to death at a home saturday morning. police say they were all shot. police have not announced a motive for the killings. new this morning a i colely outbreak -- e-coli outbreak has
7:54 am
claimed its first victim, the death of a woman in sweden. hospital officialing as know -- hospital officials announced this a few minutes ago. hundreds of people have been sickened in other european countries. 7:53. well, a preschool teacher in mexico is being honored, recognized for the courage when bullets rang out near the classroom. [ sound of gunfire ] [ speaking in native tongue ] [ singing ] >> marcia alanas led those little kids -- those little kids in a soong on friday after getting them to get down and stay there as the bullets were
7:55 am
flying. she was praised by mexican authorities for her ability to keep the kids calm. five people were killed in na shootout. none of the children were hurt. we want to check in again with sal for an update on the commute. sal? >> i also want to bring you up to date on the search that we found from the fire department first and then from the coast guard. the coast guard. hadders, you can see them. our news copper -- chopper 2 is over it. this is ocean beach near san francisco. they are doing search patterns here. there's the cliffhouse and some units were near seal rock. apparently they got some sort of a distressed call but it's unclear what they are looking for the coast guard helicopter was looking near the coastline there. we will find out exactly what's going on. i want to show you the bay
7:56 am
bridgebacked up for about a 15- minute delay getting into san francisco. the busiest traffic is in the east -- the east bay. 680 is also very slow this morning. i want to show you -- let's move this to the right. you can see how close 680 is from pleasanton down to fremont. that's the busiest traffic in the bay. 7:55. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. and mostly cloudy skies. more rain is on the way and has already fallen, especially up towards the north bay. this incredible active pattern is happening right now. it's still offshore. saint helene knauss has had 08
7:57 am
-- saint helene knauss has had .08 -- saint -- st. helena has had .08. upwards of .50 to .75 for some. breezy to windy, but too bad but it will turn windy as the lows get closer. a south wind means some mild conditions until the low gets here but it will be here tonight, tomorrow and then that will produce snow in the mountains. today, cloudy to mostly cloudy. off off-and-on rain. cools on the highs. the rain's been picking up in the north bay, so expect that to be the main call prit today. chilly, showers, thundershowers on thursday. thursday is not bad, friday is okay. it looks like rain sleeping over the entire area.
7:58 am
this could be a very critical day in the case of giants' fan -- bryan stow. what the attorney for the suspect, giovanni ramirez, plans to do this morning. >> reporter: at this hour, police are following leads into the case of a missing nursing student from hayward. we'll tell yu they are looking into whether this is related to another woman who went missing in fairfield. one of the sidewalks on the golden gate bridge is closed. we'll explain why and some some of the changes you'll have to deal with because of it.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, may 31st. well, the family of missing nursing student michelle le, they are coming together hoping to find her and bring her home safe. ktvu's janine de la vega joining is live in hayward to tell bus a reward being offered. janine? >> reporter: hi, dave. that's right. i spoke with hayward police in the last 30 minutes and they say they are working nonstop on this case. >> they have five investigators dedicated to it.
