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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 2, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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>> complete bay area news coverages starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news. get ready for temperature above 100 and a spare-the-air day tomorrow. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. well the heat is on in the bay area where the thermometer expected to soar near and in some cases above the century- mark this 4th of july weekend. it's a stark contrast to the rainy weather we had just a few days ago. this was the scene tuesday in fairfield, where it looked more like january than the end of june. and it looked much the same
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tuesday in san francisco, where record-breaking rain fell in the city. skip ahead to today and it was nothing, but sunny zis and near triple-digit temperatures across much of the bay area. kutv's deborah villalon is live in pleasanton. >> reporter: a warning about air quality. tomorrow has been declared a spare-the-air day, the second of the year. here at the fair, the carnival is rock and it's finally cooled off for many people. >> it's been hot. it's been sweaty. it's been fun. >> reporter: one of the unheralded attractions at the fair, misters that offer a cooling blast. >> i wish they had more, like every 100 feet or so [ laughter ]. >> reporter: nearby, first aid is ready for heat-related symptoms. >> feel fine, feel fine and then don't feel fine. >> reporter: usually too much sun and too little water.
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one family rushed their 85-year- old mom, in pale and faint. >> i asked her the question, like, does she know where she is at and does she know what day it is? little slow, but she answered correctly. >> if they have underlying medical conditions sometimes the heat can make that worse and maybe that is a little unexpected. >> reporter: all over the bay area, folks found ways to cool off, but when the bbq called, they rose to duty. >> it's about 110 with the grill going on. it's very hot and i'm sweatings you see. >> reporter: tomorrow, grilling with lighter fluid is frowned on, along with nonessential car trips, but transit options shrink on holidays and many plans are. >> we we're calling this one day at a time at this point, but it does look like a 4th of july looks like another library spare-the-air day, but we'll know tomorrow at 10:00. >> reporter: smoggy air is say special risk for the young or old or people with respiratory
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problems, like this man with asthma. >> it's difficult for me not to walk and if you can't breathe on top of that, you are winded before you go a block. >> reporter: and one inventive way to cool off, a game where people lob water balloons at each other. no one winded getting splashed, even drenched. it felt so good to cool off. we're live in pleasanton, debora villalon ktvu channel 2 news. mark tamayo in the weather center with the numbers. >> warmest locations in and of itself, back into the mid to upper 90s for is on thea rosa, 91, a stronger seabreeze working in tandem with fog kept san francisco and pacifica in the low to mid-60s. right now we have a northerly wind developing out of north. and that will clear out of fog and that will will boost our temperatures for tomorrow. as a result, the heat advisory
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kicks in tomorrow afternoon from 12:00 p.m. all wait until 9:00 tomorrow night. this basically for the interior areas for all the areas shaded in red here. as can you pick out san rafael, santa rosa, out towards antedoch, antioch and gilroy. seek the shade and also drink lots of water. coming up, i will show you the neighborhoods that will be reaching triple-digit territory and the one change you can expect in the 4th of july forecast. >> thank you, mark. it's been a day and night of 4th of july festivities in east palo alto. the city kicked off the day with a big parade and festival. city leaders say even in these cash-strapped time it's important to promote community and choose to spend the $7500 needed to host the event. >> in order to stay together, we have to have events like this to bring us all together
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as one. >> we as a city struggle to become a city. we're a fairly young city and we know what it's like to survive and to struggle and try to improve the community. in some ways that is what the country is. >> east palo alto resident maria henry raised flags at the parade to show her support for the country and east palo alto. the party continued with a firework display. ktvu's eric rasmussen in palo alto with highlights from the first fireworks show in that city's history. >> reporter: ken, it was the very first one. had he finished firing off the grand finale, maybe 10-15 minutes ago. maybe a few hundred people out here. they are starting to make their way out by now. maybe not a huge crowd, but city officials told me this was really a dry run as had he it try to make this an annual tradition. they led everybody out to the field at cesar chavez academy.
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of course, they are celebrating independence day, but they are also celebrating the birth of this city. it's east palo alto's 2th anniversary. [ applause [ applause ] >> reporter: and we just shot this video of the fireworks about 15-20 minutes ago. city leaders admit this would only be a modest 20-minute display, but i can tell you, people seemed empressed with the fireworks tonight. east palo alto was also able to put on this $18,000 show with the help from community sponsors and no taxpayer dollars. you know what at a time when other cities are scaling back or canceling fireworks all together, people told me this event goes a long way to building community pride. >> reporter: what do you like about the fireworks? >> the colors. it's like a rainbow. >> i lope we have many more. >> reporter: why is this important, do you think? >> it is celebrating how long we have been here.
