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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  July 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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a one-day strike and for today has been canceled. coming up, we'll tell you why commuters may still have to stay on their tolls. >> and the royaling brownouts that will take effect today. trouble on the streets of oakland. it involve as police, taser and a man who is unstable. how certain patients are benefiting. torng -- mornings on 2 starts
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right now. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's friday, july 1st. we begin with confusion over a golden gate ferry strike. claudine wong was the first to report this strike was a bu. now we're hearing the strike may still happen but not just today. >> reporter: right. this is all over negotiations between the district and the union. nothing has been settled there. the question would there be a strike today. the union had said yes yesterday. then this morning is was a big question. as you see people heading in to catch the 7:10 vote is there will be no strike but it did take us awhile to get here. >> you don't see signs up, so i guess we're supposed to work.
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>> you didn't know anything about a strike? >> no. >> reporter: that man was our first indication that the strike wouldn't happen at all. he belongs to the inlandboatmen's union, the union that was supposed to go on strike. he showed up for work this morning. so did the other employees. so just after 5 service went ahead as scheduled. that was the first gate to open and there were a handful of passengers. >> i was in the car on the way to the city. i was just about to drive when i heard. >> reporter: how much easier is it for you get on the boat? >> much, coffee, paper. >> reporter: two boats left. there was a lot of confusion. we heard from the district.
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they said the union didn't give them a head's up. the union said they did tell the district yesterday morning about the possibility of a strike and told them last night this was called off. taking a live look, a lot of different versions. this all has to do with the ticket takers. this is one of the ticket booths that exists at larks spur ferry. as of next friday those will shut down for good in favor of ticket machines. these are automated ticket machines. people will be getting their tickets solely from those. so these negotiations are about what happens. so i asked the union if a strike could happen given these won't shut down until next friday. she said, yes, that's a possibility. i asked how much notice the commuters would get if they do strike. her answer, not much.
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stand by. next week could be an interesting one. >> all right. thank you. well, firefighters in concorde want to know what caused a grass fire that came dangerously close to one house. the fire broke out near pack card court and kirkwood drive. at one point a back fence caught fear but firefighters quickly put it out. this fire does not appear to be suspicious. there are new public safety concerns in san jose this morning. some big cutbacks take place for the fire department just as the weather heeds up. jade hernandez just talked to a union leader. jade joins us with an update. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the battalion chief. he said this is the lowest staffing he has experienced in
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his 21 years. he explained that the city has nine truck units. those trucks have five firefighters to each truck. now they will only have four assigned to open one. he said the restrictions challenge their ability to serve a larger poplation. they're hoping data will show that the department needs to restore what's been cut. for example, response times are expected to be longer. >> as response teams increase, fire intensity grows. our firefighters will be faced with a greater work load, higher risk and greater demand. >> reporter: you might rather last week's fraternity house fire. about 100 firefighters responded. now they have two less on any given day. with the exception of sunday and monday, the 4th of july because it's expected to be the hottest
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weekend of the year. we're live in front of fire station 29. rolling blackouts take effect today. that means one less at this fire station. an hour we'll meet with robert safeee and talk to him about with it means. >> thank you. the u.s. senate has canceled the holiday recess as the debate continues over the debt ceiling. republicans have made a request to get it done over the holiday. oakland police said they were forced to use a tase tore subdue a mentally ill man. it happened about 12:30 this morning. that officer was not hurt.
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the man is in stable continue. a former stanislaus deputy accused of a murder will be in court next week. a judge ordered a bail hearing, review hearing for teri abby. show's free on bail but there's been controversy over the low amount of the bail. prosecutors say abby shot a tenant at her apartment building in a dispute over rent. police are looking for two suspects in an armed robbery at a store on west main avenue. if was robbed monday night about 10:30. police say the suspects took money from the cash register and 19-year-old customer before they ran off. they said the suspects were hispanic about 5'7".
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three france hospitals and the keyser system are all getting top marks for their gay and lesbian patients. they received perfect scores for lgbt care. it is the only hospital in the country to do so. the other hospitals getting top scores include the california pacific medical center, and keyser hospital. property values are starting to rebound. county wise the increase is less than 1% but in palo alto property values are up. the assessor says the northern part of the county traditionally loses value more slowly and recovers more quickly than the southern part. well, thousands of young
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marijuana plants were destroyed during a raid on an outdoor pot garden in marin county. the sheriff's office found 13,000 plants where this boreds kent lake. cans, garbage, pesticides were found at makeshift camp sites. the plants were chopped down. they cannot be rope plant. it is almost 7:09. we want to check in again with sam and see if traffic is noticeably lighter. >> it's lighter than usual, especially in some areas like the bridges. highway 101 marine county. a couple days ago we were talking about rain. traffic looks good all the way down to the golden gate bridge. no delays on the bridge itself. this morning's drive is going to be okay here in front of the
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coliseum in both directions. let's go to steve. sunshine for everybody, patchy fog monterey and a little bit on the san mateo coast. mostly fog free, nice by the coach. warm to hot inland. as temperatures warm up, our rain ended yesterday. everyone did very well. even san jose came in 100% of normal. average is 1508. san francisco, i went with our observer michael, 3 4, 35 for the season. 131% of normal. 129% of average. the reservoirs are full. lake oroville is full. you can see it.
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so something very rare, very good rain season and the snow melt continues. a hint of patchy fog. looks like lots of sunshine. there could be a few high clouds but i wouldn't put too much into that. clear skies, 60s for some. 60s for other oakland 58. 61 concord. they don't have much of a breeze at all. they'll be in the 90s as high pressure says i'm on my way. there will be warm readings to hot. 70s and 80s. anybody heading to the mountains, all the rivers are running because the snow melt continues very fast, very cold. afternoon highs will be in the low to mid-80s. reno will be very hot. 90s inland, late breeze.