8:01 am
they are actually meeting about it this morning. they are trying to fig out -- figure out what happened to 26- year-old michelle le when she left kaiser here in hayward. last night her family gathered in front of the kaiser holding fliers with her picture and are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to her safe return. police say she was last seen on friday and told fellow nursing students she was going to reno. she never came back. her father was found locked several blocks away. her family is trying not to think the worse. >> she's not a bad person. she didn't deserve to have this happen to her. i just want her home. >> hayward police are looking to see if the disappearance has anything to do with the disappearance of fuong le,
8:02 am
another nursing student. she disappeared after leaving a barnes & noble. these two women have the same last night. they are not related. police say in this case of michelle le's disappearance, there's no evidence of foul play and at this point, they don't have any suspects. back to you. >> thank you. a young woman is dead after a tragedy early-morning accident in the north bay. it happened just after 1:00 a.m. on northbound 101 in marin county. a 22-year-old william hit the guardrail on the right side of the freeway and her car came to rest in one of the lanes. that's when it was hit by a van traveling about 65 miles per hour. the young woman was killed by the impact, four passengers in the van were treated and released at the scene. firefighters say the original crash may have broken the lights on the woman's car. >> sheriff deputies in contra costa county are looking for suspects in a deadly overnight
8:03 am
shooting in rodeo. officers were called to the scene near california street around 11:00 last night. one hour ago, jade hernandez got new information from the scene. an investigator told her that a young man was shot several times while driving a van. there appears to be one more shooter. sheriff deputies are still trying to track down witnesses as they search for a motive. jade hernandez will have more from the crime seen at 8:30. two people are in the hospital after after overnight fire in san francisco. this one started shortly after 2:00 a.m. at a home on hollister avenue in the bayview district. investigators still don't know the cause but they say the fire started in the garage. it caused a big challenge for the more than 50 firefighters who -- firefighters who raced to that scene. >> it's a very difficult fire to fight. we'll have to deploy the tankers and the ladders quite
8:04 am
carefully. and the homes are dwight close to each other. >> firefighters were even busy after the fire was put out. they had to take everything out of that garage because of the threat of the flames starting up again. as we told you, two people had to be taken to the hospital. we don't know yet know the extent of their injuries. new this morning, at 8:03. home prices. they had fallen to the lowest point in five years. that's according to a new report this -- that just came out this morning. it's the newest case-shiller index. it says home prices fell an average of 8/10 in march. prices were up slightly in washington, d.c. and in seattle but they were down in the other large cities. foreclosures continue to drive down prices in most areas. well, ceo steve jobs of apple, he will take a break from his medical leave. he will deliver the keynote speech at next week's
8:05 am
conference in san francisco. steve jobs went on medical leave in january but he's been involved in major company decisions. he also demonstrated the new ipad ii at a news conference in march. four minutes after 8:00. the suspect in the bryan stow beating case is due in court for a parole hearing. 24-year-old giovanni ramirez still has not been formally charged in the attack two months ago outside the dodger stadium. authority says they are holding him on a parole violation to give them more time to gather evidence in the bryan so case. there is an important meeting in the stow case today. we'll have more on that coming up at 8:30. it could be a bit crowded on the golden gate bridge today. but we're talking about the sidewalk, not on the actual roadway. allie rasmus joins us live to explain in this live report. good morning, alely. >> reporter: good morning. 0 a busy day a lot of people
8:06 am
crossed the golden gate bridge not just by vehicles buts are -- but also on foot and by bicycles. as many as 10,000 pedestrians. they need to do work on the north end of the brian and -- bridge and to do that, they -- of the bridge and to do that they need to shut dunn part of the bridge for four months. many cyclists are worried, especially since a lot of tourists come into town during the summer months and crossing the bridge is a big tourist activity. >> there's a good amount of space as people aren't wondering aimlessly. >> reporter: we also met one a board member from san
8:07 am
francisco's bicycle coalition, she talked about one of the on thetions, the golden gate district is thinking about to alleviate the district. >> reporter: now, there's proposed a 10-mile-per-hour speed limit for bicyclists on this sidewalk. once the work is finished, construction will start again. the east sidewalk will be completely shut off to pedestrians for another four months and that's gonna happen late ther year. for now, the cyclist and the pedestrians and cyclists are gonna have to share that portion for the next few months. back to. >> you thank you. let's check in with sal now. you are pretty busy, still
8:08 am
working with the chopper. >> i'm working with the chopper here and looking at the coast guard search now we've got more information. newschopper2 showing the coast guard and the search for -- we're told, it was a boat taking on water. these are lavishes from news -- live pictures from newschopper2. this started off ocean beach and moved to the cliffhouse and now they are apparently out and the coast guard around the fire department got word of a boat. it seems to be improving a little bit, the toll plaza, maybe about 10-minute backup. once on the bridge, another eight minutes into texas -- into san francisco. also this morning, commute's in the south bay is pretty busy.
