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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 15, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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hayward police have just informed us they're looking for two gunmen in a late night robbery. a south bay teacher under investigation this morning. what she's accused of doing to one of her students. plus work is underway in oakland at a well-known landmark. the nuisance the city's trying to get rid of. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday morning.
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june 15th. i'm pam cook. the weather's been heating up pretty well. let's check in with steve paulson for the forecast. hi, steve. hello, pam. by the coast even though if it's sunny it's not that warm. we have 60s and 70s. but inland it's still going to be toasty. a lot of 80s. low 90s to a few mid-90s if you're far enough away. here's sal. steve, right now northbound and southbound 880 traffic looking good on the nimitz freeway. no major problems there. traffic looks good if you're on northbound 101 into san francisco. 4:31 back to the desk. topping our news this morning one man is fighting for his life following an overnight shooting near a hayward bart station. it happened at about 11:30 just half a block from the south hayward station. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us now from the scene with word on what led up to this gunfire. jade. >> reporter: well, hayward police have just informed us they're looking for two gunmen in the late night robbery. gunmen who covered their faces during the robbery.
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i want to show you it happened underneath this bart overpass along tenson road around 11:15. we watched as hayward police scoured for the two armed robbers with canine officers. from what police pieced together a husband and wife were making their way home from the south hayward bart station when two young men in their late teens or early 20s approached them near theover pass. the gunmen ordered the couple to hand over their belongings. police say there was not a struggle and the couple did not resist. but somehow in the process the husband was shot twice. paramedics rushed him to the hospital where he remains in critical condition. his wife wasn't hurt. hayward police say the armed robbers covered their faces during the robbery. so detectives were searching for young men of average height between 5'7" to 5'9" with a thin to medium build. last seen wearing white t- shirts and dark colored pants. the shooting took place about half a block away from the south hayward bart station. it did not take place on bart property. but the couple had just gotten
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off a bart train. we'll have more from hayward at the top of the hour. reporting live from hayward this morning jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. well, a man is in grave condition after an overnight shooting in west oakland. that happened shortly after 11:00 p.m. at 65th street near herzog near the berkeley border. investigators say the victim was shot several times and may not survive. it's still not clear what led up to that gunfire. police are still looking for suspects. a search is underway for a suspect in union city's third homicide of the year. police say a man was shot and killed yesterday evening on venus place. he was found on the ground in front of a home there just after 5:00. police have not released the man's name but neighbors say he was married and had children. no information on the suspect. also this morning police have arrested a south bay teacher on suspicion of sexually abusing a child.
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28-year-old phelps teaches at san jose's stratford school. police received complaints earlier this month accusing her of lewd acts with a student. an investigation led to her arrest. she was booked into the santa clara county jail but since been released. at this point we do not know the age of child involved but police are trying to determine if there could be other victims. democrats in sacramento say they will meet the deadline of midnight tonight to pass a balanced budget for california. a new state law allows democrats to approve a budget with only a majority vote instead of the previous two- thirds requirement. but they will have to give up the idea of going to the voters to ask for tax extensions that would require a two-thirds vote. the bill lawmakers will vote on today balances the budget with a combination of spending cuts and fee hikes. now a new field poll shows californians still support tax extensions, but the margin has slipped along with governor