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highs today 60s, 70s, 90s. 90 in fare -- fairfield. 90s inland. won't take long to get in there. 82 redwood city. 60s, nice on the coast. closer to upper 70s for santa cruz. warmer weather takes us into the holiday weekend. >> thank you. charges, could they be dropped? why the sexual assault case against the lead -- former leader of the imf could be dropped. and the first day on the job and the challenges he faces. find out why a court
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overseas a ban on the church of sightology and the reaction.
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clear skies, just some hints of patchy fog. it will be sunny and warmer. 60s, 70s, close to the coast. a major new development in the sexual assault case against former international monetary fund head dominique strauss-kahn. the case against him seems to be collapsing. strauss-kahn is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel housekeeper. now the new york times reports investigators have uncovered credibility problems against the housekeeper including possible drug dealings and mon -- money
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laundering. security is tight there. hugo chavez went before cameras to admit he underwent a second surgery to re move a tumor. he said the tumor had cancerous cells requiring its removal. chavez traveled to cuba for his first surgery to remove a cancerous growth. few details since then have led to speculation about his health. one month from the august deadline to raise the debt ceiling. alison burns has more. >> reporter: i just talked to california senator barbara boxer's office. i'm told she and most senators are going home for the three-day
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holiday weekend. republicans are asking why president obama went on the campaign trail in pennsylvania last night and is going to camp david this weekend instead of leading negotiations. >> why didn't he call senator mcconnell, speaker boehner, minority leader pelosi and majority leader reed into his office and sit down and do his job. >> reporter: president obama rejected an invitation to meet with gop leaders today calling it political theater. both sides are blaming each other for the imamounts of reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns. leon panetta was quietly sworn in as the new secretary of defense this morning during a private ceremony. his first day on the job will
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include meeting his civilian staff and then members of the army, navy and marine corps. after being sworn in he has promised to be devoted. the court ruled that books by l ron hubbard calls for extremist activities. the book will be put on the list of extremist materials banned in rsh sha. scientology said they will protest. a fake photo is causing controversy in china. it shows leaders appearing to float felt you look at the feet. you'll see the doctored photo. now the man in the -- men in the
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photo are apologizing. they said none of the orange photos gave justice to the scene. homeland security secretary janet napolitano is urging nations to come together against cyber attacks. this is in response to computer hackings. the large international monetary fund was one of the victims. she wants nations to come up with an international framework to fight that problem. this time next friday the crew of the space shuttle is expected to be in the final hour of the last shuttle mismghts the you for the space shuttle atlantis is made up of four space fer you go -- veterans. a local couple on the amtrak train that was hit by a semi
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truck said they will not be taking a train soon. able and sara ortiz said they were returning when the passenger car was hit. they saw smoke and flames. six peernlings including the driver of the semi truck were killed in the crash. amtrak has filed a lawsuit against the trucking company. a new study shows that glaucoma is almost twice as likely to strike people who are near sighted. researchers in the netherlands found that nearsighted people who have trouble seeing things far away are 90% more likely to develop glaucoma. it is considered a leading cause for blindness. a bay area brewery is
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celebrating a three pete. it has been named bore of the year -- beer of the year for the third year in a row. pliney the elder at ii. a was named. other beers include north coast brewing old rase putin. bear republic racer five came in number 29 and russian river's blind pig ida came in 43rd. congratulations it them all. >> absolutely. i'm sure there may be a few samples this weekend. an important warning for everyone heading to lake tahoe. a recent bear attack could teach us all. also, the dream came true for ski lovers.
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look at this live picture. snow on the 4th of july weekend. good morning. right now traffic is dog well in the south bay. it's pretty much all over the bay on this friday before the 4th. we'll tell you about the morning commute coming up. completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms,
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you know it's the beginning of the 4th of july weekend but it doesn't look like summer. a live picture in your house right now, a live picture from the folks at mammoth mountain, there's snow. they saw more than 55 feet of snow. they say this weekend, the folks who love to ski, well, you got it. you can also ski, ride a bike and do it all in one day. mammoth is saying they will close to skiers after monday. >> some tahoe ski resorts will be open. this is a live picture as well.
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one is hall pine med -- alpine meadows. squaw valley, kirkwood and sugar bowl will also be open. >> a bear attacks a man who was camping in the lake tahoe area. it happened at the camp richardson row sort. the bear's claws left shallow scratches. black bears like these are causing more and more headaches in the lake tahoe area. experts say most of the problems come with the bear tries to get food. the man said he had no food and has no idea what attracted the animal. >> that will wake you up. >> a little bit of a warning. >> sal, is the toll plaza awake now? >> we have, well, it's awake. it's doing well. there's no major problem. there's people coming through but on this friday before the
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4th of july, you will see traffic is moving along well throughout the bay area, moving to the 880 commute. traffic looks good. certainly people have to go to work but it is not -- a percentage of people are not going. traffic looks good. southbound between 101. in the south bay we're checking there. 835 and 87 -- 835 and -- 85 and 87, it is light. >> except for patchy low clouds, there's not much but there's a little bit. that will keep temperatures in check. there's still a little bit out there, so 60s for some by the coast but the shallow fog is not going to make impact, just a hint of a slight component. it will be mild to warm.
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cool and nice by the coast. inland in the 90s and maybe increasing fog by the coast. overall warm away from the coast. just within the past hour another presidential candidate has declared running for the white house. we hope you like baseball. another big time sport has locked out its players. and late break developments in the murder trial of casey thons-- anthony.
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we are following major developments from new york city where prosecutors have just agreed to release dominic straws kahn from jail. he is accused of sexually assaulting a hotel housekeeper, at we reported to you earlier, investigators have uncovered credibility problems, including possible drug dealings and money laundering. because of these issues, straus kahn is being released on his own recognizance. however, straus kahn is still being subjected to travel
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restrictions. he had been held under armed guards in a manhattan house. he was considered a top potential candidate for the french presidency and it's yet to be seen whether this has impact on his future straus kahn has been released and his bail has been returned. it is 7:30. michigan congressman thaddeus mccoter said he will join the crowded race for the republican follow nation for president. the formal announcement will come now. he represents a suburban district outside of detroit. he as criticized mit -- mit romney no there's another big
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labor dispute. nba players were locked out last night. >> reporter: we're in downtown oakland. it's where their offices are located. we're not sure if we will see anyone. good thing about this lockout is that the nba just completed its season and were supposed to start their training camp. the lockout is about money. the owners said they're not make enough. when the collective bargaining agreement expired, the owners made it official. they locked out the players. >> a lot of our fans, although not going to miss any games still don't like the prospect of a lockout. we don't like it either.