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>> reporter: now police are also hoping the promise of big fireworks might cut down on the people setting off illegal ones from home. however, i can tell you we saw a few going up in the distance as the official city show was going on tonight. east palo alto says this is a big deal for its city that is still fairly young and of course, has received it's fair shear of negative attention over the years. city leaders say they hope this is really just practice to make this an annual tradition. i had one official tell me that they are really hoping for a big deal in two years when the city celebrates its 30th anniversary. and reminder from san francisco police this 4th of july, we're fireworks are illegal in the city and anyone caught using or selling fireworks could face thousands of dollars of fines and even jail time. officials say fireworks aren't just against the law, but also dangerous. more than 12,000 people
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nationwide are hospitalized from firework rhoade injuries this time of year. we have an interactive map set up on our website for the places to watch authorized 4th of julyphorics under "the weekend extra" tab on our home page at ktvu's allis rasmus talked to the pilot about the plane crash. >> reporter: a team of divers spent the morning looking for a sunken plane, flagged by police boats that drod their anchors and search the waters and come up empty-handed and move to the next spot. >> literally we tell them's a needle in the haystack. >> reporter: it was a spectacle in sausalito.
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it tips over. >> it was just on the side and the plane nose-dived first that the water. >> reporter: the pilot says he never intended to take off. he just wanted to crews the shoreline in his plane. he had the windows down and says a wake from a nearby ferry warned over him. >> the waves came over the bow. >> reporter: what was going through your mind at that point? >> it should have nosed ovto its back and if that is the case, the plane is going to be exactly where it struck the bottom. >> reporter: but if sank right side up? >> then the 5.3 knot ebb early this morning could have pushed it as far as the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: tim parker says the visibility underwater is just 6 inches and says the search could take days and since it involves a privately- owned plane, the pilot has to pay for it. that plane was said to have
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been cary rying about 20 gallons of fuel in its tank when it went down. sausalito police say they are not concerned. >> at this point there is no sign of fuel or oil leakage into the water. >> the sergeants is crews will continue the search for the plane using sonar-edeveloped vessel. police have identified one of two people shot to death within hours of earl. thermf twogan started to fire at a group of men. about three hours later and about a mile away another man was fatally shot. the latest gunfire erupted around 5:00 this afternoon near 62nd and hayes street. the name and condition of the victim has notice been released
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and no arrests have been made in any of the shootings. two men have been rushed to san francisco general hospital after being shot in the city's tenderloin neighborhood. police say a man is in critical condition after multiple gunshot wounds he suffered on ellis and jones street. it happened about 7:45 tonight. a 78-year-old bystander was also hit in the foot. police have arrested a suspect and recovered a gun that they believe was used in tonight hooting. >> a warning tonight from the martinez police officer as the association about a donation scam. now it involves a call irrequesting donations for an officer who recently died from cancer, but the association says it's not soling funds on behalf of late offensive carter ands is it never requests donations over the phone. the association is sponsoring a blood drive in carter's honor on july 8th. the long 4th of july
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holiday is keeping the highway patrol and local law enforcement busy this weekend. between 6:00 last night and 6:00 this morning, 67 people were arrested for dui in the bay area. that is up from 57 during the same time last year. police will be carrying out a maximum enforcement period for dui, distracted drivers and seat belt compliance through the night of july 4th. medical marijuana growers say they are feeling the heat from the obama administration. the new threat facing the industry. and another person throws his hat into the presidential rink. the message this candidate is bringing to the campaign trail. and the steps investigators are going to take to identify the final victim of the fatal amtrak crash in nevada. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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is the obama administration about to crackdown on california medical marijuana clubs? as ktvu's john sasaki reports a new memo from the domedome has licensed cannabis dealers concerned. >> reporter: this plant is targeted by some new federal weed killer. >> indicia is good for people with pain who want to sleep. >> reporter: the justice department issued a memo that says people that are in the business of districting marijuana and those who
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knowingly timeiate such activities are in violation of the controlled substances act regardless of state law. >> we could always be busted at any time. >> reporter: richard lee is president of oaksterdam university. >> the science is completely in favor of medical marijuana. more and more science has been coming out. more and more people know it works. >> reporter: in the memo, the term "those who knowingly facilitate such activities" cast a large net for prosecutions, including nose who write laws that favor or tax medical marijuana. >> i think the timing and politics are changing a little bit. obviously, it's a presidential election coming up. >> reporter: police chief dunbar says the preliminaryo is not aimed at patients or caretakers. >> i think this memo is to prevent people from engagement in this activity and profiting
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from having the farewells. it says state local ordinances are not a defense. >> reporter: what is in the clear if this memo is a policy statement or the start of a new campaign to shutdown medical marijuana dispensaries. republican presidential candidate michele bachmann is spending the holiday weekend campaigning in iowa. she loaded the bus in cedar rapids to begin the tour in the state where she was born. her strong religious views are expected to play well in iowa and we're told one of the nation's first caucuses of the presidential. another member of congress has thrown his hat into the ring for the republican nomination. michigan representative thaddeus mccotter made the announcement today at a music festival sponsored by conservative talk radio station. they say republicans aren't satisfy with the current field of candidates and hopes voters are receptive to his message of small government.