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brown's approval rating. 52% of registered voters surveyed say they would be willing to extend temporary tax increases to close the state's budget deficit. that's a drop of 9% from march. and the poll finds 31% of voters now disapprove of the governor's job performance up from 21% in march. a criminal investigation is now underway into the san bruno pipeline explosion. pg&e reportedly informed shareholders this week in a filing with the securities and exchange commission that the justice department, the california attorney general's office and the san mateo county district attorney's office have a task force to investigate the deadly september blast that killed several people and destroyed almost 40 homes. police in san carlos say car break-ins are now happening nearly every night. investigators say most of the victims are making the same mistake. they're leaving valuable items in plain sight and leaving
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their doors and windows unlocked. the san mateo county sheriff's department says there have not -- there have been at least three dozen break-ins since the beginning of may. >> we've had some stuff stolen as simple as just coins or cash. and then we've had things as serious as a shotgun stolen from a car. >> investigators don't believe this is an organized effort. they say it's more likely to be different people looking for things that are easy to steal. and they are encouraging people to make sure there's nothing that can attract attention left unattended in cars or trucks. well, the air around oakland's lake merit could soon smell better now that a construction project is underway. the lake which is actually a lagoon connected to the bay is often known for smelling like rotten eggs. the odor comes when there's not enough water in the water. now crews are constructing a
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large concrete aqua duct. work is expected to wrap up before the end of the year. 4:36. let's get a complete look at traffic with sal. welcome back sal. are you feeling better? i am feeling better. i think my voice is back. we're doing better. >> good. >> let's look at what we have now. traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive out to the macarthur maze with no major problems. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light. no problems on the bridge into san francisco. if you're driving this morning in the south bay northbound 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. it's 4:37. let's go to steve. welcome back, sal. >> thank you, steve. >> all right. good morning. no fog. skies are clear. patchy little fog might be out there but that's going to be about it. and temperatures if you're by the coast even with clear skies, 60s maybe low 70s around the bay 70s and 80s. inland one more day where we crank it up. these are much warmer lows than we had yesterday. fairfield, concord, livermore, san jose, mountain view all in the 60s. 50 for many.
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mid-50s napa, san rafael and also santa rosa. not much of a sea breeze. southwest 7 fairfield which is nothing for them. calm san jose. calm santa rosa west-northwest at sfo only 7 miles an hour. the ridge of high pressure will hold on. this time of year the days are long, angle of the sun is high. once you get the warm aaloft it's hard to budget out but a system coming in tomorrow will start the process. today i would not be surprise first-degree we pick up a late breeze. 60s to near 70. nice around the bay to warm 70s and 80s and warm very warm to hot if you're inland. sunny nice to hot patchy fog afternoon breeze highs today 64, 94. find that 94 towards antioch also vacaville, clear lake, then maybe low 90s morgan hill to gill roy. 70s and 80s in between. warm, hot today then patchy fog returns thursday, friday, saturday we'll start to see a cooling trend sunday. looks like we start to reverse things and warm it up for early next week. all right. sounds good. thank you, steve.
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more than a month after osama bin laden was killed, some informants are now under arrest. what they're accused of giving up to the united states. and the particular items some san francisco smoke shops will have to stop selling by midnight tonight. good morning. traffic on highway 4 looks pretty good coming up to the willow pass grade. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead.
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good morning. skies are clear and once we get going it will be nice near the coast. it will be mild to warm around the bay. then hot, very warm, inland. well, speaking of hot, two people are being questioned this morning in connection with the huge wild fire burning in arizona. that fire is now the largest in arizona history. so fab it has destroyed three dozen buildings and only about 20% contained. investigators say they now know what may have started that fire. >> we've pretty much broken it down to is it looks like it was a campfire. and we've got a couple of people of interest that we're talking to on that right now. >> the fire has forced thousands to evacuate, but some people will be allowed to return back to their homes later this morning. crews are using heavy machinery to add dirt to a temporary levee in hamburg,