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something feels like the owners -- the best way to get what they want. we don't agree. >> the compensation will be $5 million at a time when the league is losing money. >> reporter: it's not clear how the lockout will affect the local team. it's not also clear how it can lose a mean for league. then along with the other owners says you need more money. the biggest impact won't be on the money but the people who count on concession. we'll try to talk to a rep. the good thing is for the people who work at the warriors game, the sew son just ended. so they have months to comp with an agreement. reporting live. >> the judge in the murder trial of casey anthony has called an indefinite recess.
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we'll have a live report on the newest development. also, we'll find out why a trial spectator was thrown in jail by this judge. oakland police want your help in dealing with a surge of homicides. it's up from 41 this time last year. one victim was 21-year-old latoya canning shot, along with a second victim. her mother says she hopes police will make an arrest but the police said they're running into roadblocks. >> we're seeing very uncooperative victims. >> i people strongly they will find the person. >> they've put dozens of officers out on the streets, trying to build trust.
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the school board in berkeley taking action. that includes increasing the number of police officers. they'll also tighten up the screening for all school visitors. however, the school board decided not to install metal detectors. they say that's both expensive and ineffective. >> it is 7:34. pg&e is facing new questions, it found utility contractors and workers may have falsified inspection reports on underground electrical volts. as many as 14 inspectors fail to check dozens of underground facilities. pg&e is already under fire for its major role in the san bruno fire. it was reported at holyoke.
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pg&e tells us the leak may have been caused by a city crew. two homes were evacuated as a precaution. the city of san francisco failed to meet today's budget deadline. officials met behind closed doors until late last night but they still haven't figured out the final pieces of a huge budget package. they've agreed on all of ed lee's spending plan. the remaining sticking points include social services cut backs and contracting out security at some of the city hospitals. >> oakland city council approved a new budget last night. mayor jean quan passed it.
7:37 am
revisions could be necessary if those deals don't go through. the prosecution has rested its case in a san francisco gang trial. now it's time for defense attorneys to begin their arguments. seven members of san francisco's ms13 gang are on trial for rack tearing, murder and conspiracy charges. the gang members face life in prison if they are convicted. the trial will resume on tuesday. today is the 18th anniversary of the deadliest crime in san francisco history. it happened at the office tower at 101 california street. an enraged gunman walked in and started shooting, killing eight and wounding six before killing
7:38 am
his attorney. this week district attorney mark gascon marked it by pushing the bill. a new memo said large scale growers, sellers and distributors are not protected from prosecution because state passed laws allowing medical use. the state of california, plus the district of columbia right now allow medical marijuana. well, medicinal pot is smoked by patients who get that prescription. there's another version that allows use ares to spray it on. the her you can lease -- hercules strs is selling a medicinal pot. it limits to a small area. it avoids the high that comes
7:39 am
when medicinal not is smoked and said the pain goes away almost immediately. >> i've had patients with arthritic joints that i spray and less than five minutes, get pain relief. now a change in federal law has to take place, but that spray is routinely prescribed because it's considered a cannabis drug. >> the 4th of july holiday week starts today. this is how oakland international looked. many passengers arrived bright and early. aaa said more californiaians will fly this year than last year. >> with my boyfriend to celebrate and do fireworks and eat a lot of food. >> despite the big boost, more than 3.6 californians will drive
7:40 am
50 miles or more to a july 4th event. >> we don't have to drive to get to sal's. you're right there. >> this is just an illusion. traffic is moving around. if you're driving to the peninsula from the san mateo bridge, let's move along and take a look at interstate 880 where it normally would be slow. i think a lot of people are not going to work, going late or will work from home in advance of the holiday weekend. let's look at the westbound bay bridge. that is light. at 7:40, this is steve. >> temperatures inland will warm up. we will get upper 80s and 90s.
7:41 am
it's mostly sunny and warmer for many. that fog is hard to see on that satellite picture. the inland areas are beginning to warm up. 50s and 60s on the temp. still a west wind at sfo, slight breeze. high pressure system in the four corners working its way back to nevada and southern california. it gives us warmer weather. i haven't bought into this blistering heat. it will be warmer and sunny. if you're heading up to the waters, watch out for the high rivers. temperatures will warm up at tahoe but truckee and tahoe have dipped into the lows. sunny and warmer for many. there will be a sea breeze so 60s to 70s to the beaches.
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76 berkeley. 82 castro valley. 94 dpil roy. 85 coop teen know. 60s, 70s and 80s. boit coast patchy night and morning fog. happening right now, britain's duke and duchess of cambridge continue their official visit to canada today. this is a live picture of the pair. they're attending a canadian citizenship ceremony in honor of citizens day. the couple will be spending another week touring around the country. then they will be heading to los angeles. we can sew a large crowd.
7:43 am
a lot of people have flooded in. the queen came to ottawa a year ago, 100,000 showed up. now a million showed up to see presence william and kate. how we may soon learn about the colors of some dinosaurs thanks to a local university and the simple devries you are required to have in your home as offed to and how it can save your life. >> we'll tell you where a young girl was in the water when he is was attacked by a shark when this happened on the east coast.