8:09 am
we had an earlier crash on 230 and northbound traffic is backed up into cupertino, westbound 237 shows -- slows it over to zanker and that's about all. less go to steve. >> thank you, sir. and a mostly cloudy morning. we've had rain in the morning already, in the north bay. there's more on the way, especially as you head towards late friday and saturday even tomorrow the possibility of thunderstorms as another low spins in. the pattern is block. for us, here comes another low, drops in and it's picking up some of the rain rates. that's where most of the rain will fall today. now, some of it will make it south. ukiah has had 800ths --
8:10 am
2800ths. saint helenas had a .08. even if you don't get the rain, it won't be very long. other observer tom in -- our observer tom in blossom hill says it's cloudy. the afternoon highs are far below average for this time of year. a good, 10, 12, 15 degrees for some. 5 concord and hayward. it must be a front in advance of this system. it comes out of the gulf of alaska. we're getting a south wind ahead of it. but the cold air keep us very active for mostly cloudy skies, cool, breezy conditions. rain, north to south. mainly staying in the north bay. it lights it up there. tomorrow, though, possibility of thundershowers and -- and as that cold air moves in.
8:11 am
also up towards tahoe truckee. shasta and lassen as well. if you are traveling be advised these are very cold systems. rain, cool, heaviest to the north. 50s and 60s. inland areas are the ones that are really gonna be 10, 15 degrees below ark. that won't change. tomorrow, very chiy on the first day of -- himy on the first day of chun. -- on the first day of june. afghan's president is making an auggie demand following a deadly incident over the weekend. we'll let you know how nato is responding this morning. just hours ago, another tour bus tragedy and a major u.s. highway remains shut down.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
tori, hamid karzai delivered a fiery speech overnight just hours after those nato air strikes killed several children. he says he has told nato commanders hundreds of times to stop striking homes. >> the afghan people can no longer tolerate these homes on their homes -- these attacks on their homes and one day the afghan government will be forced, if you do not come to and understanding based on a negotiations, a solution to this, that is the prevention of the bombing of the afghan homes, that the afghan government will bed -- forced to take action in this regard. >> reporter: the strikes over the weekend in helmand province were ordered after a nato patrol had come under fire. but karzai says these are becoming too common.
8:16 am
air strikes have become common because they are seen as strikes and attacks more often. the united nations says most of the civilian depths in afghanistan are caused by insurgent attacks not nato strikes. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, alison. new this morning, we're now hearing that president obama will nominate businessman john bryceen to take over as the head of the commerce department. he's the ceo of edison international. if the senate confirms him, bryceen would replace commerce secretary gary locke. we're expecting an announcement from the white house about 10:15 this morning, our time. again, the president is expected to announce john brycen, former ceo of edison international, as the new
8:17 am
secretary of the commerce department. some women in egypt say they were forced to undergo virginity tests when they were arrested by the new egyptian military government. >> translator: during the test, no one was standing except for a woman and a male doctor. six soldiers were standing behind us and watching the back side of the bed. i think they were there to be witnesses. >> amnesty international says 17 women were arrested during a demonstration in march, a general says the testing was necessary because the military wanted to protect itself against charges of rain. 8:17. the rebels in libya have launched that nation's first english language online radio station. ♪ >> it's called "tribute fm." they are trying to push moammar
8:18 am
gadhafi out of power. >> this is history. we are writing history. every single libyan here con electric butting to the rev -- experting to the revolution -- contributing to the revolution. >> we should able to say how we feel and not be afraid. >> a new independent television channel was also launched. you are watching people there watching the launch of the station. the profit is only broadcast over the internet. four people are dead and at least 25 are injured after a tour bus accident crashed. police have not determined how many people were on the bus. but it had 5 seats. the cause of the -- 59 sets,
8:19 am
the cause of the accident is still under investigation. 8:18. the dalai lama officially gave up his title as political leader of the tibetan exile movement. he announced his plans to retire as political leader. he said he wanted someone else to take over the role. he remains the spiritual leader of the tib then community. >> the plane known for its miracle on the hudson when the pilot landed in the hudson driver -- river two and a half years ago is making a final trip with the help of passengers. people that were on the flight helped unload parts of the plane in charlotte plane. the parts are being hipped -- shipped. this the first time passengers have seen since sullenberger's miraculous water landing. >> the passengers are debating, was it a crash or a landing? it kind of looks like a crash when you see all of this stuff.