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iowa. the only levee to keep the rising water out of the town. the water is expected to reach the area today. if the levee does not hold, the town could be flooded by as much as ten feet of water. parts of montana, north dakota and south dakota are already under water and the water could linger through the summer. according to the new york times, pakistan intelligence agency has arrested some of the pakistani informants who gave information to the c.i.a. before the u.s. commando raid that killed osama bin laden. according to the newspaper, those arrested include a pakistani army major who copied the license plates of cars visiting bin laden's compound in the weeks before the raid. the fate of the informants is unclear. the arrests are the latest indication of a damaged relationship with pakistan. the bay area's lock heed martin will lose 1200 jobs nationwide with most of the layoffs coming from sunny vale, colorado and pennsylvania. lock heed says it will offer
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voluntary layoffs to eligible middle managers first. that could ruse the number ofin voluntary job cuts. social security misspent billions of dollars. the agency's inspector general outlined the costly mistakes to congress. now in 2009 social security overpaid recipients by $6.5 billion. $4billion went to people who didn't qualify for a program to help the poor. nearly $60 million americans received social security benefits. last night the san jose city council approved mayor chuck reed's budget proposal to close the city's $115 million budget deficit. in a last minute agreement police officers voted to take a pay cut to save 156 jobs. despite concessions from police and other city workers that will save $39 million. about 100 officers are still scheduled to be laid off next
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month. five san francisco smoke shops are now facing a midnight deadline. the city's attorney's office has ordered them to stop selling glass pipes by the end of the day. the city contends there's no legal use for these pipes and often used to smoke crack. the order apparently has some shop owners on edge. the man who runs the rockon smoke shop on mission street got very angry when our ktvu news crew tried to question him. >> i don't want to talk to you. please leave. >> is there a reason you don't want us to shoot on the sidewalk here? [ indiscernible ] >> the smoke shops must also keep their windows clear so police can see what they're selling from the street. a man is fighting for his life this morning after a shooting in san leandro. the suspect is still at large. alameda county sheriff deputies searched an apartment complex on 159th and east 14th street yesterday evening. the shooting itself happened
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nearby on kentwood lane. the man accused of strangling a napa state hospital worker will have to go mental health evaluations this after the 37-year-old pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to murder and other charges. strangled 54-year-old donna on the hospital grounds last year. doctors evaluating him will have to report back to the court by august 1st. a federal judge has upheld the ruling of a gay judge who struck down california's same sex marriage ban. prop 8 supporters argued that retired judge vaughan walker stood to benefit from overturning prop 8. chief u.s. district judge james weir disagreed. he wrote it's unreasonable to presume a judge is incapable of making an impartial decision because the judge could be effected by the outcome. equality california hailed the ruling. >> all along it's just been grasping at straws. it's clear that they have a
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meritless and baseless case. >> prop 8 supporters are vowing to appeal yesterday's ruling. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney will make a three day visit to california next week. the los angeles times reports romney will hold fundraisers in the bay area, sacramento and southern california. events are scheduled between june 21st and june 23rd. the paper says meg whitman is one of his chairs. his bay area stops include a barbecue at the home of sun microsystems co-founder scott mckneelly. first lady michelle obama back in washington d. doctor this morning. that's after spending two fundraiser events for president obama's re-election campaign here in the bay area. she started at the claremont hotel in berkeley. these are pictures taken at that event. tickets there ranged from $1,000 to $2500. we later spotted the first lady leaving another fundraiser at the merchant exchange in san
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francisco. tickets for that event were $2500. governor schwarzenegger's former mistress is speaking out publicly about her high profile affair for the first time. mildred told a british magazine that her now 13-year-old son joseph found out one year ago that his father's arnold schwarzenegger. she also says that her son is eager to form a relationship with his father. baena also says he start today grow suspicious and finally asked point-blank if joseph was schwarzenegger's son. the two reportedly held each other and cried together. don't break out the tailgate gear just yet. but an end to the nfl lockout could be just days away. and apple iphone users are now able to pick their own cell phone carriers, but there is an expensive catch.