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another triple gain for the dow. it manufactured in june. it's helping the stock continue its -- it's week long rally. nasdaq is up 22. s&p is up 10. the private equity firm will be the lead bidder in an auction for borders bach stores. the company says it will pay 215 million for the bankrupt book seller. if a higher bid is submitted, the court could approve that buyer instead. the bankruptcy court could decide none of the bids is suitable and the stores and the contents would be liquidated. contra costa county is being sued. they have to refinanced chevron
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for overfinancing. they're demanding that the money is paid back. 13 cities and six special districts claim they never received any of the chevron money. a suspected drug king pin now locked up in the los angeles county jail. 45-year-old keith hassen has been on the most wanted list since the 1990s. he was arrested wednesday. he was the head of a major cocaine and marijuana trafficking ring. the you nations -- united nations -- said that they raped women over the months.
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a medical group first reported it. that group plans to go back to get more information. a missouri man is accused of raping a women as she lay unconscious on a street. police say the woman was walking in kansas city when she felt dizzy, sat down and passed out. they saw melvin jackson on top of the woman and they flagged down a nearby patrol car. >> there were witnesses who saw this. they stepped up, reported it, gave help to the woman. >> police say jackson said i thought the woman was dead. jackson is in jail on a felony sexual assault charge. well, starting today it's the law. all california homeowners, you've got to have a carbon
7:49 am
monoxide device in your house. if you own a rental or apartment building you have until the year 2013 to comply with the new law. an unexpected turn of events this morning just happened in the casey anthony trial in orlando, florida. the judge called an indefinite recess and why one of the courtroom spectators was sent to jail yesterday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's all about due process and a fair trial for casey anthony. the defense took -- rested. today we were supposed to have the rebutle, to dispute testimony provided during the defense' case but the defense
7:50 am
team, jose baez, he didn't have a chance to depose the witnesses. those depositions are underway. so the defense team needs to know what they will say. that should expect to take all day today. one of the key aspects, not only are they planning on calling forensic scientists to dispute the allegations made by dr. schmidt that the autopsy was done shoddily but three want to bring in a come of cindy anthony's coworkers. she testified, surprising everyone last thursday when she said those surges on the computer in mid-march, wherefore chlorophyll or for chloroform, she said she did that and that's part of their big premedication
7:51 am
case. not only do you have a mother searching on how to kill your daughter three months ahead on your computer, but the duct tape, that's the other major element and to get the first-degree-murder con fix and the path of a possible deathen nal ti. 28-year-old matthew bartlett got called up to the podium and read the riot act by this judge. it was a dressing down done on nationwide television. the 28-year-old waiter at a tgi friday's was one of the spectators who had a seat. but for some reason, the prosecutor was at the podium with his back to the crowd, this kid flipped the middle finger at
7:52 am
him. the judge caught him and said no gestures are allowed. the jury was in the courtroom. if one of the juries had seen it, that meet make them think badly of the prosecutor and the case. the judge took it seriously. so while the tickets are free to the public, for this man it will cost him six days in jail and a fine, including court cost. that's what matthew bartlett is now enjoying. >> thank you. a vacation to a north carolina beach turned into a neat mayor for a 10-year-old girl after she was attacked by shark. cassidy cartwright said she was standing in three feet of murky water when a shark bit into her leg, not once, but twice.
7:53 am
>> i felt something pulling on my leg. it didn't hurt at first. it pulled me down and it hurt. >> when he pulled her out of the water, her leg was wide open, a lot of blood. >> the girl suffered several torn tendons but the doctors were able to save her leg. she's from pennsylvania. she's keeping a tooth from the shark as a souvenir. stanford scientists believe they are close to discovering the colors of distinct birds. the feathers are embedded in dinosaur rocks from chase -- china. they said it could be used to mark dinosaurs and birds. we're all set for the 4th of july. steve will have the forecast. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back.
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how's traffic. traffic is doing okay around the bay area. the bay bridge is not what it's usually like, which is heavy. today it's light. also, we're looking at interstate 880 in both directions. traffic looks good driving past the coliseum. if you're driving into the south bay this is a live look at 280. that traffic is also looking nice. now the weekend forecast with steve. >> some patchy fog on the coast. temperatures 60s, 70s. we get a lot of sunshine. i think the fog will keep things in check. that will be nice but we're in the going to get a north to northeast wind. 67 in fairfield. 63 san jose. 64. so those temperatures are
7:57 am
warming up fast. away from the coast it will be warm to hot. if you are heading up to the sierras, it's chilly at night. i had a nice tweet from ski swim. i don't know their name. i guarantee someone will go up there and not pay attention. the rivers are really high and cold and moving fast, so be careful. we have sunshine, highs from the 60s to the 70s. mid-90s. i think there will be upper 90s. today upper 90s. we're ending the week with lots of sunshine. i don't see much. morning fog will give way to sunny conditions. the big news came just 30
7:58 am
minutes ago. a major development am a highly publicized sex scandal. there will be no strike today. ferry service running as normal. we'll tell you why the union said commuters should stay on their toes. >> first it was san jose police officers. now it's san jose firefighters. find out how they're having to deal with the city's budget con straights.