8:20 am
>> the largest parts of the plane will be transported next week on a specially built flash floodbed truck. once the parts arrive, they will go on display at the museum. well, the space shuttle "endeavour" crew, they are racing back here to earth and to their families. how the commander feels about time spent away from his recofferring wife. sarah palin is off on the next leg of her political mystery tour. the one question she refuses to answer. >> good morning. traffic is okay on 237. it's a little bit slow -- slow but some areas are much slower than that. we'll tell you more straight ahead. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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8:22 am
♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
8:23 am
the former chairman of one of egypt's major banks was arrested accused of sexually ayou salting a worker in new york city. police say the case against him is credible. this follows the recent arrest of the former chief of the international monetary fund on similar charges. sarah palin reportedly heading to philadelphia, continuing her political mystery tour. the former alaska governor evening the press guessing about her exact schedule as she tours the nation. she sure looked and sounded
8:24 am
like a candidate but she would not say if she was officially running for the white house. >> americans are ready for true change, the change to get our country back on the -- back on track. >> sarah palin says she vows to do anything possible to stop the reelection of president obama. "endeavour"ed commander -- "endeavour" commander mark kelly says he has no regrets while going on the shuttle mission while gabrielle giffords continues her recovery. there are periods of time over the last 16 days where you miss your wife and kids and i think that's true for all of us. but in hindsight it was absolutely the right decision. >> kelly and the crew are back on their way to earth right now. they are set to land early tomorrow morning, gabrielle giffords attended the launch but will remain at a houston rehab center for landing due to the early hour. i did have someone mention on twitter that they did get to
8:25 am
see the international space station fly overhead sunday morning two days ago. it was visible about 4:30 in the morning. i missed it. 8:24. let's check traffic. sal's gonna help to get to where you need to go. >> now, tori you like twitter? >> i'm part of the twitter nation now. yeah. >> if you are a news junkie, you will like that, i think. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up to about a five- minute delay. richmond bridge looks good. san mateo bridge traffic is okay but getting to it on 880 is slow and on -- and on the golden gate bridge traffic is light et get -- getting down to the toll plaza. >> i'm a big fan of twitter. >> yes, you are. >> spweather if you have anything to say about the
8:26 am
weather. most are saying what happened? it's a cool spring. you are looking at it. there's been rain. some of it has been moderate, especially to the north all associated with another low that's spinning. we get a few sunbreaks. live stormtracker two 2 shows some the rain -- stormtracker2 shows some of the rain. the big system moves into the gulf of alaska saturdaying on saturday. cloudy, mostly cloudy, off and on rain, cools highs, heaviest rain will be to the north, 50s and 60s. livermore, antioch, morgan hill, santa rosa, only 65. redwood city, 66. it's cool. the possibility of thundershowers on wednesday. thursday cool and breezy as the
8:27 am
low moves out. it's the next chapter in the b.a.r.t. police shooting case. when johannes mehserle is expected to get out of jail? and this could be a big day in the case of giants' fan bryan stow who was brutally beaten outside of dodger stadium.
8:28 am
8:29 am
well, good morning to you. welcome back. 8:29. investigators in rodeo still at the scene of a deadly overnight shooting. ktvu's jade hernandez joining us live. there's new evidence that we've just found out this morning about. jade? >> reporter: good morning. i just wrapped up a tour of the crime scene here in row day -- on rodeo. we've just learned that one of
8:30 am
the bullets pierced a window back in this complex here. it pierced a window in an apartment complex. luckily no one was home but that bullet landed right near a bunkbed. again, no one was hurt inside that apartment complex but this deadly shooting could have had more victims. this is the first homicide of the year in rodeo. sheriff's deputies are on the intersection -- were at this intersection, when they found the spot that may proof prove there was a second shooter. all of the orange cones, that shows all of the evidence gathered that proves there was a second shooter in this deadly shooting. right now, investigators don't have any witnesses and neighbors are really scared and afraid to cooperate we can show you the van involved in this deadly shooting as it was towed away. a sergeant told me the man who was driving was shot several
8:31 am
times. he hopped a curb at the front lawn of his apartment right here in rodeo. a sheriff's deputy found the man now being identified as 22- year-old james newman, junior, bleeding outside of his van. they performed cpr but could not save the young man. james newman, junior did live in this neighborhood. so far there are no witnesses. several calls about shots fired came into dispatch about 10:15, investigators found no drugs or guns inside the van. it appears the shooter was on foot. one man told uses, it appears that those who didn't take cover -- >> it whole place -- this whole place almost tuned into a riot. people were turning on each other. it was a very seer -- if was a very serious situation. >> reporter: deputies were in
8:32 am
pinole on another call. when that call came in around 10:30, the time of that delay, we don't know for sure but we were told the department has faced budget cuts which have affected the department. and, of course, as we mentioned earlier, this is an ongoing investigation. no arrests have been made. the victim has been identified as 25-year-old james newman junior. he did live in the neighborhood. thank you, jade. 8:32. the attorney for the suspect in the bryan stow beating case is scheduled with meet with los angeles police today to turn over evidence he says will clear his client's name in this case. 31-year-old giovanni ramirez still has not been formally charged in the attack two months ago outside of documenter stadium. authorities are holding the ex- convict on a parole violation. ramirez's mother is adamant that her son is innocent.