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>> president obama again today pushed to end tax breaks for the wealthiest americans in in his weekly radio address. >> if we choose too keep those tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires or for hedge fund managers and couldn't jet owners or for oil and gas companies pulling in huge profits without our help, then we'll have to make even deeper cuts somewhere else. >> republicans insist they won't approve any plan that raises taxes, but the president said today, "nothing should be off-limits whether it's spending programs or tax loopholes." the parties are working towards a deal to try to raise the nation's debt ceiling by august. a san francisco woman has gotten an unexpected boost from the obama administration in her legal challenge to the defense of marriage act. they filed a brief on behalf of the of the karen golinski, whose same-sex spouse was
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denied federal benefits. justice department brief sets 1996 law was motivated by hostility towards gays and is unconstitutional. the nevada highway patrol says the body was burned beyond recognition. five other victims have been identified. two of those killed, 58-year- old fran knox and her 18-year- old granddaughter lived in morgan hill before recently moving to nebraska. coming up in about 15 minutes why some who work on the railroad fear the crossing where that fatal crash happened. the ntsb reportedly warned pg&e its handling of a cue document in the san bruno pipeline blast violated federal rules. the san francisco chronicle says pg&e kept the document from investigated for two weeks so it could interview employees about their recollections. it concerned a leak on that line back in 1988.
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in a statement today pg&e said, "it's committed to fully cooperating with the investigation." >> the university of california students may soon be hit with another tuition hike. uc president markudoff will ask regents for a 9.6% tuition increase when they meet later this month. eudeoff says the money is needed to cover a $so million cut in state funding included in the recently passed budget. students were hit with an 8% tuition hike in november. a lesbian couple in san diego county is at the heart of a scandal being prosecutorred by the pentagon. one is a marine corpsral who admitted she married a heterosexual male corporal so she and her partner could live together offbase. the woman married another male marine and collected $1200 in spousal benefits. lesbian couple says they married straight men because they couldn't marry each other. the three marines face up to a year in military prison for
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fraud. that state of emergency was lifted at los alamos nuclear weapons lab in new mexico. officials say the wildfire in area is not longer threatening the lab. still the fire danger remains high. a squirrel sparked a small grass fire on the facility grounds when he got caught in an electrical transformer. they say the state's largest wildfire is fueled by an exceptional dry season and erratic winds. >> this unprecedented dryness makes the whole state a tinder bomb. >> lab workers are scheduled to begin monitoring safety instruments this weekend. that lab remains closed and no re-open date has been set yet. the fire has already burned 113,000 acres and destroyed 60er residents and remains only 6% contained tonight. today was a record-breaking day in phoenix where it hit 118
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degrees. maricopa countysherifff sheriff arapio keeps many inmates outside. he is unapologetic saying if american soldiers can withstand 115 degrees in baghdad, the inmates can stop complaining about the tents. as a concession he did afternoon the inmates ice today. an oil spill in minnesota has contaminated the yellowstone river northeast of the famous national park. exxonmobil powerline under the river leaked overnight in a small town 12 miles east of the billings. fuels from the oil were so intense, they forced the evacuation of 140 people living along the river. oil from the spill spread to the northeast edge of yellowstone park, but as of now it does not appear to have entered the park. 2,000 people in san francisco raised their glasses today to drinktor a good cause. the 11th and breastfest beer