7:59 am
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good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's friday, july 1st. >> in the news, two sonoma county men walked away unhurt. now the coast guard said it was a 45-foot commercial boat that hit a channel marker just before 11:30. a member of the coast guard heard the crash and actually sent out a life boat. the two were rescued and taken to shore. the coast guard said so far there's no sign of pollution leaking from the boat. new public safety concerns
8:01 am
in san jose. the fire department will be affected by big cut babltion -- babltion -- cut backs. jade, what are they saying. >> reporter: we just moved to downtown san jose. the city is about to experience what one battalion chief told me is the lowest staffing levels he experienced in his 21 years with the san jose fire department. joining me is robert sappien to explain the rolling blackouts. >> today we're employing a cost saving program that's basically when we're short on personnel, on duty that we will brown out two fire units per day. staffing levels indicate we will do that. with that it will be the equivalent of nine fire engines
8:02 am
short. >> viewers at home are seeing the fire at the fraternity building last flight. how would you operate and how would you attack that differently now that the rolling brownouts are in place. >> they will have a profound impact. we're trying to reestablish policies. their ability to perform functions in fires where very often we will provide crews. we won't be able to do that. >> now you're trying to collect data to see if you can restore what has been cut. >> right. we will monitor the situation very closely. we're hoping that data will give us direction on where we need to shore up and where we need to make improvements. >> the brownout will not be in place. you're hoping to do that throughout the summer. >> we're trying to prepare for
8:03 am
high fire days. we believe it's important to not reduce staffing levels. and we'll have to maybe reconsider how we address the budget down the road. >> thank you, robert sappien. he's a fire chief and with the firefighters union. we'll continue to follow this. jade hernandez reporting. firefighters in concord want to know what caused a grass fire that came dangerously close to at least one home. it broke out near pack card court. at one point a back fence caught fire. firefighters quickly put it out. the fire does not appear to be suspicious. developing news from new york city where the sexual assault case against the head of the international monetary fund is in jeopardy. in the last our prosecutors
8:04 am
agreed to release dominique strauss-kahn on his own recognizance. the maid's credibility is now under question. the new york times said the maid is suspected of possible drug dealings and money laundering. that was enough for prosecutors to agree for the release and return his bail. however, strauss-kahn will still be subjected to travel restriction. >> the u.s. senate canceled its holiday recess. the debate continues over the debt ceiling. the republicans made an appeal to president obama to get it done. we will have president obama's response. that's coming up at 8:15. meantime, a lot of finger pointing in minnesota this morning over who's to blame for a government shutdown. minnesota state government closed for business at midnight. lawmakers failed to meet the
8:05 am
deadline. minnesota's governor wants to raise taxes for the wealthiest. he's accusing the legislator of driving the state -- legislature driving the state to shut down. oakland police say three were forced to use a taser hours ago to subdue a mentally ill man. the man assaulted an officer on 41st street at 12:30 a.m. >> the man is in stable condition. >> a former stanislaus officer was in court. a judge ordered a bail review hearing for carrie abby. there's some controversy over that low amount for the bail. prosecutors said abby shot a
8:06 am
tenant at her apartment building in a dispute over rent. less are looking for two suspects in an armed robbery at a store on with the main. the suspects took money from the cash register and a 19-year-old customer before they ran off. detectives are reviewing surveillance tape. they said the suspects were hispanic, about 5 feet seven -- 5'7" tall. three san francisco hospitals and the kaiser health system are being praised for their car of gay and lesbian patients. they received perfect scores for lgbt care. the group said it is the only hospital in the nation to do so. the other hospitals getting top scores include the california
8:07 am
pacific medical center. fs general and kaeser. the assessor said county wide the increase is less than 1% but in palo alto property val yous are up less than 2%. the assessor says this northern part of the county traditionally loses value more slowly. the france public you tell thes -- san francisco public you tell thes commission is discussing options on an oak tree. the tree is in the path of a pipeline the utility is installing as part of a multibillion dollar upgrade. they're leaning towards a plan
8:08 am
to tunnel the pipeline under the tree's roots. the golden gate ferry is running this morning after some confusion about a strike. now service was canceled but then the union decided not to go on strike. ktvu's claudine wong is live there. is there still a threat of a strike. >> reporter: the good news is you're okay. very full parking lot at the larkspur ferry. steady stream of people. the ferries are running as normal. the union and the district are still not on the same page. the threat of a strike is still out there. this all has to do with ticket takers whose jobs will be eliminated when the ticket taking booths will be shut down. the union is trying to
8:09 am
negotiate. the union said it started because they wanted to send a message that they mean business. >> yeah. we'd like an agreement before next friday. you know, as far as that goes, the strike has got to be for us, the last resort. we don't want to disturb the public and involve them in this. >> reporter: commute thrs were confused. after getting a relief about a possible strike, bottom line is workers showed up for work. as word got out, people started showing up. >> i started driving into the city to go to work. then i turned around and came back. >> is the ferry that much easier for you? >> yes, particularly on a friday. >> how do you feel about the
8:10 am
back and forth? >> fine. >> reporter: norb'ss not so much. commute thr also have to stay on their toes through next friday. back out here at the larkspur terminal, bessie as the next boat gets ready to leave at 8:20. all these people means less people on the roads. >> it was incredible to watch as this whole thing unfolded right in front of you as people didn't know what was going to happen. it all happened there very early. ktvu was one of the first to report there would be no strike. that's good news for a lot of drivers. people are on the ferry instead of the roads. let's take a look at the rest of the commute westbound. that looks pretty good. it certainly is not a regular commute day. i think a lot of people are either working from home or not
8:11 am
going in just yet. let's move along and take a look at 880. that traffic looks fliels. if you're driving in the south bay, the traffic is moving on all the south bay freeways. let's go to steve. >> our rain season has ended. we started a new one. sunny. it's going to be warm to hot. but we had a very, very good rain across the board in northern california and not only rain but snow. santa rosa had 120% of normal. san jose 1561. even they came am at 104% of normal. san francisco, we used our ob car ver meek cal, 34, 35. everyone did really well.
8:12 am
patchy fog hard to see. i don't think this will last too long. 60s for some. we had low 50s, mid-50s. we'll see a really good sep raising between the coast. maybe a good, 30 to 35. high pressure is building in. as it does, that lay louse warmer weather to kick in. that warmer weather mr. continue the trend. it will be summer time weather. high river watches continue due to the snow melt. so tahoe, truckee. it will be in the 90s for reno. sunny, warmer today, 90s inland with a late breeze by the coast. 60s, 70s for some. upper 80s to low 90s. it will continue the trend. by the coast tricky, 60s, 70s
8:13 am
and 80s. temperatures will continue to warm up. inland 90s, maybe far enough away from the coast some 100's. fireworks going on sale today in five bay area cities. one of them gilroy. you can seat firework stands within the up a couple days ago. there's only a handful and fireworks not purchased from licensed vendors are considered illegal. fireworks are illegal in oakland. violators could be fined up to $1,000. there's an anonymous tip line.