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a 4th of july celebration won't be the same at the alameda naval air station. news chopper 2 caught these pictures of a crane trying to lower an airplane. ground crews think the soggy ground caused the crane to tilt and topple over. the newly restored vintage jet had been displayed for more than 40 years. it was being spruced up for independence day. a u.s. airway worker is under arrest this morning after stowing himself away on a plane. police say the man climbed into an unpressurized compartment and road in that compartment from florida to north carolina. he was arrested for improperly using his airport credentials. he's also undergoing a mental health evaluation. some good news from the nfl lockout talks. the owners and players are reportedly close to a deal that could save the entire profootball season this fall. one source says the two sides are 85% done. and an agreement could be
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announced within the next few days. this optimism follows three months of often bitter talks between the owners and the locked out players. well, san francisco's school board has given the junior rotc program another vote of confidence. last night's 5-2 vote ensures the controversial school military program will remain at 7 district schools for at least another two years. more than 100 junior rotc students took time out of their summer break to urge the board to support this alternative to traditional p.e. classes. apple is now selling unlocked versions of it's iphone 4. that means u.s. customer which is use the smart phone on any compatible carrier without a contract. but the up front cost is higher. the unlocked phones sell for $650 to $750 depending on how much memory they have. the models sold with contracts cost $200 to $300. starting next month traffic
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school won't eliminate a mark on your state driving record. that move is to make it easier for the courts to track repeat traffic violators. under the new guidelines, all traffic convictions will be recorded. if a driver attends traffic school, the first conviction will be masked from insurance companies, but a second traffic violation conviction within a year and a half will show up and insurance companies will be notified. all right. consider this a warning right, sal? because your driving record could effect your insurance payments. absolutely, pam. you have to drive carefully out there. pardon me for my voice here. but you know if you are trying to get on to the road traffic is doing pretty well. drive carefully on the golden gate bridge as you head down to the toll plaza it looks very nice here coming down to the pay gates. and there are no major problems. westbound bay bridge that traffic looks good coming into san francisco. there are no major issues on the lower deck. the road work is not there. as a matter of fact it looks very nice coming all the way
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across. so we should be in good shape this morning for you coming to oakland. and if you're driving on interstate 880, that road work there has been picked up. northbound 880 traffic looks good right past the coliseum getting up into the downtown oakland area. as i look at my road work list here, there hasn't been a lot of road work on the dumbarton bridge eastbound 84 and westbound 84. there has been some road work during the night. various lanes will be closed until about 5:00. so they should be opening those lanes any time now. watch for the road crews out there. give them a break. make sure you're driving safely and cautiously through that area. now let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. well, warm to hot. yesterday was the hottest we've had in a long, long time since early may. and it was even warmer yesterday than it was then. that makes sense. we're into june. we finally get high pressure in here unless you don't like high pressure and warm weather, then head to the coast even though it's clear it's not that warm over there. 60s here for many. i mean temperatures now once you start to get to 90s inland
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the nights are so short we don't have a chance to cool off. warm air aloft. the fog is not there. there's only patchy fog see some down towards santa cruz, monterey bay, maybe a little more. not much there. not much of a sea breeze either. southwest 7 fairfield that's nothing. you need to see that up to about 25 or 30 before you know inland areas are going to cool down. won't happen. maybe later today the sea breeze will kick in. system very strong one will move into the north but that won't be until tomorrow. so the high pressure wins out. now again by the coast even though it's fog free it's not that warm. there's still a component of a westerly breeze. had a north wind yesterday that took care of everything. sunny nice to hot, patchy fog, afternoon breeze. i do believe that will be more of a westerly breeze. coast and bay may feel it more than inland areas. away from the coast there will be some 90s. closer to it 6 0z, 70s or mid- 80s. and santa clara valley 91 gill roy. pleasantton usually a ten degree spread between there and
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fremont. 60s and 70s on the coast. santa cruz should warm nicely though. fog, sun, cooler on thursday. much cooler friday and saturday. then little warmer on sunday. poor construction is being blamed for the collapse of a six story building under construction in nairobi, kenya. two people were kill and had 14 others trapped. an official with kenya's architectural association says it was obvious that the workmanship was poor and the sterile sub standards. he adds that such incidents are not uncommon. a man fighting for his life after a robbery near a bart station. the event that led up to that violent show down. plus a san jose teacher is charged with sexually abusing her own students. the public plea police are making this morning.
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the construction project that gets underway today. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. well, good morning to you. see you've made it to the middle of the week. >> yes, sir. >> it's wednesday june 15th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. and the week is pretty nice as far as the weather goes. let's check in with steve paulson for today's outlook. good morning. we have clear skies. little bit of patchy fog down towards monterey bay and santa cruz. skies are clear and temperatures are mild to warm. we already have some low 60s and temperatures today if you're inland they'll be hot. not bakersfield hot but they'll be hot. and by the coast even though it's clear 60s and 70s, upper 70s low 80s around the bay. here's sal. steve, right now traffic is looking good on the san mateo bridge heading out to the west side there. no major problems there.


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