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feast was held at fort mason. the founder of the festival says she was moved to start the event when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer eleven years ago. >> everybody should be entitled to medication and treatment that makes you feel better. social services, accu puncture, massage and that is what they do at charlotte maxwell. >> organizers say it looks like today's event raised $30,000 for the clinic. trouble overseas, bay area activists hoping to sail to gaza have suffered a setback in their efforts to break an israeli blockade and deliver humanitarian aid. >> and protesting the prince. why demonstrators greeted the royal couple on its first official trip. >> we finally have a hot weather forecast and coming up, how much a temperature jump you can expect tomorrow and the hottest day of the holiday
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. >> a fugitive baboon who has been on loose for three days has finely been caught. officials found the 2-year-old at a farm in a suburban part of new jersey. he was tranquilized and taken back to the wildlife preserve serve where it like lie escaped on thur. six young undocumented students were arrested today during a massive protest against new immigration legislation from georgia. the four high school students, one high school graduate and a college graduate now risk deportation, georgia as you new laws took effect yesterday and includes provisions that make it a felony to use false information or documentation when applies for a job. on monday a judge temporarily blocked several parts though of the law, including a provision that allows police to check the ill gration status of people without proper identification. tonight the captain of a
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boat trying to bring humanitarian aid to gazza is under arrest in greece, but bay area activists are vowing to continue their efforts. >> your mothers don't want you to hurt us. >> your wives don't want you to hurt us. >> three dozen activists from the bay area tried to depart athens for gaza yesterday. they are hoeing to get aid through an israeli blockad. greek commandos turned the vessel back. the activists say they will try again next week. >> i am feeling extremely happy, because i wanted to be sure that the people of gaza know that we made a moment towards them. >> a hearing is scheduled tuesday for the boat's capt, 60- year-old american on a felony charge of endangering passengers. barack supporters say most of the activists replain aboard the boat. a deadly 48 hours from afghanistan. 30 afghans were killed in a number of attacks.
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the largest was in southern afghanistan. where a van struck a roadside bomb. 13 people, including four children and four women were killed in that attack alone. 65 international soldiers were killed in the month of june, including 46 americans. from mexico, two brazen attacks in two days involving suspected drug cartel members. yesterday the mexico marines say a group of drug gang members attacked a convoy of marines and today in michaocan, investigators say 40 arm adsailianted armed grenades at a police station. three police officers were seriously injured and three gang members were killed. in thailand, a bomb
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explodes. the expert siever survived the blast and was able to get up and walk away with only minor injuries. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but thai investigators suspect muslim militants. >> it's day 369 royal newlyweds north american tour, but not everyone is happy about their visit. more than two dozen canadians gathered at a children's hospital in quebec, where prince william and kate middleton stopped to visit patients and carried signs that read "parasites go home." >> and "criminals of war," they say they are angry canada still has ties to the uk. monaco azriel prince albert married south african swimmer
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christin wittstock. the 53-year-old bridegroom winked and smiled waiting for his bride. she wore a giorgio armani gone encusted with thousands of tiny crystals. well a million people are expected to gather along florida's space coast on friday to watch the last space shuttle roar into orbit. meanwhile the man who flew the first mission are share their story once again. >> america's first space shuttle. >> unlike other rockets tested without a crew, shuttle coulomb buy required a live crew 40 years ago. bob krippen and command y-er john young were confident they would return safely to earth. >> i thought there was risk associated with it, but i wouldn't have go gone to fly it if i didn't think i could get
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back down. >> after friday's final launch of space shuttle atlantis they will reply onerousia too fly astronauts until a private firm is ready to ferry crews into orbit. a deadly form is has left thousands in the dark tonight. a stolen sailboat now back with its rightful owner and what led to the arrest of the suspected thief, ahead. i want to crush more cars. ♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there.