8:14 am
510, 777-814. you see it on the bottom of your screen. barrels will be set up at fire stations where anybody can drop off fireworks. you can get information on our tip line. it's all under the right now section at >> a lot of good information on that website. we will show you the loudest animal on earth and get ready for a big surprise. >> i'm ready. >> also, the huge wildfire causing nuclear safety concerns. and new information in the san francisco man who admits to stealing ballots.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
the united states senate called off the deal to deal with the looming deadline. why negotiations won't be starting right away. ali son? >> reporter: even though the senate canceled the recess to deal with the debt limit, senators are still going home for the three-day holiday week and we're seeing a lot or political posturing than progress. republicans are crit spyings president obama for fund raising in pennsylvania and going to camp david instead of leading budget talks. gop senators invited the president for a meeting this afternoon. >> the president says help wants to get working. wants us to get working. i can't think of a better way than to have him come right over
8:18 am
today. we're waiting. >> reporter: president obama refused the invitation, calling it political theater. normal negotiation also not resume until tuesday. the treasury department confirmed that the u.s. would reach its debt limit on august 2nd. that means lawmakers have one month to strike a deal to raise the nation's borrowing limit or risk defaulting for the first time. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu, channel 2 news. leon panetta was quietly sworn. he's the new defense secretary. here's leon panetta getting out of his car. then he will meet with the cleaves of the army, the nay virks the marine corps and will be facing a lot of pressure to cut defense spending.
8:19 am
today though he reassured members of the mill tear and their families they are at the top of their agenda. treasury secretary tim geithner said yes, he's staying on the job. there have been rumors he might leave. geithner said he has been commuting between washington, d.c. and his home in new york. but, he says, he plans to be at the treasury department for the foreseeable future. venezuelan president hugo chavez went before the tv cameras last night. he admitted he had a second surgery to remove a actual more. he made the speech in cuba. he said the tiew mar had cancerous cells and needed to be removed. he went to cuba in early june for the first surgery to remove a cancerous growth. there are very few details about all of this and that led to
8:20 am
speculation about his health. the wildfire raging near the los alamos nuclear lab is said to be the largest. it's expected to push over the 100,000 acreage mark today. firefighters have thinned out vegetation and managed to stop the flames from spreading towards the nuclear lab. >> this morning janet napolitano is urging nation tools come together against cyber attacks in response to recent hackings. the international monetary fund was one of the victims. napolitano said cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated and show's crawling on nations to come up with an international framework to deal with the problem. a fake photo is causing controversy in china. it shows chinese bureaucrats appearing to float over the road. if you look at the feet you'll notice the effect.
8:21 am
it was meant to show a road construction project. now the men in the photo are apologizing. they're blaming the mishap on the photographer. they said none of the original photos gave justice to the scene. in france the man who confessed to stealing ballots is facing a sentence. he stole the ballots on clx day last november while working at this polling place set up inside of a grafnlgt he later accepted a plea deal but he delayed his sentencing yesterday. he asked to be sentenced by the same judge although took his plea deal. the man says he believes the other judge assigned to his case is intimidating him. sentencing is now set for july 11th. an adult softball league is scrambling to reschedule their game after a copper theft. police arrested two men yesterday morning who they say stole copper wiring used to
8:22 am
light the baseball field. the damage estimated at $25,000. the games are being either canceled or rescheduled for about 100 teams to play in the napa adult softball league. scientists in europe say the loudest animal on earth is actually a tiny water bug. the insect is one type of water boatman found in warmer parts of europe. it's only a few millimeters in length but the males can produce sounds as loud as a lawn mower. they say the sounds are courtship calls but don't know if the females prefer the loud sounds or the softer ones. >> if you follow the threer ri, there are a lot of other ones that produce with loud sounds. there you go. believe this or not there could be two californias if one man gets his wish. why he wants comal split.
8:23 am
it's becoming a fast food trend. burgers, fries and booze. here's a trend. holiday weekend. you usually have plight traffic on the fry descrai before. find out if today is any different.
8:24 am
8:25 am
a supervisor in river side county is pushing for a california split. help wants a dozen counties to
8:26 am
break away to form the new state of south california. supervisor jeff stone said this would allow the new state to concentrate on key issues including securing the border, balancing the state budget and improving the state's economy and school system. he feels lawmaker unless northern california may be stopping others in the south from reaching those goals. another fast food company plans to start selling alcohol real soon. sonic will start testing beer and wine sales in south florida. burger king recently opened whopper bars where adults can buy beer with their burgers. starbucks serve local beers and wines at a few stores in seattle. it can boost the bottom line but also cause controversy. we know you don't mix alcohol and driving.
8:27 am
let's check in with sal. right now traffic is moving along on bay area bridges. it's light. the rich and, san rafael, san mateo, moving along nicely. let's go to steve. >> we have clear skies, but that's about it. this will be sunny and warm. temperatures in the 90s last we starts to warm up. there's a little bit towards mon they are ray bay. so we're out of the gate. the pacific northwest. it's being replaced with high pressure. that means sunshine. 90s inland except for patchy fog which will be in the 60s and 70s. low mid-90s as we get sunshine,. even with fog there will be plenty of breaks. probably level out and mostly sunny but still warm inland,
8:28 am
maybe slightly cooler by the coast on -- monday. it's been a deadly month in iraq for troops. who the united states blames for the surge in troop deaths. in oakland the nba has locked out the teams. did you get caught speeding? the reason it will be hard tore get a traffic ticket removed from your driving record.