8:33 am
>> your son is -- you're saying your son is not a documenter fan, not a baseball fan, never been to dodger stadium? >> never been to dodger stadium. don't even know the place. >> ramirez's 10-year-old daughter is reportedly willing to testify to that. bryan so remains in critical condition at -- bryan stow remains in critical condition in the hospital. teens were arrested. a man was found beaten unconscious at an apartment complex. police say the teenagers had property belonging to that man. they've been charged with strong-armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. the chp in the south bay is investigating the overnight
8:34 am
death of a pedestrian in cam be. this happened just after 8 -- campbell. this happened just after 8:00 last night. the chp says the cyber -- the driver did stop immediately and is cooperating with the drivers -- with the investigators. it's still not clear why the young man was walk on the busy road. former b.a.r.t. police officer johannes mehserle is getting radio leave jail. today's report of johannes mehserle says he will be set free. last summer, the 29-year-old was found guilty of involuntarily manslaughter of the killing of oscar grant. johannes mehserle's attorney says the former police officer will try to get into sales or business once he leaves jail. you may notice it's a little bit more crowded on the golden gate bridge today but we're talking about the
8:35 am
sidewalk not the road. >> reporter: most of the traffic is from cars and trucks crossing. a lot of people cross on foot and bicycle. actually, thousands of people who done a -- thousands of people do on a daily bay sit. usually the pedestrians are on the east side of the sidewalk. that's all changing, now pedestrians and bicyclists too will have to share that side of the sidewalk while seismic metro work is done. one of the board members of the san francisco bicycle coalition said she's worried about more collision on the sidewalk. she talked about one idea being considered to minimize the problem. >> possibly marking a line down the middle so they will remember where they are going.
8:36 am
you have people out there with -- out with their families and that's fine but they forget they are on a roadway. >> reporter: now, the spokeswoman to the going bridge district says that they are also proposing -- and they have proposed in the past -- a 10- mile-per-hour speed limit for cyclists during this four-month period. that's just an idea at this point. it has not been implement. once this phase is done and the west side opens up, it will be opened up to cyclists. but then the bridge will be closed for the seismic retro upgrade. we first told you about the problems with the alcove breathalyzer earlier this
8:37 am
month, a manufacturing glitch can cause an inaccurate reading. now a review of more than 800 dui cases in santa clara county shows 42 may have to be drop. that's because those cases lack other evidence usually used to get can,s. one woman's fight against red light cameras could be good news for other ticket hold, of the -- holders. one year ago, she made a right turn on the cover. she got a ticket for $400. >> she caught the -- fought the ticket and -- >> i went to gobble and i was able to download my picks and i watched it. i didn't -- it just didn't seem right.