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at least one person is dead and dozen more hurt after a devastating storm in northwest wisconsin. 80 miles per hour winds ripped through entire neighborhoods, toppling trees, destroying homes and knocking out power to thousands of households. they are also working to get
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food, water and medical attention to those affected by the storm. two railroaders are speaking out about last week's deadly train crash in the nevada desert. amtrak assistant conductor, tim elam and jarron jack rice tell the san francisco chronicle it was just a matter of time before an accident happened on the crossing at highway 95, elam and rice say vehicles on the highway don't notice train signals until its too late. last friday assists crash killed six people. well, a reminder for campers after a bear wandered in a tent last weekend in south lake tahoe. they say a picnic table covered with food is just too enticing for bears. the league is reminding campers to use reinforced food boxes and to keep the sweet-smelling toiletries at home. if a bear does show up. >> you do yell at them pherosly and they ran off. they are scared. >> they say the bear that entered the tent was tracked
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down and killed. >> a sailboat stolen in berkeley back with tase at&t owner and the suspected thief is backf in kutv. the owner says the 25-feet sailboat was taken from the berkeley marina last night. police later spotted the suspected thief carrying a 3- gallon gas can from the boat. high tide this afternoon freed the boat and the boat was not damaged. >> bank of america customers were treated today to a free day at the museum. several bay area museums offered free admission to anyone with a bank of america card. chabot space and science center, the young museum and zeum children's museum are just a few of the ones offering free admission to card holders. the offer is also good for tomorrow and the first weekend of every month. >> put on your boogie shoes, a celebration of jazz along fillmore street in san
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francisco. nice weather, nice music. thousands came out together today for day 1 of this years' fillmore jas jazfest. an eight-block stretch of fillmore street was shut down to make room for live music, food and art. it you missed today's festivities, the festival continues from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. do you have your plans for the 4th? while some are hitting the beach, take a look. others are hitting the slopes. the record-breaking reason people are putting on skis and not bikinnies. >> you can ski many a bikini. >> [ laughter ]. meteorologist mark tamayo joins us next with your holiday weather.
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. thousands of people were celebrating the 4th of july household weekend in an unseasonable way. skiers and snowboarders, are hitting the slopes. this is video from squaw valley from today. officials say the resort saw a record-breaking 800" of snow late this season. and visitor, well they are definitely taking advantage. >> this is fabulous the we get to go to the beach tonight at lake tahoe and ski during the day saturday look at all the snow. >> last time squaw valley was opened for skiers and snowboarders was independence day back in 1999. just amazing in lake tahoe we're warming into the mid- 80s. in the bay area, a few neighborhoods approaching triple-digit territory. we have a v-a fog bank south of
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monterey bay. that northerly wind is pushing the fog to the south and that will be the key source of our warm-up as we head into your sunday. current flushes it's still warm out there. 70s reported up towards faffed, concord and fairfield and livermore. sunday and monday for the 4th of july and hot inland. the extended forecast, the fog will return and as a result, temperatures will be cooling off. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning, maybe i will in the 50s and lower 60s, san josi 62, oakland 58 and pacificca, 55 degrees. we could have a patch or two of fog develop coastside early sunday morning, but high pressure has been the big weather feature. this will continue to build and strengthen over a good session of state. warm to hot with the heat advisory posted away from the water from 12:00 too 9:00
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tomorrow. 4th of july, temperatures cool off 4-6 degrees from tomorrow's highs we're still going to have hot numbers inland, still forecasting 90s. whenever you get the high in place, the high pressure caps the atmosphere and as a result, the pollutants are trapped. we have a spare-the-air day tomorrow. unhealthy for east bay neighborhoods and for the san a clara valley. temperatures really heating up from the upper 60s to lower 70s coast side. the widespread 90s, santa rosa, napa, fairfield and san josi and a few neighborhoods getting close and even topping 100 degrees. we'll see the forecast highs with santa rosa, 98, fairfield, 99 degrees and vallejo at 94. biggest warm up is coast side and around the bay, eidelbach up into the 80s.
10:41 pm
triple-digits towards absentoch and brentwood, livermore, 100 degrees. and foreman today only san francisco tomorrow 62. we could have patchy fog develop monday evening. right near the immediate shoreline. temperatures spike up against on tuesday and if you are missing the fog and you want that to cool us offer, that is happening wednesday and thursday in the long-range forecast. tomorrow we could have a few triple-digits out there. >> this is when we ask you will l-we see the fireworks from san francisco? >> it will be close. it's something that we'll be fine tuning over the next few days. >> thank you, mark. alameda county fair-goers are dining tonight on a big, fat, griese world-record. organizers at the fair worked all day to make the world's largest hamburger and tonight it's evil. the big burger was weighed about an hour ago, 777 pounds. it is now going into the
10:42 pm
guinness book of world records beating out the previous biggest burger that just wey weighed 590 pounds. bite-sized pieces of the burger were sold for $0.90 and a portion of those sales will go to the local foodbank. there were fireworks from detroit, the giants had some trouble with the weather. more trouble with the weather than the tigers. sportswrap is next. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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