8:29 am
8:30 am
first it was proafternoon. now there's a lockouts in
8:31 am
probasketball. kraig debro telling us how the nba season will be affected. >> reporter: the top of the marriott, that's the office. nobody answered. the season just ended. good thing about this lockout versus the nfl lockout, the nba just completed their season. the lockout is about mony. the owners said they're not making enough. the owners locked out the players. the two sides are working on a 10-year deal. the players are calling it a wage freeze. >> to me wage free implies no matter how well the league
8:32 am
played. they wouldn't -- the players would continue to be our partners. >> a lot of our fans and people who follow the games, although we're not going to miss any games still don't like the prospect of a lockout. we don't like it either. it's something our owners feel like is the best way, i guess, to get what they want. we don't agree. >> reporter: not clear how the lockout will affect the warrior and and how they can buy a minor league basketball team. they announced that three days ago on their web sie. i checked the website. several other teams, lakers, knicks, nets and the teams aren't mentioning the lockout, but this just happened last night. the season just ended. so it's not clear if that has something to do with whether the
8:33 am
local teams are addressing the issue. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro. talks take place after a marathon session that lasted early this morning. today is the fourth straight day of talks between the players union and the owners. the big issue continues to be how the teams and the players should split $9 billion in annual revenue. there's been a medical step back for brian stow. stow's family said brian was scheduled to have a shunt placed in his head yesterday to relieve the pressure but his fever spiked and he was put back on antibiotics. brian stow remains in serious condition in the hospital. june was the deadliest plontd in two years for u.s. troops in iraq. as of yesterday, the last day of
8:34 am
the month, 15 troops were reported killed. that is the most since june 2008 when 23 soldiers and marines were killed. u.s. military commanders are blaming it on advanced weapon ri coming from iran. san jose's police -- assistant police cleave is leaving for a -- cleave is leaving for a new job. diane irvin is set to become hayward's new police of chief. irvin is set to take over in early august. it is the 4th of july weekend but it doesn't look like summer at california ski resorts. the promoters of mammoth mountain said the resort saw more than 55 feet of snow. this mr. provide people with a unique option to ski, bike and play golf paul in one day. it will close to skiers after money. some tahoe ski resorts will
8:35 am
be open. one of them is hall pine meadows. they say it's the first time they've run the lifts in july since 1995. squaw valley kirkwood and sugar bowl will also be opened. a black bear attacked a man who was camping in the lake tahoe area. this happened on sunday at the camp richardson resort. a black bear tried to rip its way into the tent. the bear's claws left scratches on his back. fish and game officials said black bears like that one, they're causing more and more problems in the lake tahoe area. most of the problems come when the bear tries to get to food. the man who was attacked on sunday said he had no food in his tent and had no idea what was attracting the bear. >> the city of san francisco failed to meet today's budget deadline. officials met behind closed doors but still trying to find
8:36 am
out the figure pieces of a huge budget. they have agreed on all of the mayor's $6.8 billion spending plan the remaining sticking points include proposed social service cuts an contracting out security at some hospitals. oakland city council approved a budget after hours of debai. mayor -- -- mayor jean quan cast the vote. the budget depends on concessions from five unions and revisions could be there's if the deals don't go through. the prosecution rested its case in the gang trial. now it's time for the defense attorneys. several members of san francisco's ms13 are on trial
8:37 am
for racketeering and murder charges. they're centered around the mission dfnlgt the gang members could get life in prison if they're convicted. today is the 18th anniversary of the deadliest crime in san francisco history. it happened at the office tower at 101 california street. an enraged gunman walked into the high rise with system my auto mat tech wees and -- weapons and killed. the ban will be similar to the federal law passed in 1994 that expired seven years ago. facebook's ceo could be biased but hid the company will got launch something quote awesome. mark zuckerberg said it will have a new feature. there have been tech blogs about
8:38 am
mobile products. one is an app for an ipad. another is a specialized app for the iphone. you can krause the justin her man plaza from 0 feet -- 80 feet above line. the zip line will be available all summer and it costs $29 to ride. if you're going to be driving over the 4th of july weekend upwouldn't be alone. there will be check points. you can also get a ticket if you speed or if you don't buckle up your seat belt. the maximum enforcement period starts at 6:00 tonight. this ends sunday night. starting today it will be hard tore have some traffic violations e raised off of your
8:39 am
driving record. until today drivers who got tickets could go to a traffic school and the ticket could be eliminated. now the state will have a pledge industry that will probably keep track of all repeat offenders. insurance companies won't be given information about a single violation during an 18-month period. >> all right. even more reason to drive carefully on the roads. >> all right. let's check in with sal who said traffic is lighter. we can expect different traffic patterns. sometimes i notice the traffic before the holiday it gets heavier. >> that's become different tori and dave. sometimes the thursday before the holiday people try to get out. they have learned. tonight you might see slow traffic. yesterday there was slowing. some people take off in the middle of the day. let's take a look at the commute. there's not much of one. certainly a lot of people have to go to work.
8:40 am
all it takes is 10% or so of people not to go and the rest of the commute is fine. this is a look at the toll plaza. we are looking at san francisco. now that's different. northbound 101. there was a problem on the lower deck of the bay bridge. there was a wire hanging down. caltrans had to get out there and fix it. they're doing it. so they had to close the lanes. that's affecting traffic. eastbound traffic on to the lower deck is going to be slow. look at that, pretty slow. they're fixing that wire. they're doing it with a lift truck. at 8:40, let's go to steve. >> sunshine, just some patchy low clouds around. there's not much there. this will be sunny, warm to hot as temperatures started to come up. i don't think we'll have heat advisories but it will be warm away from the coast. today sunny and clear skies.
8:41 am
patchy fog probably confined to the coast. it will be nice to hot with lots of sunshine as we head into sunday and monday. fog is going down the coast. again, it won't go far. 50s, 60s. a system that went by the north yesterday is now exiting stage right. this will be warm but not off the chart. temperatures will head up. 90s. we've gone from way below average on tuesday. now we're going bo. high river watches continue in the mountains. the snow melt continues. tahoe, truckee. 30s and 40s. 90s on the high side. so cool nights, warm days. sunny and warmer for us. 90s inland, patchy fog. 60s, 70s. then low to mid-90s.