8:38 am
>> right now 1 in about every 100 cameras fight their tickets. 8:37. we expect details tomorrow about san francisco's new budget and while the city faces a $306 million deficit, mayor ed lee may announce the situation is improving. "the chronicle" reports san francisco has $47 million more than originally thought because of increased tax revenue and that number may actually be closer to 60 million. the extra money may help prevent the layoffs of some city employees. we want to check in with sal again, keeping a close eye on the commute. how are things going at the toll
8:39 am
plaza. >> san francisco on the other side of the bridge, you can see the traffic is busy, heading south. i don't see anything reported on 101, but it sure looks like there could be something on the freeway, see how bad it is or how slow it is, heading south. on 237, it's slow from downtown milpitas to zanker road. after that it moves well to 101. let's go to steve. >> you are correct. we do have rain moving in. we have a system moving into the north. there will be at least one more and probably the strongest one will come in on saturday. today's system has a pretty good punch going for it, especially for this time of year. it has a lot of cold air associated with it. some of that rain turning to mixed precipitation up in northern california. so some snow levels will come down again for the sierra. you can see that band of ray
8:40 am
moving onshore. san mateo coast, stretching from pacifica, sfo back to oakland and 0 parts of the east bay and marin county, lake county. some is not showing up. but it's been there. >> .75 is rain is mob especially up -- is possible especially up to the north. south wind why advance of that is giving us mild conditions. the highs maybe, 9, 10 degrees warmer than that. the low will rotate in tomorrow. that give us -- that gives us the possibility of more rain. today, partly cloudy, cool, breezy. the heaviest rain will be north
8:41 am
of sfo, either and concord. tomorrow, thunderstorms as that mow -- moves in, snow, unstable air will come in. mostly cloudy, 60s, 50s on the highs. the five-day, actually we'll look at it farther than that, is unsettled. thursday tarts to move out. friday is the trans-- starts to move out. friday is the transition day and maybe heavier amounts on saturday. >> oh, my goodness. it doesn't seem to end. the pentagon is fighting back against cyber attacks. the new plan to take on any country suspected -- suspected of computer sabotage. rod blagojevich right there. he's in the chicago courtroom as we speak. hog we'll have to wait to hear the testimony that everybody is -- how long we'll have to wait to hear the testimony that everybody is waiting to hear?
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories we're following right now. the family of michelle le now offering a $20,000 reward for her safe return. ms. le has not been seen or heard from since friday night,
8:45 am
when she left kaiser hospital in hayward. investigators also want to know if le disappearance may be -- le's disappearance may be connected to the death of a fairfield woman last year. kimberly agusto was killed in a car crash. she was hit by a van after her car crashed into a guardrail, came to the stop on the highway with no lights on. and a new report that just came out this morning, says foreclosures have driven home prices to the lowest level in five years. this is the newest case-shiller index. it shows average home prices fell almost another 1% in march. the pentagon is saying it may consider cyber attacks an act of war. according to "the wall street journal" the pentagon will look at military force as a response option to any computer sabotage from another -- from another
8:46 am
country. "the wall street journal" says it will release part of the new cyber security plan next week. right now, in chicago, former illinois governor rod blagojevich is back on the witness stand. today is the third day blagojevich is testifying in his corruption retrial. he's defending him self against a total of 20 counts. but the former governor is not expected to touch on sack cue -- accusations he tried to sell president obama's senate seat until later this week. blagojevich denies any wrongdoing. there's now record out of serbia that war crime suspect ratko mladic is sob a plane on the way to the netherlands. os he was arrested last thursday for atrocities committed by his troops during the bosnian war in the 1990s. his attorney tried to block the extradition, saying the 69-year- old former general is not well,
8:47 am
but serbian judges said malovic was well enough to face trial. he was object run for 16 years. 16 -- he was on the run for 16 years. we're hearing about the rescue of the singer sean kingston. he and his female passenger were thrown into the water in miami. this man rushed to help. >> we approached and saw their faces and shock is when we -- went into action. you just don't think in a moment like that. you just try to help. >> we're also hearing that kingston is stable now, has been moved out of a trauma unit to intensive care. investigators in miami are still investigating the cause of the crash. we're also getting new details about exactly where prince william and his new bride will go on their first
8:48 am
flip trip, which includes a stop here in california. royal couple -- couple will visit cities across canada. between june 30th, to july 8th. the couple known as the duke and duchess of cambridge will be traveling here to california. "american idol" winner scottie mccreery is celebrating his victory at where else? disney world. ♪ >> that's him at disney world yesterday singing his new hit single "i love you this big." the 17-year-old says he's still in shock over his wind. but he did not have long to enjoy it. he. he had to head home to the carolinas for school. >> i had to head home right away to take that final for english.