8:42 am
it will be warmer right into the fourth, maybe an increase but no big deal. lots of sunshine. >> all right. we want to take you live to new york city where the former head of the imf dominique strauss-kahn has been released. looks like he's smiling there, his wife by his side. the reason he's got a smile, the judge has just lifted the bam against him and released limb from house arrest. however, he still has travel restrictions. the roan for the changes, there are some new questions about the woman who brought sexual assault charges against him. he is still accused of assaulting a hotel maid in new york city earlier this year, and he is still facing some legal trouble, but, again, as the car pulls out with dominique strauss-kahn inside, he is no longer under house arrest and is no longer under that $6 million bail. this is the story i would say is continuing to develop.
8:43 am
this new development. word coming in from the new york times overnight. >> it's change. >> mangled metal, shattered glass. it was a bus accident. three people clinging to life. the driver roar believed to be partly responsible. new safety concerns involving pg&e crews. they have nothing to do with pipelines.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
another triple digit gain for the dow. also, gm, june sales rose 10% has gas prices continued to fall. trading is at $94 a barrel. dow is up 116. s&p up 11. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories. this morning the ferries are running between marin county and sphans. today's scheduled strike was a
8:47 am
bust no the san jose fire department gets hit with major cutbacks starting today. this is ahead of a hot and dry 4th of july weekend. on any given day, either a fire truck or fire engine will be out of service at one of san jose's four stations. some crime victims turned into cream suspects following an overnight home invasion in san francisco's richmond district. it happened on 40th avenue. police say four suspects entered a home through the back door. police say they held a man and woman inside at gun point while ransacking the home. the suspects got away with 40 marijuana plants a tv, cell phone and money. the victims were booked for possession of marijuana. three people have life threatening injuries after a charter bus accident in texas. this new video just in shows the bus being flipped over.
8:48 am
this is onen -- on interstate 35 in san marcos. the bus crashed around 4 a.m. texas time. it's believed the bus driver veered off the road and overcorrected, causing the bus to flip over. the witness said several passengers were able to escape through the front windshield. you are looking at video of a driver in handcuffs along a busy freeway in st. louis, missouri. he is suspected of leading officers on a high speed chase. officers eventually caught up with him. police say he was involved in a domestic dis piewt. the first of the major automakers released theirdown sales figures. general motors announced june sales went up 10%. gm said 215,000 cars and trucks were sold last month.
8:49 am
industry analysts expect overall sales to go up 13.5% from last june. if you've been in a car dealership lately you may have noticed it has gone upscale. some u.s. dealerships are putting in leet -- lightning and cappuccino bars. the plan includes increasing the number of police officers and security guards on campus. there will also be tighter screening for all school visittors. however, the board decided against installing metal detectors at school entrances saying they are both costly and inefficient. police seized a half dozen guns at berkeley high school this year alone.
8:50 am
pg&e facing new safety questions. an internal investigation found that workers may have falsified inspection reports and underground electrical vaults. as many as 14 inspectors failed to check dozens of underground facilities across the bay area. pg&e is already under fire for its major role in the san bruno pipeline disaster. pg&e crews worked overnight to put a cap on a small gas leak. it was about 1:45 this morning. pg&e said the leak may have been caused by a city you working in the area. two homes were evacuated just as a precaution. some employees of the los angeles dodgers now have firsthand experience of the team's big money problems. their paychecks bounced days after the dodgers filed for
8:51 am
bankruptcy. most of those employees, not players, but game day ushers and security guards. the dodgers said there's an explanation. the judge froze their account for 48 ours. a growing number of baseball teams like the padres -- san diego padres are now catering to people with nut allergist. they're hosting nut controlled games. that mes they have an isolated section of 100 feet that has been thoroughly cleaned, banned the sale of all nuts and keep a medical person on staff. a southwest airlines jet made a safe emergency landing in
8:52 am
phoenix. it was flight 427, took of a from el paso last night. this was headed to fae nix when the crew said one of the engines went out. no one was hurt no a man accused of sneak on to a virgin american fleet in new york a peered in court. he was questioned and allowed to let go after the flight landed in los angeles. but he was caught trying to get on another flight with a different expired pass two days ago. that incident is really raising security concerns. >> sense 9/11, i think if someone can get through with that, what else can happen. >> investigators found 10 expired boarding passes we they searched through the bag. none were in his name.
8:53 am
they don't think he's a terrorist. we want to go back to new york where the lawyer for former imf head dominique strauss-kahn is speaking. strauss-kahn has just been released. his lawyer is speaking in front of the court louse in new york. let's listen in. >> he then grabbed her vagina with so much force that he hurt her. he grabbed her vagina with so much force that he bruised her vagina. >> all right. just, again, to let you know a judge has agreed to free former imf leader dominique strauss-kahn. this comes after prosecutors said an extensive background investigation of the accuser caused them to reassess the case. there's some questions about her background including money
8:54 am
laundering and drug dealing. strauss-kahn is still facing charges of the sexual assault, bush, again, he has been released from house release. there's some brand-new developments breaking in this case and we will continue to follow this. they were witnesses to a dramatic scene. a local couple describes some terrifying moments from that recent amtrak crash. plus, a big score for the 49ers, how the planned stadium in santa clara is bringing in big bucks.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
a local couple that was on the amtrak train that was hit by a big rig recently said they won't be riding a train anytime soon. they told the san jose mercury news they were coming back from a trip when the passenger car directly behind the one they were hit. they saw smoke and flames and heard screams. six people, including the driver of that big rig were killed in the crash and amtrak has filing lad lawsuit against the truck company. the 49ers are flush with cash after scoring big sales. the team made $138 million after selling several luxury suite boxes. it's not clear how many suites they sold but the niners have
8:58 am
more. all right, sal, what are you seeing? >> 101 northbound still a problem because of some action on the lower disek of the bay bridge. westbound bay bridge is light. let's go to steve. >> sunny and warm. 80s, 90s inland. there's a west wind. it will be that way all the way into the weekend. >> clear for fireworks? >> unless there's fog forming. a lot can happen between now and monday. >> have a great weekend.
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