8:49 am
>> oh. >> i'm still a kid. i have to get that education. worries about rising college tuitions apparently outway the -- outway the concerns -- outweigh other concerns -- outweigh other concerns. americans poured over $9 million into those savings plans. google's android operating system remains number one, 31%, but it stopped gaining ground. blackberry settled in at 22%. down only a little bit after months of sharper drops.
8:50 am
japan's unemployment rate roes. most of the lost jobs were in he the retail and restaurant injuries but the japanese government reported that the nation's industrial production is starting to rebound after the march earthquake and tsunami. industrial production inched up 1% after dropping more than 15% in march. and toyota may be responsible for some of that rebrown. in morning, toyota announced its auto production in japan will be close to 90% of normal next month. it had predicted and that prediction was to 70% until the end of the year. users in north and south america as well as europe and motion of ash shue thud be able to play with their playstations. dash -- stay places.
8:51 am
sony is offering a package of three games as a way of apologizing for last month. >> i think it's happened again. >> what did you do? >> "the hangover ii" set a box office record for memorial day weekend. taking in almost $106 million. it was a pretty good weekend for sequels in general. movie fans spent about $280 million on tickets this weekend. that's a new record for the weekend that marks the unofficial beginning of summer. that's up 25 million more than the old record set just few years ago. >> it was a good weekend to see movies with the cold weather. nine minutes before 9:00. developing news from vallejo.
8:52 am
the latest demonstration is now underway tied to an emotional battle involving a certain piece of land. and tragic news that's expected -- that's connected to the latest e. coli outbreak.
8:53 am
8:54 am
supporters of a native- american group are protesting a planned development at glenco in vallejo. this is a live picture.
8:55 am
the cameras are panning around. you can see quite a crowd there. this is the group at the bay trail headquarters. now, bay trail has given $200,000 to the greatest -- greater vallejo recreation district to build a parking lot and bathrooms at glen -- glen cove. the native-american group is opposed to the -- to the project. they say that area is a sacred burial ground. this morning, supporters are agreeing to them. >> as long as that's the plan, we're saying they need to do the right thing and withdraw their $200,000 immediately. >> he says if bay trail does not pull that money. they will face further action. that includes a campaign to makes it known that according to the critics, the bay drill is a collaborator and violating the rights of american people. scientists say the virus of
8:56 am
-- virus -- the study linking the virus to chronic fatigue syndrome is likely wrong. researchers say laboratory can -- contamination led to wrong results. an e. coli outbreak in vegetables hassist first death in germany. the woman lived in sweden. it's believed she ate the vegetables while visiting germany. 14 people have already died and hundreds have been sickened in otheron countries. there's been an unexpected drop in consumer confidence. the confidence board just released numbers showing the in- - showing the index fell to 68% from may. that's down from a revised 6 in april. economists were expecting an
8:57 am
increase to 67. they say consumers are worried about jobs, about rising prices and for gasoline. today's ticket 2s-day winners, five lucky winners will take home tickets to the california's great america. to enter go to before midnight tonight, scroll down to the ktvu "right now" tab and put in the secret password "summer" even though it doesn't feel like it yet. >> no. sal, we have your commute forecast. how is that looking? >> it looks okay. we do have a look at interstate 880 northbound and southbound. traffic is gonna be slow here. it's pretty slow getting up to northbound and beyond that. the commute is barked up at thetop for about five minutes before you get on the bridge
8:58 am
there. it's damp. less go to steve -- let's go to steve. >> we do have mostly cloudy skies and some rain has made it into the north bay. now it's spreading south. north of san francisco, now moving into the san mateo coast over towards the east bay and towards santa cruz mountains. a mostly cloudy day, some off and on rain and maybe a stronger system on saturday. much stronger believe it or not. >> wow. it's getting to be unusual this time of year to see this much rain. >> yeah. wow. that will do it for us. thanks for watching. >> bye now. @
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